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vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno

on their way to get some alien sighting

will stop by the bubble tea shop if they come across it

Teru finding out that Mob will go out with him around the city after school with the promise of fancy, weird colored soda~ ///

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you should make a part two to that blurb about furniture shopping but this time the ugly chair just came and you ride him on it

Part One

God this thing was ugly.  Who the hell put paisley and fish together?  You were sure Anna Wintour put it in some Vogue issue hence the reason Harry just had to have it.  Even the men who delivered it side-eyed you as they unwrapped it from the brown paper and plastic.

So here it was.  The ugliest chair you had ever seen.  And it was in your living room.  You sighed as you glanced around.  He would insist on having the chair where people could see it.  

There had to be a better place to put it though.  Some place where both of you could-

“Ohhhhhh yeah baby!”  He yelled as he emerged from the kitchen behind you.  His voice so loud it caused you to almost jump out of your skin.  He walked towards the chair, “Look at this masterpiece…how beautiful it goes with the wood?  I told you.  You just wouldn’t listen though.”

You bit your lip, the gears in your head turning as you watched him survey his monumental furniture purchase.

He was still in his workout clothes, having just returned from the gym.  His biceps were glistening with sweat and you just knew his hair was soaked with it underneath his backwards hat.  

You quirked your brows as an idea popped into your head.  

You walked towards the chair, nodding gently as you stared down at the fabric,

“Alright…I will concede that it does look decent enough with the wood floor.”  You looked up at him, “Is it comfortable?”

Harry shrugged,

“Don’t remember.  Let me check…”  He sat down, a huge grin popping up on his cheeks as he looked up at you, “Like a cloud.”

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16 Hours to Go

A/N: A smutty Spencer x Reader where the two have sex in a plane bathroom. I decided it wouldn’t be on the jet though because the team would ABSOLUTELY know what was going on. ;) @coveofmemories @sweetg


“I need off of this plane,” you muttered for the 10th time in as many minutes. “How much longer is this flight going to be?” You’d asked that question numerous times too. After going to China on a 20-hour flight, liaising with a University, and helping the locals with an impromptu case of their own, the last thing either of you wanted to do was sit on another 20-hour flight back. 

Spencer huffed, turning his head to you as his fingers drummed against the armrest between you. “I’ve lost track of how many times you’ve asked that question. We’ve been on the plane for four hours. That means 16 to go. Stop reminding me.”

“I’m so tired,” you groaned, kicking your feet like a two year old. “But I can’t sleep. Why the hell is that?” 

Spencer huffed again. “I could actually tell you why that happens, but I don’t think you really want the answer.”

“No,” you said, “I don’t. I just want to be able to sleep. But very few things allow me to sleep when I’m this overly tired. A good meal, a bubble bath, and/or sex. That’s it. And I’m not getting any of that any time soon. God, this is awful.” The air was stifling. How the fuck were you supposed to survive another 16 hours of this? Especially awake hours?

Spencer looked around, eyebrows raised, wondering how many other people were awake in business class and how many employees were around. “You could have one of those things now,” he said. 

“What? Do you see the flight attendants? Does the food actually look decent?” you asked, looking around like a bear after hibernation. You weren’t hangry yet, but you were getting there. 

“Not the food,” he replied. “I have no idea where the flight attendants are. I was talking about the sex.”

“Really?” you asked, snapping your head in his direction. He’d never expressed any interest in you before. “You would have sex with me because I’m cranky?”

He laughed, “Not just because you’re cranky and I’d rather not deal with a hostile, sexually-frustrated Y/N for the next 16 hours, but because you’re hot and I’ve thought about it nearly every day since you started at the BAU. Plus, if having sex with you will keep you from asking me how much longer the flight is, I will gladly do it.”

“Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?” you exclaimed, doing your best to keep your voice down. “You’ve got the whole hot geek thing going on and I’m really into it. I would’ve slept with you a long time ago if you’d told me that.”

He looked around again. “Well…” he smirked, darting his eyes back toward the bathroom. The business class one was a bit larger than the one in coach and miles cleaner, so…why the fuck not? He was hot. You were horny.

“I’ll go in first,” you said. “You follow in a few minutes.” With a smile, she pushed up from her seat and walked toward the bathroom, moving inside and leaning against the sink. For five minutes, you drummed your own fingers against the sink, waiting for Spencer to come to you. Maybe he was fucking with you. Maybe he didn’t actually want you. Maybe he was laughing in his seat right now about how gullible you were. 

A knock at the door startled you, and you opened the door a crack to see who it was. “Hey, what took you so long?”

“I didn’t want to draw any attention to what we were about to do,” he laughed. As you looked up at him, you realized that you were standing closer to him than you ever had before. The smell of his cologne, light as sea foam wafted around your heads. You started out in your seats in disbelief. You weren’t actually going to do this, were you? But when you looked at him, all of the humor vanished from the small room, replaced by tension thicker than butter. “You sure?” he muttered against your lips.

Without a word, your lips grazed against his. You’d never kissed him before, and as a shudder rolled through you, you wondered whether you’d ever known the meaning of a kiss before. It was intoxicating. His tongue slowly made its way into your mouth, leading it in a sensual dance as his hands glided down your sides. “Oh my god,” you breathed, swallowing hard as his fingers dipped ever-so-slightly below the waist of your skirt. “I want you.”

“You have me,” he mumbled against your neck. “But you’re going to have to keep it down so we don’t get caught. Think you can do that?”

With a laugh, you shook your head. This was going to be difficult - you weren’t the quiet kind. His hands pulled up the material of your skirt, bunching it around your waist while you unbuttoned your blouse, exposing your lacy bra for his viewing pleasure. “God, you’re beautiful,” he breathed, gently biting down on your bottom lip before nibbling a trail to back behind your ear. “So gorgeous.” He licked at the skin on your breasts, moaning at the taste of you. 

Spencer continued to bury his head between your breasts, kissing, nibbling and sucking at the sensitive flesh as you undid his belt. His tongue glided over the lace and toward your nipple, sending a wave of pleasure through you that stopped you in your tracks, your hands hanging limply near his belt buckle. It was only when he pulled the lace underneath your breast and took your nipple in his mouth that you woke up to the sensations, picking up where you left off and pushing his pants down below his knees. “Do you have a condom?” you asked suddenly.

“Yea,” he said, opening his palm. “I came in prepared.” Such a boy scout. You took it from him, ripping the package open with your teeth and placing it in your mouth, so that when you crouched down in front of him, you could sheath him with your mouth. “Oh my god,” he groaned, doing his best to stifle his groans into himself. You couldn’t get it all the way on with your mouth in this position, so you pushed it the rest of the way on and rose to meet his heated gaze again. There was a fire in his eyes you’d only seen when he faced an unsub. 

“Now,” you said, grabbing him by the back of the neck and pulling his face toward yours. Once you lifted your leg, you placed it behind Spencer, bracing it on the wall carefully so as to not make noise. Your other leg lifted up and wrapped around his waist, pulling him into you so that his member was flush against your sex. “I want you inside me now.”

Gently, he reached between you, grabbing and placing himself at your entrance. He looked into your eyes and took your lips in a searing kiss as he pushed upward, your walls enveloping him inch by inch until he was fully enveloped in you. “Fuck, Y/N…” he groaned, his eyes going wide at the warmth of you. Once inside you, you’d both realized how difficult having sex in here was, but you made it work. Your hands wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him into you as he thrusted upward, knocking your head into the wall. His hand came up to cradle he back of your head, while the other reached to your leg, grabbing it firmly as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. 

“Oh hell,” you breathed. “Harder, please.” He swallowed your cry of pleasure as he fucked you harder. Just outside, you could hear someone passing, but you were on a collision course from which there was no return. “Right there, Spence. Right there.” Your nails dug into his back, nearly breaking the skin as he surged into you, his cry of release half strangled in his throat, half released into your neck. “Oh my god. We definitely have to do that in bed later on.”

“Absolutely,” he laughed, removing the condom and pulling up his pants. “We can’t actually have sex in the seats, but I would be all for a little making out when we sit down.” He pressed his lips against yours while you buttoned your shirt back up. Whatever you could get away with on the plane, you were going to do.

He went out first, telling the flight attendant who’d asked what was happening that you didn’t feel well and he’d been holding your hair, but you could tell by her tone that she didn’t buy it. Seconds later, you walked out of the bathroom, adjusting your skirt with a smile. Yea, you thought as she looked at you, she definitely didn’t buy it. Whatever. You were no longer so horny it hurt. “Feeling better?” he laughed as you sat back down in your seat.

“Much,” you replied. You leaned over and gave him a kiss, your tongue just jutting into his mouth, teasing, before pulling away. “When we get off this plane, first thing we’re doing is going back to my apartment.”

For @glyndwrr who sent me this: ok hi, idk if these count as loose or like full prompts or what, but I am a SLUT for proposal fics, but, but, also another thing that I rarely ever see is like. One character thinks the other character is cheating on them or breaking up with them and it causes angst, but they’re not! it was all miscommunication! like, where they’re like ok this is it. the end. they don’t love me anymore and I have no self worth. and the other ones like, no! no i love you! ? do they hate me? idk?? ok sorry bye

Here you go, love! I combined the two prompts in one fic. Hope you like it! I’m not so sure about this, tbh. AO3

There are some mentions of past abuse and Adam Parrish generally being way too fucking hard on himself.

I’m still filled with wonder (you could fool me easily)

The light shining through the thin, white curtains in front of the cracked-open window in the master bedroom at the Barns, falls onto the bed and wakes Adam up. He slowly blinks the sleep out of his eyes and inhales the scent of the light breeze entering and of early mornings, summer, contentment. Next to him, Ronan is lying on his stomach, arms stuffed under the pillow. His face is turned towards Adam. His mouth is slightly open, his long lashes cast shadows across his cheekbones. Ronan doesn’t always look at ease while sleeping, but this is one of the times he does. He looks like it’s the first decent sleep he’s had for a while and Adam tries to push down the overwhelming feeling when he realizes it might very well be because of him.

Adam Parrish is home for the summer after his third year away at college. He’s in love and happy.

He arrived yesterday, his bag is still in the corner, unpacked. Adam dropped it there with the knowledge that he has almost three whole months to put away his stuff if he wants to, but yesterday was not the time. It was the time, however, of hugging Opal, carrying out a blanket and lying down on it with his whimsical family and eat the hotdogs Ronan had made for dinner.

(‘I sure missed your homemade food’, he’d drily remarked upon seeing what Ronan had prepared for his first night back at the Barns.

‘Shut up, asshole. You know you did.’ And God, if it wasn’t the food, he had missed Ronan’s particular kind of pet names, the fuck you’s that sound more like I love you’s.)

It was also the time for kissing, lots of kissing and well, a little more than kissing. After having put Opal to bed and having read her a story like she always requested when he was there, Adam let Ronan take him apart with his hands, his mouth until it felt like he was crumbling, until Ronan had run out of curse words to mix with Adam’s name, until all the air had returned to Adam’s lungs; the kind of oxygen only Ronan can give him.

They’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms, I love you and I missed you mumbled right before the world fell away and made place for his dreams.

Now, he watches Ronan’s back lift in time with his breathing. His tattoo is illuminated too and the stark black creates an almost otherworldly contrast. Adam scoots closer after checking the clock and seeing the red 05:34 flickering. His internal clock is still adjusted to college, but that doesn’t mean he has to listen to it.

Ronan cracks his eyes open when Adam lays closer to him. He gives Adam a lazy smile and turns around so Adam can rest his head on his chest and he can circle his arms around the rest of him.

They get another three and a half hours of sleep.

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a new fictional series set in the universe of CW’s longest running horror show Supernatural, starring Supernatural star Misha Collins in the role of Castiel, the show’s lead. All the moments Castiel was absent without explanation now revealed in this brand new series, coming to your screens this fall.

Castiel (Misha Collins) is a fallen angel watching over humanity. Over the span of the series he travels the world performing miracles and saving people from the terrible creatures his father (Rob Benedict) created while in an asshole mood. Features guest appearances from Castiel’s on and off boyfriend Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and Dean’s brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) while they screw up the world constantly in attempts to keep eachother alive, these outrageous efforts originating from an unhealty codependency formed in their childhood. Their problems would be solved a lot easier if they just asked Castiel for help, but most of the time they seem to avoid doing just that.
this is what @sarawh and me come up with in our conversations

I went to my cousin’s wedding today, and it was absolutely beautiful. It was on the water, and there’s a really tall bridge to one side for cars to get to and from the island. Right as the ceremony was about to start, some guy on top of the bridge looked down, took off his shirt, and screamed “DON’T DO IT!!” It was really funny. 

But in all seriousness, the whole thing (minus the shirtless dude) was so cute, sweet and pretty. It almost makes me want to have a wedding someday but that’s probably never going to happen

Also my extended family has decided that the only way I’m ever going to get a boyfriend is if I meet him through a dating site. Which they want me to do bc apparently I’m old


My friend just gave me a going merry figure for my birthday its so high quality im crying high quality tears

Also there’s the funeral version one which I refuse to build cause it’s roasting my heart

fuckboy (Hoseok)

Words: 3816

Contents: fluff/cursing

Summary: He looked it. He acted it. He spoke like it. Yet with you, he was nothing like it.

pt 1/?

gif posted by: hobijana

“He’s staring right at you, Y/N.”

You bit at your bottom lip in an attempt to refrain from looking over your shoulder at the guy your friends were talking about. According to Ava, from the second you had stepped into the club this stranger hadn’t been able to take his eyes off you.

“I don’t even know what he looks like,” you huffed, grabbing at the straw in your drink with your tongue.

“A fuckboy, a really attractive fuckboy,” Ava responded, her eyes looking right past you. “I wish I had this boy looking at me like that.”

“Do you wanna trade places?” You offered as you set your glass back onto the bars’ counter. “I feel uncomfortable.”

“Oh trust me, I wish I could,” she grinned, her eyes finally meeting yours. “Don’t worry about it though, there’s a whole bunch of girls around him so he’s bound to look away at some point.”

A smile slid up onto your lips but didn’t quite reach your eyes. “Here’s hoping.”

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