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(2/2) Sorry for the shouting but GEEZ!!! it's so frustrating that ppl don't see the excellence that is in front of them. I know ppl will throw shade and say I see it that way because I am a Pens fan but being a Pens fan does not change stats!!! Even if the Pens do the thing, I know ppl are STILL going to discredit Sid AND Geno and at the end of the day it is just sad :( P.S. this is the article that got me worked up www(.)sportsnet(.)ca/hockey/nhl/sidney-crosby-nhls-mount-rushmore/

I can’t take this article seriously. This is an actual quote from it:

“There is a camp who says that he [Crosby] is the best player, but [Jonathan] Toews is probably the best winner,” said Donnovan Bennett. “But if he wins back-to-back and they have the same number of Cups then I think that there’s no conversation. Crosby is No. 1 and Toews is fighting for second.”

Chris Kunitz has three Cups, so does Justin Williams. Listen, Jonathan Toews is very good, but he’s not even the best player on the Blackhawks. Here is a list of players with NO Cups that I would straight up pick over Jonathan Toews:

Alex Ovechkin

Nicklas Backstrom

Erik Karlsson

Joe Thorton

Brent Burns

Carey Price

Steven Stamkos

John Tavares

Jamie Benn

Joe Pavelski

Claude Giroux

Blake Wheeler

Taylor Hall

Nikita Kucherov

(McDavid, if we’re going that young. Patrick Laine, Auston Matthews. Jake Guentzel, tbh!)