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Can you do a not-a-Mary-Sue argument for Astrid? I did think she was when I first watched the movie, but I love her character now, so when I see someone calling her a Mary Sue I always frown.

“Mary Sue” is used to mean almost anything anymore. Any time people see a female character that they feel is lazy writing or portraying common elements that reappear in many female characters, she’s called a Mary Sue. The purest definition of a Mary Sue is a perfect character with seemingly no flaws and seems to idealize an author’s wish fulfillment. If a Mary Sue has flaws, I often see they’re related to either something trivial, or something overly angsty and dramatic.

Astrid isn’t that. Even if we’re looking just at the first HTTYD, she is hardly wish fulfillment or perfect. She might start as Hiccup’s wish fulfillment - but the entire point is that Astrid’s skills of fighting dragons isn’t what is actually needed to keep Berk safe. Astrid is Hiccup’s ideal of a Viking… an ideal which ultimately needs to change for either Hiccup or Astrid to become their greater selves.

The television series, Gift of the Night Fury, the second movie, and other canon elements help expand Astrid even more. We see some specific weaknesses: instability when it comes to her family’s safety and honor, uncertainty when it comes to elements of her early romance with Hiccup, hot temper resulting in fiery reactions. We also see strengths: a logical side, an empathetic side, even a silly side. Astrid teasing Hiccup at the start of HTTYD 2 is not something we would expect of the “uber cool, ideal Mary Sue.” Astrid isn’t that straightforward definition of a Mary Sue, no, not at all.

That said, what people are picking up on for Astrid being a “Mary Sue” is that she does contain a lot of features in what I call a “stereotypical action woman.” The concept of a Mary Sue and a “stereotypical action woman” are sometimes conflated anymore, but what I mean by stereotypical action woman is:

  • A female character who is a very badass fighter. Oftentimes, her fighting skills will be related to athleticism, close-quarters fighting, and agility.
  • She also tends to look very sexy. Her clothing may be impractical, or her physique will noticeably be what society considers “hot.”
  • She tends to be cold and more emotionally separated off from the other characters. She is the hardest character in the group to “get to know” in a friendly fashion.
  • She may demonstrate a warmer, compassionate, and more affectionate side to her when interacting with the main male protagonist.
  • She will usually be the love interest of the main male protagonist. They’ll fall in love and have a romance.
  • The main male protagonist may start off less competent than she is, but by the end of the film, he might be better. Regardless, he’ll probably be more recognized for his output than she is.
  • People may think she is an emblem of “feminism,” but if you take a closer look at her, it’s not really feministic at all. She’s another cardboard stereotype and instance of lazy writing that does not create beautiful individuality and freedom for representation of women in media. She’s simply the same action female mold that’s repeated in film after film after film.

Basically, a badass woman who is a good fighter in an action movie is often NOT a step forward in feminism. What I consider a “stereotypical action woman” is one such female character that is an uninspired stereotype. Fiction characters that I consider more or less falling into this form include Black Widow (MCU), Gamora (especially first GOTG), and Tauriel (The Hobbit). Many other characters have lesser extents of this trope… you could even talk about Tigress from KFP having lots of these elements.

As much as you may hate me saying this… I feel as though Astrid hits nearly every bullet point on this list, especially if you look at her just in the first movie. This is where lots of people may criticize her character, or why many might not be “as intrigued” with her character as others in the franchise.

What is important to consider about Astrid is that she is still more than those bullets on the list. She is also the character who starts dorkily dancing when she is sleep deprived. She is also the character who thinks that yaknog is a good idea. She is also the character who repeatedly unfurls Hiccup’s dorsal fin in HTTYD 2 because she finds his reaction hilarious. She is also the character who grows from a fiery young girl who wants to fight her parents’ war… into a talented, confident, compassionate dragon rider. Astrid is given a lot more time, attention, and characterization than most “stereotypical action women” I see. She isn’t a Mary Sue who’s already perfect… not an action woman meant to be a pleasing aesthetic to an action movie… but an intricate young woman who still needs to grow and develop throughout her life’s journey.

It’s also, to note, that Heather is a lot more developed than this list, too.

So that’s the best way to consider whether or not a character is a Mary Sue, a stereotypical action woman, or some other worn-out trope. Is she more than the bullets on the list? Is she more than those bullets in a unique way? And if so, then she’s probably not some unappealing, uninspired cardboard cutout. Haha, and I would say that Astrid has far more dimension than cardboard! :)

7x09 | A Rock in the Road

One of my favourite AUs to think about is the one where Jyn really is ~30. 

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yes, i ship historia with armin.

no, that does not mean i hate ymir.

yes, i ship ymir with bertolt.

no, that does not make me a homophobe.

so guess who keeps forgetting she has a tumblr blog

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Can I ask why you don't like a*otherwellkeptsecret? Have they done sth bad/offensive?

Alright short version:

Kelley or an*therwellkeptsecret (awks) is a generally friendly person from what I know and they’ve never been rude to me or disrespectful or anything like that; however she not only supports but is friends with artists who create content that romaticizes abuse, torture, slaverly, pedophilia, and rape or noncon/dubcon.

If you haven’t caught on to this about me yet, you should know that I am vehemently against this not only just in this fandom but anywhere. Things like this (rape, abuse, pedophilia, slavery) happen in real life and are very painful and sometimes even triggering for many people. They are also illegal. Romanticizing these things for the sake of entertainment in fanart or fanfiction is not okay.

Things to do to mend your heart

1. Buy a plant. Buy two plants. Buy as many plants as you want because they will turn the stale love plagued air of your apartment into fresh air once again.

2. Take bubble baths and drink beer in the tub. Stretch your legs out as far as the porcelain ocean will let you. Hold your breath under the water until your eyes get fuzzy. Come up for air. You are whole, you are clean, and you are probably a little bit drunk.

3. Sleep on his side of the bed. Realize that his side of the bed has a great view of the entire apartment. Sleep in the middle of the bed. Sleep on your side of the bed. The entire bed is your side now.

4. Take your dog on walks. She’s been there to lick your tears off your face and cuddle with you whenever you call her name. Take her out. Walk circles around the neighborhood. It’ll make her happy and it’ll probably make you happy too.

5. Take two times the recommended dose of melatonin every night to help you escape your sleeplessness. It’s okay, you won’t need it forever. You need your sleep right now though, so take it.

6. Sleep with the light above the stove on. Realize you’ve only spent two nights in the apartment alone over the past year and leave a light on because things get scary when you’re alone.

7. Go to the thrift store and buy $3.99 pictures. Hang them in your apartment. Make the apartment yours once and for all. 

8. Fill your time with your friends. Go out with them when they invite you and you don’t really want to. Laugh, drink, curse your ex even though you still love him.

9. But also have time to yourself. Cook yourself dinner and eat it in front of the tv watching your current netflix binge. Spend time alone and be okay with it.

10. Cry. This isn’t a fun one but it’s going to happen. Cry until your makeup runs down your face like the god damn Mississippi River. Wipe it off and feel new again.

if you wanna have a genuine good time in the rpc, the first thing you gotta do is chill and stop caring about your number of followers to the point it actually ruins your day in real life if you’re not getting attention from the internet. 

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I was brainstorming TenKoi ideas and I thought about soulmate AUs. How do you think the boys would react to soulmate marks/something of the sort? I'm caught up in the idea of soulmates sharing each other's pain (whether emotional, or physical) and can't stop thinking about sad things ;w; Tensei trying to fix the hurt of a soulmate he doesn't even know yet appeals to me. So does Tensei trying his best to stay safe as to not trouble his soulmate. (1/2)

(2/2) They don’t realize it’s each other until one of them gets injured while they’re together somewhere. Then it clicks and all of a sudden everything seems to make sense. Tensei is more than overjoyed to find his soulmate is Koichi. (He probably tells Tenya all about him, as well)

im honestly not big on soulmate au but THIS gets me so much (because I read a tddk fic that had the pain thing going on too and it was so good hahaha) 
caring about someone he doesnt even know is so very like tensei indeed T__T 

uuuuugggh it is cringeworthy that they are using firtherton as part of their press tour for kingsman 2. colin looks seriously uncomfortable in that today show interview, and taron’s comments on the late late show are just kind of…. they remind me of me when I’m feeling under pressure about something

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As I was stalking your fic recs tag the other day, you mentioned once that you don't like High School or College AUs. Is there a reason why or it just doesn't appeal to you?

Eeeehh. I don’t like them because it bores me to read about people going through school. I went through that and there was nothing especial about it. 

My most important memories about college, for example, are because of my friends and mostly outside school. 

But people uses this element of having to study and not having money as you do so like some kind of fetish to have the character stressed and bulnerable, sometimes even have the other half of the OTP paying for their crap and so. It’s disgusting.

In High School AUs, the romantizing of alcohol and drug use makes me roll my eyes 100/100 times. I know most americans like and cosume, or likes the idea of cosuming drugs, their culture is so different from mine, I just roll my eyes to it. Believe me, I don’t like the circle.

Yes, it made me laugh. But I don’t like what it is and how important it is to the characters to the point in season 8 we had an episode dedicated to Donna, Fez and Leo doing an intervention to Hyde for leaving drugs. They did an intervention for him to start consuming drugs again. That in my country is not only illegal, is considered fucking dangerous and just– whoever does that, especially an adult, is inmoral and disgusting. 

We don’t see drugs as this WOW shit like other cultures do, probably because of how violent drugs have taken lives and destroyed homes, entire states and families since forever in my countries. Worst part is that when shit goes wrong on the other side of the continent, we latinos are to blame for getting the drugs over there, when most people is on this site making posts about how cool they are for consuming.

Most High School and College AUs have this and it fucking makes me sick. I don’t read them and I don’t like it.

On the other hand, some High School and/or College AUs are like this: student A falls in love with teacher B. Or something like that. I hate that, too. Like… IT’S WRONG. No, no, no. I just don’t like that crap.

sleepover time!

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Sam just became 10x more appealing (to me) with that short hair!! Long just doesn't do anything for him with it being a bit thinner in front. I'll look into witness protection after saying that haha

NO OMG I really love it too???? It suits his face 

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Sorry if you've gotten this question before or if you've explained this but why don't you like Kram? I don't like it either but that's just because it doesn't appeal to me. I'd like to see why it's a bad pairing y'know?

….they’re rapists. Who raped girls. And constantly made homophobic jokes. Why would I want to see them in a cute “we were just mean bc we’re repressed homosexuals uwu” ship. And I’m so tired of the “the big mean jocks were mean and homophobic but that’s bc they were GAY and had to repress it and u should feel bad for them” troupe so even if they weren’t human scum who raped people I wouldn’t ship it.