does this make me a pedo..

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Teenagers date. it happens, and it's perfectly fine, even if one is slightly older and turns 18 before the other one. Plus dating does not necessarily mean they are having sex, so... I just don't see what the problem is with shipping a 16 year old fictional character with an 18 year old fictional character. I mean, IRL I am one year older than my SO, we started dating right before our shared senior year (16/17), so does that make me a pedo for one year of our almost 12 we have been together? No.

All of this, exactly…

People like hiding behind big words and acting “morally superior” (as opposed to what?), it makes them feels good and like they have a higher purpose. But sometimes you need to step back and look at things critically you know?

Greetings fellow KS shippers,

Hope you’re all doing fine and having fun working on the KS month that’s happening in August.

Although this post isn’t exactly cheerful it does aim to make your KS shipping time more pleasant.

As you’re probably aware there are ignorant people out there who have been constantly attacking our fandom (especially recently), calling our ship ‘pedo’ even when they’re both consenting adults, often pulling the victim card, blatantly shaming people and calling them names.

I’m going to ask you to please, from now on, block every single person who sends you hate/replies with ignorant shit without even responding. You listen to me now, you don’t deserve to read their bullshit, and they don’t deserve a reply from you whatsoever. You don’t have to waste precious minutes trying to show sense to idiots. I don’t think they have enough brain cells to comprehend what you say anyway, so don’t bother. Unless the person is genuinely curious or is being polite in expressing their opinion, block them.

You’re all awesome and lovely as hell and you deserve all the happiness and good you could possibly get. You don’t deserve to be shamed and bullied for shipping a healthy fictional couple. Please, seriously, block the hell out of them. They shouldn’t be given the time of the day.

Can you help me spread this around? Let’s clean our ship and fandom from toxic trash.

And please, always remember, if you’re having a really tough time and it’s seriously emotionally harming you, please inbox me, I’ll always reply and try to be there for you. We have each other’s backs okay? I got you.

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What is Asian men's secret to aging gracefully? I'm not even joking, brother. My cousin is nearing 36, looking 21. I look older than he does in my mid-20s wtf???? In all seriousness, I love your blog and it's been great following and getting to know you.

Well sib, I think the most clear-cut answer to that is that women are forced to grow up whereas men are allowed to be however way we want. Just look at children’s toys. Girls get kitchen sets, beauty sets, and nursery sets.

What the hell does a 5-year-old girl need a kitchen set for? Why does she need some beauty set when she’s 5? That’s some disgusting pedo shit if you ask me. You got all these disgusting old (white) men marketing make-up sets for 5-year-old girls and shit. And what’s with that nursery stuff? Why does a 5-year-old girl have to take care of a fucking baby toy, when she’s basically still a baby herself???

Then for boys, you get trucks, dinosaurs, building sets and shit. Boys are allowed to be creative, imaginary, and build things for society. It’s like we’re already geared to be successful and to think beyond ourselves. We don’t really need to focus on our looks but rather on our achievements. We can look ugly and disgusting as hell and nobody will care. Don’t even get me started on the “old, ugly disgusting ass man with a young attractive woman” bullshit.

Whereas for girls and women, there are placeholders where they need to focus mostly on their looks and what they can do for someone else. So when girls are young, they need to look older but when women do get older, they need to look young. This kind of double-standard, misogynistic ass expectation over years and years is harmful to all girls, women, and those who identify as such, which eventually affects aging. Now, if you apply all this to us Asian folks and our Asian genes, the effects get amplified by 10 times lmao.

Thanks for the love and I apologize for the mansplaining but you asked and this is just my opinion on the matter lol.

Angry Asian Guy

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god i feel so bad for marshmallowfury. im a popular artist on here so that is one of the things that makes me wake up in a cold sweat at night tbh. shes getting these whiny fakebois posting "shes a terf watch out" all over her other profiles.what purpose does this idiotic call out culture serve? its not trying to talk to her, its just smug teens looking for power. i hope they feel guilty when they grow up. we have males on here drawing rape art, pedo art but they NEVER get called out. sick!

SJWs heads would explode if they knew how many radfems run their favorite fandom blogs. Hell, you know how many aesthetic blogs silently follow me? 

The genderspecial crowd is too toxic for people to risk their online presence to say anything, and that sucks. It sucks lesbians have basically been pushed back into the old days of secrecy. I can’t wait for these kids to grow the fuck up and left to grow a spine, but we’ll all have to deal with the ruin they’ve left behind. 

gamers gonna hate me for this but Valve really needs to put in content filters in their multiplayer games and penalize bad people, like Blizzard does with Overwatch and shit, because you can’t go on to one valve multiplayer game without there being at least one person on a server who profusely uses slurs, makes jokes about sex abuse, will target your profile after a game and start spamming your comments with slurs with his chan buddies, and uses sprays that contain disgusting pedo material like loli shit

EXO Reaction To Finding Out You’re Under Legal Age

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Exo Reaction to finding out your under legal age?? thxs in advance!

*just a note - I am making this where you are seventeen because even with the Maknae, that’s four years difference, which is astronomical at that point in your life.*

Xiumin: what the hell? Am I going to get arrested? We haven’t done the deed yet, but am I going to be arrested? And how could I not even tell you were not legal??????????

Luhan: well that makes some of the feelings I’ve been having incredibly inappropriate. Does this make me a pedo? No, not attracted to people that young…She must just be really mature for her age…?

Kris: Holy moly, please tell me you’re kidding.

You: No.

Kris: Holy shit! *laughs because he feels the very stability of his world shattering and he doesn’t know what else to do* hahahahaha holy crap I am dead.

Suho: This is behavior unbecoming of a leader.

Lay: WHAT? You’re not even 18? What? How did I miss *that*?

Baekhyun: Oh my god, I am going to be deep fried Byun toast when SM learns and the press hears about this! First noonas and now minors…Jesus Christ Byun.

Chen: Oh come on, you cannot be seventeen! You can’t still be in school! Don’t lie!

Chanyeol: *cannot compute. His world is shattering. Too lost to compute*

DO: No, nope, I do not accept this. Nope. This cannot be real.

Tao: Yeah, sure you are and I’m a purple dragon. Don’t be ridiculous. *fully believes you’re kidding when you tell him*

Kai: Whhhhaaaaaaat?

Sehun: What is going on? What is real? What is an illusion? Could I just be a brain in a jar? What? What is life? Is this even real? This can just be an illusion…This doesn’t have to be real…

*today it’s just hard for me to picture them dating a minor. An age gap like that today with the different points you would be at with your lives is just…massive. Later in life age really isn’t an issue because you’re at about the same point in your life but with the difference between a minor and an adult, it just nearly impossible to empathize with each other. I can see them possible dating someone who is a minor today, in a few years…Sorry!*

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Y'know what's the most bizzare thing? Seeing someone who was one of your most active followers suddenly turn into an 🐜👁 and try to make a callout post about you lol One thing that makes me kinda cringe is the fact that part of the reason was because I wouldn't suddenly be their friend/love them back even though I've said many times that I don't like making quick friends, ESPECIALLY through Tumblr. Apparently she was ↓18 so I decided blocked her but apparently that makes me a pedo-apologist.

Originally posted by caitercates

Especially since it looks you you were trying to have appropriate boundaries with a minor- how on earth does “You’re trying to push the boundaries of our friendship too quickly” equal anything inappropriate? 

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hey, love your rickmorty art! welcome to the most sinful of all the ships! :D jsyk, the general rule is don't tag rickmorty as "rick and morty" not only bc triggers, but also bc it brings antis to the shipping side of the fandom, which is bad for all of us (lots of blogs get shut down, which sucks). mostly people tag rickmorty (and c137cest if it's c137). anyway, welcome! your art is gorgeous (non-shipping as well, fucking love your color palette). see you 'round! —sci (riseabovefocusonscience)

dude this ship.. this ship. i just can’t. i think the first thing i ever shipped something remotely close to this was Slade and Robin from TeenTitans. Even then i had freaked out over liking it like “omg does this make me a pedo!?” but then i got over myself like naw, it doesn’t. my ships have gotten worse the older i’ve gotten lol. can u believe there was a time when even simple guy on guy was too “sinful” for me bwahaha

ah you got a point about the tags! also i think i need to edit that post so there is still a preview THEN a read more, just in case any viewers don’t want to see it even if they are of age. I mean i get it lol. there’s ships i don’t like seeing either but i just scroll thru shit

thanks for the kind words, my man. come back any time ~ fufufufu
also, i have a color palette? hunh!

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If you support Otayuri you support a pedo ship.

OMG I’m so happy I finally get to answer one of these awful things! You know, people tend to make a fuss over the two year age gap between Otabek and Yurio. First of all, Viktor and Yuuri have a four year gap, but that wont stop me from shipping it. Also, anyone remember Avatar? Katara and Aang also had a two year age gap, and became romantically involved when Katara was 17 and Aang was 15. Did that mean they stopped when she turned 18? Um, going to assume no, they didn’t. Does that make them a problematic ship? No, they got married and had kids. I also use to ship Buffy with Spike and Buffy with Angel back in the 90s (back when people didn’t take fictional things so seriously), and she was about 15/16 then. And it ended up canon. 



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Hello! Just followed you. I can't help but feel that there is a lot of Yoonmin around, as well. I am not complaining, but like, I watched a lot of Bangtan stuff but never got that coupl-y vibes from them. It is a shame because when I am reading their fanfics, I just can't get into them because I don't remember how they interact. So in order to get more familiar with this couple, can you tell me if there are any compilations of their moments? Thanks :3

Hi there supa-pedo-noona! I suggest checking out blackcoffeex ‘s masterposts for a visual response because she really does make the best compilations. 
But for my own personal opinion, I see nothing but love in Yoongi’s eyes. Me and Yoongz are very alike (often times I tag him as my spirit animal and have mentioned that he’s probably also an INTJ). This and many other factors (Even his own words at interviews) he’s expressed that he’s not good with words and takes a long time to warm up to people. BUT with Jimin, they seemed very close, even predebut. Seeing as Jimin was last to join Bangtan, of all the dongsaengs he knew him the least? yet still they’re pretty close. Yoongi just really loves Jimin and I love Jimin and I love people loving Jimin so yoonmin makes me so happy. Yoongi has mentioned on like 2 separate interviews that he wants to write Jimin a song. Jimin has (jokingly) told Yoongi to “stop coming up to his bed.You tell me, for someone who loves to sleep why would he sacrifice that to spend time with someone on their bed/ inconvenience yourself/them by doing so? He dotes on Jimin in a quiet way and that’s so cute ;u; Another thing that comes to mind is how cute they were supporting each other at ISAC recently. There’s also like on each others birthdays. Jimin has helped Yoongi like two years in a row. Yoongi the first to post for Jimin’s bday like he was waiting for the clock to strike 12. Also Yoongi hates exerting effort and he fucking carried Jimin for his bday. ALSO THE BANGTAN ANNIVERSARY YOONMIN BAKES A CAKE EDITION. LITERALLY EVERY ROOKIE KING EP TOO.  THERE’S SO MUCH I COULD GO ON FOREVER. I can understand when you say that they don’t give off a coupley vibe though. Because they’re a quieter ship? (mostly because yoongi the type) but like. Idk. I like that too. It’s like “those moment we share are only reserved for us.” ;u; I’m a delusional fuck okay. 

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Hey Hawk. Is it okay for me to ship Charisk? Like I know you do an all but my friend thinks it's weird and idk if it's alright. Like. Some validation would be nice you know? Sorry for bothering you.

(I hope tumblr app won’t cut off this answer gdi this is long)
Well, first of all. I don’t understand why you don’t think it’s right? Is it because they are children or because how Chara is perceived in the fandom?
Those are the main arguments I hear from people who don’t support the ship and stuff.
But here is the thing, I ship charisk mostly because
. They are both humans.(sorry Asriel if you were human I’d ship the hell out of you with Frisk and Chara)
. They are basicallly the same age.
. Chara might not be as evil as everyone thinks they are. Sure, in the genocide route they indeed are a demon, but that’s a result of your actions. Evidence shows that they were a confused and drepressed child who didn’t know what to do, you teach them to be a demon. Theories such as Narrator Chara and other speculations makes them a more believable and interesting character.
. I feel some sort of weakness for ships about someone who is really in need of guidance and that the other person is there to help them become a better human being.
. This ship is very dynamic. And it all depends on how you interpret these characters. Frisk and Chara are perfect examples of blank slate characters done right. We know very little about them, but we have a lot of evidence to figure out their personalities, and it is obvious they are their own persona on their own. And timelines..gosh timelines make everything possible. From genocide to neutral and pacifist, their relationship can take different turns. From an abusive relantionship on genocide, a cute couple where for some reason Chara gets a body, or you can even go full angst and make that Frisk can only hear Chara’s voice but they cannot touch them or see them unless they are in their dreams.

As from the“they are children!!!” aspect. People seem to forget that shipping does not only apply in a sexual manner. Many people who ship charisk just find it adorable seeing these two fallen children holding hands and going on cute dates. And the ones who are thirsty sinners age them up for a reason.(cause they might be sinners but not sickos and pedos). Fluff is always the best imo. I really don’t understand why people get offended by this? Luckily I haven’t received this kind of feedback but I know people who did and it just makes me so sad how tumblr works sometimes, getting offended by everything. I come from a fandom where shipping children was just a normal thing, the kids next door fandom, and those who watch the show know very well that some of these ships are even canon(3x4 FTW!!) Heck many tv shows do this, children falling in love is not a big secret and people forget this(do people forget that in avatar Aang is a 12yo kid and Katara 14?)

And then, well there is the thing that you can ship whatever you want :y your friends have thr right to not agree with it but that doesn’t give them the right to"shipshame you" or don’t see why you ship it". A good friend understands your likes and dislikes,if they cannot even stand the fact that you ship two fictional characters…you might need better friends lol cause friendships don’t work like that.

So yeah I hope this helps 8D;

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Again fuck you and your pedo carebears, not only that but shaming other abuse survivors just who does that, fucking making fun of mentally ill people mean while child molesters who have hurt me are walking on the streets, doing it for kicks because they don't have an attraction, they just like taking advantage and feel no remorse. Thats just like you you fucking pedo carebear, no remorse for the harm you do and the people you take advantage of. The people who you can easily target.

I’m confused, when did I ever shame other survivors? And if this is the anon from before who was groomed using carebears, I already said you can do whatever you want to keep from seeing my blog.

And if this is the carebears anon, I know you have strong hatred for carebears, but some people here are survivors who love carebears, it’d be best not to say that they’re pedophiles.

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excuse me I need help I'm just rlly fucking scared right now bc I think I may like kids. I dont want to. I really really dont want to ! I wanna kill myself because pedos shouldn't be allowed to live Happy hahaha ng ,,,, please help me

You’re not a bad person because of something that you didn’t choose. I thought I should die too at first, but this community has helped me with this. Being attracted to kids does not mean you have to hurt them, don’t let anyone tell you different. You can live without offending. You’re still a good person! Having this attraction doesnt make you bad at all.
If you want to you can contact me through the messages, theyre always open. I hope you have a good day!

I think it is so fucked up when someone comments to a child or teenager that they’re going to be “chased by boys/girls when they’re a little older” or that they are or are going to be a little “heartbreaker/player” or that mum and dad are going to have a “hard time keeping the boys/girls away.”

That’s some pedo-ish shit and it freaks me the fuck out. How can you look at a teenager or child and already be thinking about how sexually accessible they’re going to be? You’re obviously ALREADY sexualizing them. It’s fucking gross.

If you overhear someone saying this shit, interrupt them. Make sure they know it’s gross. And then comment on the child or teenager’s kindness, intelligence, sense of humour, athleticism, creativity… ANYTHING to reassure them that the sum of their worth is not about how fuckable the “opposite” gender does or will find them to be. Build up their character and aspirations. Fuck this one track heteronormative pedo thinking. Who gives a fuck about being fuckable/dateable. This should not be a child or teens concern. Our youth deserve better than this. Fuck.

Also keep in mind, while saying these things is a “normal” thing a lot of people do, it’s also something that abusers say. My three childhood sexual abusers said these things to me. Then when I was sexually abused and harassed as a teenager by other people I thought it was normal. Pay close attention to someone’s reaction when you tell them how shitty it is to say this crap to children and teenagers. Keep in mind that they may not just be a person who is reciting a pedo-like thing that is “normal” in our culture and will lead the child or teen to accept these behaviours in the future, but they could very well be a fucking pedo who is grooming a victim.

This shit is important. We need to protect our youth and we need to build them up in the right ways.

Beth and Daryl: 20 years or so age gap. Hold hands. Piggy back. ‘Romantic’ scenes. Hug.

'Daryl is a PEDO if he likes Beth!’
'Beth is so young! Everyone in the group would be disgusted!’
'The thought of Bethyl being cannon makes me UNCOMFORTABLE’

Rosita and Abraham: 20 years or so age gap. No romantic scenes. Sudden, random, some what graphic sex scene between the two. With a man, much older watching.

-no one cares-