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The group I DM for my hombrew game love to loot anything and everything that isn't nailed down. However, this makes it hard to give bosses cool/powerful weapons without them taking it and breaking the game. I've tried counteracting this by having them fight mostly magic users and monsters that use claws or fangs. It feels cheap though to just tell them "you can't have this because reasons" or having the weapon miraculously break after the fight. Any ideas on how to avoid this problem?

You could look for weapons that you know they’re not proficient in! I’m gonna try to cover as many weapons as possible, if this doesn’t help please feel free to send me specific weapons you wanted to use. Today, a week from now, a month, etc. I hope this helps! <3

Giant weapon: Literally too big to use/hold. You can take it, but you move at speed 10. 

Smaller hand held weapon: It burns, its almost unbearable. 1d6 damage every time you pick it up. [e.g. if they put it in a sheath and take it out, 1d6 damage]

The item has a spell cast on it to return to its wielder, even in death. Its powerful enough to drag the player holding it back by 10 feet whenever they move away from it.

The weapon is sentient, and had a symbiotic relationship with the enemy. Your players have nothing to give, so it doesn’t want to work with them. 

Book or wooden weapon: The enemy makes his items bursts into flames when he knows its over.

 The items great power came from the enemy, once he’s gone the item returns to normal stats. [e.g. amputation knife cuts off limbs, limbs become under control of enemy and does 1d10 damage. but in your party’s possession, it just does 1d4 slashing]

Bow: The string snapped. its replaceable, but the string is what gave it its power. Unfortunate. Looks beautiful, though!

Whip: Spikes found along the whip were grown by the witch, who is since dead. With no spikes, it does less damage.

Ammunition: Looks like its already been used…twice? Its dangerous to reuse it. You can, but its not recommended. 

//low key voltron rant//

okay please don’t hate me for this or anything but I just,,,,

I really love all the homesick!lance fics/prompts/headcanons etc, I really do. It’s just, I’ve literally never seen any of that about the other paladins and i just??? Lance isn’t the only one homesick and it’s low key irritating that everyone just seems to focus on Lance’s???

Like, look me in the eye and tell me that Pidge doesn’t cry herself to sleep most nights. Because he father might be dead and there’s been no leads on where Matt is. She hides under the covers and she’s overwhelmed with how hopeless she feels. And then she buries her head into her pillow and cries harder because what she’s feeling right now must be nothing compared to her mother. Her mother, who not only lost a husband and a son (they, along with shiro, were most likely presumed dead) but a year later her daughter, the last thing she has left, goes missing too. Look me in the eyes and tell me that pidge doesn’t feel so extremely guilty that she literally has to stop herself from thinking about it because if she doesn’t it will destroy her.

And Allura!!! She lost her whole damn planet. Not just her home, or friends, but her family. She can’t even see Altea at all. The only thing she has left from Altea is Coran. Like, she didn’t just lose her father (and all other possible relatives) but she lost friends too. Best friends. Can you imagine that??? Losing your home, father, family, friends and best fucking friends and finding all of that out at the same time?? Don’t tell me she doesn’t spend every waking moment missing her home with everything she has, how she buries herself in her work because if she thinks too hard about it she might just break. Don’t tell me that some (rare) days, neither Coran or Allura can’t even look at each other because it’s too fucking painful. But on most days, they can’t let the other out their sight because they’re both terrified if they do the other will die, and the last remaining link to Altea, their home, will disappear.

Don’t tell me that Hunk hasn’t been in the middle of cooking something, whilst humming a soft, happy tune, and then he goes to turn around, probably to ask his mother for something or maybe to ask his Nana to see if he’s doing it right, and he just freezes because no one is there. His family is back on Earth. And he just stares at the space, tears in his eyes but they never fall. And he wishes, oh how he wishes, that he can go back to moments ago when everything was fine and he forget that his parents probably think he’s dead. Don’t tell me that the dish he was preparing doesn’t get tossed in the trash, half finished because he lost his motivation. And maybe one day, he sees Coran with a chess board and his heart physically fucking hurts because all he can think about is how his father and his papa would sit and play chess for hours and hours on end. It was a thing with their family. At any gathering (Easter, Christmas, New Years, birthdays, weddings or just a random meet up) everyone would groan when the chess board came out, yet set and watched them play with soft eyes and warms hearts. Look me in the eye and tell me that Hunk doesn’t quickly excuse himself, and barely makes it out the room before he’s covering his mouth to hide his sobs.

And Coran, someone who has lost just as much as Allura, but must remain strong and put on a brave face because he can’t let Allura see him break as she will too. How sometimes, he’ll trail off in the middle of a conversation (most likely him telling a random yet exciting story from Altea) when he stops, with a cold feeling in his chest, because he remembers that he’ll never get to do that again, or see altea again. Don’t tell me he doesn’t keep a picture of his family with him at all times, and every time he does something dangerous he looks at them to remind himself he has to stop other people from losing what he did. Don’t tell me that he won’t freeze when a paladin is laughing because it sounds so much like one of his sons (or maybe a grandson or maybe a close friend) and for a split second he thinks it’s them but it’s not and his whole day is ruined.

Don’t tell me that Shiro, bring the only child (I think don’t sue me), won’t constantly think about his parents and how worried they were about this mission, but Shiro had always brushed them off. “We’re worried.” “Don’t go.” They said, but he reassured them that they’ll be fine, and then they sent him off with sad, proud smiles on their faces. “I’ll be back in no time.” He said to them, and now it’s years later and he still hasn’t seen them. Don’t tell me it breaks him, that the guilt weighs so heavily on him that he throws himself into training, maybe even ‘accidentally’ gets hurt because anything is better thank thinking about how his parents are properly staring into space, holding each other and crying, waiting for their son to come back ‘in no time’.

And Keith, who doesn’t have a family. He has a father that he struggles to remember because he vanished when he was just a little kid. Don’t tell me he doesn’t listen to everyone share stories of their families and curl up on himself because he never ha one. He doesn’t remember much about his dad at all, and what he did foster homes and orphanages took that away. How he hates himself for not missing Earth. Because he sees how everyone else is struggling with that and he can’t relate at all because, what’s there to miss about a sad, little shack in the middle of the desert. Completely isolated.

Yeah, I get that Lance suffers I do, but that doesn’t mean no one else does. We shouldn’t ignore the pain and homesickness (wow I didn’t think that was a word) of a whole bunch of characters in favour of one.

I’m probably gonna lose followers over this but oh well. There’s just not enough acknowledgement of the other characters (mainly coran and hunk tbh) suffering from homesickness and other things.

don’t sue me pls I have no money

Evfra De Tershaav (blue means danger)

So when it comes to humans, red often symbolizes danger. Red danger tape at a construction site means ‘do not enter for concern of immediate death’. Stop signs mean ‘stop here to make sure you don’t die’. Red stop lights also mean stop and pay attention.

It’s theorized that red is such a danger color to humans because of blood. Our blood, as you may know, is red. When it’s coming out of the body, that means something bad happened. Something dangerous that needs to be avoided. If a person sees blood on the floor, fear and concern might be something they think of first.

There is even research suggesting that using the color red in competitive gaming can give you an edge over your opponent because it subconsciously unnerves them.

Angara bleed blue, not red. To an angara the color blue is likely to them what the color red is to us. It’s an aggressive, eye-catching color.

And Evfra is blue. And not just a little blue. His whole body is blue. Even if he didn’t actively try to inspire fear in those around him they’d be predisposed to being afraid of him because Evfra is practically the color of blood to angara. And from everything in game it seems Evfra is one of the most feared and respected angara around. Especially within the Resistance. Some angara on Aya don’t even want to say his name aloud for fear of him hearing them talking about him.

It’s like looking at a picture of Hellboy. With his bright red skin he looks dangerous even before he does anything. Seems probable that Evfra could be like that for angara. 

Just a random thought.

rabbit emoji review

is this what innovation looks like, apple? looking at it makes me feel at an unease, what unseen dangers does this rabbit see?  5/10


normally this thick lining looks ugo but look at this little charmer!!! points deducted for the weird ears 6/10

this looks like a fucked up polar bear  2/10

this rabbit has come from the future to tell you about the virtual reality wars, it is a hero and an ally 9/10

GASP!!! I LOVE THIS!!! do i love it as an emoji tho? points deducted for uncertainty 8/10

a charming little standard bun as drawn by a latex fetish artist 6/10

the shine on this art implies its covered in something other than fur, and while its one of the most anatomically pleasant buns i cant help but feel,,,unsettled 3/10

OMG THIS, POTATO!!!!!!! 8/10

a little guy enjoying a bit of breeze!! 7/10

what in the gotdamn hell 0/10

sinister, i fear giving it a low rating will invoke its rage 10/10

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number 1 for drabble meme, KC. Thanks!

1:  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

A number one coming right up! Hope you like Kol lol If not…I’m sooo sorry xD On FF

Also, If you want one!

Half-Time Show Entertainment

“Caroline, you look positively delightful! Still, I am afraid half of your skirt has fallen off somewhere - not that I’m complaining.” Kol joked, lifting his drink to her presence.

“Ha…funny, the skirt is supposed to be this short, and by the way you’re looking at my legs, it does its job fabulously.”

“Dangerous words coming from my brother’s little love. Should I ask who you’re going off to seduce with your lovely legs?” Kol asked.

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danger days gerard + save yourself lyrics

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How would the RFA be like with a skater MC? One who enjoys skateboarding and doing cool tricks or cruising around on a longboard? I absolutely love skateboarding myself~ would any of the RFA wanna try or does it look too scary/dangerous? thx (。・ω・。)

WHOA, SO COOL. I own a skateboard, but I don’t know how to… do anything?


Originally posted by ladyarcane

  • She didn’t expect it at all
  • When she sees you she’ll get worried
  • She’d be speechless everytime you do a trick
  • And she’ll panic when you fall 
  • But secretly thinks it’s so cool
  • I don’t think she’ll want to try it, but she somewhat enjoys seeing you do it


  • He becomes a really really excited puppy
  • He knew you were going to be good at it
  • Let’s face it, everytime you do a trick, he’ll scream and get even more excited
  • And if you fall he’ll run to where you are and have so many emotions, 
  • Like he’ll be worried, and scared that you’ll get hurt, but so damn hyper about you being the coolest person there is
  • He’ll totally ask you to teach him, and he’ll work really hard to impress you too.


  • So confused about it
  • <My princess… is doing.. that?>
  • Sees you doing some random trick
  • <Whoah!! that’s my girl, she’s so cool>
  • Sees you fall
  • <OH NO, HELL NO>
  • And it’s a cycle with no end
  • He won’t try it, maybe he has thought about it, but no. 
  • “You are so awesome for doing all that, but it’s too dangerous, babe!”
  • “Uhm, like you riding your motorcycle?”


  • Also really confused about it
  • But when he sees you he is impressed
  • I don’t know why, but I imagine him really enjoying it
  • “Here, I’ll give you full equipment. If I see a single scratch on you, i’ll get mad”
  • I think he’ll build or restore the park where you always skate
  • And bodyguards are always with you for emergencies
  • He won’t try it, but he’ll want to see you when he has the chance.


  • Also so impressed and so into it
  • He’ll surely tell you to teach him
  • And he’ll learn surprisingly fast, so he’ll encourage you to learn even more and keep practising
  • He’ll challenge you anywhere, at anytime
  • He’d actually get worried when you get hurt, but we all know he is the one that gets hurt the most
  • Lots of stupid skateboarding pickup lines to make you laugh

Collision Course - Part Four

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Jamie pulled his horse up short as they crested the hill and the valley opened before them. They had only stopped twice to rest the horses and grab a bite for themselves. It had been a long and hard ride but they had made good time and Jamie was relatively certain they hadn’t been followed.

“Murtagh,” he called his kinsman who had been bringing up the rear and keeping a close eye on Frank who looked like he might drop off the back of Claire’s horse at any moment. “I want ye to ride back a ways just to be sure we were no followed.”

“Do ye want me to go up to the house on my way to meet ye at the cave?”

Jamie flushed red. “No. I’ll go when I’m ready.”

Murtagh nodded and bit his tongue. The lad knew the danger of being on the property without warning folk he was around. Of course if the rumors were true it could be dangerous for him to go to the front door too. But it wasn’t a fight Murtagh was ready to have yet. It would keep until they were tucked safe away in the cave.

As Murtagh rode back, Claire eased her horse forward slowly trying to keep Frank from falling off.

“Where are we going?” To the house down there?” she asked.

He shook his head. “Canna take him to the house––too dangerous, especially wi’ him looking like he does,” Jamie muttered. He hadn’t expected Frank to look so like Black Jack. Given that the last he’d seen his sister had been when Black Jack carted him away, the last thing he wanted was to show up again with a man in tow who looked exactly like him but had clearly been beaten and cut up. “There’s a cave no too far where ye can treat him properly and rest a bit. The soldiers from the fort will check the hill wi’ the stones first thing along with Leoch.”

“But you don’t think they’ll come here?”

“To Lallybroch? Eventually, perhaps,” Jamie admitted. “Randall kens it’s where I’m from and he certainly recognized me. But Dougal and Leoch will keep them busy for a time and they’ll no know about the cave. We should be able to get the pair of ye back to the stones safe.”

Claire looked about to continue the conversation when Frank groaned from his tenuous perch.

Jamie led them downward into the valley and toward the treeline.

It took some careful maneuvering to get Frank down from the horse and on his feet. The uphill climb and rocky terrain meant Jamie was forced to help Frank up to the cave itself.

“I’ll go fetch ye some water,” Jamie said, searching for an excuse to get away from the cave and the sight of Claire with Frank.

“Oh,” Claire muttered, clearly disappointed. “Uh… well, I’ll get started on checking Frank’s wounds but I think he’ll need stitches.”

“Aye,” Jamie nodded. “Ye have yer box there, no? Is there more ye’ll need?”

“A bit of drink for sterilization and to help him with the pain,” she reminded him. “And possibly someone to help hold him still––or at least to hold a light.”

“Ah,” Jamie responded, flushing. “Well… Murtagh shouldna be too far behind. I’ll go fetch him––after I bring ye the water of course.” He turned to go and ignored Claire’s attempts to call him back.

She groaned with frustration and worry. She wanted desperately to talk to him, to explain… but what was there to explain? It was Frank who had no idea what was going on. Grappling with her medical box she returned to Frank’s side.

“Now will you please explain who in God’s name these people are and what the hell is going on,” Frank snapped as Claire began peeling back the improvised bandages gingerly.

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Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

He looks nice in the waiter’s outfit that Satoi-sama designed so why not have the rest of the Mukamis plan a customer-initiated party?

Ruki-kun, my present to you is… uh… making you look more presentable than your brothers because I didn’t know that I switched brushes halfway orz.


🔅I just love your imagines!!! Could you do a Daryl x reader where they are fighting about Daryl being overprotective of her and they don’t know their feelings for each other just yet and during the fight Daryl ends up suddenly kissing her passionately… you can add anything else, hope u like it 😘 thank you!! 💗🔅

 I hope you like it! 💕 

-Ugh! I hate it when you do that! —you slammed the door open and walked inside the house. You threw your backpack in anger to the floor. —Why do you always have to follow me when I go out these walls?
-You’d be dead if I didn’t. —Daryl said simply. You couldn’t help but feel a little offended by his words.
-Excuse me? —you took a hand to your chest. —I can take care of myself!
-Didn’t look like it back there. —he told you. You had gone beyond the walls because you wanted to be alone, everything was going just fine until you came across a bunch of hungry walkers. You started to kill them, but they were too many and you only had a small knife. Suddenly, they all started to fall to the ground as arrows stabbed their heads. Instead of feeling relief, you rolled your eyes and sighed loudly. Daryl saved your ass, and it wasn’t even the first time, that’s what was pissing you off. Every time you left the community, Daryl followed you and watched over you, and it annoyed the hell out of you.
-You’re not my father, you’re not my boyfriend, I’m not your responsibility, so stop following me around! —you yelled at him and walked out of the house.
You felt the anger still running through your veins, you glared at the gates and a soft grin twitched in your lips. Purely out of spite you wanted to leave to community, to make sure Daryl wouldn’t follow you and let him worry his ass off; you were like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
-Are you authorized to leave? —an Alexandrian asked once you reached the gates. She leaned on the gates and crossed her arms, waiting for your answer with an eyebrow up.
-Authorized? —you almost laughed at her question. She nodded but kept her straight face. You rolled your eyes and turned around. So now you had an alibi. If Daryl went to the guard and asked her if you left the community, she would say that you wanted to but she refused to let you go. Daryl wouldn’t even know where to start looking for you.

You went to a street of town in which the houses were not occupied yet, you climbed up the wall and landed on your feet at the other side. There was a little hole in the fence, you placed your eye there and saw that the street was still lonely.

You wandered about, breathing the fresh air and trying to be as silent as you could. There were many things running through your head, specially that fight with Daryl. He didn’t regret saving you or following you even when you were screaming at his face for it. He had remained so calm while you were yelling at him, as if he told you he would do it again just to keep you safe. You shook your head at that thought, he was just as stubborn as you, that’s what you chose to think instead. But why would he drop everything he was doing every time you went out, why would he risk his life when you were in trouble? Many questions popped in your head as you walked through the woods.
You were awaken from your thoughts with the sound of crushing leaves behind you. You turned around, grasping your knife tightly, expecting to find a walker but instead there was Daryl.
-You have to be kidding me! —you yelled at him as you rolled your eyes. He didn’t say anything. —Does it look like I’m in danger right now?
Daryl only raised his crossbow and shot it at a walker that was a few feet away from you. You sighed and turned back to Daryl.
-Great, a walker, I would have died without you, thank you. —you told him in a sarcastic tone. He went towards the walker and took his arrow back.
-Ain’t that hard to say ‘thank you’, is it? —he said as he walked past you back to the community and it only made the blood in your veins boil.
-I have never asked you to come save me! —your voice raising with every word you said. —In fact, I asked you to stop doing it!
-What if I don’t? —he turned around and look at you defiantly.
-You will. —you told him sternly. You saw him raise an eyebrow under dark strands of hair. He took a step closer to you.
-Or what? —he asked hoarsely, staring straight into your eyes. Your cheeks turned red.
-Or I-I will-
Before you could finish your sentence, Daryl grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you fiercely. Your eyes widened at that, you had no idea what was going on but you liked it. You started to give in slowly, closing your eyes and placing your hands on his chest as kissed him back, tiptoeing so you could be closer to his mouth. His fingers tangled in your soft hair as he held you strongly.
He pulled away from you, breathing heavily.
-Or you will what? —he asked with a smirk, his lips were still red and slightly swollen. You bit your moist lower lip and chuckled as you rolled your eyes.
-Shut up. —your ordered and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him back to you. His lips danced smoothly with yours as your tongue entered his mouth hungrily. Daryl took your waist inside his hands and pulled you closer to him, getting rid of any space that existed between you.
You smiled faintly against his lips, “if every time he follows me around ends like this”, you thought, “then he should do it more often”.

                                       『 Sucker for Pain 』

She carries the weight of her past like she carries her trusty revolvers in her hands, perfected with years and blood shed along the way. She’s ruthless, sharp like her clothes yet just as colorful at her core. Not everyone’s cup of tea, considering she would thread along the lines of well-aged bourbon; on the rocks just like everything in her life tends to be. The vault hunter of the glorious days long past, she protects and rules over Lynchwood with fists of iron and a heart of ice.

She, on the other hand… She prefers putting distance between herself and her acquaintances with a sniper rifle, barrel long and graceful just like her high heeled legs. She has given up on her derringer a long time ago; closeness is a thing she avoids now, as it ends with a bullet to the head or a knife to the back. Everyone knows who she is, however, no matter the distance. The wanted posters peppering walls every town she breezes through does injustice to her pretty, youthful face. (The reward on her head is even a bigger insult to her talent, but no one needs to point that out). She could have become a vault hunter, had the chance, had the competence and weapons; but what good is it to become so lawful when you can achieve more by bending the rules- or breaking them?

On a particular autumn evening, while the sun leans down to kiss the earth good night ever slowly, these two women meet just at the outskirts of Lynchwood, their shadows tangling on the colossal rocks like thirsty lovers who lost each other decades ago.

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We all remember the scene where Pierce hits Bucky...

Where he strolls up to him, crouches down, demands a mission report and backhands him when he doesn’t respond. He strolls in unconcernedly, waving off the concerns of everyone in the room. He’s totally confident, and completely unafraid of him.

But can we talk about the first scene they have together?

In the first scene they have together, where Bucky shows up at his kitchen table out of nowhere in the middle of the night. It’s just the two of them, and if you watch Pierce in that scene you’ll notice something that I personally found interesting. His demeanor is completely different.

He goes into the kitchen to his fridge, opens it, gets something (milk?) out and as he turns to put it on the counter he notices he’s not alone. His head turns and he freezes, as anyone would when they notice an intruder in their home, watching them get something from their fridge like that.

But logic should follow that once he noticed it was the Winter Soldier, if his confidence in that second scene is anything to go by, he should relax immediately.

But he doesn’t. He stays tense. He’s wary. He watches him, closely, as he shuts the door, and doesn’t take his eyes off him for a few seconds.

His shoulders tense up. He doesn’t take his eyes off him. And all his movements become slow, smoother and calculated.

And here, he finally relaxes slightly, finally recovers enough to act normal.

But am I the only one noticing how long it takes him? The tension, the hesitancy, the fear?

Take another look at this, the moment when he realizes exactly who is sitting there in front of him.

The moment he realizes who he is alone with.

Something about this just gets me. The fact that even Pierce, highly skilled and trained as he is, in addition to the fact that he’s the one who Bucky is answering to and obeying, is afraid to be alone with him. I get two things out of that.

1. I think it shows just how skilled Bucky is, that even someone like Pierce is afraid to be alone with him.

2. It tells me that Bucky probably isn’t quite as under their control as they would like him to be.

Because in this scene, in these first few moments, Pierce automatically makes all of his movements slow and nonthreatening, the same way one instinctively does when facing a dangerous predator.

To me it looks like an instinctive reaction, something he does automatically in the face of something his brain has subconsciously deemed a threat to his life, before he can compose himself, override that fear, and carry on as normal.

As well trained as he is, as skilled as he is, in these first few moments we see that Pierce knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that if Bucky were to attack him for whatever reason, he wouldn’t have a shot in hell and he knows it.

That shows just how skilled Bucky is now.

The fact that the idea is there at all, shows that the Winter Soldier isn’t 100% compliant. Even with no idea who he is, no memories of his former life, no name, no identity, nothing, Bucky’s traits are still breaking through.

I think that says a lot about what will happen in Civil War.

And I don’t know if that makes me want to cheer or cry.

Gotta snarl because these boots and sweater make me look very small and cute and in reality I am very small and cute but I will still bite your face off!