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A little gift for @hernyart, who came out with an awesome idea of putting his characters in a western setting. Boy, I hope this becomes a thing.

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I feel like fox!alya would constantly play jokes on turtle. Like, on a patrol, fox somehow clings onto his shield on his back and he is completely unaware of her presence. The rest of the team is trying not to lose their shit and they keep having to quickly look away whenever jade looks at them confusedly. The others told him fox wasn't feeling good, so he wasn't expecting the same person to come careening off his shield when he withdrew it. Cue confused shrieking and deafening laughter

this..this is amazing

The reason Logan is on so many teams is because he LIVES on other peoples drama and needs access to as much of it as possible

Draco enjoyed making Harry uncomfortable at work, he loved seeing him get flustered. Every time he saw Harry engrossed in work he would sneak up behind him and whisper something suggestive in his ear. He loved being the cause of that adorable blush that crept up his neck. They may not technically be dating, but that didn’t mean that Draco couldn’t flirt, right?


ZOO | Chloe + Jackson

1.02 Vs. 1.09

Fic I’ve decided I want to exist (but don’t currently have the brain space to write):

Obito is bored (so bored) and currently The Plan is running well without his supervision (so bored) and so he decides to take some time out of his life to go glare at Kakashi from behind some bushes. The asshole always twitches and spends the next several months paranoid, checking behind his shower curtain and throwing kunai at squirrels. It’s excellent.

So Obito moseys over to Wave where apparently some would-be dictator shipping magnate is having some Konoha nin difficulty.

Only to find out that some idiot put Kakashi in charge of a genin team??

Obito decides to hang around to watch what is surely to be a disaster. And, yeah, sure enough. Blood and tears.

And, like, it’s not like Obito particularly likes watching Kakashi be useless at something. (Yeah, who’s he trying to kid, he adores it.)

He just. Wow. Feels really bad for the girl.

She reminds him Rin. Sort of.


Not really.

Not at all.

But he thinks that maybe the superficial resemblance is why Kakashi can’t even look her in the eye.

And. Look. The kid’s obviously got promise: tree-walking on the first try?

It’d be a shame if the asshole ruined her. (Like he ruined Rin.)

So, y’know.

Obito is really doing her a service when he kidnaps her.

(Kidnap is a harsh word.)

(Obito is going to be so much better at this sensei gig. It’s going to be awesome, just you wait and see, Sakura-chan.)

It’s been a while

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Ok but imagine a sick Lance getting injured but he's delusional so he doesn't tell anyone and just completely forgets about it until someone else notices all the blood, and then he's like "oh right, that, lol"

“Oops,” Lance said with a lopsided smile, feeling Keith’s hand slip from his feverish forehead to the slice-wound in his side.

“What the hell do you mean, ‘oops?!’ Lance! Stay awake!” Keith slapped Lance’s cheeks, but it did nothing to rouse the unconscious boy. They’d have a talk once his ass was out of a healing pod.

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about Sam being a narcissist: he truly doesn't notice anyone else's problems unless they somehow tie to his experience. like with Mary? he only symphatizes with people to whom he can say "i've been there i know how you feel" but he doesn't know how they feel he only knows how he would feel in that situation and that helps no one? Sam is so Sam-centric is laughable sometimes especially when fandom paints him as the progressive, emotional, understanding and smart one. please

Yes. It was even noted by Jensen as well, because it’s SOO obvious. Sam only bonds with people if he can project (he feels they’re in the same situation he’s in), or if there’s sexual interest/attraction. Even when he’s supposed to be empathizing with other people, the writers just have to have him say something about how “this is just like me!” or about how he’s invested because he really needs to believe his own redemption/ salvation is possible. They do with Matt, Jack, the family in Salvation, Max, Ava, Andy, and even Madison.

And what makes it worse is the counterpoint. They have Sam care when the person’s situation is nearly identical to his own, but the same investment is starkly absent in other situations. How he has no problems advocating for leaving victims to their fate if it furthers his own goals (Wendigo, Scarecrow, Kevin, ect), the lack of remorse in Faith, his suggestion they just count John good as dead and abandon him to his captors in DT, his lack of empathy for the prisoners OR the guards in FPB, his disgust and dismissal of Ron in Nightshifter, his lack of concern at the prospect of knifing Lilith’s child host in NRFTW, his suggestion they preform human sacrifice in JIB, the admission that the real reason he’s into saving people is because he thinks it’ll change his destiny in Playthings, the list goes on. And that’s not even including times he’s failed to show any kind of empathetic concern for Dean in moments where he really, REALLY should have.

By having Sam only really shown to empathize when he is bemoaning his own feelings/situation, by having him show too little concern or simply fail to act as an honestly empathetic person should act otherwise, by having him often give voice to his own emotional investment during times he IS supposed be being empathetic…well, it makes it seem like Sam is only truly concerned about his own feelings and emotional needs.

I know the writer’s didn’t intend it to be that way. I really think Sam’s just suffering from Chosen One syndrome in a bad way. But if you consider his behavior just as it appears onscreen, Sam reads very much like a covert narcissist.

  • ENTP: *is on phone checking social media*
  • ENTP: *sees a meme "tag the friend still looking for the perfect girlfriend"*
  • ENTP: *looks at ENFP girlfriend sitting next to him
  • ENTP: lmao, let me tag David
  • ENTP: hah, for some reason i started writing my own name
  • ENFPgirlfriend: *doesn't even notice the roast*
  • ENTP: *looks around the squad if anyone got it* *sees me(INTP) barely holding back tears of laughter* *highfive*
  • ENTP: I'm so sorry *kisses girlfriend on cheek*
Why doesn't anyone notice..

From what we see in the trailer, Damian and Jason’s intro goes something like this:

Damian: Dick trusted me but you never will.

Jason: Someone’s desperate for approval.

Damian: I’ve got more than enough father figures.

Not sure if this is for show or that’s their real intro cause if it is, I wonder what their relationship is in the injustice universe especially since this Damian calls his brother “Dick”, instead of his comic counterpart’s “Grayson”. Heck he calls Jason his name, not “Todd”.

Edit: I am aware that this is a different Damian, I am just pondering over what’s the dynamic between the Robins of the Injustice Verse. Who knows, maybe his brother/s dote on him or act as a substitute parent to him while Bruce is busy? :P Idk xd

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Ok so now I'm even more confused. I still think season 3&4 shiro is not the real shiro but like why doesn't anyone still notice this? I mean it's kinda obvious with shiros change in personality and not supporting Keith anymore. I feel like at least Keith should have picked up on something and realize that something isn't right here. What are u thoughts on this?

i think that keith knows shiro like the back of his hand. i think that if keith lost shiro twice and got him back twice, he would do anything to not lose him again. i think he would notice if there was something wrong with shiro, but he would notice it in the context of their interactions first and foremost, and i think he would blame himself first and shiro last for any change. i think he would push shiro away before things could get worse.

i think keith knows something is wrong with shiro, but would do anything not to lose him again–i think him leaving is the only option that he felt was open to him. he rejected shiro before shiro could reject him.

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May I request a Cor & Prompto fic where Prompto gets his wrist cut or injured and he tries to hide it because he doesn't want anyone seeing his barcodes, but Cor notices and helps him because he either knew about them or doesn't care. I love the way you portray these two characters, and really I just want more Dad!Cor and Prompto being his adorable self.

glad that you like papa cor and prompto, anon! i’m really enjoying their dynamic, too :) enjoy~

“Kick his ass for me, nerd!”

“Try not to hurt yourselves.”

Prompto took the rallying words to heart, bouncing out his knees and grinning in anticipation. Gladio cocked a grin as quick as Prompto’s own gun, rolling his eyes at their audience. “Favoritism, huh?” he snorted. “Thought you were supposed to be teaching him how to be impartial, Iggy.”

“Thought you taught me that there was no being impartial in a fight,” Noctis crowed back before Ignis could craft together an excuse.

“Yeah, um, about that fight? Is it going to happen here or…?”

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I'm on episode 2x15 of lot and my baby Mick is probably dyslexic. Why doesn't anyone notice?

Dyslexic, pretty noticeable aphasia, alcoholism, impulsivity issues, canon mentions of brain damage from Gideon

In getting some distance from the show, I started to remember and accept that everyone else on the team has a lot of their own bullshit they’re dealing with too. Well, not everyone, but Sara is grieving Laurel and trying to learn how to be in charge, worrying about Rip. Amaya is grieving Rex and doesn’t know any of the history of Mick and his issues. Ray was trying, I think, especially at the start, and that comes back a little toward the end. Nate… idk. Jax has been learning how to fix the Waverider and shouldering that burden, and is dealing with future messages from Barry and Martin having a surprise daughter. Martin is an asshole like straight up, but I suppose he was dealing with having a surprise daughter and keeping that secret then letting out that secret and navigating it.

I’m not absolving the team of their treatment of Mick because it pissed me off all season, but I’m trying to remember to keep a 360 perspective. And he did give as good as he got when he got a chance. It was hard to watch for anyone who’s been depressed or bullied because the narrative tried to play their treatment of him as humourous and it wasn’t, but I’m trying not to hate the team and trying to accept that they’re just human.

Seriously though, the writers did so poorly and wrote some really ableist bullshit this season in how people treated Mick…

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Imagine Derek coming back to Beacon Hills about a month after Stiles left, so he doesn't tell anyone he's back. And Scott isn't observant enough to notice. Derek starts to renovate the loft, giving it a mezzanine, making it into a nice space. He's hanging out with Jordan and lunching with the Sheriff. And when Stiles comes home for Christmas he's just... there. In a soft sweater, smiling, pulling cinnamon rolls out of the oven. No yelling or anything, just a smile and a hug in greeting. -A

Oh my gosh! That’s perfect.

Personally, I’m not a fan of aus and stuff that end with them coming back and fighting, I’d just like Stiles to see Derek and say “You’re back” and everything goes out the window because now they have a chance to be together and be happy.

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And a  mezzanine in the loft? Perfect! Thank you for reading my mind. :)