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What if Jason found a half dead kitten on the street and nursed it back to health?

Jason and a kitten, yessss!!!!! (im on mobile sorry for everything.)

He finds the kitten in an alley while he’s getting some dinner because he’s too tired to cook. He crouches down to look at the tiny, scruffy kitten on the dirty ground, lying on their sides, meowing softly.

Jason stops. Of course he stops. The kitten is thin and obviously hasn’t eaten anything filling in a while and Jason should leave the kitten or find an animal shelter but the kitten purrs and Jason isn’t strong enough to leave them to die.

He gets some towels when he arrives at home so the kitten will be warm and comfortable. Jason goes online and reads some sites how to nurse back a kitten to health because he knows jack shit about how to take care of an animal. He buys everything the kitten might need because his money might go to worse places than this.

It takes weeks before the kitten can walk around more than ten minutes.

Things that definitely happens after Fangs (yes, that’s her name) is up and healthy:

Fangs finding Jason’s chest the most comfortable place to sleep and Jason doesn’t move so he doesn’t wake her up. Damn his good heart.

Fangs snuggling to Jason’s neck when he’s laying down and then walking over him and Jason phones rings and Fangs steps on his face and yes, cat hair in his mouth. Nice.

Fangs hissing when there are strangers in Jason’s apartment. So like the first time Duke comes over, Fangs hisses at him from the table and–

“Wow, dude, why is she looking at me like she wants to kill me?”

“Huh, yeah that sounds pretty serious. Don’t worry I will protect you.”

“Har-har-har. Why do you even have a cat?”

“She blackmailed me to take care of her. She’s dangerous.”

“You’re a dork, oh my god.”

Ok, but Jay waking up from a nightmare and Fangs just snuggling closer and licks his face and “yes okay thank you cat but that’s not comfortable at all.”

Jason trying to let her go after she recovers and he opens his window and everything but she just stays on his bed and meows. “Yeah, I wouldn’t leave either.”

Let's talk about Kpop~

Let’s talk about groups

1. What animal do you see the members of _____ as?
2. How long have you been interesting in ______?
3. Group face rank
4. Group voice rank
5. If you could make your own group from the different groups, who would you choose, for what part and why?
6. Who seems like the oldest/youngest to me

Let’s talk about bias for ___(enter group name)

7. Who I first noticed
8. Who’s my bias
9. Who’s my least favorite
10. If I have a bias ruiner

Let’s talk about ships(by group)

11. My first ship
12. My first otp
13. My current otp
14. My notp

Let’s talk about favorites(by group or overall)

15. My vocal favorite
16. My dancing favorite
17. My favorite song
18. My favorite MV
19. Favorite rapper
20. Favorite male group
21. Favorite female group
22. Favorite group
23. Favorite solo
24. Favorite duo
25. Favorite performance
26. Favorite dance
27. Favorite song based on how it sounds
28. Favorite song based on lyrics
29. Favorite lyric from group
30. Favorite male vocalist
31. Favorite male dancer
32. Favorite male rapper
33. Favorite female vocalist
34. Favorite female dancer
35. Favorite female rapper
36. Favorite era
37. Least favorite era
38. Favorite show ___ has been in
39. Favorite costume your bias has worn
40. Favorite hair style/color your bias has had


Well, I’ve been gone, but I did a thing. This started out as a thrown together bored project that wouldn’t take a lot of my time. That ended quickly. I can’t just half do a tank, I just get too into it. So I present my mini planted tank. It’s a 20 long. It houses 7 ember tetra and 6 cherry shrimp. I’m kind of falling in love with it.
i guess i'll know when i get there - Eisoj5 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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…aaaand also in time for @brynnmclean‘s birthday, chapter 48 (aka I think I may have, after 160k words, technically passed the Bechdel test?)

If someone ever loves me romatically I don’t think I would get over the fact that they deserve someone better.
—  momamomami // I mean look at me, I’m a monster

RWBY in a nutshell

100 points for guessing the one above the Reese’s chocolate 


there will never be a day when I don’t think of you

Fic: Off Target

anon prompted: Kurt getting into bed (at the loft) really late after a long day of homework or a project for vogue, and in the morning he starts to kiss Blaine’s neck and lets his hands roam and - he realizes he’s not in his own bed, but in Rachel’s.  

Canonical except for a reference to Finn being alive, PG-13, ~800 words.

Kurt slid open the loft door as quietly as he could, feeling exhausted yet victorious. He had locked himself in a study carrel at school at ten that morning with the goal of finishing his monster term paper, and fifteen hours later, he had achieved that goal just as the library was closing up for the night. All that was left for him to do was go home, take a shower, sleep for approximately three days, and submit the paper on Monday after some proofreading.

Maybe I can convince Blaine to go out for celebratory pancakes tomorrow morning, Kurt thought as he stumbled down the hallway to the bathroom. God, pancakes sound good. And sleep. I miss sleep.

He took the quickest possible shower, stifling a squeal when he walked under the spray too early and got hit right in the chest with a blast of freezing water so he wouldn’t wake Blaine or Rachel - one person being overtired in that loft was plenty. Foregoing the majority of his moisturizing routine, he slipped on his comfiest cotton pajamas and headed back down the hall, where he cuddled up next to a familiar lump in the sheets.

The last thing Kurt remembered thinking before collapsing into sleep was that Blaine’s hair didn’t smell quite right.

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Hears about an ereri spam. Takes a look at the ereri tab. 

the ereri fandom:



SO I got to visit my beautiful girlfriend in California this year after my financial situation cleared up. But now I’m kinda broke!! In the interest of beefing back up my bank account, as well as taking care of my new fluffy friend; I’ve more or less adopted a stray cat, and want to keep her safe/healthy and properly fed. So I’ll be doing discounts on my usual prices.

GENERAL DISCOUNT IS AT 10% for Busts >> 25% Concept/design, Fullbody, Illustration

RETURNING DISCOUNT IS 15% for Busts >> 30% Concept/design, Fullbody, Illustration ! This is for clients, patrons and donaters. Here’s my info below, lovelies!

>>Same rules you guys are probably used to, by now! I accept payment through Paypal (quick link) and will expect to be paid after finalizing the initial sketch for your order. After we’ve established your picture, and I’ve collected payment, I’ll send you frequent updates (from on your order so you can make sure that it’s going as planned!

Please check >>Here<< for which work order I’m currently on.

Please check >>Here<< for my art tag!

And please message me at any time here, or at my email ( if you have questions!

[I will draw]
Tasteful examples of gore and/or nudity
Anthro / Robotic / Non-human characters

[I will NOT draw]

NSFW images for anyone below the age of 18

PRICES! (apply discounts to these)

Speedpaint - $25 [x] [x] [x]
Character concept / Design work - $45+  [x] [x]
Waist-up Bust - $65 ($80 for two people)  [x] [x]
Fullbody - $110 [x] [x]
Illustration - $120+ [x] [x] [x]

More work/detail will mean higher charge, discuss w/ me during the process for more info.

Gather around one and all and let's have a chat about some things.

With all of the chaos and hate that is being thrown around I felt I should start a conversation about what’s happening right now.

Basically people are calling Jensen out because they think he is going to pocket the funds from his Represent campaign rather than give the money to charity (as the page clearly states). So let’s talk about money shall we?

The U.S. median household income has been hovering at around $50,000 a year as you can see here:

With that information in mind let us turn to Jensen, and how much he makes on average. There have been a few numbers tossed around as to how much he and Jared (because they agreed to be paid the same no matter what) make PER EPISODE of Supernatural. For simplicity sake let’s put that number at about $150,000 (it may be more or less but I’ve heard between $125,000 and $175,000 before so let’s just average that out). This means for every EIGHT work days that results in an episode Jensen is making $175,000. This mean’s that every WEEK Jensen is making 3.5 times the median household income for a regular family in the U.S. per YEAR. 

Extrapolating this information we can assume that before taxes, and with a work year of about 40 weeks (discounting 12 weeks for summer and winter hiatuses) Jensen is pulling in about $6,000,000 in income per year. This means Jensen is making about 120 times the median household income per year. So basically in one year Jensen makes enough money to live like an average family for 120 years, longer than any human has lived.

I’ll say that again: in ONE year, Jensen makes the amount of money that the average family would make after ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY years.

Now what is my point in all of this? My point is to bring your attention to how little Jensen has a need to make a profit off of a charity t-shirt campaign. The campaign has sold a total of just over 8,000 shirts, and at an average cost of $30 per shirt this equates to a total of $240,000 in income from the shirts. Taking out production and shipping costs would take this down by quite a lot but even without subtracting any costs and leaving the profits at $240,000 this means that the total amount of money made from the campaign is equal to just over 12 working days for Jensen.

To put this simply: Jensen makes the amount of money made from the shirt campaign in 12 days, and that is the total amount not taking into account production or shipping costs. 

Why does this all matter you ask? It matters because there is almost no logical explanation as to why Jensen would go out of his way to start this campaign with the intention of pulling the wool over our eyes and pocket the profits. The profits that equate to 12 (actually far less than 12) working days on Supernatural. 

Besides the fact that he has said himself that he does his job because it is his passion, and that it has never been about the money. If he cared so much about the money he may have left Supernatural a while ago because big name studios have been knocking on his door and calling him year round to see if he is available. Jensen has plenty of opportunities but he doesn’t act on them because he is content where he is. He loves this show, he loves his job and it’s what he wants to do, regardless of the financial gains he would see if he went elsewhere. 

“DAD!”, skye yells desperately.

coulson and cal’s heads snap up immediately, eyes full of hope, hearts racing. it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for. the final round of the dad-off, the life changing moment that will define who is the one true dad.

the next second happens in slow motion, and it’s with a lot of sadness that coulson realizes skye was talking to cal.

coulson lays on the ground, clutching his heart. a tear streams down his cheek. he can feel his dad powers being slowly taken away from him, painfully.

looking up at skye, he can barely manage to get the words out. “how could you”


Excuse me as I allow myself 10+ hours of wallowing filled with Grace’s videos, carbs and soda. She is somehow the healthiest activity out of the three. Also, getting a job is proving extremely difficult. 


a totally informative guide that most definitely does not have enough gay jokes to phanfic’s tags page for mobile users bc i think we’re all a a little tired of people not being able to use it c: 

if anything doesn’t work shoot me an ask i can try to help c: 

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