does this makes any sense

Democrats defending their failed Obamacare and continue to lie that it’s good for the American people as it bankrupts the country.  But if it’s so good, oh great and powerful Democrats, then why the hell did you all exempt yourselves and your lobby groups from it?!  If it’s so damn good, then you should have it to, right?!

According to senile Nancy Pelosi, we had to pass obamacare to see what was in it.  Does that make any f*cking sense?!  Nancy are you illiterate or something?!  No, you read it before you pass it. 

But they knew it sucked, so they relied on the American people’s “stupidity” as they called it, to pass it without letting the American people see it.  Now the Obamacare monstrosity is bankrupting us.  Thanks Democrat dirtbags.


Arlen and Quen. They’re a real Cagney and Lacey, only…well, on the other side of the law, ya dig.

“How much taller is she? What, than me, you mean?” Arlen taps his temple, as if the agitation could dislodge some thought from deep within his skull. “She’s like… say, two stack-’em’-upped orange crates taller than me. Does that make any sense? Quen?”

“Two crates for us to stand even,” she says, nodding. “And if you take off the hat, we have to add Velsa’s recipe book.”

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Will the drama come back? I kinda want the angst back and I kinda don't.. does that make any sense? lmao probably not. I'll probably cry. (I have the same reaction towards fluff just with a different range of noise coming out of my mouth)

Not sure if the angsty parts of Bamon will make it into this chapter or the next one, but so far Steroline has taken a SUPER emotionally intense turn on me so I’m glad you’re up for it, lmao. I might honestly edit it out and save it for later ‘cause it’s a lot and I wasn’t planning on it, but we’ll see. Definitely some angst in 15, though.

Scorpius and Rose had like 2 or 3 conversations and all of them were Rose showing clear distaste for Scorpius.

Scorpius and Albus spend every single day together, tell each other everything, and say the most romantic things.

So tell me how does it make more sense for Scorpius to be in love with Rose and not Albus…


The fact that it is so good when it’s good it’s also kind of the reason of why it is so bad when it’s bad. Does that make any sense? And… it can all suddenly be over tomorrow but I’m still insanely happy that I have met him.

all of the celebrities, the people in power, even the republicans who were for hillary and somehow he’s still winning? it does not make sense. it does not make any sense

HERE COMES A THOUGHT: Steven healing Jasper’s corruption by entering her mind through his dreams, and the whole thing is a giant homage to the ending of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Jasper is Anthy, and just as Anthy is trapped by swords of hatred, Jasper is trapped by the green spikes of corruption that plagues her mind.

But the Anthy trapped by those swords is not the “true” Anthy, and the Jasper plagued by corruption is not the “true” Jasper, merely the monster she’s resigned to be. The “true” Jasper is pure and uncorrupted, possibly still wearing her Pink Diamond uniform, and Steven finds her trapped somewhere deep within Jasper’s mind. Maybe she’s hiding in her own hole from the Beta Kindergarten, sealed shut by the metal spikes that she used to contain the other corrupted Gems. That’s how she sees herself now–as nothing more than a corrupted monster.

Steven struggles to free the Jasper trapped inside her hole, just like Utena struggled to free the “true” Anthy trapped inside her coffin…

But he just can’t do it on his own. Jasper has to want to be saved.

“Jasper, please! Please, take my hand!”

I can really imagine Steven with this exact face, because he desperately wants to save Jasper and make everything right. He doesn’t even care that she was his enemy, he doesn’t care if she hates him or if she will always him, all he cares about his helping someone in pain. So he reaches for her…

Does she reach back…?

twenty one pilots have the kind of lyrics that you want to scream while driving with the windows down on a sunny day when you know you’re alive but the lyrics make the fact of “being alive” feel more like living

Tyler, at the end of Nogla’s most recent upload, points out to Delirious that both him and Evan had everyone (on Skype) on mute while playing GTA V.


“It’s not something we’ve explored,” Gadot said of Wonder Woman’s potential bisexuality. “It never came to the table, but when you talk theoretically about all the women on Themyscira and how many years she was there, then what [Rucka] said makes sense. In this movie she does not experience any bisexual relationships. But it’s not about that. She’s a woman who loves people for who they are. She can be bisexual. She loves people for their hearts.”

within the sherlock fandom, who else has come up with a unified theory that explains every single thing that’s happened and will happen in the show? which other theory is supported by hundreds of clues, visual subtext, plot points, character arcs and by the show’s music? if tjlc is so obviously untrue, why hasn’t anyone else figured out what the the “correct” theory about the show is? does it make any sense to presume that the fandom famous for obsessing over every little detail and deciphering the most hidden of clues wouldn’t be able to come up with something better if that something actually existed? if tjlc isn’t real, then what is? what is the overarching plot of the series (which moffat & gatiss have repeatedly told us exists, and has been planned since the beginning)? where do they plan to take us now? what is the core of the show, if it isn’t john and sherlock, despite, again, moffat, mark, martin, ben, and even amanda saying they are? 

it’s easy. if tjlc is some sort of mass delusion thought up by desperate teenagers… where is the better theory? where is it? 

trevor noah made such a good point though like you cannot compare the people in the black lives matter movement who say things like “if you see a white person attack them” and the kkk. the first is a group trying to bring awareness to an issue that affects them and campaign for the furthering of their rights, for equal treatment, for recognition of the ways in which they are oppressed. the group as a whole does not have a message of “if you see a white person, attack them.” it’s the few people in the movement as a whole who say those things. the kkk’s movement is literally about hating black people. it’s not a few people who are going more radical and saying “we hate black people!!!” it’s literally the foundation of their whole movement it’s what the whole group is built around, what they stand for. like what is so hard to understand about that??

A sword gun umbrella


A drone with a granada on it

*never done before*

Ripping off many horror movies while leaving plot holes as big as the italian public debit and the whole episode being so disconnected to everything that nothing does make any sense

*making history*