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Does Malzahar ring a bell? Once a priest belonging to the lands of Shurima, Then having a little glimpse of the void and look at him now. More power than he could ever imagine...Nasus, would you join us?

“Those who rub shoulders with the voidtouched scourge are in grave danger of losing themselves. I am well familiar with who you speak of. We would not be on the best of terms.”

“I would not advise trying to tempt me with offers of greater power, especially not to such a vile entity. The next time, I’ll make sure that you will not be able to utter such blasphemy. It’s remarkably difficult to do so, when you’ve your throat torn out.”

I was watching Supergirl and I couldn’t help but notice this building for both seasons…..

That tower right there next to CatCo….does…anyone not notice it? Like, I can’t help but think it looks really, really familiar…..

I mean, it’s missing one thing, but considering that this is 2017, there’s roughly 30+ years until the supposed apocalypse….So here’s how it looks 140-ish years from now..

I don’t know if I’m the first person to point this out, I’ve tried searching for anyone who did but I guess not. 

You can start your crossovers if y’all like. 

Remember these dudes who appeared on Star Trek from time to time? The ones that liked to argue for no reason, who started a fight with the Vulcan Ambassador Sarek? 

Do they look familiar to you? That strange wispy blond hair, that pink completion, those scary, soulless eyes, those frowning ugly lips. Is their appearance ringing some terrible bell, deep in your soul? I don’t know about you, but I happen to know someone who looks just like that.

Does this seem like a coincidence to you? Maybe it is. But when the President Elect is revealed to be an alien, don’t come crying to me. I warned you. 

Next time you see Trump yelling about something, think to yourself, is he really human? Or is he a shaved Tellarite, masquerading as an ugly white politician? 

Stay aware, America. Stay vigilant.  


                                                                PLEASE READ THIS

Okay, are you ready to scream? ‘Cause I’m literally in shock with this information. It killed me AND NOW I SHOULD SHARE THIS WITH YOU.

This guy posted photo with Tarjei and I was like ugh okay simple photo of friends. BUT AFTER THIS THOUGHT I SAW HIS LOGIN … EVEN 100 PROSENT, REALLY? I decided to look at his photo. AND OH MY GOD HE LOOKS LIKE HENRIK. WHAT THE FUCK?  INTERESTING THAT ISAK’S ACCOUNT FOLLOW HIM IN INSTAGRAM. HOW?


- It’s known information that screenwriters of Skam talked with the Norwegian teenagers. And based on their words create stories of Skam’s characters.

- This guy is 19 years old. If you don’t remember Even is 19 :’)

- He posted this selfie in March 2015. THE SAME STYLE AND CLOTHES. 


- He sings and plays in a band. And we can see some guitars in Evan’s room in episode 2.


-  Let’s talk about his flat. He has yellow curtains.


- And we have a curious fact. NRK in one of the interviews wrote: We don’t want to give information about why Henrik was chosen for the role of Even.


I decided to find out the prototype of Isak. I’M NOT REALLY SURE BUT LOOK AT HIM!


oh, sorry for my terrible english AND FOR THIS SHIT! i’m done.

💣 No one knows where Damian’s nose came from. He has his father’s jaw. He has his mother’s cheekbones. His father’s eyes. His mother’s lips. But his nose.

It’s not aquiline or Roman. It doesn’t look the least bit distinguished. In fact, the tip of his nose curves up, in a bit of a snub.

No one knows where it came from, and although it does look slightly familiar, they gave up wondering when pressing matters took precedence.

Until one day Alfred was spring cleaning and set aside some pictures that really ought to go in frames. It was then that the prior familiarity was recognized.

Tilted nose, curved up at the tip, bit of a snub.

Damian has Martha’s nose.

Signal boost for a precious dragon

Hey folks! I very rarely stray from anything daily cat related but I am going to make an exception for one of my friends. Her bearded dragon Draco had to make a vet visit recently (the lil’ buddy is on the mend!), and she’s trying to promote Etsy sales to cover the cost of the trip. 

Some of you may be familiar with her work, for the last two years we’ve been working Rose City Comic Con together. She does some phenomenal colored pencil work! Please if you have a moment go take a look at her shop, I’m sure she’d appreciate the patronage.

The original post

Jillian Lambert Art Etsy

 I have this print, had to get the cat one of course!

This is Draco. Ain’t he a cutie? 

Thanks again folks, now back to the daily cats!  ❤

i don’t know if the shadow world is familiar with the concept of neurodiversity but here are ways for alec to find out he’s autistic;

  • simon is babbling about how he was diagnosed with asperger’s as a kid and alec notices that a lot of the things he’s talking about are things he himself does so he googles it in secret
  • magnus is hundreds of years old and a scholar so he knows everything about everything and one day when alec is complaining about tripping over his words and not being able to look people in the eye he’s like, ‘darling did you ever consider there might be a reason for that’
  • (this one is sadder) maryse picks up on his stimming and tells him to stop but he can’t at first so in a desperate attempt to do something about it he searches ‘how to stop __’ and the results are interesting
  • i feel like isabelle is also one of those people who just Knows, not to mention that she is super smart and does research on things and cares for her brother a whole lot. she tells him, ‘mundanes have a word for that you know’ ‘a word for what, izzy’ ‘for what you’re like’

at first the whole thing seems silly because the concept is entirely new to him and he feels like he’s weaker for being the way he is but in the end it ends up making his life a lot better and it’s super good

“Now I look at her, she does seem kinda familiar,” Steve conceded.

“What!?” Bucky hissed.

Steve wasn’t sure where he’d seen the girl before, she definitely hadn’t worked here the last time he’d been. She’d come and taken their order for two black coffees, then lingered awkwardly as if she expected them to say something else. Maybe Bucky was right: even though the diner had always made sure no-one bothered him in the past, maybe now they were actual fugitives, the policy would change.

Steve knew he should have grown a beard.

The waitress reappeared shortly with their drinks and two cupcakes, with little star sprinkles, that they definitely did not order. She slid them onto the table, then stood staring at Steve with one hand on her hip.

“Cupcakes are on the house, with a side helping of ‘what the hell are you two doing here?’” she said, looking unimpressed.

Cold panic seized Steve’s throat and he saw Bucky none too subtly reach for the butter knife lying on his napkin.

“I mean, when Clint said you guys were headed out of town I kind of assumed that meant further afield. Like, at least Queens,” she said, turning to look at Steve more closely.

“You don’t recognise me, huh? Okay, whatever. Enjoy your coffee, lemme know if you want anything else,” she drawled, falling into a rather disappointed voice. “I’ll tell Thor you said hi.”

Then a lightbulb popped into life above Steve’s head.

“Darcy!?” he exclaimed, thinking back to the one and only time he’d met Dr Foster and her assistant at the tower. “What’re you doing here? Don’t you work with Jane anymore?”

“Oh, sure,” she smiled brightly, now that he knew her, “but this is the job I have to have so Jane and I can keep slogging through theoretical astrophysics as well as eat. And that’s with Clint giving us a break on the rent.”

“I thought Tony gave you guys a grant? You spent a week wheedling it out of him,” he asked, suddenly afraid he would find out that the Avengers’ breakup had cost Jane and Darcy their funding.

“Yeah, Jane spent most of that on some fancy-schmancy equipment that doesn’t need darkness. I don’t know if you noticed but Brooklyn is kinda heavy on the light pollution.” She looked over to where Bucky was still gripping the cutlery. “You’re turn. What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re hiding in plain sight,” Bucky grumbled, glaring at Steve. Steve glared back. Darcy suppressed a giggle.

A shout came from the kitchen for someone called Max, along with a loud clattering noise and another woman’s yelp, but it was Darcy that turned looked back.

“Okay, then, you boys eat those cakes. And if there’s anything else, you know where to find me,” she said, tapping the table by the cakes and then heading away to investigate the ruckus. There didn’t seem to be anyone else around that might be called Max.

Steve gingerly lifted his cupcake - with vanilla cream buttercream, and red and blue stars - off the napkin, revealing the address of Clint’s apartment building scribbled in swirling writing. At least their destination for tonight was sorted out,  he thought. 

Adrien’s Crush on Marinette and vice versa

So I got an interesting critique on one of my stories today (nothing bad or upseting just interesting) And I wanted to share the critique and my response with you guys as it is an interesting topic IMHO: 

Reviewer: To be honest, I’ll never understand where people got the idea that Adrien is unaware of how Marinette feels.Until he started school, blushing, stuttering fangirls were basically the only girls his age he ever interacted with, he should be more than familiar with what they look and sound like.Also Plagg can likely hear a lot of Alya and Marinette’s conversations if he has the same enhanced hearing Chat Noir does and I can’t see him not occasionally mocking Adrien over some of them.Also just… That scene in Horifficator where Adrien trolls the shit out of her requires that he be aware of it, he set it up to well otherwise. We know he knows he’s dead sexy, because he commented on it in Lady Wifi, so.He just doesn’t have the case of wandering penis syndrome the fandom diagnoses him with where he drops all intentions for Ladybug the second ‘another’ girl smiles at him.

My response: I am a little confused by your comment as whether or not Adrien is aware of Marinette’s feelings or not doesn’t really come up in this story *the closest we get is that he talks about the fact that they aren’t close which they aren’t given her constant crush related blunders*
However it is an interesting topic so I am gonna take a stab at a critical analysis anyways ^_^In regards to how can he not know: I fully believe that he IS in fact sheltered in a way that would make it unlike for him to recognize Marinette’s behavior- here’s why: As a wealthy, famous, and massively overprotected celebrity yes he is going to be used to being the object of attention from girls his age- but not girls like Marinette who are shy and stuttering. Girls like her don’t make it past your bodyguards and press agents. His entire concept of girls “liking” him is going to be people like Chloe and Lila *both of whom in the show you can see he clearly recognizes as being interested in him* He is used to women being forward and aggressive. His idea of fangirls is screaming smiling girls toting posters to be signed and begging him to look their way.
Marinette’s form of crush would most likely be extremely foreign to him, which is why he is often show as being confused by her awkwardness (Puppeteer on the train and when he is trying to talk to her at the end of Evilillistrator as two examples).
In regards to Plagg, I 100% believe that Plagg is the type of ass who would think it was hilarious to NOT tell Adrien that Marinette likes him for the pay off of how awkward it will be for him later, espically since I fully believe that Plagg is well aware of her duel identity (but that’s a whole other theory)
Moving onto the Horifficator scene- this takes us into the other very important part of what makes this concept work which will adress both of you second two points: How Ardien feels about Marinette.As you said Adrien is fully aware that he is an attractive and desirable teen model. He openly acknowledges it, and while he is insecure and timid about certain social things due to lack of experience his looks are something he knows he can fall back on. In Horrificator he is very much in his element in a lot of ways. He is expected to play the role of the heartthrob hero. So while he may not be aware that Marinette has feelings for him, he is aware enough of himself to notice that a pretty girl is oggling him and reacts accordingly. He is TOTALLY preening for Marinette’s attention. We see this other times in the show as well- he Shamelessly flirts with her as Chat Noir (something we don’t see him do with other girls he interacts with as Chat IE Chloe), and then goes so far as to press her to see how she reacted to said flirting- and do it again in the gamer episode which takes place later chronologically.
As much as Adrien loves ladybug, he is also a single, attractive 14-15 year old boy who is nowhere near landing the girl of his dreams. He is going to notice other girls and flirt with them, possibly even pursue them. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t in love, it just means that he isn’t unrealistic about the fact that they are teenagers who aren’t in a relationship, so while I do agree that a lot of fanfic writers often have him do a 180 “I’m in love with Ladybug, no I am not I am in love with Marinette” I think this is less an issue of “wandering penis” and more an issue of not giving enough credit on either side. He is unlikely to drop everything for a relationship when he is in love with someone else- at least without acknowledging that he has serious feelings for someone else in depth, however he is also not going to be completely blinded to anything other than Ladybug either as that would be unrealistic given the situation and doesn’t support things that we see in the show that reinforce the idea that he most likely has at least a small crush himself on Marinette, at least enough that he wants to seem impressive to her.

This was actually fairly paired down because AO3 kept telling me I had hit my word count for a comment… 

Anyways what do you guys think? 

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Wishlist for a Love Live Sunshine season 2:

  • More backstory for Yoshiko, specifically why she stopped thinking she was an angel and started thinking she was a devil
  • We meet You’s dad (possible episode premise: he asks her to move to be closer to him but You stays to be with the group)
  • Riko does her very first kabedon
  • The return of Ucchichi
  • A µ’s cameo but a really lowkey one, like they visit Tokyo and go to a cafe and there’s a couple in the background and it’s blatantly Nozoeli but nobody notices or points it out
  • Alternatively: a new music teacher shows up at Uranohoshi (in like glasses and a bun) and everyone thinks she looks familiar and feels like they’ve heard her voice somewhere. At the end of the episode Chika goes to the club room and finds her in there singing and realizes that it was Honoka who had been following Aqours’ activities for a while and wanted to wish them good luck.
  • Ruby gathering the courage to do a solo performance
  • An entire episode of the third years back when they were kids (with some shots of baby Ruby) 
  • Chika and Riko kiss

Who’s That Vans Girl?: @alyssapangione

Alyssa may look familiar, and if she does, it’s probably because you saw this photo of her that we found while lurking through the depths of Instagram. Since then, we’ve been eyeing her rad style on social media and just had to learn more about the stylish fashion student.

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Watercolor || Jughead Jones

Prompt by @pinkhappypanda: a new girl in town, she comes into pops a lot and always gets a chocolate milkshake and a glass of water, Jughead keeps hearing her ask this and finds it strange, so one day after she comes in and sits down he goes over to her and he finds out she paints beautiful paintings with water colours I felt the need to officiallly request it😂😂

A/N: I finally got around to writing this! Hope you enjoy!

Gif by @stlinskim


“Hi, can I have a chocolate milkshake and a water please? To go.”

Jughead looked up when he heard the familiar order. You came in nearly everyday asking for the same thing. Jughead never understood it. Why would you order a chocolate milkshake and a water? And what was in that heavy backpack of yours? When he told Archie about this dilemma of his, the ginger looked at him like he was crazy.

“Why, Archie? Why does she get both drinks? Why not just get one?”

“Jug, you’re overthinking this.”

“But why? Why do I care so much about this?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you like her.”

Archie’s comment had stayed with him for weeks.

Did he like you? Or did he just really want to know why you asked for both a chocolate milkshake and water? Or maybe it was both.

Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts when Pop handed you your drinks.

“Thanks!” you said and walked out of the diner.

Jughead watched you through the window of the diner, debating whether or not to follow you. Before you got too far away, he realized he had to figure out this mystery about you before he went crazy. He quickly got up, packing his stuff up, checking every two seconds or so to make sure you weren’t out of eyesight. After saying a quick goodbye to Pop, Jughead rushed out of the diner and began to follow you. Not stalking. Of course he wasn’t stalking. He watched as you took a sharp right and began to walk into the woods, staying off the usual path. Jughead took a deep breath and continued on his quest.

Definitely not stalking.

How far could this girl walk?

Jughead felt like his legs were on fire as he continued through the woods, pushing branches and bushes out of his way. He was also surprised at the fact that you still hadn’t noticed that he was no more than forty feet away from you. Finally you came to a clearing in the woods, a clearing Jughead had never seen before. Or even knew about. The first thing he noticed was that there was a small pond on the edge of it. Then he noticed all the little animals. There were a ton of birds in the trees and there were frogs, toads, and turtles on the edge of the little pool. It was beautiful. Jughead watched through the trees as you sat down in the middle of the clearing, setting your drinks down next to you. After a quick sip of your chocolate milkshake, you took your backpack off and unzipped it, pulling out a sketchbook, paintbrush, and some paint. You flipped to an unfinished painting in your sketchbook before opening the cup of water you had gotten at Pop’s, dipping your paintbrush in it before mixing it with the yellow paint. Jughead craned his neck as he tried to get a better look at your paintings but could barely see anything. He slowly walked over to you, making sure he didn’t make any noises as he got to within five feet of you. He peered over your shoulder, and looked down at your work. He nearly wolf-whistled.

“That’s really good.” he remarked quietly to himself, breaking the silence.

Not as quiet as he thought.

You let out a surprised scream and spun around, eyes wide. All the birds flew away and the frogs, toads, and turtles dove under the water.

“Sorry, sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you!” the beanie-clad teen exclaimed, putting his hands up to show he meant no harm.

You put a hand on your chest and tried to get your breathing back to normal.

“Oh my G— How’d you find me? This is a secret place.” you said, breathlessly.

Jughead looked down, ashamed.

“Did you… follow me?” you asked.

“I, uh…” Jughead cleared his throat. “I just noticed that you always, um, got a chocolate milkshake and water.”


You looked at him bewildered.

“Come again?” you asked.

Jughead cleared his throat again.

“Everyday you come into Pop’s and get a milkshake and a water. And I just… never understood why. I mean, who gets two very different drinks? I guess I just wanted to know what you were doing?” he asked shyly, refusing to look at you.

This was a bad idea. What if you thought he was a creep? A stalker? A—

Your laugh broke him out of his thoughts. You laughed until your sides ached and tears leaked out of your eyes. Jughead felt his cheeks heat up.

“It’s not funny.” he mumbled.

“Yes it is!” you managed to get out in between laughs and gasps for air.

Jughead pouted, crossing his arms as he waited for you to stop laughing. You finally managed to calm down, but a chuckle escaped you now and then.

“I can’t believe you followed me because of the fact that I ordered two drinks.”

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, I guess it was kinda weird, huh?”

You smiled at him.

“Yeah, maybe, but it’s fine.” you reassured.

The two of you became silent, unsure about how to continue the conversation.

“I, uh, I should go. I didn’t mean to disturb you in your… painting mode or whatever.” Jughead said.

Painting mode?!

You smirked.

“You could stay if you want. I mean, you walked all this way, right? Might as well sit down for a while and relax.”

Jughead gave a shy smile as he sat down next to you.

“Okay,” he said and held out his hand. “I’m Jughead, by the way.”

You took it, smiling at the raven-haired teen.

“I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N.”


A/N: Hope you guys enjoyed! Send me feedback!


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So I was watching LazyTown and I know that’s not a good starting sentence but please

Just a casual character that vaguely looks familiar…wait what

Guys, this guy looks has the same color eyes, same lines, same nose shape, and same jawline as Mr. Tin Foil

I’m not sure whats more depressing the fact that I recognized him, that I’m watching LazyTown, or that his life has gone so down hill since the filming of this

The same maker of this iconic video in Pyros channel was in LazyTown (or at least a doppelganger of him)

I don’t know for a fact if it is him but my god. He sure does look like him

Please tell me what you guys think after watching it

Also if you need a refresh on who the hell Mr. Tin Foil is to the Pyrocynical Community here ya go

You’re all forgetting another dance AU!

Another Cinderella Story AU, that is!

Marinette, or in this case, Mary, is a girl with great talent but has confidence issues. She’s always in the company of her more confident best friend who always has her back.
Adrien, or, Joey, is a local celebrity who wants to go to school like everyone else. He’s accompanied by his best friend who supports him in his own decisions. 

And look, they even sit next to each other

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The blonde queen bee mean girl that said celebrity knows personally, who wants him for herself, followed by the equally mean lanky friend, and look, a brunette with bangs, just like Volpina. Intelligence may be lacking, but all are equally sly. They also want the main guy.

Does this scene look familiar to you? Yeah it dooo.

Mary’s confidence really grows when she’s dancing. She and Joey are very in sync and dont know who their partner is behind the mask. Just like LadyNoir. +Those clothes!

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Oh and their friends are a couple as well, djwifi anybody?

Do you have more scoop on Robin’s return to Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time? — Jameson
As you may have noticed in photos from Sunday’s episode, Robin looks very, ahem, familiar. “Regina puts him in Robin Hood’s clothes, and that does something to her,” Lana Parrilla teases. “She’s completely overwhelmed and emotional over that because now he aesthetically looks exactly like the Robin Hood she was in love with, or is still in love with, and yet he’s not the same person.” However, Robin of Locksley isn’t quite who she thinks he is. “There are several things that he does that leads her to believe that he isn’t the Robin Hood that she knows, and that he is a different Robin,” Parrilla adds.