does this mean the whole ferris wheel part was a date

His Wedding | eight

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 2805

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: language

Characters (by appearance):

A/N: I legit cried writing the ending of this part, but it may not be that emotional for you guys (yes I cry over tiniest things, so sue me) Also, future updates won’t take this long. Please give me FEEDBACK, YA’LL I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS/ASKS

SORRY READERS, no Bucky in this particular part. But I promise there’s mention (lol ik you don’t want just mentions but… eh, it’s just how it rolls)

Sorry for any typos :P

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Previously on “His Wedding” :

“I know I’ve already done this. But I don’t care if you say no again, because I’ll keep asking–”

“I’ll go out with you, Steve.” I tell him eagerly before he could even say it. Technically I kind of saved him from the embarrassment of asking me for the fourth time.

“Oh, thank God.” He mumbles before crashing his lips with mine.

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Domestic Jaebum

request: hoe write jb fluff luv u
note: this is my favorite topic ever
— Confessing that he likes you
- Jaebum would have this huge ordeal planned out
- Like, confessing at the top of the ferris wheel at night
- Or on the beach during the sunset
- He’d actually just blurt it out while you’re eating or something
- “Y/N, how was your day?”
- “Oh, well, my boss was kind of a jacka-”
- “I really like you.”
- When he says it, though, his head will be slightly cocked to the side
- And he’ll have this goofy smile *gif*
- But if you'e uncomfortable with it, he’ll back off immediately
- JB’s really understanding about everything
- If you do like him back…
— Boyfriend Jaebum
- First of all,,,,
- So many forehead kisses
- Do something cute? Forehead kiss.
- Sad? Forehead kiss.
- Watching a movie? Forehead kiss.
- Long day of rehearsal? Forehead kiss.
- He’s definitely into skinship
- Holding your hand
- Arm around your waist
- Constantly touching your thigh
- Always wants to show his appreciation towards you
- Taking you out for ice cream because you went to his concert
- Taking you to that movie you’ve been dying to see because you stayed with him at rehearsals last night
- A whole lot of quick pecks throughout the day
- Sometimes not so quick ones because he “can’t help himself”
- He likes to show you a different side of him
- Jaebum is so supportive of everything you do
- He’s so damn proud of you
- The boys are always texting you telling you that Jaebum is annoying
- Likes to copy you until your cheeks turn pink
- Takes you on cheesy dates
- Does aegyo to make you smile
- When y'all go to the carnival, he gets you the teddy bear you want with no problem
- So he gets you a second one
- After a long day of rehearsal, he comes home and flops onto the bed and groans for 7 years straight
- Asks you to shower with him
- Squishes your faces and kisses you because you’re “just too cute”
- His weakspot is when you ask him to teach you more about his culture
- Offers to cook for you constantly
- He’s hesitant to introduce you to his family because he doesn’t want you to think he’s rushing it
- When you ask if you can meet his family though, he almost breaks down
- Is absolutely overjoyed when he sees you getting along with his parents
- It’s then, when he sees you learning how to make gimbop from his mother, that he realizes he wants to marry you
- Jaebum will plan out this huge ordeal at one of his concerts
- During certain songs, he’ll shoot a smirk in your direction
- Or wink directly at you
- He sings all the mushy gushy parts straight at you
- Right before the concert ends, he asks you to step on stage
- At this point you know because
- Yugyeom, Bambam, and Mark are giggling like school girls
- Jinyoung is wiggling his eyebrows at the crowd
- And Youngjae is consoling a blubbering Jackson
- seriously someone get this kid a tissue
- or eight
- He gives you this long spiel about how much he adores you and how he can’t imagine life without you or that amazing pasta you make for special occasions
- You don’t remember a lot of it though because you’re snotting like crazy
- Of course you say yes
- He spins you around in a circle
- Before turning towards the audience with the goofiest smile on his face
— Husband Jaebum
- Let’s take a moment to talk about the honeymoon
- You two don’t have a honeymoon for a while because he’s doing tours and there’s a new album and dances are exhausting but he has to learn them and it just doesn’t work
- But F I N A L L Y
- Y'all go on a honeymoon
- Jaebum would make sure that the first day you two had nothing planned
- Because there’s no way you’re going to be able to walk anywhere after he’s done with you
- He takes so many pictures of you
- He’ll hate the idea of couple tees
- Matching anklets though? Sign him up.
- He’ll cry when you two head home from your honeymoon but he’ll cherish those memories like no other
- Whenever you two fight or even slightly bicker, you both try really hard to make it up to each other
- Eating dinner together and going to bed are so so important to him
- Whenever he has to have rehearsal late, he’ll ask you to come eat with him
- This usually ends up with you two curling up against each other on the rehearsal room floor and falling asleep
- Sometimes though he’ll rehearse to late and he’ll come home to find his dinner in the microwave with a sweet post-it note
- When he finds you asleep in his hoodie, sprawled over the bed, he smile and brush the hair out of your face
- But he’ll feel bad
- So he makes you breakfast
- When you throw up his breakfast later on though, he’ll be really concerned that he didn’t cook something properly and he gave you food poisioning
- He’ll probably tear up because he’s really worried that he’s the reason your head is stuck in a toliet
- But he’ll sob when you tell him it’s most likely just morning sickness
- “What do you mean, morning sickness?”
- “Jaebum… I’m pregnant.”
- “You mean… There’s a baby in your stomach? OUR baby?”
— Dad Jaebum
- One of those guys that worries about everything for the entire duration of the pregnancy
- But when the baby is delivered safe and sound, he’s overjoyed
- Let me tell you though
- Jaebum is 289% an aggressive baseball dad
- Throws his ballcap on the ground
- Hands on his hips
- Angrily spitting out sunflower seeds
- But when you slip your hands into his, he relaxes and reminds himself that it’s just a game
- He’ll defend his kids against everything though
- Likes to pack their lunches for them
- Never cuts the crust off of his kids’ PB&J sandwiches
- Daily trips to the playground
- Cries the first time they say they don’t want to go
- Family night is a ritual
- If one of his children disrespects your cooking, he blows his cap
- “Your mother spent all day trying to cook this delicious food for you while you got to go play. How about you stay and cook and she’ll play with us instead? Doesn’t sound fun, huh? Go apologize to her mother and thank her for this lovely dinner.”
- Can’t stand it when his kids don’t eat their vegetables
- He makes them drink tea before bed
- Reads them a bed time story every night
- Jaebum overall would be an amazing boyfriend, husband, and father.
- He’ll doubt himself along the way but he knows he has your endless love and support, so he keeps going.
- pls take care of him & feed him well

mitarashiko  asked:

Your conversation with 50cyg makes me want to ask you something~ What do you think Yamato likes the most about Taichi? What is your favorite scene of them?? Do you think they think about the reasons why they two can form omegamon??!! I'm very curious *^*

You know, at first I thought these questions seemed harmless, but when I got to thinking about them…they took me a while to answer lol

I already know these answers are going to be long. So I’m just going to put them under a cut. 

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BTS x Carnival!AU

i decided to compile all of these together from the au game for those of you who missed it or wanted all the members together!! ~


  • definitely a magician
  • knows like basic card tricks but can also do illusions and escape from like ropes or handcuffs
  • wears a cape even though yoongi was like that’s corny but namjoon doesn’t care he thinks it looks cool
  • and like whenever he puts on a show he’s dressed all snazzy and has like white gloves on and looks like those magicians from like the 20s it’s kinda cute how much he gets into character
  • he like pulls you up and offers to saw you in half and you’re like ,,,, oh my god no,,,,, no thank you and he’s like awwww too bad,,,,but then he’s like you know what it’s good i don’t want to hurt a pretty thing like you and you’re like did this magician just flirt w me
  • and tbh the rest of carnival bangtan sitting in the audience is like ,,,, did namjoon just flirt??? because that’s not part of the script
  • after the show namjoon somehow shows up in front of you like pulls flowers out of his sleeve you’re like ???? oh my thank you???
  • and he’s like suddenly rubbing the back of his neck getting all shy he stutters and like some cards fall out of his pocket and you bend down to help him pick them up and you guys bump heads and it’s cute
  • and he’s like um,,,,here you go,,,,,
  • and he passes you one of his cards (it’s the ace of hearts) with his number on it and he’s like jUSt in case you WAnna let me Take you on a Date,,,,i won’t ask to cut you in two hahaHA
  • and you’re like omg that’s so c*rny but also,,,,adorable


  • ok ok ok but can you imagine like,,,,,dangerous carnival acts hoseok???
  • like he juggles fire??? or like swallows swords???
  • and like usually he’s just smiling on stage like he looks like a blooming cute flower but then all of a sudden he’s like eating swords like it’s nothing or breathing fire and everyones like holy SHit
  • or like he dances with fire and it’s so pretty but so dangerous and like everyone just can’t believe such an innocent happy person has the capability to do wild crazy things like this
  • and you’re like part of the carnivals on site medical staff just in case someone gets hurt on the rides or something but tbh you’re always stressing out about hoseok
  • and like you visit him before shows and you’re like ??? you’ll be ok right?? you know your safety precautions??? and he’s always just smiling at you like of course im a pro!!! like pats your head and kisses your forehead like i promise not to burn or stab myself so don’t worry
  • but hoW Can YOU NOT he’s SWALLOWING SWOrds for gods sake but at the same time you see how happy he is to make the crowd cheer
  • and when he comes back you’re just thankful he’s alive each time and you like hold his face and tbh you’re like ,,, im sorry i just want to like touch you to make sure you’re ok
  • and hoseok bites his lip because like you Can keEP touching him like hE Doesn’t mind he likes your ,,, soft touch,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok making a heart at you with his fingers and then his fingers bursting into flames and you’re like OH YM gdo and he’s like no no don’t worry it’s just a trick i know hehehe


  • runs the fortune telling booth at the carnival and basically reads tarot cards for cheap
  • he like vaguely knows what he’s doing, but he gives off this mysterious aura and he’s really hot so people go to get their fortunes told even if they know that it’s kind of fake
  • imagine jin in like a little booth sitting at a velvet table with like flowers surrounding him and candles it’d look like something out of a movie but nope he’s just your regular carnival fortune teller
  • and he’s such a flirt tbh he like holds your wrist and is like i can hear your heartbeat~ are you excited for what the cards will say~~ and tbh is this fortune telling or fanservice who  k n o w s
  • and you visit the booth one day because your friends all did it so you go in and see jin sitting there with his flowers and candles and you’re like alright lay it on me
  • and jin’s like ahh you’re here for love right? and you’re like nope can you tell me if im going to get a better job this year and jin’s slightly taken back like uh oh,,,
  • but he keeps his cool like whips out a fan to cover his face like let’s read the cards ~~~ and you’re like this is a joke and he’s kind of like ,,,,,ok yeah but listen it’s my job and you’re like you’re too handsome to be working here?? have you considered modeling
  • and jin’s like oh,,,,well i mean,,, and he knows he’s handsome and whatnot but you’re so straightforward that it kinDA flusters him
  • but basically you kind of end up just talking to jin and you’re like well ill come back soon and you leave and jin is just like holy shit ,,,,, i can’t stop thinking about this person even ice-cream boy jimin doesn’t get this deep into people
  • and idk jin like tries to read his own fortune to see if you’ll come back to him because wow you’re interesting,,,he’d like to see you more often,,,


  • taehyung has to wear the big costume of the carnivals mascot which is like a squirrel and it’s so hot he hates it but like
  • he’s got enough energy to dance around and all the kids adore him so it isn’t thAT bad
  • plus at least he doesn’t have to clean up on any of the rides or sit in booths doing absolutely nothing
  • but every now and then he takes the top of the costume off and underneath he’s got a tanktop on cuz it’s too hot and he drinks some water and he’s you know glistening with some sweat like his hairs stuck to his forehead,,,,,he looks,,,,,,,,,good
  • and you’re like let’s say you also work at the carnival but you don’t have like an animal costume you have like a fairy costume and like part of your job is to do a little dance with taehyung
  • and it’s cute taehyung like twirls you around and like it’s all fun and games until you think about how he looks under the costume and you can’t help but get red in the face
  • you guys probably meet up with the rest of the guys that work their at the end of your shift and like taehyung’s showered but he’s still in his tanktop and like jeans and you’re like my heart and he throws an arm around you and is like my cute dance partner!! how you been?? and you’re like ahhh,,, and like yoongi is looking between you two like oh oh i see
  • and suddenly yoongi is pulling the rest of carnival workers bangtan away and you and taehyung like walk together and taehyung’s like you look cute in the fairy costume, but like this you’re even prettier


  • works the ferris wheel and honestly wishes he could work at the haunted house instead cuz it’s so much cooler than this big wheel that’s extra boring
  • jungkook swears if he sees another couple making out in one of the compartments he’s gonna gag
  • sometimes he purposely plays bad music to ward the couple’s away but like they still come (and manager bang pd is like jungkook stop playing what does the fox say that song is h o r r ib l e and jungkooks like i KNow that’s the point)
  • and for the most part he sits there bored playing on his nintendo 3ds and then one day you get hired to work the ride across the ferris wheel and oh my god
  • jungkook does like a 180
  • all of a sudden he’s playing corny love songs??? like ‘run’ by bangtan boys who even is that??? and the whole park is like what’s up with jungkook he looks like he’s in a daydream
  • but the minute you like lover at him jungkook ducks behind the ticket stand because oh god no he can’t look at you face first??? you’re way too cute?? waaaay too cute
  • and ice cream boy jimin’s like hey jungkook you like that person right and jungkooks like WHAT and jimin’s like yeah it’s obvious and jungkooks like shUt up jimin go eat some ice cream and jimin shrugs like hey maybe ask them out
  • and jungkook’s way too nervous honestly at some point you’d have to be assertive and go over and be like hey you’re cute why don’t we ride this ferris wheel when you have your day off
  • and jungkooks like swallowing like like ,,, a date/?? and you’re like yeah a date and he’s like o o k,,,, and you wake away and jungkook for the first time in his life is like THANK GOD I WORK AT THIS FERRIS WHEEL


  • ice cream boy jimin walks around selling ice cream to whoever comes to the carnival and just being as sweet as the snacks he sells
  • gives extra sprinkles to little kids because they’re cute and always gets scolded by manager bang pd at the end of the day for it hehe
  • wears the white and red striped shirt and the little boat hat and it makes you giggle the first time you see it and jimin turns like every shade of red
  • he actually got so distracted by how cute you were he ended up dropping the ice cream cone he was going to give taehyung all over taehyung’s outfit and taehyun was like jIMi n bang pd’s gonna kill ME but jimin was completely absorbed in how cute you looked that he was just like uhuh
  • you go over to by some ice-cream and you’re like which is the best flavor? and jimin wants to be like my lips~~ but he’s not that corny so he gets flustered and is like um u m u mmmm strawberry???
  • and so you get strawberry and you’re like how much? and jimin is like oh yes um uh just um 1,000 won and you’re like but it says on the box that ice cream is 4,000 won and jimin’s like haha discount???? (because you’re so darn cute)
  • and so you give him the (right amount of) money and you eat some ice-cream and get some on your chin and jimin’s like um,,,,your chin and you’re like oh!! i don’t have a napkin??? and literally yoongi in the back like jimin you idiot wipe it for them come on it’s so obvious
  • but jimin is like i Can GO Get YOU one PLEASe waIT
  • and he runs off and you’re like a little sad he didn’t catch on but he’s so cute and adorable and flustered and yoongi gives jimin a lil smack on the head afterwords like theY WERE FLIRTING JIMIN and jimin is like WA I T WHAT


  • works at the skeeball games and absolutely hates it
  • wears the dumb bright uniform shirt and cap, even has a fanny pack to match which if you make fun of - he will lose his shit about. respect yoongi’s fanny pack
  • but anyway he knows the games basically rigged and if someone is really sweet and nice he usually is like hey you should go try your luck somewhere else but if you’re like an asshole he’s just laughing at the fact you will never win behind your back
  • but since you’re a nice person just trying to win some tickets to get that stuffed fox at the prize center, and also yoongi kinda thinks you’re cute he kind of coughs under his breathe like ‘cough go for the fifty point one cough just throw it a bit more to the left cough’
  • and you’re like oh and you try it and you score and you’re like omg thanks and he shrugs it off like it’s no big deal but when he sees you go get the fox and how happy you look over the toy he gets happy to
  • forces ice-cream boy jimin to give him free ice-cream
  • is thankful he doesn’t have to wear a fursuit like taehyung in the heat and dance around in the parade

thebeatneverleaves  asked:

shipping meme: Ryan/Michael?

falls asleep on the couch:

  • ryan falls asleep in weird places in general, just by nature of his fucked circadian rhythm
  • meaning michael has found ryan asleep in his car, sitting in the shower, standing up once how the actual fuck
  • and often on the couch
  • nine times out of ten michael just lets it happen, because any kind of sleep ryan is getting is good sleep, even if he looks sort of uncomfortable
  • sometimes after a bad job where everybody gets separated, he and ryan end up dozing fitfully on the couch at two in the morning, legs tangled together, cell phones clutched tightly in their hands while they wait for geoff or jack or somebody to get in touch with them

makes friends with the neighbors:

  • for all the rage michael holds in his body, he is weirdly capable of being nice and polite to people when he needs to
  • and in addition to that, michael grew up in jersey in a shitty part of town, where you had to be close with the people in your block or you’d get eaten alive, strength in numbers, etc
  • somehow the neighbors don’t make the connection between the swear-riddled screaming that travels through the thin walls of the apartment complex and the cherub-faced, curly-haired young man who shows up sometimes to fix old lady edith’s oven or returns puddles the pomeranian to the newly weds on the first floor when he gets out (again)
  • ryan doesn’t realize all this is happening until he’s driving home and sees michael walking down the street, verbally berating the tiny, fluffy dog he’s got tucked carefully under one arm

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Temporary Affairs

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17  

Chapter 12. Head Over Heels                      

“Babe, come downstairs,” Jongin said through the phone.

“Why?” you asked, even though you already knew where the conversation was going.

“I’m coming upstairs,” he said bluntly then hung up. 

You threw your head back laughing like a little kid.  Quickly, you slipped on a wool sweater dress, an infinity scarf, and fluffy earmuffs.  Before you could do anything else, you fiancé barged into your room.

“Where are we going?” you asked in the car.

“You’ll see,” he responded as always.  Why do I even bother asking anymore? 

He parked the car in front of an amusement park.  Your eyes glittered as you stared out of the car window.  Christmas ornaments and lights decorated the theme park, making it look like a winter wonderland.  Puffs of snow fell onto your hair as you got out of the car.  Jongin adoringly brushed it off your bangs.  You giggled, looping your arm around his. 

“Oppa, I’ve never been to an amusement park before,” you confessed. 

“Whaaaaaaaaat??!” he asked stopping in his tracks. 

“Is that strange?” you questioned.

“Very,” he answered. 

“Really?  How many times have you been here?” you asked curiously. 

“Hmm…maybe fifty times?”

“I bet you come here with girls a lot,” you quipped.

He doesn’t reply, instead just dragged you along.  You snickered. 

“I knew it,” you said bitterly. 

“Knew what?” he asked, pretending not to know. 

Rolling your eyes, you grabbed a lollipop from a candy stall.  You lean in to eat it but Jongin beats you to it.  A foolish grin spread across his face.  You pouted, stomping off with arms crossed over your chest.  But, really, you weren’t angry at all. 

“Why is there no one here?” you asked, looking around confusingly. 

“Because I reserved the whole park,” he responded nonchalantly. 

Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped to the floor.  As you let him drag you around the park, your eyes roamed all over his features again.  A genuine smile. Actually…it was more than genuine…because there was a hint…of shyness.  Oppa…could you also be liking me as much as I like you? 


He stopped in front of the Ferris wheel, motioning for you to get in a cart.  Obediently, you do, scooting over so that your fiancé could join you.  The ride began and you clung onto Jongin with your eyes closed. 

He chuckled, “Open your eyes”.

Childishly, you shook your head.

“Come on, Jagiya, open your eyes or you’ll miss it,” he coaxed. 

You sucked in your breath and opened one eye, but closed it immediately again. 

“No. No. No.  I’m scared of heights,” you murmured, burying your head in his arm. 

Laughing, he threw an arm around your shoulder to help calm your trembling body.  Loud banging and popping noises sounded from outside, tempting you to open your eyes.  But the coward within you continued to hide in your fiancé’s embrace.  As the ride arrived at the top of the wheel, it stopped.  You opened your eyes and panicked. 

“Oppa.  Oppa, did the ride break or did the electricity go out?” you asked frantically. 

Jongin simply ruffled your hair and motioned for you to look up at the sky.  From the corner of your eyes, flashes of colorful lights unraveled in the night sky.  Fireworks of different shapes and sizes spun around like paint on a blank canvas.  Your mouth gaped in awe as you scooted closer to the door to peer up at the distance.  Turning around, you noticed that Jongin was not admiring the fireworks. 

“Why aren’t you looking up?” you asked confused.

“Because I can already see it through your eyes,” he answered, stroking a strand of loose hair behind your ear. 

#%$^^$%&&$&%%&$&  Kim Jongin nuuuuuu, you life ruineeeeeeer! 

You slouched back into your seat, already dizzy from your fear of heights, but now also from your fiancé’s cheesy pick up lines.  As the ride ended, you two took a romantic stroll down the rest of the park.  As you do, you discovered yourself gazing at him again but you quickly snapped out of the trance from the fear that he’d catch you staring at him again. 

________ah, you’re in trouble.  You’re in deep trouble.  You’re in…love. 

Happily, you skipped around from one part to another, forgetting that you were wearing four-inch heels.  As you crossed a road made out of stones, you clumsily lost your footing.  Even though, Jongin caught you before you hit the floor, the damage was already done.  Grimacing in pain, you grabbed your right ankle.

“Are you hurt?” your fiancé asked worriedly. 

He squatted down and examined the extent of your injury.  Before you could even muster an answer, he scooped you up and placed you gently down on a bench.  Tossing off your heels, he pressed around your leg to assess the area of injury.  Cold sweat trickled down your face but you bit your lip from yelping in pain.  You’re so, so mad at yourself for ruining such a perfect date.

“Let’s go to the hospital,” he said, crouching over so you could climb on his back. 

However, you sat still.  He turned around to discover you silently crying.  Frustrated, you hid your face behind your hair.  You could never get anything done right.  Even something as beautiful as falling in love, you couldn’t do it correctly.    

“Does it hurt real badly?” Jongin asked grimacing with you as you roughly wiped your tears. 

“No, I’m fine,” you lied. 

He sat down beside you and replied, “No, you’re not.  Do you think I’m stupid?”

You stayed still, feeling absolutely worthless.  Hundreds, thousands of girls would die to be in your place, but you’re right here crying and spoiling everything. 

“I ruin everything,” you sobbed. 

“What do you mean?” he asked, taking your hand into his. 

“You planned everything so perfectly and I had to go and sprain my ankle.  You planned the Ferris wheel event and I missed half of the show because I was a coward.  You reserved the whole park and that probably cost a buttload of money but now we’re going to have to stay at the hospital the entire nigh—”

He cut you off, smacking his lips onto yours.  You stiffened in place.  Your pupils darted around, observing his expression.  Do you…love me too?      

“You talk too much,” he said, leaning in to give you another sweet peck. 

Your eyes rolled back and your body slumped against the bench. 

“Omo, Jagiya!?” he asked, holding your head up by your chin. 

“You made me faint again,” you murmured and he chortled, pecking you softly on your nose. 

With that, he crouched down again and this time you happily climbed onto his back.  Your legs dangled around childishly as you buried your cheek against Jongin’s warm back.  So this is how being in love feels…Midway down the path, he slipped your shoes off your feet and threw them into the trashcan.  You gasped. 

“It was either that or I take them home and burn them just like your other pair,” he responded to your unasked question. 

You cupped your mouth to muffle your uncontrollable laughter.  He had a point.  Shyly, you leaned over and placed your lips on his cheek.  I love you, Oppa…but do you…feel the same?               


A week later, it was Christmas Eve.  Since your parents and Jongin were at Christmas parties and the maid was on vacation, you were home alone.  You sat lazily on the living room couch, frustrated that you couldn’t move.  Huffing and puffing, you glared at your bandaged swollen foot.

“Because of you I can’t be with Oppa on Christmas!” you grunted to your foot. 

You stared at the grandfather clock across from you.  It struck midnight.  Your body slouched back onto the couch and you thrashed your arms around, wailing.  You haven’t seen your fiancé in a whole week, on top of that it was Christmas – the most romantic holiday of the year.

“Merry Christmas,” you said to yourself with a pout. 

“♫ ♪ ♪ ♬ ♩♬ ♫ ♪ ♫♬ ♫ ♪ ♬ “ your phone rang.

The screen read, “My Jongin Oppa <3” and you excitedly picked it up.

“Hello?” you greeted.

“Merry Christmas, Jagiya!” your fiancé spoke through the phone. 

“Merry Christmas, Oppa,” you said with a sigh. 

He laughed, “Why do you sound so deflated?”

“Because it’s boring spending Christmas alone,” you groaned. 

“Who said you were spending it alone?” he asked.

The doorbell rang.  You raised your eyebrow, wondering who would be rude enough to visit your house on midnight. 

“Hold on Oppa, a Pabo rang the doorbell,” you spoke, putting the call on hold. 

Struggling, you grabbed your crutches and waddled your way to the door to greet the disrespectful visitor.  As soon as you opened the door, your eyes widened and your lips parted to form an “O”.  The disrespectful visitor was none other than Kim Jongin.

“Oppa!” you threw your arms around his neck.  Your crutches fell to the floor with a loud thud that made you flinch back.  Jongin slipped his arm around your waist to make sure you didn’t fall over. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be at a party?” you asked curiously. 

“Well, a little panda bear was complaining about how she was alone for Christmas so I decided to fix that problem for her,” he explained, smirking. 

“Hehehe,” you cutely responded, earning you a surprise kiss on the cheek. 

He lifted you up and placed you gently back down onto the sofa before taking the seat next to you.  Gleefully, you snuggled up to cuddle with him.  Your head rested on his shoulder as you yawned.  For some reason, you felt so calm and drowsy. 

“Sleepy?” he asked, stroking your bangs from covering your face. 

“Mmhm…” you sluggishly replied, closing your eyes. 

You weren’t exactly thinking about falling asleep – just closing your eyes to rest but to your dismay you fell fast asleep. 

When you woke up, it was already six in the morning.  Somehow, both of you were in a complete different position than the one you were in last night.  Instead of sitting upright, you were completely sprawled across the sofa.

“You know, you kick around a lot in your sleep,” an entity next to you spoke. 

Turning around, you gasped, realizing that your whole body was practically on top of Jongin.  Blushing, you quickly sat upright.  He laughed, sitting up as well.  His hair stuck out in all directions and you couldn’t help but shamelessly run your fingers through them.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked, pulling you into his chest. 

You nodded as you listened to the calm beating of his heart.  He drew invisible circles along the small of your back.  It made you shiver and Jongin pulled the blanket over your shoulder, thinking you were cold. 

“Oppa, I have your Christmas present!” you said excitedly, attempting to get up but he stopped you. 

Instead, your fiancé stood up and walked over to the Christmas tree.

“It’s the large red box,” you pointed to the left side.

He bent down and identified the box, before plopping himself back down next to you.  Excitedly, you encouraged him to open it.  He looked at you filled with suspicions but started to unwrap the box.  As he opened it, you recoiled into the sofa, muffling back a giggle.  Within the box was another box.  Jongin looked at you unimpressed but continued to open.  But, within that box was yet another box. 

“Really?  There’s nothing in here, right?” he accused, shaking the box to hear if it was in fact hollow.  But a soft “clunk” sound told him otherwise. 

“There is something.  Just keep up the good work!” you encouraged, amused. 

He shook his head, chuckling as he continued to open one box after another until a small velvet box fell into his hands. 

Stifling back his laughter, he asked, “Jagiya, you’re not proposing to me, right?”

“No.  Of course not!” you answered flustered, “Just open it”.

Obediently, he opened it, revealing a pair of heart-shaped diamond French cuffs.  On the back of the cuffs were engraved words reading, “I love Jongin-oppa”.  You hid your face behind a pillow scrutinizing his reaction.  Did he not like it? 

“I love them.  Thanks, Babe,” he said but his feedback was so underwhelming you pouted, disappointed.  

“Where’s my present?” you asked, feeling defeated. 

“U-uh…sorry I forgot to buy one,” he responded and you gaped in shock. 

What?  How does one simply forget to buy a Christmas present for his fiancé.  That’s like forgetting to pee in the morning. 


You hid your disappointment and feigned a nonchalant grin, “That’s fine.  You can be my present then”. 

“Really?  Then you don’t want this?” he joked, pulling a rectangular gift box from under the sofa.

You covered your mouth.  Immediately, you pounced to grab the present from Jongin’s hand.  His eyes glittered seeing how enthusiastic you were.  Eagerly, you ripped the wrapping paper and opened the lid of the box.  You gasped.  Inside was a pair of beautiful nude-pink flats.  Diamonds bordered the edges, meeting at the front with a cute bow.  Jongin picked up the shoes and knelt down on one knee in front of you.  Lifting your feet onto his lap, he slipped on the flats.  You bit your lip and admired them, your eyes sparkling as the diamonds reflected onto your watery orbs. Cinderella with Prince Charming…

“From now on, don’t ever wear heels anymore.  They always hurt you,” Jongin spoke. 

“But then I’ll be too short to kiss you,” you murmured and immediately covered your mouth, surprised that you let your internal thoughts slip out.  Mortified, you threw the blanket over your head.

Throwing his head back in a fit of laughter, your fiancé pried the blanket off you. 

He leaned in and whispered, “Who said we needed to stand to kiss?”

With closed eyes, he erased the distance between your lips and his.  You blushed, your hand rested comfortably on his chest as you kissed him back.   



a/n: Merry Christmas everyone! 

Reader:…Panda Unnie…you are two months too early. 

Oh, woops.  ;p well then…

Another fluffy chapter.  Who wants double update today?? (I may regret this LOL because I’m not writing fast enough but…)  ★~(◡ω◡✿)

quetzalrofl  asked:

Is it weird if the only reason I hope the "Rose Quartz used to be Pink Diamond" theory gets debunked is because it would really really really hurt Jasper and she doesn't deserve that?

Not at all! 

Jasper still believes in Pink Diamond. When Jasper talks about being the best Quartz she can be, she’s still holding herself up to a standard. And that standard is Pink Diamond.

She can change her outer uniform and answer to Yellow Diamond’s orders, but on the inside, she still identifies as Pink Diamond’s gem. From everything we know about Jasper, being someone born near the end of the war when Homeworld was desperate, and from what we know of PD, who was shattered early in the war, it’s likely they never met. Adding to this is the idea that Jasper was at the time, a Beta Kindergartener. She would have been seen as a defect until she proved herself in battle; people wouldn’t have had time to regard her perfect exit hole in the throes of war.

When Eyeball asks, “So where were you when it happened?” Jasper was likely nowhere near PD, if PD were even still alive at the time.

Nonetheless, Jasper has continued to hold loyalty to PD. She was willing to disregard YD’s direct orders to check on the Cluster and return to Homeworld. Unlike Peridot, Jasper never really held YD on a pedestal. She never talked about YD the way Peridot did. Instead, Jasper has always been fiercely loyal to her Homeworld. She holds a personal grudge against Earth for the war.

It’s not that difficult to believe that everything Jasper continues to fight for, all of the anger and fire in her, come from her desire to avenge PD. She came to Earth demanding to fight Rose, fully knowing Rose’s reputation. At the time, we thought she was angry at the latter for starting the war, but it’s actually much more personal a cause. She knows Rose as personally responsible for shattering PD, and that’s what makes her so determined to fight her.

Jasper might have expected the world to be much different had PD not been shattered. For one, she wouldn’t have been reassigned to Yellow Diamond. Since PD was the military commander among the four of them, PD would have known better than anyone how to raise and train Quartzes.

Recall all the times Amethyst has felt out of place because according to Pearl and Garnet, she wasn’t acting “like a Crystal Gem.” And how Amethyst clung to the memory of Rose because Rose was “always there for her.” Rose would use brute force to stop a baby on a ferris wheel. Rose would have been just fine with Amethyst’s wanting to wrestle and maybe would have indulged her in a few rounds instead of pushing her to sneak off to Beach City Underground.

And Amethyst at least had some time with Rose before Rose eventually passed. Jasper never even got to meet PD. That’s not even the worst part. PD’s soldiers were all reassigned. Peridot in Log Date says that YD has all of Homeworld’s military under her command. 

For the other gems, things may seem fine. We know from the Ruby Squad that gems are taught by their own type. They are socialised by other Rubies and trained after being assigned to a squad. In that regard, new recruits like Leggy don’t really feel out of place, because all the Ruby behaviours like tussling and roughhousing (the Rubies dog piling onto each other) are reinforced.

But from what we know Jasper, doesn’t seem to come with her own squad. She was sent on her mission alone, which might be the case for gems who are a little higher up on the social ladder. In The Answer, we see only a handful of Jaspers guarding Blue Diamond. 

Given the resource shortage on Homeworld, the difficulty of making quartzes, and the rarity of someone like Jasper the “ultimate quartz,” I would go as far as to say Jaspers like her are spread few and far between in order to maximise utility.

That means Jasper never really had an avenue to socialise. What does she tell Amethyst about Jaspers? “Jaspers never give up. We keep fighting until we get what we want.” For Jaspers, survival has always been an uphill struggle. Nothing in this dogma says “Jaspers work together” in all this fighting. That Jasper is a very powerful quartz means that teams wouldn’t even be that necessary.

Had PD not been shattered, though, and war not broken out, Homeworld would still be in peacetime. Quartzes would have been united under one ruler who was focused on only them. We have to admit, YD was rather preoccupied. Now we know she manages not only the research and development side of Homeworld but also its military. And we don’t know what other responsibilities she’s taken over on top of that. It’s a lot of stress.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of time to evaluate how gems feel about all of these changes. After all, for a race that pretty much never dies, five thousand years isn’t awfully long. 

PD is not only Jasper’s idol, as the ultimate soldier, but also her hope of what could have been, because her shattering set into motion a lot of events that could not be taken back. So there is a PD who existed and a PD who is larger than life whom Jasper holds in her heart.

And we notice the parallels between the roles PD and Rose played in their respective Quartzes lives. And we know that there’s a lot of theory-fodder to fuel the Rose is PD theories. And we know the Crewniverse has been very deliberate about this ambiguity. 

And as you mention, we know it would destroy Jasper should PD be Rose.

Jasper has built her whole life, the reason she “fights and never gives up,” around avenging PD. She looked up to PD, and I believe she could find no wrong in PD, even now, even when she’s confused and corrupted.

After all, it was the memory of PD that triggered her complete corruption. That means through a lot of bad things, she kept PD in mind to keep her going. Specifically, remembering PD was shattered was what caused her to totally corrupt. That signified a loss of hope, that she couldn’t keep fighting anymore. 

And what we see here is a parallel to Pearl, who could find no flaw with Rose. If the theory is true and Jasper finds out, the narrative changes completely. PD will have abandoned gems like her. PD would have betrayed them and left them at the mercy of Homeworld’s restructuring. PD would have been actively hurting and attacking them. 

It’s not as if her gems were ever offered an explanation, after all. They were told their leader was shattered and they were expected to move on, be reassigned, and continue on. There must have been some mourning, but it was also wartime and there was no time to lose.

Jasper’s formative years happened during the war. Her life started because of the war. Jasper said she kept fighting so she could get off Earth, “this miserable planet.” But now we know what she was fighting for. Finding out her reason for living actively chose to abandon her wouldn’t just hurt her, it would break her. And you’re right in saying she doesn’t deserve that. 

captainvalentyne  asked:

Will you do a meta on Stranded for us pretty please?

Far be it from me to ever pass up on the chance to gush RobStar meta, dear.  :)

*rubs hands*

All righty children, this is going under a cut because it will get loooooooong.

There is so much good stuff in this episode.

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insomniawkward-jules  asked:

Hiiii I just wanted to say that I love your writing! It's amazing :) I also wanted to request one where you're best friends with one of the boys but you secretly like them and try to make them jealous with another member of the band? o:

sdfjl;asdkj Okay, I’ve been waiting so long to write this, because this is such a saucy request. Yaaaas.

Michael- w/Calum

“He’s obviously not interested in me Calum.” “Trust me, he is (Y/N).” He says as you both looked at Michael from the booth you were in. Tonight you went clubbing with the boys, as usual Michael decided to hang loose and get drunk, however, along with him getting drunk he was pretty flirty with a lot of random girls. “Yep, he totally is, I’m sooo feeling the love.” You said sarcastically. “Why are you doubting, it means nothing when he’s drunk you know.” “Calum, you don’t understand, we girls are-” “Okay, yeah, yeah, save the whole girl speech okay? Listen, if you are sooo in denial about Michael having feelings with you then let’s test it shall we?” He says giving you a cheeky grin. You looked at him suspiciously, “what are you getting at Calum?” He rolls his eyes, “get him jealous, if he really doesn’t like you then he won’t do a thing, if he does then he would probably punch me in the face.” “Ugh, Calum, that plan sounds so-” “Hey, I’m willing to take a punch in the face for you (Y/N) to prove my point.” You waited for a moment before finally giving in, “okay, what do we do.” He looks around for a moment and the song in the club finally changes to something more upbeat, he grins and looks at you, “let’s dance.” He says before taking you by the hand and to the dance floor. “Don’t look at him.” He says to you while you both moved to the music. “Is he looking?” You asked. “He will, just wait….. By the way, whatever method I use to make him jealous, please don’t hate me.” You looked at him, “hate you? Why would I hate you?-” You questioned before you felt Calum’s lips on yours, you were wide eyed and stunned by his actions, but one second you were kissing him, then the next you watched him being grabbed by the collar of his shirt by Michael. “What the hell mate, I thought we were bros, you know I freaking like her!” Michael yelled. Calum, looking a tad bit scared, calmly told Michael his intentions, “sorry lad, I had to prove a point.” He says before looking at you, “I told you he liked you.” You were speechless and Michael let’s Calum go and looks at you, “why did you let Calum kiss you?” “I didn’t know he was gonna do it, but we were trying to make you jealous.” “Jealous?” “Michael I couldn’t tell if you liked me or not and the tension was killing me, you always seem interested in other girls so I-” “I like you (Y/N).” He confesses and you lost your train of thought. You felt flustered by his confession and apparently so did he. Michael tucked a stray hair behind your ear, you leaned your head into his hand and he smiles at you.

Calum- w/Ashton

“He’s not getting the signals Ashton.” You said as you watched Calum working with Luke and Michael on a new song that was in progress. “(Y/N), don’t doubt that, he notices you.” “You sure? He doesn’t really give me a second glance.” You mumbled and Ashton looks at you a little sad. “You know, I don’t really suggest this kind of thing, considering you are one of my friends, and he’s been my lad for a long time, but I really think you two need the push.” He says. You looked at him curiously and Ashton gives you a reassuring smile. A week later you had planned a fake date with Ashton to get Calum jealous. You weren’t sure if it was going to work or not, but you wanted to know how he felt about you. “Is he coming?” You asked Ashton giving him a worried look. He smiles back at you and cups your face with his hands, “I noticed him 20 minutes after I came here.” He says with a dimpled grin and clenched teeth to make it seem like he wasn’t aware of Calum. “Where is he?” You asked. “He’s here, but if I gesture to him he will know something is up.” He says before letting out his arm for you to hold. “How did you get him to even show up?” “I kinda irritated him the whole week about our little ‘date’ and here we are….” He says smiling, “you should have seen the faces he was making.” You laughed, “do you really think he-” “No doubt about it (Y/N).” Ashton says before taking you to one of the rides. Through out the whole day you and Ashton had a pretty good time together, but you were waiting for Calum to interfere, but he didn’t. You started to doubt the plan once Ashton realized that he was no longer following. “Cheer up (Y/N), maybe he went to the bathroom.” “Ashton he hasn’t been following us for 2 hours, I think he left…” He was silent for a moment looking around one last time before back at you, “come one, cheer up, either way we had fun right? Let’s go on the Ferris wheel and call it a night.” He says taking you into the line. You waited about 10 minutes until it was your turn, you took your seat, but before you could look back at Ashton, you heard a small scream and Calum suddenly rushing to sit next to you, then telling the worker to start the ride. Stunned by what was going on Calum looks at you pouting. “What are you doing here?” You questioned. “Sorry, I must have read the whole situation wrong, I thought you fancied me (Y/N) but you are here with Ashton?” He says. “I do fancy you Calum, I just didn’t think you felt the same way, you never gave me a second glance.” He tried to think of a comeback but decided to answer you differently, “I didn’t know how to approach you…” He says slightly blushing. “Ash and I made this whole plan you know, we were waiting for you to interfere.” You said giving him a smile. “I would have, I was about to drag Ashton into a taxi back home… I didn’t want to scare you though because I thought that’s what you wanted, you wanted him.” “No Calum… I want you.” You said and he looks at you a bit surprised by your confession. You smile at him and kiss his cheek ending the night.

Ashton- w/Luke

“(Y/N), you’re trying too hard.” Luke says sitting next to you. You sighed taking a second look at yourself with the fancy clothes you were wearing. “Well Luke, I am a try hard for Ashton. I literally did everything to try and get his attention. Cooking, flirting, seduction, make over-” “Wait, what did you cook him?” “Vegemite sandwich.” “How did you flirt?” “Hair flip and batting of the eyes.” “Seduction- on second thought I don’t want to know.” You sighed, “I’m out of idea’s Luke.” You said. Luke was silent for a moment looking a bit hesitant, “I have one idea, but it’s a little weird…” You looked at him curiously, “lay it on me Hemmings, what is this idea?” “Make him jealous.” He says simply. You were surprised by his answer, “wow, I never thought of that… Luke you are a genius!” You said grinning at him, “will you help me?” you asked. “I-I don’t know (Y/N), Ash is like a bro to me, I don’t want to-” “Please? I just need to know if he likes me or not okay?  That’s all I wanna find out with doing this, and once I find out then we can call it off and I’ll accept rejection, and your brolationship is unharmed.” You explained. Luke thought for a moment and sighed, “okay, fine.” After days of planning you were able to convince the rest of the band that you and Luke were dating. You tested Ashton’s reaction and all he did in response was smile and said congratulations. Still unsatisfied with the response you tried to push the envelope a bit trying to act really couple like in front of him with Luke. After a week and a half later you decided to give up, you were going to tell Luke the plan was over but before you could enter the studio you overheard them talking. “Luke, I’m really happy for you, you know that, I just… I really like her.” Ashton says sounding a bit sad. “I understand, but why didn’t you confess?” “I-I didn’t know how to, I mean I knew the signs were there, but I didn’t want to assume….” He stutters and you slowly entered the room. Ashton panicked a bit and Luke looked between you two, “well, my job is done, I’ll leave (Y/N) to explain.” “Explain what?” Ashton asks. “That Luke and I aren’t really dating and I only did it to make you jealous.” You shyly admitted. Ashton looked at Luke, and Luke shrugged before speeding out of the room. “You wanted to get me jealous?” “I tried so hard getting your attention Irwin, I just wanted to know how you felt about me.” Ashton smiles and looks away for a moment, he chuckles slightly then looks back at you. “You’re really something (Y/N)” He says. You roll your eyes and sat in front of him trying to figure out how you were going to properly confess.

Luke-w Michael

“Michael, give it a rest, he doesn’t like me like that.” You said focusing on your 3DS and playing a wifi Pokemon battle with him. “He does.” He says pushing the issue as well as killing off another part of your team. You sighed and looked at him, “he doesn’t seem to look at me like that, just as a friend, anyone with eyes can see that he thinks of me as ‘just a friend.’” “No, everyone except you can see that he obviously digs you.” He says as he literally used the Pokemon move dig against your team. “Are you serious, did you really just make a lame pun like that.” You said looking at him and he smiles as if it was the most genius thing ever. “I’ll prove it to you, I’ll prove that Luke likes you.” He says ending the battle with you losing to him. “Oh really? What are you going to do?” “Make him jealous.” He says grinning at you. You looked at him worried, “I don’t know Michael, that sounds a bit…. I don’t think I’m comfortable with that.” “Don’t worry, I’ll do everything. Between you and me he get’s pretty envious when we hang out, just the two of us.” “He does?” You asked. He sighs and gives you a disappointed face, “are you really that blind (Y/N)? Forget it, just leave it to me, act just the way you are and I’ll do everything.” The next day you weren’t really sure what Michael’s plan was, he seemed to be acting just like himself, wanting to play video games with you, hang out, and have lunch together. His tactics just seemed too normal. Luke didn’t seem to pay any attention to it which you thought was expected. The next day Michael cuddled up to you in a non romantic way and the both of you played Destiny. Luke entered the room, saw you two cuddled up, and suddenly stopped in front of the TV. “Luke, come on, don’t be a cock, we’re on a roll here.” “No, you’re being the cock Michael, you’re doing this on purpose.” “Doing what?” He says grinning. “Flirting with (Y/N) that’s what, you know and everyone with eyes knows that I like her and you are disregarding that and being such a di-” “You like me?” You questioned and Luke stops his sentence with his face blushing red. “Y-Yeah, I like you (Y/N).” He says. “But you…. You never seemed interested in me.” “I-I wanted to take it slow, I didn’t want to rush into things and-” “Ughhhh Luke, could you just ask her out already? I didn’t work hard to get you jealous for nothing.” Michael says interrupting. You and Luke were silent, obviously shy about the situation, Michael rolls his eyes, nudges you towards Luke, and un-pauses the game. Luke rubs the back of his head and looks at you nervously, “w-wanna have dinner sometime.” You bite your lip, then smiled, “I’d love to.” You said smiling back. “Ewwwww you guys are sickeningly cute.” Michael says grinning knowing that his job was done.

A/N: Thank you for the request, and sorry for the wait, I hope this is something you were looking for and I really really hope you liked this.


So about Divergent...

let me get a few things very clear before i start:

  1. The Divergent Series is my favorite series of all time. I love and adore everything about it. 
  2. I am ridiculously nit picky about book to movie adaptations i almost annoy myself.

With that in mind, here we go:

Overall I quiet enjoyed it. The acting by absolutely everyone was phenomenal. I adored the music (esp ellie goulding) and score. they fit so nicely it was great. They essentially stuck to most of the book which I appreciate but not entirely. Although it was good, the book is soo much better. I’d give it a solid 7/10.

Now time to get into the details (spoilers below):

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Distance #6

Peyton POV

“Tell me everything.” Grace demanded of me as I opened my front door and let her in. It was Saturday morning and I was still in my pajamas. “Well good morning to you, too,” I laughed. Every Saturday morning since we were little Grace would come over and we would have breakfast and watch cartoons. She lived only a few doors down so she would just walk over. “There is no time for that, you went on a date with fricken Jack Gilinsky. I need all the details pronto.” She said excitedly while sitting at the countertop in my kitchen. “It was amazing, he was so sweet and we had so much fun,” I told her while sitting on top of the counter across from her. My mom was already at work so we had the house to ourselves. “He’s so hot, oh my gosh, but did he kiss you!?” She squealed. I started to blush and smile. “Oh my god!! He sooo did! What was it like!? Holy shit, P. Logan! You kissed Jack Gilinsky!” I started laughing. Remembering last night, made me get all giddy. After the Ferris wheel ride, Jack had walked me back to the train station and made sure I got on safely after we had a long goodbye. It was sad thinking it could be a while before we saw each other again. He texted me later that night saying he had a great time and hopefully we would see each other again soon. “So does that mean you guys are together now?” Grace asked me. Her ombré hair was pulled into a loose pony tail and she had on a baggy sweatshirt with leggings. “Good question, we didn’t ever talk about what we are,” I told her. Grace’s jaw dropped. “What!? He’s going home tonight, you don’t know when you’ll see each other again, he kissed you, and you didn’t even talk about what you are!?” Grace was appalled but I just didn’t know how to bring that up with Jack. Would he want another long-distance relationship? “Get dressed.” Grace told me as she stood up and started walking towards the door. “Where are you going?” I asked her. “We’ve got all day. We’re catching the next train to the city and finding Jack before he leaves.” With that, she turned and walked out the door, leaving me sitting in the kitchen. As reluctant as I was to do what Grace said, a part of me wanted to see Jack again and establish what we were. After last night, there was no denying I had fallen head over heels for him, but had he done the same for me?

Jack POV

I lay in the hotel bed staring at the ceiling. The clock read 9:00. Johnson and I still had about two hours before we had to be in the hotel lobby to head to the event. I couldn’t fall back asleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about last night. It was terrible having to say goodbye to Peyton, but the rest of the night had been incredible. Johnson stirred in his bed and lifted his head off the pillow. He squinted his eyes in the bright light. “What time is it?” He mumbled. “9,” I told him. “Dude, go back to sleep,” he told me before rolling over, facing his back towards me. “Can’t,” I replied. He rolled back over and sat up, fully awake now. “Last night was that good, huh?” Johnson asked me. I nodded and smiled. “So where does that leave you guys?” He asked me. That question had been on my mind all night and all morning. I had absolutely no clue. From the second I saw Peyton at that show choir competition, I knew I was crazy about her and last night’s date proved that to be even more true. When we kissed, I didn’t want to let go of her. But, I had just gotten out of a relationship because it wasn’t working due to distance, so would another long - distance relationship be smart? “Listen, man, you’re obviously totally into her, why not just make it official?” Johnson asked me while running his fingers through his hair and leaning back against the head board. “Because, Leigh and I just broke up because of the distance issue, I mean we wrote a song about it…” Johnson nodded his head, agreeing with what I said. “Okay I get that, but who’s to say that Peyton isn’t the one? I know that sounds corny, but we’ve been best friends since kindergarten and I’ve never seen you this into a girl. You’re so much happier…and distracted but that’s beside the point,” he told me while giving me a smirk. “All I’m saying is, I think you should go for it. And if it’s meant to be then obviously distance won’t be an issue.” I knew what Johnson was saying was right. Something with Peyton felt different. And maybe we wouldn’t be together forever but right now, I wanted to be with her. “Yeah but when will I see her again? Last night was our only chance,” I told Johnson, realizing I had no clue when I was going to see her again. “Well then call her and tell her, it’s better than nothing, right?” I didn’t want to say this kind of thing over the phone but I supposed Johnson was right, since it really was my only option. I decided I would wait until later since it was still early. Since I knew I still wouldn’t be able to sleep, I picked up the book on the nightstand while Johnson rolled over and went back to bed. The book was all about the hotel, I figured I had nothing better to do so I flipped through the pages. Something on the ‘History of the Hotel’ page caught my eye. It talked about when the hotel was built. I skimmed the paragraphs. 'The West Hotel, amongst many other iconic buildings that fill the Chicago skyline, were all built and some owned by the contracter Michael J. Logan. Many people say that Logan owns the Chicago skyline, an incredible legacy to leave behind after being tragically killed in a car accident in 2008.’ I stopped reading after that. My mind was spinning, this 'Michael Logan’ had to be Peyton’s dad. I knew Peyton’s dad had died and it would be too much of a coincidence for another man with the last name Logan, from Chicago, to die the same year. I wondered why she never told me about her dad.

Peyton POV

I couldn’t stop fidgeting the whole way to the city. “Would you relax?” Grace said to me. “Everything will be just fine.” She wrapped her arm around my shoulders. Grace always knew how to comfort me. Even when my dad died, we were just eleven years old but she came over and helped me get through it and has helped me through everything ever since. “Jack would be crazy not to be into you,” she said to me. “Plus, he went on a date in the city with a girl who’s dad built the city,” I laughed at Grace’s comment. “Oh please, he doesn’t know who my dad is.” I told her. She gave me a shocked look. “Are you serious? Man, if my dad was Michael Logan, I would never let anyone forget it. I would be like 'yeah, that’s right, I own Chicago and am rich as hell,” I started cracking up and playfully hit Grace’s arm. “Shut up, Gracie! I just wanted Jack to know me for me, you know?” She nodded but then added, “Still, I would want him to know if I was filthy rich,” I rolled my eyes and laughed. Grace was such a goofball. But I was happy for that, because for a few minutes she had distracted me from Jack and my nerves had disappeared, but they quickly came back, bigger than ever.

SasuSaku Countdown Marathon Prompt - It Was Fate

Date: October 24th, 2014
Pairing: SasuSaku, NaruHina, ShikaIno, NejiTen, ShinoTema
Prompt: It Was Fate
Title: Love Tunnel Liaisons
Summary: AU. Probably a bit OOC. Sometimes love is a sure thing, even when it’s a shot in the dark.
Written by: ebondeath
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.
Author’s Note I: The best part about writing AU is that Neji gets to be alive, and no Naruto story that mentions anything about fate is complete without Neji. YOSH.
Author’s Note II: This fic is very loosely inspired by the Cheese Festival episode of Hey Arnold!.
Linkage: Prompt Calendar | Version
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Sakura loves carnivals. The lights, the music, the games, the rides! And there’s always cotton candy and giant pretzels and funnel cake (which is the bane of her thighs). Yes, she is 22. No, she doesn’t care that carnivals are for “kids.” This particular carnival comes to Konoha every year, and every year she is here playing every game and riding every ride.

Her dorm room back at Konoha University is packed with stuffed animals that she has won over the years. She is a master of knocking over the bottles with a baseball, the ring toss, and the water gun racing games. The game vendors dread seeing her because they know that she will win the best prizes while spending the least amount of money.

And then there are the rides. Sakura loves the ones that take her up high in the air and give her a bird’s eye view of the world. Naturally, the ferris wheel is her favorite. She saves that one for last, because once she’s finished riding all the other rides and playing all of the games, she will board the ferris wheel and admire the city lights until the carnival closes for the night.

This year, as she enters beneath the brightly colored sign, she spots something new.


Sasuke hates carnivals. They’re loud, noisy, smelly, and full of people. And crowds of people mean fangirls. And even if you don’t take into account all of the crazy females who hang all over him pawing at him and screaming his name, the games are obviously rigged and the rides are creaky death traps. Especially that ferris wheel that looks like it could fall over at any minute.

So why is Sasuke here, when he could be studying for his big chem exam or squeezing in a workout before a blissful night alone with his Xbox?

Two words: Uzumaki Naruto.

Tonight is Naruto’s first date with the girl he really, really likes, who also happens to be from a wealthy family. Hyuuga Hinata is pretty, petite, and shy, and Sasuke has no idea how she puts up with his idiot best friend.

Naruto has no experience with girls and is a complete nervous wreck. He begged, pleaded, blackmailed, and bribed Sasuke until he finally agreed to come along for moral support. Sasuke’s version of moral support involves keeping as much distance as possible and occasionally sending the dobe a text telling him for the love of all that is holy not to do what he’s about to do.

Sasuke sighs and runs his hand through his hair. Tonight is going to be a long night.


Sakura squeals in delight as she approaches the new booth. The tent is a periwinkle blue covered in glittery gold stars and moons, and the sign outside advertises a fortune teller. Sakura doesn’t believe in hocus pocus and psychic abilities, but she loves the idea of whimsy and playing pretend. So she doesn’t hesitate to open the tent flap and go inside, leaving two coins for the fortune teller’s fee in a china jar on the table.

As she sits down at the small table, the rear tent flap opens and a tall woman swarthed in shimmery robes enters, her face covered by a veil. Her long chocolate hair is held back by voluminous, colorful scarves. Sakura is fascinated by her eyes, which are a pupil-less milky white, but she does not appear to be blind.

“Greetings,” the woman intones in a husky voice, “look into the crystal ball, and I will read your fortune.”

Sakura gazes excitedly into the glowing orb in front of her, insanely curious about what the fortune teller will “see.” The woman waves her hands around the crystal ball and mutters an incantation, her deep voice entrancing.

Impatient, Sakura demands to know what she sees. The fortune teller continues to gaze into the crystal for another moment, before slowly raising her pale eyes to Sakura’s emerald ones (she knows it’s just for dramatic effect, but she still feels a shiver up her spine).

“I see a long, dark tunnel, and a boat. You will meet your heart’s other half there. This is the destiny I see for you.” The woman relaxes back into her chair, eyes closing.

Sakura tenses in excitement. A long, dark tunnel? That can only be the Tunnel of Love! And while she knows that this girl is a hired actress paid to tell her generic fantasies that young girls want to hear, she feels the inclination to visit the Tunnel of Love, just for giggles and amusement. She won’t find anybody, she knows, but she may find some fun.

She thanks the fortune teller enthusiastically and drops more coins into her tip jar.


A fit of giggles erupts from behind the starry tent as the “fortune teller” emerges, ripping the gauzy veil and scarves off of “her” head. A tall girl with brunette hair twisted into two buns on top of her head sits on the ground laughing at her companion.

Neji scowls darkly and shucks off the rest of his ridiculous costume. “I’m glad you’re so amused, Tenten.”

Tenten wipes tears from her eyes and picks herself up off the ground. Neji continues grumbling as she wraps her arms around his neck and touches her nose against his, her grin taking up her whole face.

“Don’t worry Neji, you’re a very attractive fortune teller. Even with the dress on, you’re still very, very manly.” She pecks him on the lips. Her boyfriend growls and wraps his arms around her waist possessively, lifting her chin with his fingers so he can kiss her more deeply.

In between heated kisses he mutters, “I see a lot more of this in your future.”


After emerging from the fortune teller tent, Sakura makes her way between the game booths, occasionally stopping to throw darts at balloons or win at bean bag toss. Just as she’s lustily eyeing the funnel cake vendor, she spots two very familiar faces. And with her pink hair, she is recognized as well.


Yamanaka Ino makes her way through the crowd toward Sakura, dragging her grumbling pineapple-haired boyfriend with her. Without relinquishing her grip on Shikamaru’s arm, she pulls Sakura into a one-armed hug and gives her an air-kiss by each cheek.

“I knew I’d see you here, pinky. What are you doing wandering around by yourself? Where’s your date?” Ino, the queen of criticism.

Sakura rolls her eyes. “There is no date, Ino-pig. And I’m going to the Tunnel of Love.”

Ino’s interest is immediately piqued and her baby-blues sparkle with delight.

“Did you forget the part where you don’t have a date? But I’ll ignore that because the Tunnel of Love sounds perfectly romantic, doesn’t it Shika?”

Shikamaru sighs. “Whatever, at least it’s dark in there. Maybe I’ll be able to get a nap in.”

Sakura huffs. “Who says I need a date to ride it? And anyway, maybe I have ulterior motives.”

Blue eyes narrow. “Tell me.”

So Sakura tells her about what the fortune teller said, and Ino is immediately on board.


And then Sakura has become part of the Ino-train as the blonde drags both her and Shikamaru behind her.


“Teme, pleeeeeeeaaaase. I need you in there!”

Naruto has broken out the most pathetic, needy puppy face in his arsenal. He is on his knees clutching at Sasuke’s shirt, begging him to accompany he and Hinata on the one ride that Sasuke refuses point blank to go near.

“I can’t blow this, man. This is my shot!”

Sasuke shakes his head in disgust. “You don’t need my help to make out with your girlfriend in the dark.”

But the blonde boy is persistent.

“This is the last thing I’ll ask you to do, I promise. After this one ride, you can go home and I won’t bother you for a whole week! I swear!”

Sasuke considers this offer. The idea of a whole week of peace and quiet is very, very tempting (if unlikely. They’re roommates.). Besides that, if Naruto manages to somehow impress this girl, he’ll be spending a lot more time with her and then there will be bonus peace and quiet time.

Sighing, he shrugs his acquiescence. Naruto cheers loudly and drags him over to the line for the Tunnel of Love. There are three lines, one for couples, and two for singles. Because there are no single riders allowed, the singles line is divided by a tall fence. Ladies stand on one side of the fence, and gents on the other side.

Reluctantly, Sasuke joins the single men’s line and pulls the hood of his crimson jacket up over his hair, hoping that none of his fangirls recognize him. He can hear some of them gushing on the other side of the fence and absolutely dreads getting stuck on this ride with one of them.

After a few moments of waiting, Sasuke is next in line behind a guy that he recognizes as Shino, one of the guys in his computer classes. He is paired with a girl that Sasuke vaguely recognizes as Temari, captain of the girls’ basketball team at KU. Shino offers her a hand as she steps into the boat, and she accepts warily.

Then it’s Sasuke’s turn and anxiety grips him. The girl he gets paired with could be a complete psycho and a stalker. He should bail out now before they find his body in a dumpster later-

The ride attendant motions him forward, and as Sasuke steps away from the fence, he sees the girl. She is short with cotton candy pink hair and anxious mint-green eyes. She doesn’t look psycho, but they never do.

He offers her his hand suspiciously, and she thanks him with a gorgeous smile as she steps into the little white boat. As they seat themselves, the girl offers an introduction.

“I’m Sakura.” As he takes in her appearance, Sasuke acknowledges that the name definitely suits her. “Sasuke,” he grunts in return.


Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh, he is so gorgeous. Sakura tries very, very hard not to stare at the hunk she’s sharing a boat with. A boat in the Tunnel of Love.

And suddenly she remembers the fortune teller’s words and nearly gasps out loud. Her heart thuds loudly and her insides are doing cartwheels and backflips.

What if this is him? What if this is the guy?!

It’s difficult to be skeptical when there’s a very attractive, well-groomed, athletic looking, twenty-something hottie sitting next to her. Of course, she thinks despondently, that doesn’t mean that he finds her attractive.

But what are the odds?


She’s staring at him. Or rather, she’s pretending not to, which Sasuke supposes is better than the naked lust he sees in the predatory gawking of most girls. And he’s pretending not to stare at her too, so he can’t really judge her at this moment.

After riding in silence for a few moments, she decides to fill it with conversation so that it will be less awkward. The pink and white heart-shaped lights glitter around them as she tells him about her interests and her major at KU (pre-med). She likes carnivals, old black and white movies, and bubble tea.

Sasuke finds himself listening because he likes the sound of her voice. It’s soothing, like his mother’s. When she’s done, he surprises himself by telling her about himself, about his criminal justice major, his internship at his father’s precinct, his interest in computers and basketball.

Every time she smiles in response to something he said, he feels the urge to make her do it again.

Sooner than he expects, the ride is over and they step back out into the music and garish lights. Naruto completely forgotten, Sasuke decides to act on an impulse and asks her if she wants to continue hanging out.

Her brilliant smile and a nod is his answer.


Sakura is freaking out. He wants to hang out. He wants to hang out with her.

She makes a mental note to go drop a twenty into that fortune teller’s jar.

“So,” she starts, “What do you want to do?”
He shrugs. “Whatever you want.”

Sakura doesn’t need to be told twice, and she leads him over to one of her favorite game booths: the baseball toss. The object is to knock over the milk cans with the baseball, and Sakura is a pro. She used to play softball in high school and knows very well that the game is rigged and that the cans stick together more easily than they should.

But Sakura hasn’t been top of her class for the last fourteen years for nothing. She knows exactly where to aim and how fast to throw the ball to knock the cans over. She pays for a ball, turns back to Sasuke, and winks. “Watch this.”

The attendant, recognizing her, sighs in resignation.

Taking a deep breath, she brings her arm back in preparation for the throw. Sasuke watches her intently as her arm snaps forward, releasing the ball. The ball smashes into the cans at just the right spot, and they tumble to the ground.

Sakura jumps up and down, clapping her hands in excitement as the attendant hands her a large, coiled blue snake stuffed animal. She smirks at Sasuke.

“Piece of cake.”


Sasuke is impressed. Most guys can’t even knock the cans over, and they end up spending more and more money on trying as they get progressively more frustrated. He watches as she gushes over her prize, a ridiculous blue snake, and he can’t help but find her cute.

But now it’s his turn to impress her.

He motions for Sakura to follow, and he heads for the target shooting game.

The targets are attached to cartoonish looking villains that move back and forth. The bottom row has the largest targets, is the closest to him, and moves the slowest, while the top row is the farthest away and has the smallest targets and moves the fastest. The middle rows have targets of various sizes and move at speeds in between.

Smirking, Sasuke hands the attendant the movie and lifts the old-fashioned air rifle, testing its weight. He spends a moment adjusting his sight and aim, then nods at the attendant, who starts the machine.

He pulls the trigger with rapid precision, hitting every single target.

The attendant gapes at him for a moment, and then pulls a large stuffed pink slug. Sasuke smugly presents it to Sakura, who accepts it with a large grin and a peck to his cheek.


After declaring themselves King and Queen of the Carnival Games, Sakura buys a large stick of pink cotton candy. She offers some to Sasuke, who refuses, saying he doesn’t like sweets.

“Hm,” she munches happily, “what’s next? Rides?”

Sasuke glances at his watch. “It’s getting late, after ten. This place closes at eleven. So we’ve got time for two, maybe three if the lines are gone.”

Sakura shakes her head. “If it’s already that late, then there’s only one ride that we have time for.”

Sasuke raises an eyebrow as she eats another mouthful of cotton candy.

“And what would that be?”

“The ferris wheel.”


“Don’t worry,” she tells him, “it’s perfectly stable.”

Sasuke is looking a little green as he gazes up at the giant wheel. Maybe he has a problem with heights. Sakura hands their tickets to the attendant and grabs his hand, pulling him into a car. The door is locked behind them, and Sakura smiles at him, giddy with excitement.

This is her absolute favorite part of the carnival, she informs him, and Sasuke can tell it’s obvious by the way she looks around in awe as the car rises into the air.

As they ascend, Sasuke notices that his hand is still encased by hers.

After a few moments, they reach the top and the ride pauses. By now they are the only two left on the ferris wheel, and they are given a few extra minutes at the peak.

Sakura is beaming with happiness as she stares out at the twinkling city lights. Unconsciously, her hand squeezes his and Sasuke looks down at them. Slowly, be brushes his thumb over the back of her hand.

She starts suddenly and her gaze locks on to his. They stay like that for a few moments, gazing at each other as he gently massages her hand. Slowly, oh-so-slowly, they both start to lean forward.

As they do, the weight shift impacts the balance of the car, and Sakura is thrown forward against Sasuke’s chest. She clutches at him as the cart swings back and forth, her eyes shut tight. Sasuke puts his arms around her to hold her steady.

When the car finally stabilizes, they hear a voice shouting from down below. It’s the attendant, telling them that there was an electrical short and that the ride is currently stuck. The electrical engineer is on his way.

Sasuke groans and leans his head back against the seat.

“This must be karma catching up with me.”

Sakura quirks an eyebrow at him. “For what?”

Sasuke chuckles. “I left my best friend alone with a girl that he doesn’t know what to do with.”

Sakura giggles, but shakes her head at him. “I don’t think that’s what this is.”


She nods firmly.

“I have it on very good authority that this is fate.”

She pulls his head down to kiss him and Sasuke agrees.