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its funny since all he does is sleep lmao B)


That will be a very important ritual within The Awakening. We’re focusing on awakening our minds and our hearts, and what better way to do that than to escape to dreams. 

Lots of naps.

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the Aizawaning


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Nickname: Kal and any variation of Kal 

Gender:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ pronouns are they/them 

Zodiac Sign: cancer 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. I like to lean shit. 

Favorite Color: Purple 

Current Time: 11:45am 

Average Hours Of Sleep: 10 

Lucky Number:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last Thing I Googled: How to get the  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoji. 

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 4 because it’s winter and shit’s cold. Though one of said blankets is a quilt. 

Favorite Band(s)/Artist(s) Right Now: Mariana’s Trench 

Dream Trip: Scotland 

Wearing: sweat pants and a long-sleeved shirt. 

Age of Blog: my old blog was 6+ but this one is brand new 

When Did My Blog Reach Its Peak: Now probably. One of my posts has over 500 notes 

Favorite song ATM: Russian dance from the Nutcracker 

Birthday: June 24 

Hobby: reading, knitting, drinking tea, watching random facts videos 

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“The time to seduce me picturing pork cutlet bowls is over. At this point you can do it just by being yourself. You’ve figured that out by now, haven’t you?”

Oh my god he actually said that.

I know that we’re all laughing at how gay the English dub is but this is way more explicit than the subs were.

I mean

This line is fairly similar but later

he says “fight” and it sounds more like he’s talking about fighting in the competition and not about being seduced by Yuuri (although indirectly that’s exactly what he’s saying).

“It” referring to Yuuri’s personal charm/his Eros/seducing Victor, I’d assume.

Like, the Japanese version is way more subtle about Victor and Yuuri’s relations. The English dub isn’t even trying to hold back though.

Does that mean that they know something we don’t know…? I wonder.


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

ok but hear me out. the amount of strength percy’s arms have is enormous considering the fact that he could hold both HIS and ANNABETH’S weight with ONE HAND.,….,,, what I mean with this is that percy is ripped as fuck

Hillary and Beyoncé: or, Let's Talk About Ageism

I was trying to write an even longer post (which is going nowhere) about that thing going around where someone asks Hillary for her favorite track off Lemonade and she supposedly guessed “All Single Ladies.” Hahahaha, right? There’s Hillary knowing nothing about pop culture, she’s so sad.

But what if she really really liked Beyoncé? Or some other popular singer? What if she got into rap in the 90s, or even earlier, and still liked it and talked about it enthusiastically. Well, we saw what happened when she talked about her life long love of hot sauce and peppers. Hahahaha, right? Look at Hillary pandering to Black and/or young people, she’s so fake.

Or maybe the response would be: Hahahaha, right? She’s almost sixty-nine and she likes what? Isn’t it sad seeing a woman refusing to grow up? She’s trying to act like a teenager and that’s gross, because old.

Hillary is every woman of a certain age who comes here to tumblr wanting to talk about fandom only to be told that she’s not welcome because of her age. Nevermind all groundbreaking stuff she’s done, she’s old and it’s embarrassing. If she does talk about things younger people like, well, that’s embarrassing too, because she’s old. If she talks about stuff she did back in the day and the older, more obscure fandoms younger people aren’t into, well, who cares because that stuff’s–say it with me now–old.

Dealing with sexism is bad enough. Try adding ageism into the mix and you have what Hillary’s pushing through.

[also huge shoutouts to all of my mutuals, who have never made me feel weird about being a 53 year old fan, even when I act my age.