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I am the only person you have ever met, or ever will meet, who is officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse. I will happily do the same to you, in the event that you do not align yourself with any instructions I have issued, which I personally judge to be in the best interests of your safety and survival.

I dare any of you to imagine a scenario more cursed than Ronan lynch meeting the twinyards

Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)
themeatly games ltd. / WarWasp 26
Sammy Jam (Lampblack City Reprise)

(A revision of Sammy Jam for a revised Sammy Lawrence… From sheep to shepard, since those dark days down in Joey Drew Studios, Sammy has come a long way, in spite of, or perhaps because of his inky prison of a body. Who knew being a terrifying ink man could garner you so much reverence? And all it took was a little Ink on the streets for his flock to begin to gather before his anotherness. They came for Sammy’s power, but they stayed for his big ideas.

My brother (War Wasp) has been working on little tunes for Lampblack, as if they would be used in the hypothetical game, just because… it’s fun. He’s great at making music, but he hasn’t felt ready to share anything he’s made yet, until right now! Everything else he’s been working on is completely original, but in discussing what kind of music to do, I asked if he’d try out a “Sammy Jam” reprise for powerful-faction-leader-Sammy-Lawrence, as a step up from the original “Sammy Jam” which belonged to a pretty pathetic guy, and in my opinion he NAILED IT! What stands out most to me, besides it just being more energized in the best way, is that he turned those pieces of the original meant to be a little broken and deranged and turned them into powerful, intentional parts of the song; which totally mirrors how Lampblack!Sammy took his disturbed state and turned it into power. I can’t stop listening to this. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! -HG)


Series: Persona 5
Pairing: Akira/Mishima
Rating: G

It took a while for him to learn that he could be touched unexpectedly, with soft and tender kindness and not with bruising, mocking anger.

Tags: no spoilers, canon setting, fluff

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Proud to announce that I am finally a member of the Turban Hijabi Club ✨

Doodle I started last night >_> I’m thinking I might bust out my watercolors and add some color to this. Instead of a snowman..its a snow cone man X3 *giggles*

so @randomthingsthatilike123 said this 

and now i have emotions 

this got painful fast. but imagine alex brings kara home, and maggie expected kara, but like, toddler size and prone to tantrums,. instead she’s opening the door to alex speaking an extremely foreign language to a very nervous looking kara. kara who is oh, two, maybe two and a half here.

alex is followed my winn, who’s carrying all kinds of supplies maggie was sure she’d never see in her life this soon. yet it’s all being dumped on the kitchen table and alex is preoccupied with securing the balcony doors, and keeping kara calm with the pieces of kryptonese that she can speak with any clarity.

it seems that being in alex’s apartment calms kara down because she spends the afternoon all smiles and light and she really likes maggie. keeps trying to get maggie to play peekabo with her.

but then the night comes and kara starts to get fussy and she starts crying for her mom - maggie doesn’t even have to understand the language to know what the anguished cry coming from kara means. and all maggie can do is look to alex who doesn’t want to, and doesn’t know how to explain to toddler kara that her mom is dead. that her aunt is dead.

[that alex killed her aunt let’s not forget]

eventually it’s maggie who gets kara to sleep, because kara likes her and kara likes to crawl up onto maggie’s lap and lay on her chest and cries for her mom, but not as loud, until she falls asleep.

and while we’re talking about this, because i’ve never really written anything like a kid fic in my whole life, but here we are - imagine the first moment that maggie and alex really have to talk is when kara is finally asleep. and alex is exhausted and alex is a wreck because that kara doesn’t know her whole planet is gone. and maggie has to remind alex that it’s just temporary. that kara will come out of it in a couple days.

“she’s crying for her aunt,” alex says, then looking at maggie, her eyes wide and dark and brimming with tears  “i killed her aunt.”

and maggie just kissing alex’s temple because there’s nothing they can do, but get through this, keep kid kara happy and safe and wait until she changes back.

Am I a little too late?

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