does this girl ever look bad

dana watches lucifer (2x07)

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  • whoa on the previously on lucifer this is super old now i’m hype
  • whoa i didn’t recognize dan at first lol
  • ohhh i know why i didn’t recognize dan
  • it wasn’t dan that’s why
  • can i ever be happy 
  • omg poor chloe
  • lucifer please now is NOT the time
  • “you’re too you” chloe GIVE HIM A CHANCE
  • no now lucifer is sad
  • can we have another girls night episode i miss that episode
  • ew dan go aWAY
  • yeah why would dan recognize chloe’s pain over lucifer
  • i guess lucifer is kinda dealing w his own thing
  • oh my god lucifer please don’t say that
  • “yeah do whatever i gotta go” lucifer is so offended for the first time chloe doesn’t care abt his bad life decisions
  • can i ever be happy
  • this does not look good for chloe yikes yikes yikes
  • “the guy that killed my father” and instantly lucifer is like ready to fight
  • “are you okay” i love you ella i would die for you
  • “you should be ecstatic!” lucifer….bby
  • “yes chloe terrible move! ……. right?” i love you 
  • “of course chloe” what a suck up
  • “whoa this looks heavy” ella this is NOTHING compared to the rest of the show…. if only you knew
  • stay pure ella stay pure
  • “i’ve dealt with screaming, dirty humans before, this is nothing new” 
  • i love maze and i love trixie they are all i have left
  • i love trixie’s braids
  • aw she calls trixie monkey tooooooooooooooo i’m so emo
  • “my father was a good man” sounds fake but ok
  • chloe hitting it up with the quick gun grabs
  • trixie is like so sweet and pure and i would willingly let her murder me
  • she’d probably have a good reason so it would be fine
  • okay i already love tina what is it with me and every woman on this show
  • lol ronny is me 
  • “just wanted one last meal… wanna bite?”
  • “no thank you we’re not doing carbs are we”
  • i refuse to like joe fields i just …. refuse until further evidence
  • it would be easier to dislike him if he wasn’t so goddamn charming
  • nooooo chloe’s dad’s killer is still out there
  • i say no but i’m ready for this drama
  • “alright - here’s how it went down”
  • there’s no way it’s the end of the scene 
  • “hey you okay?” man they’re pretty in love
  • “you’re not afraid of ME are you” “of course i am” 
  • oh my god she’s crying
  • i am so emo why is this show like this
  • “yeah i am is that really so bad?” maze loving herself is my aesthetic
  • “please go” PLEASE STOP
  • “you were just a kid back then” “yeah well i’m not anymore” chloe is so badass
  • is this a flashback 
  • oh it is
  • “hi i’m dan detective douche” 
  • that’s the way it went there’s no other way
  • “divorce becomes you”
  • “i want someone dead” “who” “lucifer morningstar” STOP IT
  • “the people closest to him, in fact i think he hurts them most of all” STOP IT I KNOW ITS FAKE BUT THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE O8OGJEAI
  • “kinda a loose cannon” DAN SHUT UP
  • “simple i didn’t lie” “then you’ve got serious issues bro” “clearly”
  • “where to now twinsie”
  • okay okay okay dan/lucifer brotp is really growing on me 
  • “my only friend stops talking to me” “only??” I LOVE THIS SHOW
  • doing his dan walk lol 
  • “daniel” 
  • “i only did it because you’re everything that i’m not” yeah awful and you’re great duh
  • “that’s just it dan the last person i opened up to i hurt a lot” STOP IT I’M GONNA CRY
  • okay i kinda like that they’re humanizing dan
  • no maze don’t get mad at him bc you should’ve seen how it went down you weren’t there it damn near broke his heart and he didn’t have another choice
  • “the me’s advocate”
  • “wouldn’t dan be more helpful” STOP 
  • i love how chloe just shuts him down
  • “BYE GUESS I’LL JUST CLEAN UP” maze i love you
  • “i feel like a failure” “you are nothing of the sort” i love deckerstar
  • no chloe pls stop crying
  • chloe don’t shoot it’s not a good idea
  • “we’ll see how you do in the prison that you ran… i’ll bet your inmates will treat you real nice” 
  • maze looks and sounds so happy!!! the sun is pouring out of her!!
  • “hunting humans is a job, who knew??”
  • “first thing i wanted to do was celebrate with a friend, that’s you linda” i’m so emo i love them so much
  • “okay” she’s trying to be casual i hate myself
  • “he’s still the same old lucifer, you’re still doctor linda martin, and i’m still maze what’s changed” i love her so much 
  • “mazikeen smith” i didn’t know smith was her last name!!!
  • the deckerstar + trixie family is so cute having breakfast together
  • “i think he’d be proud of you” and then she starts crying and he’s so flustered 
  • okay so mom is back next week
  • “this is about heaven” what????? 
  • y’all i am not as sad as last week but./… i’m definitely not happy??? idk this episode is weird

Black girls and women catch so much shit for using AAVE and being confrontational (esp ones in the public eye) but this lil yt girl does it and u gave her ur coins mind you the black women on reality tv who she is definitely jacking from get endlessly harassed by these fake pro black niggas for making black ppl look bad or what ever

I don’t like any of them, but I think Lisa is a better rapper than Jennie. It’s not that Jennie’s rap is that bad, but she looks so weird on stage and her gestures are even weirder. She looks like a little girl trying to be cool on stage. Lisa at least looks more natural and not too forced. In fact, Jennie is one of the weirdest female idols I’ve ever seen, she looks weird and forced no matter what she does.

Alex kind of pushing the kara x m o n e l which is out of character. She knows m o n el and she thinks it is an okay idea for her sister to date a guy like him.

WTF, Alex! You should protect Kara not push her towards her doom a bad relationship.

But at least we got a scene where Alex made Kara happy and gave her a freaking cupcake with K on it. Kara looked adorable doing the grabby(?) hands when she saw the cupcake.

But consider this:

Since alex is just new at being gay… Her gaydar is still not that great especially when it comes to Kara (of all people) cos Kara does not voice out any feelings towards girls ever. For Alex, Kara is straight like a Ruler. (There are also L (pun intended)-shaped rulers, just saying.)

And even Kara is not aware of Lena being too friendly to her all the freaking time. (Do tell™, Lip Bite™, Had placed a balcony door for Supergirl, and Lena was her own hero - Helped Supergirl to save every alien in National City.)

AND She did not even know it was obvious that m o n - e l likes her, she just knew when Alex pointed it out. She does not have a freaking clue if someone likes her. She could not determine.

And the romantic risk Alex was talking about, Kara considered it after their talk, and decided to talk to m i k e, but got disappointed yet again with it comes to romance… Can Kara just be happy romantically? We can see she wants it she is just too oblivious to fully be aware of it. Oh this person likes me? Though she is aware if she has feelings for someone else.

And at this point in the show, she is barking up the wrong tree.

And they brought up the topic of romantic risks, the valentine’s day ep is coming… Is that specific topic being set up for this, on Kara’s case for that matter? She is determined to clear her “friend’s” name. Hmmmmm. 🤔🤔

Some girl on my fb friends list who is the female equivalent of a “nice guy” posted this and was like “yup, all my exes.” Really, ALL of your exes are narcissistic “sociopaths?” All she ever does is post about how shitty dudes are and how 5ever alone she is and how she just watches porn and writes about dudes she’s fucked and makes them look bad because she’s a ~poet~ and the last thing she needs to see are stupid memes like this that circulate and allow everyone and their uncle to armchair diagnose anyone they dislike based on vague characteristics. I mean this could apply to almost anyone. People do it with Cluster B disorders all the fucking time–just making these clickbait articles and memes about “how to spot a borderline” or a “psychopath” and feeding people’s need to demonize others and spread stigma in the process.

I’m sick of y'all pitting all us female artists against each other. You don’t get mad that 75 rappers look exactly alike, same hair/clothes everything, but you want me to be ‘copying’ the other girls so bad. Twigs and I have veryyy different vibes. Even if she were ever to wear a look like this, does that mean no one is ever allowed to wear a similar hairstyle? Because Beyoncé wears leotards a lot, and if I decide to wear a [leotard] one day, am I trying to look like Beyoncé? No!

“Everything doesn’t need to be a competition. Please just let me do my thing and stop trying to bring me down.

—  Somebody told Tinashe that she’s copying FKA Twigs, and she wasn’t having it.
Challenging the BPD mind

One of the biggest challenges of BPD is the fact that you tend to regard your feelings as reality. Your Favorite Person seems distant? Well, it’s because he’s definitely planning to abandon you. Having a bad day? Life is awful and you want to leave this world because you can’t stand it anymore and you don’t think it’s ever going to get better. Those girls looked at you and then laughed to themselves? They’re talking about how much they hate you and think you’re a joke.

But it’s important to remember that these are all feelings, and feelings may not always necessarily reflect reality. That does not mean you’re not allowed to feel them! Your feelings are always justified! But you should definitely pause and remember that BPD tends to take over and make your negative thoughts run wild. You know Boggarts, from Harry Potter? BPD takes form in your worst fears and convinces you that they are real.

In response, you first ask yourself why you think that what you feel is real. Try and justify it to yourself, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds — what’s important is working through the thought process that your brain embarks. It’s perfectly fine if it sounds ridiculous. Sometimes it’s when you say these things out loud that you go, “Right, okay, that sounds really impossible.” You then go on to use facts to challenge what BPD is trying to tell you.

Here are a few examples:

“I am a worthless, horrible person.”

  • Why? The thought process might go something like: “I am a horrible person because I picked a fight with my friend over something small, due to my own insecurities. I am such a monster. Nobody should care about me because I will just ruin their lives.”
  • Challenge yourself by thinking of something kind you’ve done for someone. Did you respond to somebody’s post on tumblr and tried to help them with their problems? That’s empathy. You went out of your way to support someone, and that was an act of kindness. Did you listen to your friend talk about their bad day? Did you say ‘thank you’ to the waitress? Did you hold the door for someone? Offer someone a tissue? Conjure up all these moments and hold on to them. Tell yourself, fiercely, “No, I am not a horrible person because I did all these nice things. I may make mistakes and hurt people at other times, but that does not erase the other nice things I have done.”
  • Remind yourself of the things you have done to try and work on your issues. Yes, having BPD does make you a difficult friend/family member/lover sometimes. That’s not your fault. What’s important is the work you have put in to try and overcome this disorder. Did you practice DBT skills? Did you manage to hold yourself back from saying something really awful? Did you stop yourself from self-harming? Think of all the effort you’ve put in. It’s hard work trying to be a better person, and that’s not something everyone has the strength to do. The fact that you’re trying definitely means that you are not worthless or horrible. You have room for improvements, but so does everyone — and you’re actually doing something about that! That’s something to be proud of!

“My boyfriend doesn’t love me anymore. He is going to leave me. In fact, he’s probably cheating on me!”

  • Why do you think so? Does he seem exceptionally cold? Is it just because he isn’t physically around and you can’t feel that love? Is he spending time with other people?
  • Ask yourself if, logically, it makes sense that you would jump to that conclusion. If your boyfriend’s really busy, does it honestly make sense that he would have the time and energy to cheat on you with someone else? I’ve caught my BPD side grasping at straws to justify that my boyfriend was abandoning me; the more I challenged it, the more desperate, ridiculous and untrue it started to sound.
  • Remember that (neurotypical) people’s feelings don’t shift rapidly! If your Favorite Person was perfectly happy with you one day ago, they will not suddenly and abruptly decide they’ve had enough with you. 

“I feel absolutely terrible. I can’t take this anymore. Life is such a chore and I want out.”

  • Remember that you have survived every single one of your worst days thus far. When was the last time you thought of something like this? What happened next? Things got better, right, and that’s why you’re still here? They got better even though, that last time, you thought they never would. You were wrong. That means it’s highly possible that you are wrong once again, and that things will turn out to be better.
  • That’s what life is like for everybody — things go up, and down, and up again. They’re more abrupt and startling for someone with BPD, but the patterns remain the same. Before today, you had bad days, and you had good days. Trust that even though today is a bad day, another good day will come again.

“Everyone goes crazy whenever Riley or Maya does something even just a little selfish in their friendship (like fall asleep while the other is talking or not help look for a teddy bear). Chill out, people, nobody can be a perfect friend all the time. Honestly neither of them has ever done anything that bad, they’re both amazing friends if you ask me”

Imagine: Peter Pan falls for his new lost girl.  But, she is cursed.

Ever since she came to Neverland Y/N has been avoiding me.  Even when I talk directly to her she won’t answer me or even look at me.  It shouldn’t bother me, she’s most likely just scared.  Her entire life has changed after all.  But it really does bother me I am the Neverland’s ruler.  She should respect me.  

Right in the middle of my internal rant Felix approaches me.  “I have good news and bad news.  What do you want to hear first?”

I continue staring at Y/N as I answer, “Bad news first.”

“Well bad news is, I just found out Y/N is cursed.”  That got my attention.

“What do you mean cursed?”

“Sit back down and I’ll tell you.”  I realized I had just jumped out of my set.  So I slowly sat down glancing at Y/N.  As usual she did not react to my outburst.  “Y/N, was cursed as a child she can’t see or hear the people who lover her.”

“That doesn’t make sense.  She has never been able to see me and it’s not like I love her.  If anything she shouldn’t be able to see you two are much closer.”

“Peter, the curse is what it is.  There is no denying it, besides what we have is a friendship.”

“I have never even talked to the girl before.”  My head was spinning.  I walked over to Y/N and looked at her really looked at her.  She was beautiful there was no denying it.  I thought back to when I first saw her what could have made me love her so much that she wouldn’t even of had time to see me.


Felix was bringing a girl from a passing ship, it appeared as if she had been thrown overboard.  I can clearly see them talking and laughing from the top of a hill where I decided to wait.  I make a mental note to tell Felix he can no longer talk to the girl.  The way they are so close together is sickening.  The girl keeps laughing at something Felix did.  I look closer and realize that he fell and slid a few feet down the hill she laughs so hard she nearly loses her balance as well.  However she soon catches herself and helps Felix up.  They reach the top soon after and I quickly realize she is ignoring me.


I still can’t figure out what happened to make me feel this way but I do realize I love her.  I walk back to Felix, “Come on, grab Y/N and let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”  Felix stands up.
“We are going to break this stupid curse.”

Scrappy Hood

Calum had been begging and begging you to get a dog claiming that, “baby it’ll be like our little baby. We can name it scrappy hood”. Only after the boys ended their Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour did you finally agree to get a puppy. Calum’s eyes got so wide and his smile seemed to light up the whole room doing that cheek smile he does when you finally said yes.

“Baby girl I’ll be the best daddy I can be, not that you don’t already know that” Calum said with a smirk.

You had no doubt that Calum could take care of your soon to be new puppy considering he had the biggest heart you’d ever seen. You were just worried that with his busy, hectic schedule that you two wouldn’t have enough time to look after a puppy, but you’d do anything to make Calum happy and having company while he was gone wouldn’t be bad at all.

So on one of Calum’s off days you two decided to visit the local animal shelter hoping to adopt a dog needing a new place to call home. You thought Calum was happy when you said yes to getting a dog but seeing Calum enter the animal shelter was a whole another story. The crinkles around his smiling eyes were ever present as his pearly whites were on full display.

“Baby I don’t know how were going to choose. Look at this little guy” Calum said pointing to the little yorkie snuggled up to a blue pillow in its cage.

All of a sudden out of nowhere this baby Maltese came running out of the back room, yelping, going straight towards your dark haired boy.

“I am so so sorry. This little rascal couldn’t wait to get out of its bath” one of the workers at the shelter said in a hurried voice. Obviously not wanting to cause any troubles.

“No its ok. Is this little guy up for adoption?” Calum asked holding the adorable puppy.

“He is indeed! Are you two interested in adopting today?”

Calum took one glance at you and nodded excitingly. “Baby what do you think about this little guy? Can we bring him into the family?” Calum asked you.

“I think he would fit in perfectly.” You replied petting the ten pound puppy currently kissing Calum’s squishy cheeks.

You two signed the paperwork and followed the suggestions the animal shelter employee had given you in what food and toys to buy. Calum of course couldn’t help but buy all the toys in the store it seemed like, claiming “baby little scrappy needs all of this. No dog should go without having a squeaky duck.”

When you two finally arrived home Calum took scrappy on a tour of the house. “Come on scrappy ill show you where mommy and I sleep, then I’ll show you where I watch soccer all day,and then I’ll show you where we can play outside with all of the new toys we bought you bud.”

Needless to say, you were in love with the biggest sweetheart, loving, dorky guy but you couldn’t imagine yourself with anyone else and hearing him say mommy made you even more excited to start a family with the man of your dreams

Yubin’s diss against Hyorin

To the people who hate/lost respect for Yubin, you guys should look at the lyrics as a whole and understand the context instead of reading and taking everything word by word. Where is skin color ever mentioned in her lyrics?

Knowing that Yubin always uses wordplay and metaphor when she writes lyrics:
“Saying something is black and white does not refer to literal colors. Instead, it is a metaphor representing two different extremes, or two opposites with the most contrast. Anything white is considered good; anything in the dark is considered bad.“ I assume you already knew this from your school lessons about metaphor.

Yubin’s line “When I stand by you, I look white. When you stand by me you look weak.” She is using metaphor and contrast to make her lyrics appear stronger. Because white/good is contrasting with the word weak. This is wordplay, “white” and “weak” also sound the same. She is basically saying that she is good and Hyorin is the opposite. Not a single knetizen called Yubin out for dissing Hyorin’s skin color while you (i-fans) are hating her for something she didn’t do.

how can people hate riley but like maya when in reality they are best friends and both need each other greatly