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First tattoo advices

One of the asks I get more often is about how to approach tattoos for the first time. What to have, where, from who, what to expect,  how to deal with the artists and more, a lot of people are still a bit scared and confused from the whole tattoo thing. Most of the time their asks can have no answer, since things like subjects, placement, paint tolerance etc. are all pretty personal. But I’ll try to put down some guidelines, mixed with personal experiences, that will hopefully help makes things less stressfull and confused at least for someone.

(pic: Rodrigo Souto at work. Black outlines are usually tattooed first, then the black shading. Colors cames last. )

Is it the right time for it?
Usually, if you are underage, you can’t get tattooed without parents permission. I suppose it changes from one country to another, depending on the laws. Legal or not, getting a tattoo when you are still really young will reveal a bad idea most of the times. Even if you get tattooed from a pro, even if your tattoos looks good, there’s a high probability your taste will change soon, and so will your life priorities.
At 14 I was impressed from Clooney’s tattoos in From Dusk Till Dawn. I was convinced a tribal bodysuit was a badass option. Then, a few times later, I thought  Tom Gugliotta’s (what was I thinking? He wasn’t even that good as a player… :D) barbed wire armband was really cool too. At eighteen I though that let an apprentice tattooer I knew doing both my arms in his kitchen for a hundred bucks was a great idea. None of that happened, lucky me. Times were different, there was no internet (I mean of course there was, but it wasn’t like it is now), the only chance to know something about tattoos were through the magazines. I had my first tattoo at 24. A bit late, I know, I’m not suggesting you to wait that much. But still, even if I had it from a really good artist and still looks good, it’s not in the style I’m into now.

Will your tattoos affect your social interactions and your career? Yes and no. The older you are, the more you know about how you’ll live your life. But being tattooed brings no more the prejudices it used to. People are slowly getting used to them. I mean, if you want to run a bank, a face tattoo will probably be still an obstacle. But if you live in a big city, probably no one will ever stare at you for a small tattoo on your arm. My first tattoo was on my shoulder/chest, it doesn’t show even if I’m wearing a t-shirt. I went for an easy to hide area mostly to show my parents how wise and focused on the future I was. It wasn’t true, of course, but it helped. ;)

Ok, so just pretend you are old and wise enough for a tattoo. Where do you start?

(pic: Portrait from Dan Molloy. If you want one, be sure to bring a reference pic that is big enough to show all the details your artist will need)

Chosing the right artist
What style are you into? It can be hard to decide at first, but the more you look at good tattoos, the more your taste for them will be defined. This can probably help too. And then you have to find the right artist.
If you want to get tattooed, no doubt this will be the biggest challenge, and probably the most important. This choice will affect not only the final result, but the whole experience. A good artist, in a safe, positive environment, will make the whole journey something you’ll like to remember.

How do you know an artist is the one? It’s hard to say. Your taste, your knowledge, needs to be trained, a lot, to be able to tell a good artist from a mediocre one. I’ve “studied” this things for years. my nerd side definitely helped, and now a few pics of someone’s works are enough for me to know if an artist is someone to consider o not. Drawing skills are a good start, but I look for someone with good taste for colors, compositions, visual art in general. Roses are usually a good test. Or woman faces. If you want to find someone good, be prepared to go through tons of crappy portfolios. Or you can drop me a line, it can be helpful too. ;)

(pic: Dane Mancini tattooing free hand. Sometime the artists can draw the whole design (or a few details of it) on the skin with a marker, following their ceativity)

The subjects and the placement
I get a lot of asks about what to get tattooed too. No one can tell you what you should wear on your skin. Look for good art, and just get inspired. And then a good artist will help you to turn your ideas into something pleasant to look and to wear.

Let’s skip fast the “should I bring the design?” part. The answer is a big no. Even if you are amazing at drawing. Even if it does have a deep meaning for you cause your best friend draws it. No. Tattoo designs are different from drawings for a ton of reasons. Let tattoo artists do their job.

When you are considering a subject, don’t fill the concept with too much stuff. I mean, you want a ship, and a lighthouse, and an anchor, and a rose. It’s already more than you need. Don’t ask the artist to add a dagger, and a dog, and your grandma’s name, and your first bike, all on the same design. The less you put into it, the more he/she will have the creative space to create something great. If you want a text, please reconsider it. And read this first.

And please, forget all the tv shows shit about how everything you get tattooed must have a sad story, a deep meaning behind it, how every detail must be symbolic and represent something. 
Like if you want a rose, and you love your family, you don’t need a single petal for each brother/sister/cousin/dog. Just have a good looking, damn rose. The meaning behind it will be as strong as your intention, no matter what.

You have a sad/positive reason to get tattoed? Great. You don’t? Who cares. Tattoos looks great, and this is the only reason you need. ;)

(pic: Matt Adamson’s design. On the left, the stancil he used to have a trace of it on the skin.)

Book for it.
If the shop is close to you, go talk them in person. Someone will take care of you. A phone call is a good idea too. Or send the shop an email. Messages on facebook are usually a bad way to get in contact with them. If you still get no answer after a reasonable time, keep trying, don’t be afraid to insist.
Sooner or later, you’ll talk with the artist. Tell him/her what you want, the mood you want your piece to have, what you would like him/her to include, what you like from his/her past works. You can bring references, if you think it would help. Bringing pics of other people’s tattoos as a reference is ok, until you just use them to explain what you want. Asking to copy someone alse’s tattoo is wrong, unethical and pretty lame.

Be prepared to tell them about size and placement. It’s ok to have clear in mind what you want, but when an artist suggest you to change something, is usually for a reason, so try to be open minded about it. Some tattoos can be completed on a single session, some will need more. You need to heal completely, before the artist can continue to work on it, so be prepared to wait at least a few weeks before you can have a new session.
Some artist will send a sketch to you days before your appointment, to check if you are ok with it. But it’s not rare to see them finish it while you are already at the shop to get tattooed. Yes, even if you booked for it months before. If you don’t like the design, just ask the artist to change it. But don’t forget they are already working for you, and don’t forget to be respectful.

(pic: Stu Padgin’s print. Go through the artists’ sketchbook if you have the chance to. They usually have tons of great designs still available)

Be ready for it.
If you have done everything as you should, you have nothing to fear about. Protect your skin from sun, a tanned, burned skin can’t be tattooed. Eat something before to start, bring something to drink, but stay away from alcohol from 24h at least. It would cause your blood vessels to dilate, and the tattoo to bleed more. The blood would make harder for the artist to work and to get the ink going deep enough to stay. Bring a friend to the shop with you only if ou really need too (you won’t, trust me), and never more than one. You want your artist to be confortable and focused while is working on you. From now on, it’s up to him/her.

“Does it hurt?”

Yes, it does. How much? It’s impossible to say. Some areas are usually more painful than others, but it depends on your skin, your muscolar conformation, your pain tolerance. Usually, it’s always a pain you can tolerate. Try to focus on your breath, and keep your body relaxed. The less you shake, the easiest will be for the artist to do his/her job. If you need a break, just ask for it.

If the pain is a serious issue for you, just don’t let it be your only concern while you are considering the placement. Of course, starting from your ribs it’s probably not a great idea, but classics spot like arms, legs, or shoulders are good under both the aesthetical and pain aspects. Even if you want a sleeve, you don’t need to plan it from the beginning. If you are not sure of how your body will react, just start with something smaller, and on a less sensitive spot.

In short:

1 - Be sure a tattoo it’s what you want, Consider your lifestile, and the one you wish to have. Keep in mind you’ll need money for it, and it will be painful. Be aware of all the negative and the positive a tattoo will bring in your life. There is nothing to be ashamed of in starting with something small, or on a hidden area, if you need to.

2 -  Don’t go for a cheap one. A tattoo it’s a life committment, and you deserve the best you can have, even if it will take time to find it. Search, get informed, define your taste. And then book with the best.

3 -  Let the artist do his/her job, but still be part of the process. Talk to your artist, let him/her involve you in the creation of your piece. Your tattoo will be meaningful and unique.

4 - Be prepared to the pain, but don’t let it scare you. Be conscious but relaxed and confident. Trust your ability to overcome pain, understand that it’s part of the process, and enjoy the experience for what it is.

5 - Take care of your skin and tattoos! Follow your artist’s instruction, keep it clean, and don’t be afraid to ask the shop for help if you think something is not as it should.

And that’s it, I think. Don’t be afraid.It’s always worth it. ;)

(pic: Steve Moore’s backpiece)

Imagine the person whose interviewing Cole asks about your guy’s relationship.

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“There a question I’m sure so many fans have been dying to ask—“ She said with a grin. “Is there anything going on between you and Y/N?”

Cole let out a soft chuckle to himself as he glanced away to look at you across the way.

“We’ve seen so many pictures of you two around town and looking very cozy might I add.” The interviewer continued. “There’s already a ship name for you two!”

He nodded, a smile growing on his lips as he tried to figure out how to answer.

“Y/N is—she and I are really close.” He said. “We’ve been friends for such a long time now, I mean—“

“Since your days on the Disney Channel, right?” The interviewer cut him off.

“Yea. We kind of just clicked and have been close ever since.” He muttered. “She’s freakin amazing and beautiful—I mean who wouldn’t want to get to know her!”

“Wait! So does this mean you guys are dating or—“

Cole shrugged his shoulders, his lips were curved at the edges though he tried to hide it.

“All I’m saying is that we are really close.” He chuckled.

♤ darejones | matt & jessica headcanons ♢

○ during a truth or dare game with danny and luke, matt dared jessica to wear his costume. she hated it and she ignored him for the rest of the night (and she drank all his booze).
○ after jessica ends up pretty battered up after a fight, matt offers to teach her some martial arts and after a little bit of resistance, jessica accepts and they start sparring and matt always beats her but then when he’s not paying attention she repays him and shoves him really hard. turns out she’s naturally talented, when she’s not buzzed or drunk.
○ ‘are you drunk?’
‘are you A drunk?’
'wha- no. maybe. probably.’
○ jessica likes to pet him and at first she says she does it because his hair is a mess after being pressed under that stupid helmet but it soon becomes crystal clear that she just likes his hair and he lets her.
○ 'fingerless gloves are kind of stupid.’
'says the red eared devil.’
'they’re horns.’
'whatever, red kitty.’
○ after danny involuntarily spills that jessica and luke slept together more than once, matt starts to get a little jealous of their chemistry. jessica doesn’t notice but luke does. 'hey man, you don’t have to worry. there’s nothing between us.’ 'i sure hope so since, you know, me and her are kind of together.’ 'yea don’t tell her that, she’s gonna punch you’ 'probably, yeah’ And they end up bonding over her instead.
○ 'hey i was browsing and-’ 'oh no’ 'luke, i told you to keep ironclad away from the internet’ ’-apparently people started giving you and matt a ship name’ 'a what’ 'a couple name’ 'what does that even mean’ 'they like you two together’ 'we’re not-’ 'darejones’ 'matt, did you already know?’ 'yea, i came accross it a few weeks ago. doesn’t sound bad.’ 'oh my god’ 'the ship is real!!1!!11’
○ it takes a lot of time for jessica to let matt touch her face. 'i want to get a feel of how you are’ 'it’s kinda weird tho’ 'a bit. but if you don’t want to-’ 'fuck it’ and she takes his hands and guides them to her cheeks. 'feel all you need to feel’ and he’s so happy. 'i already got an idea of your nose when we kissed but this… i like it even more now.’ 'shut it’

I don’t know why Jungkook is so jealous of Rapmin. Maybe it’s because Jimin looks good standing next to Namjoon. Or maybe it’s the way he tucks right into Namjoon’s side. Or maybe it’s because Namjoon really likes to wrap his arm around Jimin’s tiny waist and pulls him close whenever he can. Nah, I totally know why he’s salty: Rapmin is hot as hell and Jungkook knows it. 

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Riddler stuff giveaway :D

“Indy, you’ve been saying you’ll do this for like the last YEAR”

I know, and now for reals I am.

The details are under the cut because we all know I talk too much. 

The giveaway is open for entry between 5 pm EST July 1 and 5 pm EST July 14.  I will reveal the winner no more than 48 hours after this period ends, depending on my work schedule at that time.

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proto-kitteh mentioned you in a post

@sassysnowperson​, no one’s written for it yet, but you said “crossover” and I have a MIGHTY NEED for Obi-Wan/Rupert Giles now.

@proto-kitteh​ I feel you, and I see how it could work, but I am struggling to imagine them as anything but exhausted and British at each other. 

But let’s write it and see what happens!

Meanwhile, in Improbable Crossover Land: 

Anakin ran the monster through with his lightsaber. He closed the lightsaber and turned back to Obi-Wan, “That’s another one down - ” was as far as he got before the monster lept at his back and attempted to sink its fangs into Anakin’s neck. 

“I stabbed you!” Anakin said, deeply offended, as he dodged out of the way and sliced off the monster’s arm. 

Out of nowhere, some bouncy blond girl with a face full of death rolled up behind the vampire and stabbed it with a twig. And it exploded. Anakin was deeply offended. 

Obi-Wan watched in despair as his padawan proceeded to argue with his savior over the relative merits of a glowing technological wonder versus pointy tree bits. He seemed to keep running up against the fact that the sharpened plant parts worked, but that doesn’t stop him from arguing anyway. 

“I should probably put a stop to that,” Obi-Wan muttered, mostly to himself. 

“Good Lord, if you’ve found a way to stop teenagers from being melodramatic you owe it to the world to share your discovery.” 

Obi-Wan turned, raising an eyebrow at the besuited bespecled blond man behind him. He gave the man a small smile. “To be fair, I said should. I never specified that I could.”

The man gave a small chuckle and extended his hand. “Rupert Giles, I’m with her.” 

Obi-Wan took the hand, “Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I refuse to claim any association with the young man currently arguing that because the sun is plasma and his sword is plasma, he should have been able to melt them, despite all evidence to the contrary.” 

Rupert sighed, “At least he has an investigative mind.”

“The trouble is in focusing it.” 

“Isn’t it always.” Giles gave Obi-Wan a considering once-over. There was a certain heat that grew behind his eyes. “Mister Kenobi, can I buy you a drink? I have a feeling we have a great deal of commiseration we could share.”  

“That sounds…acceptable.” Obi-Wan paused for a moment, clearing his throat before saying, “Technically it’s not Mister. It’s Master.” 

Giles gave Obi-Wan a wry smirk. “Let’s save titles like that until after the third date, shall we?”  

my boyfriend does my makeup voiceover; jeno ver.

a/n; i know im pretty late on the bandwagon but i was casually reading some of cheryl’s( @markleetrashh ) works and i happened to see her version of it and damn i was inspired to write my own hehe.. this might eventually be a series(ish) on this blog i already have someone else in mind for the next part of this series so do request if you want to see anyone in particular:)))

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bye my heart is weak for my dearest bias wrecker zeno sails again and yes i totally made that ship name up i have zero shame

  • ok so
  • it took you a aju long time to coerce coax jeno into doing this
  • “i don’t know anything about makeup!!”
  • “says the one who puts it on when they go on stage”
  • “okay maybe a little but- I KNOW NOTHING”
  • “i’ll cuddle you whenever if you do it”
  • “even when you’re doing homework?”
  • “…”
  • “yeah as long as i don’t fail my exams”
  • hence
  • mc jeno in the house with you beside him
  • “hey guys, its jeno here, y/n’s boyfriend, and today i’ll be voiceover-ing her everyday makeup look!!”
  • “i heard from y/n that alot of you guys have been requesting this since forever–”
  • “they just like you better jeno”
  • “that’s not true!!”
  • “it is!! the comment section is 70% of ‘where’s jeno’”
  • “ anyway, i know absolutely nothing about makeup, please forgive me.”
  • “so first off!! y/n looks beautiful even without makeup omygod shes so pretty and damn she looks like she already had makeup on–”
  • “i’m deducting one cuddle hour”
  • “why do i get called out for complimenting you y/n”
  • “oops okay so here is this mint looking tube called pore-fessional?? i don’t get why makeup has weird names”
  • “soooo she’s just squeezing a dot on the back of her hand and then spreading it all over her face”
  • “next we have this,,, thing called laneige”
  • “oh it’s a bb cushion! the makeup noonas put it on my face too”
  • “now she’s patting it all over her face, papapapapapapt”
  • “and done!! wow she’s so pretty!!!”
  • “and now for this,, thing that has a white fluff on the top, wha– age-rewind?? why does she need it she looks so young why does she need that”
  • “she’s using that to draw a triangle at the bottom of her eyes on her cheeks”
  • “then she uses the same sponge from the bb cushion thing, papapapapapapat”
  • “ok she’s done i don’t see you looking like a 3 year old y/n– i’M SORRY I LOVE YOU BABE”
  • you threw your stuffed unicorn and jeno, as he caught it,,
  • “omygod jeno”
  • you just sighed and leaned your head on his broad shoulders, as he smirked smiled to himself and continued the commentary
  • “so now y/n has to draw her eyebrows,, using this silver pen?? g–goofproof something idontknow”
  • “after drawing, she takes this small bottle called gimme brow and brushes the very small brush through her brows and now she has pretty brows as pretty as her yay”
  • “y/n now has this too faced sweet peach palette! i know the name because i bought it for her and she was so happy and the palette smells like peaches i recommend it,, and she’s taking this uh,, beige? colour and putting it on her eyelid”
  • “and now she’s taking a pink colour and putting it on too, y/n looks so pretty what did i do to deserve her”
  • “oh my god jeno istg”
  • “i’m the best boyfriend commenter i know that babe”
  • “now she uses another black pen to draw a line on her eyelid, and with a tiny little flick at the end!”
  • “okay it’s time to put the mascara, she uses this scary looking scissor-like thing to cut?? oh no curl her lashes! the makeup noona did that to mark-hyung’s eyes because we can’t see his eyelashes”
  • “you’re lying when you said you know nothing about makeup, jeno”
  • “i really know nothing,,,”
  • “don’t lie! i bet you know more than me”
  • “now y/n uses this pink thing called galifornia?? i thought it was california”
  • “oh and now she has pink cheeks oguogu so cute”
  • “next she uses becca’s highlighter in champagne pop! i know it because i bought it for her along with the peach palette! i like it because it looks like iron man’s armour”
  • “with a mini fan she uses it to highlight her nose bridge, and her cheeks, so she will shine bright like a diamond”
  • “wow jeno you really don’t know anything about makeup”
  • “the makeup noona taught me”
  • “lastly, she uses this lip thing, that has a triangle in the middle”
  • “y/n says its from laneige, the what?”
  • “two tone tint lip bar”
  • “anyway, its called tint mint, and it smells really good when i–”
  • “okay too much information”
  • “and now she has this pretty gradient lip thing!! so pretty”
  • “i guess she’s done now, she’s posing prettily for the camera!”
  • “remember to like, share and subscribe to y/n’s channel!” 
  • “if you subscribe i will do a boyfriend tag with y/n”
  • “ok what lee jeno i did not agree to this–”
  • “thank you for watching and please give y/n lots of love!!”
  • and then jeno just stops the recording himself and slouches in his seat,
  • “did i do good y/n? i literally kept asking the makeup noona questions so i can–”
  • “you did great jeno, you’re the best” as you hugged him in assurance, as he hugged you back
  • “can we do this again? it was really fun”
  • “i think my viewers would love that more than my usual videos”
Operation supercorp pt.1
  • Maggie: so I have gathered you all hear today for a very special reason
  • James: does it have anything to do with guardian
  • Winn: yeah cause we didn't destroy anything
  • Maggie: no but we will talk about that later, this is more important.
  • M'gann: what is it then?
  • Maggie: this is operation supercorp
  • James: operation what now
  • Winn: supercorp it's the ship name for supergirl and Lena Luthor
  • Maggie: that would be the one, you three have been recruited to get those two together
  • M'gann: I thought they were already together
  • James: nope they just do couple like things
  • Maggie: the three of you must use any means necessary got it
  • All: got it
  • Maggie: then head out and welcome to operation supercorp

the-trans-mafia  asked:

Any other pairing headcanons you have?

Paddy x Rhodonite! (Idk their ship name?)

- Rhodo always points out to Paddy that what she just predicted already happened, but she doesn’t do it to make her feel bad. She does it so Paddy knows that someone cares about her visions and so she knows that her visions were real and came true

- When something that just happened bothers or scares Rhodo, Paddy predicts it and the way she words it makes it sound not so bad. It helps Rhodo’s anxiety

- Paddy’s enduring optimism being the perfect contrast to Rhodo’s limitless pessimism

- Rhodo looks out for Paddy’s safety constantly because she’s so important to her she couldn’t bare to lose her

- she holds …………….

ACOWAR Spoilers here

I know I said I would, but I need to talk about some of all these feels ACOWAR gave me, so my heart will remain in one piece. Soo…


Seriously, don’t read these if you haven’t read the book. I am being kinda vague some places, and dropping bombs that I think are far more impactful if you read it first. Come back, and nod furiously instead.

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Equal to a grain of sand on a sinking ship.

The Kraken is not a beast
she is a force of Nature
and your boat is a fly in her soup
understand the world you live in
the insignificance you provide
and when you look up at the stars
and name them
understand that the language coming off your tongue
does not translate to those above you
the stars are already dead
and care not for the names you’ve given their ghosts
and the Kraken cares not for the rickety wood and the soggy men
and the rum and the gunpowder and the slaves
the Kraken will simply destroy the fly in her soup
and go about existing unaware
that your cries have left widows and orphans
and unfinished love letters back on dry land

anonymous asked:

Everyone's saying that s4 is dreamworks payback bc klancers threatened to not take down those Studio Mir leaks unless they made klance happen??? So now klance is dead????? Did u forget to watch all of s3 or something???? Are y'all nasties that blind with ur gross ship to see logic and common sense????

do people also forget that animation is a very long process and they probably already have most of the show written? it’s been in the works long before that person (which was a troll account btw and not someone who actually shipped klance but rather wanted to give klance shippers a bad name) pulled that stunt. it’s not going to affect anything. besides, they have their story to tell and it’s not going to be changed by smth some fan does in the first place. ppl are dumb.

on a serious note, read any article about the lack of lgbt representation in persona 5. see them mention the boys they wish the protagonist could date. notice akechi’s name doesn’t come up? if he’s so “”gay coded”” like the stans say, why don’t others pick up on this?

most people don’t want a fucked up relationship in a game that already has homophobia. akira’s relationships with ryuji and yusuke are healthy and lend themselves much more to romance. contrary to popular belief, gay romance does not have to be suffering, angst, abuse and two guys who hate each other. 

a relationship is better when the people involved are equals, morals including. shipping a bad person with a good person causes an imbalance. ships where both characters are lovable, not just one with a trash boy who fucks up constantly, those are the ships that last. akira and ryuji or akira and yusuke, BOTH characters are lovable. nobody is the trash or the fuckup. you can uplift both characters. they would work much better as the potential romances if atlus would ever let the male protagonist date boys. 

i would rather have healthy ships than a gay option that gives people a reason to dislike a gay romance. we’ve seen a lot of conversation about fujoshi calling gay relationships things like “sin” and “trash” and they wouldn’t do so if they stopped shipping abuse. stop shipping things that give people a reason to see gay relationships as garbage by shipping abuse. at least with akiryu or shukita there’s no reason for people to actually hate them or object to them morally. they would be good representation and the fandom content is wholesome.

Weekenders Adventures of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

And now, a technological breakthrough in Pooh’s Adventures history - a classic unnecessarily reworked with your favourite cartoon characters, unnecessarily reworked with your favourite cartoon characters! The infamous Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a.k.a. Why Paramount Should’ve Kept Those Rights in the First Place, was the closest a corporation-based animation studio could get to channelling Pooh’s Adventures as it so commonly stands - deliberate exposition that dumbs the original mains down, absolutely no reason for the guests to be there other than comic relief, a villain confrontation scene where there shouldn’t have been, dialogue tampered with to bring up these newcomers, you name it.

So of course Poohphiles would enjoy it enough to slap even less time-consistent cartoon characters onto that and make them twice as useless by having them direct every pratfall the cat and mouse stumble into as usual. This might just be fan fiction, but this is still what storytelling shouldn’t be. And so, without further adieu, let’s bite into Weekenders Adventures of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I can’t believe I just pasted that either.

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The Problem With Supergirl...

is that Melissa Benoist would have smoldering, kill me now levels of chemistry with a stack of wet cardboard boxes.

Which makes it every confusing to decide who to ship her with, because you could ship her with anyone*.

*Except Winn, because the only thing keeping Winn from being a walking stereotype is the lack of a Trilby and a Vape.