does this mean i have permission to openly love u now

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So fingers crossed red isn't her father but like the fact that liz thinks he's her dad is a bit of an.......obstacle for lizzington to say the least..... how do u think hat would be handled (at this point I want to throw a phone book at tbtb and call it a day)

Hello Anon!

Yes, that certainly DOES put a bit of a monkey wrench in the good ship Lizzington. I’m not sure HOW they’ll handle it, but I hope they figure out a way fairly soon, instead of dragging it on. The longer they allow Lizzie to believe Red is her dad, the harder (and weirder) Lizzington will become.

However, I have faith that they will find a way… somehow. This is certainly NOT the first time they have dealt with daddy/daughter and sexy lizzington ideas juxtaposed against one another. They have been doing it almost from the beginning of the show’s concept (and evenly talk about it in interviews.)

But what gives me hope that lizzington will prevail is the very fact that they DO acknowledge that very idea several times in the show… 

  • They first did it by mentioning the book ‘Lolita’ in season 1, which is about a young girl falling in love with an older man who is basically a paternal figure to her.
  • They did it again by having Solomon literally state that perhaps the relationship between Red and Lizzie is both a ‘May-December’ one as well as a ‘Daddy-Daughter’ one while he had them captive in the plane hanger.
  • Then there is the opening scene in ‘The Kenyon Family’ in which the Blacklister talked about the Bible story of Lott, and how his two daughters basically seduced him in order to sleep with him and have his children.

So while yes, on one hand the idea of incest is obviously horribly gross and wrong (and illegal) the mere fact that TPTB acknowledge these taboo issues means that they are VERY aware of what they are doing and what they are portraying on screen.

And if they are openly admitting to them, they must be doing it for a REASON. (Why else would they possibly show it or talk about it?) 

The only thing I can think of is that they are quietly trying to put the idea in the common viewers heads that Red and Lizzie’s relationship is not only not as simple as it appears on the surface, but that the common viewers may have had it all wrong from the very beginning.

Showing overly sexy scenes between Red and Lizzie (which they have done since the Pilot episode) if they ARE in fact biologically related, would literally make no sense and would be just plain disgusting. And yet they DO show scenes like that… which means they must have an endgame planned for the two of them, which will have a very different outcome that a paternal one.

JB said in the first season that he already knows the endgame, and that he had to get PERMISSION from Sony and NBC to go forward with it. Now if Red and Lizzie’s relationship was simply a familial one, why would he possibly need to get permission for that? Having Lizzington become CANON on the other hand, especially after (admittedly) showing them in a father/daughter relationship to some degree, would def. warrant needing permission to go forward.

So yes, while I think this rocky road will soon become even rockier, I am still fully convinced in Lizzington and that somehow it will all work out. Have faith and just try to enjoy the bumpy ride - flat roads are boring anyways!

Thanks for the message!