does this look weird to you

Ja’far and Sin’s appearance

The following text is about all the moments Ja’far has expressed an opinion/done something about Sinbad’s appearance.
First of all isn’t it weird that we can talk about something like this? Sinja’s relationship has so much detail something as specific as this can be discussed, so let’s talk about this.

Ja’far does not only seem to care about Sin’s looks as an advisor looking out for his king’s appearance, he also has expressed in a very clear way that he finds Sin attractive. He also is directly and actively involved with the maintenance of his appearance.

It suits you

This is form chapter 84, it’s the first time Ja’far talks about Sin’s looks. Sinbad was seen without his jacket-thing in previous chapters, after he came back alive from slavery. The fact Sin is wearing his jacket again doesn’t only objectically improve his appearace, it’s a symbolism about his recovery, about his survival. Ja’far is talking about the jacket looking good on him like always but he is expressing his happiness about having the old Sin back. I really like this moment, it seems insignificant but it’s powerful.

No, not you

[picture and translation from @sinbad-ai]
This one is crackish (it’s chapter 120′s choitashi) but at the same time it says a lot.
Finding someone attractive depends of the eye of the beholder. Ja’far has never expressed himself about anyone else’s appearance as he does here with Sin’s. The joke is they are looking for more money to make up for the company’s expenses, thus Ja’far asks Sin to strip so they can make money out of that fanservice. Sin doesn’t want to cause it’s cold, so Mystras offers himself instead. However Ja’far bluntly rejects him, saying he’s fine like that.
So, if Sin strips he’s attractive and they can make money, but according to Ja’far Mystras isn’t (even tho for us many fans Mystras is obviously attractive).
The situation is clear: Ja’far finds Sin attractive but not Mystras. It’s so funny but also cute. It’s also the only time Ja’far has expressed himself about finding people attractive. 

Please shave

This one is a small drawing in between Snb’s 7th volume. It’s a moment before Sinbad goes to see Mira to get his metal vessels back. They just made it out the chasm. Ja’far asks Sin to care more about his appearance and wants him to shave his stubble (or something like that, can’t find the post). Sin is saying something like: Really? Doesn’t it look good? Isn’t it cool? 
Ja’far might be just worried about his master not looking clean, I’m sure Rurumu must have taught him a stubble doesn’t look good or maybe it’s his own opinion (?). Anyway, it’s adorable. Ja’far must have shaved him, since they don’t have any mirrors near them (btw I was planning to draw that soon).
And so, Ja’far thinks a stubble is inappropiate/looks bad/ruins Sin’s looks therefore he’s shaving him. And even if Sin doesn’t want his stubble to be gone he still listens to Ja’far.

[scan, typesetting and translation by @naoscifra and @arashidono]

This one is my absolute favorite. They have been working none-stop and they smell, they literally smelled each other, …that intimacy…That “we should take a bath (together)” and then the maids getting their hairs done. Them, together, getting ready for the day, side by side, instead of each one in their own rooms. It really looks like they bathed together.
Sinbad is the king and Ja’far is his advisor but they are both being fixed in the same room sitting next to each other. They look like a couple of kings tbh.
And the stubble again. This time he even gave Sin a percentage of how much it ruins his looks. The “appeal” of the high king of the seven seas. It’s Ja’far’s specific opinion about Sin’s appeal.
Sin is used to it, he’s just affected about how high the percentage is.
The funny part is that after this the two of them shave their own eyebrows out of sleep depriveness. It’s like Ja’far really doesn’t like his stubble, he’s even fine with Sin without eyebrows but not the stubble.

Sewing, washing and organizing

In the CD drama: Listen, Aladdin-kun, some pieces of information about Ja’far are given. One of them is the fact that Ja’far is good at sewing clothes, he’s very skilled and gets the job done really fast. He also reveals he used to sew human insides…lol.  
He is sewing Alibaba’s clothes but is complaining to Aladdin that Sin is a brute and that he has to sew his clothes oftenly when he ruins them and wash them when they get dirty.
I’m sure they have enough servants to do such jobs even when they travel, but Ja’far still do them for him. I’m sure he does because he wants to, but also because he cares too much about it and can’t leave it to anyone else.
Maybe they also don’t want the royalty life to get to their heads ooor maybe they are used to Ja’far doing it since a long time ago and don’t want it to change.
Ja’far is also very attentive about Sin, therefore he might be the only one that notices things like his clothes getting dirty or ripped.
Apparently he also organizes Sin’s clothing, since he put his clothes somewhere and Sin couldn’t find them.
I hope that the manga jokes about stuff like this in the future.
So Ja’far is directly involved with keeping Sin’s good looks even to the point of washing his clothes and sewing them when they are in adventures together. I’m sure it’s annoying for him but he also wants to be in charge of it. He’s such a good wife. 

And this are the ones I could remember. If you remember more, you are free to add them here or send me an ask ♥. 
What to say about this, I’m happy Ja’far is so directly involved with Sin’s appearance as his advisor but also as himself and that he has personal opinions about it. I love that it’s so clear he finds him attractive and wants to keep him that way. The real question is: is he aware he finds him attractive? :3c Has he given that a thought? Knowing him possibly not, he’s too focused on other things.


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I love that you add scars on Tony's body whenever you draw him naked. And it seems to be only in your fullbody sketches. Like- I can never really tell if it's actually scars or if it's the structure of marble. Does that make sense? it means your sketches look like marble and the scars are actually part of the marble, not scars. omg this is weird. bye hahaha

It might be because I suck at drawing scars and just do squiggly lines instead haha

I’m very passionate about his scars actually. I think it shows that he’s human and has a vulnerable body. I’m always a bit sad whenever Tony’s portrayed without scars because I definitely think he’ll have them.

Maybe I should actually draw a marble Tony statue sometime though. Or do more characters and make something like from the ending credits of age of ultron :D

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I saw your post linked at your latest ao3 fic and I was so happy that you're taking prompts. :) There's a post in the hony instagram which goes: 'we started out just hooking up but then it got serious and that was weird so we stopped dating for awhile, but then we realized it's ok so we started dating again and now it's great. I hope that doesn't sound bad. That sounded bad. I mean, it was the correct information but I presented it in the wrong way. This is weird. I look like a dick. Ask him--

(cont) a question now.’ it’s an 18 January 2016 post and the picture’s cute: instagram.(.)com/p/BAqErPgtrCI/ You can do whatever you want with the prompt (gender reversed, or just a snippet of their story, or a social media au). Thank you thank you thank you for doing this!! I love your fics it always brightens my day when I find one in my inbox <333

ahhhh that’s so sweet of you! thanks for sending in a prompt and for reading! hope you like it <3

ao3, HONY post

The sound of Bellamy’s phone ringing wakes her up far too early for her liking.

“Make it stop,” she mumbles into his arm, doubly disgruntled when he shifts beneath her to reach for it on his bedside table.

“I’m trying,” he grunts, the electronic beeping growing louder as he tries to decide whether he’s going to answer it or throw it across the room. Eventually he must decide, because right after the ringing stops, she hears him bark, “What do you want?”

“I’m coming over.”

It’s Raven’s voice coming through the other end, and on some level Clarke knows she must have a justifiable reason for calling this early. But her brain hasn’t quite gotten there yet, so she groans, “What the hell, Raven?”

There’s a pause on the other end of the line, Bellamy stiffening beneath her.

“Is that Clarke?” Raven asks, and shit. Clarke lets out another groan, pressing her face into Bellamy’s chest. After a beat, his arm comes around her, petting her back soothingly.

“Yeah, it’s Clarke.” He sounds much more awake now, though his voice is still raspy. “Keep talking, Reyes, or I’m going back to sleep.”

“Alright fine, we can circle back to the obvious when I get there. I did something to my ankle and Octavia said you have a brace I can borrow.”

“I do, yeah,” he sighs.

“Great, thanks. I’ll bring coffee for your trouble.” She pauses. “Two coffees.”

“It is the least you can do.”

His thumb is still tracing light circles around the base of Clarke’s spine after he hangs up, in a way that makes her shiver a little and want to start something, but she settles for kissing him on the underside of his jaw instead.

“I guess the secret’s out,” he says, morning stubble rough against her forehead.

“It was bound to get out eventually,” Clarke sighs. “Raven won’t say anything if we ask her not to, though.”

Bellamy is silent for long enough that she has to look up at him, has to try to read his thoughts on his face. When she does, he’s not even looking down at her but staring intently at the ceiling. She smiles and reaches up, smoothing his forehead with her thumb and smacking a kiss to it when she’s done.

“Quit worrying; Raven knows how to keep her mouth shut when it matters. I’m going to shower before she gets here. You coming?”

She almost thinks he’s not going to follow her, but as soon as she steps under the spray she feels him crowd in behind her, and her anxiety evaporates with the steam.

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The Final Problem: Thought Process

Oh no poor bby
aw kidlock
This Just In: Sherlock is now a horror movie.
I always knew mycroft had a gun in that dumb umbrella
Conclusion 1: Jesus Christ, Sherlock. Good job
Lmao John wow
Final revenge on poor Mycroft
“You have to sit in the chair”
Why can’t Sherlock remember her
Mycroft looking after Sherlock (but still in an asshole)
Era-defining genius?
Has Sherlock internalized Euros as a coping mechanism?
Cutting herself? What the fuck?
Huh. Interesting kid? Weird, but interesting?
did she drown redbeard
flame consumes all good god
Mycroft looks so sad
Euros died? I don’t think so
Uncle Rudy? Wtf
ohh “I can give you a map reference for hell”
Mrs. Hudson? Are you okay? OH NO A DRONE WTF
lmao Mrs. Hudson
Pls don’t blow yourselves up
Oscar Wilde really John
Aw they’re so nice
Everyone is so nice when they’re being dreaded
the circle shot makes me sick stop
That radio is making me nervous
“Are you walking on my roof?”
See you should have been looking at the man you just handed the chip to whOA
BAMF Mycroft
“Door opening” sounded like moriarty
oh yikes glass and everything
Her hair is pretty
oh wow standoffish much?
Oh god she’s a robot
You are a prisoner of your own meat??
how did she get a strad
callouses and
Oh she taught him nvm
She enslaves people?
Oh god she does
Wait but that’s the director’s voice
If this is a trap I swear
Oh no this song I’m going to cry
Also: when performing, many times shaking and vibrato are the same damn thing (speaking from experience)
Laughing and screaming oh god oh god redbeard no
Don’t touch the fucking glass
Don’t god damn it
Uh oh
She’s so clever
Wait what
fave remix of 2017
his poor employees
God I missed him
“Big g” ??? Sto
oh god more sex references
Criminality is a nice word
Five years ago god damn it
Did the donkey eat
Yeah wow okay
Unsupervised is a bad idea
She mirrors
Mirroring helps people grow close to one another it fosters trust
Oh my god no that’s terrible
Dear? Did Sherlock just call Mycroft dear?
He’s changing his voice aw such growth
Oh for fuck’s sake
She’s evil
Oh god one of them has to kill her oh no
John Watson is a soldier but god damn it no stop he’s smol and soft
Oh my god Moriarty
He took it he took it this is bad
He can’t do it I know he can’t
please don’t
Whoopsie. Guess he’s dead now welp.
Yeah it had to be one of them you are idiots
She’s evil of course she had to kill her
Jesus Christ this is terrible
“she very clever” “I’m beginning to think you’re not”
Okay that kid is so unaffected she’s totally hired to do this
“To hell with what happens to us”
She’s like an evil scientist
She changes her voice too to be younger
Aww he knows it’s affectin John and he’s trying to stop him from being not useful
Molly no molly please answer
Poor bby she’s sick
Please don’t hurt her she does love you
There’s no way around this
Also thanks Moffatiss for fucking queerbaiting
She’s trying to believe it’s true even though she knows it’s not
Molly please
oh no that’s almost worst he basically hurt both of them
Don’t put this into context I don’t want it to be in please
It’s okay, Sherlock.
Stop stop stop don’t kill them don’t don’t
Smart or steady
Family or friend
no this is actually a thing oh god
ok well that makes me want to shoot Mycroft
Aw small smile from Sherlock
Stop it don’t kill either of them
Sherlock looked so pained
Don’t you do it don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t
So she still cares she doesn’t want them dead
Aww his child voice is so kind god he’s such a kind man I love him so much
Oh no he has to solve more than one case at once
He’s chained oh no REDBEARD
How did she do this
oh hey that’s a story I think, the musgrave ritual
Was redbeard
Was he fake
wait he is a parallel the only person Sherlock cares about first victor now John
Water oh god stop
Ohhhh that’s clever that’s very clever
Do you have a shovel
If John dies I’m rioting
I need your love? Seek my room? God what a lonely child
Oh it was a mind game oh no
It was a cry for help oh sweet girl I’m so sorry
Uh this is sweet but
John is still drowning?
Aw we get so many hugs
I love them
Awwwwww finally after all this time he’s a good man
Benedict’s parents are so great
Oh stop it mommy holmes I know she’s your daughter but chill
He’s lying
He has to be
You were always the grown up what does that mean
ugh tunings a bitch
Did Ben learn just for that
Awwwwwww headphones on wall skull
Just keep playing life goes on
Aww they’re mimicking she’s tEACHING?
what you could
Last refuge oh my god
parentlock oh my god
My Baker Street boys: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson
okay kids well that’s it and I’m shaking and I’m crying but it was worth it

Sun Machines

Stories are like engines.
Camp voices love us. We
Have pink ways towards
Space. Can you hear me?
Shirt endorsements were
The killer detail. Once, at last,
In a most peculiar way, he
Saw the future. And never 
Ceased to, there beyond. 
Life looks very different today.
Oh, it rolls warmly, and weird
Melancholy will unfold. She
Knows. Oh, she knows. But she
Does not hear, does not speak.
And all might just be fine, far,
Far away, somewhere on the moon.
I am about to resume loving you.

like I think it’s perfectly reasonable to go through a show looking for shippy moments and sort of build your case to fellow fans as to why something would be a good romance, I do that all the time, and I also think it’s reasonable to say to creators “you’ve really been baiting us with this, either commit to writing a gay relationship or cut the bullshit,” but what’s weird is that this fandom does both of those things at once. they’re picking through for ship evidence and then pulling that out of the fandom and shoving it at the creators like “if you wrote it like this why won’t you go further” and it’s… I think some things should just stay within fandom. especially if the creators are these guys bc I truly think they have no intention of changing. maybe if it was a more indie series your evidence would have some effect but this is just banging your fists on a fortress

HERE, you know why I like this image so much, It’s becase it makes you wonder how the rest of the world or rather JJ sees the other skaters.
mean, we all know them pretty well at this point, Phichit is beautifull, loves social media and is the ultimate best bro, Yuri is rude but deep inside he just really loves his grandpa, piroshki, and cats, Otabek is shy but just wants some frinds who are not self centered  assholes, Chiris is the weird dude you keep away from your kids but is actually just a bit eccentric and he does makes you unconfortable from time to time but he means well, Yuuri is anxious but really caring, a cinnamon roll turned sinnamon when the time calls for it.
But the way he sees them there is just priceless.
Phichit looks like a regal prince lookin at the lowly peasants over his shoulder.
Yuri looks like the ruthless russian punk, ready to crush your spine a and your dreams.
Otabek is the solider fueled by determination looking down at those who even try to swipe the floor he walks in.
Chis is looking down at you refueled, he’s been here for a while an the fact you even think to be in the same level is just pathetic.
And Yuuri, Yuuri is my favorite, he looks like a BAD BITCH, he’s the hot mean girl at highschool, he’s Heather Chandler when you tought you could invite him to prom just to kick you to the ground and step in your face with six inch heels while he laughs at your tears.
And the fact that JJ sees them that way is both sad and hilarious like, just get over yourself and get to know them they don’t bite.

Edit: a lot of people have pointed out that JJ has ideed tried to meet the other skaters and the way anxiety has to do with all of this and you are totally on the right. My apologies JJ, and anyone with anxiety ofended by this. Now I kinda want to see Yuuri and him get along

Museum: so we got this weird animal from Madagascar called a tenrec

Taxidermist: ok what does it look like

Museum: well I guess it has big teeth so you should probably make it scary


Museum: maybe it’s a bit too much though can you do like, rounder and cuter?


Museum: …but not TOO round


Museum: …

Taxidermist: …

Museum: you know what?

Museum: just




Kara: “What is it?”
Lena: “It’s an Alien Detection Device that allows humans to find out who among them is not truly one of them.”
Kara: “……”
Lena: “It’s not marked yet. I mean, we’re still developing the prototype, but we aim to have this device in every store, in every town all across America.”
Kara: “How does it work?”
Lena: “It’s just a simple skin test. Okay, let me show you how a negative response looks like…”
Kara: “…”
Lena: “See? Now you try.”
Kara: “……………………..”
Kara: “B-but what do you mean with ‘alien detection’?? Alien as if ‘extremely weird’??? ‘Cause girl, let me tell ya, that thing is gonna go real red in that case!!”
Lena: “No, Kara, it means actual ali-”
Kara: “A-a-and what if it detects awkwardness??? Huh???? Guess you didn’t think about that!! Hell, you’ve got a big, fat alien right here, right now if it works like that!!”
Lena: “Kara…”
Kara: “And w-what if it works lik-”

if you’ve got a bunch of teenagers in space w no access to media they are going to start making their own entertainment so i think that we need to discuss team voltron memes

  • “where’s [insert team member here]?” “i mean… *looks out window at the stars, shrugs* space, probably”
  • they keep a tally of every time lance gets rejected by someone and use it to shut him up when he’s getting annoying
    • “okay i’m gonna stop you there, 37 strike outs”
  • whenever an alien does something particularly weird pidge loudly hums the x-files theme
  • lance will do random trust falls “for team bonding.” everyone lets him fall on his ass but shiro
  • drawing mustaches on random objects and talking to them as if they’re coran
  • for like two weeks lance refers to keith exclusively through pop culture references
    • “hey where’s older, angrier Nico Di Angelo?”
    • “scarless Zuko is in position”
    • “ayo young Billy Ray Cyrus come spar with me” 
  • loud acapella renditions of The Circle of Life during training sessions
  • hunk the Hunk™
  • calling shiro dad but only in the context of petty arguments (“daaaaaad, lance won’t stop touching my stuff”)
  • *points at something pidge is tinkering with* “is that a calculator”
  • constant shitting on the castle’s defenses
    • “after that fight, I think I need a drink, and it better be stronger than that particle barrier”
  • there’s a month long campaign to catch shiro in the middle of his morning routine to solve the mystery of whether or not he uses eyeliner. but they can never catch him getting up in the morning?? like one time they pull an all nighter and hide in his bathroom and somehow?? he still evades them???
  • whenever allura enters the room lance yells “everyone act casual” and they all strike ridiculous poses
  • *lance gets into a Situation and asks keith for help* “I’m sorry I… can’t hear you…. I think the connection’s…… breaking up…………”
  • exaggeratingly censoring themselves in front of pidge
    • “oh biscuits and jam I am so darn steamed right now!” “lance shut the fuck up”

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k but like. what are even and isak like at school i need to know

they’re p chill actually,

  • because let’s be real: isak and even are different years, they take different courses, they have different friend groups. i dont think they see each other much at school??? and they see each other sO much outside of school its not like they’re desperate for some interaction or anything
  • not to mention all the rumors + gossip surrounding them….[eye emoji]
    • yall know people probably stare when they’re standing in around the same area, let alone talking and laughing and maybe doing some of their weird PDA
    • they def get approached when they’re together by people who go i just think its SO great that you guys are together its so cute you’re really brave and i just want to let you guys know i support you and they both look at each other and then look at the person like do i know you?? cant u see im sort of busy rn???? and isak does that fett thing and even rolls his eyes so the person Gets the Message and scurries off
      • isak gets so annoyed but even thinks its kinda funny whenever isak’s irritated so he’s not too bothered
  • so the sum of their school interactions are probably just short conversations in the hallway and eyefucking glancing at each other from across the room 
  • that doesn’t mean there’s a whole buttload of cute interactions that happen on the daily
  • sometimes isak and even walk into school together bc one of them have spent the night at each other’s house and isak always gets a little bit nervous bc he thinks everyone will Notice but the reality is no one gives a shit???
    • they’re all sleep-deprived and uber stressed they have more things to worry about first thing in the morning than whether or not the most notorious mlm couple in the school slept with each other that particular night
    • they have their own sex lives to worry about smh isak if anything theyre jealous that ur actually getting some
    • but this means that isak and even hang out a little bit before school starts outside in the cold and even says something that makes isak laughed really hard and his cheeks and nose are already red but the laugh makes his cheeks go even redder, and it just makes even just go !!!!! inside 
    • and then the Boys sidle up and talk with them so even doesnt get another chance to make isak laugh but isak keeps glancing at him and his cheeks just keep getting a little bit redder and thats good enough
  • even sometimes waits outside of isak’s classes to pick him up and when isak walks out, he’s a little surprised but even falls into step with him and maybe grabs one of isak’s textbooks if it looks like he’s struggling with it and walks him to his locker.
  • can u imagine them hanging out in empty classrooms together??? just hiding out in there during breaks and even sitting on one of the desks and putting his hands on isak’s waist and pulling isak closer and kissing his neck while isak pushes him off and goes not here, not here and even kisses him and goes why not? but isak doesn’t give in, he’s paranoid someone will catch them 
    • tbh?? they’ve had SO many close calls, luckily even has good hearing and can tell when someone’s gonna walk in and they can get an Appropriate amount of distance between each other. 
  • not-so-subtle texting in the middle of class, isak sends even super-zoomed-in snapchats of random people in class who look bored with the caption same, even sends isak old memes, lots of cute bants that ends up with isak blushing and trying not to grin and texts that say things like fuck you i just laughed out loud in the middle of my biology class, everyone looked at me, im never texting you again
  • yeah not too many interactions in school but its probably for the Best
They’re a single dad and their child calls their best friend (you) their mommy (BTS)

S/N: son’s name

D/N: daughter’s name

Rap Monster: -he would find it rather cute when his daughter looked at him and pointed at you saying mama- “she’s cute. I hope it’s not weird. You take good care of her”

Originally posted by forjimin

Jin: -he was so shocked by his little girl’s words as she handed you a card- “D/N…so sweet”

Originally posted by teamoseokjin

Suga: -he’d listen his son talk about how ‘mommy’ spoiled him today. Buying him candy and what not and spending time with him- “did she now? We’ll have to thank her right”

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

J-Hope: -he’d look at his daughter a little shocked not sure if he heard her right or not- “but D/N she’s not your mom. Well not physically. She does love you like one”

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Jimin: -he would be all giggly at his daughters words as they looked at you- “you would be a very cute mom, you know Y/N”

Originally posted by bwipsul

V: -he would look at his son unsure what to say to him. You looked just as frozen as he was about this- *gif*

Originally posted by taehyungifs

Jungkook: -he would look at you as soon as his daughter cried out for you as ‘mama’ he was in a rough spot with his little one who was in need of a female’s affection- “do you think you could play mama. For a little?”

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Built On Strange Ground is a non-fiction comic anthology of real cursed locations, haunted towns, eccentric neighbors and local lore.

Have you ever lived someplace odd? Is there a house on your block that everyone avoids? A place where mysterious disappearances keep happening? Have you walked in a forest where voices are sometimes heard from the trees? Does your neighbor receive letters in a language that no one has seen before? Is there a highway out of town that some cars never get off of? We want to hear your stories.

Personal experiences are best, but friend-of-a-friend stories or pieces of historical nonfiction are also welcome. We’re especially interested in stories about the strange and unknown, but they don’t necessarily need a paranormal element. We’re looking for any stories you have about weird locations and strange locals.

This is a non-fiction anthology, meaning we want stories based on real people, places and experiences. It’s all right if your submission is about something of dubious validity, like a local legend or rumor, but it should not be a work of fiction.

This anthology is a semi-sequel to Then It Was Dark, an anthology of personal paranormal experiences that is currently in its second print run.

Solo creators and writer-artist teams of all experience levels are welcome to submit pitches. Accepted stories will be paid $50 a page. If you are interested in contributing, send your pitches here.

The deadline for pitches is March 15th, 2017. You can submit more than one, but try to narrow it down to two or three at the most. We want to hear the stories you’re really interested in telling.

Safe travels, everyone.


Reader x McCall Pack / Hale Pack

Requested by @holyfuckinghale1975

“I’m going to need someone to show (Y/N) around.” The teacher finished introducing you and several people’s hands shot into the air. “Stilinski.”


The boy who had been chosen waved and glanced at the boy next to him, winking as he looked disappointed, grabbing his bag as you trailed after him.


“I’m Stiles and you’re (Y/N) right, well you might like it here… it’s weird though but…” He trailed off when you stared at him and stayed silent.

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Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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I… Didn’t know this existed? I feel like people /should/ know??

I mean it gets weird towards the end but:

Cosette: “you’re so hot!”
Enjolras: “thank you!”
Marius: “thank you so much”
Cosette: “i mean, you both are but i’m gonna go with this one he looks less likely to die”
(*enjolras throws his arm up and leave* *so does everybody else*)


Javert: “go on. Kill me like the convict you are.”
Jean valjean: “no. You’re free to go. Have a nice… Life.”