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Fic I’ve decided I want to exist (but don’t currently have the brain space to write):

Obito is bored (so bored) and currently The Plan is running well without his supervision (so bored) and so he decides to take some time out of his life to go glare at Kakashi from behind some bushes. The asshole always twitches and spends the next several months paranoid, checking behind his shower curtain and throwing kunai at squirrels. It’s excellent.

So Obito moseys over to Wave where apparently some would-be dictator shipping magnate is having some Konoha nin difficulty.

Only to find out that some idiot put Kakashi in charge of a genin team??

Obito decides to hang around to watch what is surely to be a disaster. And, yeah, sure enough. Blood and tears.

And, like, it’s not like Obito particularly likes watching Kakashi be useless at something. (Yeah, who’s he trying to kid, he adores it.)

He just. Wow. Feels really bad for the girl.

She reminds him Rin. Sort of.


Not really.

Not at all.

But he thinks that maybe the superficial resemblance is why Kakashi can’t even look her in the eye.

And. Look. The kid’s obviously got promise: tree-walking on the first try?

It’d be a shame if the asshole ruined her. (Like he ruined Rin.)

So, y’know.

Obito is really doing her a service when he kidnaps her.

(Kidnap is a harsh word.)

(Obito is going to be so much better at this sensei gig. It’s going to be awesome, just you wait and see, Sakura-chan.)

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Ok but imagine a sick Lance getting injured but he's delusional so he doesn't tell anyone and just completely forgets about it until someone else notices all the blood, and then he's like "oh right, that, lol"

“Oops,” Lance said with a lopsided smile, feeling Keith’s hand slip from his feverish forehead to the slice-wound in his side.

“What the hell do you mean, ‘oops?!’ Lance! Stay awake!” Keith slapped Lance’s cheeks, but it did nothing to rouse the unconscious boy. They’d have a talk once his ass was out of a healing pod.

It’s been a while


ZOO | Chloe + Jackson

1.02 Vs. 1.09

Why doesn't anyone notice..

From what we see in the trailer, Damian and Jason’s intro goes something like this:

Damian: Dick trusted me but you never will.

Jason: Someone’s desperate for approval.

Damian: I’ve got more than enough father figures.

Not sure if this is for show or that’s their real intro cause if it is, I wonder what their relationship is in the injustice universe especially since this Damian calls his brother “Dick”, instead of his comic counterpart’s “Grayson”. Heck he calls Jason his name, not “Todd”.

Edit: I am aware that this is a different Damian, I am just pondering over what’s the dynamic between the Robins of the Injustice Verse. Who knows, maybe his brother/s dote on him or act as a substitute parent to him while Bruce is busy? :P Idk xd

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Lmao you know there are people out there that look at you stupid when you tell them Bryke ruined Zuko's friendships with Katara and basically everyone from the whole Gaang. Like Idk what comics they are reading but it's pretty noticeable Zuko doesn't look close with anyone despite everything they've been through together, the Gaang doesn't trust him or treat him like a friend either, they think he's gonna mess up, such good friends right, shout out to motherfucking Bryke for messing it up..

Yeah, I don’t know what comics they’re reading. It’s pretty obvious to me and it was the main disappointment I had with the whole series. Every single one of his relationships was unsatisfying.

Katara immediately urges Aang to accept his promise to end him if he “goes bad”. Aang is reluctant and tells him he’s not his dad, but Katara insists. Clearly, she thinks he could go bad at any time and turn into his dad.

Katara once again telling Aang she supports his decision to kill Zuko. But of course, her relationship with Aang is her main concern. I’m sorry, but Zuko and Katara do not seem like friends at all.

I guess Bryke didn’t think it felt right to make Iroh and Zuko go back to being as close as they were after Zuko betrayed him. Zuko and Iroh are extremely distant after the events of ATLA. Iroh happily lives in another country while Zuko is nearly dying left and right.

Aang tells Zuko he’s changed and almost kills him. For some reason he has a much easier time with ending Zuko than Ozai.

Mai dumps Zuko in the beginning and thinks he’s turning into his father.

She nearly lets her dad kill him. She agrees he’s a bad leader and that other people’s feelings don’t matter to him.

Suki is the only one who thinks Zuko is even worth talking to. Everyone else thinks he’s going to turn evil at any moment. Zuko’s character with the constant war of good and evil got so redundant after Book 2. It’s not the least bit entertaining.

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Imagine Derek coming back to Beacon Hills about a month after Stiles left, so he doesn't tell anyone he's back. And Scott isn't observant enough to notice. Derek starts to renovate the loft, giving it a mezzanine, making it into a nice space. He's hanging out with Jordan and lunching with the Sheriff. And when Stiles comes home for Christmas he's just... there. In a soft sweater, smiling, pulling cinnamon rolls out of the oven. No yelling or anything, just a smile and a hug in greeting. -A

Oh my gosh! That’s perfect.

Personally, I’m not a fan of aus and stuff that end with them coming back and fighting, I’d just like Stiles to see Derek and say “You’re back” and everything goes out the window because now they have a chance to be together and be happy.

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And a  mezzanine in the loft? Perfect! Thank you for reading my mind. :)

so….. @practicallypidge got me into the musical Be More Chill and this happened

BD woke to the soft sound of humming. It was high and disjointed, something most people would find rather creepy in the smothering stillness of the void. But to BD, it meant the return of his dear friend. Smiling, he sat up as quickly as he dared and watching as the Tall Man moved around the room, cleaning and patching parts that had fallen apart due to BD’s weak soul. It took a while, but BD finally managed to speak.
     ❄♋●● 💣♋■✏
          [Tall Man!]
The Tall Man spun around, smiling. Since they were alone he didn’t bother to give one of his practiced smiles, and instead was beaming! BD! You’re awake! It’s been so long! he said, running over (he really must have been happy to not try to hide his more ‘scary’ motions) and hugging BD tightly.
     ✌♒♏♒📪 ❄♋●● 💣♋■✏ 👍♋❒♏♐◆●📪 ⍓□◆🕯●● ♍❒◆⬧♒ ❍♏✏ ✌♒♏♒♏♒✏
          [Aheh, Tall Man! Careful, you’ll crush me! Aheheh!]
You daft old fool, why did you try to hold up so much on your own? the Tall Man asked, still laughing in relief. Don’t scare me like that again!
     ✌●❒♓♑♒⧫📪 ♋●❒♓♑♒⧫✏ ✋ p❒□❍♓⬧♏📪 ✋ ⬥□■🕯⧫ ♎□ ♓⧫ ♋♑♋♓■✏
          [Alright, alright! I promise, I won’t do it again!]
Both skeletons kept laughing and hugging, just glad to have each other back. Eventually, they both had the same idea, and could tell that they were thinking the same thing. With a grin they hugged tighter, their forms folding together and fusing.
“Aheheh! Welcome back…!” they said to themselves, lying on their back and hugging themselves with all four of their arms. With nothing more than a thought they created a huge starry sky to stare at, trying to remember all the constellations and put them in the right places.

Idk if ya’ll are aware of not, but this blog does not acknowledge the existence of League of Legends/ or Summoner’s Rift. And the title, ‘The Exile’ is something that she has imposed on herself so is by no means a public thing. That means she won’t respond getting called, ‘Exile’ and will probably take offense on it.

So like, anyone notice that when Belle is getting locked up, the entire village is LEGIT concerned but go along with it, EXCEPT THE BIMBETTES? Like look at them, they are like LEGIT so happy because FINALLY Gaston is turning against their only competition… I didn’t mind the animated Bimbettes they weren’t too bad and still seemed semi nice… BUT THIS VERSION OF THEM… NAH, NAH! I JUST DO NOT like them. Even in ‘ Belle ‘ you see just how deep their jealousy goes. GAH it’s so amazing how they legit gave every character more personality. OK ENOUGH FANGASMING.

When Another Man Hits On You (Be My Princess 2)
  • Hayden: Fake. He's practically sparkling with the fake smile he only has when he's so upset that he doesn't want anyone to notice. The minute you see it, you immediately know something is wrong. "Nothing's wrong darling, but prepare yourself, I'm not letting you sleep tonight."
  • Kuon: Mad. He's practically seething in rage as he stomps over to the man keeping you from him. A strong hand rests on the frazzled mans shoulder, as his eyes glow red. "I think, you should get away from my girl."
  • Oliver: Pouting. It's not like he can do anything when a king from a neighboring nation is flirting with you. Especially when Altaria needs a positive relation with them. Of course the straw is broken when he actually touches your arm. "I'm sorry, but my princess and I have a prior appointment to reach."
  • Sieg: Over Protective. Afterwords, he won't let you out of his sight. He can't believe he let some creep actually touch your arm, it don't matter that the bar was crowded or that you were on your way back from the ladies room. He should have protected you. "Wait I'll come with you!"
  • Ivan: Silent. He's completely silent as the diplomat continues to make lewd comments about your body. Even though he knows that the diplomat is only speaking freely because he doesn't know he's listening, his knuckles can't help but itch. When he finally catches the diplomat, he flashes him a smile and says: "I don't think you should worry about my princesses, as you said, 'perky ass' because her taste is far too exquisite for someone of your caliber."
  • Aslan: Calm. He minds a little, but as you approach him, cheeks bright red carrying a scrap of blue paper, he can't help but smile. He can't even begin to imagine how beautiful you must feel right now. He doesn't like the idea of another man making you feel that way. But seeing how flattered you are, makes him happy. "You look so beautiful, my princess."
  • A/N: sorry if this kind of sucks, most of these are set in a bar.
  • -SKY

After hearing about the dance and scrolling online for a couple of hours, Emma couldn’t find the dress that called out to her. A lengthy text conversation with her mother remedied that.

Emma walked quickly across the courtyard, the package from Marinette tucked under her arm. She wanted to open the box out of sight of anyone who would happen to see the label printed on the inside.


I wanted to practice the comic format a bit, so I made this little comic based on this @otpisms​ prompt:

“Imagine Person A of your OTP reading stories to Person B to help them fall asleep after a nightmare.”

Natsume likes books, so despite not liking as much, Michiru always tries to get in touch with Natsume’s favorite books and stories so she can read these for her.