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Imagine Clarke counting down the days until 5 years had passed. Imagine her knowing that Bellamy and everyone else she loves would be coming back soon. The end of the 5 years was what kept her going, and then she waited that first day and no one came. Then a week passed, then a month, and then before she knew it, it has been over a year since they were supposed to come back, and yet, she still had hope. Love does that to you.

In working on this comic, I got to thinking about something:  
I’m glad we know more about what fueled this moment now:

All of their past and all anger aside, Journal 3 showed us that Ford was in fight mode.  Moments before this scene, he was battling literal demons in what is basically Hell after 30 years of preparation.  The flight half of fight of flight was long out the interdimensional window (portal?) at this point.  Everything inside of him was directed at “destroy Bill.”  If not for that, I wonder what would have been different.  (AU where the portal opens when Ford is just randomly wandering some other dimension?)

But if we take that a step further into the realm of implications, it gets worse.  It’s pretty heavily implied that this was a suicide mission for Ford.  He 100% did not expect to survive his encounter with Bill.  Stan wasn’t facing his brother here.  He was facing a suicidal man in fight mode who’d been betrayed, who’d lost everything and who’d been denied his revenge and the consequences he believed he deserved for the mistakes he’d made.   

Stan saved him but in that moment, he didn’t want to be saved.

(Of course Stan had no way of knowing that.  He was still working off of the instruction to “do something!”  And I think he would have saved him anyway if he did know, but he might have been more prepared to be punched by knowing he was getting involved in a volatile situation.)

(Oh…  How about an AU where the portal opens right as Ford destroys Bill and Stan saves him at the last moment before the Nightmare realm implodes?  I have a feeling this would have played out a little differently…)


OKAY BUT DID ANYONE NOTICE THE WAY LANCE COUNTS ON HIS FINGERS??? like?? he is so cute ??? why does he do it that way?

also can I point out that it looks like he was referring to allura as the sixth paladin, and then he took the fifth one away (himself) because even when there were only five of them he still thought of himself as the least important


regardless if you think that first “i love you” was directed at dean or not, can we just please accept that this is amazing?

how many times have the words “i love you” been uttered earnestly on this show by dean, sam, cas, mary? you can count them one hand

we already knew that cas was “in love with humanity” and this was finally him admitting it. the winchesters are his humanity they exposed him to humanity and now we have confirmation, to whatever level it pleases you, that cas does love them. he flat out stated it instead of showing it (in good and bad ways)

idk but i’m still just over the moon he said that 

(Spoilers, spoilers for GotG everywhere!)

Headcanon that Peter, in a way, saved Yondu, too, without even knowing it.

According to the wiki, Yondu was exiled from the Ravagers by Stakar after he picked Peter up, pretty much around the same time, even.

Please consider how Yondu must have felt around that time. Stakar was the one to get him out of slavery. Stakar was the one to train him into a right Ravager, to groom him until he was ready to become a Captain himself. Yondu was a part of Stakar’s closest team, and judging from how both men reacted when meeting at the Iron Lotus, they were very close before the banishment, and both very hurt and scared by what they felt had been a betrayal from their opposite.

That’s not just a boss-subordinate-relationship – Yondu and Stakar were friends, perhaps even family, most likely something akin to what Peter and Yondu had.

And Yondu, boom, lost it. Yondu lost his second family abruptly and with the knowledge that they probably despised him for what he had done. He lost them because of a mistake – a mistake he regretted, as shown by the fact that he kept Peter by his side to save at least one child’s life.

And here comes the headcanon and the key to that one.  


Peter may have been and even now may be a stubborn brat sometimes with no respect at all – but he’s also bright, kind, and captivating. People love him easily – he loves easily, and that makes it very easy to become friends with him. I reckon that Peter, though treated not that softly and kindly by Yondu, still was one of the main reasons why Yondu didn’t lose the last bit of the softness in his heart after his fallout with Stakar.

Plus, having a curious and adventurous child on a spaceship – a Ravager ship nonetheless – is pretty much a good distraction from sorrows and worrisome thoughts, since one tends to spend a good time chasing after said child with no room in his mind to worry about anything else.

Instead of mourning what he had lost - what he had gambled and lost – Yondu could concentrate on raising Peter instead. Even had fun with it, if that smile in the scene where he teaches Peter how to shoot is any indication.

Yondu had fun raising Peter.  Not always, but he had. And he was proud of the boy. And somewhere along the line, he came to consider Peter as his son, and himself as the boy’s Daddy. Which means - Yondu loved Peter.

Which is freaking important because Yondu being able to love at all would probably be doubted by pretty much the whole universe. The slave, the thief, the thug, the man-who-sold-children-and-got-expelled, still had a heart left to love.

It’s my understanding that Peter is pretty much the reason that this could still happen after all those scars Yondu’s heart and soul had taken.

Yondu may have saved Peter more times than either of them can count, dragging the boy out of danger and fights and, in the end, sacrificing everything for him – but I strongly believe that, especially in the beginning, Peter was the one to save Yondu.

He saved Yondu’s heart.

anonymous asked:

do you think isayama would really sacrifice reiner? the new brainwashed kids are cool but not more interesting to have in the story than reiner..

I’ve mentioned this a few times before but here are my thoughts on Reiner.

Reiner, as the armored titan, has served his purpose as a villain. In pretty much every action sequence that he’s been a part of, Reiner was the weaker opponent, and the battle for Shiganshina basically sealed the deal: The SC has the thunderspears, weapons effectively capable of countering his one advantage, the armor. Eren’s hardening abilities trump Reiner’s body armor too, and he’s the better fighter to begin with. Reiner suffered multiple defeats in Shiganshina, the place where he first appeared; thematically it’d be a fitting end for him, similar to the colossal titan, if Isa intends to let this have been his final battle. Should his armored titan reappear as an enemy of Paradis, he’d essentially no longer pose a threat. Whats the point of keeping him alive then?

But Reiner Braun, the warrior and the soldier, the big bro of the 104th and the traitor, the 2nd of the top ten and the one who brought down wall Maria, still has some potential left in him. Think about it: out of the entire titan trio, he was without a doubt the one with the closest relationship with the others, and his betrayal probably hurt them most overall. Yet, in spite of that, Isa chose to avoid vocal confrontations between Reiner and the 104th; instead, Bert, the silent one, speaks on their behalf in ch 48 and later in 78. Berts relationship with the others pre-betrayal was basically non existent to us viewers, but that’s not the case with Reiner. Point being, killing him off before giving him a chance to confront his former comrades would be…fairly anticlimactic, and I think Isa would miss the opportunity for a bunch of emotional and powerful stuff in the future. But then I think about Bert and the silent treatment he got and…yeah. idk if that argument holds up when considering the events of the serumbowl and the utter lack of acknowledgment towards his death. 

But then again this opens up another Reiner-plot point. His grief about losing Marcel, Annie, and lastly Reiner. Him being the only warrior of the squad who made it back home. And his feelings towards Zeke, who abandoned Bert, and his feelings towards the 104th, who killed him. Granted, its been 4 years and the wounds may no longer be open and bleeding, but Eren for example easily held his grudge against the titans after the initial 5 year skip, who’s to say Reiner doesn’t hold strong feelings and grudges after his time out of the flow. 

In essence, I think there is still’s still unused potential, leftover threads, that Isa can work with. And I’ll admit I absolutely don’t want to have the final warrior be suddenly cut out of the story either, without getting to know his perspective, without him getting at least the chance to have a better ending, without him getting a chance coming to terms with everything. Don’t let him suffer the exact same death as Bert, dying so that someone else can pick up his power, completely ignoring the human being we know as Reiner Braun.