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Hello, I was wondering if you could help me. Lately I've come across the healthy/unhealthy personality types. Though I know, that I'm an ENTP, I would like to learn, how you can tell whether they are healthy or not. Would be great if you would explain this. Thanks in advance PS.: I'm not sure, if this is the right place to ask my questions, so correct me if the 'question' section isn't the right one.

It’s the right place. All the mods are pretty chill coz we’re awesome. :)

Unhealthy NTP: never finishes anything or focuses on the details (zero follow through), uses their Fe to manipulate people (you’re soft, and a pansy, and making you fall for my BS is so fun, maybe I can even get you to cry by pointing out how stupid your ideas are!) or intentionally hurt them rather than forge genuine connections or take into consideration people’s feelings.

Healthy NTP: knows which ideas are better than others, in order to focus on bringing them into fruition and either commits to them long-term by selecting a creative partner (Ne/Fe) or giving their ideas away to others who can nail down the details. Is logical but gentle in correcting others, mindful that people’s feelings matter and it’s important for others to genuinely like you in life, in order to get things done (and because it’s the nice thing to do). Realizes they’re prone to hyperbole, short term interests, and exaggeration, and learns to laugh about it, but also acknowledge it and work on fixing it. Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy NFP: never finishes anything or focuses on details (zero follow through), follows their heart without regard for the consequences, using that to justify hurtful behavior (I don’t care what you think, I fell out of love with you, so I can cheat on you all I want, I’ve done nothing wrong, this is who I am, just deal with it or get out), refuses to take blame for their part of the problem, may intentionally offend others, and doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.

Healthy NFP: knows which ideas are better than others and seeks to bring the best ones into the world through healthy engagement of goals, deadlines, and process of elimination (Te). Sets personal deadlines for self, and beats them, in order to stay motivated. Understands what drives them most, slows them down, or angers them, and commits to doing something about it. Learns such things as “tact,” when dealing with others, but also when and where to defy social norms and stand up for oneself (does that really matter? is it worth a fight?). Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy NTJ: becomes obnoxious in pushing their “vision” on others or asserting they know everything (including your motives) while devaluing your feelings or beliefs, often sneers at people who make emotional decisions, and sometimes passive-aggressively attacks people’s ego or intelligence that they do not like (okay, stupid, I’m just going to make you look like an idiot, while correcting every damn thing you say, all day long, until you run away and cry).

Healthy NTJ: has a fair, balanced, and open-minded approach to life, is willing to listen to others’ ideas and offer practical thoughts on them, but is neither arrogant nor pushy about their knowledge, expertise, and logical detachment. Chooses when to correct others with care, and never does so to humiliate, only to educate. Respects others’ feelings even if they personally feel that the other person is making a mistake. Focuses on taking their ideas and goals and making them real. Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy NFJ: total detachment from reality, while stubbornly clinging to the belief that their irrational interpretation is “the truth” (and the ONLY truth) (It DOES make sense, you’re just too stupid to understand it!), and resorting to a “you’re either with us or against us” mentality, which manifests in creating a single universal (sometimes abstract) enemy and trying to recruit others to join their cause against them / you (bad Ni and Fe).

Healthy NFJ: has a fair, balanced, and open-minded approach to life, accepts their interpretation may be unrealistic, but is committed to bringing their ideas and visualizations to life, often by recruiting others to a positive common cause. Uses their understanding of others’ motives to uplift rather than tear down, and becomes a source of compassionate and guiding “wisdom” for friends (I worry about you choosing this path, and here’s why…). Never recruits others in any negative ways against someone who disagrees with them. Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy STP: irresponsible, reckless, and hedonistic, engaging in short-term behaviors that leave a wake of destruction behind (broken marriages, families, and violated responsibilities), often using Fe to manipulate people to get what they want (hey, I’m super hot and I’ve seen you ogling my backside, so I’m going to wear something that accentuates it so you’ll give me what I want in return one of these days; I don’t care how wrong it is) and then dumping them like hotcakes.

Healthy STP: knows life has much to offer and not only enjoys it but helps others loosen up and try new things, but commits to the people, beliefs, and jobs that are most important to them, for the long term. Understands and respects others’ feelings and seeks to connect to them through that, as well as develop their own ability to communicate. Learns the art of tact and when to use it (is it worth correcting this person or does it matter?). Tries to think about the long-term consequences of impulse, before engaging in it. Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy SFP: irresponsible, reckless, and hedonistic, going through jobs and romantic relationships like wildfire, abandoning people every time they get “bored” or feel unattached; justifies this behavior with selfish reasoning (I just don’t love you anymore, so I don’t have to treat you with respect); unable to be counted upon by other people, since they never show up or follow through; refuses to take responsibility through their actions and doesn’t mind offending others for no reason at all.

Healthy SFP: is good at self-entertaining and eager to try new things, and infects others with a similar excitement; is good at pushing people out of their comfort zones and encouraging them to aim high for their dreams. Has a strong sense of personal beliefs, and is willing to commit to other people, and prioritize them in relationships. Knows when it’s appropriate to defy social convention, and when it’s better to dial back the “but this is just who I am!” and chill. Sets personal goals, deadlines, and achievements, and sticks with things, so they have something tangible to show for their time (Te). Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy STJ: refuses to adapt or change even when their world implodes; may try and “force” or “strong-arm” others into their point of view. Has little interest or respect for people’s feelings and doesn’t mind crushing them on their way to success, but may also play the role of a martyr in the process (since NO ONE ELSE IS RESPONSIBLE AROUND HERE, I HAVE TO DO IT). May become irrational or paranoid with lower Ne, and turn into a pessimist.

Healthy STJ: uses their extensive past experience to figure out what will and won’t work when dealing with life and problems, but is also open to new ideas, trying out new things, and experiencing what “lies beneath the surface” (Ne). Tries not to shut down ideas until they have considered them. Is practical, efficient, and logical, but also respects people’s feelings and doesn’t intentionally try to hurt, shame, or control them. Becomes able to share what they need emotionally with others, rather than playing a martyr (I would like it if you would take the trash out; since I’m doing this other thing, it seems fair, and it would make me happy). Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes.

Unhealthy SFJ: refuses to change or adapt, while clinging stubbornly to their idea of “how things were,” while struggling to control their emotions; may resort to being “fake” in order to manipulate others, to “us vs them” thinking and overt moralizing (if you don’t agree with us, you’d better change your mind or face the consequences, because we can’t let you hold such a wrong point of view and will punish you for it).

Healthy SFJ: uses the past to form impressions about people and situations, but changes those perceptions based on new experience; is open to new ideas and beliefs, and willing to look beneath the surface (Ne), with the aim of making those things “useful and tangible” in the real world (how can this idea apply to life and improve our situation?). Learns the art of “polite affirming correction,” which helps others become better, while not shaming, humiliating, or insulting them for their behavior. Aware not everyone needs to agree, and comfortable with those who don’t; never recruits anyone against anyone else, or adopts a mentality of “let’s get that person, together.” Takes personal responsibility for their mistakes. 

- ENFP Mod

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+And here is where come my new request(?) I would like to see Shiro angry, maybe at the camp someone's still saying things about Keith or does something that makes Keith feel bad and Shiro losts his pacience and face all in the camp? Other way, they're facing strong criatures and one of them manages to hurt Keith pretty bad and Shiro losts control and shows how powerfull he is?! * I'm excited about this * I'm Dei by the way(?) Last thing, you're such an awesome person<3)

[Voltron PJO AU] Shiro was walking towards the Big House to discuss some things with Coran when he spotted Keith leaving the place. Delighted to see his boyfriend, he jogged up to meet the son of Hades.

“Keith!” Shiro greeted, giving Keith a kiss on the cheek and enveloping him into a hug that could’ve probably crushed someone’s bone.

“Oh, hey,” Keith smiled weakly. “I… I have to go help Hunk with something.” He separated himself from Shiro, pushing him away.

As Keith was about to leave, Shiro quickly grabbed his hands and asked, “You’re still up for later by the beach?”

“Yeah,” Keith slowly said.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then?” Shiro gave Keith’s hand a gentle squeeze before the younger one left him.

Something was wrong with Keith and Shiro didn’t like seeing how it affected him. He’d have to find out what was troubling his best friend after his meeting with Coran. Inside there was Pidge and Allura and their meeting began. As soon as they were heading out, Shiro pulled Pidge to the side to ask her if she knew anything about what happened to Keith when he was inside the Big House.

“They are scared of him,” Allura answered instead, clearly hearing Shiro’s question.

“What do you mean? Is this still about his Dad coming here—”

“You know what he could do, Shiro. He’s too powerful, he obliterated a group of chimeras all in one go. A lot of demigods believed he was the one who ripped your arm off.” Allura explained.

“What?! That’s not true!” Shiro protested and he felt Pidge squeeze his arm to calm him down. “Keith’s wasn’t the one who—”

“Shiro, we know,” Pidge reassured him. “We know that, but the others wouldn’t believe it, especially since they know what Keith’s capable of. It’s easy for them to believe he was ruthless enough to take your arm. A rumour was spreading that he did that because you were breaking up with him.”

Shiro blinked in disbelief. “What? That’s so messed up! We’re still together and,” his shoulders sagged down as he looked down on the floor with a sad expression. “I would never break up with Keith, I love him too much to do that.”

Pidge blushed and cleared her throat. “Gods, you guys are so sappy. Keith said the same thing a while ago.” She nudged Shiro, “why don’t you go and find him now, lover boy. He’s probably being emo somewhere.” 

Shiro left them and he wandered around looking for Keith. He wasn’t in his usual spots, so Shiro only thought of one place. He flew up and spotted a boy with raven black hair, sitting on the rock by the beach. His smile grew and he flew towards the brooding boy who probably might be in need of a hug.

“A son of Hermes said that the reason you’re only with me was because I’m too clingy and I forced you to be my boyfriend because either you become my lover or you die,” Keith said as soon as Shiro floated beside him, not even looking at the newcomer. 

Shiro frowned and as soon as his foot touched the rock Keith was sitting on, his best friend continued, “A daughter of Aphrodite said I was too ugly to be with the handsome son of Zeus and that you were wasting your time with me because I refuse to do it with you.”

Shiro understood why Keith and him didn’t have that conversation. Keith just wasn’t into that ever since and Shiro respected that. He would never force Keith to do something he wasn’t comfortable with.

“Keith,” Shiro softly said, sitting down beside his boyfriend.

“I don’t care if they’re scared of what I can do, Shiro. I can’t help that. Dad gave those powers to me.” Keith said with his eyebrows knit. Then he pulled his legs closer to his chest and rest both his hands on top of his knees to hide his face as he softly whispered, “But I care enough to actually feel hurt knowing that the others don’t feel like I’m worthy to be with you.”

“Keith,” Shiro placed a hand on the boy’s back and caressed it. “You kn—”

“I know I’m not the most handsome boy out there,” Keith scoffed. “But being scrutinised about my looks, not taking into account how I fee—”

Their conversation got cut off when screams filled the air and Shiro looked up to see a dragon with many heads like the Hydra. It was the dragon, Ladon. And honestly? Shiro was just annoyed that they had to stop just because someone decided to drop in. Keith and Shiro looked at each other and Keith grabbed Shiro’s hand to shadow travel them near the ancient monster. The demigods tried to fight, not seeing any progress until the big three joined.

“Where’s Lance?” Keith shouted, eyes wandering trying to find the son of Poseidon until he found him near the tree beside Hunk. He looked at Shiro who nodded and flew them towards their friends.

“I want you to try and drown the dragon as long as you can, while Keith and I try to do what we can. Hunk, keep it distracted.” Shiro shouted orders. They got into work but so far nothing was working, it wasn’t until one of the dragon heads caught Keith by its mouth, crushing the son of Hades’ body in the process that Shiro could see blood spreading throughout his shirt.

Now Shiro was pissed. He clenched his fist as he flew in the air, dark stormy clouds surrounding him that might have alarmed the others but he didn’t care. Keith was hurt and Shiro wasn’t going to let that go. His whole body gathered sparks as he flew towards the dragon and sliced through one of its neck that held onto Keith. Immediately Hunk was there below to catch the son of Hades as the son of Zeus gathered all the lightning that he could, forming a really huge thunderbolt that could rival his own father’s. He threw it towards the dragon.

“Lance! Now!” Shiro shouted as Lance directed the water from the beach towards the creature, electrocuting it. 

Shiro wasn’t thinking clearly, he only had one thought in mind and that was to kill the creature that hurt Keith. So he threw more thunderbolts for each of the heads, and then clasping both of his hands together, he aimed at the dragon’s body and surged to it the highest voltage he could muster for what felt like an eternity—bright light temporary blinding a lot of demigods except for him—until he could see the the dragon slowly weakening, giving it one final blow causing it to disintegrate, blasting off a shock of energy towards the entire camp like what Keith had done to the chimeras. That should’ve made him weak considering he hadn’t known he could do that, but for some reason, he had too much energy left in him that he quickly flew towards where Keith was.

“Keith!” Shiro breathed out as he landed beside the body of his lover. He lowered his forehead to touch Keith’s, unaware that it electrocuted Keith—just a little—until Keith opened his eyes in shock.

“Oh gods! I’m sorry!” Shiro stared in horror, finally seeing he was still emitting some lightning sparks from his body.  “I… I don’t know how to turn it off?”

“Wow,” Keith coughed out weakly, giving him a smile. “Sparky.”

Shiro laughed, then he noticed the other campers stare at them in horror, still unable to comprehend what they had witnessed, some backing off. “Now that makes the two of us very dangerous. We’re The Power Couple.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Keith whispered as he closed his eyes with a smile as Shiro carried him towards the infirmary. 

5 | Red Skies

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Birds chirping in perfect harmony outside the window woke you from your slumber, the first good nights rest you’d had in days. Sitting up in bed you smiled to yourself brightly at your surroundings. The bedroom was duck egg blue, adorned with white frills and embellishments, it was cute, positive and had character. Nancy had sorted some clothes for you, rummaging through the back you found a black turtleneck jumper in your size, with the tags still on, and a pair of black skinny jeans. After showering you tied your damp hair up into a high ponytail and got dressed. Feeling strangely optimistic you headed downstairs to find Jimin on the sofa.

He sat with his back to you as he looked out of the window, silently enjoying the wonderful view.
“I noticed there’s some stuff in the fridge so, eggs or bacon?” You asked Jimin as you walked past him and into the small cottage like kitchen.

“I’m super hungry, can’t we have both?” He called out after you, earning a small sincere smile to dance across your lips.

“Sure.” You chuckled as you got everything you needed out of the fridge and started to make breakfast.

Once the food was cooked, Jimin set the table and poured you both a glass of orange juice, sitting down at the table in front of the large bay window. The view from the table was beautiful, there was a small green park that overlooked a little pond complete with ducks and fishes. Happy children played amongst each other as their parents kept an eye on them from the side benches. Remembering the houses former owner your heart weighed heavy in your chest, Namjoon probably decided on the area because of the park and pond, if he and his mate were considering starting a family.

“What’s wrong?” Jimin asked as he wolfed down enough bacon sandwiches to feed a large family.

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Hey babe~ (do I sound like Zen lol) could you do a HC with a MC that is really sensitive. For example, get a way too excited when they get little gifts like a book or bubble tea. Yet, even the slightest thing wrong can make them get really depressed. You can see that I'm not a stable human being. I become gullible just by the smallest acts of kindness and literally started crying today because someone broke my eraser in half. I'm a high schooler so I obviously have issues...

(sorry for the screaming I got excited that I’m not the only person like this,,,,)

-You’re both just a couple of sensitive puppies.
-If one of you is upset, the other is upset.
-You guys are a mess.
-But in the nicest way possible.
-You both understand each other so well because you’re so similar with your emotions.
-You can also bet Yoosung will be right with you getting excited over bubble tea.
-You both get hyped over every little thing, it’s invigorating to have someone to scream and freak out with.
-You gets very protective when he sees you crying. Even if you try to pass it off as not a big deal, it’s a big deal to him.
-Someone made you cry and that’s not okay.
-He’ll make things right, sometimes meaning he gets whoever did it to apologize, sometimes they refuse.
-When you get depressed, so does he. He likes to hold you to make you feel better, but if you don’t like that, he talks about other things to distract you, and hopefully makes you laugh.
-It always works.
-He’s worried about how you can be so gullible to nice things people do for you and keeps an eye on everyone that is being too friendly. If they do anything he doesn’t trust, he intervenes. It’s not so controlling to the point of over protection and manipulation, he steps off when you tell him to. He’s just keeping an eye out for you.

-So. Cute.
-Cannot. PROCESS.
-Because you get so excited, you are like the biggest cheerleader for his acting.
-He gets a new role, you are buzzing with excitement. You ramble about how amazing and talented your boyfriend is as you jump and clap in excitement.
-Really feeding his ego, aren’t ya?
-But, he hates when you cry or you get depressed.
-He always panics, no matter what it is.
-He doesn’t care if it’s something small. He always takes it seriously.
-Your emotions are valid. He really stresses that if you ever feel like a wimp for crying over things.
-In his eyes, tears = upset, and it’s his job to fix whatever it is.
-You can’t be so gullible to kindness _____ the wolves are gonna get you~
-He is secretly extremely nervous about you trusting people so easily because the wolves. He’s scared of someone taking advantage of you and you not realizing it until it’s too late. It might even keep him awake at night occasionally. You can bet that anyone who takes advantage of you will be fought.
-When you’re depressed, he’ll take you out somewhere to get fresh air and clear your head, while also giving you reassuring words and joking around in hopes to cheer you up.

-She gets very flustered every time you cry.
-She can be such a mom about it.
-You have no idea how many tissues she keeps in her purse at all times.
-She sees you tearing up and frantically rustles through her purse for tissues.
-But she loves how excited you can get.
-You can imagine the amount of fangirling you do together.
-It makes giving you special little gifts “just because” even more rewarding because even if it’s just a new book you can’t stop smiling and thanking her.
-She loves making you happy like that.
-She’s learned a thing or two about relaxing since she stopped working for Jumin, so she is able to calm you down when you start crying.
-She gives you little presents when you get depressed since you get so happy over even the smallest thing.
-It never fails.
-She isn’t too worried about your trust in everyone that is kind to you. She finds it nice that you see everyone with such an open mind, like you see everyone as good.
-She’ll know when to keep you in check, though, if a bad person tries to take advantage of you. If anyone were to take advantage of you, they’d definitely hear from Jaehee.

-You’re very emotional and he’s very emotionless (well, on the outside)
-He’s very good at keeping you out of stressful or overwhelming situations somehow.
-It’s like he has a sixth sense that tells him when you’re getting upset.
-He can sense your distress from a mile away.
-So you have nothing to worry about.
-He can tell when you’re getting upset and he will immediately take you away from whatever is bothering you and calm you down.
-He wipes your tears gently off your cheeks and kisses where they used to be.
-You’re going to have to work even harder to keep him from spoiling you after he sees how excited you get over the smallest of gifts.
-He loves putting a smile on your face, so he will buy you little presents everyday if you don’t stop him.
-He eventually realizes the gifts are more special if they aren’t an everyday thing.
-Overall, he is very good at handling your emotions for you.
-Lots of supervision when he realizes how easily you trust others. You have such a pure innocent soul it kind of worries him. You could easily be taken advantage of, but he will never let that happen.

-He doesn’t tease you nearly as much when he finds out how sensitive you are because he would hate himself if he made you cry.
-When you do cry, he tears up too. He’s really sensitive to your emotions.
-Anything that makes you cry is valid to him. He won’t judge you for crying over spilt milk because if it’s making you cry, it means it’s stressing and upsetting you, which is not okay.
-You got along with Seven at first because when either of you were excited, it rubbed off on the other, and he always entered the chatroom energetically.
-Even now, as Saeyoung, he is still affected by how excitable you are.
-He feels like his old self again because of you and your positivity.
-Because of that, when you get depressed, it’s like his world is dark.
-He does everything he can to make you feel better.
-Expect lots of bubble tea.
-It’s no wonder you fell for Unknown, you’re so gullible, which is worrying. He is very protective of you because of that. If he gets suspicious of someone, he voices his concerns. Thankfully, because of him, nobody takes advantage of you.

-You don’t have to worry because V never does anything that could make you cry. He’s so gentle and considerate, you have nothing to worry about.
-Also, anytime you do cry, he manages to cheer you up and calm you down perfectly.
-When you get depressed, he’ll ask you to read him a story. That way, you can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you.
-It usually works. If it doesn’t, he’ll give you reassuring words. They never feel like empty words either because you know V in sincere.
-Whenever you get excited over little things like books and bubble tea, he just stares at you with the most peaceful, lovestruck smile.
-A “that’s my beautiful wonderful other half wow i love them and they’re all mine” smile
-The excitement makes his life so much brighter than it used to be.
-So I guess you can say you’re his light.
-He’s very trusting of people also, but he’s cautious after what happened to Rika. He doesn’t trust new people like he used to, especially people around you. He acts like nothing is wrong, but he observes everyone that gets close to you. He calms down soon enough, he just doesn’t want to lose his light. He’s paranoid.

-If anyone ever makes you cry, they are immediately on his bad side.
-“I want them to die.”
-“Saeran, it’s okay. They just broke my eraser.”
-“Your point?”
-He hates seeing you in tears, but he loves when you get all excited over something he sees as minuscule.
-Like he’ll offer you the last of his food when he’s done eating and you get so happy. Or sometimes when he asks if you want to go out on a date you become ecstatic.
-It’s refreshing having such unconfined positivity buzzing next to him all day.
-It makes it even more sad when you’re upset because he’d rather see you smiling over bubble tea than crying.
-Even if it’s something small, he is very concerned. You being sad makes him sad, so when you get depressed, he hates it.
-He’s not good at finding the right words, but he never leaves your side when you’re sad, no matter how long it is.
-It shows how much he truly loves you and how concerned he is for you.
-He doesn’t trust people at all, and you’re overly trusting. You balance each other out. Nobody will dare take advantage of you when they know Saeran is with you because if anyone were to do something to you, it would be the last thing they did.


I am so excited!!! This little book (well, 264 pages) has been about 9 months in the making, and it’s finally done. Good grief.

Basically, many of my friends at my undergrad university did Creative Writing with me, and for our final project we had to write a 6k word short story and 2k critical commentary - which, by the way, as someone who has done a Master’s since and written a 20k thesis, was just as hard as writing a standard dissertation. As a surprise to everyone, I sneakily got copies of everyone’s short stories by pretending I just wanted to read them and compare them to mine, and I made them all into an anthology, which I gave to everyone at graduation. It was a really fun project to work on, even though it took ages to proof read the entire thing and design the cover and cry over Word formatting. We called ourselves the Come Along Collective because ‘come along’ was kind of a catchphrase of ours and ‘collective’ sounded professional and artistic. Sue us, we had degrees in this shit.

In June last year, about 3 years after we graduated, we met up (a pretty big deal, seeing as one of us now lives in the US!) and decided to do another anthology. Without the immediate option of including our conveniently timed university dissertation equivalents, we agreed that it would be really fun if we all wrote a short story of between 4-15k words - this is actually why I wrote Here, the World Entire, which appears in this anthology in a slightly shorter form! Since I made that first anthology back in 2013 our friendship group has changed a little, and so one contributor to the first anthology isn’t in this one and we have a new contributor, but that’s OK; it kind of charts the progression of everyone’s experiences since university.

So, over the past 9 months or so, we all wrote a story each, and everyone put their all into their stories, despite being 23-25 now and not having the luxury of time that we used to have, and honestly, the stories are amazing. There’s not a single one in there that I wouldn’t read in a literary magazine. One person didn’t do Creative Writing and was really worried about their story not matching up to the others, but it absolutely does. I did a little cry when I read it because it was so good and the writer didn’t think it was (I think they are now aware that they are actually super talented and should definitely write more). That was one of the reasons I’m so happy to have this physical copy as proof that it’s done, and people who thought they couldn’t do it did do it, and they did it fabulously, because every single person wrote something phenomenal.

There was one person in the group who wasn’t able to write anything because they had a lot going on in their life, and so the rest of us prepared a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE, complete with a secret Facebook group chat (which was literally titled THE ONE THAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP SECRET) in which we collaborated and wrote a story for her instead so that she would still have a story in the anthology. One person wrote a section, then handed it to the next person, and so on. It turned out to be an absolutely hilarious story involving Emily Blunt as an evil sorceress, Jez and Mark from Peep Show as couriers, and our old landlord as an arch villain. It’s pretty rad, not going to lie. That person still gets their name on the cover because the story wouldn’t have been written without them; we basically tried our best to put that person’s personality into a narrative, and that’s why it’s so weird. They are weird, is what I’m saying.

This whole thing was a massive labour of love for all of us. I was literally proof reading it on lunch breaks, and taking graphic design assignments at work so that I could practice for when I made the cover (which I think looks snazzy, if endearingly off-kilter). Everyone was hugely supportive of one another, giving each other prompts and feedback whenever anyone got stuck, and it was such a fantastic experience to make it from start to finish. I’m so, so proud of the end product, and I’m excited to see what our next one will look like!

I have also prepared a super secret special surprise of my own for everyone within this anthology, which I won’t disclose here just in case any of them happen upon this post. It’s rad, though. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

This isn’t available for commercial purchase or anything like that, but it’s a personal project that’s been taking up a lot of my time lately (in a good way!) and it’ll be kind of sad not to have this to work towards. Still, onto the next thing!


* = smut


Catch Fire (Luke Hemmings fanfiction)*
When a one-night stand turns two-night stands turns friends-with-benefits turns…well good question or when youtube singer Lou met and somehow ended up hooking up with her celebrity crush, this is not what she expected would happen

Daylight (Highschool!Calum AU)*:

“I loved a challenge. And breaking a heartbreaker’s heart? Well, that was interesting…” or when Luke’s best friend moves to Australia, she makes a vow to take revenge on Calum Hood, the school’s bad boy, for having broken so many hearts



If you don’t know:
a bad break-up from Michael’s POV based on the song

Michelangelo, really?:
your roommate has a hookup over so you decide to meet your neighbor and ask for a place to sleep

so maybe Mike and you both have an obsession with winning, so what?

Whiskey on the rocks:
someone slaps your butt and you turn around to see Michael Clifford behind you???

Walks of shame AU:
you meet him while doing your walk of shame

a few stolen moments with your inspiration Michael

There’s no way that we can rewind:
you fucked up and everything hurts

Priorities AU / Part 2Part 3:
Fratboy!Michael can’t figure out his priorities

You’re it for me:
Michael and you get into an argument because you won’t let him meet your strict parents and he thinks you might be ashamed of him

Just one little problem AU:
Calum is a great roommate…the only problem is his best friend

A daydream away:
your best friend sympathizes a bit too much with the boys you date

Silence makes you an accomplice:
two band members prepare a prank

PR teams are a painPart 2Part 3:
you were already having a bad day, and then you found out you had to PR date the one celebrity you hate the most…..yay?

Dirty laundry looks good on you:
you think Michael deserves better than the mess you are…he kindly disagrees

Step by step
getting over your ex isn’t very easy

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Happy Stoniversary

by Loyalty2WayStreet

Summary:  Every year, Harvey and Mike indulge in a little tradition. Each year they skirt closer and closer to that invisible line. What happens when they finally cross it?  (Explicit)

Find it on AO3 here.

                                                      5+1 Things

1.  2012

Three things happen when Harvey Specter gets stoned; he loses his inhibitions, becomes very touchy feely and lastly, he gets super horny.  As a rule, he doesn’t get stoned.  But Harvey trusts Mike, and the kids Grammy just died, so he lights the damn joint and smokes up, in a show of support.

Mike has a colourful history with weed, so when he gets stoned, he still gets high, still gets horny and giggles his ass off and maybe gets a little clumsy, but because of his eidetic memory, he can mostly still function as an average human.

It’s Harvey that brings up pissing in somebody’s office, and Mike is delighted.  Stoned Harvey is life, and Mike can’t get enough of him, he thinks this might have been what Harvey was like back in college because he looks and acts so boyishly, a broad grin lighting up his face.  They come up with a plan of attack on Hardman, and Mike volunteers to down the Gatorade.

On their way to the firm, Harvey pulls and pushes Mike around like he’s a toddler, he even reaches across in the cab and fastens his seatbelt.  Mike thinks it’s weird and it must show on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Harvey asks, eyebrows drawn together in confusion.

“Nothing really, you’re just super tactile and very DIY when you’re stoned,” he answered, watching Harvey closely.

Harvey started laughing, and those four perfect creases at the corner of each eye that Mike loves, appear.

“You’re right, that’s pretty much my M.O. when I’m high,” he replied, as he reached over and ruffled Mike’s hair.

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talkngfishbone  asked:

Hey Phoe! I just wanted to tell you that I've read all your autistic headcanons and I've been excited like a fool with each of them? What's more, I had to share them with my bff here because they are so wonderful? You took me to another world! (and I'm not exaggerating), so I humbly dare to ask if you have some for Jason? I hope you don't feel this like a lawsuit! Anyway, I will not bother you any more and wish you a wonderful start to the week! (':

*finger guns*

  • this works because jason’s backstory is literally a goddamn mystery lmao
  • jason always organizes his room the same way, and he won’t be able to properly sleep/live in it until he has time to organize it. he’s had to grow pretty flexible since he’s on so many quests and stuff, but like cabin one at camp half-blood was totally unknowingly rearranged into as close a fit as he could get it to his room at camp jupiter (beds on one side, personal objects in specific places, clothes stored in a certain way, etc etc)
  • jason has cultivated a model image of himself as a leader at camp jupiter, and understandably finds himself falling back on the same routines/pattern of behavior (even without a memory. i rlly think Autistic Behavioral Patterns go deeper than memory bc u sorta like…absorb them into ur personality u know what i mean?)
  • people tend to think he’s too “straight laced” or uptight or whatever (this is canon piper says this) but in actuality he just genuinely never learned how to. hang out
  • i rlly feel very strongly about jason being sort of socially awkward and just genuinely having very little interpersonal skills at making small talk and like talking about topics that are. not about the end of the world lmao
  • like he’s a totally different person in casual conversation than he is when the world is ending 
  • learning to be a leader is endlessly frustrating to him bc he knows he’s strange and skittish and quiet and that’s not the sort of person people look up to…how is he meant to be the Model Child of Jupiter?
  • (ableism warning for this bullet) people assume his autistic traits are just a side effect of being dumped in the woods with wolves. he’s nonverbal as a child, and has very rigid body posture. so people just sorta go “oookay guess he’s a little…feral or something” (fun fact !!! that’s what real people used to think about disordered, disabled, and neurodivergent children :))) they’d be like “this kid is weird guess the fairies stole our baby and dropped this thing in it’s place” which is. horrifying)
  • i have got to give jason some sort of positive role models here because the honest to god thought that he never had ANYONE before chb is just. very sad (not that cj wasn’t bad for jason in general but like come ON pls just let this abandoned toddler have SOME shred of happiness in his life)
  • anyway the praetors who were praetors before jason and reyna took over become a very stable presence in his life. he models his behavior from watching them. he studies them closely and asks them as many questions as he needs, and they’re both lovely and very willing to answer.
  • also he goes to elementary school in new rome and the teachers are pretty much all neurodivergent themselves and very used to working with neurodivergent kids, so they’re very helpful.
  • his teachers don’t try and force him to talk and they make those cool little stim jars in arts and crafts and jason. still has it to this day.
  • after the war reyna gets it from his room and sends it over to camp half-blood with nico and jason has never felt so happy and Understood it’s probably the kindest gesture he can remember someone ever doing for him wow
  • nico grunts “i see why you like it so much” while he sticks it out for jason to take and jason feels quite validated and inexplicably happy to have his stim Approved by nico lmao
  • (cue jason being like “I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE ONE!!!! we’ll make a black one for you. with skulls in it. and myth-o-magic figures!!!!”. and nico rolls his eyes but. they do institute stim jars for a new arts and crafts activity at chb and nico makes. many)
  • jason’s nonverbalness is sort of selective like sometimes it’ll happen when he’s very stressed out but he’s mostly verbal all the time. as a child though he was sort of selectively mute (like, had rules for where he would talk and where he wouldn’t…this isn’t particularly the autistic brand of nonverbalness, selective mutism is it’s own thing, but idk that’s what i was like as a toddler so whatever i’m projecting)
  • anyway he doesn’t talk in the school building but he’ll talk with people he considers friends and in his bunk in the cohort, and as an older kid and a teenager he’s mostly completely verbal
  • he does the monotone hum as a kid when he’s happy but the kids in his bunk/cohort/wherever-the-fuck-he-lived-for-most-of-his-life are always complaining about how annoying it is and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it until they tell him to stop
  • so he eventually sheds that habit, but then he hears reyna doing it and feels super happy and at home even if he’s not really much of a hummer himself anymore
  • he barely ever has meltdowns, and if he does have one, it’s usually in that confusing weird limbo where ur like this might have been a meltdown but i still feel in control of myself so it’s a meltdown but not A Meltdown.
  • deffffinitely though there are certain scrape-y noises that make him crazy and he feels those bad tingles all up his arm and his neck and ugh ugh ugh and then he starts doing the super rigid posture clenched teeth squeezed shut eyes thing if he can’t get away from it
  • he hate s people chewing hates hates hates people chewing
  • also he can’t eat cereal. he can’t eat cereal and he really cannot watch people eat cereal.
  • he can’t eat cold things in general like. it either has to be cold enough to be freezing, like ice in a drink or ice cream, or it has to be room temperature. even if it’s meant to be served cold it absolutely must be room temperature or he’s not gonna have a real fun time eating it.
  • has lifelong rigid posture…he starts getting teased about how straight he stands so he tries to slouch but when he feels like he’s slouching he actually doesn’t look like he’s slouching lol
  • definitely a super physical stimmer. especially when he’s happy or feeling good he’s gotta pound it out. he’ll get like bursts of energy where he has to like sprint somewhere or something. he’s totally in his element when he’s training.
  • and he usually has music blaring in his headphones while he’s doing this so he scares people whizzing past like a bullet with loud music lmao

anyway halfway through this stopped being tailored to his character and just became “which of my traits have i not projected yet” but OH WELL at least it’s authentic thanks for asking lol

4x04 Personal Highlights

So I know that there has been a lot of negativity surrounding this past episode, but I would like to point out that it was far from being all bad and I would say it was a hell of a lot better than episode four from LAST season (aka. my least favourite episode of this show, ever) there was actually some good shit buried in this episode that I would like to address.

Never too much positivity, right fam?

Okay, I’ll get to it.

1. “Bellamy should be back by now.”

I mean, it’s self-explanatory. Even the C/exa queen is writing us some Bellarke shit .. hmm, I wonder why? Maybe cause she has to? Maybe cause Bellarke is becoming canon? Huh, weird.

2. Monty being a total babe and trying to comfort Clarke

It only serves to make the absence of his name on The List that much more painful, but I love seeing Monty trying to cheer Clarke up. He’s such a beacon of light. @the-ships-to-rule-them-all and @abazethe100 talked on their podcast about how its not just Monty’s brain and skills that make him invaluable, but who he is at his core - a source of optimism and support. He holds people together. I thought it was worth mentioning because @theskyboxpodcast is always good, but I especially loved that bit.

3. Devon’s acting

The writers truly could not have picked a better actor to play Jasper. He kills it, over and over and over again. Devon is the perfect mix of humour and tragedy that makes Jasper so heartbreaking and unique. He brings life to this character in a way that few actors could. That scene in the rain perfectly demonstrates this.

(UNRELATED: I’d love to see how Jaha was managing out on that lake when he heard about the acid fog. The possibilities are never-endingly humourous.)

4. Kane calling out Octavia

This scene was soooo validating because its the first time that Octavia’s actions have TRULY been called out. And it wasn’t just a brief call-out, it was an entire lengthy scene dedicated to why Octavia’s actions are NOT being supported by the narrative and are NOT right or honourable. 

“A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”


And to those of you who were screaming about Octavia never dealing with the consequences of her actions after … what? 4x02? YOU COULDN’T WAIT TWO EPISODES??? WHY DO YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS WHY DO YOU TORTURE YOURSELVES? Short rant concluded. This was a top-knotch scene. 


She is so gorgeous and her voice is so soothing. She makes every episode better just be existing.



7. Jackson being a total babe and helping out Raven this episode/showing compassion and concern

So I’ve seen people shipping it and I am … oddly, not opposed??? I mean, he’s sweet and that banter was nice and he’s a doctor which means he’s probs smart and also can help her out with her pain (kinda) and it will never happen but I CAN DREAM OKAY? 

Also, Jackson is Jackson’s only name. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. You will never hear me referring to Jackson by any other name. #dealwithit

8. “Save us all” sounds like “keep us all clean” in Trigadesleng because apparently Grounders know their priorities

I guess this explains why L.exa had that deep conditioned shit last season while Clarke was progressing through her slow but steady evolution into a dirty mop

9. “I’ve never met a line I wouldn’t cross.”

Richard you get the best lines. And you slay them every time.


I’M SO EXCITED. Lindsey and Richard are both a thrill to watch and they’re both so sassy and their history is just … WOW. They haven’t had many scenes together ever since that KILLER scene in the dropship where we learned Murphy’s backstory which is a total crime because THEIR CHEMISTRY SERIOUSLY FLIES THROUGH THE ROOF.

I do think Murphy was trying to get on Raven’s good side when he grabbed her and helped her to safety and it was definitely for his personal motives, but I do also believe that a large part of him wanted to do it as an attempt to make up for fucking up her life so bad as well. It’s such an interesting dynamic to watch.

Just want to clarify that I don’t ship it because … y’all he literally shot her and paralyzed her why do you do this?? But I definitely want to see more of them on my TV screen

11. Dad!Kane cupping his son’s face

Need I say more?

12. “Warriors don’t reveal their secrets.”


13. Ice Nation is SO much more interesting than Trikru


14. “Remember that time we welded your dad’s furniture to the ceiling? Now THAT was a prank.”



15. “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives and dies.”

Hmm … that’s an interesting line. Almost like it might be … I don’t know … A major theme of the show or something?

Also A++ delivery Devon. Kudos.

16. This show is SO GOOD with moral dilemmas

They truly do bring their A-Game every season. The List is just one example of these so-called moral dilemmas. There truly is no right choice. Clarke was pragmatic, everything she did made SENSE. But was it moral? Was it humane? That’s another story, and it’s one these writers are not afraid to tell.

17. Monty and Clarke’s interactions are all so on point

“You’re the one going too far and using the same old justification: it’s all for my people.”


Monty is spilling the tea this episode and while I understand Clarke’s mindset and sympathize with her for dealing with the pressure on her shoulders, everything that Monty said in this scene was absolutely 100% true, and it’s going to come into play in Clarke’s character arc this season, I am sure.

18. Raven’s struggle with her leg is so real

Kim perfectly captured the struggles that Raven has to deal with and how her leg, while limits her physical ability, certainly does not limit her determination, her skill, and her brain. 

19. “What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we’re more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it’s a lie.”

I love this line so much. This episode encapsulates so many themes and big ideas of the show (and it grapples with morality in hugeeeee ways) and I’m loving it.

20. “You’re not a prisoner, Luna. You have a choice.”

Raven putting her gun down and saying this to Luna is SO important, especially when you think about how Clarke tried to force the flame on her in 3x14. Free will was a major theme last year and I’m glad to see it paying off now.

21. Jaha swooping in and stealing that crowd

Listen. I know that there are many conflicted opinions on Jaha and I know that lot of people hate him. But I have never been more intrigued. His story this season is sooo interesting. I have no idea what to expect from him. I feel as though he is so disconnected from the other characters at this point in the narrative that he’s a complete wild card. Do I trust him or not? Should I? What are his motives? What knowledge does he have that the other characters don’t?

He’s so fascinating to me in that he is completely unpredictable. His story this season could break off in just about any direction. 

This scene was really fun to watch. Clearly, Jaha’s years of being a Chancellor comes in handy with a crowd. He knows what to do, what to say, to sway them. It reminds me of Bellamy, in a way, actually. Say what you will about Jaha, but he has a way with words and he knows how to inspire people. I can’t wait to see how this goes. 

(I totally think that lottery is bullshit and I think that Jaha realizes this, but he’s manipulating the crowd. We’ll see how this blows up in our faces later.)

“The people need to feel like they have a say in their fate.”

Another interesting line that I enjoyed. Just wanted to point it out.

22. “It’s the only choice you gave yourself. If you think you have the best idea, you have to convince people, not lie to them. Or lock them up.”

So choices and free will and truth and morality are all big focusses of this episode. People seem to overlook how much great thematic stuff is in 4x04 but there’s a lot and it’s great.

23. Becca’s lab is bomb AF


25. “Take me home.” 


anonymous asked:

Hi! I feel really bad about this since you just talked about people not demanding that fic writers write things so I'm going to do my best to be polite. I just saw the live-action beauty and the beast and with all the wonderful aus that you've written I would LOVE to see you write a beauty and the beast au for e/R! It just fits so perfectly. Anyway thank you for all that you've written I love all your fics so much and I hope you have a good day! 😘😘

First and foremost, this is absolutely the type of polite ask that you don’t need to feel bad for asking, so no need to feel bad, Nonny!

Secondly, I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast last night and while I have thoughts™, now is not the time to share them (save to say that I loved it). As for an E/R Beauty and the Beast AU, it is indeed on the surface a tale made for E/R, which is why it’s perhaps not surprising that it’s been done before.

Not that that’s ever stopped me, mind, but it does mean that if I were to write a Beauty and the Beast AU, it’d have to be a different take on it than what’s already been done.

Now, the new Beauty and the Beast offers an intriguing angle in the form of the Beast’s new tragic backstory™ which makes the Beast’s role less tailor-made for Grantaire, believe it or not, and much more intriguing for our beloved Enjolras. Of course, that would leave Grantaire as the beauty, and as we well know, no one would ever accuse Grantaire of being beautiful (save for a very stubborn Enjolras). 

But what watching Beauty and the Beast last night (and the animated version again today) reminded me is that it’s not just Belle that has to learn to love the Beast – the spell states that when he (the beast) learns to love another and earns her love in return, the spell will be broken. And obviously most of Beauty and the Beast focuses on the latter portion. I think the new version took some strides towards showing the Beast learning to love Belle but, like, it’s not difficult to love someone who’s beautiful and a nice person. It’s just not.

So what if the Beauty started as ugly on the inside as the Beast was on the outside?

What if, instead of being cursed with Hugo’s conflation of ugly circumstances and therefore ugly appearance (giving you the side-eye, V. Hugs), Grantaire is handsome, conventionally speaking, but thinks – nay, knows – that he is beastly on the inside? And Enjolras, of course, though still capable of being terrible, is still the same good person who wants to change the world on the inside, but is of course beastly on the outside.

That, my friends, leaves us with a delightful possibility for a story – two men, both beasts, both of whom must learn to put aside their beastly nature in order to earn someone else’s love in return when neither thinks they really deserve it. That might well be a tale worth telling, even if it’s not quite a tale as old as time.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you accept requests for the others dr games too or just for V3? I'm wondering since I saw a scenario with Gundham... If you take requests for other games, can you do the sdr2 guy's reactions if their crush (the reader) ask them on a date? Thanks.

Yes, actually, I do the other games too. Sorry for the confusing title of the blog! I don’t even know why haven’t I changed it yet… Cause I’m fucking lazy that’s why

So I will gladly fulfil your request! Hope I don’t forget anyone…

Hajime Hinata

  • Huh? You want to go out with a scrub like him? But why??
  • Well he won’t turn you down of course.
  • He will blush quite a lot, and will ask you if you’re sure about it like a hundred times.
  • Once he’s assured, he will be super excited, because he never thought someone like you would be willing to go on a date.
  • He is somewhat nervous cause he doesn’t really know what he should wear for the date.
  • Since you invited him, you’ve obviously prepared some plans, so he’s glad at least that is taken care of, since otherwise he’d be too nervous about taking you somewhere that you will consider boring.
  • He’s also nervous that he won’t be fun to talk to, but decides to just act himself and see how it goes.
  • He asks for some advice, but doesn’t depend on it too much. He’s quite a self-sufficient man after all.
  • He is quite smooth throughout the date, since he is a pretty neutral person and can work with anything his s/o will throw at him.
  • If he brings a gift it will be just one flower, because he believes simple and humble gifts are better.

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anonymous asked:

How are you so comfortable with your sexuality? I don't mean that in a bad/rude away. I'm just really struggling and I really don't know what to do anymore.

Are you the anon who has written in before about changing their sexuality? You don’t have to answer - I was just wondering if it was the same. If so, I’ve thought about you from time to time and hope that you are treating yourself gently.

It took time. I wasn’t as comfortable at 15 as I was at 25. I wasn’t as comfortable at 25 as I am now. My mom is of the “those gays are fine as people I guess but jesus really says that’s not good” folks but my dad was/is super supportive. I mean, I called my dad from the dance floor after getting snuck into a gay bar with a huge group of lesbians because I was so excited. He told me to drink a lot of water and have fun (take note people who want/have kids: my dad never snooped or invaded my privacy and I am way more honest with him). My dad also dated a woman for years when I was growing up who now identifies as a butch lesbian. I also did most of my early volunteer work with AIDS peer counseling and information organizations that tended to have a lot of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans folks involved. I went to a hippie version of the a catholic all girls school. We didn’t have a GSA but I’d say half the drama club (I did tech because of course I did) and/or softball team (my mom thought it would build teamwork or something but it just made me more into ladies) was queer of some variety. I was in a wonderful group in college that made me feel like I finally fit somewhere. My ex-girlfriend just sent me some old videos of our time in the group and it was hilarious and wonderful to see how relaxed and happy we were with each other. 

Being bisexual sucked in my early twenties sometimes. I never felt like enough. The lesbians I dated or knew called me a LUG or BUG. Or trying to insist that I didn’t know my own mind - that I had been “brainwashed by heteronormativity” (which would be hilarious if it hadn’t been so invalidating). If I tried to date a dude and be honest, it rapidly turned into “Can we have a threesome?” “Can I watch?” - which if you are into that - go for it. But I’m not and being bisexual doesn’t like unlocking an orgy superpower. Part of the reason why I identify as queer is that I’ve had that word used against me in violence and it’s mine now. Since then, I also have had many positive experiences connected to it. Though I know that others in the community have a different experience and try and accommodate that (especially in person) if someone let’s me know or I observe that it’s bothering them. 

I’m in a relationship with someone who id’s as male but all my other relationships have been with women. Chances are if this relationship ends I’ll go back to dating women as that’s where I’m most comfortable. But who know. I’m more comfortable being in the middle but it’s not always easy. 

Be patient with yourself. Look at where your messaging has come from around sexuality. Is that who you want to mirror yourself? Explore it with a therapist if you can - many cities have low to no cost group or individual therapy for the lbgtq community. See about maybe volunteering or going to some events put on by queer groups. Even if it’s something as small as approaching a booth at a university fair. You may want to try and find communities online (but the internet can be wonderful but also a cesspool so use caution). The Trevor Project does really amazing work and has chat, text and phone support for anyone 13 - 24 if you fit into that age range. You could also contact them and ask for resources if you are 24+. 

I don’t know have a ton of resources regarding the religious aspect if that’s part of what’s making you uncomfortable but I have friends who go to inclusive churches or synagogues which have given them a lot of support over the years. If you poke around the internet, you can find support for Muslim or Hindu members of the LBGTQ community. 

I am wishing you the best of luck. Treat yourself gently.

Jungkook's Proposal

Onto our maknae, Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie or as I can tend to call him kook

  • Wedding here
  • Husband!Jungkook here
  • Honeymoon here
  • It’d happen like 5 years in
  • Similar to Yoongi and Namjoon, he’s not in any rush
  • He’s just enjoying all the wonders of having your first love tbh
  • Like he loves that he still gets those lil butterflies whenever you say his name and that no matter how shitty his day is, if his voice broke during a show or if he messed up the choreography, you can always put a smile onto his face
  • It isn’t until you two are about a month away from your fifth year anniversary that he pauses and is like I’m ready for marriage
  • The thing that sparks it isn’t something super obvious
  • You had told him you wouldn’t be able to make it to the show he was performing on his birthday bc you had work and you had been super convincing and he was just like oh that’s fine but really was kinda disappointed bc he had been planning to go out to dinner with you afterwards
  • You just tell him that bc you and the boys teamed up to surprise him after the show with a cake and his presents but he doesn’t know that
  • He keeps a lookout during the show just in case you were just messing with him and were actually in the crowd but the boys are smart and have you backstage
  • When he gets off stage, he’s still all energized from performing and is like bouncing in place so he kinda lowkey walks right past you without noticing??
  • And all of the boys just pause and are like wait what and you’re just cracking up bc you’d been expecting this huge hug and like a “you actually came!” or even a hello but he’s too busy running in a giant circle to notice an extra person in the dressing room since he’s used to all of the stylists and makeup artists
  • It isn’t until he’s on his third circle that Yoongi clears his throat and then he looks over and he’s just !!!
  • He runs straight for you and you get that huge hug (tbh the kid nearly tackles you in his excitement but thankfully Tae’s standing right behind you so he supports you to keep you two from falling)
  • It takes like 10 minutes for kook to calm down from all of the adrenaline
  • After that he blows out the candles on the cake Jimin brings out and he opens his presents and he’s just so :D bc his love was able to come
  • Seeing you joke around with the boys and being so comfortable with everything helps him realize he’s ready to propose
  • But the thing that truly locks it in for him is how happy he’d felt to see you bc he realized just how much you meant to him
  • He had always known you meant the world to him but he didn’t realize how deep he was so that’s the night he just goes well time to kick this into gear
  • He goes to the boys for advice
  • At that point, nearly all of them are married or engaged at the least so they all tell him their own proposal stories
  • He takes Jin’s advice of treating you to a nice dinner and doing something romantic afterwards
  • He calls your favorite restaurant and makes reservations for the night of your anniversary
  • At first he tries to go solo in searching for the ring but he soon realizes there are w a y too many options to do it alone so he literally calls Jin from the jewelry store
  • The first thing Jin hears when he picks up the phone is “HE L P”
  • He doesn’t even need further explanation bc he just knows and is like ight I'm on my way you want a bagel or some shit
  • Side note, he does end up getting them both some bagels
  • Jin’s actually the one to find it so kook’s pretty content bc he found the ring and he got free food like thnx Jin
  • It’s supposed to happen on your anniversary 
  • He’s got this big plan of serenading you at the restaurant and he sets it all up to just be the most romantic night you two have ever had
  • However, the night before your anniversary, you two are cuddling like you always do and there’s some relaxing music in the background
  • You two are just talking about anything and everything bc pillow talk is something that happens on the daily since most days he has rehearsals or he's recording or he has a show, a shoot anything like that so the nighttime is your time
  • You’ve got your head on his shoulder and you’re tracing shapes into his palm
  • His own hand is writing his name into the skin on your back and his hand’s just slowly trailing up and down your spine and it’s all chill bc you two are just in love and happy
  • He’s just gazing down at you with all the love in the world in his eyes and you’re talking about how you almost crushed a snail and then you felt so bad and you relocated it so it didn’t get stepped on
  • He doesn’t even know he says it until you stop talking and look up at him and are just like ??? what’d you say?
  • But then he realizes in his love struck daze, he’d accidentally mumbled out a “marry me”
  • He’s just o.o and you're still confused but he hadn’t said it very loudly so you’re wondering if you’d misheard it
  • The only thing running through his head is just “shit shit shit fuck” bc he’d be planning this for like a month and literally not even 24 hours before the night happened, he blurts out a proposal like well then okay
  • But eventually he decides to just follow it through bc you’d obviously heard him and he didn’t want to lie to you so he just smiles all soft and gets up
  • “Well, I was gonna do this tonight but I guess my mind has a different idea so I’ll do it now. You always tell me to just let things happen anyways so here goes, I love you so s o so much and you hopefully know that by now and I’m actually kinda really nervous and I may have forgotten everything I was going to say but you just make me extremely happy so will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?”
  • He pulls the ring out of the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed and kneels down
  • You say yes before he’s even halfway down and he just does that smile where it’s all eye smile and teeth and he does his lil giggly laugh like hell yeah man I’m engaged now !!!
  • The diamond is another one that’s just right in the middle, it’s not too small and it’s not huge but its the perfect size and there’s this really elegant design on the band that just screams kookie and you honestly couldn’t picture a better ring
  • You two end up going to dinner the next day but this time, he deems it a “celebratory dinner in honor of our engagement”

anonymous asked:

i have a problem where i get really light-headed from heat or exhaustion and i'm prone to fainting a lot, even from minor things like showers or just a hot day. how would kakyoin, polnareff, and jotaro (holy trinity of kickass) act with an s/o like that, like if they came home one day and saw them passed out on the floor and they weren't previously aware of this problem? hurt/comfort is my ish

That sounds bad D: Please take care friend, i send you a hug! <3



-He always takes care of them, and sometimes it would seem as if he’s being over protective! He just thinks that is better to prevent anything that could happen, since something small can end up in something worst.

-He sends them texts all the time. “Are you feeling alright?” “Remember not to overdo it!” “Call me if anything happens, ok?”

-Always offers himself to do things for them, or to help them with doing stuff. If they need that thing on the shelf, don’t worry, he’ll get it for them. They don’t need to go to the shop, he will go for them!

-The day he came home only to find them passed out on the floor, was the first time he knew about their condition. He would panic and call an ambulance, as he gets on his knees to shake their shoulders and check their pulse. He sighs with relief when he feels a faint palpitation, and would not leave their side until they get to the hospital and he knows that they’re safe.


-Honestly, sometimes this man forgets that his partner has this condition. He gets overly excited about doing stuff and when he turns around he sees his partner panting and barely able to stand up on their own and he feels so guilty!

-But Polnareff, like Kakyoin, would offer himself to do everything for them. Even showers. They will smack him when he offers them to do that, but he promises them that he won’t do anything dirty!

-And he doesn’t. He will fill the bathtub for them, puts a bath bomb with nice smell, prepares their clothes and then calls them in. He will slowly massage their scalp and softly wash their body, asking them not to move and not to make any efforts.

-The fisrt time he saw them almost passed out on their house, he ran to them and took them on his arms, while practically yelling to them to wake up, fearing that he might lose yet another person that he loves. The poor man would run with them to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance. But in the end, he could get them there and made sure everything went ok!


-He would lowkey worry about them all the time. Not that he will tell them. He really doesn’t mind if they notice this, but honestly he is so bad at expressing himself that it would seem like he doesn’t give a crap.

-But he does care! He always keeps an eye on them, and tells them (with that commanding voice of his) that they better don’t do that stuff or they will get tired. Or, for example, if they are sweeping the floor or doing something of the like, he will simply take the object from their hand and end the job for them.

-He asks Holly for advice! He knows that mom always has her secret techniques (? for taking care of people! She is so happy that Jotaro relays on her!

-When he found them passed out for the first time, he would first think it’s an enemy stand attack. He would carefully approach them and check their vitals and, after confirming that it wasn’t an enemy attack, he would call an ambulance and carry them outside so they can get some fresh air. If they have to stay all night on the hospital, be damn well sure he’ll stay at their side.



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Hey! Could you do an imagine where the reader is mcgonagall's grand daughter and Fred and her are dating secretly but she catches them making out or maybe like Draco tells her out of revenge bc of Fred's pranks something like that. I'm sorry this is so specific haha. Thank you!

Here it is, loving the request! Hope it’s not too bad hahah x Enjoy and sorry for the wait, will work on requests tomorrow again! x

Busted // Fred x Reader

“Gotcha!” - “My god, what is the matter with you?” (Y/N) exclaimed. Fred had literally attacked his girlfriend from behind by putting his hands onto her waist, making her gasp with fright. She now turned to him, pulling her bag up. “Fred does suffice as well, thank you” he grinned. His brother George, who was strolling down the corridor with Lee Jordan, gave Fred a little high-five. “Then may I ask thee, Fred, what is thee requesting to talk to me, a filthy civilian, about?” (Y/N) replied flatly, but toward the end of her sentence, she couldn’t keep down a grin as well. Some fellow students seemed to be annoyed for the couple blocked up the corridor, so she grabbed Fred’s hand and pulled him to the side. “I request to have a look into your schedule” Fred smirked, putting his hands onto her waist, but she pushed them down softly. “History of Magic. Divination. And that’s-” - she looked at Fred - “All?” he finished before a smile traced his lips. His hands slid up to her waist again. “Correct, Weasley” she sighed. It was a habitat of his to rebel against her movements, so she looked into his eyes, her expression so resolute it made Fred stop tracing his hands over her hips. “Blimey, McGonagall genes” he moaned, whereupon a hand hit his shoulder stolidly. (Y/N) smirked at him, whereas he was rubbing it, looking startled. “Stop it, Weasley. And, in case that’s what you wanted to know, I’m free after class. Might need to do a bit of homework but we can take care of that together, if you want” She looked playfully ignorant, fumbling on her sweater. “Brilliant. I’ll pick you up in the Common Room then? Sneak out for a bit?” Fred’s expression told her that he was already thinking of what to do, but as the piles of people in the corridor slowly vanished since they were all heading toward their class rooms, (Y/N) brushed his hand slightly with hers and started moving with some Ravenclaws that were on their way. “We’ll discuss that later! Just wait for me in the Common Room!” - She winked at him, smiling, and rushed to her next class.

“Took you long enough” Fred smirked as she was putting down her bag with a moan, giving him a shady glimpse. Her look soon turned into a grin, though, as Fred got up and theatrically pretended to weep over her late arrival. And just like on the same afternoon, he put his hands on her waist, but did not experience rejection this time:  It was the Common Room, after all, and most in there knew that they had been dating for a while. The only thing they, or, rather, (Y/N), agreed on was that they wouldn’t want to be seen by any staff member, for Professor McGonagall was the girl’s grandmother, and she didn’t quite fancy being seen with anyone. What made it especially amusing at some point was that Fred Weasley, well-known for his pranks and wit, happened to like (Y/N), who was closely related to the rather resolute Head of the House – a strange combination it was, but they got along very well, keeping each other busy with their characteristic personalities. “So what about sneaking out?” Fred mumbled, looking around. (Y/N) nodded. “Probably the best, I have to admit. Common Room’s quite full” She seized his hand in excitement. Eversince Fred had asked her out, she had discovered a certain joy in breaking some rules. “Well, it’s not officially sneaking out” Fred remarked with a look on his watch – “It’s just… looking for a less crowded place. Then, it’s dinner, then-“ - “Homework” (Y/N) threw in – “And then we’re officially sneaking out” he finished before quickly pecking her lips. “Ready?” he asked softly. As soon as (Y/N) gave him a prudent nod, he pulled her with her out of the Common Room.

“Does this look like a good place to you?” - Fred looked around, carefully checking if anyone was near them; especially staff members. They had chosen a quiet corridor and hid behind one of the big columns now to have a bit more protection in case anyone should pass by. “I think it’s perfect” – (Y/N) softly pushed Fred against the wall, chuckling. Fred grinned and waited for her to do more. He allowed her to put his hands on his chest and ogle him before she tenderly put her lips on his, her hands now wandering over his arms and neck. Both seemed absolutely relieved to feel the other one close again and especially (Y/N) enjoyed the adventurousness that Fred’s presence and their doings spread. Soon, Fred held her tightly in his grip and she had put her arms around his neck. “Anything new?” she asked, smiling. “No, not really. I witnessed good ol’ Gregory Goyle falling down today, though. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was one of the highlights of this day” – A moment later, (Y/N) laughed out loud with him – She leaned forward and their noses touched before she kissed him again and again, letting out little laughs throughout the entire time. Suddenly, there was a big thump next to them, a wiry laugh following, and their lips parted.  “What the bloody… PEEVES!” Fred groaned. Loads of shards from a flowerpot were now garnishing the floor, but the laugh vanished again. It was surprising to them, for they had expected him to shout rude comments, but Peeves had seemingly taken off again. (Y/N) gave Fred a questioning glimpse, but he just shrugged, looking unimpressed, and leaned forward. His lips kissed her with such tenderness she forgot about Peeves and his weird behavior, just to focus on Fred. But as she heard a cough and a gasp, she parted stiffly from him, her arms letting go of his neck. It was as if her heart was literally falling out of its place right down to her feet; she didn’t even dare stare at Fred before her head told her it was time to turn around. With her movement, the laughing appeared again; Peeves was flying in circles above them. “McGonagall is a bad girl!” he roared with laughter and clapped his hands. Fred was looking furiously at the poltergeist floating around them, but as his glimpse caught another person’s sharp, irritated look, he blushed and retraced his head a little in awe. “May I ask what you two are doing?” Minerva McGonagall demanded, trying to sound less confused than she looked. “I-er… We… I-I…” (Y/N) stuttered, but she did not know what to say. Her grandma was standing in front of her and she had definitely, no doubt, seen her and Fred making out. And when Peeves began chanting again, (Y/N)’s face took up a bright shade of red. “(Y/N) AND WEASLEY, SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” For a few moments, he was the only source of noise, but it was enough that anyone near them could hear perfectly what he was saying. McGonagall still waited for an explanation, whether it would be coming from (Y/N) or Fred, but both were so dreadfully ashamed, or in Fred’s case, rather careful, that they kept silent. It was not that (Y/N) felt shame because of Fred, it was because she felt so blatantly uncomfortable with her grandmother seeing her personal relationships in general; she feared that she would not think too high of them. McGonagall was a very inscrutable woman sometimes, (Y/N) assumed. “Well, children, there’s certainly not much to deny anymore, is there?” she said, now eyeing up Fred. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but he kept quiet thinking about how he didn’t want to make things worse for his girlfriend. “And you, Peeves, you may consider renovating your priorities” McGonagall snapped at the poltergeist that was still chanting and giggling loudly. Fred smirked slightly at her words. “What can I say? I know both of you quite well” – “Yes, I’m so sorry, we won’t do it again, perhaps, it has been a bit of a bad idea to-“ (Y/N) now started saying, but she was interrupted by her grandmother. “There is no need to be sorry, although I would appreciate if you two kept some things for yourself from now on. That is all I request” Her granddaughter now looked startled at her. “And if you bring a Weasley into the family, make sure you teach him some manners from time to time” she added dryly, but there was something joyful in her voice. “I-Thank you- Yes, I will” (Y/N) responded in disbelief before watching her leave again, smirking slightly at the couple once more. Fred was actually speechless at McGonagall’s reaction, but there was a grin on his face. “Can I consider this an official approval?” – “I suppose, yes” (Y/N) replied. Her grandmother had seemed rather amused than angry, so, despite all the trouble Fred liked to make, she reckoned their relationship was a good one? (Y/N) could not help but stare at the place her grandmother vanished, in search of an answer.

Fred and (Y/N) made their way to the Great Hall together, but they sat quite awkwardly next to each other for a considerable period of time. (Y/N) was still slightly reddish around her nose and did not dare to look at the staff table, although she was pretty sure that her grandmother had approved of her being with Fred. Both of them turned around as they heard Peeves talking to Nearly Headless Nick. “…And then I saw one of the Weasley twins snogging the McGonagall girl right in the middle of the hallway! Can you believe it? Oh, how romantic “-“Utterly amazing, Peeves. Frankly, I have heard that McGonagall seemed to be all delighted about the romance. I suppose she had to admit that they make a good match, after all.” (Y/N) was looking at the staff table and saw her grandmother slightly smirking at her, nodding, before a hand next to her grabbed hers softly.

dukeofqueer  asked:

Hello there! I just read your analysis of Nico and Will's relationship, and I wanted to know, based on your analyses, who would be a better match for Nico? Or at the very least, who'd be a better friend to him?

Let me tell you how excited I got when I saw this ask because, like, this is such a good question and I think it very much needs to be discussed!

Now, let’s take a look at platonic relationships first because that’s what Nico really needs. He doesn’t need a boyfriend. He needs a supportive group of friends who can help him feel better about himself and who he is. We can already see this group of friends starting to build in HoH and BoO with both Jason and Reyna. Reyna is especially good for Nico because she has no precedents for Nico and treats him as an equal. She doesn’t think of or care that he’s a son of Hades and, instead, cares for who he is as a person and his abilities in order to get their tasks done. Over the course of BoO they begin to bud into a great friendship that would remain important for Nico for a long time. Jason was the first out of the main 7 to befriend Nico. Not only was Jason the first person to hear about Nico’s sexuality (as if that’s not horrifying enough), but he brushed it off. He didn’t mind. Not only did Jason not mind, he told Nico that he was brave and offered Nico positive reinforcement for something traumatic and difficult for him to deal with. This is a great positive role model that Nico needs in his life to really feel self-positive.

Now, let’s not forget our lovely Hazel. While she’s a little different because she’s Nico’s half-sister, they have a very, very strong relationship with one another. While he doesn’t have Bianca anymore, Nico finally has a family member in his time who trusts him and even understands some of his problems (such as being ostracized for being a child of Hades/Pluto.) Hazel shows that she loves Nico and offers a positive shoulder for Nico to lean on. Much like Reyna and Jason, she needs to be an important, if not the most important, platonic relationship for Nico.

Will, too, could have been a great friendship for Nico as only the second person at Camp Halfblood (if you count Jason part of Camp Halfblood) to offer to befriend Nico. If we look at Will when he isn’t with Nico (since when he’s around Nico, he’s a completely different character,) you can see how kind and caring he is. Will really wants to help people the best to his abilities. Not only that, Will would be Nico’s only openly gay friend (if we’re assuming that Reyna/Jason/Hazel are heterosexual.) Will could have become a positive gay role model for Nico, and help him learn to accept himself.

If we’re looking at romantic relationships though, things become messy. In all honesty, Nico shouldn’t have a relationship this early in his own self actualization. He needs time and friends to help him love himself and look at himself positively. If we really have to pair Nico into a romantic relationship, he needs someone who is okay with Nico’s general introversion and distaste in his sexuality. He needs someone who is entirely comfortable with Nico’s discomfort for many things. The best fit for this is not Will. Since, as I have discussed in other post, does not respect Nico’s comfort zone or boundaries. If we look at other popular ships for Nico: We also have Percico (Percy and Nico), Jasico (Jason and Nico), and Valdangelo (Leo x Nico). Percabeth is never breaking up in canon, not to mention the amount of emotional resentment Nico has had toward Percy makes Percico a bad choice. Valdangelo could have been a great idea as both Nico and Leo deal with a similar issue: They both feel like they’re unloveable and they’ll never find anyone. They deal with it in different ways, though. However, because of how BoO and THO build Leo, this possibly amazing romantic relationship was completely disrupted.

That leaves Jasico. Yes, yes. I know. “You’re a Jasico shipper! Of course!” But let’s look at it shall we? Jason has CONSTANTLY respected Nico from when he knew him to the end of BoO. Jason took the time to get to trust Nico and trusted him, undoubtedly, until the end. Jason was the first person to hear about Nico’s sexuality and not only did Jason not mind, but Jason straight up told Nico that that’s the bravest thing he’s seen someone do. That sort of positive reinforcement adds so much self-love and acceptance. As someone who had to deal with the traumatizing event of having to be forced out, this sort of response when you’re so scared and so inflicted by self hatred honestly feels like heaven. All your fears, if only for a moment, start to fade away. Finally, you feel a little free.

Let’s not forget how Jason reads onto Nico’s touching discomfort and tries to avoid touching him at all costs unless he asks. In canon Jason respects Nico’s comfort zone and who he is as a person. Jason doesn’t care about Nico’s past or who Nico’s godly father is. He has the most amount of respect for Nico out of anyone except for Hazel and Reyna. Jason is genuinely the healthiest and best choice for Nico if we had to ship Nico with someone.

I apologize for how long winded this was, again. But I hope you got some insight into what I think! Thanks for the ask, seriously!

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JK and JM are hanging out with some mutual friends and haven't really talked to each other much. JK is just chatting with Taehyung, who is familiar with both JK and JM, when Hoseok tells JM a joke and JM starts laughing hard and JK just stops short to just stare at JM bc oh my god that's the cutest laugh ever and a beautiful sight holy shit. Taehyung notices this and introduces JK to JM and JK spends the rest of the day trying to make JM laugh. ^^ a jikook prompt <3<3<3

Anon, I’m super sorry this took so long. I didn’t know what I wanted to write for it. I even ended up scrapping a first draft and starting over I was so unsatisfied. 

Title: Baby, I Just Melt Away
Genre: University AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1972
Warning: Drinking
Note: Minor side Vhope. Also, PCC in this fic = Pop Culture Club

Part 2 here.

Just one night, Jungkook’s roommate Taehyung had told him, You can’t hole up in the dorm all the time. You don’t even study that much.

He didn’t, true, but that didn’t make him any less bored and annoyed now. 

The pair of them were walking out of the perimeter of their vast university campus, on the way to a pub just a couple blocks across from it.

“Hyung,” Jungkook bemoaned childishly, “I don’t want to meet your friends from PCC. It’s Friday night. I could be at Anime Club.”

Taehyung looked aghast. “And sit in a dark lecture hall with a bunch of other forever-alones marathoning through Log Horizon on the projector? I don’t think so.”

“First of all,” Jungkook muttered, slamming the button for the pedestrian light at the intersection, “it’s One Punch Man tonight—”

“I don’t care,” Taehyung groaned, pushing at Jungkook’s shoulder. “Look, if it makes you feel any better, we can go find an empty classroom tomorrow and do the same thing. Like losers.”

“Okay,” Jungkook said in a clipped tone, full of resolution. “Bye!”

“What the—? Get back here!” Taehyung grabbed Jungkook’s arm in a vice grip when the latter tried to walk in the opposite direction then proceeded to drag him along. “Come on, we’re practically there.”

Sure enough, The Hitman, a modest pub with a rustic wooden structure and decorated with stringed lights, stood at the end of the block. It was already filled with students, out on the patio on the side and milling outside on the front porch. He could see them through the open doors of the establishment itself, too. He could hear the noise even from where the two of them were.

“Great,” Jungkook sighed. He hated socializing. At least with Anime Club, no talking was needed.

Taehyung finally let go of him when they reached it. He pointed to the patio area beside the building. “Look, they’re right there.”

Jungkook followed his finger. There were enough people for him to not be able to tell who he was looking at, but if he had to guess, the two friends they were supposed to meet were the two boys sitting across from each other on a wooden bench at the corner of the patio, chatting rather excitedly. They definitely stood out, as sunny and eye-catching as Taehyung himself even when wearing dark colors.

“Two more versions of you,” he muttered, unenthusiastic. He adored Taehyung, really, but sometimes he just had to be in a certain mood to deal with his presence.

“I guess so,” Taehyung said, and charged ahead. 

“Where are you–”

Jungkook watched embarrassingly as Taehyung gripped the wooden barrier with one hand and leaped over. He did it so exaggeratedly that he caught the attention of a few of the neighboring tables.

My roommate is either a ninja or a monkey. 

Jungkook refused to follow suit and took the long way, entering through the front and sauntering to the side door. 

When he arrived to their table, one of the friends, a slender one with raven hair parted in the middle, was in the middle of telling a story. Taehyung was tucked into his side, watching him with an affectionate smile Jungkook has never seen before.

That must be the guy he keeps talking about in the dorm, he concluded. Jung Hoseok. He suspected Taehyung had a huge crush on him and it was sort of obvious now.

Jungkook sat himself in the empty spot next to the other friend—a baby-faced brunet with a pearly-white smile—as Hoseok continued.

“And I was like this, you know?” he was saying, making wide motions with both arms, similar to swimming strokes. “Like, the dance showcase was coming up and the elevator had mirrors, right? Well, I was practicing a bit and got bored, so I started doing this and lying on the floor.”

The boy next to him giggled. Jungkook half-turned toward him. Even though the atmosphere around them was loud, Jungkook could hear him clearly. He could feel it, too, with their shoulders barely touching as the other’s shook with amusement.

Jungkook ducked his head and shoved his hands into his jacket pockets, warmth shamefully pressing into his ears. The guy was cute, he guessed.

“So then,” Hoseok went on dramatically, “the elevator doors open! I didn’t even hear that ding. And this woman randomly walked while I was still on the ground doing this and grunting like a seal—”

And then it came–the crashing wave of the brunet’s laughter. It struck Jungkook’s heart with something airy and sweet, like a breezy spring day in a flower field. It sounded high-pitched and staccato, and it was bigger and louder than his little, slender body. 

Jungkook couldn’t help but stare at him collapsing against the corner of the patio side, clutching his sides, stamping his feet against the ground merrily like a child would. He was so cute, far too much for Jungkook to take, even, and he was not someone easily won over. 

It got to a point where he had to take a moment to hide his heated face in his hands. He was melting fast. 

“Jimin, it’s not that funny,” Hoseok said, frowning with a bit of disbelief.

“Shut up! I can’t help it when you make all those faces!”

“Jimin?” Jungkook repeated without thinking. He didn’t mean to utter it, much less say it loud enough for the others to hear. 

But because of it, Jimin looked his way, his eyes turned to crescents and teary from how hard he laughed, mouth still stretched into a smile. It was infectious; Jungkook couldn’t resist one of his own before he faced front.

“Oh,” Taehyung spoke up rather blandly. “I guess it’d help if I introduced you guys.”

He poked a finger into the top of Hoseok’s hand, which was rested on the table. “Jungkook, this is Hoseokie-hyung, one of the event coordinators for PCC.”

Hoseok grinned and nodded in greeting. His smile was bright, too, but not like Jimin’s.

Taehyung gestured to Jimin. “That idiot there is my best friend from high school, Jimin. He’s my age. He transferred this semester from a shittier scho—”

“Wait,” Jimin interrupted, finally sobered up from his laughing fit. He hitched a thumb sideways at Jungkook. “This is your roommate?”

“Do you ever listen to anything I say? I told you ten times that he was coming! Who did you think I bringing?”

“You didn’t tell me he was so cute!”

“Is that all you think about?” Hoseok sighed.

“Of course not. I’m just saying. And I’ve been to Tae Tae’s, but how come I’ve never seen him?” He glanced at Jungkook. “How come I never see you?”

Jungkook’s flustered state doubled. “I’m not that social,” he replied, self-consciously rubbing the back of his neck.

Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Literally, every time I tell him I have one of my friends coming over, he leaves to go to the arcade alone or something.”

Jimin raised a brow at Jungkook. “Then what made you come out tonight?”

“I was forced to.” He also thought Taehyung would finally shut up once he actually did come out.

“How do you feel about it now?” Taehyung asked pointedly, glancing between him and Jimin with a smirk.

“Um.” Heat flared Jungkook’s face when he peeked at Jimin beside him. “It’s not bad.”

“Not bad,” Jimin echoed, looking down at his drink. He smiled. “I’ll take it.”

There was something intimate about how they exchanged looks right then. Jimin made him feel warmer than any drink could, and made his heart race more profoundly than anyone could. Jungkook was sure that he was the first person in a long time to even gain his interest, much less to this degree.

Forced to, maybe; initially. But now regret was far from his mind.

A few drinks and a shared order of pork fries later, Jungkook felt comfortable  enough to actually add to the conversation instead of passively observe it. He was getting drunk, after all, with a warm and probably bright red face, a dizzy numbness, and a giddy assertiveness that didn’t make him feel bashful or embarrassed about talking to people he barely knew. 

And Taehyung, for once, was a helpful friend. But Jungkook would never tell him that out loud, or that he appreciated him dragging him out because he did kind of need social interaction from time to time.

“Hey, Jungkook, tell Jimin about the time we went paintballing.”

“You never take me paintballing!” Jimin whined at Taehyung.

“You literally just got here like two months ago,” Taehyung huffed. “We haven’t had the chance to go since we came back from break.”

Jimin scowled, but listened attentively as Jungkook went right into his story. It wasn’t that exciting, but the light of Jimin’s eyes ignited this desire to entertain him. With intoxicating warmth surrounding him and Jimin, he would’ve told him his entire life story if it meant hearing that laugh again.

“—and the paintball hit right by my elbow,” Jungkook went on in a slurred, excited voice. He illustrated his point with exaggerated sound effects, which sent Jimin swaying into Jungkook’s shoulder he was laughing so hard.

“He really does laugh at everything,” Hoseok said, chuckling before taking a swig of his beer.

“Told you,” Taehyung commented. He grinned slyly. “Not that Jungkook cares or anything.”

Jungkook, meanwhile, caught Jimin as he threw himself back, hooking an arm around his back when the brunet almost fell from another fit of cute, full-bodied laughter erupting out of him.

A laugh burst out of Jungkook’s own lips, so captivated by Jimin that he ended up tightening his hold around him, keeping the warmth, the joy, the sweetness, all to himself.

Time flew by quickly. It was nearing 2 A.M. and the close of the pub when Hoseok pried them apart. Funny–Jungkook was usually slow to get close to people, even physically. But between drinks and another successful attempt at making Jimin giggle until he couldn’t breathe, Jungkook found comfort in the body tucked into him.

It must be the alcohol
, he thought. It’ll be awkward later.

And strangely, he cared about that. He was usually blasé about these things; if people he just met didn’t like him, he would just shrug and move on. But he didn’t want that awkwardness with Jimin later. He wanted to see him again. He wanted to get to know him. He wanted to get close, and tried to hint that when he, in his lingering haze, allowed Jimin to re-attach himself to him as the four left The Hitman to go home, pulled by the coyness of Jimin’s smile.

He also had been just as reluctant as Jimin to depart when they came upon intersection that separated the ways to Jimin’s and Hoseok’s apartment complexes and the university campus, where Jungkook and Taehyung’s dorm was.

“You like him~” Taehyung drawled in a sing-song voice as the two of them continued their way back.

“Leave me alone,” Jungkook scoffed.

“I hope you got his number, at least. I’m not giving it to you.”

“No,” Jungkook muttered, regret sinking his heart. How stupid of him. “I didn’t.

“What? After all that flirting?” Taehyung laughed. “I guess that means you’ll have to go to the next PCC meeting. I’m not bringing him over until you do.”

“Seriously?” Jungkook groaned, even though he could not forget how cute and angelic Jimin looked when he laughed, or how warm he felt when they leaned against each other the rest of the night. Jimin had molded into him so well—almost as if he belonged there. 

“I guess,” he followed up in a soft murmur, half-hoping Taehyung wouldn’t hear because Jungkook was incredibly stubborn about the smallest things.

Jimin may be worth the torture of socialization.

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Do you have any more Spiderman + Deadpool headcanons? It really doesn't matter to me if their relationship is romantic or platonic. I just really love their interactions.

I love these goobers too, anon:

  • They’re godawful motormouths and they get 10x worse when they’re around each other. If they’re ever in a fight, they’ll both keep up a constant stream of jokes and pop culture references, egging each other on, bouncing off of each other’s joke set ups. Half the time, they don’t even REALISE THEY’RE DOING IT. It’s SUBCONSCIOUS.
  • No one wants to be paired with Deadpool and Spider-Man during shit like alien invasions and doombot attacks. No one. People have gotten into physical fights over this. Wolverine almost skewed the person that suggested he go with them since he knew them both.
  • Wade is the Bad Influence friend. Peter is the Good Influence friend. They balance each other - Peter motivates them to save a shit tonne of people, and Wade gets them arrested. But they’re actually a good team when they use their different strengths together.
  • They’re Weird Supportive Friends. Neither of them are neurotypical and though they deal with different issues, they get it. On bad days, they help each other out in really weird ways (Wade once tried yelling at Peter’s anxiety to make it go away. It made Peter fall over and cry with laughter so it kind of worked?)
  • Listen, Matt Murdock is included in this weird circle of love. He does not want to be included in this weird circle of love. He wants no part in it. But there he is, getting sucked in. He’s often dragged by Peter, and then later, dragged in by Wade, when the guy decides he actually really likes annoying spending time with Matt
  • Matt gains two Weird Supportive Friends. Wade and Peter are actually helpful with his sensory issues and blindness? Strangely helpful. Matt doesn’t know when Wade started being so thoughtful (”That asshat just nodded, babe”) or buying sensory smart clothes in Matt’s size. He insists they’re just for Peter, who prefers clothes that are too big for him, but Matt knows Wade was thinking of him
  • SPEAKING OF CLOTHES, I’ve already mentioned that Wade is REALLY EXCITED about my fashionable AU, but really. He is so excited, you guys. He has too much money and not enough people to spend it on. He ends up getting a lot of stuff for Peter? He drops by Wade’s apartment to load up on fruit snacks, and ends up drowning beneath a pile of cute clothes. Wade gets bored easily. He thought about Peter, and thought about cute clothes, and then somehow marathon-bought a bunch of nice stuff in his size from online shops. Wade may have a slight addiction to internet shopping. Peter is definitely not complaining. There are dresses in there that Peter might cry over because they’re that nice. 
  • They both deal with awful, awful things without much help. They mention it to the other person casually (like: “Sorry the kitchen floor is covered in blood, Spidey, a dick-spanner from my past broke in here and held me down and sliced my guts open.” Or: “Sorry I passed out, that’s embarrassing; Jameson cut my pay and I’ve been too busy fighting Goblin that I haven’t managed to find freelance work. Been a while since I had actual food in the house. Maybe a week.”) because they’re not used to censoring their rapid-pace thoughts around each other. This leads to: “wHAT” and “are you okay?!” on Peter’s part, and “I’m going to go pull some people’s arms off, be back soon” and “I’m making my weight in burritos right now, sit the fuck down” on Wade’s. Weirdly supportive, protective, messy friends can I get a HELL YEAH 

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I'be had the roughest 24 hours ever. I'm getting kicked out of my parents house because my lifestyle (LGBT) doesn't line up with their beliefs. Can I pretty please have the most sappiest, lovey dovey, Sterek story where Stiles just showers Derek in absolute, 100%, most feely, craziest love he's ever be given since his mother died in the fire? Or maybe even a link to a fic like that? Anything would do really

*snuggles you* I am here if you need to talk, okay? I’m not entirely sure if this is what you had in mind, but it is sappy and lovey dovey and all about Derek getting nice things, so I hope it makes you smile, even if just for a few minutes. 

“Happy Derek Day!” Stiles yells.

Derek opens one eye, and then the other, sighing. Why can Stiles never just stay in bed and spoon him like a normal person? Why does there always have to be things? “Happy – what?”

“Derek Day!” Stiles says again, grinning, waving a giant box in front him like the five year old he is. Twenty three, Derek’s ass.

Blinking again, Derek stares at the box, noticing it for the first time. It’s big, for one; wrapped in soft pink tissue paper with little kittens chasing blue balls of yarn on it. It’s…cute. Derek isn’t sure whether to be wary or excited about it.

“I don’t know what that means,” he eventually says, trying and failing to look away from the box.

He kind of wants to touch it, but he’s afraid what might happen if he does. The last time he opened a pink box, Laura jumped out of it wearing a vampire mask, scaring the hell out of him. He was six. It took several cupcakes and cuddles from his mom just to calm him down. Derek knows he isn’t six anymore, but that shit stays with you and he’s pretty sure there aren’t any cupcakes on standby if something bad does happen.

“It means, dumbass,” Stiles says, jumping onto the bed, “this day is all about you!”

Derek frowns, sitting up a little. “Why?”

Stiles splutters, looking offended. “Why? Do I need a reason to shower my boyfriend with love and adoring affection?”

Derek squints. He may not pride himself in his ability to read people. Gods know no one should pride Derek on that, he thinks sadly, but he knows Stiles. He knows. “Just tell me what you did wrong, Stiles.”

Stiles narrows his eyes but the outrage on his face falters a second later, a flicker of guilt replacing it. Derek wants to smirk, feeling smug, but –

“Ugh, fine. I may have accidentally washed my red hoodie with your white workout vests, okay? But in my defence, pink looks great on you.”

Pink looks-

“How is that a defence?”

Stiles sighs, long and suffering and dramatic. “It just is, Derek. Look, I’d give you a blow job to say sorry. After all, my morning blow jobs are the best blow jobs. You can’t argue. Your words, not mine, but I think you’re going to like this even better.” He waves the box again, like it’s an optical illusion and Stiles is the world’s most excitable magician.

As Derek said, five.

“Should I be worried?” Derek asks, sitting up fully, taking the box from him.

“Derek-” Stiles starts, only to lean in and kiss him softly on the mouth instead of finishing.

It catches Derek off guard and he blushes, looking down, only to have his chin tilted back up by two, gentle fingers.

“It’s nothing bad. I wouldn’t do that to you,” Stiles whispers, kissing him again. “I promise, Der.”

“I know. Sorry, I-”

“Don’t be. I get it. This – you and me – we’re a learning curve.”

Derek swallows. “I guess.”

“Yeah, well, I know.” Stiles rolls his eyes. “Let that be enough.”

It’s a question – nervous – not the statement Derek knows Stiles wants it to be and Derek nods, because it is enough. Stiles is enough and perfect at the same time, and it scares him as much as it comforts him most days.

Learning curve. Right.

Rolling his eyes in return, although mostly for show, Derek carefully begins to open the box.

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