does this look hipster enough for tumblr

His Type


He’s like the nice girls. The shy ones. The reserved ones. He doesn’t like the girls who are too flamboyant. He wanted to make sure his girl knew how beautiful she was no matter how hard she tried to deny it.


He likes a girl who knows how to have fun. He wants her to lead him into things where you don’t know how the outcome will be. He wants to be a little reckless and carefree sometimes.


He likes an outgoing girl. It’s the perfect balance for his reserved, shy self. He feels that he can really be himself around you. He likes to catch that glimpse of a life where you just say what ever is on your mind.


He’s likes a supportive girl. He acts strong and independent but he likes to know that he can fall back on you later on. He likes to know that if anything was bothering him that he can confide in you and that you would have just the right thing to say.


He likes a go with the flow kinda girl. He likes to know that you are up for anything and everything. He likes the fact that your trust him enough to do anything that he asks you to do. Especially in the bedroom but he does like to reverse the roles sometimes and let you dominate over him.


He likes the artistic girls. Otherwise known as hipster. He likes to look at the pictures you take or the doodles you’ve drawn. He likes it when you ask him if a certain shirt matched your pants. He likes to hear about how many notes you get on a tumblr posts. He likes it when you take pictures of you two that really capture how in love you guys are.


He’s likes the athletic girls. He likes that you get up at 5 just to do your morning yoga. He likes it when you guys go to the beach together and paddle board. He likes that when you get upset or stressed you just go for a run and come back like a new person. He likes the smoothies you make for the two of you and how you cringe at the sight of junk food. His favorite days are your binge days where you guys eat everything unhealthy in sight.


He likes the chilled girls. He likes how you two can have a lazy day almost everyday. He likes how comfortable you look in his sweats and how you only walk around in a sports bra. His favorite moments are when you two watch your favorite tv show and he loves how into them you get.


He likes the reckless girls. He likes how you go into things not caring about the outcome. He likes how he can always have a good time with you. He trusts you quite a bit. He likes the suggestions you give him when he asks you what color to dye his hair. He likes the smirk you give him when you guys were about to do something crazy.


Ehhhh not my best work but I hope you guys like it! Ask box is alllllwwwwaaaayyyysssss open. Love every single one of you xoxox