Little Sister - Request

Requested by anon:  Could you do like a Little sister? Maybe with Sherlock? Sherlock brought her with him and he loves her and stuff but little sister wants more attention?

Characters: Sister!Reader x Brother!Sherlock (no incest)

Word count: 840

Warnings: This is just a tiny thing I wanted to do.


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“Sherry, Sherry, Sherry…” (Y/N) repeated over again.

“I’m busy.” He stated, rolling his eyes and then focusing back on his microscope.

“Why did you bring me here, then? I want you to pay attention to me!” She whined.

“I brought you here because mom and dad couldn’t take care of you this weekend and Mycroft is out of the country doing some business.” Sherlock explained tiredly.

(Y/N), as dramatic as her brothers, threw herself on the couch with a hand on her forehead.

“Behold the disdain in which my brother treats me!” She chanted like she was interpreting some Shakespearian play, “I cannot live like this anymore! Without thy attention, without thy love! I shall die now; die of boredom for I am utterly bored! Good-bye, brother dear!” And with that being said, she pretended to die – coughing excessively, and making strange noises – letting her head fall off the couch.

Sherlock chuckled and walked over to his sister. “Come on, (Y/N), you are being dramatic.”

“I’m not being dramatic, I’m being dead.” She argued, opening only one eye for a split second before shutting it.

“You can’t be dead.” (Y/N) smiled, “Oh…” Sherlock laughed.

“Brother, bury me in satin and lay me down in a bed of roses, so my corpse can rest within the smell of spring.” She continued.

Sherlock rolled his eyes and did the unexpected: He tickled (Y/N) until she was on the floor, and even then he continued to tickle her.

“St-Stop!” She shouted as a tear left her right eye due to the laughter.

“I’m bringing you back to life, sister!” Sherlock cackled and continued to tickle her.

“NOOOOO!” She screamed and bursted in the most hilarious laughter Sherlock had ever heard. The detective laughed as well, forgetting all about the tickles.

Both brothers lied on the floor, laughing their arses off at (Y/N)’s sudden laughter. Their bellies ached and their eyes were covered in tears. They were red as the devil, and their eyes were surrounded by crinkles. Their teeth were visible and they looked like they were convulsing rather than laughing.

“I told you I was fun.” (Y/N) argued once the laughter ended.

“I must admit, you are funnier than Mycroft.” Sherlock agreed.

“Everyone’s funnier than Mycroft.” She snapped and then the two of them bursted once again in laughter.

“Ha-ha!” A third voice complained. The two brothers sat up on the floor and saw Mycroft standing in the middle of the living room with a bitter look on his face.

“What are you doing here, Mycroft?” Sherlock inquired.

“I came back early.” The man replied, “Turns out, the ambassador of Antwerp didn’t need my presence.”

“Such a pity.” Sherlock snapped.

“Yes, apparently someone made the appointment while being at my office.” Mycroft continued.

“Your workers aren’t as loyal as you think, then.” Sherlock commented.

“Yes, except they weren’t my workers but rather a man with a ridiculous trench coat.” Mycroft fumed.

“It’s not a trench coat.” Sherlock muttered, finally accepting his guilt.

“Sherlock!” (Y/N) exclaimed.

“I don’t know the reason of your prank, but I beg of you not to do that again. We don’t want more trouble, right brother?” Mycroft cocked an eyebrow.

“No, not at all.” Sherlock gave him a boyish grin. “Now, please leave, you are ruining the fun.”

“I always knew you were a softie for our little sister, but making me travel just to spend the weekend with her…” Mycroft shook his head and (Y/N) could have sworn his lips curved in a tiny, tiny, tiny smile.

“Does that make me a better brother?” Sherlock inquired.

“It does.” Mycroft stated, “(Y/N), when this cock tires you, know that your room is already set. Doctor John Watson left a perfectly useful room, indeed, but I believe you will be more comfortable at my house rather than this messy flat.”

(Y/N) nodded and instantly noticed Sherlock’s sad look. His face had changed in seconds.

“Thank you, Mike.” (Y/N) mumbled, “But Sherlock and I are planning on doing a slumber party.”

Sherlock recovered his smile.

“A what?”

“A slumber party… You know, the ones girls do with pillow fights and movies and loads of food.” (Y/N) explained.

“Then I’m glad you are not staying with me.” Mycroft confessed, “Have fun, kids.”

Mycroft waltzed out of the flat. Sherlock and (Y/N) remained silent until they heard him close the front door; then, they both giggled their nerves out.

“I thought he would make a drama, just like when we were kids.” (Y/N) spoke.

“He will make a drama, except he will not do it in front of everyone but rather in the privacy of his own room.” Sherlock said and then both of them laughed again.

“You know what else is done in slumber parties?” She asked and Sherlock shook his head, “Prank calls. And I happen to have a phone that Mycroft hasn’t registered yet.”

Sherlock smiled mischievously. “I was going to refuse to make a slumber party with you until this exact moment.”

“So is that a yes?”



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Imagine Sherlock falling for you and refusing to accept it 

**Sequel to “Imagine being a rookie police officer shadowing Lestrade, and Sherlock can’t deduce you, which you find highly entertaining.” [x] and “Imagine shadowing Sherlock and John for ‘extra credit.’” [x]**

“I must say, Sherlock, but it seems like you’ve actually become rather fond of [f/n],” Mrs. Hudson mused as she puttered around the apartment.

Sherlock scoffed, “And what would you base such an assumption on?”

“Well, you seem happier when you’re around [f/n],” Mrs. Hudson observed, “They make you smile. And you do have such a nice smile, Sherlock.”

“[f/n] does not make me smile more,” Sherlock grumbled, scowling. “I merely tolerate their presence. I may have come to appreciate their skills as an officer, but that does not mean I am in love with them.”

Mrs. Hudson laughed, “It seems a lot more than that, Sherlock. Everyone can see that you like [f/n]. It’s not a bad thing. It’s nice to see you act a little human for once.”

“I don’t have time for ‘love.’” Sherlock growled, “Love is for children and idiots.”

“The facts would seem to differ,” Mrs. Hudson hummed cheerfully. “Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but you have definitely developed a fondness for [f/n], love or otherwise. You shouldn’t ignore that.”

Gif Credit: Sherlock

Just a random thought  - you know what always bugged me in HLV (yes, there is lots of stuff, but this, too)? Greg planning to film an injured and drugged Sherlock on his phone. Come on, this is not ASiB anymore, this is not Sherlock the sociopath drugged by a lesbian dominatrix and Greg wanting to have laugh at his cost and show the vid to his colleagues at the Yard (true, this is a bit doubtful as well but I can really seem them going for this joke).

But in HLV? Sherlock nearly died and is getting morphine to make the pain somehow bearable. How cruel would it be to film him like that, maybe even share it with others? And Greg of all people, the only one we saw hugging Sherlock after his return? Does not make any sense to me.