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8.17.17 // 11:30am // guide to time management 

requested by @hufflepuffwannabe @feminist-fan-girl @meg-is-studying

sooo i’ll be the first to admit that i’m not the greatest at time management. however i think this is still worth writing because sometimes the best advice doesn’t come from people who have it down (or to whom things come naturally), but rather those who struggle to make something happen. hence, here are some time management tips from one procrastinator to another :)

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Okay, but what about that one student who just does everything *wrong*? They use their real name, never carry iron or salt, eat the fae food, and acknowledge fae? But they always end up fine, left untouched. Despite their gregarious nature, they have few if any close friends. Most students think they're either fae in disguise or a spy, tricking others into doing things they may regret later. But one things for certain, they never seem to graduate

They seem to know the librarians by name, which in and of itself is a warning sign. They keep changing majors because they just need to ‘figure some stuff out’. No one knows how old they are. 

NCT 127 + Ten Reaction to: A Girl Joining The Group

@thekpophut hope you enjoy! ~

Edit: also @lol-i-have-know-idea ty for pointing out I forgot Ten lol!! I keep getting confused w all the members … I might need need to cut back on the no. I write for … >.< but ty, seriously!

Taeil: He’s super … awkward. He wants to be a loving big bro but isn’t good at expressing his emotions so he’s distant. He’s very loving though and gives good advice, you just need to approach him first. Won’t stop you doing what you want e.g going to a party. But he does warn you about not getting too drunk or going home with a stranger. And is willing to wait up and be your ride, if you need one. Also willing to help you entertainment wise, in any way he can. But like with your personal life, you need to approach him first.

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Johnny: Acts like he’s an innocent big brother but secretly, just between you two, he’s the “cool” bro. He hooks you up with his hot friends and sneaks you alcohol if you’re of legal age. While the others may say “Oh that skirt is too short,” he’s the one who smuggles the skirt out so you pass by the others in jeans but change into it in the car on the way to the party. Oh, yeah about those parties … Any one that he dj’s, he invites you to (one again, only if you’re legal age). Johnny doesn’t shelter or coddle you. If you’re not practicing hard enough then he’ll definitely tell you off. And he’ll also slip you dental dams/condoms and warn you about safe sex too. There’s no nonsense with him haha.

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Taeyong: Is warm and inviting. Makes sure to include you in all their gags and games, treating you like one of the boys but also … not. He includes you but treats you like a delicate flower, yelling at the others if they hit you with a ball or curse around you. He just wants to protect you, esp. as you face a lot of haters, being the only girl in the group.

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Yuta: ”Oh great, another member. Just what NCT is lacking!” he jokes. It’s an antagonistic brother-sister relationship, where you act like enemies but he would fight anyone who hurt your feelings. Ok, maybe not fight, but he would definitely sass them out. On shows, he always says snappy remarks to your haters that leave the viewers in stitches.

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Doyoung: Tries too hard to seem friendly and welcoming, to the point where it’s awkward. But once you get used to each other, he’s less awkward to talk to. Wants to be the one to help you fit in so if you form the strongest bond with him, he’ll be really chuffed.

“I already have a brother and now I have a sister,” he says fondly, whenever an interviewer asks about you.

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Ten: Immediately calls you his “sister.” He’ll always drag you along to play games or cook, so you’re not bored or feeling excluded. He ensures that you fit in quickly. And hardly even notices that you’re a girl. He’s comfortable enough around you to even fart and not wash his hands lol

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Jaehyun: May be a little flirtatious but only in a friendly way, to boost your confidence. He knows that SM would murder you both if there was a romantic relationship so his comments are strictly platonic, meant to encourage you.

“Don’t worry about the anti’s! You’re beautiful and talented. You make the rest of us look worthless ~”

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Winwin: Takes super good care of you. Knows that being an idol requires hard work and as the only female, you’ll be under even worse scrutiny than the others. So can be a harsh critic of your dancing skills but when you practice hard and impress him, he’ll treat you to ice cream. It’s a very “firm but loving older brother” relationship.

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Mark: Tries to act like you’re just another group member BUT YOU’RE NOT YOU’RE A GIRL OMG WHAT SHOULD HE DO??!?!?!?!? Will take some time to relax around you, since he’s overly conscious of the gender difference. But once he relaxes, he stops seeing you as a girl and more as a member of NCT.

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Haechan: If you’re younger, he will take pleasure in teasing and annoying you. Pulling your hair, flicking your ear, making smart remarks about “Oh this move is too hard for a girl” or “Should we really say things like this in front of a weak girl?” But he’s only doing it to annoy you and not bc he actually believes that girls are worth less than boys.

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If you’re older, he’s all sugar and spice and everything nice. He’s a perfect angel, always complimenting you and being polite. He’s doing it so you will buy him things and to ensure that he’s your favourite member.

“Noona, I love you.”
“I love you too, Haechannie. That’s why you’re my favourite member!”
*smug smirk*

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(A table of contents is available. This series will remain open for additional posts and the table of contents up-to-date as new posts are added.)

Part Three: Ability Checklist

Once you’ve figured out what creature is appropriate for the area and you’ve settled on what it will be, your next step is determining what it can do, specifically those directly linked with the biology of your creature.

Real-world Animals: If your companion is any kind of real-world animal, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips via the internet. Your initial research took you into environment, but now it’s time to look at the creature specifically. You need to know what this animal does:

  • Is it predator or prey? What is its dominant sense?
  • How does it defend itself and in what kinds of circumstances will it choose to either attack or defend? Does it have any camouflage? Special colorization to scare or warn others away? Armor plating? Tough hide? Scales? Shell? Spines? Tusks? Horns?
  • Talons? Claws? Hooks? Pincers?
  • Wings? Are they functioning wings or vestigial leftovers?
  • Two legs, three, more? What’s its speed like?
  • Tail? Trunk? Feelers? Whiskers?
  • What kind of teeth does it sport? Depending on what it eats, it may be very good at fighting with its mouth, or it may have the wrong kind of teeth to do tearing damage, but instead it can apply a boatload of pressure.
  • Does it have any secretions that allow it to do things? Does it produce webbing, or have secretions to help it climb easier? Acid? Stink glands? Poison?
  • How about its eyes? How much light does it need to see? Does it have other ways of seeing or understanding its environment? 

Mythical Creatures: Unfortunately, research materials that all agree on the details associated with many creatures of lore are lacking. Do the best you can with what you can find to make the clearest, most succinct definition of what your creature looks like and what its physical features afford it. The above checklist can carry over for these creatures too, but you’ll also want to add in what kinds of magic they may have access to, and any special abilities or hindrances caused by their body.

Make sure you also consider what kinds of rules govern these abilities. When do gorgons turn others to stone? Is it eye contact with the human or the snakes? Is eye contact even required, or can the gorgon simply look their direction? The rules of your world must be defined, even for the abilities of your mythical creatures, and to some extent, even more so than the rest of your world. Just like with magic, internal consistency and making sure your creatures can’t do anything they want are key to maintaining believably, tension, and good storytelling.

So What? These details seem intuitive, particularly once you’ve decided on what form your companion should take. After all, when you say, “I’m going to write a wolf into my story,” you immediately think of its fighting ability–teeth, claws, general intimidation–so why do you need to take stock of all these things, too? Simple: If you don’t know what tools you have at your disposal, you don’t know what you can (and can’t) do with them!

Plot and conflict and complication are partially driven by the characters you’re writing, their decisions, and their tactics when faced with problems. By giving yourself a quick run-down of the creature’s features, you give yourself a toolbox of things to work with, both in order to solve problems that are presented in the story, but also to create problems and build your plot with. After all, these creatures are characters, too, just in a different shape. (We’ll talk later about how you can use your companions in your narrative and how they can shape the other characters.)

Doing this quick outline of what your creature has at its disposal will also help as you’re trying to characterize them. Your research and the time you devote to thinking about how this character is put together will help to dispel any preconceived notions you had or outdated knowledge about the creature that’s no longer true (think of your research like a refresher course!), and will give you insight into aspects of the creature you may not have been familiar with previously. They say you don’t know what you don’t know, so don’t let the most basic of research like this go by the wayside. You might be in for a surprise the could play a part in your story!

Next up: Travel considerations!

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How can Trudeau approve a pipeline that goes through unceded First Nations territory? Aren't First Nation's supposed to approve of it as well? Isn't that like, illegal?

It is supposed to be illegal, because Trudeau said he support the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People.

It says this:

Article 32

1. Indigenous  peoples  have  the  right  to  determine  and  develop priorities and strategies for the development or use of their lands or territories and other resources.

2. States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their own representative institutions in order to obtain their free and informed consent prior to the approval of any project affecting their lands or territories and other resources, particularly in connection with the development, utilization or exploitation of mineral, water or other resources.

But Trudeau has said that he does not believe that this is a veto, and said his government does not need consent in order to built pipelines on indigenous territory:

Trudeau breaking UNDRIP promise brings warning of twenty Standing Rocks

Trudeau says First Nations ‘don’t have a veto’ over energy projects

There’s also the Tsilhqot'in land ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada which states:

In its decision, Canada’s top court agreed that a semi-nomadic tribe can claim land title even if it uses it only some of the time, and set out a three-point test to determine land titles, considering:

  • Occupation.
  • Continuity of habitation on the land.
  • Exclusivity in area.

The court also established what title means, including the right to the benefits associated with the land and the right to use it, enjoy it and profit from it.

However, the court declared that title is not absolute, meaning economic development can still proceed on land where title is established as long as one of two conditions is met:

  • Economic development on land where title is established has the consent of the First Nation.
  • Failing that, the government must make the case that development is pressing and substantial, and meet its fiduciary duty to the aboriginal group.
daytime begins with a line

summary: Roman’s noticing how close to the others Patton’s gotten, and does some snooping, because he’s definitely not jealous.

characters: roman, patton, virgil, logan

pairings: royality

warnings: self-deprecating thoughts

word count: 2,578

The jealousy, no matter how hard he tried, was not something Roman could help.

When he blinked, and saw it, he wondered how he had missed it— before he remembered, vaguely, noticing it out of the corner of his eye, in little increments over several weeks.

It was a good thing, Roman told himself. Yes, incredibly good, that everyone was becoming closer: The smiles outweighing the bitter insults, the arguments and fights dwindling into calm debates on what was best for Thomas, the compromises acknowledging all instead of favoring one.

It was better. Disagreements and hurt feelings were inevitable, but things were better.

The hand-holding was where Roman hit a barrier.

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Atypical is NOT an accurate Autistic Narrative

For people wondering why I am against the Netflix show Atypical, I have provided several links that better explain my issues with the show.

I urge any of my allistic followers to please understand that while the show was good in trying to include ASD in mainstream media it does poorly in actually representing autistic individuals.

I only had to watch one episode to be disappointed. Although I do understand that there are other autistic folx who think it’s a great show so take this as my personal opinion.

A positive review that points out issues (warning uses functioning labels in the article):

A review of the show done with autistic actor Mickey Rowe by Teen Vogue

More Reviews Pointing Out Issues and Problems:

There’s a court case called Tarasoff where a psychiatrist’s patient killed someone, and they found the psychiatrist liable for failing to warn the victim. The case established a “duty to warn” - psychiatrists need to warn anyone threatened by any of their patients that there’s a guy out there trying to kill them. This makes sense and has basically been universally accepted.

The other day I went to a lecture on so-called “Tarasoff expansions”. The guy giving the lecture basically admitted they made no sense. The principle seems to be that if anyone ever does anything bad, people can sue their psychiatrist and and win.

So for example, suppose you treat a psychotic person in the hospital, and after they’re better, you let them out. There are no signs of any problems and they are exactly like all your other successfully-recovered psychotic patients. Then a few months or years later they stop taking their medicine, snap, and attack someone. Can the victim sue you? You bet they can. Can they win? If the judge and jury really want someone to blame, absolutely. The specific charge will be that you failed in your “duty to warn”. To warn who, exactly? Uh, the general public. About what? Uh, that somebody might become a threat a few years down the line.

None of these cases specify what it means to warn the general public. Also, you can’t actually tell the general public about any specific patients of yours, or you could be sued for violating confidentiality. Also also, you have only the faintest idea which of your patients might become violent in the long-term future.

(also, it doesn’t have to be violence. One person got successfully sued under a Tarasoff expansion case because their patient drove under the influence and killed someone in a car crash)

One of my colleagues suggested some kind of non-specific warning. We came up with the idea of hiring one of those skywriter planes to write the message “PSYCHOTIC PEOPLE MIGHT BE TRYING TO KILL YOU” in the air above major cities. Sounds like this can’t possibly go wrong.

trekking-in-a-tardis  asked:

Hey :) I just saw your previous ask and do you have any fic where Tony's convinced the team hates him? (Pre-cw) I love them too ^^

Hi there! Let me start by congratulating you for your fantastic taste lol. I wasn’t sure if you meant whether I have written such a fic or whether I can rec any, so I’ll just go with both, hope you don’t mind!

I’ve written one fic that might meet these criteria, which you can find here. (It’s a high school AU but otherwise it absolutely fits.)

Now as for others I can recommend:

[Please check the tags of these fics before you read them if you want to avoid any triggers, as I won’t put any warnings or even specific pairings into these recs]

  • and you needed someone to show you the way by SailorChibi: This precious gem is basically 25k of Tony revealing how little he thinks of himself whilst kidnapped, and a very pissed off team coming to his rescue. There’s also a pretty side-dash of soulmate angst. I also recommend Tony Stark, Pokemon Trainer (nobody appreciates how much Tony does for the team) and hold the things you wanna say (in which Tony works himself into exhaustion because he doesn’t consider himself part of the team) from the same author
  • First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass: A beautiful, heartbreaking series in which the Avengers do in fact start out bullying Tony until things come to a head- and then have to deal with the fall-out. (There’s a happy ending, I promise!)
  • Breathe by Avengerz: In which a villain buries Tony alive and convinced the team won’t come to save him. I almost died reading the first part (and would’ve offered the author my soul for the second one, but it was written before I got the chance.)
  • Not a special snowflake by Annehiggins: Tony rants to his kidnappers about all the reasons why he’s a worthless hostage- only the Avengers hear it too, and they are not impressed. I just love this concept.
  • Irreplaceable by orphan_account: Another kidnapping in which Tony’s convinced he isn’t needed. The team begs to differ.
  • Infinite Disaster by Waterfall_Creek97: Pretty much same premise as the two above, a kidnapped Tony who’s sure the team hates him.
  • And the Sky is Grey by Teyke: This involves a serious misunderstanding between Steve and Tony that gets out of hand. Also contains a protective JARVIS, which is in itself worth the read.
  • Somebody’s Hero by EternalSheWolf: I gotta be honest, this one isn’t a Tony-thinks-the-team-hates-him fic but it is a Tony-doesn’t-think-anyone-will-ever-come-for-him fic and all sorts of amazing, you should definitely give it a shot!

Alright, I’m gonna stop here, but I hope there are a couple that you either don’t know yet or are happy to re-read a second time! Enjoy :)

by the skin of your teeth: part nine




here we go.

this is a long one and it’s pretty intense, warnings include: violence/blood, psychological manipulation, suicide ideation and baiting, derealization, self-loathing, claustrophobia, lots of swearing and Bill generally doing what Bill does. any other tags anyone needs, just let me know.

also considerably more italics and dashes than any one person should be allowed to use, but that’s a whole other issue. 

I reformatted Bill’s dialogue partway through and I think I caught everything but do let me know if I missed anything. 

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Do u ever realize that Ignis going blind is probably a huge metaphor for his blind faith in Noctis

Hahahhahaaaha WOW

Happy Holidays to you, too??

…But I mean, yes

If you’d like to skip a lengthy Feelings rant: there’s a post I’ll try to find that says the Spanish localization literally translates the title of Chapter 10 as “Blind Loyalty” instead of “The Heart of a King,” so yep?? I’d say you’re onto something with that metaphor business??

If you’d like some emotional rambling inspired by this ask, it’s right there under the cut

(I tried to avoid FFXV spoilers beyond what’s already present in the ask but… Also fair warning for an Ignoct slant)

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Warning: Kurt Weller feels incoming.

@kate-dammit-run and I were talking about THIS BOY and his walls and how Jane got inside them without even really meaning to.

Originally posted by kurtweller

And I got to thinking about how it’s both the best and worst thing she’d ever done for him.

Our boy put those walls up to protect himself but also so that he could protect others. He’s a hero, always wanting and needing to save the day, not for any kind of glory but because he always puts others first. And we got a glimpse in season one of how much of a toll that had taken on him when he told Sarah “it takes everything” (😭😭😭) . He always put others first - his job, Sarah, Sawyer and, when she arrives, Jane.

Except then something happens and someone starts protecting him. Putting him first. Pushing him to make a good life for himself, risking her own life so he can have it.

But he realizes that he wants that life to be with her. And when he finally lets his last wall down, asking her to stay with him, telling her that he loves her, not only does the world not end but she says it back.

And so…he’s all in. They’ve wasted enough time. He wants to give her everything and for them to have everything together.

That’s what makes it so painful when she leaves. He knows it’s to protect him and his daughter so he’s not angry with her. He’s angry with himself for not being able to protect her, to protect their life that they fought so hard for.

It’s why he never gives up on her, never stops searching for her until he finally finds her. And why they will fight for their life together.

Because she’s inside his walls and whatever they face, they face it together.

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Chapstick Challenge (Jay x reader)

Request: Hey can I please request a jay imagine where the reader has like a video blog and her fans want her to do the chapstick challenge and she does it with jay?

Warnings: none

Words: 813

It was an uncharacteristically bland day at Auradon Prep and y/n had nothing to do. She decided that, if anything, she could always film a video for her blog. She was supposed to upload one tomorrow anyway.

Racing around her room, she gathered everything she needed, her tripod, her camera, lights, and a few other supplies. Y/n checked her watch. 3:30. Her boyfriend, Jay, would be done with tourney practice any second now. She sat on her bed, angling the camera, adjusting the lights, when Jay walked in.
He tossed his tourney bag on the floor and flopped onto her bed. “Hey, princess. Filming a video?” He asked as he stretched and made himself comfortable.

“Exactly. You’re actually going to be in it with me.” Pulling out a large bag from under her bed, Y/n got to work.

Jay laughed, sitting up and snatching the bag from her. “What’s in this? Candy?” He was about to accuse Y/n of hoarding when she placed a blindfold on over his eyes.

“Stay still. I have to film my into.” Y/n pushed Jay out of frame, laughing as he struggled to find the edge of the bed. She quickly turned the camera on and filmed her into before pulling Jay back in frame. “Today I am joined by my wonderful-”

“Dashing, charming, super hot-” Jay interrupted, pulling the blindfold off and flinging it at y/n.

“Boyfriend.” She finished, picking the blindfold up and setting it on her lap. 

“Today we’re going to do a challenge!”

“Oh, you’re going down.” Jay taunted, cracking his knuckles.

Y/n rolled her eyes, giving her boyfriend a playful shove. “A lot of you guys suggested that we do the chapstick challenge. I’m happy to tell you that we will be doing just that.” Jay gave her a confused look. “It works like this. I have a large selection of chapsticks to choose from. One of us will be blindfolded while the other one will choose a chapstick and apply it.”

“So, then the blindfolded person kisses them and guesses the flavor, right?” Jay opened the bag and scanned the chapsticks, already attempting to cheat.

“Jay!” Y/n snatched the bag from him and hurriedly put the blindfold on him. “No cheating. Okay! Let’s start the video. The audience will know what flavor I select, but you won’t, right Jay?” Y/n said sternly.

“Right.” He grumbled.

Y/n took out a random chapstick and showed it to the camera before looking at it herself. Green Apple. She applied it and smacked her lips together. “Okay, pucker up.” She leaned in and kissed him. She pulled back quickly, chuckling.
Jay licked his lips. “Oh, I can’t tell. I need another kiss.” He leaned forward, a playful smirk etching its way onto his features.

Y/n rolled her eyes and kissed him again, though this time he cupped her face in his hands and deepened the kiss. She kissed him back for a moment before remembering that she was filming. She pulled away, flustered.

“Okay, no more kisses. Take a guess.”

“Green apple,” Jay responded immediately, a proud smile on his face. “Your turn.”

Y/n frowned, wiping the chapstick off. “You got that after the first kiss, didn’t you?”

“Oh yeah. You know green apples were my go-to snack back on the isle?” He took his blindfold off and placed it over y/n’s eyes. “Alright, now let me choose a good one.”

“Be kind to me, Jay.” She grumbled, mentally running through the different types of chapsticks she had bought. After a moment, Jay said he was ready and leaned in, barely grazing his lips against y/n’s. “Well, that’s hardly fair!” She complained. “You barely touched me!”

“Too bad. Guess.” Jay grinned, winking at the camera. Y/n sighed and licked her lips, thinking long and hard about it.

“Cherry.” She guessed, certain that she was right. She lifted her blindfold and frowned, seeing Jay with a huge smile on his face. “Was I wrong?”

Jay laughed, pointing at the bag of chapsticks. “I didn’t put any on.”

Y/n, flustered, blushed and lightly slapped Jay’s shoulder. “Jerk.”

“You love me.” He teased, pecking her cheek. “You love me and my naturally cherry flavored lips.”

“Shut up. Well, that’s all we have for today! Next week I’ll try to convince Jay to let me do his makeup.” Y/n finished, waving goodbye at the camera and turning it off.

“That was fun. We should do it again sometime.” Jay mumbled, flopping down on y/n’s bed and patting the space next to him. “I need a nap though.”

“Me too.” Y/n admitted, snuggling in next to him. “Good night.” After a few minutes, y/n began to doze off.

“Do I really taste like cherries?” Jay whispered.

“Yes, now shut up and let me sleep.”

Jay eventually fell asleep with a smile on his face and his favorite person in his arms.

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I always wonder whenever I come across someone who ships Jason/Tim, so I just thought I'd actually ask for once: how do you think Bruce would react when he discovered they were in a relationship? I mean, they're not technically related but he does consider them his sons and has adopted them both. Plus, there was the whole time when Jason seemed to hate Tim and even tried to kill him. There's also the possibility of it affecting their vigilantism.


A fair but loaded question- and you’ve come to the absolute, most inarticulate person on this hellsite. Buckle up friend, we’re going on this journey of discovery together.

Long post under the cut!

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Got7 as Littles // Choi Youngjae

Mark // Jaebum // Jackson // Jinyoung // Youngjae // BamBam // Yugyeom

Originally posted by softseong

  • an absolute ANGEL
  • very smol and tender
  • loves to be coddled
  • spontaneous kisses will leave him feeling all fuzzy inside
  • wants to be dressed and spoon fed
  • needs you to sleep with him because he’s convinced there are monsters under his bed
  • let him have other littles over, that’d make him happy
  • trusting and honest
  • takes any opportunity to take care of you as well to show you how grateful he is
  • will bless you with his beautiful singing voice as he goes about his day
  • but will get shy and stop if you acknowledge it
  • rarely ever needs punishments
  • but putting him in a time out usually does the trick
  • won’t ever complain about it
  • will just sit down on a stool facing the wall with a blank expression on his face, thinking about what he did
  • will apologize to you after getting up
  • hangs his head down low, a small pout on his lips when he’s being chastised
  • the worst thing you can do is yell at him
  • speak to him in a soft and sweet voice
  • “You know you did something wrong, right?” “Just don’t do it again, baby.” “That’s all that needs to be said, okay?”

A/N: I’m very inexperienced with these types of posts but I hope it was enjoyable! Feel free to send in a request if they’re open!

anonymous asked:

any tips on writing an asexual character?

A couple of key points:

  • Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, NOT the inability to have sex.

An asexual person’s sex organs work just fine, and are just as functional as anyone else’s. Many ace people have sex, for their partner’s sake, out of curiosity, for procreation, or even because physical pleasure can occur for them during intercourse (there just isn’t any physical attraction or desire leading up to it). A lot of ace people even masturbate, it’s just that it’s typically a completely physical act - that is, it’s not directed at any object of desire, it’s just a thing that is done and can feel good.

  • Asexuality is a spectrum.

There are people who are asexual who have no sexual desire whatsoever, and are very weirded out by sex as a whole. There are people who have no sexual desire, but are still okay with or indifferent to having sex. There are ace people who can experience sexual attraction, but only after forming a strong emotional bond first. Decide where on the spectrum your character is.

  • Asexuality does not equal aromanticism.

A person who is asexual can still desire a close romantic relationship with a partner, and can enjoy acts like hugging, kissing, and cuddling, or even just emotional closeness through acts such as deep conversation. A heteroromantic asexual person feels romantically attracted to people of the opposite gender, and can want to create an deep emotional bond with them without sex (and a homoromantic ace is romantically attracted to the same gender, a panromantic ace is romantically attracted to any gender, etc.) A person can be both aromantic and asexual, and it is more common for an ace person to be aromantic than it is for other sexualities, but it’s still not as common a romantic-sexual-orientation-pairing as some people think.

  • Asexuality does not equal celibacy.

Celibacy is the choice to abstain from having sex, and, while many asexuals choose not to have sex because they simply have no desire to, people who experience sexual attraction can also choose not to have sex, often due to religious or other personal reasons. Not having sex does not make a person asexual, and having sex does not negate a person’s asexuality.

  • There’s no moment when you realize you’re asexual.

A lot of people can talk about their sexual awakening, or pinpoint a time when they first realized they were attracted to the same gender. This isn’t case for asexuality. There are no asexual urges that you feel to tell you what your orientation is. It’s just a whole lot of waiting around for those sexual desires to pop up, like they kept warning you about in middle school, and it never happening.

  • Asexuality is not a mental illness.

And I cannot possibly emphasize this enough. It is a legitimate orientation, like any other sexual orientation. It is officially recognized by mental health professionals as such. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders do not diagnose a hyposexuality disorder in patients who identify as asexual. It is found in lots of other species besides humans. It is not caused by trauma or by emotional problems. It is not something that needs to be “cured.”

  • Asexuality does not determine a person’s personality.

You’ve probably seen portrayals of asexual people who are terrible at social interactions, who have a hard time making connections of any sort, or who have a robot-like emotional spectrum. No. Asexuality does not cause any of this, and none of this is symptomatic of asexuality. Sure, an ace person can be emotionless or socially awkward, but no more frequently than people of any other orientation.

  • Asexuality experiences A LOT of erasure.

I cannot even begin to tell you how often a person who identifies as asexual has been told that they just “haven’t found the right person yet.” Sex is everywhere in popular culture, and people insist that everyone wants sex. People make fun of virgins, people will tell their friends “we have to get you laid.” Everyone is told that sex is an inherent part of relationships. And, despite the fact that as much as 1% of people are asexual, there are still very few people who recognize it as a legitimate orientation. There are even pride parades and LGBTQIA organizations that do not welcome ace pride. It’s frustratingly common for people who have come out as asexual to have people simply not believe them, or for them to have a lot of doubt about their own mental wellness if they don’t even know asexuality exists.

I am asexual myself, so, if you have any specific questions about asexuality, feel free to ask, and I’ll answer as best I can!

Dear future self,

There is really no use in asking you

crazy questions like

“Does it get better?”

because we both know

‘better’ is only subjective and I doubt

you are any more into generalisation than I am


There is hardly a point in asking you

any question at all,

unless I’ll ever find a letter marked

‘to my past self’, with all the answers

because then I would ask you

to come visit me sometime


I suppose that all I can say is

I owe you an apology, in case

you ever feel like you need one

I hope my coping mechanisms have

never affected you the way

everyone warned me they would


Other than that, I hope you found

the appartment we dreamed of,

and I hope you got that cat

and didn’t forget the name

I thought of, because be honest,

it’s genius, isn’t it?


But I can’t go around wishing

for things to work out,

because even if it doesn’t feel that way

we are still the same person

So I promise I will try to get you

the best life you could ever imagine

Stray Dog 2/3

Aizen has called for all of the lieutenants to meet him in the morning.

Shuuhei is no fool, though. He’s seen Aizen and Tousen walking together, heads bent as they speak in murmurs. He’s read the transcripts of Urahara Kisuke’s trial, knows that it was primarily Aizen’s testimony that led to the scientist’s exile. And maybe, if he were a little less suspicious of the events surrounding that night, he would think nothing of it. Aizen is well-liked, after all, a friend to many and a kind, personable genius, betrayed by his captain and left in a position he never seemed to desire.

But Shuuhei is suspicious, has been for years now. He’s watched Tousen, and by virtue of proximity he’s watched Aizen and Ichimaru as well. There’s nothing concrete, of course—they aren’t careless enough for that—but…little things. A glance here and there, a sideways smile, Ichimaru’s eyes on Aizen’s back even though he’s a full captain now. Tousen’s pride doesn’t let him bow, not to anyone, but Shuuhei has seen him defer to Aizen in a way that makes Shuuhei’s skin crawl, worshipful, as though Aizen is not another captain but something greater, something more.

For all of the poise that Shuuhei puts on, for all of the reserve and politeness he wears around him like a shield, he’s a Rukongai brat from a fairly high district, just like Renji. He survived there for years, before and after Captain Muguruma saved him. He’s stolen and lied and tricked and begged, done things no child should have to just to live a few more days among criminals and murderers and people who never, ever cared. He’s seen petty warlords and crime bosses and gang leaders, men who have tried to rule through terror and fear and pain and cruelty. They all have a look to them, a certain darkness to their eyes, and for all that Tousen and Aizen pretend to be good, strong, kind captains, they have it. Ichimaru less so, but his devotion to Aizen makes him even more dangerous.

Swallowing, Shuuhei crouches in front of his neatly folded futon. He’s supposed to be sleeping, supposed to be preparing for a meeting with the captain of the Fifth tomorrow morning, but…something tells him that it’s a trap. He can’t imagine how, not in the middle of the Seireitei with all twelve other lieutenants around him and only one captain before them, but his instincts are nearly always right. Now isn’t the time to doubt them, not with his suspicion roiling in the back of his mind and Kazeshini tense and worried at his side.

The zanpakuto spirit is flittering around the room, never still, only a faint shadow in the darkness. Shuuhei hasn’t lit any lamps, not so much as a solitary candle, because what he’s about to do is absolutely insane and most definitely treason. Blatant treason, at that. But there’s no way in hell Shuuhei is going to be able to wiggle his way out of a meeting with a captain, especially not when Tousen delivered the message himself. Not when every other lieutenant is going to be there as well. He’s also not about to walk into a trap, though—not when he has no idea as to Aizen’s true power, or his intentions.

That leaves only one choice, then.

Shuuhei heaves a sigh and rakes a hand through his hair, something he’s done far too much in the past few hours. “Well,” he mutters, as much to himself as his manifested zanpakuto spirit. “I think we’ve gotten all the answers there are to find in the Seireitei anyway. Time to look a bit farther afield, I suppose.”

Kazeshini turns from where he’s studying the calligraphy scroll on the wall and slips over to kneel beside Shuuhei, studying the contents of his pack. There’s not much—Shuuhei is hardly a packrat, and he’s also practical down to the core. Miscellaneous trinkets have easily been left where they are, and only a few changes of casual clothes are within. No uniforms, because if Shuuhei does this it’s likely he’ll never wear a shihakusho again. But…

“Pretty,” Kazeshini comments, touching the small puzzle box Shuuhei has carefully wrapped in an obi, tucked off to the side where it won’t break. For once, the spirit’s voice isn’t derisive or even vaguely sarcastic, so Shuuhei doesn’t take offense.

“Abarai, Hinamori, and Kira bought it for me,” he says, feeling a slight twinge at the thought of leaving those three—friends, for all that they’re younger—behind. “With their first paychecks as officers. It’s small and light, and…”

Just this one thing, he doesn’t say. Just one thing from this place that has been my first home. Just this and nothing more.

Even now, two years after their tentative truce began, it’s still a faint surprise when Kazeshini doesn’t mock him. The spirit just watches him for a moment, then huffs and stands. “So how are we getting out of here?” he asks, turning away, but his tone isn’t as harsh as it could be, and Shuuhei smiles a little to himself, laying his last kimono on top of the puzzle box and closing his pack.

“Akon’s been complaining about the moron who works with him,” he answers. “Not at all sensitive to reiatsu, kind of stupid, always falls asleep on the job. He’s on shift tonight, so I’ll just activate a Senkaimon and slip out.”

“As easy as that?” Kazeshini drawls, clearly unimpressed.

Probably not, no, but Shuuhei’s not about to say that. He just rolls his eyes and stands, casting one last look around the small room that has been his for almost half a decade now. It’s…depressingly barren, even with the small number of things Shuuhei is carrying. So simple to leave, really, even when Shuuhei has tried his hardest to fit in here and put down roots.

Shuuhei takes a breath and holds it, then lets it out in a long, slow rush. He slings his sword across his back, where it will be out of the way but still easy to draw, and shoulders his pack. Kazeshini is watching him, waiting by the door, and murmurs, “All clear,” as Shuuhei approaches, before fading into a shadow and disappearing.

“Thanks,” Shuuhei whispers back, knowing the spirit will hear him, and heads out into the darkness.

He almost, almost makes it to the Twelfth before he’s caught.

“Well, well. This is certainly a surprise,” a familiar voice remarks cheerily.

Shuuhei doesn’t spin and draw his sword, but only with effort. Slowly, carefully, he un-tenses his muscles, ready to move in a moment, and turns to meet a pair of bright, blue-green eyes.

“Lieutenant Shiba,” he says politely, even as he inwardly curses. There’s no way to play this off, not really, because he’s dressed in casual clothes yet carrying his zanpakuto and a bag, only a few feet from a side entrance to the Twelfth. Kaien is no fool, for all that he acts it. He’s a genius, and beyond that he’s good at reading people. And if it comes down to a fight…

Shuuhei is hoping to be underestimated, because nearly everyone in Seireitei knows he doesn’t like drawing his sword unless he absolutely has to, and he and Kazeshini are banking on that, but even so. Shiba Kaien is a prodigy, and Nejibana is a fearsome zanpakuto. There’s little chance Shuuhei will win, and even less that he can get away without attracting attention.

If Kaien recognizes the tension in Shuuhei’s frame, he doesn’t remark upon it. “Now, now, none of that,” he says cheerfully, taking a step forward as if to throw an arm around Shuuhei’s shoulders. Shuuhei takes two quick steps back, and the older man arches a brow at him. “C’mon, Shuuhei-kun, I’ve told you before that you don’t have to be so formal. But it’s late, and we have a meeting tomorrow. Shouldn’t you be in bed like a good little shinigami?”

It takes quite a bit of effort for Shuuhei not to bare his teeth. If there’s one thing he hates, it’s condescension, and from the way Kazeshini is seething in his mind, their chances of winning this fight just went up. Carefully, casually, Shuuhei loosens his grip on his pack, testing how much it will interfere if this comes to blows. He’ll likely have to drop it, and there’s a good chance that he’ll have to leave it behind if he does that, but escaping will be worth it, no matter how little he likes the thought of abandoning all of his worldly possessions.

“Shouldn’t you be as well then, Lieutenant Shiba?” he retorts. “What are you doing here?”

“Following you,” Kaien admits without an ounce of shame. “I was on my way to Ugendo with some medicine for the captain when I saw you sneak out of the barracks. Now, I could be wrong, but you’re not exactly dressed for a romantic midnight tryst, Shuuhei-kun. Care to explain?”

Shuuhei wants to smack himself for not noticing the man tailing him sooner, but instead winces, wishing he could just draw Kazeshini and get this over with.

But…Kaien knew the captains that disappeared, knew Lisa Yadomaru personally. By all accounts they were close, and rumor puts Shihoin Yoruichi and Shiba Kukaku as best friends, all but inseparable in their youth. Maybe, just maybe—

“There’s something going on,” he says in a rush, even as he takes another step back. Not out of range, not with either of their zanpakuto, but enough to give Shuuhei an edge if it does come down to a fight, hopefully. He’s wearing his explosive bands, after all, and the only ones to know about them are Shuuhei and the man he commissioned them from. “Something about what happened to the other captains and lieutenants forty-eight years ago. I’ve been collecting evidence, but…I need to dig deeper, and I can’t do that here.”

Kaien’s expression has lost that edge of laughter he almost always wears, and he frowns. “That’s a dangerous accusation, Shuuhei-kun,” he warns quietly.

Shuuhei meets his gaze squarely. “Do you really think,” he asks softly, “that Captain Muguruma—that any of them—would let themselves be turned into Hollows, every shinigami’s greatest enemy? Even if Urahara did it without their permission, do you really think someone that young, that newly promoted to captain, could outmaneuver and outthink eight of the Gotei 13’s strongest and longest-serving officers? Because I don’t. And Central 46 accepted Aizen’s testimony without question. That’s…suspicious.”

There’s a long, tense moment of silence. Shuuhei can see Kaien weighing his words, judging the problem and the suggestion carefully. At length, he lets out a long, slow breath and inclines his head just slightly. “It…is slightly suspicious,” he allows. “But Shuuhei-kun, going off on your own isn’t going to solve anything. You’ll be branded a traitor just like them. The Gotei 13 doesn’t exactly look kindly on deserters.”

Shuuhei looks away at that, because he knows, quite likely better than Kaien can. But really, at this point, what choice is there? “Aizen called a meeting for all the lieutenants,” he reminds the other man. “All of us. I think it’s a trap of some sort, and I’m not sticking around for that. I’ve made up my mind, and if I have to go through you to get out of here, I will.”

“And if you’re wrong? If you’re just jumping at shadows?”

That makes Shuuhei huff a laugh, dark and a little bitter, because he’s not. He’s watched and waited and hesitated for more than long enough to know that, even if he can’t prove it. “Then I guess I dug my own grave, so I might as well lie in it,” he answers flatly. “But I’m not wrong. Now, are you going to let me pass or not?”

For an endless, breathless moment, Shuuhei thinks Kaien isn’t going to. But then, with a weary sigh, Kaien rakes a hand through his hair and steps to the side, meeting Shuuhei’s eyes. His expression is grim and tired and older than Shuuhei has ever seen it.

“Keep in touch,” he orders, even as Shuuhei prepares to dart past. That makes Shuuhei stop in his tracks, mouth opening, but Kaien cuts off his protest before it can even form. “No, I don’t care that it could implicate me. You’re going to need someone in Soul Society, and it might as well be me. Captain Ukitake being sick so often means I’ve got more than enough reason to skip Aizen’s meeting, and freedom to move around without suspicion. So find a way to report back and do it, or I’ll come looking for you myself.”

The relief is almost enough to make Shuuhei lightheaded. He breathes out in a rush and flicks Kaien a quick salute. “Yes, sir. Good luck.”

That brings a smile back to Kaien’s face, though the worry is still definitely present. He chuckles, reaching out to clap Shuuhei on the shoulder, and then steps back. “Same to you, kid,” he murmurs.

Shuuhei rolls his eyes at the address, but ducks past the older lieutenant and to the Twelfth’s side entrance, easing it open without a sound. He doesn’t look back as he heads for the Senkaimon control room at a run, familiar enough with the halls to find his way without mishap. And, as expected, the Seventh Seat that Akon is always complaining about is there, stretched out on a cot in the corner and snoring away. Shuuhei smiles grimly, heading for the controls.

He’s not Twelfth Division, but it’s still simple enough to activate a gate just beyond the Twelfth’s walls, hidden in an ally, and summon a Hell’s Butterfly. An uncomplicated tweak of the settings silences the regular alarms and then Shuuhei is gone again, running light-footed and silent back the way he came.

As easy as that, he thinks, pleased with himself, and hears Kazeshini laugh in his head.

Kaien closes the door of the apartment with a soft sigh, thinking again of the burning determination he saw in grey eyes, the stubborn conviction so strong it made a boy barely out of the Academy throw away his position as one of the highest-ranked shinigami in the Gotei 13 and go on the run as a deserter, just to be able to prove it.

Wow, he thinks wryly, rubbing a hand through his hair. Way to make me feel old and stupid and useless, kid. Without even meaning to, and I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

Of course he offered to help, after that. How could he do anything else?

“Kaien? Is everything all right? You’re back late.”

Kaien blinks, glancing up to see his beautiful wife emerging from their bedroom, wrapped in a sleeping robe and looking concerned. This time, his smile comes naturally. “Miyako. Yes, sorry, everything’s fine. I just ran into an old friend on the way there and got a little sidetracked.”

Thankfully, Miyako only looks amused. “Oh? Another in your string of admirers? Should I be worried, Kaien?”

Kaien laughs, reaching out to loop his arms around her waist and pull her close, burying his nose in her fragrant black hair and trying not to think of Hisagi Shuuhei, so young and vulnerable, completely without allies in a strange world. “Mm,” he hums. “He’s cute, I’ll give you that, but not quite my type.”

“Oh? So now I’m going to have to stand guard against all the women of Soul Society and all the men? If I’d known what I was getting into when you asked me to marry you, I might have had second thoughts.”

“What can I say? My boundless charm and sparkling wit just seems to attract them in droves. And on that note, Miyako darling, I’ve been meaning to ask what you’d think of me starting a harem. Just on the side, of course, but—ow! Ow, Miyako, stop that! Abuse, abuse!”

Miyako rolls her eyes at him and boxes his ears for good measure. “Oh, you’re incorrigible,” she sighs, but doesn’t resist when Kaien grins at her and pulls her into a kiss.

He thinks once more of Shuuhei, desperately seeking answers, sharp enough to uncover a plot not even the Captain-Commander himself noticed, and then lets Miyako push those thoughts away, if only for the moment.

Does It Hurt? [Donald Pierce x Reader]

[Anon request: Donald Pierce / ‘Does it hurt?’ with Donald snapping and going a bit crazy.]

WARNING: This one is a bit dark and quite violent. I really need to start putting triggers on things again. But yeah, just don’t read if violence triggers you in any way.

A lot of people had predicted that it would be a terrible idea. The two of you, however perfect at flirting and teasing each other, had too much fire in your guts and if it did happen it would ultimately end in disaster. The bottom line was; you and Donald were not good for each other.

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