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this is what i think too like before the koreaboo drama nothing spoke to TK that jenissi was leaving like i think hes just laying low and maybe he’ll be back but when ppl compare this to kidoh and gohn it gives me anxiety :’(

oh same. i can’t go through the topp dogg tag or read the comments on their videos right now because it stresses me out so much. things are getting kind of twisted out of proportion. like i could be totally wrong, but he was never that active on sns to begin with? at least not to the extent hansol and some of the other members are anyway, so it’s not exactly uncharacteristic for him to go dark all of a sudden? like the most consistent he’s been in his posts was when his mixtape was released and that only lasted for a little while…..

and idk i just have a feeling that everything’s going to work itself out so i’m not going to worry too much about it ^^

Something I was wondering

This is kind of a strange question to ask but I wanna hash this out.

Say there’s this family and while the living conditions aren’t great, it’s doable. There’s two kids who are just about a year or two apart. Parents do what they can to satisfy their needs. They get an allowance, small one, but it’s money. 

10 years later, another child is born. No big deal nothing has really changed, kinda. The house is better, the jobs are better. The allowance is better…for the youngest. The other children don’t get allowance anymore, obviously because know they have jobs. 

But minimum wages doesn’t pay for trips out of the country.  Why does the youngest get better things? is it fair that he gets to have more because he happened to be born later with no competition for allowance money. 

Would this be an example of favoritism or just the two older kids be victims of circumstances. 


the walking dead, westworld

Sunday night TV man … 

1. The Walking Dead. I can understand what happened. I totally get going with the comics. I was prepared. I even understand killing two people instead of one to keep it a surprise. And here, Abe gets a better death than he does in the comics. But what I DON’T get or appreciate, is how drawn out and graphic it was. How they were still alive after the first and second blows, how Glen tried to say goodbye to Maggie with his face caved in, knowing he had seconds to live and die a brutal death. And then mind-fucking Rick to a point where he just broke. Actually, “broke” is a serious understatement. That shit was traumatizing. I get they’re going for “realness”, or whatever, but fuck realness in this case.

It was beyond cruel. Especially for a whole fandom that knew someone would die, waited months, both looked forward to and dreaded the return of a favorite show … all for torture porn. So seriously, fuck off. Especially with that bit at the end where they show what could have been. Why even do that at this point. Just pouring more salt into an open wound. Gratuitous fucking with people’s emotions. 

Also hell, I was looking forward to JDM as Regan, I love that guy, although to me he’ll always be “Denny.” But he just had too many scenery-chewing speeches about everything being “mine mine mine”. Whatever, dude. 

And I usually watch a replay of an episode, but I never ever want to see this one again, and I really doubt that most people would want to either. 

And so then I switch over to …  (and happily, because Talking Dead was unwatchable tonight). 

2. Westworld. It’s seriously a great show and it just keeps getting better. I figured it would help dull the pain of that Walking Dead bullshit. I was thinking maaaaaaaybe it would be a good Teddy Flood episode. Nope. 3 seconds of tortured Teddy Flood. 


At least Hector came back. 

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Hector, my ray of murder robot sunshine. 

anonymous asked:

A lot of times I have a hard time figuring out what gender I feel in the morning and have to sit down and think about it to find it. Is that normal? Does it get easier over time?

That’s totally normal, and don’t think I’m just saying that to make you feel better. It does definitely get easier, it’s all a matter of getting to know yourself. Reading your own feelings is hard and takes time, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze.

Hope this helped. Good Luck Anon!

You are always the same age inside

There ain’t no answer… 
There never was an answer 
There will never be an answer 
That’s the answer 

You are always the same age inside 

One does not get better 
But different and older 
And that is always a pleasure 

One must dare to be happy

~ Gertrude Stein, Useful Knowledge (Barrytown/Station Hill Press, Inc. September 15, 2001)

Maybe just cry.

Maybe just cry and remember the moments today that made life worth living. A friend messaged you. You read a poem. You wore nice shoes. Your hair was fantastic. You hugged your brother. You thought about the book you’ll write. You sat in the grass for a minute. You spent time thinking.

Maybe just cry, and if you can’t cry, then make yourself a grilled cheese sandwich and hug yourself and remember that it does get better. It already has. And it will.

Maybe you’re already enough.

  • me:*joins family for a meal*
  • family:wow you never come out of your room!
  • family:*sexist bullshit*
  • family:*racist bullshit*
  • family:*homophobic bullshit:
  • family:*transphobic bullshit*
  • family:*islamophobic bullshit*
  • family:*bigoted bullshit*
  • me:you've just insulted me and my friends and our family
  • family:UGH you pick at eVERYTHING
  • me:*gets angry*
  • family:why are you angry?
  • family:you have nO RIGHT
  • family:we did nothing wrong
  • family:you're overreacting!!
  • me:*goes back to room*
  • family:ugh she's so difficult
  • family:she tries to pick fights
  • family:she's so unreasonable
  • family:she never even spends time with us

Sometimes Dan gives us life quotes that really make us feel better and give us a new perspective of how we want to live. But then…I start to wonder about him. He went through a hard time at school as he explains in his Draw My Life video. He also sadly dropped out of college because it was too much and not what he wanted to do with his life. Which is sort of great, because he’s getting rid of that thing in his life that he doesn’t like. Dan also used to wear all his bracelets on one wrist. Now, this could easily be just the fashion sense that Dan likes, but it has always sparked this terror in me because I wear all mine on one wrist to cover up my attempt scar. I am not accusing Dan of anything, but it had and always will worry me. But then there are the Existential Crisis’. Dan says he has them often, and in his Tour of My Brain video he says he is working on getting rid of those because they have been getting worse lately. This worried me a lot. These thoughts aren’t things people really think about and usually have a deeper reason behind it. A lot of times I look at Dan and he almost seems sad. But then I remember Phil. Phil has such a beautiful soul and big heart. When Dan is around Phil, He is smiling, laughing, and enjoying himself and Phil’s presence. And sometimes Dan looks at Phil and you just see the admiration in his eyes, the simple love he has for Phil. I cant say that its romantic or platonic, but its definitely there. And sometimes he is just looking at Phil. And its these little moments between them that Dan has Phil and Phil has Dan and as long as that is true, they are both happy. And I hope that it stays this way forever.

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 


who ever made it (cause was awhile back, do not remember where) Thank you

That AU where Wendy is a Slayer

such a bad ass idea

I was trying to remember who was her watcher (was it Ford or Stan???)

then I started thinking, if Ford was her Watcher, but disappeared, similar to the  way as in the show (supernatural or same portal) and Stan pretends to be him (and same as show, trying to get him back) but later finds out Ford also has the job as a Watcher and then Wendy’a Slayer powers awaken and now Stan gotta train this teenager with superhuman abilities to kill vampires.

all the Stan and Wendy bonding I could ever hope for :D

lets go punch some pale freaks


The Danger of Party Favours

“Not because some marketing strategist in a skyscraper with a suit decided to make something pink.”

Dan’s eyes are too pretty to not draw