does this make me an ancient here


So I’m re-reading ACOMAF (surprise) to prepare my soul for May 2nd, and something at the beginning of Chapter 37 caught my eye.

“NO!” Amren screamed, at the door in an instant, her fist a radiant forge as she slammed it into the lead—once, twice.

This was immediately after the door in Tarquin’s underwater book holding vault slammed shut on them, and it got me wondering. Amren doesn’t express hardcore emotion ever. But here, in this moment, she does. And it reads an awful lot like fear.

I’d want a weigh in from @propshophannah, @abookandacoffee, @sparkleywonderful, or any other one of you lovelies because I could very well be overthinking it, but it seems to me like our tiny ancient one could have some PTSD surrounding being confined in a small space from her time locked away in the prison. And that just makes me so sad.

Because Amren’s problems aren’t as highlighted in ACOMAF as the rest of the Inner Circle’s, at least not her emotional ones, and it makes me sad to think of her dealing with this alone, because she certainly isn’t the type to open up. And at least Azriel and Mor and Cassian have that history tying them together. Amren has no one she shares something with from her past because there is no one like her. And she herself mentions to Feyre at their first meeting that there are now two of them. Which once again evokes strong emotion from me, this time joy, because finally Amren has someone who understands just a fraction of how she’s feeling.

I just love Amren alot okay bye.

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CP 14 Days of Love #9: Aces/Falcs TV (or interviews)

Day #9 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

It is a bright, sunny morning in Providence and we’re here in Falconers’ Captain, Jack Zimmermann’s three-story brownstone. It’s a beautiful Colonial structure, located near a hub of small businesses. The interior is warm and inviting with American walnut wood floors and wide, comfortable furniture while modern abstract art spotted on the walls. We’ve been told that Alicia Zimmermann, philanthropist and former model, had decorated the entire house except for the kitchen, which was selected by Mr. Zimmermann’s husband, Eric Bittle. Eric Bittle is the proud owner of a small bakery, Bittle’s Bits, and creates what is possibly the best beignets I will ever taste.

Today, we join Jack Zimmermann and the Aces’ Captain, Kent Parson to discuss life, love, self-care and hockey.

INT: Hello, hello you two. How are you? How is the off-season treating you two?

Zimmermann: We’re quite well, thank you for asking. I think I’ve only gained about eleven pounds this break.

Parson: It’s been two weeks, Zimms. Nate is gonna kill you.

Zimmermann: Nah, she understands. [looks to me, mouth stuffed with beignets] You do too. I can tell you.

Parson: At least Tater makes me healthy food.

INT: Alexei Mashkov cooks?

Parson: Yeah. Well…cooks compared to me. I tend to burn water.

Zimmermann: [nods] And not for a lack from Eric either.

INT: I always assumed you boys at least know how to make breakfast food.

Parson: I can make breakfast food! It may not be edible, but I can make it. Besides, I’m getting better.

Zimmermann: [shakes his head]

INT: Alright, alright, let’s talk hockey. First, I have to say congratulations on the C, Mr. Zimmermann. It is absolutely well-deserved. Were you surprised?

Zimmermann: Thank you very much. I was very surprised. You know, being on the ice, going through drills, playing games…there’s no checklist to get the C. It’s really doing the best you can and making sure everyone around you does the same. I spend more time with the guys than I do with my husband, so really, it’s just looking out for family.

INT: Were you surprised, Mr. Parson?

Parson: Nah, I don’t think anyone but Zimms was. I always knew he’d end up at the top.

INT: You have known each other a long time. Can we talk about that for a bit, your relationship?

Parson: Of course.

INT: It seems like anyone who knows hockey knows your story, but I’m not interested in ancient history. Tell me about now and how you got here. Just a few years ago, your rivalry was legendary in hockey and yet, you’re here today under the roof, laughing and joking with each other. Tell me about that journey.

Parson: Well…it’s the result of a shitton of therapy. I could tell you that I was young and stupid, but it was more than that. I had serious trouble with anger management as a result of my, uh, colorful childhood and some leftover issues from that too. That manifested into me being a dick. I didn’t even realize it until Tater pointed it out to me.

INT: So your husband is the reason for the two of you being friends again?

Parson: This was before we started dating, but yes.

Zimmermann: And mine, to be honest. Parse and I were best friends through Juniors, yes, but it was complicated. Like he said, young and stupid. We hurt each other and after my overdose, I wasn’t exactly eager to let that happen again. When Kent came by to apologize, Eric was the one who talked me into actually listening to him. I’m glad I did.

Parson: I think once we got everything out there, it was way easier. We both knew how the other felt, we didn’t have any more questions, you know? Then came the hard part.

INT: Talking wasn’t the hardest part?

Zimmermann: Talking is hard, sure. But maintaining it, setting boundaries, redefining our friendship was harder.

Parson: It was getting rid of old habits, you know?

Zimmermann: We had to relearn each other.

Parson: Totally worth it though.

Zimmermann: [smiles] Yeah


Smut/ish =











































SHINee ‘Imperfection is beauty’


why is there always a sad ending?
always almost reaching, always nearly there,
always here at the finish line alone alone alone
always sun-drenched and soaked in memory.
is the losing ever lighter than the rest? i’m
dreaming of worry, dreaming of past and future and
dripping pastels; painted-on tears and grit-
it’s not supposed to look beautiful, but it does anyway.
am i going to die alone? am i going to live alone?
(you look best wreathed in flowers. laughing.
you look best when you’re watching someone else.)
it all makes me feel ancient and fifteen and six.
is this the way the world works?
—  we keep reading these books–/ast.
  • my mom: *walking past my room* hey, why does it always smell like candles in here?
  • me: *has 13 candles burning in a circle with a pentagram inside while i am standing off to the side, chanting out of an ancient spell book*
  • my mom:
  • my mom:
  • my mom:
  • my mom:
  • me: ugh mom, you wouldn't understand
  • my mom: okay, but whatever is summoned can't stay for dinner, i didn't make enough lasagna for guests
  • the demon: *is summoned*
  • my mom: dinner's almost ready, he can't stay. maybe you two could hang out another time
  • the demon, shoving breadsticks into his hellish purse: im sorry, but i have to leave right now, immediately. I don't really like lasagna, and it smells too much like a candle store in here
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: i was hoping it would be bill nye
  • my mom: please come down for dinner, the lasagna is ready
Evil Dead (1981) Sentence Starters

Requested by @necrxnomicon

“Join us.”
“Not another peep, time to go to sleep.”
“Soon all of you will be like me. And then who will lock you up in a cellar?”
“Shut up, [name]!”
“You bastards, why are you torturing me like this?!”
“Why does she keep making those horrible noises?”
“Look at her eyes!”
“Dead bodies in the cellar, dead bodies in the cellar!”
“Why have you disturbed our sleep; awakened us from our ancient slumber?”
“You will die! Like the others before you, one by one, we will take you!”
“Kill her if you can.”
“I’m gonna break your face!”
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”
“You’re not gonna leave me here, are you?”
“It’s useless! Useless!”
“In time it will come for him and then it will come for you!”
“This kinda looks like your old girlfriend!”
“It’ll be dawn in a few hours.”
“I can’t wait. I’m getting out of here, NOW!”
“What, are you crazy?!”

Dear Divine Community,

Look, I’ve got to make a serious post here, bear with me.

I know that the divine community- whether it be godkin groups or the actuallydivine tags or divine minds forum or anything else- is meant as a way for all of us to share our feelings and find support with others like us. And I’m not here to troll or talk down you for your beliefs. If you are an ancient and divine being, I believe you, and you’re valid. But please listen to me on one thing:

Some of you are still minors in this lifetime. And That. Does. Matter.

I am an adult. In the form I am in right now, I am legally- as well as emotionally and mentally- a mature adult. But I have religious beliefs that are unusual and a large part of the community that I share them with (here online) are young teens. It is my job to be honest about that.

There are boundaries to what I will discuss with you. There are boundaries to what I will share on this blog, because I know its audience. And it is absolutely my responsibility to have those.

I will not ask for worship, the way some godblogs do. I will not ask you to believe what I believe. I will not tell you what spiritual path to follow.

And if you are a minor please please listen to me here: If someone in the divine community is over 18 and does not have these boundaries, stay away from them. Block them. I am absolutely serious here. 

I disapprove of people asking for worship, but if it’s an edgy 14 year old I really don’t care. They’re still figuring stuff out. Maybe they really are a god, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. They are physically young and it’s okay for them to be a dramatic edge-lord.

But if an adult is asking for worship from minors they are unsafe and should be unwelcome in this community. It is the responsibility of adults to be aware of our audience and of the people we talk to, and the impact we have on them. I have seen things on this website that are not healthy or okay. It is the kind of behavior that leads to abusive situations like cults.

So, in conclusion, I don’t want the young people here to think that I think any less of you for being young. I will chat with you and we can totally be friends. And I really do support everyone discovering who they really are and what they really believe, no matter how unconventional. I support otherkin. I support all the angels and spirits and gods and demons that walk this weird little Earth. But I just want you to be safe.

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okay quick thought: after they're living alongside the third generation of human/humanoid de rolos, the dragons just stop bothering to keep track of how they're related to any specific person. none of this "great-great-grandniece-twice-removed" nonsense. all are cousins. there's also LOTS of jokes about de rolos anywhere that knows about the dragons. "don't anger a de rolo, they bite - and their dragons might too!" also imagine the procession of dragon visits every time a new cousin is born.

I was thinking that starting two or three generations in, the dragons are counted - and count themselves - as aunts and uncles to all assorted de Rolos. Though Keyleth would probably still count herself as an aunt to the dragons as well as to de Rolo descendants en masse…that’s fine. Keyleth is just everyone’s aunt.

Like 40 years post-canon, a young dragon shows up in the palace tower in Ank’Harel, polymorphed human for politeness. Requests an audience with J’mon Sa Ord - “Properly, please,” he says, and the image of a young man flickers to show golden eyes and the trace of red scales.

This is Ank’Harel, however, so nobody is impressed. He’s clearly a little put out as he rides the elevator up, though he hides it well. J’mon Sa Ord greets him in exactly the human form they usually prefer.

“Well, you’re a little impudent,” they say from their throne, one eyebrow raised. But they lean forward, chin cupped in one hand. “Oliver, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am. Sir.” He’s a little more nervous now that he’s actually here, talking to the legendary ancient bronze. But he stands up straight, with the pride of both a red dragon and an ancient noble house. “I’m setting up a lair in the desert, and Lady Cassandra wished me to, ah, ‘inform the neighbors’ before I started disrupting any trade, and make clear that nothing I do is, diplomatically speaking, in Whitestone’s name.”

J’mon Sa Ord has many, many centuries of experience in politics, so they do not smile. But, for all his self-imposed formality, Oliver does sound like the disgruntled teenager he is.

“And if your forebear provided the desert and my city quite enough experience with red dragons,” they ask neutrally, “and I decided to put a stop to this right now?”

Oliver looks offended, and his form flickers out of sight for a moment, then reappeared half a foot to the right. “I’m not actually here. I’m not an idiot.”

They don’t bother to hide a trace of amusement. Youngsters. “Very well. The desert is harsh and empty. A little extra danger will give the caravan guards something to do, I’m sure. Don’t get above yourself, however, or, as you are not representing Whitestone, I’ll have very little reason not to hunt you down and charbroil you.”

“I’ve already gotten the lecture from half my family, yes.” He rolls his eyes. “And the one about not picking fights with anyone I can’t beat, and watch out for that one wine, and- oh, while I’m here: where in the city can I find a good spice merchant? An actual one. Spices for food. Please don’t ask why I feel the need to clarify.”

Ancient Egyptian love poem: Sickness Invaded Me
Seven days since I saw my Lover,
And sickness invaded me;
I am heavy in all my limbs,
My body has forsaken me.
When the physicians come to me,
My heart rejects their remedies;
The magicians are quite helpless,
My sickness is not discerned.
To tell me “She is here” would revive me!
Her name would make me rise;
Her messenger’s coming and going,
That would revive my heart!
My sister is better than all prescriptions,
She does more for me than all medicines;
Her coming to me is my amulet,
The sight of her makes me well!
When she opens her eyes my body is young,
Her speaking makes me strong;
Embracing her expels my malady—
Seven days since she went from me!
Seventh Stanza, from Papyrus Chester Beatty I


It had to be done. 

I’m sorry.

If you’ve seen this video before, and are the least bit concerned with the traditions of Ancient Egypt, you already know the horrors that lie within. If you haven’t seen this video yet…. prepare to feel deep sorrow.

I don’t usually play the ‘cultural appropriation’ card, but this time I think I’ll make an exception. Because this video, to me, is one of the most horrifying, genuine examples of it. I’d even say it bordered on fetishism. The most shocking thing is that everything you see has some (sometimes vague) grounding in the ancient Egyptian culture. However, everything you see and recognise is ripped from its symbolic context and warped to fit a ‘modern aesthetic’. It’s sad that the people behind this video obviously did some research…. and then promptly desecrated everything they found.

Now, I did some research on the song and, according to Katy Perry herself, she wanted the song to have a  “witchy, spell-y kind of black magic-y idea”, and that the song was written from the perspective of a ‘witch warning a man not to fall in love with her, because she will be his last’.



So what’s with the ancient Egyptian theme in the video?

Well, the closest link I can find is the fact that the rapper featured in the song comes from Tennessee, and so they thought it was a logical step to create this ugly bastard child between ‘Ancient Egyptian culture with Memphis, Tennessee hip hop’. 

Apart from that……tenuous link, as there is also a Memphis in Egypt, there’s no connection. Nothing. Nothing even slightly Egyptian related is mentioned in the song lyrics. At all. At one point, the lyrics even make reference to a Goddess of another culture - Aphrodite. Ugh.  And the fucking article I sponged all my background information from this video from further displays it’s impressive ignorance by describing this shot here as “ Pätra also appears as a gray statue in a scene where golden pythons and gray guardian statues surround her”

This fucking shot here:

These would be the FUCKING GODS OF ANCIENT EGYPT. You may know of them. I hear they’re quite important in the mythology. 

Of course, the video has been quite heavily criticised for it’s use of Egyptian culture, but the director defended the choices that were made, saying some bullshit about how Ancient Egypt is part of our “shared culture”, and that it’s ok, because he’s not ‘ripping things directly from a present culture’, but ‘adding a new spin on it’. Yeah, sure. Ok. So apparently defiling the symbols of a culture that was VERY HEAVILY RELIANT ON COLOUR AND SYMBOLISM is perfectly fine. 

I’m sure that the ancient people would be totally fine with this sexualised, neon version of their culture….. 

And I suppose it’s also fine that Katy has named the character she plays in this video ‘ Katy Pätra, the witch of Memphis’.

Well, this is where it gets more complicated. Because, seeing as she’s trying to do a take on Cleopatra, calling herself a ‘witch queen’ actually reveals where the idea for this video came from. I had to look this up, so forgive me if I’m not entirely correct here, but ‘Witch Queen’ was a slanderous name given to Cleopatra by the Romans of the time, during a power struggle between Marc Antony (Cleopatra’s lover) and Octavian (who was named as heir, but feared that Antony was growing too powerful with Cleopatra’s help). Octavian spread propaganda about how Cleopatra seduced men with magic to destroy her reputation, and Marc Antony’s along with it. So, really, rather than being based on Ancient Egyptian culture, this video is based on Roman propaganda designed to destroy the reputation of Egypt. 


Even more interesting is that some Egyptologist named Silverman actually praised the music video’s use of Egyptian imagery and ‘the interest it could generate to viewers’: “[Egypt has] always been a part of popular culture. It encourages people to think of these things, and some of those people actually begin to learn a lot.”

But they won’t, Silverman, because this video will just encourage more people to use these sacred Egyptian symbols as nothing more than ‘edgy’ parodies of religious symbology. And I’m already fucking fed up with that happening to Christian, Wiccan, Satanist and other Pagan symbols. Just like this shit here:

These hieroglyphs are pure bullshit. Even though these are actual hieroglyphs that have been used, for anyone who doesn’t know about the Ancient Egyptian way of writing, let me tell you a thing: they can either face left of right depending on which way the glyphs are meant to be read….. BUT THEY WILL NEVER SWITCH BETWEEN MID-TEXT. If you can see the hieroglyphs that looks like a bowl with a handle which is repeated a few times, you’ll see what I mean. It says nothing. No easter eggs here, just more complete bullcrap.   

Now, I’ll finish on the most horrendous part of the video, for me at least. Because I’m not pissed off enough already. You know that part at the end when she ‘dresses up as Isis’ and looks like this:

Apparently she’s ‘using her magic to conjure up a perfect storm’. Because there’s totally not another God who does the whole ‘storm’ thing….. 

Actually….. if you imagine Katy Perry dressing up like Seth…. it makes the whole thing a little more bearable….. 

Otherkin Q&A

Alrighty, seems like we have a few misunderstandings that aren’t being cleared up, so here we go. I’m going to answer a couple of questions that a lot of people who aren’t kin have about the otherkin community. Mostly I’ll give little overviews and answers to some common questions, and links to ones I think are best explained by others or in different posts of mine. Otherkin, please feel free to add on to this list! (Warning, it is pretty long.)

- I’ve just heard about otherkin, and I’m a little confused?

No need to worry, we understand that our community can sound a bit odd. The basic definition for otherkin is a group of people who believe that they are in some way non-human. For the vast majority, this is meant in a non-physical way, but yes, there are kin who suffer delusions. For others it is meant in a spiritual sense, some believe it’s a kind of psychological difference, parallel worlds, mental illness, etc. There are many different explanations, even aside from those mentioned here.

- Okay, but does that make otherkin part of some kind of religious cult?

No, definitely not. Roughly half of the otherkin I’ve met don’t even attribute their otherkinity to anything that approaches religion. Some follow Christian beliefs, are atheist, some form of paganism, etc. For my much longer evaluation on the subject, look here, although I do warn you it’s a response to a rather obnoxious individual so the language is perhaps a little angrier than it should be.

- Wait, so is it maybe cultural - ?

Let me cut you off right there. No, otherkin are not appropriating anyone’s culture. Our kin self is not a spirit animal, nor do otherkin have their roots in any religions. Many spiritual kin do practice religions that may include these kinds of concepts, but ancient and, yes, European pagan practices are what is most commonly seen when religious beliefs are a part of a kin’s otherkin beliefs.

- So, if it isn’t cultural appropriation, is it ableist or racist?

I am sorely under-qualified to talk about these issues, so I’m going to let this post talk about them for me. Two people who are POC and disabled respectively, talk about their opinions on fictionkin who are not of their kin’s ethnicity and/or are not disabled. They say no, although I’m sure others might say yes.

- What about otherkin pronouns?

First, there are no such things as otherkin pronouns. What you are referring to are nounself pronouns, and they aren’t even that common in the otherkin community. This is a very long and very involved discussion, and as I already have a post on it I’m just going to link you to that.

- Uh, dragon isn’t a gender?

We know. Trust me, we know. Otherkin aren’t using our kintypes as genders, they’re just the animal that we’re kin with. Otherkin are still female, agender, genderfluid, etc, we just also happen to be kin. I’m female and dragonkin. Someone else might be shark kin and agender. Otherkin are aware that cat isn’t a gender, we promise.

- The concept of otherkin seems to be a mockery of trans and nb communities?

In a way, I can understand how you might draw that conclusion. In fact, there are troll blogs out there, claiming to be otherkin, who are very much mocking trans and nb individuals. The statement that we are out to parody and poke fun at these groups is, however, false. Many kin are trans or nb. Here is yet another post, from someone who is both kin and trans. Otherkin aren’t trying to poke fun at trans and nb people, we do genuinely mean it when we say we believe we are somehow these beings.

- Okay, but I heard that otherkin are trying to be part of the LGBTQAP+ community just because they’re kin?

No, otherkin aren’t trying to claim to be a part of the LGBTQAP+ community just because they’re kin. Many of us are part of that community, but that is because we identify as asexual, gay, etc, not because we are kin.

- Are otherkin sexually attracted to the animals that they are kin with? As in, would a wolfkin be sexually attracted to wolves?

No. Otherkin is not synonymous with bestiality, and we do not condone it.

(Sorry, but I want this to be clear.)

- If you know that you’re going to get trouble for it, why do you create communities on tumblr?

The same reason anyone else would form a community on tumblr. We aren’t a very large group and you would have to be incredibly lucky to find another otherkin near you, and it would be too much to ask that this person also be from the same species/story. We form groups on tumblr because we don’t have anyone else to talk to about our experiences as kin.

- Why are so many otherkin on tumblr young?

Mostly because tumblr consists of a lot of younger people, who then find out about kin and realize they aren’t alone. Of course, they may just be exploring themselves, and most of the older community is okay with that as long as they’re reasonable and try to represent the community well. Also, many older kin have families, are in college, or are trying to put in 100% at a job to work their way up the ranks and just don’t have time to run kin dedicated blogs, or for that matter, any blog at all.

- Do otherkin really eat fertilizer, diamond rings, or raw meat?

As for the first two, definitely not. Logically of course, eating fertilizer would be a nearly instant trip to the ER, while a diamond ring, provided whomever owns the ring wants it back, would likely also necessitate a trip to the doctor’s. Explaining that you ate these things because you’re actually a tree or a dragon would, of course, lead to the individual getting the help that they needed. Otherkin do, for the most part, (again, some of us do suffer delusions and are already seeing a professional) acknowledge that they are human, with all of the digestive limitations of a human being.

Raw meat, on the other hand, is a maybe. Really, eating raw meat isn’t uncommon in many parts of the world. Steak tartare, a French dish, is raw beef. Sushi uses raw fish. Yuk Hwe is marinated raw beef common in Korean foods. Gored Gored (pretty sure the spelling is wrong, but hey that’s the internet for you) is a common dish in Ethiopia, consisting of, you guessed it, raw beef cubes. And these are just the ones I decided to list, I could have continued for a ways. As long as the meat has been treated properly, eating it is safe enough in theory. Many kin don’t eat raw meat, but if some of us enjoy it, we’re in good company.

- Fact kin are creepy and I’m not comfortable with someone claiming to be the reincarnation of a genocidal killer? Also, what the heck is up with foodkin?

Otherkin agree with you. Factkin are creepy, and you can now sleep better at night knowing that everyone I, and to the best of my knowldege, all other kin, have run into who claims to be kin with someone living or who has lived on this planet, has been a troll. The same goes for foodkin. Otherkin only include those who are not human or belong to a different planet, and wouldn’t include a human reincarnated from a human being from this planet.

This isn’t a complete list. but it is the start of having a complete list. Basically, we’re just your average, every day person who also happens to have been reincarnated from a seagull, or whatever they’re kin with however they’re kin with it. I hope this helped a bit, and if you’ve still got questions, my askbox (tall-dark-and-scaly) is always open, and anonymous questions will be answered, providing you can be nice.

Tryads: aka “I probably could have come up with a better name for them, but I didn’t”

So i remember a while back in the fantroll community I used to see subspecies/variants of trolls a lot, not just rainbow drinkers but also shadow droppers and of course trollified versions of other monsters. So I decided to make my own just for fun. Tryads are free to make, but I’d appreciate if you asked me before making one for personal reasons. 

Here we go

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It’s been a while since I’ve made post about Phoenix that wasn’t just ‘lmao I’m gay’ or ‘the signs as times my boyfriend and I had sex’ (though that last one was a gem)

But. I thought I should really talk about enjoloras, for the first time in a while.

Well. I love him. I wouldn’t be gladly moving, no. Ecstatically moving of my own free will and spirit, 4,204 miles across the Atlantic Ocean for ‘some guy I met on the internet who I kind of like’. 

I’ve only known him for about five months, but I’ve always been a good judge of character, and while I was friends with his friends before I became friends with him, even my drunken self, who stumbled into his askbox spewing history, could tell that he was a swell guy.

A little down trodden, who needed a meme or a history joke to make him smile, but a swell guy. 

When we finally talked, finally connected, it was. Well, it started the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ask any of my friends, I was so enamored, it was terrible. I took screenshots of every conversation (I still do that sometimes) and bemoaned the fact that I wasn’t more attractive because, “Yeah, I’m a local nonbinary cutie, but I’m not ‘fuck me hot’. I can’t post distressingly hot selfies.”

Eventually, it came to a point where even I was like, ‘Okay, I think we might actually be dating now. I think he likes me. Does he like me? Wait, he’s my BOYFRIEND?’ And low and behold, we were dating. Now I’m like 97% sure he definitely likes me.

And then I spent a month in England with him. I was scared at first, because I was afraid it would be awkward, that I would fall out of love with him, that we wouldn’t have things to talk about, but it was the exact opposite.

I realized I was going to marry him in between jamming to Mr. Brightside and Panic! while we were getting ready to go out for a drink and watching David Attenborough and Ancient Aliens in a blanket fort surrounded by a mountain of snacks.

He’s been there for me, through so much. Not only does he let me rant at him and be salty when something is bothering me, but he validates me and cheers me up when I’m laying on the floor crying to the Smiths. 

We’re not here to fix each other’s problems, we can’t ‘make each other better’, but we can help each other, and he lets me lean on him when I can’t do it by myself. He understands that I need my own independence, and I value his independence and individualism as well. It isn’t a reliance, but it is one hell of a buddy system. It’s team work. It’s ‘having a best friend you can bang’. And it’s beautiful.

He also helps me write shitposts, and talks about things Courfeyrac has put in his asshole, as well as topical issues that I haven’t been able to talk about with a significant other the same way. We can watch ridiculous documentaries as well as serious ones and he doesn’t get bored with me.

He’s amazing. 

We’re not perfect, no good relationship is. But we have healthy discussions and we’re so compatible it’s honestly ridiculous. It’s terrible that he’s so far away, yes, but I can still talk to him, I can still see his face.

He means the world to me.

So yeah, we were both a little down trodden when we met. Yeah, we met when I stumbled drunkenly into his askbox the day after I followed him. Are we still a little down trodden? Hell yes. Are we going to have our low days, our dysphoric days, our days where all we want to do is curl and cry? Most definitely. Because we’re human. And humans feel. It’s normal.

But I love him, and he’s valid and incredible, and so precious. 

He’s home.

Question for all you Minecraft professionals out there.

While having a bit of a dig-down, I kept hearing a variety of weird noises that I will try to describe here..

1. A mysterious ancient gong. Waaaooooozhhhhh~

2. Waves hitting a cliff side or thunder. CRRRSHHHHHH!

3. A screaming ghost train. AWWWOOOOOOAAAAH!!!!

Now, to be fair, #2 may have been actual thunder. It has been raining almost non-stop since I spawned this world…. but #3 almost make me shit my paints. It was a terrifying sound.

Aren’t their sounds for ‘dungeon nearby’ and 'abandoned mineshaft’? Is that what these are? Does each one mean something different or is it just “a terrifying sound means there’s _____ nearby” ?

The Exception

So I have a type.

It took me a while to see it I’ll admit, because there have been a few wild cards. But if my shipper heart were like a middle school dance where all of the boys are on one side and all of the girls are on the other, the truth would be pretty clearly spelled out when the strong odour of self doubt and violence started wafting in my direction from the boys side.

Turns out I like em’ sarcastic, damaged and capable of extraordinary go-to-the-end-of-earth-and-time-for-her love but only for that one special sunshine who knocks him off his feet and onto his ass (because he’s probably being a bit of a dick)

But its occurred to me recently that I have a new couple rising through the OTP ranks who really don’t fit my criteria at all - Stefan and Caroline. There’s been no snarky phase, no sexual tension so thick you could slather it on you, hell they didn’t even hate each other when they first met.

I mean what’s up with that?

Then, as the sunlight spilled through their epically perfect kiss that dusk became a dawn as it heralded in an important realisation. An honour that I’ve never bestowed on anyone finally became clear.

They are by *far* the healthiest couple I’ve ever properly shipped.

They were genuine, no hidden agenda FRIENDS for the longest time and they both only started to process their growing feelings for each other when they were both single.

Take a minute and appreciate how rare that is in television.

Especially - and I say this with love since I’m aware I watch pretty much everything these people produce - on a CW show.

This happened now, half way through season six, a full two seasons after Stefan and Elena broke up.

Stefan is not on the rebound *cough Katherine cough* he has gone through all of the stages of the breakup and come out the other side as completely as he’s ever going to be, to the extent that he can stand there in front of an amnesiac Elena and remind her of all the reasons she loved his brother.

Caroline is not his security blanket or the only thing keeping him from going off the rails.

These are two single, emotionally available adults with no ties or commitments to anyone else.

And from this, they’ve realised that their friendship has grown. What started as mutual trust and respect has been allowed to unfurl quietly in the background into the kind of love that not only do we all want but we’d actually wish upon others.

There’s no inherent drama with these two, no dark and twisty damage that means it’s always one persons job to save the other, it’s just two good people bringing out the best in each other.

How often do we see that on TV these days? It’s a small miracle in itself and one I believe that is only made possible by the vast tangle of far more angst ridden ships surrounding theirs that provide the TVD engine enough fuel to keep it running so that this could blossom unencumbered.

Which leads me to my next and most important point:

Steroline is the only relationship I have *ever* shipped that I would want for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, the piece of my soul that this show claimed when I first started watching it belongs to Delena. Still does. But a significant part of their relationship and who they are as people is rooted in their vampirism and therefore makes it difficult to extract and translate.

Simply put I don’t think you could separate Damon and Elena as a couple and the relationship that they have, from Damon and Elena.

But Stefan and Caroline are an ancient, universal paradigm. Deep platonic friends who develop into more. Some Steroline shippers may disagree with me here but I think their greatest asset as a couple is the fact that there was nothing romantic about their friendship at the start. Caroline was in love with Matt and Stefan was head over heels for Elena, their bond wasn’t even on the same playing field and so had time to develop on its own.

There’s something very freeing about becoming friends with someone you could have liked when you both know (or think you know) up front that’s all it’s ever going to be. Because all that’s taken off the table you can relax. They’ve continued to be in each other’s lives because they wanted to, they’ve grown closer through in an intimacy that isn’t the by product of anything physical, every step they’ve taken to be closer to each other has been intentional with eyes wide open.

Now, they are about to enter into the messy, wonderful, complicated and life altering arena of being in a romantic relationship. The parameters of how bad or good things can be between them are going to get busted wide open and they are going to have to either evolve or die because that’s the price of a love that creeps up this slowly, you can’t tell where the roots started and if you try to cut it out you risk killing the whole thing.

Luckily I don’t think that’s the plan. Sure there will be angst, and the trials that come from being a centre stage romance but you don’t choose to acknowledge something after 5 years to dismiss it in one. This is going somewhere and really the longer it takes to get there the more likely it is that it will be our final destination.

And I have a feeling when we get there, it will be exceptional

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Argh, I kind of hate how they got rid of Daisy's tan just to make her as pale as Peach. It seems redundant and boring to me. For god's sake Nintendo, why does a ruler of a place that has influences from Bermuda, Egypt, Easter Island, and ancient China have a pale orange haired blue eyed Princess? Sorry for sounding butthurt, but they could of done more with her to make her look different. At least kept her skin dark and changed her dress. Even her circuits in Mario Kart looks more European

Here, you might like this design I (Matty) made for her about a year ago. I’m not a fantastic artist so the actual execution isn’t great, but hopefully based on what you’re telling me, you like the design.

Some dumb motherfucker actually called me ‘sexist’ for this design. I still don’t get why to this day.

And yes, agreed.