does this smell like chloroform to you

J2 NolaCon 2017 Gold Panel
  • Jared tried to pronounce some street names and Jensen is mocking his “N’awlins” accent. “Please don’t do that next to me.”
  • J2 thanks the fans for the Entertainment Weekly covers. Says that’s because of us. Last year’s cover was best selling. 
  • Jensen: I saw a shirt that said, “Trust me you’re hilarious - Whiskey.” Jared: I like, “That’s what - She.” 
  • Jensen re: Halloween EW cover: “By the way… I killed that cat. What can I say, I’m a posse magnet…” Jared: Ba dum dum. 
  • Jensen: I will say, Misha had best line about those covers. Jared: That was my line! Jensen: I’m not gonna repeat yours!
  • Jared does not enjoy voice acting. He thinks his voice changes a lot daily, whereas Jensen has a mastery over his voice. 
  • Jared calls voice acting “shadowboxing” and prefers face-to-face acting. Jensen agrees, says, “There’s no give and take.” It’s hard because you don’t get to play off the other person. 
  • Jared prefers to have someone to respond to. Jensen jokes: I can just stand there with cup of coffee in my underwear. 
  • Jared and Jensen speak very highly of Alex Calvert and hope we get to meet him soon. 
  • Alex asked J2: What are cons like? They were like, oh, come here… Jared: He’s great. 
  • Jared keeps touching Jensen’s shoulder, the usual :)
  • Fan: How do you make holy water? Jensen: Is this a pun joke? Because I already like it. 
  • Jared makes an interrupting sloth joke lol. 
  • “Would Sam go see the new It movie?” Jared: “NO!”
  • Jared did the Hamilton pose. 
  • Middle names: Jensen: I think it’s Dean Boom Boom Winchester. Jared doesn’t think Sam and Dean have middle names. 
  • How do you divvy up the chores? Jensen: When I’m not home, she handles everything. When I get back, she hands me keys and walks away. 
  • Jared: I try to help, but Gen’s like, “Baby, I love you, but you’re ruining it.” Jensen: She says it’s like having a fourth kid lol. 
  • Feature film? Jensen says there’s been talk after the show is retired. You can always come out of retirement. 
  • Jensen: Wishes Dean would curse. Jared is torn on what the movie rating would be because he enjoys artistry of avoiding certain words to keep message universal so all ages could watch and see the themes of loyalty, dedication, etc, that are in the show. 
  • Jared said “potty language” and Jensen won’t let it go lol. 
  • Jared: Potty words. Jensen: Potty words???
  • Jensen has been out of the game too long. His pick up line would be “let’s get this out of the way or I’m not going to concentrate.” 
  • Jared’s: Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Same line Jensen used in Houscon lol. Jensen: No, Mr. Cosby. 
  • Jared whispered another pick up line in Jensen’s ear. Jensen vetoed it for being too dirty. “He would have to use potty language.” 
  • Hiatus beard question. They miss them. 
  • Jared: We’ve been pleading to have a whole show of gag reels. They both want a full episode-length gag reel.
  • Jared says they’re putting together a whole thing of Alex Calvert’s initiation lol. 
  • Jensen: I have a question for you, Jared. Are you excited for today? Jared: Hell yeah!
  • Boys are in great spirits today, laughing, joking, and looking handsome as always ;) 

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain a few different types of sedatives? I know ketamine is your favorite, but what are some other options?

Hey there nonny! Congrats on being the first in the inbox for July!! 

Okay. Sedatives. This is an entire monumental class of medications, so you’ll forgive me if I have to be fairly brief about each type. 

There are more than a few sedatives and anesthetics that have been used throughout history. In this day and age, the most common are the benzodiazepines, which I have  [a full post on here]. 

Basically, benzos work by hitting GABA receptors and suppressing brain activity, which is also why they work so well for seizures. Benzos can be given as an injection in the muscle (IM), in the vein (IV), orally (PO), and some can be given via the nose (IN, intranasally). How long they take to kick in will depend on the medication. 

In terms of anesthetics, the next big one is propofol, AKA Milk of Amnesia, AKA Jackson Juice if your character is a bit of a cynic. Propofol is a milky-white medicine which MUST be given by IV. Propofol is basically instant unconsciousness in a glass vial. Anesthesiologists love this crap, because it’s literally dial-a-brain: turn on the medicine and the brain shuts down, turn off the medicine the person wakes up with minimal effects. Having had propofol, I can say it’s absolutely magical. Outpatient procedures basically depend on it. 

The downside of propofol is that it can cause severe drops in blood pressure, which makes it less than ideal for emergency uses, and that it must go by IV. 

Next up are the barbiturates, such as phenobarbital, thiopental, and secobarbital. These are an older class of meds who have fallen out of favor as sedatives but retain a role for seizure prevention and management, and were initially investigated as potential [truth serums]. 

These tend to be fairly long-acting and relatively unpredictable in their effects (compared to benzos and propofol), and can be given as pills (PO), intravenously (IV) or in the muscle (IM), depending on the specific med. These last anywhere from 4-6 hours, and can cause respiratory depression in overdose (just like almost all benzos). 

Sleep aids like Ambien (zolpidem) technically fall into the sedative category as well. Diphenhydramine is typically sold over-the-counter as a sleep aid… but is better known by its trade name, Benadryl. It’s sold OTC in the same doses for both indications but often at wildly different prices, so a smart character might take the same med for both indications, while a less-observant character might accidentally overdose if they take it for their allergies (Benadryl) and to help them sleep (Unisom). 

As for inhaled sedation, ether and chloroform are both historical inhaled anesthetics, but the difficulty with them is dosing. Both drugs have a fairly narrow therapeutic index; that is, the difference between a dose that’s safe and healthy and a dose that could kill your character is very small. They both also take a few minutes to kick in, meaning that the old ”Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?” method of subduing characters isn’t realistic. 

In fact, all sedatives take between 1 and 5 minutes to kick in, meaning  that your character may still have to struggle with the subdued before the meds kick in. 

Nitrous oxide is another inhaled anesthetic, AKA laughing gas, with a sweet odor. Its half-life is about 5 minutes, so characters who need to remain sedated will need the nitrous to continue to be on. It typically doesn’t produce general anesthesia, but is used as an anxiolytic (ie to reduce anxiety) and for partial sedation. Interestingly enough, some ambulances in this world carry nitrous oxide. (Note: not to be confused with inhaled nitric oxide, which is a pulmonary antihypertensive gas.)  

Other anesthetic gasses still in use include desflurane, isoflurane, and sevoflurane. These require an anesthesia machine to deliver, partially because many of them are liquid at room temperature and must be heated to become gasses. 

Etomidate is an anesthetic that’s used almost exclusively for intubation; it must go IV, it only works for a few minutes, which means it needs another sedative to go with it. That makes it ideal for putting tubes in people. 

I’ve struggled with whether or not to include opiates in this list. The thing about opiates, such as morphine, methadone, meperidine, and heroin, is that while they do make characters sleepy, it’s not their primary effect. (Then again, doctors don’t always get this right; you would be appalled by the number of ICUs who believe that using fentanyl as a “sedative” is an appropriate course of action.) These work by acting on opioid receptors, which manage pain but also help make someone very drowsy. The danger with opioid overdose is respiratory depression, to one degree or another. 

You mentioned ketamine. Ketamine is the anesthetic I think works best in most situations in which writers use sedatives; it reliably produces unconsciousness, it’s relatively safe when administered properly, doesn’t tank blood pressure, typically leaves breathing reflexes intact, etc. However, it’s not perfect, and it’s a bad idea to use recreationally, as is literally every drug in this post. 

I hope this helped!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Buckynat prompt: throwing horrible pick up lines at each other

Bucky skips the most of the charity benefits the Avengers attend–it’s not like New York’s high society is clamoring to make small talk with a grumpy assassin anyway. (Bruce gets out of most events for similar reasons.) But sometimes Natasha will hear about a fundraiser for disabled veterans or land mine removal and put it on his calendar.

“They can send the invitation to me, you know,” he grumps, fastening his cufflinks. “You don’t have to manage me.”

Natasha fusses needlessly with his tie. “Stop being an ass. Being around strangers is stressful enough for you. I’m just trying to help.”

Bucky sighs, then puts his hand on Natasha’s face, gazing into her eyes. “Baby,” he says solemnly, “You’re so sweet you give me cavities.”

Her mouth flattens into an unimpressed line. “You’re going to have to do way better than that. Also, starting before we get there is cheating.”

Bucky can still make small talk when he needs to. It’s not as much of a chore for him as he lets everyone think it is. It’s being in a huge room with poor sightlines and hundreds of moving targets that makes him clammy. Nat always wears something that lets him keep an eye on her. Tonight it’s a pair of huge, glimmering earrings.

He watches them reflect light as she passes him, arching an eyebrow and murmuring, “Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?” Bucky bites the corner of his mouth to suppress a smirk.

“Going with the classics tonight, I see,” he says, handing her a glass of champagne.

“Maybe,” she replies. “Did you get any of that crab appetizer? It was amazing.”

“Yeah, I had, like, four. You know.” He tips his glass towards her conspiratorially. “They say you are what you eat.”

“And you’re crabby?” she hazards.

“I was gonna say, if that’s true, I could be you by tomorrow morning.”

She snorts, and Bucky clenches a fist in victory. “Point for me! Shot for you!” Neither of them can really get drunk, but it’s still enormous fun to throw back shots in formalwear.

Nat gets him when they sit down for dinner, swiping at something invisible on his pant leg. “Did you sit in sugar?” she asks with annoyance.

He starts to reply, “I don’t think so,” before she breaks in with “‘Cause you’ve got a sweet ass.”

“Goddamnit,” he mutters, signaling for the waiter.

She gets him again during the salad course, leaning over and saying seductively, “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”

There’s dancing after dinner, and that’s when they really get going.

There isn’t any room at the bar, so Bucky slings an arm over Natasha’s shoulders and says, “Don’t worry, as long as I have a face, you have a place to sit.”

Nat holds her sleeve to his face and says, “Excuse me, sorry, does this smell like chloroform to you?”

She asks what he wants to do when they get home and he says, “We could play strip poker. You can strip, and I’ll poke you.”

But they save their best/worst lines for when Steve is within earshot. Bucky waits until Steve’s taken a drink before cheerfully announcing to Nat, “Do you live on a chicken farm? ‘Cause you sure know how to raise a cock.”

While Steve’s choking, she counters with, “Are you my appendix? Because I have a funny feeling in my stomach, and I think I should take you out.”

“That doesn’t even make sense!” Steve complains.

Nat pats his arm and says, “Sorry, sorry.” Then she runs her hand up and down his sleeve and adds innocently, “This jacket is nice. Is it made of boyfriend material?”

“No! No way,” he says firmly. “I will not be drawn into this weirdness. Good night to you both.”

As he strides away, Bucky calls, “I hate to see you to leave, but I love to watch you go!”

They both do shots after that one.

Happiness is a Warm Gun

Joker x Reader

Masterlist | Requests

Prompt: Hey, I just wanted to say I ABSOLUTLY ADORE your writing and I was wondering if you could do a piece were Puddin captures the reader and gets her to strip for him? Very kinky, very dirty smutty smutty smutty smut.

{A/N} I had fun with this, honestly, thank you haha. More of your requests are coming! Thank you for being patient, I’m doing them in the order I receive them!
xo Harley

Warnings: Some violence/abuse, cursing, very kinky, very dirty smutty smutty smutty smut. Also gun play, sorta, so theres that.

The rain seemed to spill from buckets onto the windows of your small apartment. A {F/B} LP spins on your record player as it clashes with the sounds outside. A warm cup of tea keeps your left hand occupied as your right one holds the novel Lolita. As gloomy as the day was, you enjoyed this every time the rain fell, and took solace in the company of your favorite band, a book, a cup of tea and your cat.

Your life was never very eventful, and you have no set direction or calling, but you always valued the little things in life. After all, it’s the little things that add up to the grand scheme of things, and you take solace in it. Reading and tea is good enough for you, and you knew that much about yourself. 

You’re not the girl who goes out and parties, or subdues herself with violent or dangerous vices. After seeing how old friends turned out from just that, you were okay with your vanilla habits. 

 You take a sip from your {F/T} tea and run your hand along your cats tail as {he/she} hops off of the plush bench in the alcove and runs into the other room. Strange.. you think, putting your tea down and setting the open book on the cushion before you get up and walk to your room to grab a cat toy to entertain {her/him}. As you push the door open further, your eyes land on a man standing in front of your large, full length mirror, checking himself out, startling you to say the least as your eyes pop open and your hand grips onto the door. 

“This jacket, it’s new. But I think it really looks good on a guy.. What do you think?” He says, keeping his eyes on his own reflection. 

You’re unsure if he can see you in the mirror, but your eyes stay glued to his shoes, almost burning holes into them as your mind hastily runs through files of information that you may have come across in your years that could possibly help you in a situation like this. Your first thought is to quickly run back into the kitchen and grab a knife, but what if he’s got a gun? 

Trying to quietly swallow hard, your eyes move upwards. He’s slender, built and so, very cocky. His stance is that of a man who knows exactly what he’s worth and who he is, and something about it is almost attractive as you carry on, now more curious, to his face in the mirror. He was pale, and the dark purple trench coat only brought out the green in his hair. His face has tattoos and his icy gaze could mesmerize you without question. Quickly and completely by accident, your eyes now catch each other’s in the mirror, and the smile that slides across his face is nothing short of devilish.

A mixture of emotions course through your tense body as he turns slowly, a mock frown turning on his lips. 

“Don’t be scared, sweetie pie, daddy just wants to play with you a little..”

“Daddy?” You ask. 

It wasn’t really in your repertoire to call someone daddy. You haven’t been quite a sexual person with anyone else, and it wasn’t that you haven’t had experience, you just weren’t sure you ever found someone who really made your heart jump from your chest enough. 

“Oh,” a long laugh emits from his ruby red stained lips, and you can make out every “ha ha” as he does so. “I’m gonna teach you a few things, baby doll.”

Your shoulders slide back, and you turn your cheek slightly. Now would be the time to grab a knife, you think. But something in you pulls at the thought of him. Pulls at the thought of calling him daddy. You’re unsure of the feeling between your thighs as he slowly turns around to face you now, revealing his bare torso riddled with tattoos. 

“Joker..” you read out loud, still rather quietly as your eyes fixate on the lettering above his naval. 

“That’s my name, doll, don’t wear it out,” he says, his voice gravely as takes a step in your direction. “And you, {Y/N}, are one sizzlin’ lady." 

His eyes fall on your exposed shoulder from the oversized sweater you had on before he walks towards your closet, shaking his head. 

I want you to show it off for me…“ 

 Still in shock, you’re watching as he starts thumbing through hangers in your closet, completely making himself at home. How does he know my name? I’ve never seen him before in my life but… Your mind recalls the television broadcasts and news articles about him. They all seem to run through your head like an old film reel and your heart begins to quicken all over again. 

"You’re gonna kill me.” You say, your voice hollow. 

The words seemed to slow down the world, and you could only think of your cat who’d miss you terribly. 

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya… I’m gonna hurt ya, and you might like it.” He says, yanking a little {F/C} dress from a hanger, breaking it in the process. “Put this on.” He says, throwing it at you. 

You instinctively catch the dress in your hands, flustered and confused. 


You move to the bathroom, removing your clothes and slipping into the dress. Even you couldn’t help but like what you saw when you looked in the mirror, but you’d only bought that dress on impulse, and you remembered that as you pulled off the tag. 

You emerge from the bathroom, and he coincidently chucks the pair of black heels you bought to pair with the dress. 

"Be a good little girl, put on your shoes, and lets go." 

You begin to panic now, afraid of going anywhere. 

"I’m not going anywhere with you!” You say, throwing your shoes back at him. “Go away!" 

 The trembling starts in your fingers and makes its way to the rest of your body as his cold stare meets your terrified one. In what feels like only seconds, he pulls a sash from his pocket, grabs your wrists and ties them together. Trying to fight him was the only thing you could think to do, but as soon as he let go, the bones in your wrists were pressing together, and the sash was digging into your flesh, feeling like it could cut off your circulation. 

“Fucker!” You manage to say as he pushes you onto the floor, taking your shoes and angrily putting them on for you.

“If you don’t wanna take the easy route, kitten, I have no problems with it,” he spits as he finished putting your shoes on, yanking you back up by your arm and dragging you through your apartment and out of the door. You whimper, wondering if you should take the chance in the empty street and call for help. You were on the bottom floor, and your door lead right outside, surely someone would hear you.

“Help! Somebody! Please, help m-”

Before you know it, you’re slammed against the wall, and theres a stinging on your cheek. Blinking a few times, your slowly turn your head back to face him. The hues of blue in his eyes up close look almost clear as you try to compose yourself. His expression is stern, and you feel compelled to listen to him now, and the feeling between your thighs is back, stronger now.

“What did I say about being a good little girl for daddy? I don’t want to ruin that pretty little face before I get to devour that, hot little body..”

His hand slides to the inside of your thigh, running his fingers up and down slowly, and you can almost see his expression change in just the least as he teases himself with the warmth of your skin in such a place. Your chest rises as falls, and as horrified as you were at the thought of something so gruesome, some, strange man kidnapping you and attempting at having you the way he wants, you couldn’t help but be aroused.

A jagged laugh leaves his lips as his eyes fall on your chest, noticing your erect, pierced nipples under the thin fabric of your dress. 

“Oh, you are a little freak, too. That’s okay… Just, like, me.”

Your piercings were a small show of rebellion for yourself. Just because you don’t do drugs or party every night, doesn’t mean you can’t do things that seem taboo to other people in other ways. 

He peels you off of the wall and pulls you to his purple Lamborghini, which stood out at your building to begin with. You wondered for a moment how you didn’t hear it earlier, once he threw you inside and turned on the car himself. The music was loud, thudding through the entire area, and he steps on the gas and speeds off, while you inwardly panic, planning an escape as soon as you get to where every you’re going.

“Hey honey, I gotta ask a big favor,” his voice roars, cocky and thick with a smile above the engines own roar and the musics loudness. “Maybe I’m wrong, but does this smell like chloroform to you?” 

He holds a rag to your nose and mouth, and you begin to scream, trying to wriggle away from it. The last thing you hear is his laughter as everything goes black and quiet around you. Oh his laughter.. When he pulled his little joke on you, it sounded like he was the happiest man on earth. 

Everything is hazy, blurry and fading either in or out- you can’t tell- as your eyes blink. The light around you is dim, and you try to move away, panic setting in slowly again as you come to. As you struggle to open your eyes more, praying it was all a bad dream, you see a blurry figure, sitting on a couch in front of you. The figure has green hair, no shirt, and pale skin. You want to cry, scream for help, but you’re too weak. 

Little by little, adrenaline kicks in, causing you to wake up more.

“Look at that mascara, running down those cheeks for me. God, you’re so pretty..” 

“I’m not doing anything for you!” You cry out, noticing you’re in the VIP area of a club as you scream over the music. You knew you were done for now, everyone was drunk, no one cared or paid any attention. No one would help.

“Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” he says, bringing his tattooed hand over his mouth as he watches you struggle to sit up. 

You notice the grin tattooed on his hand and you can’t help but be curious about it for only a second as you stare back at him once you’ve finally managed to sit up.

“What to do with you, my doll.. What to do..”

You stay quiet. It couldn’t be that bad, right? Surely not in a public place would he do something drastic to you. 

“Hey boss, we have a-”

“Shut up and get out,” Joker replies to his goon, pulling a gun and aiming it at him. You squeak and jump at the sight of the gun, tears welling up in your eyes again as the man holds his hands up and leaves. 

Fuck. He owns the place.

“Get up,” he tell you, pointing the gun at you now. 

This is it. I’m fish food when he’s done. 

You stand up, trembling just slightly again as you try to gain balance after being drugged and scared in your high heels. He stands up now, and steps closer to you. Your eyes stay on whats going on on the other side of the beaded curtain that separates you from the rest of the club. Trying to find an escape, if only in your mind, you concentrate on the people, the music, everything but what’s happening to you.

Suddenly, you feel your hands fall apart and your wrists gaining more feeling. Your initial thought is to run, but knowing (or thinking) that you can get away, you stay put. His hand reaches out for your face, trailing it to your {H/C} hair, and sliding his fingers through it. His fingertips graze the back of your neck, and your skin crawls. There’s that feeling again.

His hand continues to slide down your back, cupping your ass just slightly as he slides it back up, quickly bringing the gun to your back with his other hand as he whispers in your ear, his voice sultry and dark.

Strip for me..”

The gun on your back leaves as he slides it around to your side and walks back to the couch. Sitting down, Joker leans back into the plush leather, gun in one hand as he gestures towards you to start.

“Do not, keep daddy waiting.”

The gun in his hand was terrifying and yet sexy, and you exhale as you bring your hands back to your own body, sliding your fingers along your hips. You’ve never stripped for anyone before, and this was not your ideal first time.. But catching sight of the arousal in his pants already may have changed your mind as you slide your fingers up to the straps of your dress. Your body begins to sway softly to the music thudding in the club as your slide the straps off of your shoulders one by one, letting your fingers caress every curve and divot of your figure again.

Wanting to tease him, your hands go for the bottom of your short dress as you turn around, sliding it up slowly to expose your {B/T} thighs more. You roll your head back, your {H/L} hair falling over your shoulders as you spread your legs just a bit more, exposing one cheek and cupping your own ass before bending over to show it all to him. You catch him shifting in his seat, leaning forward on his knees now as you roll your body back up slowly, turning around to face him again and lifting your dress slowly as you walk closer towards him, standing between his legs now.

You were already wet at the mere fact that you were doing this for him, especially in a sea of people, and his eyes were still only on you. His hands reach out and grip into your thighs as you slide your dress up further, exposing your glistening essence to him. He leans in and kisses your thigh, tingling every bit of skin his lips grace. You push him back slightly, sudden confidence coursing through you, and he lifts a brow, his expression almost screaming ‘oh really now?’ 

A smile slides across his features as your hands slide back up, your fingers sliding between your breasts. Your hands glide over the fabric again before they cut your breasts. You let your fingers run over your nipples as you bite your lip, pulling on one of them. A soft groan escapes you as you find yourself doing this more for you at the moment, and he’s salivating just watching. His hands move along your legs as you pull at the top of your dress now, just barely exposing your nipples him. The look in his eyes is almost pained as you stop. A smirk slides across your features as you make eye contact with him now. 

“That’s my good girl.. I knew you had it in ya..”

Your hair is a mess, your skin is almost damp from the heat of the room and of the moment, and you giggle just slightly through lowered eyelids as you slide the rest of your dress down slowly. Bringing it over your hips, you let it fall around your heels. 

“Do I get to have you in me, daddy?” You ask, a big grin on your face now as you look at him. It almost feels like something in you snapped, and you just want to act on instinct. 

“Oh baby doll..” he groans, unbuttoning his pants and leaning in to kiss your thighs. You could tell he was proud of you and something in that gave you butterflies. His kisses led from your thigh up to your hip, his mouth trailing only inches away from your folds. He breathes against you before delving in, his tongue sliding along your slit. You moan, a hand playing with his green hair as the other pulls on your nipple. His tongue darts over your clit over and over and you almost laugh at the pleasure coursing through you.

He pulls back, grabbing your shoulders and turning your around, bending you over the table in front of the couch. He takes a long, clean cloth napkin and wrings it up, slapping your ass with it before pulling it back over your mouth and gagging you as your hands grip onto the table. His hand drags over the napkin and trails back to your hair, gripping into it and yanking it back. He grabs his gun with the other hand and glides the the end of the barrel over your back, the cold metal giving you chills. 

You can feel it sliding over your ass, stopping as he holds it at your sweet spot. 

“Happiness is a warm gun, ain’t it?” He growls, sliding it up and down your core again as you moan under the gag. You hang your head before he pulls it back by your hair. Instinctively, you move your hips to press further into his gun, letting it glide against your wetness now as he slips it between your folds further.

“Ask daddy nicely, and maybe I’ll give you want you want..” He coos, still gliding the gun agonizingly slow along your core.

Please beg through the makeshift gag. In a rush, you feel his torso on your back and see the gun next to your face. He couldn’t wait any longer, torturing himself at the sight of you like this for him. What he had only seen around town as a sweet, innocent girl, being so dirty, so naughty just for him. His game was corruption, and everyone knew it. He uses a few fingers to pull the gag down from your mouth as he pushes himself into your core, sending a wave of pleasure from your essence to your head and your toes. A loud moan leaves you as he grunts, sliding in and out of your wetness.

“Lemme hear you moan for daddy, huh kitten?”

Almost on cue, you moan for him, unable to take the heat between your thighs now as you buck your hips to meet his thrusts. He presses his wet gun against your lips, leaning down further to watch as you take the now warm gun into your mouth, sucking on it as he continues to throw you both into ecstasy. 

A loud, satisfied hoot leaves him as he continues to push into you, growing sloppier by the second. You can hear him laugh as he bites into your shoulder, trailing down your back with bruises until he stands up straight.


“More, daddy..” you beg with a grin as his hand makes contact with your ass again and again. His hands reach for your hips and he pulls you back into him roughly as he reaches his climax, the feeling only guiding you into yours. 

One more slap stings your ass as he pulls out of you, a sort of “job well done” one this time as you pant, leaning down further on the table and loosening your grip on the edge. He squeezes your ass before turning around, buttoning his pants again and sliding a hand back through his emerald hair. The dress lands next to you as he tosses it back, looking around the room back on his guard as he wards off any stares that they may have attracted with his own icy glare as you stand back up, sliding into your {F/C} dress again. You smooth it out, and attempt to smooth out your hair while you turn back to him, half sitting on the table as you kick a leg up, leaning back on your arms and biting your lip.

“You’re gonna do just nicely at my side..” he says as he turns around, admiring a bruise already surfacing on your clavicle. 


Took one look at him with that rope and this scenario immediately came to mind

Ask to borrow the rope telling him you want to show him a “special” rope trick and the first step involves tying his hands behind his back. Trusting to a fault and curious to know the trick, he obliges, allowing you to bind his wrist securely behind his back.  Then pour the contents of a brown bottle onto a rag and press it over his face and ask “Does this smell like chloroform?” 

I’ve got 99 pick up lines and the girl’s now mine  (pt.1)

(or boy we don’t discriminate)

1. Are you a dementor cause you take my breath away

2. You’re so hot I could bake cookies on you

3. Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?

4. Are you a cat? Cause you are purrrfect

5. I like Legos, you like Legos, why don’t we build a relationship?

6. If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you

7.If you were a vegetable you’d be a cutecumber

8. Have you been to the doctor lately? Cause I think you’re lacking in vitamin Me

9. Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?

10. I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you

11. Can I have directions?
[To where?]
To your heart

12. Are you a parking ticket cause you’ve got fine written all over you

13. I was feeling a little off today but you definitely turned me on

14. Do you know what my shirt is made of? Girlfriend material

15. Do you have a shovel? Cause I’m digging that ass

16. From 1 to 10 I rate you 9 and I’m the only 1 you need

17. Is your name Ariel because I think we mermaid for eachother

18. Do you know what’s on the menu? Me-n-u

19. Are you craving pizza because I’d love to get a pizz-a dat ass

20. I’m no photographer but I can picture us together

21. I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

22. Are you a ghost? Because your boo-ty is out of sight

23. Do you like Harry Potter because you can slytherin my bed

24. Woah girl, are you from France because maDAMN

25. Did you sit on a pile of sugar? Cause you’ve got a pretty sweet ass

26. I may not go down in history but I’ll go down on you

27. Our love is like dividing zero you can’t define it

28. Are you made of copper and tellurium because you’re CuTe

29. You like sleeping? Hey me too we should do it together

30. If you were homework I’d do you

31. Do you work at McDonald’s because I want you in my happy meal

32. Are you a tower because Eiffel for you

33. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again

34. Are you going to kiss me or do I need to lie to my diary?

35. You look a lot like my next boyfriend

36. Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number

37. You must be a banana because I find you apealing

38. If you were a triangle you’d be acute one

39. Is your dad a terrorist? Cuz you da bomb

40. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back

41. You must be the square root of one because you can’t be real

42. I’m no organ donor but I’d be happy to give you my heart

43. Man your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all night

44. Do you have a mirror in your pocket because I can see me in your pants

45. Do you have a bandaid because I just scraped my knee falling for you

46. Girl if you were a dinosaur you’d be a gorgeousauras

47. If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple

48. Are you religious because you just answered all of my prayers

49. I need a map because I’m lost in your eyes

montagnelady  asked:

You've described chloroform as a "sweet" smell before on a previous post, but I find that kinda vague. Is it a flowery type of sweet or a candy type? Or was that just a joke, and if it is, what does it really smell like?

I love you guys all so much I trawled Reddit for the answer to this. 

Here’s how it was described in the thread, which contained mostly chemists (or rather, the serious answers were all from chemists): 

- its sweet but musty (like wet towels?)

- It smells vaguely similar to acetone or any number of various organic solvents.

- I’d sooner compare it to something like lighter fluid than acetone. It’s very sweet and sort of “cold” smelling, but not “minty”.

- Overly sweet kool aid mixed with antifreeze. 

-  chloroform has a fairly sweet but chemical-ly smell to it. 

So that’s what they have to say. I’ve never worked with it; medicine stopped using chloroform as an anesthetic a long time ago. 

Hope this helped! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


PS: Chloroform will take 1-5 minutes to get an effective knockout, and it takes a lot of the stuff on a rag to get the job done. 

Let’s Talk About the J2 Rape Joke

Before I start, I’d like to say a few things. I have stanned problematic faves. I have defended actors who, in turn, proved that they were not deserving of that defense. I have been complicit in sexualizing male actors. It may have taken me awhile, but I have tried to learn from where I have gone wrong in hopes of doing better in the future. With that said, this is not going to be some holier-than-thou speech about how I know how to be a perfect fan. The goal of this is to open up a dialogue about recent events without finger pointing and fan or fave shaming.

Over the weekend, I noticed people were talking about a particular joke that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles made at NOLACon. Some tweets I saw were outraged at his rape joke pickup line. Others were tweets that gave context to the scenario. Still others were purely in defense of Jared and Jensen as people. Today, I found that Teen Vogue had stepped in and written an article about this. While others have their say externally, it seemed a good time to sit down as a family and discuss how we’re feeling.

To be honest, the first tweet I saw was giving context to J2′s words. I found myself nodding along. “This makes sense,” I said to myself. I have been to three conventions and I have seen the audience goad the actors into saying things they may not have felt appropriate to say. The con world is a different place from reality. Con is a place where the line between cast member and fan are often blurred. 

Consider the following example:

In Seattle, at autographs, Jared Padalecki cussed me out. It was the best moment of my con experience.

Now, that’s a really fucking weird collection of words, right? Like…who wants that? Now, we bring in the context:

In Seattle, at photo ops, I was so terrified due to my anxiety disorder that I found myself stuck in a spiral of “What the fuck? Holy shit” and I happened to verbalize those thoughts. By the time I got to autographs, I had calmed down considerably. I apologized to Jared for swearing so much during photo ops. His response was “What the fuck was that shit? I’m fucking pissed!” We both laughed, and I said “Seriously, though. Thank you for always being patient with me.” To which he responded “Any time, Doll.”

Context can mean absolutely everything in any situation, especially a con situation. So, after reading the context of Jared’s “Does this rag smell like Chloroform?” and Jensen’s “No, Mr. Cosby,” I felt more at ease about it. The boys were just being silly and letting the fans into their inner circle of “Boy Talk.” Moments where the actors say absurd or rude things can feel like you’re being included for just a moment and counted as a friend.

Even with context, this kept bugging me. Over the past two days, I’ve dragged it out of mental storage and chewed on it a couple times to figure out what was wrong. SuperWiki stated it really well on Twitter.

This is perpetuation of rape culture.

When we laugh at these jokes, we are saying they are okay. When we defend these jokes, we are saying we don’t mind them. When we refuse to speak up against this, we are saying that it’s not problematic.

And, maybe that’s not what we’re trying to say with our love and support of J2 following this occurrence. Maybe we’re trying to say “I love Jared and Jensen for the good they do in the community.” or “I love Jared because he always treats me like I matter to him.” or “I love Jensen because he can make me laugh whenever I’m feeling down.” 

My friends and I have discussed this a lot today and come to one conclusion:

It’s okay to hold two opposing ideas in your head.

I am completely comfortable in saying “Jared Padalecki has always been kind to me when I have met him.” and “Jared Padalecki did a shitty thing by telling a rape joke.”

You can still love the shit out of your faves while admitting they have done something problematic. Calling out bad behavior is not being a bad fan. Most people (hopefully), call out bad behavior out of love. We want to see these men be successful, happy, and healthy. When we see them make decisions that hurt others and can potentially hurt themselves, is it loving to ignore it?

I don’t have any easy solutions to this. I’m not saying “UNSTAN IMMEDIATELY!” (unless that’s what you want to do) and I’m not saying you have to be 100% on their side, ride or die (unless that’s what you want to do.) The media is having their say, Twitter has erupted, and from where I’m sitting I felt we were starting to get overdue for a family discussion about this. It’s okay to have decided completely how you feel about this. It’s okay to be mixed up. It’s okay to not care. Let’s just try not to hurt each other while we figure out where we stand. <3

anonymous asked:

Black hat x reader where the reader is dating a hero, but Black Hat is Pissed™ because he liked them. So he decides to kill two birds with one stone, and kidnap the reader for himself, and leave the hero with a threatening note and a picture of reader unconscious in his arms. Reader wakes up later and is angry and scared. Cue sassy banter. You decide the rest. Thank you!

OhhHoh YES! I just love this idea! I can’t get over it! 

Jealously, Ignorance | Black Hat x Taken! Reader

{ I made this fic with a fem! reader, i hope that wasn’t a mistake! :( Normally i would make my fics with gender-neutral terms, but the flow of the story seemed to fit so well with a her. }

A/N: I just woke up at 12pm (yes. noon. sometimes i’ll sleep til like 3 pm if nobody bothers me. I’M A LAZY BUM) to a phone call from the manager of the business that i applied for a job at!! AHH! I scheduled an interview for July 6th. This means i’m gonna need to be busting my tooshie and cranking out fics for you all! If i get this job, i’m gonna have about 50-75% of the time on my hands taken from me! :( (but also yay because that means i can buy sick stuff and get that DRAWING TABLET so i can create art for you guys too!!) 

Anyway, my inbox is blown up right now! I’m loving the feedback and support from you all. If you don’t see your fic posted soon, i promise i’ll get to it! I’ll never delete my asks from my lovely supporters!! <3 Okay, enough boohoo time and ON WITH THE FIC! Adios!

“I must go save them. I promise i’ll be back soon, okay?” Jonathan cooed, well .. otherwise known as “Hyper Hex”, a hero to this city. Also Y/N’s boyfriend. Y/N sighed, sitting patiently at the table in Jonathan’s apartment, a lovely at-home dinner date in front of her. Disappointment dripped from her voice. Jonathan gave Y/N a kiss on the forehead, then opened the window and zipped out. 

Two hours had passed, the city was still “in trouble” apparently, and Jonathan- no, Hyper Hex wasn’t anywhere to be seen. At least in the apartment that was. Y/N sat on the couch, a bottle of wine in her hands, a sleepy look in her eyes. She stared dimly at the TV screen. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was on, the episodes seeming to never stop. Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s a marathon. Y/N slowly turned her head, glancing at the clock. 10pm. She sighed, standing up from the couch, slamming the bottle of wine on the coffee table, and stumbling straight to her room. Without even changing from her nice black dress she had put on for the date, she flopped on the bed, hugging the pillow angrily until she fell asleep. 

Black Hat sat on his throne with the the angriest face he’s ever had. “A boyfriend..” He growled. “A HERO BOYFRIEND!!” He boomed. The walls shook, Dr. Flug shivered from his lab. Oh no, Boss was angry, more than usual. Black Hat’s hands turned to claws as they gripped the throne, tearing holes in the red velvet. “She’s MINE!” He shouted, swiping one of the stone busts of himself off it’s pedestal. It flew to the floor, shattering. He oozed with rage, breathing heavily, unpredictably. He marched to the lab, his black coat fanning behind him from the speed he was going. He slammed the door against the wall as he opened it, Dr. Flug shuddering. “Y’Yes sir- Lord Black Hat Sir?” He said, terrified. “Give me the chloroform.” He insisted. “Y-Yes s-” “NOW!” He shouted. Dr. Flug trembled like a coward, running immediately to his chemical cabinet, searching through the bottled for chloroform. He wasn’t gonna bother asking what it was for. He ran back to his boss, handing it to him gently. Without another word, Black Hat spun around, marching out of the lab, his coattails floating behind him accordingly. 

From stalking Y/N for however long he’s had eyes for them, he knew exactly where they lived, from memory. He made his way inside without any mistake. The lights were off, and on the TV was Hyper Hex himself. Hmm. Saving the city. What a good, good boy. Black Hat’s hand clenched furiously, nearly breaking the TV screen. He held himself back.. he wouldn’t want to wake up his girl, would he..?” He crept to the bedroom, the door was open, there was a figure on the bed. Oh how lovely she looked in that black dress. He got closer. How lovely she looked sleeping.. but she wasn’t sleeping in his bed. He barred his shark-like teeth, pulling the cork off the bottle of chloroform, soaking the rag. “Honey, tell me.. does this rag smell like chloroform?” He said, then placed the rag across Y/N’s face. Gently. Her body jolted from shock, but she was only awake for a few more seconds, unable to see through the rag. With one deep breath, she was out again. Black Hat grinned, his glowing eyes flaring up. He laughed evilly, scooping her off the bed and into his arms. “He wasn’t here to save you tonight, Princess.” He said, brushing back her hair. He pulled out a Polaroid, flashing a quick picture of her. Oh she was gorgeous. There on the bed he left the note, and the photo. “The hero wasn’t there to save the innocent girl.The knight put his guard down that night, and the dragon stole the princess away. I promised i’d always protect her. If you truly want her, come get her. OH but do come prepared, the dragon has much waiting for you.” 

Y/N woke up with a gasp. “A nightmare?” Black hat asked from his throne, grinning. He sat relaxed, His chin resting in the palm of one hand, a glass of wine in the other. Wait.. was that wine.. or blood? Y/N yanked at the ropes that bound them. “I must say, you have an incredible taste for wine. Y/N. Too bad Hyper Hex wasn’t there to share it with you on your date night.” He frowned. “What do you want from me? Who are you, why am i here?” Y/N asked, terrified, yet keeping their attitude bold. Black Hat chuckled. “The better boyfriend, that’s who i am. If you were with me, you’d always be safe.” He said, swirling the wine in his glass, glancing down at her. “By the looks of this place, i couldn’t be safe if you surrounded me in pillows and tied me up in a straitjacket.” She remarked. Black Hat chuckled, “Your sass is cute. That’s why i love you.” His gruff voice cooed. Y/N swallowed. “Why me? I don’t even know you!” Y/N said desperately. “But you do.” Black Hat said, standing up. He placed his glass of wine on the side table, slowly approaching her. Y/N got more terrified each step closer he took. “Just think, love. It’s been a few years.. but i’m there.” He grinned, placing his fingers under her chin, slowly sliding them away. Y/N put her head down, then looked back up at his face, squinting, trying so hard. Who was he? What relation did he have with her? She gave up. “Look, you can let me go! I can-” You can what?” Black Hat interrupted, “You can run off, back to your normal life, with your hero boyfriend? I’ll never see you again, i’ll never get the chance to be with you?” His voice got louder, and more aggressive as he went on. He stopped, staring at Y/N’s horrified, yet sad face. She stopped, feeling.. remorse? He loved her, and she’d never seen him a day in her life. “Stay, with me.” He paused, “You can learn to love me, (and trust me, it won’t take that long)” He flicked his collar, smirking. Y/N stared up at him, shaking her head and looking back down. A furious look washed over Black Hat’s face, “Fine.” He said, turning around, and walking out of the room without another word. “W-Wait-!” Y/N shouted. He slammed the door.

Alright alright! Kind of a cliffhanger, but I’ve been writing this for about 2 hours now and i’m thinkin’ about replying to another ask. Did you guys like it? Would you want a more smutty side? Where Black Hat kidnaps her, ties her up.. you get the drift ;). Would you like a part two? Would you like an ending where possibly reader is brainwashed into staying by something BH insists Dr. Flug creates? Would you like an ending where BH is heartbroken and lets his love go? An ending where Hyper Hex comes to save his girlfriend? Would you rather have BH be more aggressive towards reader? LET ME KNOW!! 

anonymous asked:

How well does chloroform actually work? I assume it doesn't work instantly like you see on tv or in movies

Hey there nonny! 

Chloroform is indeed an inhaled anesthetic, meaning that it does in fact knock people out. But it’s a bit different, to be sure, than how things work on TV. 

For example, chloroform takes 2-5 minutes to produce anesthesia, not the mere moments that are always portrayed. (To be fair, so does my favorite chloroform alternative, ketamine, which has about a 2-minute onset when injected into the muscle). 

The truth is that all effective sedative or anesthetic agents will have an onset time like this unless they’re directed directly into the bloodstream – which requires both an expert injectionator (or injectionatrix) and a willing recipient. Trust me, if IVs on struggling patients were easy, we wouldn’t have so many godsdamned needlestick injuries every year >.< .  

Chloroform is also somewhat of an irritant, so a character subdued by it will likely have a fair amount of redness and irritation wherever the, uhh, anesthetic was applied. 

It’s also impossible to control the dose of chloroform if it’s given movie-style (or even by a competent doctor), which means that those “put under” with chloroform have a tendency not to wake up. 

To be fair, when developed in the 1840s, chloroform was the best anesthetic available at the time. (Ether, which was already around, had the disadvantage of being highly flammable.) 

There are a great many reasons medicine moved away from chloroform as a surgical anesthetic. 

It also, by the way, has a distinct and sweet smell, leading to one of my favorite pieces of bad piece of EMS humor: “Hey, does this smell like chloroform to you?” 

Hope this didn’t put you to seep! 

xoxo, Samantha Keel

(Aunt Scripty)


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Bruce Wayne x Hufflepuff Reader

Summary: the reader is Bruce’s girlfriend and after they have a run-in with the Joker, the reader finds Harley Quinn and approaches her, since she’s crying. They becomes friends, and Bruce is furious that his gf would chat Harley up like this, but when he thinks about it he’s honestly not surprised because she’s such a sweet person.
Warnings: language, angst, sadness, mentions of abuse.
Word Count: 1500
Y/N waved the cab down and climbed in the backseat. “Evans Street, please,” she told the driver and he drove off, not speaking or looking your direction.
Speaking of directions…he wasn’t taking her the right way.
“Um, sir? I need to get to Evans Street.”
The driver nodded and proceeded down his route. Y/N spoke up again and again, but the driver appeared to be deaf.
“Sir, please. I’m really very tired and need to get home. My boyfriend is expecting me.”
“Don’t worry, girlie, you’ll be going to sleep very, very soon.” A man who appeared to be a terrible Joker copycat turned around to face her.
“You’re not the Joker. Who’s gonna fight you? Batman is incredibly busy and doesn’t have time for meanieheads like you.”
A body in the passenger seat arose and turned to face her. “Oh, God, she’s one of those. Sweetheart, it’s okay to fuckin’ curse. We’re kidnapping you, for Christ’s sake. Yell at us, please.”
“I will do no such thing. Besides, you aren’t kidnapping me if I agree to go with you.”
“I thought you wanted to to Evans Street?”
“Did I?”
“Yes!” They yelled together. The guy in the passenger seat crawled back to sit too close to her and asked, “Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”
Indeed it did.
She awoke tied to a chair, the rope rubbing her wrists and ankles raw. She was super tired…she should take a nap…
A blinding light and a sharp pain knocked any thoughts of a nap away.
“Wakey wakey, sunshine,” the cab driver taunted.
“I can’t be the sun; it’s night time.” She yawned.
“Maybe not the sun, but you are the sun in the Bat’s life.”
“Yes, that’s why he stays 9 million miles away from me.”
A look or pity flashed across the guy’s face, followed by his previous menacing grin. “Don’t worry, doll face. Your hero will be here for you soon enough.”
“Actually, it looks like he’s already here.”
“What?!” but a gloved fist collided with the man’s jaw, and a glossy black cape swooshed behind it.
A man with a red helmet, Nightwing, Red Robin, and Robin were also there. Nightwing ran over and untied her.
“It’s okay, Mom. We’re here now.”
“Hey Dick. So nice of you to come. I see you brought the whole family.”
“We’re not taking any chances where you’re concerned.” He kissed her cheek and helped her stand. She was a little wobbly and a lot loopy, but she could walk in a nearly straight line to the exit. She stumbled over her own feet, but a smol child with a green mask caught her.
“Thanks, Babybird.”
“Well well well, if it isn’t the Batmom and her breed or sparrows.” The real Joker taunted from their right.
“Um, I wasn’t kidnapped by the real Joker. This is a mistake.”
“Actually, doll face, I’m behind it all. This was just to confirm that you’re really Batsy’s girl, and guess what? Batsy’s girls never last too long with me around.” He laughed and danced like the psychopath he was, then disappeared into the shadows. Dick carried her bridal-style to the Batmobile and everyone was there, waiting for them.
Y/N heard a soft sob and stiffened. A woman was crying nearby. She scrambled out of Dick’s arms and headed for the sound.
“Mom, where are you going? Come back! Joker’s out here somewhere!” Dick hissed at her, but she ignored him. Someone needed her help.
The Batfamily leapt out of the Batmobile and searched for her, but she was nowhere to be found.
She was out in Gotham, alone, and still recovering from a drug overdose, and her boys couldn’t find her.
Y/N knew Gotham like the back of her hand. She had been raised here, she knew these streets as well as anyone. She knew exactly where a crying woman would hide, because she’d come here to do just that on several occasions.
She didn’t even hesitate to sit down beside the crying woman and pull her into her arms. She didn’t care if the woman in her arms was Harley Quinn; she just wanted to help her.
Harley sobbed on Y/N’s shoulder for a few minutes, then wiped her tears away and looked up at her.
“Who…who are you, lady?”
Y/N smiled. “I’m Y/N, hon. You’re safe now, I promise.”
“Ain’t nobody safe from Mistah J when he’s after you.”
“Actually, I think we can be.”
Harley looked up at her, confused. “You must be a lunatic. Nobody can stop him.”
“Oh, honey, it’s not about stopping him. It’s about saving you. I know a few guys who are great at saving distressed damsels.”
“I ain’t no damsel. I’m just distressed. A distressed nothin’.”
“Nobody is nothing, Harley. Who ran away from the Joker when he was being mean?”
“I did.” She sniffed.
“Yes, that’s right. Do you know who I am, Harley?”
“You’re Y/N. Hey, I know that name…Hey, you’re the Bat’s girlfriend.”
“Yep, that’s me. So, I know my bats. They will come for you if you push this button.” Y/N handed her a miniature plastic Batarang with a large red button in the center.
“Well, yeah, cuz they’ll think it’s you.”
“I have lots of these that I give to women that I run into. Abused women, women on the streets, women who live in sketchy neighborhoods. I talk to them all, and I love them all, and I give them all one of these. I don’t waste my time on trash, Harley. You’re not trash, okay? I’m here for you.” Y/N stood and pulled Harley up too.
“Well. alrighty then. Thanks, Y/N.”
“You’re welcome, Harley. Take care of yourself. Speaking of, I think my boys will be here soon for me. I’d suggest you scoot on and get yourself some shelter for the night.”
Harley nodded and ran off. As soon as her silhouette vanished, Y/N heard footsteps behind her.
“Mom!” Dick, Jason, Tim, and Dami all crashed into her and wrapped their arms around her. She laughed and hugged and kissed them all, then ran into the arms of Bruce himself. The frown on his face told her that they would be having a long discussion about this later on.
“what the hell were you thinking?!” Bruce screamed at her, Batman costume on but voice disguise off.
“She needed my help!”
“Harley Quinn, Y/N. She’s a criminal of the worst sort.”
“People in need are people in need, Bruce! why is it so hard for you to see that?!”
“You could’ve been hurt!”
“She was hurt!”
“I don’t care about her I only care about you!”
“I care about everyone!”
“and it’s going to get you killed!” his face was red and the blue veins in his neck were bulging. “I tracked her beacon and she’s back with the Joker! She was baiting you!”
“How did you know that I gave her a Batbeacon?” Y/N’s was hardly above a whisper.
“They allow us to track her at all times, even when she hasn’t pushed the button.” He said as if the fact that he had to remind her annoyed him.
“Yes, i gave Harley Quinn a Batbeacon, so you can track her at all times.”
Realization flickered across his handsome face. “Wherever Harley goes, the Joker is.”
Y/N nodded and rocked back and forth, waiting for him to say it.
“You gave us inside intel on the Joker.”
“and were able to comfort a crying woman.”
“For a Hufflepuff, you’ve got some cunning in you.”
“There’s some Slytherin in every Huffle,” she informed him, smiling smugly.
“But Mom, please don’t run off like that again.” Jason asked from behind her, coming to stand close at her side.
“Boys, do you really think you can tell our mother what to do?” Damian asked, coming in with Dick and Tim. “She’s good at finding trouble, and not even Batman can keep her away from it.”
As Y/N smiled at her youngest son and turned to look at Bruce, she found him laughing, and the rest of the boys were too. She giggled and hugged them all.
“Such a Hufflepuff,” she heard someone say.
Written by @tsctd, please don’t steal!

anonymous asked:

What happened with J2??

So… you should look it up or whatever because I don’t want to be wrong or your only source of information, but… to sum it up:

This past weekend at the con, the boys made a crude joke. Somebody asked them about bad pickup lines or something and Jared had one in mind but didn’t want to share, saying that it was *bad*. The fans pressured him into sharing. And it was the old “does this smell like chloroform” joke, followed by Jensen saying something like “Sure Cosby.” 

And in my opinion, people are blowing it way out of proportion. Then again, I have a sense of humor and a decently thick skin…

Was it appropriate? No. But. It was not a rape joke, and those two precious GOOD human beings would never make light of something like that. Honestly I took it as a jab at Cosby, if anything. It was a joke that had a disclaimer *hey this is bad* but people wanted to hear it anyway. They have both apologized, but there’s some nasty shit going around about them now, and honestly this could seriously hurt both their careers, not to mention their personal lives and mental health. It makes me sad that fans could think so little of these two men that have done so much good during their careers.

I really just want to give them both a big hug.

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What cheesy pick up lines would the Septic Egos (Chase, Jackie, Robbie, Marvin, and Anti) use on their s/o?

No love for schneep i see XD
And WHOOOOO this is gonna be fun


“Im sorry mam/sir/whatever, im afraid it is illegal to be that cute. Im going to need your number.”


“Do you have any zombie in you?…. would you like some?” ( Anti made him say it)


“If i bit my lip hard enough would you kiss it better?”


“Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?" 


"POOF! Now you arent single!”

While I was visiting my mother today, I mentioned my partner was having sinus trouble. So immediately she runs to the basement and comes back with some eucalyptus pillow spray that she bought while it was on sale like three months ago, because that’s just the kind of person she is.

So I come home, find my partner watching movies with a friend, and I want to make sure that the eucalyptus stuff will work for him/smell okay/be generally okay for him.

So I spritz some on a paper towel, sneak up behind him, press it to his face, and go 

“Does this smell like chloroform to you?”