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Which cat do you think is more likely to horde toys, my oldest cat hordes toys and likes to bring me pens and other objects she find around the house in the middle of the night meowing as loud as possible for treats because she brought a treasure , my youngest is very picky will only play with hand made yarn pompoms cry's while carrying one cause she wants me to throw it does the stares so she can chase and bring it back up to me

That sounds so cute!! 

Oh my god, Yuri would love playing with yarn pompoms. My heart is melting ;A; Someone give that cat some giant fluffy pompoms stat!

Yurio’s not too crazy about toys, but he would love laser pointers.

Yuri actually likes to give his toys as gifts ahaha <3 If he sees Yura sleeping, he’ll go pile toy mice around him. He’s a very courteous marshmallow.


By accident, my sister came across these Doctor Who Series 9 videos by TheUnknownTechnician: some of the most extremely sad moments without the music. This means you hear every movement made. You’ll hear every breath, gasp, sigh, and any other emotional sound at maximum volume. This is like standing in the same room and witnessing the powerful acting between Peter and Jenna. The first one I watched is from Face the Raven when Clara discovers she’s going to die, and she does her final farewell speech to the Doctor. Listening to Peter’s panic breaths and Jenna’s rapid gasps was so difficult to sit through. :(

So let’s play some more! :D Here are other videos in chronological order:

Doctor Who | “I’m The Doctor, and I save people!” Speech Extract

Doctor Who | The Doctor’s Zygon War Speech Extract

Doctor Who | Clara’s Death Scene Speech Extract

Doctor Who | Heaven Sent - “How Many Seconds in Eternity?” Speech Extract

Doctor Who | The Doctor Forgets Clara Speech Extract

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What are your headcanons for dragon Twelve?

Does that slow tail thrash (like cats do when they’re thinking) when they’re working on projects; doesn’t use a post

Also very wing-grabby

Will never admit that they’ve tried to play guitar without the projection, but they have, and were found, and were giggled at

Blinks w/their nictitating membrane all the time would you stop that?

Almost always chuffs hello, will do it even when projecting

Looks more perturbed that they generally are—watch the ears for clues

Clara fell asleep on the couch with the telly on once and woke to discover that they’d been standing in a doorway making puffy hissing sounds towards that room for three hours

claws are always too long

Frequently walks out of the tardis with no projection

Meeting Out of Order

Clara and The Doctor. Jane Austen. Timey-wimey things.

Set somewhere between Last Christmas and Magician’s Apprentice.



“Okay, I’ll do the talking this time, right?” Clara straightened her skirts and looked pointedly at The Doctor as she rapped on the door with the silver knocker.

Still fiddling with the beeping gadget in his hand, he made a half-hearted sound of agreement.

“Doctor,” she said firmly.

He looked up. “Yes, alright, fine. But I don’t see how I was supposed to know they were in mourning. They should put up a sign.”

Clara heaved a fond but exasperated sigh. “The door knocker was covered in a black cloth. It was a custom around this time.”

“So, they might have eccentric decorating tastes.”

“And the whole family was dressed in black,” she added.

“So am I,” he pointed out.

She had to concede that one. He looked quite dashing in it, actually. Not that she ought to notice that. They practically lived together for days at a time, now, but he still kept so much distance between them. She knew they cared for one another but he didn’t seem very keen on any physical expression of that, beyond hugging. They did still do the hugging. Not as often as she’d have liked, but it was something to get her through the lonely nights. She knew the timing was not ideal for what she really wanted (what she had always wanted, now that she was being a bit more honest with herself). Perhaps it never would be.

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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: we never got the explanation of what exactly did the doctor forgot about Clara. he remembers the adventures. he remembers the things they experienced together. how is that 'forgetting'? and also - he has seen her in the diner which then flew away with some familiar sound, he saw her portrait on the tardis, are you seriously expecting me to believe that he didn't get that this is what she looks like, that this is his Clara? and, also...
CEO!Luke Part 17

Still at the Hotel Party..

Luke’s POV:

“Y/N!” I shout as I see her throw up into the ice bucket. “I got her. I got her” I hear Clara say taking Y/N’s hunched over body away. “I’m comin-” I say. “No Luke stay here. You have some business to take of” Clara says as Michael follows her. “Is everything okay with Y/N?” April interrupts trying to look as innocent as possible. I straighten my posture up and fix my tie. “No actually. Um Mr. Lincoln do you mind if I take April away to chat for a few minutes?” I ask kindly to him. “Of course! I need a drink anyway” he smiles walking off to the bar. “Finally I have you here alone again” April says clutching onto my arm. “Take your hands off of me April” I hiss at her. “Oh lighten up Luke. I’m not that bad of a person” she responds. I whip my head at her. “Excuse me? You’re more than a bad person. You’re a greedy bitch who tried to kill my girlfriend!” I hiss in her ear so people around us won’t hear. “You shouldn’t be calling the woman carrying your child that Luke” she laughs leaning against the wall. “You know god damn well that isn’t my child!” I yell at her. “It can’t be! It doesn’t make sense” I say loosening my tie getting warm. “It is your child Luke. So deal with it. This baby is going to save us!” she smiles grabbing for my hand. “Nothing will save us! There will never be an us April! Get that through your fucking head!” I say ripping my hand away. “H-How did you even?” I ask her. “How did I get pregnant?” she asks. I nod at her waiting for her answer. “Well one night you and I had a little too much to drink and then you came onto me and then yeah” she giggles. “That was so long ago! We only did it three times and I used protection each time!” I say. “Luke stop! This baby is yours. Ours!” April responds. I take a deep breath pacing back and forth.

“We can be happy Luke! Like we always used to be and having this child will bring us closer than ever before” she says. “April! There will never be an us! I’m with someone else now and I’m so fucking happy with her!” I hiss at her. “You’re just jealous. That is why you always show up wherever we are isn’t it?” I ask. “Me? Jealous?” she scoffs. “Oh baby you have it all wrong. I’m not jealous of that whorebag” she says. My eyes widen at her comment about Y/N. “Don’t you fucking call her that!” I yell quietly. “Stop yelling. You’re giving me a headache” she groans massaging her head. “Oh boo hoo. All I’m going to say is that that baby isn’t mine” I say putting my hands on my hips. “Pull the stick outta your ass Luke because you’re becoming a dad now and I expect 100% participation in our baby’s life” April says. “Where’s the proof huh? You suddenly show up here and tell me you’re pregnant without bringing along any proof!” I say. April smirks at me and swings her clutch from around her back to her hands. She opens it and pulls out a black picture handing it to me. “We’re having a baby boy Luke” she smiles as I look at the picture of the tiny baby. “I was already thinking of names. Dylan, Jonathan, Andrew” she continues on. “Please just stop” I say looking at her. I hand her back the picture and sigh knowing my life has taken a turn. “Don’t be upset Luke. Our baby boy will bring us so much joy” she smiles putting her hand on my shoulder. I shook it off as I see Mr. Lincoln heading over to us. “Luke! How are you taking this lovely news” he smiles sipping his glass of rum. “He’s ecstatic Uncle Rob!” April giggles while I keep my face stern.

“Luke. You’re a good man and I know that and I know this news is a shocker but life has its surprises. I expect you to be a good father to your son. Is that clear?” he sternly says looking me straight in the eye. “Yes Sir” I nod gently. “If you will excuse me, I need to use the men’s room” I kindly ask. “Not a problem. I will see you next week!” he waves off as I rush to the bathroom. “Bye Lukey!” April says waving me off as well. I try to ignore their voices in my head but they won’t go away. I rip off my tie and wrap it around my fist tightly trying to relieve some steam. Instead of going to the bathroom, I pushed open the exit door going outside. I let out the biggest yell I could do into the night air. “Ugh! Why!? Motherfucker!” I yell kicking a trash barrel over. I repeatedly step on a cardboard box until it was flat letting out even more of my anger. Out of breath, I plop myself down on the concrete steps putting my head into my hands.

Clara’s POV:

“Mikey I need you to run downstairs and get a pregnancy test” I whisper into his ear. “Is she?” he asks me. “Just go” I order him as he runs downstairs. “I need to puke again” Y/N whines as I lead her into her room. “Alright let’s get you to the bathroom babe okay?” I ask her. “Shit” she curses sprinting to the toilet and throwing up again. “I had one sip of champagne! One!” she whines resting her head on the side of the toilet. I sit up on the edge of the sink and take of my heels. “You’re not drunk Y/N” I tell her. “Ugh I feel like shit” she groans leaning against the wall. “Where did you send Michael?” she asks me. “To go down to the drugstore” I say rubbing my heel. “To get?” she questions me. “To get you some TUMS” I say. She hums and nods her head. “And uh pregnancy test” I blurt out. “What!?” she says whipping her head up. “I know it sounds crazy but come on you weren’t feeling well at all this morning and I know you and Luke have been at it quite a lot” I explain. “It could be food poisoning Clara! Ever thought of that?” she hisses at me. “Hey don’t get all bitchy! We are just making sure okay? You never know” I say calmly. “I can’t be. I’m on the pill and I never forget to take it. Plus, Luke even wears condoms sometimes” she says. “Sometimes?” I ask her. “Yeah most of the time he does. He went bare like twice” she admits. “Well let’s just make sure” I tell her. “Alright” Y/N sighs. Michael knocks on the door. “Come in!” I tell him. “Here you go” he says handing me the box. “Thanks baby. Could you give us some space now?” I ask him kindly. “Of course” he responds and walks out. “Here you go babe. Remember we are just making sure” I say handing Y/N the box.

Y/N’s POV:

I take the box from Clara as I read the label. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. I wait a few seconds then tear the box open carefully. I get up and strip off my dress leaving myself in my underwear. I read the instructions carefully and pull out the stick. Good thing I have to pee now. I pull down my underwear and sit on the toilet. I stuck the stick between my thighs and do my business. I clip the tiny pink cap over the top after I finish and place it onto the counter. I’m suppose to wait about 3 to 4 minutes until I know the results. I pull up my underwear and walk out into the bedroom where Clara is sitting reading a magazine. “How’d it go?” she asks. “I’m waiting now” I tell her taking a seat on the bed. I start to shake knowing my life could change forever in a few moments. “Hey everything will be okay” Clara calmly says rubbing my back. “If it’s positive then that’s great! And if you aren’t, then you aren’t” she says. “I mean I’ve always wanted to be a mom” I laugh gently. “But I know that April is pregnant with Luke’s child and if I am too then I don’t even know” I tear up leaning on Clara’s shoulder. “Hey it’s okay. Luke loves you and will support you and Michael and I definitely will. Cross my heart” she responds. After a moment of silence Clara talks again. “It has been about 5 minutes Y/N” she adds on. “Check for me?” I ask. Clara nods and gets up going into the bathroom. She picks up the stick examining it closely. She looks up then at me with an emotionless face. Clara walks towards me handing over the pregnancy test. I take it into my hands gently looking down and see two bars. I cover my mouth with my hand instantly in shock. “I’m-I’m pregnant” I whisper looking up at Clara. “Congratulations Y/N” she smiles sitting down next to me. “I’m not prepared for anything” I admit as tears start to form in my eyes. “Sh it’s okay. I’ll be by your side every second” she responds. “How is Luke going to respond?” I ask her worried. “We’ll just have to find out later” she says and I only nod looking back down at the test knowing my life is going to change.

Luke’s POV:

My head shoots up at the thought of Y/N. Last time I say her she was taken away from me hunched over sick. I rush back inside climbing the stairs as fast as I can not caring to take the elevator. My burning thighs reach the top of the steps as I speed walk down the hall to our room. I swipe my key card and walk in slowly. Michael, Clara, or Y/N are nowhere to be seen. Michael and Clara’s door was closed. I suppose they were sleeping by now since it’s almost midnight. I see that Y/N and I’s door is open so I walk slowly towards it. I knock gently on the door just in case my girl was sleeping but she wasn’t. Y/N was sitting on the edge of the bed only in her underwear just staring at the wall. “Hey baby you feeling okay? Why aren’t you asleep?” I ask her. Her head doesn’t move. It was like she was stuck in a trance. I sit next to her and wrap my arm around her cold body. “Aren’t you cold Princess?” I ask her wrapping a soft blanket around her shoulders. “No” she blurts out. Her face was pale and there were small bags under her eyes. “You okay?” I ask again. “Let’s just say that we hit a roadblock” she says. “I don’t understand” I furrowed my eyebrows at her. “I know that April is pregnant with your child” Y/N responds. I drop my head in defeat knowing this is going to affect her. “I didn’t believe it at first but when she showed me her ultrasound picture I knew I was stuck” I admit. “I mean why else would she show up here? To fight me again?” Y/N says. “I don’t know” I say running my fingers through my hair. “I’m sorry” she whispers. “Don’t be sorry Y/N. This isn’t your fault” I say to her looking at the ground. Y/N lays down on her back looking up at the ceiling. “So April’s really pregnant huh?” she asks. “Yeah” I sigh. “So am I” I faintly hear Y/N say.

“What?” I say whipping my head up. “I’m pregnant too” she whispers. “You mean-” I say speechless gently place my hand on her bare stomach. “Yes” she nods looking at me. “Y/N” I breath out. “I know” she sighs sitting up. “What’s wrong Love?” I ask. “I’m pregnant Luke!” she says. “Baby this is amazing!” I smile. “Why do I feel like you’re only happy for me and not April” she says. “Because you’re the one I love Y/N and we made a baby!” I say kneeling down in front of her. Her emotions stay blank still. “Baby aren’t you happy!?” I ask shaking her knee gently. “Of course I am. It’s just you made a baby with April too Luke. You have to be happy for her. It’s your child too Luke you can’t ignore that” she says. I sigh and thinks about her words. “You’re right Y/N you’re right” I admit. “I know you dislike her and I do too but she’s a woman who is now pregnant so we have to respect her for that” Y/N says. “I won’t let you act all douchey when you are around her and all lovey dovey with me. That isn’t fair” she says firmly. “I understand okay? I will only be there for my son” I say back to her. “You’re having a son?” she whispers. “Yeah” I say giving her a small smile. “Congratulations” she softly smiles back. “Thank you Sweetheart but right now I just wanna hold you and our little bean okay?” I inquire. Y/N nods and stands up stripping her bra and panties off. I watch as her delicate hands slowly unclip her bra letting her fall down her shoulders. The way she moves so elegantly makes me love and want her more. Stepping out of her panties, Y/N turns around facing me. “What?” she giggles quietly. “You’re so beautiful you know that?” I ask her. Her hair always falls perfectly against her shoulders and the way her body just looks just ugh perfect. Her body, her personality, just everything about her makes me go crazy. Crazy in love. “Oh stop” she laughs climbing into bed. “Can’t hide the truth Love” I wink at her. “Okay Mr. Flirty Pants let’s go to bed. I’m sleepy” she says in such a cute voice. She snuggles into my arms as I get comfortable myself. “I love you Y/N” I say seriously wanting her to know that. “And I’ll be here for you and our baby” I say. “I love you too Luke” she softly smiling kissing my lips. “Goodnight” she yawns. “Sweet dreams Angel” I say closing my eyes.

The Next Morning..

Last Day in Vegas

Y/N’s POV:

I woke up around 5:30 AM for no apparent reason. I got dressed and packed Luke and I’s suitcases because our flight leaves around noon time. I wanted to get everything out of the way so he didn’t have to deal with it later. I was walking around our room double checking to see if I missed anything. I must of been too loud since Luke stirred in bed waking up. “Baby?” Luke asks stretching out his arms. “Yeah?” I ask him. “What you doing? Come back for morning cuddles” he murmurs like a baby making me laugh. He makes grabby hands at me as I walk over to him. “Hm baby” he hums as he hugs me. “Stop being cute” I giggle kissing his cheek. “Too cute to handle?” he asks. “Yes” I laugh. “What time is it?” he asks. “Um about 7:45” I respond. “And what is your cute little butt doing up?” he asks me. “I wanted to pack early” I say. “You packed my stuff as well?” Luke asks me. “Yup. Hope you don’t mind” I say. “Oh no thank you baby” he smiles kissing my forehead. “Want some coffee or tea?” I inquire him. “Maybe later” he yawns laying back down. “How you feeling this morning?” he asks. “Much better” I respond. “I’m not like pregnant pregnant yet you know? I still have a few weeks then a bump will show” I tell him. “I know just making sure” he says. “You excited?” he asks me. “Now that I think about it yeah” I laugh. “Just remember I’m here for you no matter what okay?” Luke tells me. “Yup” I give him a small smile. “I’m gonna make you some coffee okay?” I ask him. “Oh okay Love you sure?” he yawns again. “Yeah” I smile getting up to go make Luke his coffee before we all head out.

On the Plane..

“Well it was a good and crazy time huh?” Luke asks me. “Aha yeah it was” I smile leaning my head against his shoulder. “You wanna stay at my place tonight?” he asks. “Yeah sure” I say. “You okay?” he says to me. “Yeah I’m fine. Just tired” I say closing my eyes. “Okay baby then take a nap” he says. I close my eyes and fall asleep on his shoulder hoping this odd feeling I’m hiding goes away.

A few hours later, Luke wakes me up as I look out the window seeing that the plane has landed. I sit up and stretch my arms and let out a yawn. “Ready to go Princess?” Luke asks me. I only nod to him and stand up getting in the line of people. Clara, Michael, Luke, and I all retrieve our bags fairly quick and make it out to Michael and Clara’s Uber just in time. “I’ll see you tomorrow okay? Call me if you need anything” Clara hugs me. “I will and thank you so much for this trip” I tell her. “Oh don’t mention it. It was wild” she laughs. I hold the door open for her as she climbs into the car. “Alright well see you at work tomorrow ugh” I joke. “Can’t wait” she rolls her eyes. “Bye guys!” Michael smiles. “Bye Mikey take care!” I smile at him. “Bye babe” I wink at Clara and close the door. I look over and see Luke waiting for me at our car. “Hey Luke?” I ask him. “Yeah what’s up?” he responds. “Um do you mind if I actually stay at my place tonight. I kinda wanna sleep in my own bed” I shyly ask. “Whatever you want baby. Even though I will miss you” he pouts. “I know. I’m sorry but I’ll see you tomorrow morning bright and early anyway” I say. “Ugh I know” he groans getting in the drivers seat. “Aw baby” I smile at him. “Are you sure you don’t wanna stay with me?” he asks me again. “Luke I have been with you for the past like 2 weeks” I laugh. “You getting sick of me?” he pouts again. “No I just need some me time you know?” I tell him. “Alright alright” he says. “You’ll be fine” I reassure him. “Me? I don’t know. I don’t know how long I can last without your kisses or cuddles or-” he stops. “Sex?” I ask him raising my eyebrows. “Yes that” he laughs. “It will be good for you Lukey” I giggle. “How!?” he scoffs. “Because you will build up your juices again? I don’t know what I’m saying” I say bursting into laughter. “I don’t run out Sweetheart” Luke states. “Well then you will gain even more” I tell him.

“Yeah yeah whatever” he groans. Luke pulls into my driveway as he parks the car. He leans back and stares at me. “Well even though I’m really sad that you don’t wanna stay with me, I understand that you want some you time” he says. “Thanks Lukey. Don’t worry though. I’ll probably sleepover tomorrow” I say opening the door. “Probably” he laughs. I walk over to his side of the car as Luke rolls down his window. “Got everything you need?” he asks. “Mhm” I say leaning my head against his car. “Get some rest Sweetheart okay? You still look sleepy” he says putting his fingers under my chin. “I will do that and take a bath” I say. “Ugh if only I could join” he smiles. I scoff and start to walk away. “Hey! You’re missing something!” Luke says pointing to his lips. I laugh and walk over to him and kiss me hard. “God I love you” he whispers. “Love you too” I whisper pulling away. “See you tomorrow” he smiles kissing me again. “Bye” I say as I push myself away from the car. I wave him goodbye as I climb the steps to my house. I unlock my door and walk inside dropping my suitcase on the floor. I plop down on my bed and let out a huff. My phone vibrates as I look at over the text message on my screen.

“Looks like he knocked both of us up. Now let’s see which one of us he really chooses”

Hi guys that was Part 17 of CEO!Luke. I apologize if it sounded rushed you at all in anyway but yeah hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think and feedback is always appreciated :) I love you all. Xx

Lila's First Session
Lila’s First Session

“I don’t know where she came from,” the recording started, “she’s always there.”

Frankly, I shouldn’t have been digging through files on my wife’s laptop. I should have stopped listening when I realized that the “Lila” in the filename was our niece. My wife is a children’s psychologist, and I was doing some routine computer maintenance. I suppose my curiosity got the better of me when I saw her folder named “Sessions.”

Lila is my brother-in-law’s daughter. My wife had been working with her due to some odd things that she’d been talking.about. Here is the transcript of what I heard.

“Lila, when was the first time you saw her?”

“Um, I’m not sure where I was. The room was really little and kind of a red or purple color. She pushed through the wall, and it stretched over her face until she came through.”

“Was the purple room in your house?”


“What happened after she came through the wall?”

“She said her name is Clara, and she’d be seeing me again real soon.”

“Did she see you again?”

“Duh. That’s why they wanted me to talk to you, right Aunt Grace?”

“I suppose so, what can you tell me about Clara, then?”

“Clara doesn’t like when I talk about her when she’s not with me.”

“She’s not here right now?”

“Clara said she was gonna wait outside of your office.”

“Why don’t you go get her? I’d like to know more about her.”

There was a brief silence, and the quiet sound of a door being opened.

“Alright, Lila, what can you tell me about her?”

"Well… I think shes like six. She’s really smart, I don’t think she’s ever been wrong before.”

“Does she tell you things?”

“Yeah! She tells me all kinds of stuff, usually about other people.”

“Can you tell me some of those things?”

“Um, is that okay, Clara? … Yeah? That one? Okay! Clara was right about Father Patrick! I asked the boys to make sure she wasn’t lying.”

“Father Patrick at Hometown Methodist?”

Father Patrick was the local methodist pastor, he was found hanging in the basement of his church a few months prior to the date on the recording’s file name. My family as well as my brother-in-law’s family are members of that congregation. The pews have whispers of guilty thoughts and actions, but no one ever came forward in regards to the rumors.

“Yup! He was being naughty with the boys!”

“Did your parents ever talk to you about Father Patrick”

“No, just Clara.”

“What else has she told you?”

“Sometimes she helps me with bullies at school.’

“Does she say nice things to you to help you?”

“No, not like that.”

“What kind of help does she give you?”

“I run away to her in a quiet place, and she gives them her mean face if they follow me.”

“Does she ever ask you to do things for her?”


There was a few seconds of interference in the recording, not static; it was like a long, low note from a theremin.

“… and then she told me to put it in a bowl in the corner of the basement.”

“Why did she want that?”

“She doesn’t want to say.”

“How many times have you put the bowl out for her?”

“I dunno, a couple, I guess.”

“What’s she doing right now?”

“She’s standing next to you.”

“She is? Does she have something to add?”

“Clara says you were supposed to be her mommy.”

There was a long pause, just the faint sound of breathing. The recording started again, my wife stumbling for her words.

“T-that’s not possible, I wasn’t supposed to be a mommy.”

“Cl-ara says… stop lying! She c-can’t remember everything, bu-but she remembers a do—”

A moment of static interrupted the recording again, amidst the static it almost sounded like a deep voice was for someone to stop.

“What’s wrong, Lila?”

“She looks really mad…”

“Can you ask her why she’s mad?”

The wailing frequency interrupted the recording again, this time louder and higher. As it starts to subside, the recording returned to Lila sobbing, choking out the answer to the question.

“She says… you didn’t let her out of the red room like mommys are supposed to.”

This time, the recording is interrupted by a scream that’s still making my skin crawl weeks after hearing just a few seconds of it. I haven’t seen my wife since; she’s kept herself locked in her home office. If I pushed my head against the door and listen quietly, I could hear her labored breathing and babbling about trying to take back her mistake. I asked my brother-in-law to ask Clara what happened, he says she doesn’t remember being in Grace’s office. I asked about the bowl, and if she was still talking about Clara. He said she must have grown out of it, or Grace really figured out what was wrong.

I knew better, I grabbed a small screw driver and unlocked the cheap door knob handle lock with it. I can’t get the scene out of my mind, she was curled up against her desk, sobbing between dry heaves. I knelt down to her, and felt her black pants were soaked, I pulled my hand back. Blood, all over her legs and the carpet under her.

My heart was pounding and I asked, “Grace, what happened?! Are you alright?!”

“She just wanted back in”

What Must Be

So this is my version of a 50th fix it with the Eighth Doctor, set inside my Tyler Family Adventures verse. This was written for my fantastic friend bubblygal92. Happy birthday my dear!

The Eighth incarnation of the Doctor stepped back into the barn, the Moment, or Rose Tyler as she preferred to be called, was right behind him. He had seen everything that he needed to see to make this universe-altering decision. Chancing a glance at the box that housed the Moment the weapon, he noticed a new feature. A deep red, ironically rose-like button extended from it.

Rose smirked. “You wanted a big red button.”

That he had. Never could resist a big threatening red button; he always had to find out what the outcome was. What this one did though… It was almost unthinkable.

“One big bang, no more Time Lords. No more Daleks. Are you sure?” she asked quietly.

Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes and let out a slow breath. “I was sure when I came in here. There is no other way.” No matter how much he wished that there were, there just wasn’t.

“You’ve seen the men you will become.” There was wistfulness in her voice. There was more to the story of the Doctor and Rose Tyler; he could feel it, even though none of the older versions of himself would explain. They could see her, they knew she was there, guiding them. It was the way that they looked at her, or in the case of the one with the spiky hair, wouldn’t look at her. To that Doctor, her image was a source of comfort and pain. To the eldest Doctor, she was a source of joy and security.

“Those men.” He paused and smirked at her. “Extraordinary.”

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For the G-rated prompt-a-thon! Clara, the Doctor, and permission to own a cat.

“That is clearly not a cat.”

The Doctor looked up from where he was scratching the alien creature behind one ear. “I never said it was.”

“I said I wanted a cat.” Clara asserted.

The Doctor held up one finger. “You said you wanted a pet. Then you said that you liked cats.” He gestured to the strange animal as it batted playfully at his sleeve. “It’s very cat-like.”

“It has feathers,” she pointed out, matter-of-factly.

“And paws. And whiskers.” Eyebrows knitting, he extricated his sleeve from the tiny claws and returned to his usual place at the console.

“You’ve got whiskers, too. Should I call you a cat, now?” she asked, peevishly, her hands coming to her hips.

“I haven’t got whiskers. Just haven’t been to the barber planet in a few days.” Without looking away from the screen in front of him, he held out a hand toward her, palm out. “Yes, there’s a barber planet. No, we’re not going. It’s very boring. And a bit… foamy.”

“Doctor, this thing breathes fire!” Clara pointed out in a tone of exasperation.

“Oh, that?” The Doctor looked nonplussed. He’d been just as unbothered when the not-cat coughed up smoke a few minutes earlier. “Just a little sulfur it ate, earlier. Won’t normally do that. At least, I think it won’t. Just don’t feed it sulfur.”

“Oh, you think so? Is there a veterinary planet we can take it to, then?”

“Veterinary planet? Now you’re just being ridiculous. Do you know how many species there are in the universe? Not counting all the ones that are extinct in this point in time?” He finally looked up from his typing, blinking at her.

“I don’t know. But I bet you think at least half of them are cats,” she muttered, sauntering reluctantly over to where the feathered, six limbed animal had curled up near The Doctor’s feet.

“I heard that.”

“You were supposed to.” Clara heaved a great sigh and lowered herself to the ground, legs tucked under her. The not-cat blinked split-pupiled eyes at her, all three of them. She hesitantly extended a hand toward it, ready to pull back at any sign of teeth. She supposed there was something rather endearing about its snub nose and the way its whiskers wiggled as it sniffed her. It made a sound somewhere between a chirp and a sneeze. Then it lowered its head, butting at her extended hand. Clara took the hint and scratched its ears.

“See? It likes you,” The Doctor asserted, looking down at the two of them, his expression unreadable.

Clara arched an eyebrow at him. “How do you know?”

“Well, it hasn’t tried to kill or eat you.”

Clara pursed her lips. “You’re hilarious.”

“Indeed I am. But that fact aside, it does like you. Listen, it’s purring.”

Clara continued petting the creature and leaned in toward it. It was, indeed, emitting a low purring sound. Its eyes had fallen closed under her ministrations. Clara realized she was smiling at it and bit her lower lip. The not-cat gave a quiet little yawn and rolled onto its back, exposing a round belly covered in shorter feathers. It blinked sleepily at her, as though asking for belly rubs and she found she couldn’t help but comply.

“I suppose it isn’t terribly uncatlike…” It was really very soft and warm beneath her hand. She supposed she could get used to the feathers and the three-eye thing. She’d certainly grown accustomed to much stranger sights in her time on the Tardis.

“Thought you two might get along.” The Doctor eased himself to sitting cross-legged beside her. “It followed me all the way back to the Tardis. Yowled at me the whole way. Wouldn’t have anything but to come in and make itself at home.”

Clara shook her head, feeling that familiar fondness as she met The Doctor’s gaze. “And you just can’t resist taking in a bossy stray?” she teased.

The corner of his mouth quirked before he turned away. When he replied, his voice was low. “Apparently not.”

Clara bit back a grin. She shifted to one side to make herself more comfortable, leaning on one hand as the other stroked the down of the now bonelessly happy creature. Slowly, ever so slowly, she allowed herself to lean back, against The Doctor.

She felt him stiffen slightly but he didn’t move away. In his own time, he relaxed, one arm tentatively encircling her. Clara sighed, contentedly, her head coming to rest on his shoulder. They sat in near silence accompanied by only the whirring of the Tardis in flight and the purring of Clara’s new cat.

Let's see what we are made of, you and I

An Analysis of the Twelfth Doctor’s Character Traits and his Relationship with Clara Oswald

Twelve, my dear friends, is a mess. He regenerates after spending hundreds of years in a basement without a real emotional connection to anyone (or if he did they’re dead and gone now) and the only thing that grounds him is Clara Oswald, who’s understandably terrified and grieving and asking him to change back into a man he is most definitely not, not anymore, although he’s got no idea who he is actually supposed to be now.

 Of course, he’s the Doctor. Everybody’s saying that he’s so very different from Ten and Eleven, but I don’t think that’s true. You know there’s this law of the conversation of mass: nothing’s created, nothing’s destroyed, everything’s transformed (translated freely from my French chemistry classes). Twelve is Eleven and Ten turned inside out. They are needy twelve-year-olds masking ageless God. Twelve is ageless God masking needy twelve-year-old. They were desperately trying to hide their darker sides in order to gain friends (Eleven) or make them stay with them (Ten + Rose) and therefore openly affectionate and, admittedly, quite adorable. Twelve is shoving his darkness and obnoxiousness into everybody’s faces so he can hold them at arms length. He doesn’t want to care anymore, because all it brought him was heartbreak and death. But he’s still the Doctor, and he still wants to help and he still cares more often than not, even if he doesn’t want to. He approaches things more coldly and analytically, without compassion or affection, as, even though he’s climbing out of windows and into Daleks, he’s just afraid. Afraid of the dark, as we’ve seen in ‘Listen’ but mostly of being hurt emotionally, which is only possible if something has any emotional power over him so he makes sure that nobody does (although he doesn’t always succeed in doing so). 

The only exception to this rule is Clara Oswald, because she’s the boss. And this is why:

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thosewickedlovelies  asked:

Could you continue the AU fic where Rose is a teacher please? :)

(parts one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten)

John had, of course, been looking for a nanny for his children; even though Rose said she could look after them, he still needed help getting them to school, and with the school creeping closer once more he began searching more seriously. So it was a bit of a surprise when, one Sunday, Rose entered the house to see an unknown woman sitting on the couch, all three children staring at her silently. 

“Rose!” John said as he appeared in the room. “This is Clara. She’s the nanny. She doesn’t start till Monday but I thought I’d give her some time to get used to the kids while we go shopping.”

The kids didn’t look away from Clara. “Bring back biscuits,” Sarah said.

“Only if they’re chocolate,” Ian added.

John rolled his eyes. “Be good for her,” he ordered, and Rose followed him out the door.

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