does this make me an ancient here


So I’m re-reading ACOMAF (surprise) to prepare my soul for May 2nd, and something at the beginning of Chapter 37 caught my eye.

“NO!” Amren screamed, at the door in an instant, her fist a radiant forge as she slammed it into the lead—once, twice.

This was immediately after the door in Tarquin’s underwater book holding vault slammed shut on them, and it got me wondering. Amren doesn’t express hardcore emotion ever. But here, in this moment, she does. And it reads an awful lot like fear.

I’d want a weigh in from @propshophannah, @abookandacoffee, @sparkleywonderful, or any other one of you lovelies because I could very well be overthinking it, but it seems to me like our tiny ancient one could have some PTSD surrounding being confined in a small space from her time locked away in the prison. And that just makes me so sad.

Because Amren’s problems aren’t as highlighted in ACOMAF as the rest of the Inner Circle’s, at least not her emotional ones, and it makes me sad to think of her dealing with this alone, because she certainly isn’t the type to open up. And at least Azriel and Mor and Cassian have that history tying them together. Amren has no one she shares something with from her past because there is no one like her. And she herself mentions to Feyre at their first meeting that there are now two of them. Which once again evokes strong emotion from me, this time joy, because finally Amren has someone who understands just a fraction of how she’s feeling.

I just love Amren alot okay bye.

feel free to adjust sentences to make it fit your muse better!

  • ❛ Shall we begin? ❜
  • ❛ Almost seems like divine justice. ❜
  • ❛ I’ll assume it was something clever. ❜
  • ❛ Why are you always in such a foul mood? ❜
  • ❛ If you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive. ❜
  • ❛ You don’t belong down here. ❜
  • ❛ Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself. ❜
  • ❛ Come on you cockless coward. ❜
  • ❛ You’re a dragon. Be a dragon. ❜
  • ❛ You’ve been making pies? ❜
  • ❛ It’s called war. If you don’t have the stomach for it, scurry back into hiding. ❜
  • ❛ I am not here to be Queen of the Ashes. ❜
  • ❛ He really was a cunt, wasn’t he. ❜
  • ❛ Does she miss me terribly? ❜
  • ❛ Are you trying to present your own statements as ancient wisdom? ❜
  • ❛ I would never do that… to you. ❜
  • ❛ I trust the eyes of an honest man more than I trust what everybody knows. ❜
  • ❛ There are always lessons in failures. ❜
  • ❛ Does she like it gentle, or rough? ❜
  • ❛ I have to die in this strange country. Just like you. ❜
  • ❛ I couldn’t save her. I tried. ❜
  • ❛ You wouldn’t be here if you tried. ❜
  • ❛ Chaos is a ladder. ❜
  • ❛ Flee, you idiot. ❜
  • ❛ Who taught you how to do that? ❜
  • ❛ Everyone who knew his face is dead. ❜
  • ❛ I will fight for you. ❜
  • ❛ Isn’t their survival more important than your pride? ❜
  • ❛ Perhaps you don’t want to hurt them after all. ❜
  • ❛ What kind of a Queen am I if I’m not willing to risk my life to fight them? ❜
  • ❛ What you did for her… is the only reason I’m not killing you. ❜
  • ❛ I never thought that dragons would exist again. ❜
  • ❛ The people who follow you know that you made something impossible happen. ❜
  • ❛ Build a world that’s different from the shit one they’ve always known. ❜
Enjoy the Show (pt. 7)

(Part 6)

Mark wakes up with a crick in his neck, and Wilford’s knee in his back. All in all, it’s not the greatest feeling. Mark pushes himself to a sitting position and looks around. Same black and white checkered floors, same smell of greasy pizza, same waking nightmare. Mark slaps Wilford’s leg a few times until the pink Ego wakes up with a start.

“No, I didn’t do it! I swear!” Wilford blinks a few times and glances around. “They’re gone…” He breathes a sigh of relief and brushes both hands through his already messy pink hair. “I’m beginning to regret letting you talk me into this, Mark.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Mark rubs at the pain forming between his eyes. “What happened? The last thing I remember was…” The last thing he remembers was Freddy’s song in his ears and those stupid flashing eyes, and then what? He’d just ended up here somehow. “What happened to you?”

Wilford draws his knees to his chest and rests his chin on them. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Mark nods. “Something in this place is screwing with our minds, becoming our worst fears.” He looks around. “I don’t see my gun.”

Will reaches into a space outside of Mark’s vision and reveals a gun. “I’ve got one,” but his usual zeal is gone, that mad, burning light in his eyes. Whatever the mist showed him, it’s got him completely rattled.

Mark leans over to bump Wilford with his shoulder. “Hey, we’re going to make it out of this. We know what we’re up against now… sort of. We can do this as long as we stick together.” He tries to catch Wilford’s gaze and finally the Ego looks over at him and nods. “Alright, then. Let’s find the others and get out of here already.”

They get to their feet and immediately the door to the party room they’ve found themselves in jumps open. A young man struts into the room—yes, struts—and sits down in one of the chairs facing the two of them, crossing one leg over the other and leaning an elbow on the nearest table like he’s striking a pose for a photo shoot. He smiles up at them with more manic energy than even Wilford can muster on a good day and then proceeds to give them a slow clap.

“My, my, my, that was lovely. Very inspiring. Really, I’m moved.” He tilts his head to the side. “You think you’ve gotten me beat. I mean, this place isn’t that big. Surely Matthew is around here somewhere, right? You can grab him, and then, there’s only…” He pauses, his face full of fake surprise. “Oh, that’s right! There’s only me left after that.”

Mark takes a step back. “Nate? You’re the one doing this?”

“Correction. Nate’s not really here anymore. You see, they call me Natemare. Cheesy, I know, but I didn’t pick it. The only other name I have is ‘the Puppet,’ though, and that doesn’t really have the right ring to it though. If you know what I mean.” Natemare flashes the two of them a smile and shrugs. “What can I say? I have a bit of a flare for the dramatic!”

“A bit?” Wilford makes a face. “You’re worse than Dark.”

Mare’s face twists into a look of disgust. “Oh, please don’t compare me to that old fart. He’s practically ancient. I’m a new figment, just off the presses. This is my first chance at existence, and I’d like to enjoy it.”

Mark breaks into the conversation. “Wait, wait. What does this all have to do with us? Why did Nate bring us here? Wh-what?”

“Don’t stress too much, dear. You’ll strain that little brain of yours.” Mare gets up from his seat and steps over to the door as mist slips around his ankles and trails up his arms. Mark’s hands grip into tight fists at his sides. “I just want to have fun. That’s all. For that, I needed a body, and after I lost my last one saving Nathan from Springtrap, he proved to be the perfect host. He was already… receptive when you two were here before. He could hear my voice when no one else could.”

“So when I drew Matthew here, I knew that Nate would come to save his friend and I’d have my chance. Him bringing you along, well… that was just an added bonus! More toys for me to play with!” Natemare laughs and disappears out the door closing it behind him.

Mark rushes to the door and opens it only to find darkness. Natemare is gone.


Smut/ish =











































SHINee ‘Imperfection is beauty’


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CP 14 Days of Love #9: Aces/Falcs TV (or interviews)

Day #9 of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

It is a bright, sunny morning in Providence and we’re here in Falconers’ Captain, Jack Zimmermann’s three-story brownstone. It’s a beautiful Colonial structure, located near a hub of small businesses. The interior is warm and inviting with American walnut wood floors and wide, comfortable furniture while modern abstract art spotted on the walls. We’ve been told that Alicia Zimmermann, philanthropist and former model, had decorated the entire house except for the kitchen, which was selected by Mr. Zimmermann’s husband, Eric Bittle. Eric Bittle is the proud owner of a small bakery, Bittle’s Bits, and creates what is possibly the best beignets I will ever taste.

Today, we join Jack Zimmermann and the Aces’ Captain, Kent Parson to discuss life, love, self-care and hockey.

INT: Hello, hello you two. How are you? How is the off-season treating you two?

Zimmermann: We’re quite well, thank you for asking. I think I’ve only gained about eleven pounds this break.

Parson: It’s been two weeks, Zimms. Nate is gonna kill you.

Zimmermann: Nah, she understands. [looks to me, mouth stuffed with beignets] You do too. I can tell you.

Parson: At least Tater makes me healthy food.

INT: Alexei Mashkov cooks?

Parson: Yeah. Well…cooks compared to me. I tend to burn water.

Zimmermann: [nods] And not for a lack from Eric either.

INT: I always assumed you boys at least know how to make breakfast food.

Parson: I can make breakfast food! It may not be edible, but I can make it. Besides, I’m getting better.

Zimmermann: [shakes his head]

INT: Alright, alright, let’s talk hockey. First, I have to say congratulations on the C, Mr. Zimmermann. It is absolutely well-deserved. Were you surprised?

Zimmermann: Thank you very much. I was very surprised. You know, being on the ice, going through drills, playing games…there’s no checklist to get the C. It’s really doing the best you can and making sure everyone around you does the same. I spend more time with the guys than I do with my husband, so really, it’s just looking out for family.

INT: Were you surprised, Mr. Parson?

Parson: Nah, I don’t think anyone but Zimms was. I always knew he’d end up at the top.

INT: You have known each other a long time. Can we talk about that for a bit, your relationship?

Parson: Of course.

INT: It seems like anyone who knows hockey knows your story, but I’m not interested in ancient history. Tell me about now and how you got here. Just a few years ago, your rivalry was legendary in hockey and yet, you’re here today under the roof, laughing and joking with each other. Tell me about that journey.

Parson: Well…it’s the result of a shitton of therapy. I could tell you that I was young and stupid, but it was more than that. I had serious trouble with anger management as a result of my, uh, colorful childhood and some leftover issues from that too. That manifested into me being a dick. I didn’t even realize it until Tater pointed it out to me.

INT: So your husband is the reason for the two of you being friends again?

Parson: This was before we started dating, but yes.

Zimmermann: And mine, to be honest. Parse and I were best friends through Juniors, yes, but it was complicated. Like he said, young and stupid. We hurt each other and after my overdose, I wasn’t exactly eager to let that happen again. When Kent came by to apologize, Eric was the one who talked me into actually listening to him. I’m glad I did.

Parson: I think once we got everything out there, it was way easier. We both knew how the other felt, we didn’t have any more questions, you know? Then came the hard part.

INT: Talking wasn’t the hardest part?

Zimmermann: Talking is hard, sure. But maintaining it, setting boundaries, redefining our friendship was harder.

Parson: It was getting rid of old habits, you know?

Zimmermann: We had to relearn each other.

Parson: Totally worth it though.

Zimmermann: [smiles] Yeah

why is there always a sad ending?
always almost reaching, always nearly there,
always here at the finish line alone alone alone
always sun-drenched and soaked in memory.
is the losing ever lighter than the rest? i’m
dreaming of worry, dreaming of past and future and
dripping pastels; painted-on tears and grit-
it’s not supposed to look beautiful, but it does anyway.
am i going to die alone? am i going to live alone?
(you look best wreathed in flowers. laughing.
you look best when you’re watching someone else.)
it all makes me feel ancient and fifteen and six.
is this the way the world works?
—  we keep reading these books–/ast.

Beer of the night

@littlerunnergurl is here. She’s taken over the kitchen making mung bean and coconut curry over ancient grains. Yeah, I said ancient. What does that mean? LRG and my wife are trying to explain it to me. I’m only two sips into this beer but their explanations are over my head like a USAF flyover at the Super Bowl.

The beer is Coconut Porter from the Avery Brewing Co. of Boulder, CO. This is another one aged in bourbon barrels which is something I really enjoy.

Porters are better on cold days. A few Tumblrs today posted how hot it is where they are. Well it never got above 70 here in the Twin Cities so this one was just fine. The sun hid behind clouds like Sean Penn avoiding paparazzi. It’s gloomy weather but it sure makes white LED running lights look even more cool, especially on Audis.

Tomorrow we welcome @snapthistiger, his wife whom I’ll call Vera because we’ve never seen her, and @coffeeandmuscles. By the way, anyone in town Saturday night is welcome to stop by my house and meet these fine folks. Must not be allergic to dogs, not even remotely.

Reasons why I am not a Princess Nuala fan...

As I was taking screencaps to make other posts, I was reminded time and time again of why I have always intensely disliked Nuala. So here comes a post to get this out of my system so I can get rid of these feels, haha.

My complaints with Nuala are as follows. I got this vibe of underlying manipulative cruelty at several points that I just cannot shake. It makes me never want to trust her. Besides that, her treatment of Nuada was appalling even despite his behavior. Her supposed love for Abe makes no sense whatsoever. And finally, she does not behave like an ancient elf. She behaves like a twenty year-old elfling. And it just irritates me.

Here are a few of the points during the movie where I found myself getting particularly annoyed with Nuala. Comments are welcome, by the way, if you disagree with anything I write here.

The Forest God’s Death

An elemental creature capable of seeding and spreading an entire forest on its own and completely reshaping and taking back the landscape, and that was supposedly the last of its kind, was just defeated and killed. So… a species of ancient elemental creature just went extinct before Nuala’s eyes. Not only that, but she has to know that what little of New York City the creature was able to take back for Nature will be promptly killed, ripped up, cleaned, and otherwise removed, so that the humans’ precious apartment buildings and roads can be repaired. So… not even the last efforts of a lost creature will be preserved. This is an extremely sad occasion, and should be fairly soul-crushing to any ancient elf who should care deeply for Nature and her creatures. So what does Nuala do?

She plays with the creature’s seed?/spore? like tee-hee, look at the foofy, floaty thingy-thing! Um… really? She should be in tears. She should be scrambling to save and collect the seeds/spores. At the very least, she should be somehow be mourning what has just occurred. This is not a beautiful thing, it is tragic. Instead she’s obliviously playing with stuff like she’s at a theme park.

Nuada’s Invasion of the BPRD

This was the scene that gave me the biggest vibe for Nuala being manipulative. First of all, she knows Nuada will not hurt her very much at all. He can’t for two reasons: 1) killing her means he dies too, which he doesn’t want, and 2) if he injures her too much he also injures himself, which will affect his ability to fight. So where does this fear come from? The tears, the whole damsel-in-distress act?

I think she is trying to play to Nuada’s emotions, except it doesn’t work. She can close herself off all she wants but he’s still not buying her crap. So what does she do when it doesn’t work? Her affect completely changes. The fear is gone. If she can’t make Nuada go away on her own, then she’s gonna get people who can. So she pulls the alarm, and then gives him the coldest, cruelest, borderline bitchy-sassiest look ever. Where has the fear gone?

Everyone says Nuada’s cold and cruel and whatever else but at least he can defend himself instead of calling for the help of younger and possibly more vulnerable people to assist you. Let me get this straight… instead of handling her problems herself, against a brother who would never harm her beyond a paper cut to the cheek, she appeals to other mortals who can easily die in battle trying to help her. Including one Abe Sapien, whom we’re supposed to believe she has feelings for, but I’ll come back to that later. All of a sudden her affect changes again, and she’s helpless, afraid, the damsel-in-distress once again. 

Ever see the movie The Hole with Thora Birch? Thora’s character was a manipulative sociopath who could turn on and off all manner of emotions and basically act in whatever manner she wanted/needed to in order to appeal to different people around her. Playing the damsel-in-distress to avoid being charged with murder was her specialty. That’s what this whole scene made me think of as far as Nuala’s character. Watch it again. Watch her turn the emotion on and off and on again. I don’t buy for one moment that she’s actually afraid of Nuada. She just wanted this fish guy she was leading on to get him to go away. Playing a frightened and helpless victim would do the trick, she thought. Too bad she didn’t plan on Hellboy and Abe being drunk as door nails, haha.

Nuala’s Suicide and Nuada’s Murder

This. Pissed. Me. Off. So. Much. Whether or not you agree that Nuada was trying to stealth kill Hellboy (I think not, if he was, he would never have made the dagger that obvious and would’ve moved a lot faster), and whether or not you wanted Nuada to be stopped because of the whole kill-all-humans thing, one thing is abundantly clear. Nuala had no respect for her brother, for warriors, for her people, for battle etiquette, or for Elven life in general.

Hear me out. First of all… she is supposedly an ancient Elven princess. She should be experienced in life at least through reading and observations if not action. She should be wise. Most of all, she should understand and advocate Elven life. I mean, it’s clear that she doesn’t along with her father, since both of them are content to just let all elves fade rather than seeking any type of mildly better solution than living in a New York sewer. Accepting that there are cycles to Nature and that races come and go is one thing, but actively doing far more to protect and respect humans and going out of your way to uphold their laws while simultaneously choosing to actively work against the future of your own people is quite another.

But, I digress. My point is, she should never have wanted to kill Nuada (and herself too, of course). Killing either one of them would be a tragedy. Like the death of the forest god. They are so incredibly old and have seen so much of the world through the centuries, that to lose perspectives on life that are that deeply rooted in antiquity would just be devastating. Or at least it should be. Some might argue here that she had to in order to stop him. No. She. Did. Not. She could have stabbed the hand holding the dagger. Not enough? Stab an ankle. Hell, stab both ankles. Disable him to stop him, do not kill him. Personally, I think interfering in the battle at all was extremely dishonorable for her to do. It was a duel. You do not step in and interfere in a duel. Unfair. Bad form, Nuala. But besides that, there were so many ways she could have stopped him besides killing him and herself and she immediately chose to do that anyway. Wtf.

Some might say here that Nuada was a warrior and dying was better than having him live as a cripple. He died a good warriors death. Um. No. He. Did. Not. Nuada was robbed of a warrior’s death. He didn’t die in battle fairly. He died because his sister was hateful of him and apparently out of ideas. He was killed… by someone and something he could not control at all, by someone he trusted, by someone who should have respected not only his life but Elven life in general as well as a warrior’s honor. It was incredibly emasculating and dishonorable for Nuada to die as he did. 2K+ years of surviving countless battles and honing his skills only to be killed by someone who used what should have been the most beautiful, personal, and sacred thing – their soul bond – against him. Disgraceful. Disgusting. He was robbed of a warrior’s death, and if she had decided to suddenly enact Balor’s decree on him, she should have at least allowed him to keep his dignity in the process. Imagine his pain at not only falling, but being robbed of a warrior’s death, and dying not for your cause, really… but because your sister whom you dearly love hates everything about you. If those are some sad, sad feels then I don’t know what are.

But to keep him alive as a cripple or unable to fight would have been unbearable to him. Anything… would have been unbearable to him other than all humans everywhere dying, and that was never going to happen. He would have been stopped by someone, somewhere, if not there and then. So which is the better solution? To kill two ancient elves? Or to stop this one now when he might just recover and be fine later, and then hey, I don’t know, maybe trying to act like a freaking sister for once and talking to him while he’s down instead of shutting him out which, because you’re soul-bonded to him – you already know is slowing killing him? (sigh) yes, I am bitter, thank you, haha. At least that way she would have lived, if nothing else. Just… just such a poor decision, Nuala, really. How did you survive this long making horrible decisions like this?

Nuala’s Death in Abe’s Arms

This was supposed to be poignant and beautiful, I know, but I just found it awkward. So… (sigh) She’s 2K+ years old. She has known Abe for… what, a few days? So the Elven equivalent of approximately 8 seconds, heh. And I’m supposed to believe that she is somehow in love with him and that they have this deep, unshakable connection simply by virtue of the fact that they both seem to have the same hand-thingy that they do? You know, the… I’m-gonna-feel-your-hand-and-suddenly-know-what-you’re-thinking thing. First of all, no. Just… no. Second of all, if anyone should’ve had the ability to do the hand thing along with Nuala, it should have been Nuada. But they never went into that in the movie at all (even though I headcanon and write him as being able to do it too, and that he was doing it in the library when he laid his hand on her chest). Instead they made this ability out to be something that deeply bonded Nuala to Abe.

Uh… whut? So for all those Abe x Nuala shippers out there (and surprisingly in favor of Nuada x Nuala shippers), you’re telling me that 2K+ years of knowing someone as you know yourself, growing up with them, and knowing every reason why they smile, laugh, cry, ache, etc. is not reason enough for any sort of love to develop between Nuada and Nuala… but… she knows a fish dude for a couple days and it’s true love? Nuala. Sweety. Um. Are you just not that deep? Is it about looks? Does he wear mind-altering cologne or something?

I just literally have no idea why Nuala x Abe makes sense, and frankly, I found her death scene after she murders Nuada to be seriously irritating. Nuada is dying. Whatever gripes she had with him should now have been placed aside. Do you seriously feel that little for a brother you’ve been bonded to for millennia that you’d rather instead continue to lead on a fish instead of hmm… comforting your brother? Listening to his final words? Acknowledging his pain? Maybe finally opening your heart to him since it really doesn’t matter anymore. Nope. Gonna totally pay attention to the fish instead. Nuada is thinking dear gods… all that’s lost, all that won’t be done, all that needs to be done, what does this mean for the fate of the world? Meanwhile, Nuala is like wow I can tell you totally dig me but I have to die now. I mean… how detached from any sort of deep thought was she? (angry facepalm)

Ahhh… I feel so much better now that I got all of this out, haha. As always, these are only my opinions, and I realize that they may go against other people’s headcanons or opinions and I know Nuala is very popular in the fandom and that she has a lot of fans. That’s great, really. I’m not trying to make anybody mad, I’m just ranting on some feels I had while watching the movie. So please don’t take offense, but please do comment if you wish to. I love debates, heh.

{And really, rants like these prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I should be a mun for Nuada, haha. No wonder he likes it in my brain so much heh, given my random opinions on him, his father, and his sister. The humans thing though, that’s where you lose me bud. But it’s okay, we’ll work on it together. XD}

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Could I request how Jotaro or Kakyoin would react to the reader being shrunk by an enemy Stand? Keep up the great writing and have a wonderful evening!

Jotaro x Reader: “Cute”

The sunlight burned against your skin as you walked through the streets of Cairo. It had been a while since you had seen Avdol or Mr. Joestar, and Iggy was no doubt stuffing his face into some trashcan or another. You were walking with to Jotaro, Polnareff dragging behind the two of you. Your hand brushed against his occasionally, but he hadn’t complained, so hopefully you weren’t too close for comfort.

Your previous encounter with one of Dio’s servants, a sword named Anubis, had been a bit of a struggle. In the end, Polnareff had stabbed Jotaro in the stomach before you could stop him. You had tried your hardest to hold back your tears as you helped him limp to the hospital. You knew he would be perfectly fine; Jotaro was always fine. But it felt like your heart was caught in your throat every time he received an injury that might have proven fatal to a normal person. That was probably when you realised, as you changed the soft gauze pad pressed against the wound on his shredded (in more ways than one) abdomen: you cared for him.

You were jerked out of your thoughts as you ran into a stiff arm. A gasp escaped your lips, and you looked up at Jotaro. He looked over his shoulder, a suspicious expression crossing his face.

“Where’s Polnareff?” He whipped around, taking long strides backtracking your previous steps. You struggled to keep alongside him, breaking out into a run. He turned a corner and disappeared, however soon you reached where he had stopped, and bent over, panting slightly.

“That’s me! It’s me! It’s me!” The frantic cries came from a small boy. You peered down at him, confused. His hair was tall and white, and he wore an oversized black top…

“Yare yare daze, my mistake for asking a kid.” Jotaro immediately turned on his heel.

“W-Wait!” You called after him. Something seemed odd. You looked back at the kid, just long enough to see his pleading eyes. And his earrings. His broken heart earrings. “Jotaro, come back!” You chased after him, grabbing his arm, but he shook you off with force. “I think it is Polnareff,” Jotaro turned the corner, but you continued to beg, “We should go back,” he didn’t stop. You grunted in frustration, taking it upon yourself to run back to where you had seen the boy.

But he had vanished. Then you felt a massive hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/n), let’s go.” You muttered a refusal but he grabbed your wrist, pulling you backwards. You sighed.

“Maybe he went back to the hotel?” Jotaro scoffed as your remark, and you groaned. “Well–” Suddenly, his eyes flashed open. You knew that this signalled an attack and dropped to your fighting stance, looking around for the threat.

“Watch it,” his voice was low but forceful as he swept you aside, no doubt dodging an incoming attack. You yelped as you saw a large shadow looming on the ground. But you couldn’t see its owner. Jotaro looked at you with astonishment.

“J-Jotaro, what was that?” he abruptly grabbed you by the waist, flinging you into his arms as he darted away. “Jo,” The rhythmic pace of of his running was almost soothing. “Jo…” You snuggled into his massive arms as you fell asleep.

Your stomach hurt. You sat up and yawned, rubbing your eyes.

“(y/n)’s awake.” You looked to the corner. Three men were standing in a circle. Two of them were big and scary, but one of them seemed nice. Maybe you knew him from somewhere.

You climbed out of the big comfy bed and ran over to him. You poked his leg.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” He looked down at you with a frown. You frowned back. “I’m hungry.” The man crouched down to look into your eyes. He was really big.

“Yare yare… Well, you’ll have to wait for a bit.” You stomped your foot.

“But my tummy hurts!” he rolled his eyes.

He looked down at the child sitting in his lap. He didn’t want to have to deal with this annoying little brat, but he also wouldn’t dare leave (y/n) defenseless. Avdol and the old man were out to find the stand user, while he kept you safe and sound. And fed.

Your bouncing up and down was a bit irritating, but, for some reason, it pleased him to know that you were happy. You licked the ice cream cone gleefully, smearing the chocolate syrup all over your face. The man sighed, knowing he would have to clean it all off later, and you were almost down to the last bite when you paused. Jotaro raised his eyebrow. Did you not want the ice cream anymore? Did you want to go do something else? Damn, little kids were so obnoxious. But then, you jumped off of his lap, turning around to hold the remainder of the ice cream out to him.

“Do you want it, JoJo?” The man’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Weren’t children supposed to be selfish little idiots? Why were you acting so sweet then? He slowly reached out his hand, and you gave a small smile and a giggle. It was almost… cute… in a way. The corners of his lips turned up slightly as he accepted the remainder of the dessert.

“Thank you, (y/n).” He muttered. You rocked back and forth on your heels.

“You’re welcome!”

Before heading back to the room, Jotaro stopped by the ice cream shop to grab several napkins. He leaned down to reach your face, squeezing it firmly in his large hand so you wouldn’t squirm so much.

“Why are your hands so rough?” You questioned though your squished lips. Jotaro sighed as he began to wipe the chocolate off your cheeks. He cursed (though not loud enough for (y/n) to hear) as he got some of the sticky substance smeared across his jacket. you laughed. Focusing back on cleaning your face, the man paused. Your eyes were squeezed shut, and your lips puckered into a fish face. You looked ridiculous. And adorable.

Jotaro let out a deep chuckle, wishing that (y/n) was here to see this insanity. And then, a thought. What if we can’t turn her back?

He held your hand stiffly as you walked back up to the room. As soon as he had unlocked the door, you ran up and started jumping on the bed. Jotaro groaned his usual “Yare yare,” and lay on the other mattress, tilting his hat to shield the light from his eyes. Then, his bed started to bounce.

“JOJO! JOJO! Tell me a story!” He looked up, one eyebrow raised in disgust. Why couldn’t you just go to sleep like a normal human being?

“I don’t know any damn stories. Go to bed.” you whined at this response.

“What about… Tell me about you JoJo!” He ignored your as you continued jumping on the bed. Then he gasped, a sudden weight landing on his chest. (Y/n) lay on top of him, gazing expectantly into his eyes. “Come on!” you groaned.

“I’m not–” Jotaro paused. He had a terrible idea. “A story. About me?” He stared at the ceiling.

“Uh-huh!” you giggled expectantly.

“Back when me and the old man were in Japan–”

“That’s not how a story starts.” Jotaro glared at the obnoxious brat. “You have to say ‘Once upon a time’.” The man looked back up at the ceiling, taking a deep breath.

“Once upon a time, there was a friggin’ prince,” you smiled gleefully. “And the prince’s mom, the queen or whatever… She was very sick,” (Y/n) gasped at this development. “And the only cure was to defeat an ancient vampire millions of miles away.”

“How does killing a vampire make someone get better?”

“Shut up, I’m telling the story here. So he started off on the journey, along with his grandfather–”

“If the Prince’s mom is the Queen, then what is the Prince’s grandpa?”

“Old and boring.” You laughed at the joke, and a smile came to the man’s lips. Something about this was… cathartic in a way. Jotaro didn’t talk to people often. but talking to someone in such a simple manner, someone with such an innocent mind. It seemed to relieve him. “And along the way they met a fortune teller from a far away land, and, umm, another prince? With long flowing red hair,” Your eager face urged him to keep going. “And an idiot knight, and…” he took a deep shaky breath. “A princess.”

“A princess?!” You shrieked in delight. “Was she pretty? What did she look like?” Jotaro sighed.

“She was beautiful. She looked,” He ran his hands through your hair, looking down into your large and curious eyes. “Just like you.” Your face lit up. But then, your wide grin turned into a yawn, as you nuzzled into his chest.

“I hope the prince and the princess get married…” Jotaro was so glad that you didn’t see his face flush at her remark.

“Maybe,” He remained silent for a while, before he began to hear your soft snores. “Maybe they will.”

Caring for a child wasn’t as bad as he had thought it would be, though he would never admit it to anyone. He shuddered, hoping (y/n) wouldn’t remember any of this when she was back. Hoping she would come back. Gradually, he drifted off to sleep.

You smiled as you felt the warm rise and fall of his breath. One hand was placed on his chest, your legs were intertwined in his, and you smiled in your dazed, half-awake state. His fingers were tangled in your hair, and a hand reached over your back to rest on your waist, pulling your close as if to protect you. His body stiffened. You whined, cuddling him closer. You just wanted to sleep a bit longer. You heard his raspy, somewhat shaky breaths.

Suddenly, your mind came tumbling back from your dreams. This was reality. You flinched away. Jotaro was lying, rigid, beneath you. His face was a deep red, though he tried to hide it with his hat. You let out a small squeak of shock, right before you toppled off of the bed and onto the floor.

“Oww!” A dull pain shot through your wrist as you caught yourself. Jotaro climbed off of the bed to crouch at your side.

“Are you okay?” His voice seemed unusually panicked, but you nodded your head as you began to sit up. You were shaking a bit, and your heart beat rapidly from the fall as you looked up at Jotaro. Concern and worry seemed to show through his normal poker face. You were about to reassure him that you were unhurt when he stood, and held out his hand. He pulled you to your feet, though you were still somewhat unsteady and ended up falling into his arms. You hurriedly removed yourself from his personal space, but, then your memory came flooding back.

“WHAT?! What happened? I–” He shushed you, placing one hand on your shoulder and the other on your fingers, stroking your knuckles soothingly.

“An enemy stand. Somehow, they,” he paused, looking for words, “turned you into a child,” You hadn’t forgotten. The ice cream, the chocolate all over your face, the bedtime story… Your eyes widened as your thoughts began to race. “Do you remember?” Your face flushed a deep crimson, and you nodded vigorously, without even making eye contact.

Was he… Did he have feelings for you? Neither of you had said anything about the compromising position you awoke in, but he continued to gently run his thumb across your knuckles. If he did, he probably didn’t have the courage to say it to your face. He was brave on the battlefield, but you knew how fragile he could be when it came to his feelings.

“JoJo?” Your voice seemed uncertain at first, but you pushed through your discomfort. “Do you care about me?” He avoided your eye contact and his grip around your shoulder tightened. You nervously lifted your hand to his cheek, turning his chin to face you. “I,” your stomach was clenched tightly as your anxiety heightened. “I have feelings for you Jotaro, and If you think there’s any chance you might feel the same way,” His eyes finally met yours, and you froze. A slight smile came to his lips, and your heart melted. He took a step closer to you, and you could feel the heat of his chest just inches away from your own. His hand cupped your cheek as he tilted your face upwards.

His lips were firm, but the kiss was soft. You latched your fingers into his hair, almost so your tiny frame wouldn’t slip off the giant of a man. His torso only lightly pressed against yours, but it was enough to make you shiver. You desperately wanted to pull him closer, to suck at his lips until he moaned your name.

But he cut you off, gently removing his lips from yours. You stared at him longingly, as he stared at you with an unreadable expression, possible of… admiration? His breaths sped up a little, and a deep blush.

“You were cute as a kid. But you’re beautiful now.”

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Koerkiyo, Ouma, Kiibo, Hajime, and Amami with an Ultimate Horror pastel goth S/O

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My school work has been catching up to me. Anyways, here’s a long awaited imagine.

- Mod Teruteru

 Koerkiyo Shinguji

- He had found your style very similar to his, and he kind of liked it.

- Upon mentioning his talent, you were very interested. Saying you were the Ultimate Horror, you constantly looked at ancient human myths and stories for inspiration.

- You always love sharing new stories that you find with him kind of hoping that he didn’t know them already.

- Though he does know most of the ones you share, there are a few that he doesn’t.

- It makes you happy when you knew a story that he didn’t.

- Whenever you go out shopping together your horror like fashion sense goes off and Shinguji is lead straight to an adorable pastel clothing store.

- While looking around at some mismatched stockings and pink and purple wigs, you found yourself buying some black bow hair ties.

- When you were both satisfied with your shopping and got back home, you unpacked your things and found the hair ties you bought.

- “Hey Shinguji, want to try something more my style?”

- Your phone is now filled with pictures of Koerkiyo with his hair up in different styles with the same bow hair ties you bought that day.

Kokichi Ouma

- He loves how much your normal thoughts scare people.

- You’ll just bring up random frightening topics like it’s a normal thing to do in conversation.

- “Hey Ouma?”

- “Yeah S/O?”

- “What do you think would happen if our class was trapped inside the school and we had to kill each other to escape?”

- Ouma put his hands up to cover his face.

- “Kyaa!! S/O you’re so scary! I wouldn’t last a day!”

- Then he put his hands on his hips and smiled while he say you laughing.

- “Or maybe I would. You never know, I am a liar after all.”

- You have a pleasant memory of one time when you dragged Ouma to your favorite clothing store.

- Even after he tried complaining loudly, and bargaining with you, he had ended up trying almost every pastel goth outfit you recommended.

- But don’t worry, he made sure to get revenge afterwards.


- He was legit scared by you when he first met you.

- “Hm, F/N L/N… according to my database you’re… AH! Y-you’re the one that wrote and directed ‘The Darkness Inside Us’!? That was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen!”

- “Aw! Thanks! It’s always nice to hear compliments on my work.”

- He started waving his hands.

- “I think you’re misunderstanding me. I-I-”

- “I’ve heard of you too. Your master is a great inspiration of mine when making sci-fi horror novels and films.”

- Kiibo stopped waving his hands and looked at you.

- “You’ve heard of my master?”

- Ever since you had expressed your inspiration and respect for Kiibo’s master, he tried to hang around you more.

- Even if your strange musings frightened him.

- The only thing that didn’t was probably your choice of clothing.

- He liked complimenting on how soft and cute it looked, forcing you to hide your face and blush.

Hajime Hinata

- Like all of the other Ultimates, he found you very interesting.

- You have a game where Hajime names students and you say what kind of monster you think they would be.

- “Mm, Peko Pekoyama.”

- “A marble golem, Kuzuryuu probably being a breed of small werewolves that she was created to protect.”

- “Nagito Komaeda.”

- “The more humanoid version of the maneki-neko. He’d still have the paws and the ears, but the rest of him would appear human.”

- He head asked you once what you thought he would be.

- That was a hard one. What kind of monster would a normal boy like Hajime be?

- “Probably a ghost, maybe a poltergeist.”

- When he asked you why you fidgeted with your fingers a bit.

- “Usually ghosts have unfinished business, which is why they stay on Earth. I feel like if there was a family member you wanted to say goodbye to while you were alive and you didn’t, you’d probably have enough willpower to stay on Earth and say goodbye.”

- When you finished talking, he hugged you.

- “Yeah, I’d probably stay on Earth if you were still alive.”

Rantaro Amami

- When you two first met he was very sure to compliment you on your style.

- He had asked what your inspiration for it was. When you said you were the Ultimate Horror he suddenly remembers seeing books written by you in stores and libraries.

- Whenever you found him at said libraries and book stores, he always seemed to be looking at one of your books.

- Always.

- You found it weird at first.

- But you’ve found it to be quite endearing after a short while.

- To pass time you two watch old horror movies and make fun of how bad the special effects look.

- He was always willing to try any outfit on that you weren’t sure of.

- This turned into one of those old movie scenes where Amami would try on different outfit while opening a changing room curtain, while you were nodding or shaking your head depending on weather you liked them or not.

- You both liked doing a lot of these.

Otherkin Q&A

Alrighty, seems like we have a few misunderstandings that aren’t being cleared up, so here we go. I’m going to answer a couple of questions that a lot of people who aren’t kin have about the otherkin community. Mostly I’ll give little overviews and answers to some common questions, and links to ones I think are best explained by others or in different posts of mine. Otherkin, please feel free to add on to this list! (Warning, it is pretty long.)

- I’ve just heard about otherkin, and I’m a little confused?

No need to worry, we understand that our community can sound a bit odd. The basic definition for otherkin is a group of people who believe that they are in some way non-human. For the vast majority, this is meant in a non-physical way, but yes, there are kin who suffer delusions. For others it is meant in a spiritual sense, some believe it’s a kind of psychological difference, parallel worlds, mental illness, etc. There are many different explanations, even aside from those mentioned here.

- Okay, but does that make otherkin part of some kind of religious cult?

No, definitely not. Roughly half of the otherkin I’ve met don’t even attribute their otherkinity to anything that approaches religion. Some follow Christian beliefs, are atheist, some form of paganism, etc. For my much longer evaluation on the subject, look here, although I do warn you it’s a response to a rather obnoxious individual so the language is perhaps a little angrier than it should be.

- Wait, so is it maybe cultural - ?

Let me cut you off right there. No, otherkin are not appropriating anyone’s culture. Our kin self is not a spirit animal, nor do otherkin have their roots in any religions. Many spiritual kin do practice religions that may include these kinds of concepts, but ancient and, yes, European pagan practices are what is most commonly seen when religious beliefs are a part of a kin’s otherkin beliefs.

- So, if it isn’t cultural appropriation, is it ableist or racist?

I am sorely under-qualified to talk about these issues, so I’m going to let this post talk about them for me. Two people who are POC and disabled respectively, talk about their opinions on fictionkin who are not of their kin’s ethnicity and/or are not disabled. They say no, although I’m sure others might say yes.

- What about otherkin pronouns?

First, there are no such things as otherkin pronouns. What you are referring to are nounself pronouns, and they aren’t even that common in the otherkin community. This is a very long and very involved discussion, and as I already have a post on it I’m just going to link you to that.

- Uh, dragon isn’t a gender?

We know. Trust me, we know. Otherkin aren’t using our kintypes as genders, they’re just the animal that we’re kin with. Otherkin are still female, agender, genderfluid, etc, we just also happen to be kin. I’m female and dragonkin. Someone else might be shark kin and agender. Otherkin are aware that cat isn’t a gender, we promise.

- The concept of otherkin seems to be a mockery of trans and nb communities?

In a way, I can understand how you might draw that conclusion. In fact, there are troll blogs out there, claiming to be otherkin, who are very much mocking trans and nb individuals. The statement that we are out to parody and poke fun at these groups is, however, false. Many kin are trans or nb. Here is yet another post, from someone who is both kin and trans. Otherkin aren’t trying to poke fun at trans and nb people, we do genuinely mean it when we say we believe we are somehow these beings.

- Okay, but I heard that otherkin are trying to be part of the LGBTQAP+ community just because they’re kin?

No, otherkin aren’t trying to claim to be a part of the LGBTQAP+ community just because they’re kin. Many of us are part of that community, but that is because we identify as asexual, gay, etc, not because we are kin.

- Are otherkin sexually attracted to the animals that they are kin with? As in, would a wolfkin be sexually attracted to wolves?

No. Otherkin is not synonymous with bestiality, and we do not condone it.

(Sorry, but I want this to be clear.)

- If you know that you’re going to get trouble for it, why do you create communities on tumblr?

The same reason anyone else would form a community on tumblr. We aren’t a very large group and you would have to be incredibly lucky to find another otherkin near you, and it would be too much to ask that this person also be from the same species/story. We form groups on tumblr because we don’t have anyone else to talk to about our experiences as kin.

- Why are so many otherkin on tumblr young?

Mostly because tumblr consists of a lot of younger people, who then find out about kin and realize they aren’t alone. Of course, they may just be exploring themselves, and most of the older community is okay with that as long as they’re reasonable and try to represent the community well. Also, many older kin have families, are in college, or are trying to put in 100% at a job to work their way up the ranks and just don’t have time to run kin dedicated blogs, or for that matter, any blog at all.

- Do otherkin really eat fertilizer, diamond rings, or raw meat?

As for the first two, definitely not. Logically of course, eating fertilizer would be a nearly instant trip to the ER, while a diamond ring, provided whomever owns the ring wants it back, would likely also necessitate a trip to the doctor’s. Explaining that you ate these things because you’re actually a tree or a dragon would, of course, lead to the individual getting the help that they needed. Otherkin do, for the most part, (again, some of us do suffer delusions and are already seeing a professional) acknowledge that they are human, with all of the digestive limitations of a human being.

Raw meat, on the other hand, is a maybe. Really, eating raw meat isn’t uncommon in many parts of the world. Steak tartare, a French dish, is raw beef. Sushi uses raw fish. Yuk Hwe is marinated raw beef common in Korean foods. Gored Gored (pretty sure the spelling is wrong, but hey that’s the internet for you) is a common dish in Ethiopia, consisting of, you guessed it, raw beef cubes. And these are just the ones I decided to list, I could have continued for a ways. As long as the meat has been treated properly, eating it is safe enough in theory. Many kin don’t eat raw meat, but if some of us enjoy it, we’re in good company.

- Fact kin are creepy and I’m not comfortable with someone claiming to be the reincarnation of a genocidal killer? Also, what the heck is up with foodkin?

Otherkin agree with you. Factkin are creepy, and you can now sleep better at night knowing that everyone I, and to the best of my knowldege, all other kin, have run into who claims to be kin with someone living or who has lived on this planet, has been a troll. The same goes for foodkin. Otherkin only include those who are not human or belong to a different planet, and wouldn’t include a human reincarnated from a human being from this planet.

This isn’t a complete list. but it is the start of having a complete list. Basically, we’re just your average, every day person who also happens to have been reincarnated from a seagull, or whatever they’re kin with however they’re kin with it. I hope this helped a bit, and if you’ve still got questions, my askbox (tall-dark-and-scaly) is always open, and anonymous questions will be answered, providing you can be nice.

A Better Birthright Chapter Six

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9                        AO3 Link

I would recommend reading this chapter on AO3.

Morning came like it always does, slowly and filled with the sounds of thousands of crows.

Mizar rather wished it was more like other mornings, where although there certainly were plenty of crows making plenty of noises they weren’t anywhere near her personally. The crows would have relatively quiet stretches where they kept a fairly even level of calls, but every now and then a squabble would break out or a hawk would fly overhead and the world would become a cawcophony of cawing.

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It had to be done. 

I’m sorry.

If you’ve seen this video before, and are the least bit concerned with the traditions of Ancient Egypt, you already know the horrors that lie within. If you haven’t seen this video yet…. prepare to feel deep sorrow.

I don’t usually play the ‘cultural appropriation’ card, but this time I think I’ll make an exception. Because this video, to me, is one of the most horrifying, genuine examples of it. I’d even say it bordered on fetishism. The most shocking thing is that everything you see has some (sometimes vague) grounding in the ancient Egyptian culture. However, everything you see and recognise is ripped from its symbolic context and warped to fit a ‘modern aesthetic’. It’s sad that the people behind this video obviously did some research…. and then promptly desecrated everything they found.

Now, I did some research on the song and, according to Katy Perry herself, she wanted the song to have a  “witchy, spell-y kind of black magic-y idea”, and that the song was written from the perspective of a ‘witch warning a man not to fall in love with her, because she will be his last’.



So what’s with the ancient Egyptian theme in the video?

Well, the closest link I can find is the fact that the rapper featured in the song comes from Tennessee, and so they thought it was a logical step to create this ugly bastard child between ‘Ancient Egyptian culture with Memphis, Tennessee hip hop’. 

Apart from that……tenuous link, as there is also a Memphis in Egypt, there’s no connection. Nothing. Nothing even slightly Egyptian related is mentioned in the song lyrics. At all. At one point, the lyrics even make reference to a Goddess of another culture - Aphrodite. Ugh.  And the fucking article I sponged all my background information from this video from further displays it’s impressive ignorance by describing this shot here as “ Pätra also appears as a gray statue in a scene where golden pythons and gray guardian statues surround her”

This fucking shot here:

These would be the FUCKING GODS OF ANCIENT EGYPT. You may know of them. I hear they’re quite important in the mythology. 

Of course, the video has been quite heavily criticised for it’s use of Egyptian culture, but the director defended the choices that were made, saying some bullshit about how Ancient Egypt is part of our “shared culture”, and that it’s ok, because he’s not ‘ripping things directly from a present culture’, but ‘adding a new spin on it’. Yeah, sure. Ok. So apparently defiling the symbols of a culture that was VERY HEAVILY RELIANT ON COLOUR AND SYMBOLISM is perfectly fine. 

I’m sure that the ancient people would be totally fine with this sexualised, neon version of their culture….. 

And I suppose it’s also fine that Katy has named the character she plays in this video ‘ Katy Pätra, the witch of Memphis’.

Well, this is where it gets more complicated. Because, seeing as she’s trying to do a take on Cleopatra, calling herself a ‘witch queen’ actually reveals where the idea for this video came from. I had to look this up, so forgive me if I’m not entirely correct here, but ‘Witch Queen’ was a slanderous name given to Cleopatra by the Romans of the time, during a power struggle between Marc Antony (Cleopatra’s lover) and Octavian (who was named as heir, but feared that Antony was growing too powerful with Cleopatra’s help). Octavian spread propaganda about how Cleopatra seduced men with magic to destroy her reputation, and Marc Antony’s along with it. So, really, rather than being based on Ancient Egyptian culture, this video is based on Roman propaganda designed to destroy the reputation of Egypt. 


Even more interesting is that some Egyptologist named Silverman actually praised the music video’s use of Egyptian imagery and ‘the interest it could generate to viewers’: “[Egypt has] always been a part of popular culture. It encourages people to think of these things, and some of those people actually begin to learn a lot.”

But they won’t, Silverman, because this video will just encourage more people to use these sacred Egyptian symbols as nothing more than ‘edgy’ parodies of religious symbology. And I’m already fucking fed up with that happening to Christian, Wiccan, Satanist and other Pagan symbols. Just like this shit here:

These hieroglyphs are pure bullshit. Even though these are actual hieroglyphs that have been used, for anyone who doesn’t know about the Ancient Egyptian way of writing, let me tell you a thing: they can either face left of right depending on which way the glyphs are meant to be read….. BUT THEY WILL NEVER SWITCH BETWEEN MID-TEXT. If you can see the hieroglyphs that looks like a bowl with a handle which is repeated a few times, you’ll see what I mean. It says nothing. No easter eggs here, just more complete bullcrap.   

Now, I’ll finish on the most horrendous part of the video, for me at least. Because I’m not pissed off enough already. You know that part at the end when she ‘dresses up as Isis’ and looks like this:

Apparently she’s ‘using her magic to conjure up a perfect storm’. Because there’s totally not another God who does the whole ‘storm’ thing….. 

Actually….. if you imagine Katy Perry dressing up like Seth…. it makes the whole thing a little more bearable….. 

  • my mom: *walking past my room* hey, why does it always smell like candles in here?
  • me: *has 13 candles burning in a circle with a pentagram inside while i am standing off to the side, chanting out of an ancient spell book*
  • my mom:
  • my mom:
  • my mom:
  • my mom:
  • me: ugh mom, you wouldn't understand
  • my mom: okay, but whatever is summoned can't stay for dinner, i didn't make enough lasagna for guests
  • the demon: *is summoned*
  • my mom: dinner's almost ready, he can't stay. maybe you two could hang out another time
  • the demon, shoving breadsticks into his hellish purse: im sorry, but i have to leave right now, immediately. I don't really like lasagna, and it smells too much like a candle store in here
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: i was hoping it would be bill nye
  • my mom: please come down for dinner, the lasagna is ready
Evil Dead (1981) Sentence Starters

Requested by @necrxnomicon

“Join us.”
“Not another peep, time to go to sleep.”
“Soon all of you will be like me. And then who will lock you up in a cellar?”
“Shut up, [name]!”
“You bastards, why are you torturing me like this?!”
“Why does she keep making those horrible noises?”
“Look at her eyes!”
“Dead bodies in the cellar, dead bodies in the cellar!”
“Why have you disturbed our sleep; awakened us from our ancient slumber?”
“You will die! Like the others before you, one by one, we will take you!”
“Kill her if you can.”
“I’m gonna break your face!”
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”
“You’re not gonna leave me here, are you?”
“It’s useless! Useless!”
“In time it will come for him and then it will come for you!”
“This kinda looks like your old girlfriend!”
“It’ll be dawn in a few hours.”
“I can’t wait. I’m getting out of here, NOW!”
“What, are you crazy?!”

tflatte  asked:

okay quick thought: after they're living alongside the third generation of human/humanoid de rolos, the dragons just stop bothering to keep track of how they're related to any specific person. none of this "great-great-grandniece-twice-removed" nonsense. all are cousins. there's also LOTS of jokes about de rolos anywhere that knows about the dragons. "don't anger a de rolo, they bite - and their dragons might too!" also imagine the procession of dragon visits every time a new cousin is born.

I was thinking that starting two or three generations in, the dragons are counted - and count themselves - as aunts and uncles to all assorted de Rolos. Though Keyleth would probably still count herself as an aunt to the dragons as well as to de Rolo descendants en masse…that’s fine. Keyleth is just everyone’s aunt.

Like 40 years post-canon, a young dragon shows up in the palace tower in Ank’Harel, polymorphed human for politeness. Requests an audience with J’mon Sa Ord - “Properly, please,” he says, and the image of a young man flickers to show golden eyes and the trace of red scales.

This is Ank’Harel, however, so nobody is impressed. He’s clearly a little put out as he rides the elevator up, though he hides it well. J’mon Sa Ord greets him in exactly the human form they usually prefer.

“Well, you’re a little impudent,” they say from their throne, one eyebrow raised. But they lean forward, chin cupped in one hand. “Oliver, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am. Sir.” He’s a little more nervous now that he’s actually here, talking to the legendary ancient bronze. But he stands up straight, with the pride of both a red dragon and an ancient noble house. “I’m setting up a lair in the desert, and Lady Cassandra wished me to, ah, ‘inform the neighbors’ before I started disrupting any trade, and make clear that nothing I do is, diplomatically speaking, in Whitestone’s name.”

J’mon Sa Ord has many, many centuries of experience in politics, so they do not smile. But, for all his self-imposed formality, Oliver does sound like the disgruntled teenager he is.

“And if your forebear provided the desert and my city quite enough experience with red dragons,” they ask neutrally, “and I decided to put a stop to this right now?”

Oliver looks offended, and his form flickers out of sight for a moment, then reappeared half a foot to the right. “I’m not actually here. I’m not an idiot.”

They don’t bother to hide a trace of amusement. Youngsters. “Very well. The desert is harsh and empty. A little extra danger will give the caravan guards something to do, I’m sure. Don’t get above yourself, however, or, as you are not representing Whitestone, I’ll have very little reason not to hunt you down and charbroil you.”

“I’ve already gotten the lecture from half my family, yes.” He rolls his eyes. “And the one about not picking fights with anyone I can’t beat, and watch out for that one wine, and- oh, while I’m here: where in the city can I find a good spice merchant? An actual one. Spices for food. Please don’t ask why I feel the need to clarify.”

Dear Divine Community,

Look, I’ve got to make a serious post here, bear with me.

I know that the divine community- whether it be godkin groups or the actuallydivine tags or divine minds forum or anything else- is meant as a way for all of us to share our feelings and find support with others like us. And I’m not here to troll or talk down you for your beliefs. If you are an ancient and divine being, I believe you, and you’re valid. But please listen to me on one thing:

Some of you are still minors in this lifetime. And That. Does. Matter.

I am an adult. In the form I am in right now, I am legally- as well as emotionally and mentally- a mature adult. But I have religious beliefs that are unusual and a large part of the community that I share them with (here online) are young teens. It is my job to be honest about that.

There are boundaries to what I will discuss with you. There are boundaries to what I will share on this blog, because I know its audience. And it is absolutely my responsibility to have those.

I will not ask for worship, the way some godblogs do. I will not ask you to believe what I believe. I will not tell you what spiritual path to follow.

And if you are a minor please please listen to me here: If someone in the divine community is over 18 and does not have these boundaries, stay away from them. Block them. I am absolutely serious here. 

I disapprove of people asking for worship, but if it’s an edgy 14 year old I really don’t care. They’re still figuring stuff out. Maybe they really are a god, maybe not. It doesn’t matter. They are physically young and it’s okay for them to be a dramatic edge-lord.

But if an adult is asking for worship from minors they are unsafe and should be unwelcome in this community. It is the responsibility of adults to be aware of our audience and of the people we talk to, and the impact we have on them. I have seen things on this website that are not healthy or okay. It is the kind of behavior that leads to abusive situations like cults.

So, in conclusion, I don’t want the young people here to think that I think any less of you for being young. I will chat with you and we can totally be friends. And I really do support everyone discovering who they really are and what they really believe, no matter how unconventional. I support otherkin. I support all the angels and spirits and gods and demons that walk this weird little Earth. But I just want you to be safe.

Ancient Egyptian love poem: Sickness Invaded Me
Seven days since I saw my Lover,
And sickness invaded me;
I am heavy in all my limbs,
My body has forsaken me.
When the physicians come to me,
My heart rejects their remedies;
The magicians are quite helpless,
My sickness is not discerned.
To tell me “She is here” would revive me!
Her name would make me rise;
Her messenger’s coming and going,
That would revive my heart!
My sister is better than all prescriptions,
She does more for me than all medicines;
Her coming to me is my amulet,
The sight of her makes me well!
When she opens her eyes my body is young,
Her speaking makes me strong;
Embracing her expels my malady—
Seven days since she went from me!
Seventh Stanza, from Papyrus Chester Beatty I

Tryads: aka “I probably could have come up with a better name for them, but I didn’t”

So i remember a while back in the fantroll community I used to see subspecies/variants of trolls a lot, not just rainbow drinkers but also shadow droppers and of course trollified versions of other monsters. So I decided to make my own just for fun. Tryads are free to make, but I’d appreciate if you asked me before making one for personal reasons. 

Here we go

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