I thought I would be able to test flight the first balloon camera last weekend I was wrong, it didn’t work out. So I’ll be doing it this week. I’ve reached a slight dilemma- okay, so the average lifting force of a helium balloon is 1g per liter. The old phone I’m using to take pictures on this test flight is 130 g, so that means I’d need 26 balloons. Which would frankly be hysterical, but not ideal. Yikes!

Seriously, yet another reason to not depend on/make plans with/trust people.

About a month ago I made plans with someone to get a bunch of hay. I was going in on 30 bales while he and another guy were each getting 20. So 70 total. We were supposed to get it last weekend. While making the plans, a month ago, right after I got home from the barn; the husband tells me he ~finally~ got into a motorcycle safety course and it was for the weekend we had planned to get hay. That’s fine, no problem. I’d still be there for the hay. The Thursday before we were going to be getting this hay, one of the guys tells me that he will be needing my truck to get it. Uh, sorry what? You who doesn’t have experience hauling anything wants to take my truck with a flatbed to get 70 bales, weaving in and out of the base gates? No.. and sorry but the truck is being used to take the motorcycle to the course. So.. no can do. Why can’t we use his truck? Because his brakes are out. Funny by the way that he always talks shit about my truck. So anyways: ended up not getting hay last weekend because the other guy couldn’t make it. The last I heard was “possibly next weekend”. All throughout this past week I’ve been trying to get a hold of them seeing if we were still on and I never heard anything back. So last night being Friday, I made arrangements to go to local distributors and check out their hay, instead of wasting a weekend waiting around for people. This morning husband and I got up literally before the sun to switch out barns. We finished up and we’re just moving our big water trough down, when the two guys come walking up. They ask if we are ready to get hay. It’s NOON. Confused the hell out of me, considering we never had solid plans for this and they never got back to me on this! I told them, I’d still like to get that hay but today I made arrangements to check out other places, so I’d have to get it next weekend. Well that was just apparently the wrong thing to say because now they think I don’t want the hay and they are complaining about it.

Sorry fellas but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. My boys need to be taken care of and I am not going to sit in my ass and wait for yall to get your shit together.

Another lesson in life on “why you shouldn’t count on people”