Feb 13 Log

So today I ate like shit (not nearly enough and a lot of unhealthy food), I only drank about a liter of water so far and I haven’t had time to exercise really BUT I’m okay with that. Because I got stuff done. I submitted my assignment for my statistics course and had a wonderful meeting while drinking hot chocolate and being creative. And although today has not been my best day in terms of health I will go to bed with a smile because I won’t let one bad day drag me down (although I have been having a lot of these lately). Tomorrow is another day, another chance.

I thought I would be able to test flight the first balloon camera last weekend I was wrong, it didn’t work out. So I’ll be doing it this week. I’ve reached a slight dilemma- okay, so the average lifting force of a helium balloon is 1g per liter. The old phone I’m using to take pictures on this test flight is 130 g, so that means I’d need 26 balloons. Which would frankly be hysterical, but not ideal. Yikes!