does this have a ship name

Okay, I’m pretty satisfied with the turnout for the vote I had earlier so from now on I’ll try to tag all shipping images/posts. I will, however, not tag all the previous stuff as I don’t have the time to dig through over12,500 posts plus the 2.5k posts on my nsfw account. Now for another question, does someone have a list of all the shipping names? I know the more popular ones but I’d like to have a reference list so i can remember what they are.

  • Phichit: *takes a deep breath*
  • Phichit: I lo-
  • The other skaters: yes, you love victuri, you love victuri so much, it's the light of your life, you love it so much, you just love victuri, we KNOW, you love victuri you fucking love victuri ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE VICTURI. WE GET IT.

Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)

  • *at breakfast*
  • Victor&Yuri: *practically falling asleep*
  • Chris: So you guys stayed up late having fun last night? *wink wink nudge nudge*
  • Yuri: No, actually I didn't, wanna know why?
  • Chris, hesitantly: Why?
  • Yuri: Because this asshole *gestures at Victor* made me stay up until 5AM playing Mario Kart!
Stop making me ship things

Me: I’m not going to ship Iwashimizu with Gion, it’s never going to be canon, it’s pure fanservice, my heart can’t take it anymore.

All Out!!: Challenge accepted.

Me: …Damn it…

Does this ship even have a name? Gionzu maybe? All Out!!  fandom is pretty dead. I couldn’t find anything.

Edit: Ok, so apparently GionIwa has been used, but that tag is pretty dead as well. Poor All Out!! fandom. It’s so dead.

Edit 2: After much thought I think Giomizu is the best. Gonna tag everything Gion x Iwashimizu with GioMizu.

YOI Season 2: Yurio-centric

Well Kubo-sensei more or less confirmed a season 2 by saying she was working on a sequel but I feel her saying it was a sequel is more important than saying “the next season” because I feel and hope that the next season is going to be about Yurio and probably Otabek too entirely because:

  • There’s literally no other reason to keep similar names and their “rivalry” isn’t based off names
  • Viktuuri’s cute and it isn’t the main premise of the anime but does contribute significantly to its plot, but dragging it too far into the second season will make the ship boring after a while
  • We’ve had quite a lot of Yurio’s back story so far (like his grandfather, about his parents, how he’s the main provider for his family)
  • But we still don’t know enough about this angry kitten
  • There was no point introducing Otabek as a new friend potential lover towards the end of the season and making them have such meaningful conversations
  • There was literally no need to have that interaction unless they were planning on strengthening that bond in the coming season
  • Two episodes are not enough to show a new relationfriendship bloom into anything, especially not since, for these next two episodes and probably the next season too, they’re both going to be rivals
  • We didn’t have as many insights into Viktor’s life but he obviously ended up becoming a very important part of Yuuri’s world, and I feel Otabek speaking even that little bit about how he moved from place to place is going to play an important role in his character later on
  • As noncombustiblehowell mentioned in their post, Yurio and Otabek’s steady relationship from just friends to being very close to each other, be it platonically or romantically, would be the perfect foil to Viktuuri, whose relationship was comparatively very fast-paced and whirlwind
  • Otabek and Yuri literally went on a date? You cannot tell me the producers aren’t planning to go somewhere with this pair
The song that told us about the GPF banquet but we didn’t know it yet

We all know how Yuri on Ice likes dropping hints of what’s happening in the story through their soundtracks. Stay Close to Me is a fandom favorite to analyze, followed by Tales of a Sleeping Prince, which a lot of people saw similarities between the lyrics and Viktuuri’s story. 

The other songs with lyrics all make sense to their own characters - Still Alive talks about Leo de la Iglesia, Shall We Skate references Pichit’s passion and motivation, and JJ’s song is… Well, about himself. Yet, we’re left with a song with lyrics that still made no sense until episode 10.

I’m talking about Intoxicated, Chris’s short program song.

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