Imagine Woozi being so in love with you that his heart starts beating really fast every time he sees you.

stop the stigma

this is a part of my recovery that i tend to keep private, but after the last few days and conversations with friends, family, and people who are more like family to me than my own, i feel it necessary to speak up. i had no idea how many people out there really have no idea what causes depression. Though it may be situational and come in passing for some, for others like myself it is a LITERAL imbalance of chemicals in my brain and the lack of serotonin. and the stigma between being mentally ill and taking medication really bothers me. i am not crazy, taking medication does not make me weak, it does not mean i am any less of a person than someone who does not rely on medication. what many don’t seem to grasp is that all this medication provides for someone like myself is the missing chemicals, it allows my brain to functionally normally as anyone else’s would. its not giving me something extra, its just providing what others naturally produce whereas i don’t. there is nothing wrong with taking medication. it does not make you less of a person. it does not make you makes you human, for the first time in nearly a year i feel like myself again. for the first time in a year it doesnt feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. for the first time in a year i can breathe, i can smile, i can sing in the car. for the first time in nearly a year i have accepted that i am human, and having the ability to ask for help does not make me weak, yet strong. for the first time in nearly a year, i can breathe. for the first time in nearly a year i am me again. 

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OMFG YOU WATCH STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON TOO. I'M CRYING IT REALLY IS A GREAT DRAMA 💯💯💯 ALL I WANT TO SAY IS: THE BROMANCE IS REAL 😂😂 Lmao there will never be a moment where I won't laugh while watching this drama -Mys (It honestly blows my mind that we have so much in common lol)

SUCH A GOOD DRAMA. OH MY GOD. Hopefully shit doesnt mess up cause I swear half the dramas in the world go downhill so hard after a few episodes. But I have faith! 

like the gangsters in the drama make me PISS my pants laughing THINKING ABOUT IT MAKING ME GIGGLE

Teacher (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

Dad & Mr Howell - plantfics

Summary: filled for the prompt: anything with single parent!phan and flirting would be incredible.

Does That Make Me Crazy? (ao3) - sjakalen

Summary: In which Phil is an art teacher, who’s ‘mildly’ obsessed with his student Dan, who loves drugs.

Flash - phansdick

Summary: Dan has been pining for his teacher, Mr. Lester, since he first laid eyes on him. When he tries to take a cheeky photo of Mr. Lester’s ass during class, the camera’s flash goes off.

Grey Areas And Expectations - tadachans

Summary: When Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester both start their first years of teaching in America at the same time, the students notice their mutual British accents and immediately get to work snooping, observing, and theorizing. The curiosity of the students added to the constant “threat” of fellow teacher Ms. Christensen equals nothing short of a chaotic school year full of memes, plants, and maybe a little bit of needed privacy in the teachers’ lounge closet.

Him? - viiktorss

Summary: (Soulmate AU) PJ is surprised to meet Dan’s soulmate when they decided to do their English project on Dan’s flat one day.

Let’s Teach This Ship (ao3) - Its_Izzy

Summary: Dan and Phil are teachers and boyfriends, who happen to like shipping their students.

Like Father, Like Son (ao3) - INeverHadMyInternetPhase

Summary: Phil is a good teacher, he is. He just can’t control Samuel Howell. And turns out he can’t control Samuel Howell’s single dad, either. (Or, the one where Dan’s a single dad and a bad influence, and Phil’s the teacher who has to deal with the consequences)

Never Enough - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan is a single father who is hardworking but is never appreciated by his son and they don’t get along with each other, and he eventually meets Phil and slowly but surely falls in love with him.

Oh, Teacher - mangothatismelancholy

Summary: Essentially Dan seducing Phil while he’s teaching a class, sexting him and making bedroom eyes, all that good stuff, until Phil reaches his breaking point and acts on it.

Preschool (ao3) - TheUKAmazingDan

Summary: After Cat decides to move away, Dan gets left with her child. After picking her up from preschool one day, he starts to fall for her hunk of a teacher, Mister Lester.

Second Chances, New Beginnings - phancywork

Summary: Phil is a primary school teacher, Dan is a radio presenter and they’ve adopted a child together. Now they’re split up though and Dan faces the struggles of being a single dad while also having to deal with seeing Phil every time he takes his daughter to school.

Teach Me How To Love - howellaboutlester

Summary: Dan, a dark and gorgeous seventeen year old could have anyone he wanted. But, some people tend to avoid the boy because of the sheer mysteriousness he projects. What happens when he gets a little too involved with someone he thinks he has yet to meet face to face, but ironically he’s known all along?

Theia Mania (ao3) - hamartiawrites

Summary: Valentines’ Day is coming up, and there are two teachers that the school wants to see together more than anything.

The Softest Canvas - kawaii-kanai

Summary: Dan just wanted to get though this year at uni distraction free, but when Phil offers him some after school art lessons he finds himself unable to resist.

You And Me Have Got A Whole Lot Of History - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil are both teachers at a school and everybody knows that they hate each other but they don’t know why, the students take it upon themselves to finally get Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester to stop fighting.


this episode of does my crazy hair and eyebags make me look hot….

cake, its miraculous time. 

so I was going to send this to @plantparrish on chat but like…….. its 1230am and it got so out of hand omg. So now everyone gets Aaron HC’s.

  • His favorite snack food is pb&j’s
  • He has the nerve to love grape jelly
  • He’s an avid reader
  • Mostly YA but he isn’t too picky
  • He favors sci-fi/mythical
  • Growing up his favorite book was The Giver
  • he owns 5 leather jackets don’t ask me why he just does okay
  • this tiny person gets all his clothes tailored
  • he goes to the same person in Columbia
  • she cuts him a special deal for being such a great customer
  • Mrs. Guzman still gets a holiday card and fruit basket every year after Aaron and Katelyn move
  • Can you believe this guy
  • Speaking of fruit Aaron is a fan of berries
  • Katelyn learns to make cobblers and things like that for him
  • Her mother makes her famous lemon bars one time and Aaron nearly cries
  • He gets them on his birthday every year
  • Also did I mention Katelyn’s family loves this kid like so much???
  • It took a long time for him to get use to that
  • Because he always felt guilty being with them
  • They made him miss Andrew
  • Which was a whole new thing to deal with
  • I’m making this sad no dammit lets turn this around
  • Also he’s got moves
  • Hold me closer tiny dancer
  • I s2g this fucking loser went through a break dancing phase
  • He did not care that he was a decade too late to be in one
  • He bust a few moves on his wedding day to literally everyone’s surprise
  • Except Nicky
  • Who decides to get in on this
  • (he does hurt himself you are all correct)
  • ((I need a fic on Aaron and Katelyn’s Wedding like yesterday))
  • What else can I tell you about this nerd
  • He watches all those gross doctor shows on TLC
  • He and Kevin fight over the tv constantly because they always have history/science specials overlap
  • That’s when they invest in a dvr
  • They end up watching shows together sometimes anyway
  • Geeks
  • Even though he can make friends now he doesn’t really make the effort
  • He sticks with Katelyn
  • But that means spending a hell of a lot of time with the Vixen
  • They find him utterly charming
  • Who fucking knew
  • Katelyn apparently
  • He’s in half their group photos
  • They talk to him about all their boy drama
  • He’s actually really good at advice
  • Totally part of the ‘dump him’ sentiment
  • They totally help out with his proposal
  • Good job girls
  • Omg do you know what is the cutest fucking thing
  • Katelyn start painting his number on her face for games
  • Usually just for away games
  • They totally have a picture of them kissing wither he cheek on display
  • Lets pretend this is modern because hello Instagram
  • They are so freakin adorable together
  • Always holding hands
  • Arms around each other
  • She wears his team jacket all the time
  • This some 1950s going steady stuff right here
  • Diner dates and movie cuddles
  • Carnival? Sure. Girl can barely walk she has so many stuffed animals
  • God they have so many of those photo booth picture strips
  • Things for Aaron are still a hard road but its okay because they have each other
  • They are so happy
  • Spirit: *does some shit in the bathroom making my dog go crazy*
  • Me: "Knock it off, both of you."
  • Spirit: *still doing some shit*
  • Me: "Ok, I'm going to have to ask you to leave now."
  • Spirit: *still pissing my dog off who is now incessant about his barking*
  • Me: *walking away to get some sage to burn* "Alright, y'know I consider myself a very reasonable woman, but now I'm kinda pissed."

Thanks for drawing Gatomon! It’s just as cute as I had dreamed! :3

Oh, yeah, comic. My cat does this. It makes me feel like a crazy person having to apologize to her for putting her tail under my feet all the time.

((I don’t even apologize when my cats do this like if you go under my feet you’re gonna get stepped on))

((still this is adorable I love it))


I think it’s so incredibly rude for fitblrs to say things like “I lost weight on my own no crazy surgery for me” like okay? Does it make you feel better to put WLS patients down? If you’ve struggled with your weight how can you not understand my desire to lose weight any way me and my doctor deem healthy? Don’t you know the pain/struggle of being overweight or obese? Is it because you’re jealous that you didn’t get the benefit of the tool I did? Can you not sympathize with me? No you have to put me down to feel better about yourself, how sad for you, that your happiness is so fragile.