does this look like a freaking moose to you

These are some of my favorite lines from Come From Away

  • “I’ll write S.T.F.D. Slow the fuck down!”
  • “I need something to do ‘cause I can’t watch the news, no I can’t watch the news anymore”
  • “And when I get back Beulah says” “You know those planes are probably filled with women of childbearing age” “So…” “So I’m back to Shoppers”
  • “For the love of God stop bringing toilet paper to the Lion’s Club”
  • “You are freaking out and it’s freaking me out and we are all freaking 👏the fuck 👏out👏”
  • “Ya. that’s a moose”
  • “And that’s how we started speaking the same language”
  • “It’s like any of us could have died on Tuesday”
  • “But he just looks like a gay lumberjack”
  • “I’m Muslim and I was born in Connecticut. I’m an American citizen.” “You don’t look ‘Merican.” “What does that even mean!”
  • “Have you seen my boyfriend? His name is Kevin. He’s about this tall and he’s lost his mind.”
  • “And then they brought the cod.” “The cod” “The cod.” “The cod”
  • “The one thing I loved more than anything was used as the bomb.”