Yesterday was Komu’s final Chicago performance, and I am very thankful to Kaon Yuuki for deciding to commemorate it <3


I was talking with @electronicneutrino (or do i use @kndfervid? idk :P) about this earlier, so here’s a little example of what i meant. Jfc it’s uncanny the differences in which i talk to the three of you XD 

@fountainpenaddict @wowie-its-laurel


every time i show up, blow up


pls watch

(Wander Over Yonder is a more than just a cartoon, and I wanted to share that sentiment with everyone.)

Things I cannot do in Pokemon Go:

1. Leave a defender at my team’s gym.
2. Get HP for training at my team’s gym.
3. Get whatever it is you get for defending a gym when your team holds it.

After sitting at a gym that was held by my team (and then was grey, which is when I found out I could leave a defender if my team didn’t hold the gym, which is fucked up) and alternately playing and googling about gyms for about half an hour, I’ve discovered that the app glitching all the fuck out when I registered for my team might mean that I don’t actually, in the system, have the coding for a team. 


if mark’s hair is like this

does this mean the music video for chewing gum was filmed during nct life in paju and before firetruck??