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Why does carrot tears look constipated? (i love it tho he looks so cUTE WITH THAT FACE JFC)

Carrot Tear’s face is what happens when constant underlying angst encounters mild disdain of all living things and prominent monetary concerns.

Thank you for your aesthetic appreciation of it though. He probably thinks you’re cute too, anon. Even if he’d never say so because he’s hiding all positive emotions deep down. That’s what the constipated face is for.

I feel so bad today, my face hurts, I feel so frustrated with my art and I realized school starts next Monday and broke out into a cold sweat and started crying this is good, this is fine


So the lawn crew is here doing some landscaping work I wanted finished before my dad visits next month. I needed them to remove this weird fruit tree thing that does nothing but look terrible and attract flies, and replace it with a giant ass decorative boulder.

Shouldn’t be a big deal… until they lost control of the boulder on their little mini-tractor and it smashed into the side of the house taking some of the siding with it.

Like, seriously guys?

This was their second and final chance. Last year I had them install an irrigation system with sprinklers on timers because I was getting so tired of watering the lawn. The sprinklers work perfectly, BUT they had to cut into the wall and ceiling to add in additional water pipes. Their dry wall patch job was SO HORRIBLE people kept asking me if there was water damage in the theater room. I had to pay a different dry wall crew to come in, remove the lawn crew’s shitty patch job, and re-dry wall all the areas they cut to install the irrigation system.

Now it seems I will have to again hire another crew to come fix this crew’s mistakes. Though hopefully this time I can get the lawn crew to pay for it, seeing as how it was actual damage vs shitty patch job.

So tired of spending money on shit that shouldn’t be broken in the first place.

[ outofthedream All of my mugs and books and other
  knickity-knacks have been packed up and will soon be
  on a ship to England. I also had an eye appointment,
  and am still a bit worn out from yesterday’s baby-sit-o
  rama, so replies will likely come tomorrow.

  But hey! The update looks terrible, because of course
  it does, but there’s clearly a fix in the works so I’ll get to
  finding it. I also really want to point everyone to the tag
  for the awesome group verse v: borne back ceaselessly
  to reply to the super neat starters there!

  Thank you for your patience during the move. It’ll be a
  lot more relaxed now that this huge hurdle is done, but
  I’m on skype if anyone needs me! ]

like hey, if it was all up to me, fuck it. don’t bother coming in, who cares. but when you don’t come in and the store looks like shit and district comes in like “what the fuck, why are you such a terrible supervisor, why does the store look so bad” then i kinda got to be a dick about you not coming in! this is directly impacting me dude, why are you mad that i put trust in you and you violated that trust

Finally seeing the update and yikes. It really DOES look terrible. Things really WERE better with the indents, at least with the indents we could tell who was saying what!



sig Operetta with pet, purse, brush, stand (not pictured), and diary - $15

I could be wrong but I think the only thing she’s missing is her ring. Her hair hasn’t been messed with but since she’s been in storage, it looks terrible and could use some styling. She does have both earrings. Her diary has a hole punched through the pages (see photo).

In this photo, her hand is a vampire pink hand but if you buy her, I will be putting her head on different, complete Operetta body. The reason for this is that her hand and arm joints on that side of her body don’t fit any of the other Operetta hands/arms I have. I have no idea why. That’s just weird. If you wanted her like this, I could take a couple bucks off. Just let me know.

Doll, mask, shirt, and jacket still available.

“so apparently donald trump’s grandfather is german but that’s alright don’t fear children we all know what happened to a foreign race the last time a german leader had taken charge”