does this girl ever look bad

episodes 1-4 / ( change pronouns as needed. )


  • “i’ve been thinking about us.”
  • “i’m asking you now if you love me.”
  • “of course i love you, ____. but i can’t give you the answer you want.”
  • “one summer can change everything.”
  • “it’s about following your heart, right?”
  • “as long as you don’t give up your passion.”
  • “eventually, there will be a reckoning.”
  • “that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? it won’t last.”
  • “are you scared, ____?”
  • “don’t freak out. just trust me.”
  • “i’m breakfast at tiffany’s, but this place is strictly in cold blood.”
  • “he was looking for the girl next door. instead, he found me.”
  • “you wanted fire? sorry, _________. my specialty’s ice.”
  • “just… talk to her. it could go a long way. would have gone a long way with me.” 
  • “you are so perfect. i’ll never deserve you.”


  • “romeo and juliet are the exception, not the rule.”
  • “once again, fate throws us together.”
  • "sardonic humour is just my way of relating to the world.”
  • “what? what are you going to do?”
  • “i’m not. i want to be. i thought i could be. but it’s too much, too fast.”
  • “what do you know about it, _____? or about me, even?”
  • “he wasn’t perfect. but he always tried to do the right thing.”
  • “sometimes a friend is better than a boyfriend.”
  • “why don’t we both just do that bro thing where we nod like douches & mutually suppress our emotions?”
  • “is there something you want to tell me, pal?”
  • “did you & _______ kill him together?”
  • “i’m alone.”
  • “we’re not gonna hug in front of the entire town.”
  • “it’s like there was a train that was going to the rest of my life. & i just… missed it.”
  • “it is not my fault he doesn’t like you.”


  • "spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules.”
  • “i don’t follow rules, i make them. & when necessary, i break them.”
  • “nothing this bad was ever supposed to happen here.”
  • “you don’t want to slow down, do you?”
  • “they have zero remorse for the lives they destroy.”
  • “does he not know who i am?”
  • “i’d love to stay. but i gotta shake down an evil adventure scout.”
  • “not bad.”
  • “maybe i don’t know _______.”
  • “you came through for me. in a way no one else ever has before.”
  • “i would’ve done anything to protect _____.”
  • “i saw the way you looked at me. … you’re hiding something.”
  • “maybe we should slow it down a little.”
  • "she’s right.”
  • “would i have complete freedom?”


  • “where did you find all of this?”
  • “oh, i’m already there!”
  • “you’re right. i’m selfish, & i’m stupid.”
  • “make some room, outcasts.”
  • “what’s next, selling her hair extensions?”
  • “it’s off-brand & sends a false message about acceptance.”
  • “shut the hell up, or you’ll find out!”
  • “i just hate when people disrespect my cinematic experience.”
  • "i’ll figure it out. i always do.”
  • “you are not the things you said.” 
  • “you’re not stupid. this wasn’t your fault.”
  • “i have a strong inkling.”
  • “threatened, much?”
  • “i learned that from the nancy drew detective handbook.”
  • “if you really are my friend, you’ll drop this.”
Underestimating Vilde

So I was thinking about how everything went to hell and how it could be possible for the girl squad to fall apart so badly and so easily after we saw them build up a friendship is the past three seasons. 

I personally love the small girl squad scenes we saw in s3. Specifically how Vilde and Sana always seemed like they are closer than ever before. Since that party at the end of s2, they seemed to be on really good terms.

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So how did things fall apart?

Then I realized, Sana is holding herself away from Vilde. Since the season started, she has shut her out. 

When she asked the girls if they knew about Sara’s intentions, she specifically bypassed Vilde, assuming she’d take their side. She never gave Vilde a chance.

Now look back.Who does Vilde remind you of? Magnus! Magnus and his ignorant questions. The naive offenses he made.So far, what we have seen from Vilde was the same, she never intentionally does anything bad. She’s just a silly gossip. She talks and listens to what everyone else says, because she wants to be part of what everyone else does. I can totally imagine her making those comments about being the boss and Sana being called “slave” without any thought. She’ll probably miss how bad they sound and that’s bad but it’s still better than intentionally spreading Islamophobia.

Then putting these points aside let’s look back at Sana’s comment about Vilde in S2: “Vilde is the first one I’ll take to war with me.” and it’s a war indeed. 

Here’s the thing. I don’t think girl squad knows about the PM gang’s plan. I don’t think Vilde really masterminded this. 

I’m thinking maybe, despite what Sana thinks, Vilde will be the first person to turn back to Sana. When she realizes what has happened, she might take Sana’s side and leave the bus with Sana. Standing by her side. 

And here’s another thing that further confirms this.By now, we have all decided that the real reverse in the trailer was the roles not the time thing. It’s quite clear that it was Noora who tripped Sana.

 Now take another look at the trailer.  What happens next, is Vilde catches Noora and breaks her fall. going by my theory that means she actually catches Sana, breaking her fall,and losing her image, her bus, her ambition along the way. 

I really hope I’m right. This would be so amazing if it happens. the girl squad once again reunited, staying together against the world. 

I feel like this is the only way that the girls can get back together and I want nothing more than for girl squad to go back to their nice self again.

JB Imagine - College AU (Part 1)

A/N - A new series for the blog! When I wrote the college AUs for all of the members, it really made me want to make it into a series and when I talked about it a few weeks ago on here, everyone wanted it to be about Jaebum so that’s what I’ve decided to do! It’ll be loosely based on the previous AU I did so feel free to read that if you want but this series will go more in depth, of course. I have some good plans for this one so I hope you all enjoy~

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

First day of university. No big deal. Apart from the fact that when you walk into that room, it’ll determine all of your peers’ opinions of you. No pressure. Taking a deep breath, you pushed open the door and walked into the room. There were six people already sat down looking as nervous as you felt apart from one boy. He stood out from the others who all looked the part of an English student. Everything about him screamed music or something like that, rather than studying Victorian literature. Whoever he was, he intrigued you. A girl you recognised from visiting the university a few months before starting was sat two seats away from him, meaning you could get closer to this ever so strange boy who seemed to exude an intimidating yet inviting aura.

You spoke to the girl beside you and quickly caught up on the time spent away from each other. The nerves that had filled you before were slowly dissipating as you waited for the professor to come in and start the seminar. When the professor walked in, the already quiet classroom turned silent. Everyone was feeling the nerves and didn’t want to be the first to break the silence. Thankfully, the professor was more than willing to be the one to do so. 
“Okay, so I hear this is the first seminar for most of you. Not bad. Things are going to be somewhat relaxed with me,” she said, “but don’t expect it to get too relaxed in here. I want you all to succeed and I plan to get all of you to a point where instead of sitting in silence, you know everything about each other and the way you all think. The best way to do that? Extract analysis. I’ll split you off into groups of three and you can read through excerpts from different Shakespearean texts and discuss with your peers what it all means. Then, we can feedback to everyone else and learn something new about the way we all analyse literature because I’m sure all of you will have a lot to say about these texts.” 

The professor walked around the room, assigning everyone to groups and, just your luck, the mysterious boy was with you and the girl you were sat beside. Once you were handed the extract, you immediately read through it and made notes. This was exactly what you loved about English and it really drew you in being able to analyse the ways in which characters speak. You started the conversation between the three of you and read off a few of the points you had made. All throughout the discussion, the boy didn’t say anything and instead just stared at you. He barely even looked at the other girl because his eyes were just on you. Every now and then you’d make eye contact with him and blush from his intense stare but would still continue to talk about the piece. There was a short break in the conversation and he spoke for the first time. 
“While I agree with what the two of you are saying, are you just ignoring the underlying message of the whole extract? Yes the obvious points are there as you have so kindly pointed out, but how can you not see that this is simply Hamlet’s cry for help. He’s shown so many signs of hesitation yet no one seems to think that’s his way of asking someone else to just avenge his father for him. Everyone seems to think he delays because the timing isn’t right but in reality, he is just waiting for someone like Fortinbras to invade Denmark and kill his uncle so he doesn’t have to because he can’t bear the weight of the guilt on his shoulders.”

Now it was your turn to stare. Where had all that come from? One minute he was just silent and then the next he was articulating such an extravagant point that you had never even thought to consider. It was rather impressive albeit intimidating. Before you could add your own comments to his point, the professor called for everyone to stop discussing within the groups and instead to share their thoughts with everyone else. The rest of the seminar flew by and before you knew it, you had to pack up your stuff and leave. You noticed the mysterious boy give you a smirk as he left the classroom but didn’t pay much attention to it since you didn’t even know the guy’s name. Since your next lecture wasn’t for another two hours, you decided to take the time to just sit and read one of the assigned texts for the following week.

As you walked into one of the communal study areas, you spotted an old friend of yours who you hadn’t seen in a few years. 
“Wow, (Y/N) I didn’t know you were coming here!”
“Same goes for you. It’s good to see you though. What are you studying?”
“Wow, smart people stuff.”
“Yeah, I guess. I presume you’re doing English since you would never stop talking about it when we were younger.”
“Of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“Proud of you, girl. Hey, any chance you saw my friend JB in there? I know he’s just had a seminar.”
“Um, maybe? What does he look like?”
“Wears black skinny jeans all the time with giant sweaters in an attempt to look cool. Has a lot of piercings, insanely beautiful and clear skin. Pretty dreamy brown eyes.”
“Sounds like you have a crush. But yeah he seems familiar. Does he ever talk a lot?”
“Not really, he’s got a bit of a ‘bad boy’ reputation he likes to keep up. Actually you’ll be able to find out for yourself if you know him since he’s walking over here.” Turning around, you saw the exact boy you were sat beside in the seminar walking over to you and Jackson. Part of you wanted to talk to him but the other part wanted to avoid him completely. Of course he was friends with Jackson. Murphy’s law dictated this would happen and you weren’t happy about it. Instead of moping to yourself, you just had to try and have a proper conversation with him and ignore the fact that you were noticing everything Jackson had said. His skin really was beautiful and his eyes were such a deep, lovely colour. Now you realised that you had been staring and tried to avert your eyes away from him before he could notice. Too late. You heard him chuckle to himself before talking to Jackson. 
“Jinyoung, Bambam and I were talking about going out tonight, fancy joining us, Jackson? Providing you don’t get too wasted of course.”
“Can’t make any promises there, JB. You know once I’ve had one beer I need to have five more.”
“I do know. Not a fun aftermath. But want to join us anyway, you can bring this lovely lady with you too if you want.”
“What do you say, (Y/N)?”
“Maybe. I don’t think I’m doing anything tonight.”
“Perfect,” JB said, “can’t wait to see you there.”
“What happened in that seminar you guys had?”
“Nothing unusual, why?”
“Well he just winked at you. JB never flirts with anyone apart from his cat.”
“I’m sure it was nothing, Jackson. Now I need to actually study and do some work.”
“Oh, of course. I’ll let you get on with it. I’ll text you later about going out tonight.”
“Sure thing. See you later.”

Sitting down, you put your head in your hands. What even was that wink? You had said to Jackson it was probably nothing but inside you were questioning everything. Even though the two of you had barely spoken to each other, there was definitely some spark there, wasn’t there? Who even knows. He was probably just being friendly and probably didn’t even wink either. But there was also the question about going out with Jackson, JB and their friends. It could get a bit awkward but could also be the perfect opportunity to get to know this JB person. Besides, he was also an English student so getting to know him might not be too bad, right?

Art Class- Jamie Benn

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Ok so hockey player plus painting equals no good, right? Right! Awesome! So enjoy Jamie’s attempt to paint!

Warning: none!

@yourbestmistakes Request: Hi! I LOVE your writing, I can’t stop reading! Well, I’m graduating in Arts this semester, I’m gonna be an Art teacher, so I though about you, writing something about it, maybe with a bunch of kids, and painting and a confuse hockey player that knows nothing about colors and kids! It can be funny and fluffly, you can choose between Tyler Seguin or Jamie Benn…. Love You!


              You couldn’t contain the giggles pouring out of your mouth.

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Good Girl

Jim X Reader

Word Count: 1445

Prompt: “Oh I’ve been looking for a good girl, yeah been looing for good girl, tell me if you think you found, tell me if there’s a chance you’ll let me know.”

Summary: You’ve always been stereotyped as being a goody-two-shoes but you’ve caught Jim Kirk’s attention

“You’re a good girl Y/n. You’re a well behaved child and your parents are lucky to have you.” Was what you constantly heard as a child. Still when you went to the Star Fleet Academy you were told how well behaved and disciplined you were. It was a stuck record and you didn’t know how to get out of it. What you didn’t understand was that you were rebellious, you’d taken drugs and drank until you couldn’t stand. Had one night stands and kissed girls and boys on the same night. You just didn’t do it all the time and gave in your homework on time, which ‘apparently’ meant that you could do no wrong.

People always labelled you as a goody two shoes even though your friends knew you could have a real short fuse. You were just able to control yourself in a respectful way to your lectures’. Which some of your peers didn’t seem able to do. Jim Kirk was one of these. You admired his ability to be spectacularly intelligent and at the same time a complete idiot who wasted his time. It had almost become a goal of yours to have the image he did. People knew he was a playboy who didn’t do as he was supposed to and slept with a different girl each night. But he also aced every test and was top of most of his classes. Saying you envied Jim Kirk was a massive understatement.

But lately, weirdly enough, he’d been talking to you a lot because of Gaila. She kept inviting him round and then leaving so you two were just together in your shared dorm. He’s never tried anything and you appreciated that he didn’t have to be as nice as he was. You at school wasn’t exactly the company he wanted. You were usually revising for something and he’s often help you with that. But recently he’d been coming round off his own volition which was strange

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gmw fanfic

“Tell me about her.” His smile was faint, yet knowing, and you could see the interest in his eyes. He understood how you felt for her.

You know he knows exactly what she’s like; he’s known her since middle school. Still, you start talking about her, because you know he wants your perspective on the pretty brunette.

“She’s beautiful.” That’s the first thing you can muster, even though that clearly isn’t enough to explain how much she means to you. “She’s the most beautiful person I’ve met.”

He sits there and listens, not even once interrupting you as you begin to drone on and on about the girl that makes your heart beat faster than any other.

“Not just on the outside, because basically every little thing about her is so unbelievably beautiful. The way she cares about everyone around her so much, how she believes that the world is filled with goodness, and that no one is truly evil, how passionate she is about just about everything she does, and how she doesn’t have a single bad bone in her body.”

The look in your eyes says it all; it portrays every single feeling you have for this girl.

“She’s so incredible, in so many different ways. It amazes me, sometimes, that someone like her would ever wanna be with someone like me,” the smile on your face is soft as you continue, “And whenever I do have those doubts, she kisses me, and reassures me that she wouldn’t rather be with anyone else, and that just…it just always leaves me awestruck, because this girl, this beautiful, determined, ray of absolute sunshine, loves me, and no one else but me.”

You pause, smiling as a memory comes back to you, “This one time, she had forced me out of bed at three in the morning, to go get ice cream from that one 24-hour ice cream parlour, and I gotta tell you, I was ticked off that she woke me, cause it had been the first night of sleep I had had in a while.”

“But,” You run a hand through your hair, “In that moment, when we were sitting there, licking our ice cream cones, and she had that goofy, adorable smile on her face, and there was a little ice cream on the tip of her nose, and she looked at me with those big, brown eyes of hers,”

“I just, I couldn’t stay mad at her then.” You shake your head, “That was when I had realized that I wanna spend the rest of my life with her, and no one else but her.”

You keep your gaze on the floor for a second, or two, before looking back up at the blond man sitting across from you, “She makes me stronger, Lucas.”

His smile widens as you go on, “When I’m with her, I feel like I can do just about anything. She makes me feel like nothing is impossible, as stupid as it may sound.” You both chuckle at that.

“I just,” you take a deep breath, “I just can’t imagine her being with anyone else, and I can’t imagine myself with anyone else either. Riley, she…she keeps me going, she keeps me happy and inspired and energized.”

“She’s so positive, and adamant, and caring, and kindhearted, and quirky, and just so exceptionally adorable, sometimes I can’t even handle it.” Your smile just continues to widen with every word you utter,

“She is such an unconditionally good person, who cares so deeply about everyone’s hopes and dreams and beliefs, and even their feelings. Honestly, it’s so astonishing to me how wonderful she truly is.” You know you’re rambling, but you can’t seem to contain yourself.

Once you get started about this girl, you never stop.

“And sure, she has her flaws, she can be kinda controlling, and yea, sure, she complains a lot, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about her, not even in the slightest. Even her flaws seems adorable to me.”

You take a deep breath, and then go on, “I just…I look at her, and I just feel something inside me go off, and then I start smiling like an idiot, and I can’t think straight anymore, and I just become so hopelessly obsessed with looking at her, to the point where it’s probably unhealthy, but I don’t care. I probably wouldn’t even be able to stop myself from staring at her if I tried.”

“And, and I always find myself absentmindedly painting her,” you bite your lip, “like, I’ll be painting a park for an exhibit at work, and my mind will start to drift, and next thing I know, she’s sitting under one of the trees, smiling that dazzling smile that I’ve grown so fond of, and, well, my piece will be ruined because there are strict rules about what I have to put in each portrait, but I won’t care.”

“I’ll just continue to paint her for hours on end, and because of that I’ll have to stay up and redo all my paintings for work.” You shrug, “But it never phases me, I just love painting her so much. I can’t seem to ever get my mind off her; I guess she’s my muse.”

For a second, you both just sit there, you smiling at the ground, and Lucas smiling at you.

“I love her, so much, Lucas.”

“I know you do.” He nods, his kind smile still not leaving his face, “She loves you, too, more than anything.”

You smile, but don’t say anything, so Lucas speaks up again, “I’m really glad that you two ended up together.”

Your eyes widen just slightly, and he goes on, “You two complete each other, you’re practically made for one another. And, I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as in love with another person as you are with Riley.”

“We all see how happy she makes you, ya know.” He’s still charmingly grinning at you, “I didn’t even think you knew what happiness was until I saw how you acted after you and Riley got together.” He started laughing at that, and you try your best to threateningly glare at him, but end up cracking a smile anyway.

“But all jokes aside,” he shrugs, “I hope you two always stay together, and continue to make each other as happy as you do.” He rubs the back of his neck, “Relationships like yours and Riley’s don’t come that easily, you two are very lucky to have each other.”

“I’m lucky to have her. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for Riley believing in me all the time.”

“You’ll keep her safe, right?”

“Of course. I care for her more than I care for myself, come on, Friar, you know this.”

“Yea, yea, I know, just making sure.” He chuckled for a bit, and then his laughter died down, and he nodded lightly, “It’s real nice to see you this happy, Maya.”

“Thank you, Huckleberry, I appreciate that.” You smirk, “And I appreciate you listening to me ramble on for hours about your ex-girlfriend.”

He laughed, “Anytime, Hart. Anytime.”

Does it ever cross your mind that… maybe… when Bellamy gets to know what Clarke did to herself THE VERY TIME (THAT ONE GODDAMN TIME) HE JUST (FINALLY) LET GO AND STARTED TO HAVE FUN AGAIN (aka let himself get laid)… that it PROBABLY… MAYBE makes him feel even more guilty and self loathing than he’d ever felt before? Bc he wasn’t there to save her? Bc he let himself being distracted by someone EXACTLY lOOKING LIKE THE GIRL HE’S IN LOVE WITH AND WHO TRIED TO SACRIFICE hERSELf THAT VERY MOMENT? Because it’s happening to me. Let me tell you. I’m a bad, bad person… (I hope I’m wrong… I’m desperately hoping that I’m wrong. I’m wishing my baes all the best so… >.<)

Dumbass Male Writer: Look! My Main Girl Character is a Bad Ass!

Me: Oh really? Does she ever win a plot important fight?

DMW: ….no? 

Me: Does she ever win a fight against a guy? 

DMW: Who wants to see a girl fight a guy? Cat Fights are so much better! It’s practically law that the girls only fight each other. 

Me: Does her weapon snap/heels break/someHOW gets paired off with the only bad guy who has the perfect counter to her abilities? 

DMW: Well, duh. How else am I suppose to keep the tension?

Me: How many times does the hero swoop in to save her during a fight?

DMW: Come on! Everyone loves it when when the hero saves the damsel! She can’t be a badass all the time!

Me: How. Many. Times? 

DMW: …..nineteen. 

Me: No thanks, keep your fake action girl fetish bait to yourself. 

xxcupcakesan  asked:

You play a prank on Mark by telling him that you're leaving him for JB, so Mark cries begging you not to but when he finds out you're joking he gets revenge by teasing you in bed ^_^


Pairings: Mark and Reader

Genre: Smut (Angst -ish i guess?)

Warnings: Crying(?), Masturbation, Spanking and Daddy Kink

Word Count: 1969 words

I am so sorry for all the spelling and grammar errors, English is not my first language, I do know it well and live in America but I still sometimes mess up. Also I am very sorry for the wait I started school and was very busy, I hope this is good.


You and JB had always been best friends. You had met each other in grade school but you didn’t really get along, but you family had ended up living near each other you two became very close. He even introduced you to your current boyfriend, Mark Tuan. JB and you were known to always pull pranks on various people, when you two were younger the teachers had to separate the two of you because of all the trouble you two caused. 

Lately you have noticed that your normally loving boyfriend Mark had been acting a bit different, he seemed so distant. You really didn’t know why. In order to try to get his attention. 

“Are you sure he won’t be mad?” Jaebum asked as you explained to him what you two would be doing. “Dude, you know Mark he’s laid back and cool he won’t be mad.” you responded. “Alright but if he beats the shit out of me, you’re paying for my medical bills and everything.” he said giving you a serious look, but laughing afterwords. “Yeah, yeah.” you replied. “Okay , okay he’s coming in, stick to the plan. But remember don’t get too close,or you will get the shit kicked out of you.” you quietly whisper to Jaebum.  “Hey babe.” Mark says not even looking at you, already knowing you’re in the living room. You  get up and start pacing around. “Mark we have to talk.” you say not facing him, afraid that he’d see you laugh. “What’s up babe?” he says heading to the kitchen to get a bottled water from the refrigerator. You walk into the kitchen trying to have a serious expression on your face. “I don’t think I can do this anymore, I found someone better, I’m sorry Mark.” You look at him and watch his expression turn from a neutral state to a slight frown with scrunched eyebrows. “Oh.” he stayed quite for a while. “Can I know who this person is?” he questioned turning away from you. “It’s me.” Jaebum said as he came from the living room. You tried to suppress your giggles and put your hand over your mouth so even if a giggle did slip he wouldn’t be able to hear it due to the fact that your hand was muffling it. Mark turned around with a hurt expression. “Jaebum?” He asked in disbelieve. “No this can’t be. No, no, no, no, no. This can’t be happening.” he said covering his face with his hands. You were busy trying not to laugh while Jaebum nudged you signaling you that something went wrong. “No, no, no, no. I know Jaebum is more attractive than me, but jagi, why? Is it because you don’t like me anymore? Please Y/N, please tell me why.” he said with tears threatening to spill out of his eyes at any given moment. “No, no, Mark it’s a prank. Babe please look at me, baby. Look at me” He looked at you with teary eyes, “Baby I Iove you so, so, so much. It was just a prank. i don’t want to be with Jaebum, I am more than happy with you, it was supposed to be funny.” you said as you held his cheeks in your hands. He looked up at Jaebum with teary eyes. “Dude I don’t want her, she’s all yours, you know I don’t like her, I have other lady friends I have my eyes set on at the moment, plus she’s annoying. It was all her idea.” Jaebum said holding his hands up in defense. Soon enough after discussing it over, Mark understood it was just a prank. Then as the sun started to set, Jaebum left. 

As soon as he left you looked up at Mark who looked back at you. You hugged him and wrapped your arms around his neck and puckered your lips, signalling him to kiss you. He lifted you off the ground as you wrapped your legs around him and kissed him. Your hands then found his hair and you started to run your hands through his hair and pull on the ends. He grabbed your ass and you squeaked opening your mouth, therefore letting his soft tongue slip in and massage the inside of your mouth. You started to rub your clothed crotch against his. Suddenly you moaned. Mark then stopped kissing you and placed you on the ground and looked at you and said “That’s enough for today.” he said. You stood there in shock of what had just happened. The two of you were making out and both were obviously horny, but he stopped. “Hey Mark but you’re still hard?” you said looking up at him with a confused face. “Okay I have an arm, don’t I?” he said with a ‘duh’ face. You stood there shocked. You followed him into your bedroom. You grabbed his arm and tugged him and looked up at him batting your eyelashes trying to look as innocent as possible, “But wouldn’t you like me to help you, a hand job, blow job, or even fucking me senseless?” you said moving your hands in a hand-job-like movement, then pointing up at your mouth and then grabbing his hands and put them and you hips. He loudly gulped. “Nope, as I said before, I have an arm.” He said, although his mind was telling him to fuck you untill you couldn’t walk. You stood there with your mouth wide open. How could he, what was he trying to do? Was he trying to get back at you? Most probably you thought. He smirked as he walked to your bed and slipped off his grey sweat pants and sat down and started to stroke himself through his boxers. He let out a soft moan. You bit your bottom lip, getting wetter and wetter by the moment you decided to get out of your clothes and slowly take your panties off as you sat on your bed near him. You ran your fingers down your wet folds imagining it was him touching you. “Ah~ Mark, Aaah~ babe.” you moaned as you touched yourself. Then you heard Mark’s small whimpers come out of his mouth which made you instantly moan. You fondled your left breast and tweaked your nipple and cursed. You started to rub your clitoris. Giving all the attention to this small bundle of nerves you started to near your orgasm. “Aahh Oppa~ I’m gonna cum” you moaned loudly. You no longer heard Mark’s moans or whimpers. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed your right hand which made you whimper at the loss of attention on the small bundle of nerves. “Oh no you don’t. Baby girl, you’ve been bad, very bad. Do you think Daddy like naughty girls?” he said looking at you with the sexiest face you’ve ever seen. Your breath got caught in your throat but you managed to choke out a small no. “Hm? Didn’t quite catch what you said?” He teased. “No. Daddy does not like it when his baby girl is naughty.” You said looking up at him with innocent eyes. “That’s more like it. Okay so how many so you deserve?” he asked with a smirk. “Ten?” You said. He laughed loudly. “Ten? Who do you think you are, have you seen the way you’ve been acting? 7 for pranking me, 3 for making me hard and 7 more for touching yourself, but let us subract 2 due to the fact that you apologized and not to mention the fact that you looked and sounded amazing while touching yourself to the thought of me.” he simply stated with a soft chuckle at the end of his sentence. You got even more wet just thinking of what he was going to do to you. “C’mon on Daddy’s lap he patted his now clothed legs. You laid there your tummy on his legs and his hand on your soft plump ass. He started massaging one cheek then lifted his hand only to bring it back down with a loud smack. “One.” You half yelped and half moaned. He then massaged it once more and smacked the other. “Two,” you moaned loudly. Then, as always he massaged it and down for another. Soon enough you were on the 15th and as your ass stinged he massaged your ass and leaned down to kiss each cheek. His hand wandered to your core and he felt how wet you were. “Did Daddy really make you this wet?” he asks bringing the juices he had gotten with his fingers and sucked it up with his mouth. You moaned at the sounds he made. He brought you up to have your stinging ass on his lap as your juices dripped on the floor and he held your waist. “Yes Daddy, you made me this wet.” you say. “Good.” he said reaching his arms down to your ass and rub your ass cheeks. “Did Daddy hurt you too much baby girl?” He questioned you as you moaned at the feeling of his hands massaging your stinging ass. “Yes Daddy it did hurt, but it felt good.” you said trying to grind on his legs, “I’m sorry baby girl, it’s just you’ve been very naughty, Daddy is sorry.” he said placing you on on of his thighs and you grinded yourself on his clothed thigh and he caught your nipple in his mouth. You moaned at the attention you were receiving from him. “You like that babe?” he asked. “Ah~ Yes.” you moaned. You began to unbutton his shirt. He got you off of him and started to unbutton his shirt, then his jeans. He touched the spot you were grinding yourself on and brought his fingers up to your lips and commanded you to suck them. You happily obliged. when you were finished you took his fingers out with a plop. “That was so hot Y/N.” he said as he fully undressed himself and propped himself with some pillows. “Ride me babe.” he said. You instantly straddled him and slowly sank down on him and moaned in pleasure. Minutes later both of you were a moaning mess. He watched as you bounced up and down on his dick and the way you sometimes stayed down and rolled you hips trying to get in deeper. “Mark I think I’m gon-” You were cut off by Mark saying “Just do it princess, cum on Daddy’s cock.” He said as he threw his head back and moaned. You then orgasmed on Mark’s cock. Your wall tightening against his cock felt so good. As soon as you came off your high Marl pulled out and started jerking himself off and came on your stomach. He got up to grab you a towel to clean yourself off. “That was amazing.” You stated as you cuddled into his chest. “Sure was baby girl, just don’t ever prank like that ever again. It was absolutely horrible, just the thought that you can find anyone better any minute and leave me for them makes me feel so insecure and scared.” he said as he kissed the top of your head. You looked up at him and said “Mark there is no one better than you, you are my everything. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. I regret it so much I wish I would have never thought of that stupid prank. I love you Mark Tuan, and don’t you forget it.” you said bringing your head up to peck his lips and hug him. “I love you too Y/N Y/L/N, I hope one day I’ll be able to say Y/N Tuan?” he said as he drifted off to sleep and you smiled and fell to sleep in a cuddling position.

my opinions on the boruto kids I've seen in the anime so far in no particular order::

chocho- I feel like I can trust her with my life. 10/10. a good kid

mitsuki- too smart. creepy eyes. nice enough, but as of yet I am wary

boruto- name sounds like burrito. 4/10. would be better if he didn’t have like 15 different gifts that are super powerful. overpowered for a little kid.

shikadai- has his momma’s eyes. a little too blunt for his own good. what a drag.

sarada- will forever be salad to me. not calling her by her real name. ever. salad.

inojin- i’m liking the overall look. very nice. kinda bratty, but so far p good. 5/10

iwabe- who is this strange boy and why does he have the Voldemort towel head thing going on. very concerned. 4/10

denki- that ponytail looks so weird. the fuck. thought he was a girl at first. not too bad. kinda stereotypical nerd. 6/10.

sumire- class rep. trying too hard to be like part 1 hinata. no. looks like the purple haired lady from kill la kill. 2/10. do not like yet.

wasabi- she looks like a frog, but I feel like I can trust her. nice hair.

himawari- CUTE. so cute. she’s more interesting than Boruto is! I love her! give me more of her!

metal- the BEST BOY. the best. hands down. 100/10. so great. my anxious son. I love him already. give me more of him. immediately.

Pokemon sentence starters
  • “There is nothing more beautiful and terrifying than innocence.“ 
  • “You said you have a dream.”
  • “We have a lot in common, the same earth, the same air, and the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what’s the same instead of always looking at what’s different….well, who knows? “
  • “ Physical wounds can be treated without much difficulty, but emotional wounds are not so easy to heal. “
  • “The city has been plunged into darkness by a power failure.”
  • “ Excuse me, but are you by chance the oddball of your family?”
  • “ Did you think of anything yet?
  • “One mystery leads to another.”
  • “ This must be a pretty dangerous town.”
  • “My picture’s going to be on posters… when I’m a big famous star.”
  • “My nose feels like it’s on fire.
  • “ I’ve got tons more energy than I know what to do with!”
  • ““I meant all perfumes are a ripoff because all they do is turn guys into zombies.”
  • “ Losing an official hat is like losing your best friend.”
  • “ “It takes a genius to realize a fishing net is the perfect weapon!”
  • “Every day it’s cake and tea/just like Pokemon and me.”
  • “ Looks like the ghost Pokemon got spooked.”
  • “Are you guys trying to be funny? Your routine really isn’t working for me.”
  • “Your sense of direction’s so bad you can’t find yourself in a mirror.” 
  • “Good friendships last forever even though friends don’t always stay together.”
  • “We’re defending the beauty of truth and love.”
  • “There’s never been a happier me. “
  • “I could write a book about the secrets of love and heartache! “
  • “ You really do care! “
  • “Now bikini season’s over and I’ll have to wait another year to meet a girl!”
  • “Thank badness we survived.”
  • “I don’t know how you’ll ever control your pokemon. You can’t even control yourself.”
  • “You have to follow your dream no matter what.”
  • “What’s wrong? Why are you two looking at me like that? “
  • “It’s just weird to see you looking like a girl.
  • “Masters? I’m twice as smart as those two watt lightbulbs you’re calling masters!”
  • “I hate water. Especially wet water.”
  • “What’s more important, a Pokemon battle or your life?”
  • “Water’s my specialty!”
  • “Reality can really bum you out.”
  • “That’s a big Pokemon.”
  • “So size does matter.”
  • “There’s always something new to look for in our lives… and in ourselves.” 
  •  “The road’s gotta be somewhere. “
  • “ What are you talking about? She looks just like all the other Joys.”
  • “ “Sure has a lot of spunk.”
  • “I’ll be here on the sidelines, cheering you on, waiting to drag your carcass away at the end. “
  • “It’s times like these that make me want to go straight.” 
  • “I’ll do anything, let’s just get out of this forest.” 
  • “Flattering? This picture makes me look terrible! “ 
Believe It or Not. Part 11.

(Based off 1x11 “Formality”)

Allison stood exactly where she was. She didn’t blink, she didn’t breath. But she was ready to talk and get the answers she wanted.

“What are you doing to him? Is that going to kill him?” She asked her aunt, still not taking her eyes off of the shallowly breathing man.

“Oh come on, kiddo, don’t get all ethical on me now.” Kate answered cynically.

“What is he?” Allison asked, ignoring her aunt.

She heard Kate’s footsteps until she was standing right next to her.

“Shape-shifter, Lycan, werewolf. To me he’s just another dumb animal.”
Kate took a deep breath before continuing,

“Come here.” She motioned to her niece who obeyed, “See these right here? These are canines, also known as fangs. Made for the tearing and rending of flesh. Not something you’d find on this cute little leaf- eating herbivores, is it?”

“This is a joke to you?” Allison shook her head at her aunt, confused and mad.

“Sweetheart, there are werewolves running around in the world. Everything’s a joke to me. How else do you think I stay sane?”

Allison stared at her aunt for a long time before continuing her long chain of questions.

“So- it was him at the school and all the other animal attacks?”

Before Kate answered, she finally turned to look at Allison. When she looked in Allison’s eyes, she saw strength.

“There’s actually three of them- another younger one like him called a Beta, and then there’s the Alpha. Alpha’s the pack leader- bigger, stronger, nastier.”

Allison laughed and shook her head, “When were they gonna tell me?” She asked, referring to her father.

“They still haven’t decided if they’re gonna tell you.” Kate sat down.

“Why?” Allison yelled out of frustration.

Kate explained a lot more to Allison, especially how right now she has to pretend she doesn’t know. She told Allison to just continue going to school and being a normal teenager, which seemed ridiculous to Allison. But it also made sense, she knew everything now. And when the time was right, she’s going to do something about it.


With the formal coming up soon, y/n found herself standing in the dress section of Macy’s.

She didn’t have a date; but she wasn’t going to let her werewolf brother, an evil alpha, or her feelings for some sarcastic boy keep her from enjoying her high school experience.

She was holding two in her hand, one of them white, with gold and silver interlaced on the surface. And the other, a simple navy blue, with straps that crossed in the back.

Y/n was eyeing the two back and forth, trying to decide which one she wanted to try on first. Then she heard an all too familiar voice, causing her to roll her eyes. The one and only, Stiles Stilinski.

“Oh- okay, so are you just gonna- try these on right now? Is this a 24 hour Macy’s?” Y/n peeked her head around the rack she was standing behind, to see Lydia Martin stacking piles of dresses on top of Stiles’ outstretched arms. Of course, she thought.

Y/n quickly hid back behind the metal rack as Lydia stormed past her towards the dressing rooms, Stiles following closely behind.

She tried hard not to let too much jealousy or sadness consume her. She took a deep breath, taking both dresses and making her way towards the dressing room as well. Y/n was going to buy a killer dress, and she was going to have a great night. And she wanted Stiles to know it.

As she got closer to the dressing rooms, she saw Stiles slumped against the wall. He looked bored. As he came into her sights, it’s like her body involuntarily ordered her to stop moving at all.

Stiles lifted his head up and saw her standing there. He immediately stood up straight, releasing his back from against the wall. It seemed like they were caught in each others’ gazes.

“Hi.” He was the one to break the silence.

“Fancy meeting you here.” Y/n replied with a smile, able to walk again.

“Yeah, I’m-I’m just-” Stiles struggled to gather his thoughts, and form correct sentences.

“Waiting for your formal date, Lydia Martin, to pick out the perfect dress?” She finished for him, raising her eyebrows at his defeat.

“Y/n…” He started but then silence took over. A look of sympathy crossed his face, or was it guilt?

“You don’t have to explain.” Y/n stopped him, “I get it.”

She turned around to walk away before she got too emotional. But a hand grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“No please, y/n it’s not-”

“Stiles stop! Please, just don’t, okay. Don’t feel sorry for me, don’t apologize, don’t try to make me feel better,” she laughed as tears threatened to fall from her eyes, “I’m not mad, and I don’t want your explanation. I hope you have an- an amazing time at the dance.”

And with that she ripped her arm from his grasp and quickly started walking towards to exit of the store. She caught sight of Allison, but Allison wasn’t alone. Peter Hale was standing right in front of her.

Y/n didn’t move, she watched intently, fearing that one of her friends may be in danger. She knew she had to act quickly to get Allison away from him.

She looked around the almost empty store trying to come up with a plan, and then she got one.

She ran to the nearest check out station with someone still working their shift.
She didn’t even wait for them to say anything.

“Hi, hello uh- uh. I’d like to uh- I’d like to report a bl-blue Mazda. Yeah, yeah blue Mazda it’s parked in the fire lane.”

The worker didn’t say anything as they picked up a phone and dialed a number.

Y/n smiled at her success and ran back over to where she could see Allison and Peter again. And then the store intercom went off.

“Attention shoppers. To the owner of a Blue Mazda, license plate 5768, your car is being towed.”

“Oh god, that’s my car!” She heard Allison yell, annoyed, as the brunette ran out of the store.

Y/n watched, relieved, as Allison made her way towards safety. That’s when she made a big mistake, y/n shifted her gaze back over the where Peter was standing. Only he was staring right back at her.

She quickly shot her head away and started walking as fast as she could. Out the door and to her car. She walked with her head down, searching through her back though her keys. It took her a while but finally she found them, sighing with relief. Except when she looked up, Peter was standing right in front of her car, staring right through her.

“You know, after speaking to your brother. You’re pretty smart for a McCall.”

Although she was terrified, she wanted to mask that as much as she could.

“What do you want with my brother?” She swallowed.

“Oh please, you really think you’re going to get anything out of me?” He laughed at her, which honestly really pissed her off.

“What do you want with me then?” She spoke, trying to not sound so nervous.

“I want you out of my way. Something tells me that, like your brother, you’ll do anything to keep your friends safe,” he stepped closer to her, touching her cheek with his thumb sending chills down her spine, “so keep your pretty little head out of this mess, or that boy in there…” He pointed back towards the store, “he dies.”

Y/n forgot how to breathe in that moment, she knew he meant Stiles. Before she could even blink, Peter was gone.


Y/n had gone back to Macy’s after slightly recovering from her encounter with the alpha, and bought the gold&silver dress.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She wore simple, bone colored heels with the dress. Simple make up, and hair curled back into a pony-tail, with a couple strands falling down from each side.

For the first time in a while, she smiled. With how serious life had gotten, it was good to know that something so little as a high school dance could still make her feel so excited.

She made her way over to Scott’s room to see if he was ready yet, since he was going against the coach’s orders of being banned from the formal.

When she opened the door she just saw her mom holding up Scott’s jacket, there was a hole in it- quite big actually.

“Don’t worry Scotty, mom can fix anything.” Y/n offered with a smile.

The two members of her family turned to see her leaning against the door frame. Melissa’s eyes lit up.

“Honey, you look… Absolutely stunning.”

Y/n felt a light blush creep over her cheeks as she smiled at her mom.
Who then, sat down on Scott’s bed with Scott trying to sew his jacket.

“So are you two going together to pick up your dates?” She asked her children.

“No. I’m going stag.” Scott replied.

“We both are.” Y/n added in.

Scott laughed at his mother’s reaction, “try to look a little more surprised mom.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just a little, you know, surprised that, you don’t have anyone else to ask other than Allison.”

“There are no other girls besides Allison.”
Scott replied looking down in defeat.

“I can’t help it.” He continued, “I mean, every time I look at her, I get this - this hollow feeling in my chest, and it’s like - it’s like someone literally took a shovel and dug a hole in me, and it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life, and I didn’t - I didn’t know anyone could actually ever feel this bad.”

Y/n watched with sadness for her brother.

“I know. Everyone knows eventually, it does go away.”

“I don’t want it to.” For a few seconds after Scott said it, silence filled the room.

“Have you told her how you feel?”

“She knows.”

Which y/n noticed was probably one of the dumbest things her brother has ever said, she then walked over until she was standing right in front of him. Without really thinking, she whacked him on the back of the head.

“Ow!” He cried as one of his hands reached up and held the spot he had been hit.

“Come on!” Y/n exclaimed, “she knows. She knows? Listen, dumb ass, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that most guys don’t even have a clue about, all right? You ready? Women. Love. Words.”

“Huh?” Scott looked up at his sister with big brown eyes.

“You need to tell her how you feel! Just say it. Say it again. Say it differently. Learn how to say it better. Learn how to sing it. You know just, write it in a poem.” Melissa watched as her daughter said this, eyes lighting up and y/n looked so grown up and beautiful.


“No. Not really, just tell her the truth. Tell her anything and everything you want.”
Y/n placed her hand on her brother’s shoulder, hoping he would get the message that she had all her faith in him. Even in light of different situations at the moment.

“Here y/n come with me.” Melissa’s voice interrupted the sibling’s moment. Grabbing her daughter’s hand and dragging her behind until they reached Melissa’s room.

Y/n watched as her mother stood in front of an old jewelry box. She pulled out a necklace with one simple silver jewel, laced with gold.

“This,” Melissa started as she walking back over to y/n- fumbling with the clasp of the necklace, “will go perfect with your dress.”

She let her mother place the lovely necklace around her neck. It was cold at first, making her shiver.

She turned around to give her mother a warm smile.

“Thank you.”

“Everything you told Scott, applies to you too, you know.”

Y/n raised her eyebrows at her mother in confusion. “I don’t know-”

“Don’t think that for the last three years, I haven’t seen the way you look at one very specific, sarcastic boy.”

Y/n sighed in defeat, uncomfortably shifting her position.

“Things are more complicated than they seem right now.”

All Melissa did was place her hands on both sides of her daughter’s face, making sure she was looking into her eyes.

“Some of the same things may be complicated for him too.”


Allison sat in Jackson’s car, by herself because he had already gotten out after drinking who knows what.

She took this time alone to pull down the mirror, the light illuminating her skin. Looking at herself, she remembered something Lydia had told her.

She gave herself and out-loud reminder.

“Normal teenage girl. You can do this. Smile Allison. Somebody could be falling in love with your -”

The words were involuntarily silenced from her body. All her attention focused on someone crawling on the roof. And this someone was none other than Scott McCall.


Y/n sat in her parked car, rummaging through her bag to make sure she had everything she needed. When she realized she did, she got out of her car and made her way towards the dance. As she was walking she was caught off guard when she was met in the middle of the walkway by Stiles and Lydia.

There was obvious tension between y/n and Stiles. Lydia could tell.

They stared at each other eyes, locked. Neither one of them knowing if they should say something, or just continue walking.

Stiles made the decision to talk first, “you look beautiful.” And he truly thought that. He almost lost his balance when he saw her.

At his comment, y/n smiled at the ground. When she looked back up and met his eyes again she started walking past them.

“I know.” Was all she mumbled to him before she left, leaving him to watch her walk away for the second time.


The dance was kind of boring so far, honestly. She just stood around and drank punch. She watched Allison try to convince Jackson to dance with her, but he was being a dick.

She saw Stiles try to convince Lydia to dance with him, but she was, well, she was being Lydia.

It only got interesting when the sound of coach yelling disrupted the music playing.

“McCall I see you!” He kept shouting multiple things as y/n and everyone else in the gym watched Scott run across the bleachers until he came up with the ultimate solution.

When coach finally caught up to him, he was dancing with Danny. Y/n was happy that he had decided to come. She knew he came for Allison, and yes she was still mad at him. But as much as she knew, she didn’t know the toll it had taken on him. So she smiled at the wildness of her brother, he deserved a good night too.

She took another sip of her punch as the commotion died down and all the students went back to dancing. Y/n watched as Scott walked up to Allison, asking her dance. And she literally almost cheered as Allison put her hand in Scott’s. She watched them dance for a little while, both obviously happy to be with each other. Eventually though, she sat down. She wanted to dance, but she knew there was only one person she truly wanted to dance with.


Stiles smiled at his best friend, finally getting the girl. He didn’t realize he was staring at them until Scott made eye contact with him and motioned for him to come over.

Confused, Stiles stood up and made his way to the couple.

“Ask her to dance, dude.” Scott said.

“I already did,” Stiles threw a hand in the air, “she doesn’t want to.”

All Scott did was glare at him with knowing eyes.

“I wasn’t talking about Lydia.”

Then Stiles understood. He turned his head to the right to see y/n sitting by herself. Head in her hands, looking just as beautiful as when he first saw her.
After a few seconds he forced his attention back over to Scott.

“How are you so good at this?” He smiled at his best friend.

“Oh please Stiles, it’s so obvious there’s something going on.” Although the response wasn’t from Scott, it was from Allison.

What was he doing here with Lydia? I mean yes, she was the one who actually asked him but he knew it was just to make Jackson jealous. He also knew, he didn’t want to be here with her. Not like that.

He confidently made his way over to where y/n was sitting, trying to control his heart rate. Which was rare for him considering he usually only had to worry about that with Scott.

As he stopped in front of her, her eyes shifted up to his. Again, he continued to be mesmerized by her eyes. He reached his hand out in front of him, for her to take it. Although he forgot to say actual words.

“Are you asking me to dance?” Y/n sasses, “or do you just want a high five?”

“Oh sorry,” he cleared his throat, “would you like to dance?”

She laughed as he struggled to get the question out of his mouth. He was always like this, yet she found it adorable.

She placed her hand in his, feeling instant warmth spread through her body at his touch. She stood up and they made their way to the middle of the dance floor.

His arms wrapped around her waist, and she hugged her arms around his neck. Placing her head on his shoulder and shutting her eyes. Deciding to let everything fall away while she was in his arms. Everything supernatural, and emotional was not a problem at this very moment.

“I’m sorry.” His voice echoed in her ear.

She lifted her head, and moved her arms slightly so she could look at him now.

“Sorry for what?” She asked, even though she knew.

“You’re smart, I know you know something’s up. And believe me, I hate that I can’t talk to you about it. And so does Scott. But you just gotta trust me when I say we’re doing it to protect you,” his eyes were staring so deep into hers she swore he could see every thought inside her head, “your protection, is the only thing that matters to me y/n okay? Because God, if anything were to happen to you because you’re involved in that- thing that’s happening right now, I would never be able to forgive myself. I know it seems like betrayal, but I’ll explain everything i promise-”

She needed him to stop taking, so she did the only thing she could think of. She placed her hands on both sides of his face, leaning his head down until their lips collided. For a short moment, their lips moved against each other perfectly, until she pulled away.

She couldn’t open her eyes yet, not until she said what she had to say.

“I know.”

Then she opened her eyes to look into his golden ones, and he smiled, he almost looked relieved.

“Good, I’m glad you understand-”

“No Stiles. I know. I know everything.”

His smiled disappeared, and his arms dropped down to his aides from her waist.

“How- how is that even possible?”

“Because I knew that the two people I cared about most were in trouble, so I went to Derek and-”

He put his hand up to stop her from speaking more.

“You, you you went to Derek? Are you kidding y/n do you know how dangerous that could’ve been?”

He was yelling at her now, so she yelled back.

“What other choice did I have? You and Scott made it loud and clear that I couldn’t ask either of you! So don’t you dare make me feel stupid, or reckless. You don’t get to do that when I’ve been threatened by the goddamn Alpha himself for trying to help the people I love.”

His eyes widened, he grabbed her gently.

“He threatened you, are you- are you okay?” His tone had changed from angry to concerned.

“I’m fine.” She pulled away from his hold on her, making him feel slightly hurt.

He just stared at her, unsure of what to say. His phone rang, and he saw it was Scott.

“I have to go.” Was all he said, leaving her alone in the middle of the dance floor.


Y/n really couldn’t stand being in a cafeteria full of students and loud music anymore. She practically sprinted until she was out in the hallways, able to capture her breath.

She hadn’t even realized she was crying until she felt the air stinging the tear stains on her cheeks.

She was so mad. She’s was mad that Stiles and Scott thought they had to protect her, when all it did was end up hurting her more.

However, she was also mad at herself. What if she just made everything worse for her brother and for Stiles? She should’ve kept her mouth shut.

Y/n was pulled from her thoughts as she heard Lydia Martin’s heels click on the hallway floors.

“Jackson?” She knew heard the girl ask out loud. Disappointment evident on her face as she got no reply.

Lydia continued to walk towards to exit of the school on her search for Jackson. Y/n found herself following right behind Lydia. She didn’t exactly know why, maybe it was multiple reasons. Mostly the fact that there was a ravage alpha on the loose literally trying to kill everyone. But also, it bothered y/n that Lydia was willing to go back to Jackson when she deserved so much more.

It was no secret that Lydia aggravated Y/n to know end, but y/n was going to look out for her anyway, the way she would for anyone.

“Lydia wait!” Y/n called out, Lydia stopping until she caught up to her.

“What are you doing, following me?”

“There’s no need for that, okay? It’s dark outside. And come on, we both know you’re way too pretty to be out here by yourself.”

Y/n joked. Satisfied the effect it had as she watched Lydia roll her eyes. She turned around and continued to walk towards the lacrosse field as y/n kept up by her side.

“Jackson? Jackson!” The strawberry blonde hopelessly called out.

“Lydia I don’t think he’s out here-”
Y/n tried to reason with her before Lydia stopped her and shushed her, making all the heat rise in y/n at the girl.

“Look over there! I think that’s him.” She pointed at a figure standing near the benches. Lydia started fast-walking in that direction, and the person started walking towards her.

As he got closer, y/n had a very strong and terrifying feeling that it wasn’t Jackson.

“Lydia I think we should leave.” She said feeling panicked.

But the girl ignored her, until the mysterious figure got in better view. Revealing himself as Peter Hale.

Lydia stopped in her tracks at the sight of his red glowing eyes and visible claws. She started to scream but he just knocked her out cold.

He fixed his eyes at y/n, who hadn’t moved at all. She knew she couldn’t outrun him, but she also felt frozen. Sure she was going to die.

“Y/n RUN!” She heard a voice behind her.
She quickly whipped her head around to see Stiles running in a full sprint towards her. Yet he was so far away.

With her head turned around she hadn’t noticed Peter coming closer to her, until she felt an excruciating pain radiate through her side.

She looked down to see a pair of claws implanted into her, right under her ribcage.
She couldn’t even scream, her mouth opened to make the noise… But y/n was in too much shock.

He pulled his claws out of her skin, and she passed out cold right there on the field just like Lydia.

A few seconds later Stiles had dropped on his knees by her side.

“No, no, no please.” He quickly checked her pulse, and felt as if he could breathe again when he knew that she was breathing.

“Don’t kill her, please.” He looked up at Peter with tears being shed from his beautiful eyes.

“Of course not. Just tell me how to find Derek.”

“What?” Stiles asked, as he sat on the grass with y/n’s head in his lap, stroking her hair. Wanting nothing more than for her to wake up.

“Tell me how to find Derek Hale.” Peter repeated, with a much more firm tone.

“How- how would I know that?” The scared boy stuttered.

“Because you’re the clever one, aren’t you? And because deception has a particularly acrid scent, Stiles,” the man bent down and pulled y/n’s body away from Stiles’ grasp, much to his dismay.
He held her up by her neck as he continued speaking, “Tell me the truth. Or I will rip her apart.”

Peter knew he had him now. The increase in the boy’s heart rate gave away how much he cares about this girl.

“Look- look, I don’t know, okay? I sw- I swear to god, I have no idea.” He struggled to get the words out of his mouth as he tried to swallow all of his fear.

“Tell me!” Peter yelled as he released his claws again, placing them on y/n’s neck as a threat.

Stiles reacting by standing on his feet, “okay, okay, okay- okay look, I think he knew-”

“Knew what?”

“Derek,” Stiles sighed, “I think he- I think he knew was gonna be caught.”

“By the Argents?” Peter asked for clarification.


“And?” He urged for more information.

“When they were shot, he and Scott- I think he took Scott’s phone.”

“Why does this matter?” The alpha stepped closer to the boy.

“They all have GPS now. So if he still has it, and if it’s still on, you can find him.” He finished quickly. Desperate for y/n’s release back into his arms.

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You're Raped

“I think I should dump you out now before I get caught, now shouldn’t I?” the man’s raspy voice questioned, watching her every move without taking a blink. Shivers crawled down y/n’s spine as she backed her more into the corner of the wall, a way of hiding from him. His body kneeled right in front of hers, and the closeness of his body to hers was the most unsafe feeling she could ever feel.
“Oh how I’m going to miss fucking this pretty lil’ body of yours” he sighed, grazing his finger tips over her bare legs.
She fliched away from him, sobbing as she tried to back away more, but the cold wall prevented her, making her have no escape. The man chuckled as his body came closer, hovering over her as y/n’s body began to shake vigorously.
“One last taste, and I’ll dump you out. How does that sound?” he questioned, lowering his face so he can smell her, smell the vulnerability and fear that had become such a drug to him.
She whimpered, shaking her head so she didn’t have to feel him there—feel him crawling on her skin and his rough skin against hers. His fingers caught her chin so that he could harshly turn her face toward his, taking a look into her gray, dull eyes.
“You fucking look at me, you dirty little whore!” he barked at her, making her eyes widen, but her body obey.
He smiled, his hand running along her face as he admired how well he’s taught her these passed few days.
“Good girl” he smiled before planting a wet, sloppy, hungry kiss on her lips, trying to pry her mouth open with the hold of her chin, but she put her lips together and squeezed them shut.
“Come on, give it to me. Give it to me or you’ll stay here” he threatned.
She couldn’t imagine staying in here longer, not even for a minute. She was so trapped in complete darkness, preventing her from finding any exit to escape. Her clothes were in threads, and he would repeatedly hurt her if she made any kind of noise. The thought made her stomach churn, sending her to release a gag. The man took the opportunity to slip his tongue in her mouth, something that made her nearly puke onto him, but she held it in. It was too risky to make him mad. Way too risky.
The man lasted one last second before he ripped away from her. She gasped for air, throwing up as she exhaled the disgusting taste of his siliva.
Moments later, she felt herself being dragged by her hair outside of the unknown building. She put her hands on his, trying with all the strength she had left to make him let go, but fighting to her was something so energy taking now. She couldn’t do it even if she tried. Exhaustion taking over so much of her body, that everything made her so unbelieveably numb.
“Look outside the fucking window and I’ll kill you before you can blink” he seethed at her, throwing her in the passanger seat aimlessly. She lay how she landed, not finding any motivation to move. She coughed, feeling a reactant to the taste of this disgusting man that took away something so special to her. Something so special to her boyfriend, she felt like it was all her fault. If she had just listened to Harry to not walk home, none of this would of happened.
Harry. His name was enough to make her crave him. She missed him more she ever thought her heart could miss somebody. She just wanted to hear him—to know he was still existing.
Within twenty minutes, the car came ro a hault. The man took her face in his hand, squeezing her face as he pulled her head up harshly.
“You didn’t obey me the first night. All your fucking screaming and kicking, and after a thosand fucking times you still disobeyed me. You’re a little whore, letting me touch you like that. A little fucking whore who deserves to be lost!” he screamed at her.
He lifted her body up, opening the car door and flung her out on the grass, making her roll before stopping perfectly on her stomach. He turned around and drove back to the direction they have come from, leaving her, here, in the middle of no where. It was just a lane of road, and the rest was all grass.
She felt no hope. No hope that anybody could ever find her here, no hope that she could ever go back to Harry. Her Harry, the Harry that she loved and had lived with for so long. She did the only thing she knew was left to do, pray.
She let out a loud sob, feeling so disgusting and dirty and so broken, she didn’t even feel like the person she knew she was.
“Please God, oh please God, please. Give me my Harry. I need my Harry. I will do anything, God. I’m s—so sorry for all I had done t—to deserve this. B—but please, God, please, give me my Harry. Please have him find me”.
She took a second to listen, listen for anything. A car, a horn, a voice, Harry, anything.
“Come on!” she screamed, punching the grass. “Come on please please please!”.
She weeped, feeling so lost without Harry. The way he held her when she felt lost, or the way he kissed her when she knew things were going bad. All she needed was him, to be there, holding her. She needed him more than she needed anything right now. He was the only reason she held on. Without him, she would have let herself die the many times she was so close to death.
The whole world seemed to stop when she saw a cop car comming towards her. For a moment, she just looked at it, blinking tightly, praying that this wasn’t her imagination. There was no way that there was somebody comming here, in a place like this.
“H-help!” she screamed, crawling toward the road.
Whether she was imagining it or not, she couldn’t stop. Her legs seemed so broken, just being dragged behind her, but nothing stopped her from crawling towards the road once more.
“Please help me!”.
The cop car came to a stop, and moments later, a tall man in his mid fourty’s with a police uniform came running to her.
“Please help me get back to my Harry. Please. I haven’t seen him in days and I’ve been raped and I need my Harry please help me oh please, oh please help me”
“Ma’am. Ma’am. Please calm down. We know exactly who you are I just need you to relax” the cop earged, unclipping the walkie talkie from his shirt pocket swiftly.
“This is Officer Ryan, I found her” he spoke in it fast.
“How do you know me? Is Harry here? Where’s my Harry? Did Harry look for me?”.
“Ma’am. Harry called everyone to help find you, okay? But please for right now I need you to answer questions for me while I drive you to the police station, okay?”.
She nodded her head, and knowing that walking was hard with her injuries, she started to crawl toward the car.
“Come on, I’ve got you” the officer said, reaching for her.
She flinched, backing away from him. She wanted to trust him, she did, but she started reacting so strange to him now. She felt like he was just like the man. She felt like anybody that wasn’t Harry was going to harm her the way he did.
“Ma’am, I won’t hurt you. You have to trust me so that I can get you to Harry. Harry’s been calling all these cops and all these people to look for you. He’s been all around London running on no sleep looking for you. Now let me bring you back so you can see him. Would you like that? To see Harry?” he asked quietly.
Harry truly was running on no sleep, panicked as to why someone would take Y/n away from him like that. He couldn’t bring himself to live life without her, and he’s been going absolutely crazy without her.
She stuck out her hand, waiting for him to take it. He grabbed onto it, lifting her up so that he could carry her to the car without hurting her. He gentley placed her in the passanger seat, putting on her seatbelt. As he bent over, he realized how bad condition her body was in. Swells, cuts, bruises, and burns ran endlessly through her skin.
He felt so digusted, so disgusted that a human being could ever do this to someone, especially to such a young girl. She was 18, but just looked so weak and vulnerable, and that’s when he knew he couldn’t leave without looking for the man who caused this.
“You know what, Y/n, I’m going to have Harry pick you up. Does that sound alright?” he sniffled, feeling tears well up in his eyes.
He took a moment to be in her position, how someone forces another to do these terrible things so that they can fufill their pleasure. It was so sickening to him that a man could ever look at a girl, so scared and sad, and beat her so that he could get something he wanted.
“Please, oh please, please do”.
The eargency and the desperation in her voice was so tough for him to hear. This was miles and miles away from London, but he couldn’t let her go. He had to get this man. He had to.
He nodded, half-heartedly walking away from the car. He needed his privacy as tears slowly flooded his eyes, blocking his veiw to dial Harry’s number.
The ringing noise felt like years, he just wanted to tell Harry that y/n was alive. He was the one who wanted to deliver the news. The thought of finding her made his heart race. It took him days, nearly 90 hours to figure out where she was, and he knew now that the lack of sleep was finally worth it.
“What happened? Is everything okay?” Harry immediatly asked once he picked up the phone.
The officer sniffled, but smiled as he was about to say the words Harry has been hoping for for days.
“I found her, Harry”.
The line fell silent for a moment until a strong cry escaped Harry’s lips.
“Oh God. Oh God. Where is she? Is she okay? What happened to her?”.
“We’re 76 miles East of London, Harry. I know it’s a long drive but half of it is one stra—”
“I’m on my way” Harry said before hanging up.
The officer sighed, closing his eyes as he took in one big breath.
“It’s over now. She’s fine. It’s over now” he whispered to himself, trying to calm himself down.
The officer shook his body, snapping himself back to reality as he slowly made his way back to the cop car. He had one more stop to take, and he knew exactly what to do.
“Harry’s on his way” The officer said quietly, not able to look at y/n condition any longer.
He slowly sunk into the front seat, closing the door shut as he started to write down information. He looked over at y/n every once in a while, whom was staring blankly out the window. He knew she was tramatized, but he didn’t know what to do about it. He couldn’t ask her questions for his information, not now, not when she’s like this.
So he just sat there, joining her. He knew she was asking why a world that looked so beautiful had to be so cruel, and the question wrapped around his head. He couldn’t answer it, and he wished so desperatly that he could answer it for her. But he couldn’t, and it made him more upset. He quickly grapped his keys and gun, and made his way out of the car.
“Stay here until Harry comes,” he said to y/n, “I’m going to find that son of a bitch”.
Y/n nodded, and with all the quietness and the sound of the wind blowing itself onto the window, she slowly started to disapear.

Harry finally made it to the cop car, and he’s never ran so fast in his entire life. He was scared, so scared to see the damage that had been done, but he wanted to feel her skin on his. He needed it before he lost himself.
At the cop car, he couldn’t believe what he had seen. He looked at her, so beaten and small, and he could feel his heart break. He could feel it being squeezed tighter and tighter by the moment, seeing his princess look like that.
“Princess,” he shook her, crying, desperate to feel her, “wake up. Baby, I’m here now”.
“Harry?” she whispered, opening her eyes with so much hope.
“Yes, baby. I’m here. I’ve got you now”.
All her emotions finally gave out on her as she started to cry uncontrolably. She was so happy he was there with her now, to hold her and to love her. It was all she’d been waiting for, and it all seemed like a lifetime without him.
“Harry, I—I’m so happy that you’re here. I n—needed you so much and I held on for you, Harry. I held on for you. I knew I would see you again so I held on” she said, almost like a child.
He looked at her, almost like the first time he met her. After days without her, he felt like he was without himself. Knowing that somebody had the nerve to take you away was almost enough to kill him. Harry wanted to actually see the man suffer in front of him. But looking at her now, with the joy on her face because he was there made him fall in love with her all over again. He has never seen her so happy, and he, himself, has never felt so happy to see her.
This was definitely not how he wanted to see her. A black eye, swollen lips, cuts and burns upon her skin, because he knew what had happened. She didn’t have to say it, he knew, and it made him want to throw up.
But she was here with him now, with so much joy in her, that he almost couldn’t think of anything bad upon anybody. The exctacy she brought him was something so overpowering, and he missed her. He missed her more than he could miss anything else.
He brought his hand down to her cheek, feeling her, confirming that he wasn’t imagining her again. She was alive, and she was in front of him, and the thought made him completely break down in front of her.
“Oh God, y/n, I’ve missed you so much. I couldn’t—I couldn’t—”.
The cries were so strong that he couldn’t continue. He completely collapsed into her, almost like he still couldn’t believe she was here.
But the feel of her, feeling her barely strong enough to pit her arms around him made him angry. She was so hurt, she could barely even move.
“I’m going to kill him. I’m going to fucking kill him” he sobbed, truly meaning what he said.
He ripped out of her loose grip, storming into the front of the cop car. He didn’t know what he was doing, and he didn’t want to. He knew what it was going to lead to, and the way he knew it was going to end was what he wanted.
“Harry, baby, what are you doing” y/n asked, wanting him to return to her again; to hold her.
Harry couldn’t turn around, not now. He opened up to police car, jumping in, making a mess looking for anything. Anything to satisfy him.
“There’s got to be a fucking gun in here” Harry cursed, taking out everything in the compartments and throwing them in the back.
“Yes” he whispered, getting his hands on a handgun.
He quickly exited the car, holding the gun up into the air, as his mind was completely lost. His body was working too fast for him to know what he was doing, but he didn’t care, and he couldn’t stop.
“Who the fuck do you think you are you asshole?” Harry screamed at the top of his lungs into the night sky.
He didn’t know what was going on, his entire adrenaline was taking over, and all he saw was one big blur.
“You’re a fucking prick and I will fucking find you and I’ll kill you! How do you like that? A bullet to your fucking fucked up brain?”.
Harry was in a range he’s never been in before. He wasn’t even himself anymore. He was turning into a monster before he could stop himself. He was just so angry. Angry that someone dared to touch her like that. Angry that he wasn’t there. Angry that people could be so fucked up, and he wanted to be angry at y/n. She didn’t listen to him, and if she did none of this would had happened. But he couldn’t be mad at her, because it was her voice was what brough him back, it was the gentle tone she carried with her everytime she talked. It made him realize what he should be focusing on. It made him come back to the way he was before.
“Harry, come back to me”.
Harry looked at her, almost right through her, not fully back in reality. He dropped the gun, stumbling to her. Whatever he just did wiped him out, and all he could think about was holding her until slumber hits.
Once he reached her, he didn’t hesitate to hold her so close to his body.
“We have to wait for Ryan” she mumbled in his chest, running her fingers gentley along his back.
“Lets go to sleep, baby” Harry whispered to her, kissing the top of her head, “You look like you haven’t slept in days”.
She nodded, resting her chin upon his chest as she slowly closed her eyes.
“C’mon” he mumbled as he picked her up so he can bring her into the back seat his car.
Harry slid her body ontop of his, holding her as if this was the first night he had fallen in love with her. He felt a drop fall upon his shirt, and he subsonciously held her tighter.
“This will all be better in the morning, baby, I promise. He’ll be gone and we’ll be continuing on the way we were before, okay? I promise” he whispered, kissing the top of her head.
“Can you sing me to sleep?” she asked, another tear slipping out of her eye as she stared blankly at his chest.
“A drop in the ocean,
A change in the weather.
I was praying that you and me might end up together”

PLL Theory

I’m calling it. Aria knows who killed Charlotte, or at least something about the night she was killed. First she denies even leaving the hotel and then lies about going out to get her phone charger. Hanna tells her that she knows she was out for longer than that, but Aria in a sense tries to brainwash her, saying she remembered it wrong and was drunk. She then marches straight over to Ezra’s apartment and tells him that they never saw each other that night and of course Ezra goes along with it and doesn’t really look that surprised. The girls then find the tape of Aria leaving the hotel and confront her about it. So Aria tells them about Ezra (her alibi) and throws the suspicion straight off herself. Spencer doesn’t seem to truth her at first, but then Emily and Hanna convince her otherwise. And to think, the girls were so close to actually realising what Aria was really like.

Then at some point the girls give statements to the police and Aria lies about leaving the hotel. Seeing as the tape is currently ‘missing’ and has an unknown whereabouts, there’s nothing to say that she wasn’t there all night. The girls must back her up on this. Again, bad decision. In 6x18 the police receive a witness statement about an attractive brunette calling someone from the 2 crows diner. And who does Tanner go straight to? Aria. That in itself is suspicious. What about Spencer, or more importantly Mona who it actually was. Why not bring in all three? Because Tanner suspects Aria. She always has. Remember back in season 5 when she goes to Aria’s house to talk to Byron. She doesn’t go and talk to the other girls parents’. She tells Byron that the police are interested in Aria and that she is certain Aria is part of the complications.

The first sneak peek for next weeks episode shows Emily telling Hanna and Aria that Mona was the one who called Charlotte, but she never showed up. Aria then immediately suggests going to talk to the police, reminding the girls on several occasions that she’s still on the suspect list, which she clearly doesn’t want to be on. Why? Because she’s guilty. And not just of the fact that she left the hotel, but for everything that’s been happening to the girls since ‘A’ arrived in Rosewood.

Isn’t it convenient that as soon as Aria’s been taken down to the police station, she gets ‘set on fire’ by this new ‘Uber Bad’, who, may I just point out, really doesn’t seem to give a crap about torturing Aria at all. I know that she got burned by the fire, but she still hasn’t received a single personal text from ‘Uber Bad’ and I seriously don’t think that she’s going to in the remaining two episodes either.

I honestly believe that Aria getting burned was her playing the victim, thus throwing suspicion off herself. And an added bonus to that was that she could see how Ezra felt about her. She hit two birds with one stone. ‘Uber Bad’ proved that they were serious and when Ezra came running in, she knew that he still has feelings for her and cares about her. I mean, come on. It was so obvious when her face dropped as she saw Liam. She clearly would rather have been with Ezra.

So who killed Charlotte? Well, presuming that Charlotte is actually dead, which could go either way judging on what’s happened before, I actually think that it was Elliot (Dr Rollins). I didn’t at first, but after watching the 6x19 promo and seeing Alison clearly drugged up when she turned up on Aria’s doorstep, I honestly believe that he could have killed her. Charlotte went to the church. Why? To get married to Dr Rollins. But then he killed her instead.

But where did he get the idea from? What if Aria found Spencer’s paper? We know that Ezra read it, so he could have told her about it. What if Aria went out that night to check that Charlotte arrived at the church and then texted Elliot to say that the plan was in action? Ideally Aria wanted Charlotte to be locked up in the hospital forever. I predicted weeks before 6x11 aired that Aria would be the only one to say that she was still ‘scared’ of Charlotte. But that failed, so there was only one thing that could be done to keep Charlotte quiet. Kill her.

What did Charlotte need to keep quiet about? Well, the fact that she was just another cover up ‘A’ like Mona. There was no way that Charlotte could have built the Dollhouse and stalked the girls everywhere. No. She was only ‘A’ during season 4. She was Kisses -A and Mona was - -A. But what about -A? Well, that was and always has been Aria.

But this new villain isn’t part of the ‘A’ team. They’re clearly a copycat. So who are they? I can only think of Melissa at the moment. Marlene did say that ‘Uber Bad’ was related to one of the liars and ruling out the twin for a moment, the only liar with a sibling who’s got a storyline this season is Melissa. (I mean, I highly doubt any of the parents would do something like this, nor Jason who’s just disappeared off the face of the earth). Why? Because she’s being blackmailed.

Now, here comes the interesting part. Why isn’t Melissa attacking Aria? Because she knows about Aria being ‘A’ somehow, through Wren or Charlotte, I don’t know. I mean, she did try and kill Aria on the Halloween train, no questions asked, along with Wilden, so she must have suspected Aria for something. So they made a deal. Aria would help her find out who the blackmailer was. Only Aria lied to her and actually helped Rollins to kill Charlotte. Now all she has to do is sit back and watch the fun. Which seems something extremely like what ‘A’/Aria would do.

I mean, let’s talk about the wedding photos for a second. Only 12 photos were taken on that night, three of them from this ‘Uber Bad’ person. Aria was in the photo, which presumably means that she didn’t take the photo, but we can’t actually see her face, which I think was deliberate. Does this mean that she has a twin? That would be the best reveal ever. I can’t think of any more hilarious than two Aria’s running around Rosewood. The town would literally be screwed.

Aria looks at the photo that supposedly has her in it and then instantly zooms in while saying ‘I wonder who took it’. I hate to break it to you Aria, but zooming in isn’t going to tell you who took the photo. But conveniently zooming straight in on the note from ‘Uber Bad’ will get the girls freaking out. So was Melissa at the wedding? Highly unlikely, so I’m guessing Aria stepped in. What I am sure of it that Aria didn’t want Hanna to be there? Her reaction when she found out that Hanna definitely wasn’t positive. Maybe because she’d have to come up with another plan, or maybe her twin was going to be there? I’m not sure, but there is something fishy about the whole wedding thing.

Then afterwards Aria marries Elliot and Alison, no questions asked. Her reaction when she saw Alison was absolutely priceless. Of course, she was in on the fact that Elliot has drugged her, but clearly hadn’t been expecting Alison to be all ‘BFF’ towards her. This is literally the first Arison scene where the two girls haven’t looked like they could slit each other’s throats. They clearly have always hated each other, which is why Aria looked completely dumbfounded that Alison was acting like they’ve been best friends since they were born.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Aria was and always has been involved with the ‘A’ game and torturing the liars. Whether she actually realises it or not, which I don’t think she does, we don’t know just yet. With all the evidence pointing towards Aria and her constant shady behaviour in every single scene, she has to be guilty of something. I mean, seriously. I found around 20 Aria is ‘A’ clues in the pilot and there are literally about 2 for Mona, if that. Aria will always be the lead ‘A’ in my eyes no matter what, but if she’s not revealed to have at least some input in the ‘A’ game, I will be complaining. There’s just too much evidence to deny that she isn’t helping out or controlling the game.

exo boyfriend!suho

•let’s start with him being all cute and shy in a corner booth of a cafe and snatching glances of you

•you catch him and he’s blushing soooo bad but he asks for your number anyways


•we can start with rich daddy waving money in yo face

•him spoiling you so badly!

•"I ripped my bag, how annoying,“

•"here babe take this 1.5k to the shop and buy yourself a new one!” *wink* *wink*

•the boys teasing you alllll the time!

•"well suho is eomma and I’m guessing you’ll be our appa!“

•"chanyeol, stfu before I slap yo ass”


•at night when both of you wanna “get it on” *wink* he’s gonna be all romantic with candles and rose petals but when you’re in the bed…oh god, when you’re in the bed

•shameless kissing in front of the boys and they be all like “ewwww” as if it was their actual parents kissing


•one day he be all cute, next he’s like, “hey mama let me whisper in yo ear,”

•then you’re just there like…“dude, whut?”

•he sees you reading and takes a picture of you

•but he leaves the flash on so you’re like “What are you doing…?”

•and because he’s the awkward lil poo he is, he’s gonna quietly walk out of the room thinking he’s invisible

•when sm throws a party and you go with him, he’s tryna dance and stuff but all he is doing is embarrassing you

•he’s bored so he just plaits your hair but ends up turning it into Einstein’s hair

•him baking cookies and cupcakes for you to decorate

•at night cuddling~~~

•him reading or singing to you when you’re asleep cause that voice is so underrated

•he loves it when you wear his clothes

•holidays all around the world!

•when you have a movie night and you are focusing on the movie so bad, he’s there staring at you smiling and thinking

•"when did I ever get so lucky?“

•him making cheesy comments

•"baby you look absolutely beautiful today, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and every day you make me fall in love with you even more,”

•"junmyeon, shush,“

•anyways, dating this ball of fluff would be the best. He’d of course do anything for his girl and wouldn’t dare to see a frown on your face. Although, if he does he’s always going to put you first and make sure he can see that smile one again!

•it’s sooooo cuteeeee!

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a-vague-yet-menacing-agency  asked:

follow up: Keith loves children, but do children love Keith??

Ok time to get a little sad but I feel like Keith is super overprotective of children? I mean, look at the guy. He has a mullet, anger issues, and is an orphan- he obviously did not have the greatest childhood. So I imagine that he wants to almost guarantee that any kid he meets will grow up to be happy. You know what I mean? Honestly Keith makes me so sad when I think of his early life.

So, he’s got good intentions. But you know Keith, he bungles up the follow-through. When he sees a kid that’s by themselves or looking lonely Keith’s mind just goes ‘!!! Gotta Help’ but he doesn’t know HOW to help so he ends up kind of pacing around the kid, like a lion in an enclosed space. And this is obviously super unsettling and Keith probably ends up scaring the kid off lmao. Cue Keith sulking for the rest of the day.

Lance voice: Dude, what is up with you? Are you okay?

Keith voice: *visibly upset* Piss off McClain.

I think Keith would be super embarrassed about his Resting Murder Face, and he also hates that he scares a lot of little kids, so after a while I bet he started distancing himself. If the Voltsquad is doing a rescue a mission then Keith passes on the duty of finding kids, that sort of thing.

Of course, one day Voltron is called down to a planet that’s being attacked by Zarkon or space pirates or (plothole). There’s no singular abomination to fight, so Voltron separates as everyone begins searching for survivors. Keith is walking down one street (Red Lion is too big to enter homes) when he hears crying coming from one house. It sounds like a little kid, and for a moment Keith considers putting in a call for help so that Lance ‘Baby Whisperer’ McClain can come swooping in (not that Keith is bitter or anything), when the crying suddenly changes into frightened screams.

Keith doesn’t hesitate. He kicks the door open, sending it flying into a bad guy who was trying to reach a little alien girl who wedged herself under a chair. The noise attracts more bad guys, who come rushing in. Keith tells the little girl to run, plants himself firmly in front of her, and brutally cuts down anyone who tries to reach her. 

Afterwards, Keith comes down from his mini berserk mode and he’s like Oh Shit because he can’t see the kid anywhere and crap, he probably scared her since that’s all he ever does. And then suddenly there’s a tug on his hand and Keith looks down to see the little girl shyly looking up at him, a battered first-aid kit in her tiny hand.

When Keith returns to the group, he’s got bandaids with cartoon faces covering some of his superficial cuts and an armful of little girl. Said little girl refuses to be separated from Keith, wrapping her arms around his neck to tightly he chokes a little when Lance (Lance!!) tries to persuade her to come have a check-up. In the end, they compromise; the little girl (who I am now naming Mardya, because why not) sits with Keith on the paw of Red Lion while Allura checks her over.

The next few hours are a blur. The rest of the Voltsquad work to put out the fires engulfing the town they landed in, pass out first aid to all survivors, and work on reuniting families. Mardya refuses to let go of Keith’s hand the entire time. If he needs both hands, she either clings to his back or rides on his shoulders. Keith’s progress is a little slow as a result, but he’s actually smiling for once, so the rest of the team just quietly picks up his slack.

Eventually, Mardya finds her parents and little brother. She gleefully introduces them to Keith, who they immediately shower with praise and gratefulness. Keith’s face is actually pink. Pidge takes a quick photo just to have proof of this rare event.

Eventually, the team has to leave the planet behind, because the galaxy still needs defending somewhere. Mardya hugs Keith for a solid five minutes, then kisses him on the cheek and promises to never forget him, ever. Keith swears the same, and they seal it with the planet’s version of a pinkie promise. Keith looks back like twenty times during the flight out, until they enter a wormhole and leave the planet behind.

Keith has never really cared about returning to planets Team Voltron has helped, but he stops by to visit Mardya every few years.

Neighbors: Part Three - Awkward

word count: ~1600

Summary: You move in to a new apartment and find out quickly (and awkwardly) how thin the walls are…

warnings: awkward conversations

AU Sam x Reader - Enjoy!

Part One - Part Two

The rest of the weekend was torture.  You avoided leaving your apartment, at all costs.  Even though you desperately needed to go to the grocery store, you couldn’t bring yourself to go, just in case Sam was in the hallway.  Your mind kept replaying how Sam sounded moaning your name, and you found yourself turned on at the most random times.

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People need to understand that the Last is the LAST movie to a 15 year running thing and they decided to make it a one-topic romance movie for a pairing that had been the most neglected in the manga, instead of dedicating it to a large general fanbase and please the hugest number of loyal fans possible with it - because nope, NH fandom isn’t the only loyal fans out there. They decided to please a part of the fans, bailed the others with cheap methods into theaters and the only ones who seem to be happy about the movie, giving it 5 stars are the VERY people to whom the movie is dedicated. Do you think it’s correct and fair to give special priviledge to only a part of fans who mostly concentrated on the shy girl being noticed? The movie surely isn’t perfect even in neutral eyes. If there ever was a movie cathegory named NaruHina, this movie would score on top of the list. Unfortunately, there’s no such cathegory so what’s judged is general entertainment, animation, script, pacing, emotions, character developement, suspense, fun….. And unfortunately, again, this movie doesn’t deserve full 5 stars even for this, apparently (excluding the perfect animation). It makes Hinata look blind toward the situation they’re in (knitting scarfs, focusing on Naruto instead Hanabi), it makes Naruto look like a total jerk who couldn’t even answer truthfully to the girl he claimed to love all this time. Does anyone at all consider how BAD that would make him look? Also, Sakura - wow, this makes her look totally oblivious in a sense as well. Did she think so little of her self that she cannot be loved by Naruto? Or did she think so little of Naruto that she didn’t believe he’s able to love someone in a real sense? Either way it makes her look bad and pessimistic, while she’s actually a cheerful girl. They negated everything that would hinder NH happening in the movie (because the manga it self is the biggest problem  hindering the movie). They put this movie on a piedestal for everyone to accept it….Why should we be completely fine with it anyway? I will judge it by my own standards, like everyone else, and like any other movie I’ve seen. The NH kids being forgotten with their nonexistent byakugan is an insult to everyone as well. Don’t tel me these kids have been designed a decade ago - because 10 years would be surely enough time for not making such a crucial mistake. The next generation probably wasn’t even planned, Kishimoto wanted to do other stuff but now they try to force more money out of it. Yes. Money. Because if we wouldn’t be buying this, they wouldn’t be making this. Rock fact. Let’s be honest. So for the love of everyone involved in this fandom, please stop crosstagging and forcing people to shut up about this. They still won’t shut up. And you’ll only make it worse. AND if the Last is TRULY meant to exist for the sake of EVERYONE, then everyone is free to tag their angry posts with “the Last”, right - that’s not crosstagging! That’s stating opinions and dissapointment about a movie that was supposed to make every Naruto fan satisfied - be it NH-centric or not. They could’ve still handled the NH romance part in a more natural, less forced way, while still leaving enough space for a decent story that would not only showcase the main cast, but give them significance, other than being sidelined for the sake of NH romance. Because that’s exactly what the movie has done, apparently.