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Jeon JUNGKOOK | | let me be yours 

fluff, angst | jungkook x you, mentions of taehyung 

best friends!au

&&- Drabble 

 - “Just let me be yours.” 

“Aish… are you really that short?” Jungkook exclaims with a smirk on his face. He takes a step back from his bed, finding it hard not to laugh at the sight of his best friend trying to reach the lighting fixture.

Y/N frowns, holding the light bulb in her hand with a look of disapproval. “I’m almost the same height as Jimin.” You exaggerate, you had not been extremely close in height, but the shortest in Bangtan was the easiest justifcation for yourheart.

Jungkook rolls his eyes, climbing on the bed to stand up. “What’s your point, small fry?” He ruffles your hair with a laugh as he takes the lightbulb from your hand. You stare at him quietly for a moment and he merely smirks at you before looking away. He hopes you don’t know the pink flush on his cheeks. You do.

“I’m not that small. It’s not my fault you’re freakishly tall. You know, technically, you’re more of a product of evolution than I am. That means that you’re not as special as you ought to be.” you looks at him with an I-told-you-so expression on her face.Jungkook laughs, opting to roll his eyes at you in response. “Whatever that means, know-it-all.” He flicks her forehead with a laugh before reaching up to change the light. His hands are roughly two inches shy and Y/N can’t help but smirk in satisfaction.

“Looks like you can’t get it either, small fry.” you wink at him with a laugh.

Jungkook presses his tongue against his cheek before he giggles softly. “You won’t be saying that when I successfully change this lightbulb.” He pauses to wrap her arms around his waist. “Don’t make me fall or PD-nim will sue you for your retirement savings.”

“Of course not,” Y/N sarcastically replies with a laugh as you hold his waist tighter so he wouldn’t fall.

Jungkook chuckles to himself as he looks up, reaching and successfully unscrewing the first lightbulb. He passes her the non-functional one before quickly changing the other one. He gets on his tiptoes before he teeters off to the side.

“Oof!” Y/N groans as you fall on her back. Jungkook follows you through your fall since you had been holding him. As though an instinct, he wraps his arms around her head, as though protecting her.

The two pause, realizing they had only fallen onto Jungkook’s bed and not the floor and burst into laughter.

“I can’t remember the last time I laughed because of something so dumb.” Jungkook admits with a laugh as he lingers over you. You can see the way his pupils dilate as he stares down at you. He notices you were currently covering your face, hiding your smile as you laugh.

“Me either.” you reply with a giggle as your eyes finally met Jungkook’s.

Although Y/N kept laughing, Jungkook had stopped. He couldn’t get over how happy you looked. He wanted to memorize the way your eyes crinkled up and how annoying your laugh (but really entertaining) was. He stares into your eyes - did you feel what he was feeling?

“J-Jungkook?” you ask in between laughter as you stare up at him. You find it hard to focus on just one aspect of him, so you decide to take in all of him… you couldn’t remember the last time you saw him like this. Had it been last when you visited him for Chuseok? Or had it been the day of the bonfire from all those years ago? You couldn’t remember.

Jungkook stares down at you before hesitantly licking his lips. “Don’t say anything… just stay like this, okay?” he lingers over her with a nervous smile on his face. He had never been this close to a girl, ever. Sure, there had been his his stylists, but he would never change the notion of idol and stylist. They were already spoken for… but  Y/N? You weren’t anybody’s and that incited him.

“Jungkook…?” you asks, blinking up at him. Your voice shakes a little because you know this feeling.

Jungkook leans a little closer to you. His nose is barely skimming yours and he swears you can hear his heartbeat. Was he really doing this? “I-I don’t know what comes next.” He stammers.

“I don’t know either.” You whisper, trying to keep your voice level. You could tell Jungkook was nervous and that last thing you wanted was to do something either of them wouldn’t do if it had been another time. “Jungkook… what are we doing?”

Jungkook laughs softly - but his laughter is forced because oh my god, how could you not see what you were doing to him? “…I really want to kiss you… but I’m scared about what would happen if I do.”

“What..?” you ask, blinking.

He darkly chuckles at you, “Aigoo… what are you doing to me, Y/N-ah?”

“I-I don’t know,” Y/N replies, losing your resolve of being calm. How could you not when he looked at you like that? No one had ever looked at you like Jungkook had and you didn’t know how to feel about that… was this how it was supposed to feel? Love?

Jungkook steals a glance at your lips before deeply inhaling. “Aigoo…” He bluyous so hard that his nose is tinted slightly pink.

“Taehyung just rejected me…” Your voice is small and Jungkook fights the urge to reassure you that it had been three weeks since his hyung had rejected you that it had been three weeks of Jungkook trying to piece your heart back together. Three weeks since Jungkook made it his mission for you to see him as a man; and more importantly, a man for you.

“I don’t care… it’s his loss.” Jungkook hastily replies without thought. “… but let’s not talk about him, okay?” He opts to move to the side of you because god, how could he even think when you looked up at him like that? … Was that what Taehyung saw?

Y/N turns to face him. you chew on your lip before smiling at him. “Okay.”

“God, you say you’re  okay.” Jungkook says and you laughs softly at his words.

“You’re cute, Jungkookie.” you giggles softly as you reaches up to ruffle his hair. you yawns, rubbing her eyes. “I’m a little tired…” you yawns once more and so does Jungkook.

“Yawning’s contagious.” He blurts, and he blurts this because he has nothing else to say. How could someone be so adorable? The question burdens the both of them.  

Jungkook practically melts into your touch as he shifts so he can move closer to you. “Do you think you’ll be over hyung in time?” His voice is quiet. Though, he notes how your hand doesn’t go limp in his hair. Was that a good sign?

“I don’t think so…. I liked him a lot.” You admit with an equally small voice before you look at Jungkook. “But some crushes… no matter how beautiful they are, they have to be let go.”

Jungkook feels his heart jump at your words. “What does that mean?”

“I don’t know…. but I think it’s better not to.” you admit and Jungkook laughs softly.

“You’re so confusing.” He opts to take your hand in his and he brings it to his lips. He leaves a chaste kiss on the back of it.

You smile, “The best people are.” you yawn once more. “I’m sleepy…” you rubs your arm as you stare back at Jungkook. You can see the hints of amber in his eyes. Were his eyes always so beautiful?

“You can sleep here,” Jungkook tells you with a soft laugh. He nervously puts his hand on the small of your back and you notice his nervousness. You wiggles your brows and he laughs at the simple actions. His nerves were flaring. “Is it that obvious?”

Y/N  giggles softly before you nod, “I think it’s cute.” You smile at him lopsidedly.

“Can we cuddle? I’ll be the big spoon.” Jungkook says with a hint of stars in his eyes.

The sentence makes a frown pull on Y/N’s mouth, and Jungkook notices; because of course he would always notice. “Okay,” you replies in a small voice before you smile at him. You roll over into his arms. “This is harmless, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes,” Jungkook stutters, feeling his cheeks flush. He decides to ignore soft her tummy is. Was that perverted? He didn’t know why, but it felt hypersensitive at the moment. He wraps his right arm around you loosely before pulling you close. He lets out a shaky breath and you have to bite your hand to keep from giggling.

“You’re so shy, it’s adorable.” you whisper as you take his arm and lightly bite on it. You blows a raspberry against his skin and Jungkook feels his cheeks flush more.

Jesus, he thinks to himself.

“Huh?” You ask with a tired voice as you take his fingers and entwines them with yours.

Aish, he thinks to himself. He must have said it aloud.

“Nothing…” Jungkook states with a blush on his cheeks. “Can we just stay like this forever?”

“Forever?” Your voice cuts in and Jungkook swears he has heard the voice of an angel. “Now, maybe.” You joke before Jungkook leans over to flick your forehead. “Of course…”

He closes his eyes and Jungkook’s grip around your waist tightens over so slightly. His heart thuds in his chest and he holds his breath, wondering if he should ask. “Y-Y/N.” He stammers out.

“Yes?” you ask, feeling your eyelids go heavy in Jungkook’s warm embrace.

He swallows deeply and his breath tickles your ear. “If I …. ever came to you…. please don’t push me away.” His voice is shaky and you feel your heart skip a beat at his words. “Please tell me that I can be yours…”

You swallow because you heard every word that he spoke. You feign sleep, hoping that you could push this conversation to another day. Because what Jungkook was asking you was far more than what the last fifteen years of your friendship ever entailed.

“I want to be your laughter and your sighs. I want to be who you pour your heart into at late night phone calls at two in the morning. I want to be the one you need a hug from when exams don’t go your way or the people at work push you to your wit’s end. I want to be your butterfly, I long for nothing more but to flyfor you  and be  everything that you ever wanted… I’d do all of this for you because you are all that I’ve ever needed.” Jungkook’s voice is shaky as he puyous a strand of hair from your cheek tenderly.

You can see that he is awaiting your answer.

You can almost feel the love that radiates through him to you. You know that look because that same look was you had when you looked at Kim Taehyung.

What would you say?

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Mama Thoughts

Another incredible episode from Andi Mack.

Let’s start with the smallest plot points, but they are really significant in terms of representation.

Andi teaches Bex how to solve a Rubix cube. I knew a lot of people obsessed with Rubix cubes when I was Andi’s age, and they were all boys. I LOVE how they are subtly doing something feminist without hitting us over the head. Andi likes Rubix cubes, and she’s good at them.

The second major point was that Ham is doing hot yoga. He’s, as far as we know, a straight man, who isn’t thin as a stick, and he’s doing hot yoga. It’s small but it’s another little thing that threw gender expectations completely out the window. I hope they keep doing this. It’s so important.

Okay, so as a Jewish girl, I almost cried seeing Cyrus practicing for his bar mitzvah. Even in Lizzie McGuire, Gordo’s Jewishness wasn’t really part of his everyday character, but with Cyrus it is. He’s not just having a bar mitzvah which comes seemingly out of nowhere. He’s practicing his Hebrew and trope and all this stuff that I went through. I hope he has to write his drash in one episode and we get to see that process, which, is absolute hell, by the way.

Jonah’s reaction is, well…okay, first off, was Jonah on his way to somewhere important? Did he literally drop what he was doing just because Cyrus called his name? And then he asks about Hebrew, and even though Cyrus says he’s not actually interested, I think he was actually interested.

It’s funny, Asher is Jewish too, or, at least, his name is. So it’s funny seeing two Jewish boys playing characters of different religions when Asher probably knows exactly what Cyrus was doing.

Anyways, Cyrus said something that got me thinking “you don’t want to see me when I really put myself down…it’s dark” He’s 12. But dark can still be DARK. He said it with a smile, but I’m not sure it was an exaggeration. I wonder if Cyrus is going to be chronically depressed or something, but there is more to that story, a lot more. Would Disney ever do a self-harm storyline?

When Jonah is teaching Cyrus to skateboard you can totally see and feel the love he has for Cyrus. He cares about him so much, but I think the more important part of the skateboard scene is the fact that Jonah made a big mistake. He didn’t teach Cyrus how to do anything but stand on the skateboard. Everything Andi Mack does is deliberate, especially when it comes to Jonah and Cyrus. What Jonah did was stupid and reckless, as he says later, he forgets that Cyrus is helpless, but I’ll get there later. I think this goes to Jonah’s character. he always means well, but he doesn’t think before he does something. I think this characterization is going to come up again and again and probably result in him doing something irreversible at some point.

The hospital scene was super telling on all fronts. We watch as Buffy realizes that the crush IS reciprocated. It’s not possible for someone not to see how helpless Cyrus is unless they are just blind to his bad qualities. That’s the definition of a new crush. And how anxious and scared Jonah was, I mean, Asher’s acting was on point, and Jonah was close to tears before the girls got there. I also think we learned more about Cyrus’ parents in this episode. He’s sheltered, like, REALLY sheltered. I kind of wonder if his parents are modern orthodox or something, now, THAT’S something that has never been done on TV and I’d really love to see.

Moving on, Buffy. SHE’S LEARNING! Friends come before competition. I wonder how this is going to play into future episodes. And how it’s going to play into her relationship with Marty. I also think there was an underlying part of this plot that had to do with respect for the elders. The first part, where she’s listing things that she could put Millie down for, that’s a very real reality for many elderly, and it was a little reminder that just because someone is old does not mean they are helpless. I wonder if it was a technique to get kids to spend more time with their grandparents, and how many of the kids watching, did call their grandparents and have a short chat or something after watching this.

Andi plays mom in this episode, and I thought that was really interesting. Cece and Bex spend the episode arguing, and then finally making up, but Andi is the mediator, along with Ham. When Ham comes into the room excited about the day, it’s him and Andi against Cece and Bex. I thought that was really clever, and it’s clear that’s what was happening because one of the “previously on Andi Mack” was Andi screaming at Cece and Bex “I’m the kid, here!” So that flip was cool to see.

I also think it goes to Andi’s character that she thinks it’s her fault that Bex left. She was not even a year old and she’s blaming herself for her first words. It’s clear she’s spiraling in some small way, and, I mean, who the hell can blame her? Her entire life was turned upside down less than six months prior. I wonder how far they are going to go with this, what her breaking point is going to be.

The house…that’s a bomb to drop. I really loved watching Bex’s reaction how at first she was angry, but then she realized that it was Cece’s way of saying that she believes in her to be a good mom.

I’m really curious to see how Bex actually breaks the news. I believe in her to do this right.

Don’t leave me.

Liam fell in the trap. And so, he was alone at the hospital, surrounded by hunters. He was asking himself how could he make it out alive. 

For a moment, he wished Theo was here with him.
He could die right in that moment and he was thinking about Theo? Great.

They had been sharing a strange bond, since the wild hunt. They were constantly fighting, shouting how much they hated each other or how much Theo makes Liam angry or how much Liam pisses Theo off. Liam keeps repeating that he should have left him in his hell and Theo keeps saying that he should have left Beacon Hills and leave Liam and his pack alone in this war.

But he didn’t. Theo never left. He stayed in Beacon Hills. He had helped Scott with the ghost riders and was now helping in the war against the hunters. 

Maybe he was redeeming himself, Liam thought.

But he was not only helping Scott’s pack. Theo had saved Liam so many times, risking his own life. 

Theo cared for Liam, he knew that. In a strange way, but he did. He would never admit it, though. So they were stuck at that point were they pretended to hate each other because things were easier that way.

And Liam would never admit that he doesn’t hate Theo. He doesn’t know what strange feelings he has developed for the chimera, but he felt something. 

Liam could hear the hunters getting closer. He could be dead soon, and he never thanked Theo for all the times he had saved him. For all the times he had halped him not losing control.

Then he saw them. There were too many hunters. Too many guns. Liam couldn’t do it. But he wasn’t giving up so easily. So se showed his claws and fangs, and get ready to fight them.

But before he could throw himself in that suicide mission, he heard the doors of the elevator opening, and someone dragging him into it.

He didn’t had to look at him to know that he was Theo. He would recognise his scent everywhere. 

“What are you doing here?” Liam asked while Theo pushed the elevator button.

“I was asking myself the same thing.” Theo said, pulling his beanie off.

The elevator was going up, but Liam could still hear their heartbeats. Too many heartbeats.

“Are they still out there?” Theo asked. Liam nodded.

Theo licked his lips, and then spoke.

“Look, I’m not dying for you.” Theo said, stepping closer to Liam.

But Liam heard his heartbeat. It wasn’t the truth.

“I’m not dying for you either.” Liam said, defending himself.

Theo thought he heard Liam’s heartbeat skip, but he wasn’t sure. In fact, Liam hated him. He wouldn’t have died for Theo. He felt a strange feeling inside his stomach. He would have died for Liam, but Liam wouldn’t. He should not have been surprised, though. No one would have died for Theo. No one cared. But the fact was, that he was not no one. He was Liam. He was the only person who could make him feel human. He was the only person he, somehow, cared for. And a small part of him, wished that Liam cared for him too. 

“But I will fight with you.” Liam added.

“Okay, let’s fight.” Theo said.

Because even if Liam didn’t care about Theo, he would never let him die. He couldn’t.

They shifted, getting ready to fight. As soon as the elevator opened, they started to fight, taking as many hunters as they could down. 

There was something between the two of them. They could never have defeat them on their own, but together, they were a force of the nature. They were in perfect sincro, like they always know were the other was. And they always had each other back, protecting themselves.

They made it. The hallway was empty, just Theo, dead bodies and Liam.

They happily sighed. Liam looked at Theo. His hair was a mess, his shirt was ripped, and he had some bruises, but he was smiling at Liam. It was a genuine smile, that made Liam melt. He don’t know why, but seeing Theo happy made him happy too. So he returned the smile, leaning against the wall.

But it wasn’t over.

“Get down!” They heard Nolan shout.

Theo saw Gabe at the end of the hallway, his gun in their direction. 

Theo grabbed Liam and pushed him on the floor. He sheltered him with his body, taking three bullets for him, before falling on the floor.

Mason and Corey appeared in the room, managing to hit Gabe and made him unconscious.

Liam watched the scene, and then the scent of blood hit him. But it wasn’t Gabe’s. 

“Theo!” Liam shouted, panick in his voice.

Liam got closer to him, kneeling down.

“Theo?” He said again, his voice soft.

He was still alive, but his heartbeat was slow. Too slow.

He grabbed him, making him seat, leaning against the wall.

That’s when he saw it. He took three bullets, for him. 

Liam wanted to cry, but right now his number one priority was Theo.

“Liam, are you okay?” Theo whispered.

“I am, but you’re not.” Liam said. 

He had three bullet in his back and yet he was worrying about Liam.

“It’s fine Liam, don’t worry.” Theo said, closing his eyes.

“No no no Theo! Stay awake please, keep your eyes open.” Liam said, panicking.

“I’m so tired, Liam.” Theo said, his eyes still closed.

“I know, Theo, but please, you have to stay awake, can you do it for me?” Liam said.

Theo slowly opened his eyes.

“Good. Now listen to me, Theo. You have to shift, or you won’t heal.” Liam said.

“I can’t.”

“Yes Theo, you can. Listen to my voice, and concentrate.” Liam said.

Theo shocked his head, his eyes watering.

“It hurts.” He said, his voice sounding more like a sob.

“I know Theo, and I’m sorry that you’ve been shot trying to save me, but you have to shift, please.” He said, tears rolling down his cheecks.

“It’s okay if I die in order to save you. Just promise me that you’ll be safe.” Theo said, between the sobs.

And then, he started throwing up blood, and Liam wanted to scream because he didn’t know what to do. 

He took Theo’s hand. He closed his eyes, and tried to take his pain. But nothing happened.

“You can’t take pain if you don’t care, Liam.” Theo said, remembering what Mason told him a few days earlier.

But Liam cared for Theo. He didn’t want him to die. He could never forgive himself. So he tried again, but it didn’t work.

Then he had an idea.

He cupped Theo’s face in his hands, his thumbs stroking his jawline. He looked into his eyes for a moment, before kissing him. 

Theo hadn’t time to get over the shock that he felt his pain slowly fading away.

Liam frowned, feeling the pain inside of him, but he was happy that he made it.

Theo’s lips tasted of blood and tears, but they were still so soft.

Theo, on the other hand, didn’t know if he was more shocked because Liam had kissed him or because he was taking away his pain. But he was too tired to think, so he just kissed back, trying to thank Liam.

Liam pulled back. He pecked Theo’s lips one more time, and then leaned his forehead against Theo’s. 

“Shift.” Liam said softly.

And Theo did so, starting the healing process. But then, everything went black.

Theo woke up, don’t knowing where he was. He slowly opened his eyes, and found out that he was in an hospital room. The sun was shining outside the window, so he figured out that it was morning.

He closed his eyes, the events of the night before replaying in his mind. 

Liam kissed him. Liam took away his pain. 

Liam. Liam. Liam.

That’s all that was in his mind.

Then he felt it. He smelt Liam’s scent in the room. 

He looked at the other side of the room, and saw Liam sleeping, curled up in a chair. He couldn’t help but smile.

A few moments later, Liam woke up. He stretched himself, and the rubbed his eyes sleepily.

And Theo smiled even wider, thinking that he was too cute.

And then Liam saw him.

“Theo! You’re awake!” Liam said happily. He stood up and got closer to Theo’s bed.

“I am.” he said, smiling to Liam.

Liam took Theo’s hand, intertwining their fingers. Theo caressed the palm of Liam’s hand with his thumb.

“How are you feeling?” Liam asked.

“I’m healing, don’t worry. And you? The others?” Theo asked, suddenly remembering the events of the night before.

“I’m fine. Everyone is okay. Scott found a way to stop the Anuk-ite.” Liam explained.

“I knew he would.” Theo said.

He secretly admired Scott. He was a very good alpha, and he had so many people who would risk their lives for him.

“Theo?” Liam asked softly. His fingers playing with Theo’s, their hands still intertwined.

“Yeah?” Theo said.

“Thank you. For saving me. I can’t believe you took three bullets for me.” Liam said.

“You don’t have to thank me.” Theo said.

“Yeah, I do. You didn’t have to.” Liam said.

“But I wanted to. I didn’t want you to die, Liam. And I’m always gonna do everything I can to save you.” Theo said.

The sincerity in his tone left Liam speechless. 

“What happened to the ‘Im not dying for you’?” Liam said, lightening the mood.

Theo laughed. And that sound made Liam’s stomach dizzy.

“You know that it wasn’t the truth.” Theo said.

“I didn’t mean it too. I care about you, Theo, a lot. I’m sorry I realised it only yesterday.” Liam said. “I panicked. I thought you were dying, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want you to leave me.”

Liam closed his eyes, remembering the pit inside of his stomach as he watched Theo splitting blood.

“I’m not leaving you, Liam. I’m gonna stay by your side as long as you want me.” Theo said, still trying to process what Liam was saying to him.

“I want you. I want you by my side.” Liam said, biting his lips.

The chimera smiled. He was so happy that his cheecks hurt. 

Liam wanted him. Liam cared for him.

“Thank you for taking away my pain. Thank you for caring for me.” Theo said.

“I thought you were going to slap me because I kissed you.” Liam said, a playful smile on his lips.

“I’m not.” Theo said, smiling at the beta.

“Does this mean that I can kiss you again?” Liam said, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Yeah.” Theo whispered.

And so Liam got closer, until his nose was brushing against Theo’s.

Theo put a hand on the beta’s neck, pulling him closer. And Liam pressed his lips on Theo’s. The kiss was slow and passionate, they both melting against each other, happy to be together. Happy that they finally figured out their feelings.

Theo pulled away, and gently stroked Liam’s hair.

“Does this mean that I can call you baby wolf now?” Theo said, smirking.

“Shut up.” Liam said, pretending to be pissed off.

But he wasn’t. He actually liked Theo calling him that way.

Theo laughed, before pulling him closer, kissing him again.

anonymous asked:

If it’s at 5PM PST why does my TV guide shows it will be airing at 8:00PM PST? Does that mean it’s a replay? I live in California but the times don’t seem to add up to me

It must be a replay because it says on all platforms that the show is 8PM-11PM EST which is therefore 5PM-8PM PST. Here is a link to the about page fro AMAs:
- Kylie

powerfulwitch  asked:

What does your name mean? I'm sure you've answered this before sorry. Don't feel obligated to respond ❤️

So I was writing this story, right? In the story there’s a witch, and she has this… basically spirit that accompanies her, like a familiar. And I was gonna give her a barn owl but then I was like “a witch with an owl, GROUNDBREAKING”, so I started researching birds associated with witches and I ran into magpies and I was like oooh what’s that 


And then I was like oh I gotta give the magpie a name

And it came to me

Like I don’t know I must have heard it before somewhere but suddenly my subconscious decide to spit it in my eye like


And I was like 


What’s that? What’s a Semiramis?

And I googled it


So then when I made my Tumblr account I needed a pseudonym because I can’t provide my real info, given that I live in a relatively small conservative catholic town in Latin America. And I was like “Ah! The magpie of that one story!” And that was that.

So yeah, in case you weren’t sure, Semiramis isn’t my real name. My real name means “Beloved” and is much less badass than ‘Semiramis’. 

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I've noticed recently that all the guys I've liked in my life have been incredibly tall. The guy i like rn is 6'4". (Like what??? Tree boy™) And its the complete opposite with girls, like,, they're always around 5' which is,, tiny. My bi ass is suffering. Does this mean i have a type???

it’s good to know what you like, anon

Some articles that I read about pedophilia that the MAPs have sourced have pedophiles like feeling bad about their attraction??? Saying shit like, “now I can never have kids” or “I hate myself” and like, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t think anyone one does. I mean good, you should hate yourself and never have kids cause these articles don’t even say that they person who said this is receiving therapy or some shit. Its like they said it and just left. Like, nobody would care if you died tbh.

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what does it mean if i sometimes feel like a girl and some days feel like no gender?

Well there a few labels that could fit that! I suggest reading more up on the following if you want to see if they fit you:

-Demigirl (this one i think fits most with what you described)



there are probably more but those are the ones I can think of rn

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"One Shot (BTS): Smut" w-whoa babe, like h-hold on..hold on , like what does that even mean? i mean - are we talking ot7xreader?? c-cause ...*sweats* damn, i didn't think you were that evil??

dear lord. I can’t even begin to think of the logistics of that. LOL no, it is not all of BTS. But… it might be more than one of them. 


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❝ i’m gay . ❞ / 8D


     For a moment, he’s speechless. He did not see it coming, but he guessed it… made sense? 

     He’d known her for years, watched her grow up. And while he unfortunately had noted her interest in the male species at times, he had also noticed how she’d sometimes blush around girls of her age and… now that he actually thought about it, she’d flirted with girls on a few occasions.


     He cleared his throat. “So…”

     “…Does this mean I’m never laying eyes on that ice prick wizard ever again?”

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In the poster - why is Coulson's head so humongous? It's huge! Enormous! What does it mean? Does it mean something? I should google movie poster tropes.

Hi Anon!

Yes, Coulson’s head is pretty large in relation to the rest of the poster.  Here is kind of my idea of what is in play.   Because as always with the posters I do think there are some hints theory wise while there are also elements of “making things fit”.

With the “Making things fit” idea the designer of the poster (who really outdid themselves, this has to be my favorite AOS poster ever and I need to know where i can get one stat).   They were given photo’s from the cast pics to use.  They had multiple pics and posts of each of the characters, choosing which ones they wanted to use and what ones would fit best with the overall look.  

Now for the fun why most of you follow me theory part….and since I haven’t done it yet I’ll throw in my thoughts on everything.


  • It’s not uncommon to see Coulson either the largest or the center of the poster.    He’s the leader and one of the show’s leads.   However, with the tag from last season focusing on him I also believe that one of the arcs will be pretty Coulson centric.
  • We know Coulson is hiding at least one secret from the team based on his conversation with Robbie and the Rider agreeing to the deal.  The secret and the deal seem to be two totally different things and WILL come into play at some point this season.   Might not be the first arc but they will come into play.
  • I am keeping to my theory that somehow Coulson’s time is running out.
  • The burst of light behind Coulson and Daisy kind of reads as a sunrise or sunset…a beginning or and end….possibly both.


  • Full on hero pose going here.
  • She is also larger than the others because overall AOS has been about her journey as a hero.  
  • What I have been seeing in interviews is that a major piece of the season is going to be the Daisy/Coulson relationship.  Both their personal father/daughter kind of connection as well as Coulson grooming her to be a leader one day.
  • We also know from interviews that Daisy’s leadership roles are going to continue to grow and I suspect be one of the more centric and overarching stories of the season.


  • Position at Coulson’s right and as in the past she’ll be Coulson’s right hand again.
  • Looking for May to really get back into that “Pilot” role in space.
  • Still don’t have too much to go on with her.


  • Center.  I think their relationship, love for each other, and drive to get back to each other will be a big factor in the first arc.  
  • I know there was some concern that Jemma’s “back was too Fitz”.  I don’t see anything to worry about here.  I think it was more they really liked that pose with Jemma/overall look since she mirrors Elena.  I also see it as her shielding him, protecting him.   And its a reverse of last season where Fitz was positioned in front of her, where he helped with AIDA and the Framework in order to protect her.
  • Fitz’s outfit is similar to the others what I’m calling Scavenger looks.  He either pics that up in Space or Hunter gives him a make over before he gets there.


  • Okay I do have a bit of a red flag here.  I do think that Mackelena is going to have a road block this season.  Sorry guys, I’m going with my gut here.
  • Mack is positioned away from the others.  Part of this again is likely the awesome picture there with Shotgun Ax 3.0.  
  • However, he’s across the poster from Elena and facing to the team.  This could signify some sort of rift coming if there is disagreement about how to proceed once the dust settles.  
  • Elena has her back turned to the others and I do expect some just getting used to being with the team full time and the whole dumped in space thing to take a toll.   But with her back turned she and Jemma almost frame the others so I see the “look” they were going for here.  

That’s my take on them these could all change as we get more spoilers or cast pics.


Guys, do not relax. I just decided that you want more freedom from your shippers before the army, but that does not mean that only I see your “obvious things”. So far, yes - they didn’t see anything, but then others will see(you are not only one genius in this game) . Be more careful✌