does this offend you

look i know this may be hard to hear but drag belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, no one else. it’s not for 14 year old straight girls who think they somehow belong in the queer community because they find some drag queens hot. and now i’m seeing so many of y’all getting butthurt about Trixie saying she didn’t start doing drag to fraternize with children, but guess what? she literally didn’t. and those of y’all acting like you’re the reason she’s making money are mostly underage and unable to actually go to her shows, where she makes her living. y’all following her on twitter, blogging about her on tumblr, and buying some of her merch ain’t doing shit. 

and i’m guessing if she’s used that “joke” so many times it’s probably because it isn’t a joke. and the other half of y’all trying to act like you know everything about drag have been watching drag race for what 2-3 seasons?? have never been to a drag show, only know of drag queens who have been on drag race, and only stan queens you find hot out of drag. 

the straight people in this community/fandom are always the ones i see be the most vocal which is absolutely insane to me. some of y’all should just keep blogging about your favorite queen and stay silent some times. it’s not always necessary to add the input of a straight teenaged girl. 

My favourite thing about the Voltron discourse?
- It’s entirely made up.

Because when you think about it, every problem in the Voltron fandom was created by the fandom itself.

  • “Shiro is 25″

You got that from a video where 25 was said to be the “top range”, meaning Shiro isn’t older than that. He can still be anywhere from 19 to 25, but you keep insisting that your interpretation is the correct one while all others are wrong.

  • “The other paladins are 16″

Again, they were said to be in their late teens. If “teens” starts at 13 and ends at 20, 16 is the middle. “Late teens” would equal anything from 17 to 19, but again - you think everyone who interprets it differently than you does so to offend you personally.

  • “Allura was made a teen so Kallura could become canon”

Allura was never said to be an adult to begin with. Y’all just saw a dark-skinned girl act vaguely mature and decided that she must become the “mom character” and cater to everyone’s needs.

  • “Lotor is a rapist” 

Sincline was a rapist. In the Japanese original. That no one of you bothered to watch anyways. Any excuse you come up with to hate a character that hasn’t made an appearance in the show yet is a direct product of your own imagination. Just like any other complaint you have about the show and its writers, really.

  • “Voltron is queerbaiting”

There’s no indications of romance in the actual show yet. The only queerbaiting nonsense comes from people that keep insisting their ship is canon - when it isn’t. LGBT+ representation is very possible, but other ships you’re constantly tearing down are LGBT+ as well. You don’t care about representation, you only care about whether your ship becomes canon or not.

Queerbaiting is an issue, but your favourite mlm/wlw pairing not being endgame is not “queerbaiting”. Stop misusing words like pedophilia, heteronormativity, homophobia, queerbaiting, gaslighting & abuse. You can dislike something without it having to be morally wrong. 

Admit you don’t like the thing. Blacklist it. Move on. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll always find something to get mad over if you just look hard enough.

Seriously if your blog does not acknowledge colorism/white passing privilege and you get offended when people bring those things up then don’t present your blog as a space for poc, at least not dark poc. 

Colorism is something that darker people of color have to deal with.

White passing privilege is an actual thing.

I’m tired of people trying to ignore these two things. Just say you don’t care about darker skin poc.

LIKE, don’t call someone racist for calling out colorism, or bringing up how darker poc are poorly represented in media verses lighter skinned/white passing people of color.

Like do you know how awful it is to call dark/non-white passing poc racist  for bringing up how colorism affects us or how in media/society we’re poorly represented/ignored in favor of white passing people.

Like miss me with “this is a safe space for poc” if you aren’t brave enough to talk about things that affect people within our community.

Rachel Dolezal is black. She understands being black better than most black people because she had to work for it. She didn’t have the privilege of being born black and having everyone recognize her as black. All other black people are more privileged than her and need to recognize that, and if they don’t they’re bigots.

Did that offend you? Does it sound arrogant and ridiculous? Cause now you know how transactivists sound. 

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How does Niall offend you? :O

Excuse me, but have you seen the man????

He offends me with his soft fluffy brown hair.

He offends me with those fingers.

He offends me with them smouldering bedroom eyes.















 [Still I Rise By Maya Angelou] ••• 

“You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, 

You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise. 

Does my sassiness upset you? 

Why are you beset with gloom?

 ’Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells Pumping in my living room.

 Just like moons and like suns, 

With the certainty of tides,

 Just like hopes springing high,

 Still I’ll rise.

 Did you want to see me broken?

 Bowed head and lowered eyes?

 Shoulders falling down like teardrops,

 Weakened by my soulful cries? 

Does my haughtiness offend you? 

Don’t you take it awful hard 

’Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines

Diggin’ in my own backyard. 

You may shoot me with your words,

You may cut me with your eyes, 

You may kill me with your hatefulness, 

But still, like air, I’ll rise.

 Does my sexiness upset you? 

Does it come as a surprise

That I dance like I’ve got diamonds 

At the meeting of my thighs? 

Out of the huts of history’s shame I rise 

Up from a past that’s rooted in pain I rise 

I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide, 

Welling and swelling I bear in the tide. 

Leaving behind nights of terror and fear 

I rise Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear 

I rise Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, 

I am the dream and the hope of the slave. 

I rise I rise I rise." 

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How do you feel about people having similar styles to your own? Does it offend you at all? Like if someone has face shapes that look like yours, or uses a similar technique as you do.

it will always kinda bother me in a certain kind of way, but i can’t just like,,, go after people for sharing a similar style as me? bc that’s super dumb and hypocritical?

i’ve adopted some bits and pieces of other people’s art in various styles of mine when ive had trouble (in drawing noses or hair or mouths) and it’s just something u Do as an artist. it is – more often than not – unintentional to mimic someone else’s style. just….don’t blatantly copy me. BUILD off of my work. don’t cut and paste. expand

but i’m going to be blunt right here and right now. if any of you who are familiar with my art happen to notice people who draw in a similar way, keep your nose OUT of it. come straight to me. if you’re going to go around policing people and being assholes without any respect for me or other artists, then i’d like for you to not interact with me or my blog in any way, because i have zero respect for people like that. it’s MY business, not yours.

How many of you believe that "Did you assume my gender" and "triggered" jokes offend you

My friend who does these jokes says that not many people are offended and Theybshould speak up if they want the jokes to stop. I am going to show her every username that reblogs this and tell her. “This is how many”

hey hey what about the boys with an s/o who constantly insults themselves? calling themselves worthless, ugly, boring and the like

This is relatable… 

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Of course, Shinguuji immensely disapproves of this… habit of yours.
  • It frustrates him that you can’t see the wonderful things he sees when he thinks of you.
  • Every time you insult yourself, he’ll just stop what he’s doing, turn to look at you, and raise an eyebrow disapprovingly.
  • It’s actually pretty intimidating
  • He tries to talk with you about your “habit” - lets you know that he’s there to support you, and you can always talk to him if you’re feeling down
  • And most of all, he warns you not to throw too much poison into your own well…
  • The more you let yourself think this way, the harder it’ll be for you to stop

Rantarou Amami

  • Amami tends to deal with you in a kind of silly way
  • If he hears you insult yourself, he immediately responds with a resounding “No!”
  • Half of the time, he pounces on you and wraps you in a big hug, one you can’t wiggle out of
  • And he’ll counter your insults with five or even ten compliments
  • You’re a bit frazzled by this,, because you tend to insult yourself… often.
  • But it is very flattering and heartwarming. You can tell he really cares.
  • It’s also kind of funny because sometimes you’ll insult yourself and hear a faraway “No!!!” before you see Amami sprinting down the hallway towards you

Kokichi Ouma

  • You can’t get away with insulting yourself in front of him, really
  • If you try, he’ll whip his head around to stare at you, smile (creepily), and say “But that’s a lie, isn’t it~?”
  • If you protest or say you’re telling the truth he’ll do one of two things
  • He’ll either throw a mini tantrum until you take it back
  • Or he’ll flop down on the floor, latch onto your leg with a death grip, and refuse to let go until you take it back.
  • Whenever his chaos has run it’s course, though, he’ll usually tell you why he likes you
  • Hearing him say such things in such a serious voice really comforts you

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He’s rather taken aback at the beginning of your relationship
  • You’re this incredible person that he’s had a major crush on. You’re inspiring, and sweet, and he feels like the luckiest boy on the planet to be able to date you.
  • So why… would you say such harsh things about yourself?
  • He’s not really sure how to handle the situation
  • He wants to help, but doesn’t know how, and he doesn’t want to overstep any boundaries
  • Eventually, he asks to have a serious talk about it.
  • Do you know why you constantly say these things? Have you been saying these things for a while, or is it a newer habit? Was there a certain event that caused you to say these things?
  • He feels like if he knows exactly why you’re saying it, he’ll be able to help you stop, or feel better, or something.
  • He also makes sure to ask how you think he can help
  • You’ll work through this together, no matter what.

Kaito Momota

  • Whenever you insult yourself Momota takes it as a personal insult
  • It doesn’t matter what you say; he’s still personally offended and boy, does he let you know it.
  • “Weak? Useless?? How dare you say those things about yourself - I can’t believe - Jesus Christ, babe, what the fuck?!”
  • He’ll counter your insult with antonyms after his initial outrage
  • “Weak? Strong.
  • “Useless? Necessary.”
  • “Boring? …Um…. Uhh…. okay, not boring! How do you like that!”
  • Well, he’s trying


  • Kiibo genuinely doesn’t understand
  • What exactly makes you feel the need to say such things about yourself?
  • It’s clear that none of these adjectives describe you in any way.
  • For some reason, it bothers him to hear you say these things. And not just because you’re incorrect.
  • It makes him feel… discomforted. Wrong.
  • If you say bad things about yourself, he makes a face like he’s a puppy who’s just been kicked
  • …Well, when he does that, you can’t help but make an effort to stop yourself.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta usually responds to your insults by simply asking “why?” in his innocent voice. Why do you think you’re worthless?
  • You try to explain… you keep messing things up, and you’re not a good person…
  • “But Gonta messes up, too! Does that mean Gonta is a worthless person?”
  • You hurry to tell him that no, he isn’t, and he sighs in relief. “Okay, then neither of us are worthless, then!”
  • Huh.
  • He got you.
  • And so the cycle continues.
  • “I’m just… ugly because I’m… bigger and… I don’t like the shape of my face, and…”
  • “Gonta’s bigger, too! Does that make me ugly?”
  • “……..No”
  • “Oh, thank goodness! Gonta thinks your face is great the way it is now, by the way!”
  • You’re definitely not going to win this.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • If anything, Hoshi would have an insult-off with you
  • You think you’re boring? Well, he’s cold.
  • You think you’re ugly? He’s been compared to a troll, a dwarf, and a gremlin. And that’s just from today.
  • You think you’re worthless? No way. You’ve never purposefully hurt anyone. He’s… a murderer.
  • He kind of helps put things in perspective for you.
  • He does let you know that he thinks you’re amazing person later, though.

So Suho recently made a colourist remark about Kai’s skin on a variety show; which was something along the lines of “Kai would be good in a coffee commercial because his skin is dark like coffee”.

There are a lot of things being said about this and I just wanna talk about them.

1) Fans - specifically fans who aren’t pale, who are black or tan - are allowed to be saddened and upset by this. Do NOT tell them how they should feel. Them being disappointed in Suho doesn’t make them an anti: get over yourself. Just because you personally are not offended does not mean other people are being over-sensitive. Your perspective on things is not the only way to see things and it is not the “right” way to see things. 2) What Suho said DOES matter. It matters because colourism is a problem in Asia and with colourism can come low self-confidence & other mental health issues etc. It’s not just a joke to some people. Their value as a person can be placed on skintone - “dark” skin isn’t desirable, if your skin isn’t pale then you’re ugly. If your skin isn’t pale then all people are going to do is make jokes about It. Stuff like that builds up. It matters because Suho is a very famous celebrity; a lot of people Stan him and the things he says and does will spread around. This means people will see him, an idol, easily joking about skin and people laughing at it. It’ll hurt fans that aren’t pale/white of his and it also keeps attitudes towards skin tone like this alive and accepted. I’m not telling people what to say. I’m not telling Suho what to make jokes about. If he really wants to make a joke like that he can do it in a more controlled and private environment where it won’t be seen by impressionable fans.

3) I don’t hate Suho and I don’t think he’s a bad person. Although he knows how Kai feels about jokes about his skin, I still don’t believe what Suho said was intended specifically to make Kai feel bad. We all joke around with friends and maybe forget ourselves a bit, making a joke we shouldn’t have…I don’t know. I don’t know why Suho made that joke. Fuck, he could have seen it as a compliment if we wanna reach here, who knows? I don’t hate Suho. What he said was bad but i don’t think he’s a bad person.

4) Stop blindly defending idols. Just in general. They’re human - they make mistakes, they don’t think and do stupid shit, they let their emotions take over etc. We all do stuff like that & we can learn from it. You can’t just excuse idols from saying bad things because then they don’t experience consequences and they don’t learn. YOU CAN BE A FAN AND DISAGREE WITH YOUR FAVE! You don’t have to love everything your fave does in order to be a proper fan. You need to think for yourself.

5) All of the other fandoms hopping on this just to find an excuse to hate EXO are also annoying to me. You can’t tear down EXO like that when your faves say colourist/racist/homophobic shit. No idol is perfect. Many idols have said problematic things. Suho included. But we don’t just bombard idols with hate over a passing comment. Chill, have some rationality. Calling someone names will not make them see why what they did was wrong, it’ll just offend them and turn them on the defensive.

Anyways, those are my opinions on the whole ordeal. I don’t like what Suho said, but I still like Suho and EXO. I will not excuse what happened and I will stick to my morals which include: it’s not nice to be rude about someones skin :)

A general guide for providing feedback

•You paid $25 to purchase a book from Amazon and decided you didn’t like it for xyz reason? Bummer. If inclined, review the book honestly (but maybe consider being a decent human being while doing so, keeping in mind there is still a real person who will read this review on the other side of the screen)

•You paid $0 for a fan fic, written and shared by a person FOR FREE who was under no obligation to do so. You read it even tho you also were under no obligation to do so and decided it wasn’t your cup of tea? Bummer. You have a choice. You can provide honest unsolicited feedback to the author or you can shut the fuck up.

Might I advise that you shut the fuck up? Don’t be a dick. It’s really that simple.

Shotacon and lolicon is illegal.

Shotacon and lolicon is illegal.

Shotacon and lolicon is illegal.

Shotacon and lolicon is illegal.

Shotacon and lolicon is illegal.

Endulging, Enjoying, and producing shotacon and lolicon does not make you non offending.

Endulging, Enjoying, and producing shotacon and lolicon does not make you non offending.

Endulging, Enjoying, and producing shotacon and lolicon does not make you non offending.

Endulging, Enjoying, and producing shotacon and lolicon does not make you non offending.

Endulging, Enjoying, and producing shotacon and lolicon does not make you non offending.

Shotacon and lolicon harms children.

Shotacon and lolicon harms children.

Shotacon and lolicon harms children.

Shotacon and lolicon harms children.

Shotacon and lolicon harms children.

Dear Antis as Well as Anyone Toxic Within Fandoms

Please stop. Seriously many of you owe people apologies. You attack people that don’t agree with you, are silent when bullying of people goes on, and give condescending messages to the actual victims you attack.

You’ve encouraged and taken part in buzz word witch hunting where if you say something is offensive it is no matter how many people from said group say it isn’t. You’ve made it a norm to attack creators and make people fear for their lives. You justify abuse towards teenagers and minors as well as marginalized groups you claim to protect. You claim fetishization and queer baiting for shit you interpret as such. You don’t sit there and actively search for content that won’t offend you you actively search for content that does offebd you. You could’ve blacklisted the tag made an anti tag said your peace and moved on. But you keep trying to override canon stop. A fictional character’s life means nothing. Sending people death threats doesn’t help your cause it belittles it.

Saying you’re happy a teenager(s) committed suicide over art you don’t is truly insane and you’re lucky grieving families aren’t trying to find you and have you sent to jail. Telling someone to choke/kill themselves/etc isn’t cool and if your parents/people who love you saw you engaging in such toxic behavior how would they react.

You ensure real world abuse is justified because those of you that make false claims have children that are actually suffering that could be saved being abused longer because you decided to make a false claim. You commit slander and get people fired from jobs ensuring that some one will have to take care of them because they didn’t bend to your will. You’ve destroyed reputations of children before they get a chance at life. The callout mindset is disgusting and mostly there’s no evidence. But, you want to see evidence of people getting death threats, abuse, etc. But you’ll sit there and rummage through someone’s blog until you find something you can attach a buzz word too.

You’ve created an environment where there is no safe space and everything is fair game because you claim to have morals but you fucking don’t. If you sat idly by and watched someone get abused and have their livelihood ruined off of bullshit you have a problem. If you sat there and agreed on a post that said that you’d punch, choke, abuse, rape, etc someone over a cartoon/manga/game/comic you need to apologize especially since y'all have been known to be hypocrites. Just say sorry and as a whole as a community we can try and reach a compromise. Only through compromising will anything be accomplished and age well, the anti movement has done nothing but abuse people and has had many people leave the movement in favor of the shippers or be neutral.