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Fanmade tiny NES with… tiny cartridges ⊟

Fun story: I typed “tiny cartridges” in that headline and stared at it for a good long while, thinking “why does that look weird there.” 

Anyway, daftmike built a Raspberry Pi-based emulation machine, then 3D printed a 40% scale NES shell for it… then went ahead and built tiny NES carts with NFC chips in them to launch the proper game when in contact with the system.

Then… he made a to-scale controller that works. I am deeply in awe of this person’s skills and talents. I really want to do these electronics-type projects, but I am so far unable to even understand where to begin learning. Good for me in this case that the NES Classic Edition exists.


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*Travis and Katie watching Conner effortlessly picks up girls at a bar* "How come when I used those lines on you they never worked?" "Because when he does them he looks good, when you do them you're hanging upside down from a tree covered in paint"


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"He wasn't giving a clue into his image issues."(lol) It's not about assumptions, it's just simple logic. Daehyun is filming his entire face, not his ass. He said "I have to look good". Does his butthole have to look good? Obviously not, he is referring to his face, skin tone. On that same topic, I cannot even count the number of times kpop idols have made jokes about - dark - skin tones, that do not fit their preferences. So yeah, shut up and don't turn a blind eye to your idol's insecurities.

omgg and yup agreed.

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My complete favorite thing about the princess in the birdcage kingdom is the color pallette. Like the colors are so smooth and soft, yet still vibrant, and they all go together so well, especially on Syaoran, I just wish the whole series was the same

I can’t speak for the rest of the anime but I definitely agree about the colours in this movie! It’s all so wonderful and vibrant, it’s an absolute joy to look at. Especially on Syaoran?


Apocalypse Now-Ish

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by stilinski_wolf

Stiles gets taken to the future - or at least, a possible future - in which he meets himself, an older version of himself, as well as Derek, Scott, etc…

It’s all very strange to Stiles, but they - including himself, which is still so fucking weird - tell him of a coming human/werewolf war that needs to be stopped in his present day time so that it doesn’t happen.

Because if it does, his future is not looking good, at all - although he’s apparently with Derek Hale in the future, who knew? - and so it is now up to Stiles to stop it all from happening.

But no pressure, right?

Words: 3320, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I'm pretty sure he also thought of her as physical beautiful too, I mean just look at her *o*

Well yes, of course. He does think she’s good-looking. He thought she’s cute when he saw her at Anteiku before they actually knew each other in the first chapter of TG. 

However, the feeling I get about that moment in :re… is not about physical beauty but actually inner beauty. However, that’s just how I see it, no need to agree with me.

reasons im going to fight chris pine
  • does interviews without shoes on
  • eyes are TOO blue
  • used the word “cesura” in a real sentence
  • cried during the notebook
  • exclusively uses the unicorn emoji
  • desert hooker
  • “what a strange, sad day it’s been”
  • smile too perfect
  • looks too good with glasses. does nothing to stop blueness of eyes. Unfair
  • his middle name is “whitelaw” mgfggfucgf????
  • he was an english major, i could probably fight an english major and win