does this make up for not posting last week

I need some recommendations for stylish and comfortable sneakers to buy. My Nike’s are falling apart and having comfortable shoes for my daily commute to work is really important. Help meee. I want to be comfortable and cute at the same time plz.

Sometimes I check Tumblr on my laptop because I think that maybe images and videos will actually load but that’s really an illusion. Tumblr does not load on any of my devices and it’s infuriating. I end up just scrolling through for text posts and since there’s not a lot of active Korea tumblrs anymore, there’s just not much stuff on my dash in general. It makes me sad because I used to really enjoy reading up on everyone’s life and seeing all kinds of cute pictures. It kind of makes me feel unmotivated to blog as well.

Did I tell you guys that my coworker married that Korean guy? They did all the paperwork the week before last and they’re officially married. They dated for about six months. Their wedding will be in a couple of months in a church, which his family is paying for. She’s a Trump supporter. She’s one of the oddest, most incompetent people I’ve ever met. I’m not one to judge, but I’m judginggggggggg. During our lunch conversations, she’s usually completely silent unless we talk about her lipo or her husband. Yesterday, she got offended and left the room when we started talking about pee. The good thing about Korea is that you meet people you didn’t realize existed in the actual world.

I’ve studied every day this week. I’m so proud of me. Yesterday was a much easier day in general after having a very long and serious conversation with my class about their behavior the day before that. Children usually react by lashing out when there’s big changes to their routines. If your kids don’t have a routine, make one, and if there’s a big change coming, making sure you explain it to them beforehand. Just talking to my kids directly about their behavior and discussing why they were acting the way they were acting made a world of difference.

It’s Thursday! Almost Friday. Almost time for Sun to permanently come home, our home. Almost time for us to annoy each other to death, or kill each other intentionally, whichever comes first?


Outlaw Queen

I just wanted to post them all together. Including a watermark-free version of Page XXIII if anyone wants to use it as a background!

I also added all of these as art prints on Etsy, and they’re all available at a special discount all week because of what happened last episode. I know it doesn’t really make up for anything, but I wanted to do something.

Robin and Regina both deserved so much better, and so did the fans.

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Bounty anon. I'm now just thinking of it with the other post about the pin up. That poster lasts a week before Mohawk doa doesn't so much put his foot down as his sword through the photographer and that is the end of that. Riskua is pissed because not only is her bounty changed but the picture they use does not make her boobs look near as good

Yeah, that sounds about right. The thought of a few pirates (Ace) keeping the first version and then Shanks somehow spotting they’ve kept it… ٩(╬ఠ༬ఠ)و

does someone wanna donate to a broke, autistic, disabled bitch, i’ve been to 2 urgent cares & the er.  i can’t really walk a lot, i have impaired cognitive function, and weird heart shit.  i can’t really work for another like 2 weeks or someshit.  i’m applying for disability leave thru work but i’ve had to miss over a week of work so far &i dont have the sick/vaca hours to make up for everything?  I owe $400 on my car and $250 to my sister who helped me pay rent last month.  i would commission but my fingers & wrists are hurting;,, my paypal’s 

I need help!!!

I really want to make an edit to that girl who sang for Jack at Pax last week, but i want to msg her first to make sure it’s okay. Does anyone know her url? Or does anyone have the post she put up with the video of her?

Please! i have this inspiration and i need to do this!!!!!

Okay I’m sure there’s going to be a million meta posts about this in the next week but the whole conversation with Sam about ‘you don’t ever want something more’ was so telling??? Dean tries to deny it to Sam, but especially when combined with the whole ‘people, feelings’ bit from last season and all the millions of instances that show that Dean does want something more, and this felt way more important than I’m sure some casual viewers could try to argue it was. I know the scenes in the episode were supposed to feel slice-of-life, arbitrary snapshots of their life, but they all felt very deliberate to me, and that conversation in particular was given more emphasis than I think something unimportant would be. ‘A hunter’, ‘someone who understands the life’. Gee, who was the hunter helping them this entire episode, who understands the life? And combine that with the fact that we’ve basically been promised the Dean/Cas conversation about hurting each other hasn’t been finished, and the way that Dean not letting himself be healed by Cas bookmarked the beginning and end of the episode. Like, I’m trying so hard not to look through shipper goggles, but goddamn.