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Kaner came up to me and said, ‘you had two tonight?’ And I said yeah, and he goes, ‘all right, I’m gonna get it to you’, and he did.” - Ryan Hartman, 1st career hat trick 

A Guide to Break Ups ...

by Congressman Sean Reeves (Political Animals)

Step 1. Marginalize one of their most painful life experiences.

Step 2. Forcefully reject any attempt on their part to make you feel better or touch you.

Step 3. Insist the entire relationship was nothing but sex. There was no emotional attachment on your part.

Step 4. Insist that even the sex was repulsive.

Step 5. Tell them that they are nothing but a joke. Self worth is highly overrated anyway. They don’t need any.

Step 6. In case Step 5 missed it point, reiterate that they aren’t good enough. You want more than they can ever offer.

Personally, at the end of this, I wanted the congressman’s balls on a platter. Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want.

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And Nearly Letting Go - Chapter 7 - UncannyCookie - モブサイコ100 | Mob Psycho 100 [Archive of Our Own]
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Here is the next chapter, I hope you guys enjoy! :3

the truth is robert’s not going to bring it up, because robert doesn’t do feelings until he’s forced to, and because it hurts to think about, let alone dwell on the possibility that aaron still doesn’t trust him, still doubts him and his love for him after everything. 

but i think that, if robert were to say ‘it hurts when you don’t trust me, even if you want to’ now, rather than prompt any sort of conversation between them, it would just make things worse. 

aaron is trapped in a cycle of insecurities and guilt. his heart wants to trust robert, it does trust him, but his head is telling him what it always does, that he doesn’t deserve this, that robert will leave, will choose someone ‘better’, because everyone does. and aaron hates it, because he can see that he’s holding himself back but he can’t help it. and if robert said anything now aaron would only feel guiltier, as he’s wont to do. guilty for causing problems between them, guilty for hurting robert, guilty for being that way even though he can’t help it. so he would stay quiet. which is what he’s done. and he keeps bottling it up. and the only way out now is for everything to burst, which is exactly what is going to happen. things will get worse before they get better, it’s the only way out of the cycle now, unfortunately.

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(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)

look i’m no expert but i think the lgbt+ community needs to stick together and stop it with whatever gatekeeping bs is going on. there’s always going to be some intracommunity fights and ~*discourse*~, sure, but recent events are a horrifying reminder that nobody wants to be lgbt+ just for fun. please stop it with the ‘you need to be thiiis gay to ride’ mentality. there is no official community registration or badge or stamp. if you’re young and confused and need a place to belong, you do. if you’re aro and/or ace and feel excluded everywhere, you shouldn’t be. if you’re intersex or if your gender is being weird, you’re not alone. as for allies, here’s a reminder they used to be (and may still be) human shields, and that many allies might actually be closeted lgbt, or questioning, and it’s a safe way for them to access the community. ally is a title that is given, not taken, and i’ve seen some bad self-proclaimed allies around, but there’s no need to make the community unsafe for anyone.

we can’t afford to fall apart. we need to take care of each other because we’re all hurting in some way. there’s a quote from the time of the norwegian tragedy five years ago that goes ‘if one man can show this much hate, imagine how much love we can show together’

me: women who don’t conform to gender roles deserve to be happy

some girl with a shit ton of internalized misogyny who calls herself ‘demigirl’ because she’s convinced that girls who aren’t feminine can’t be ‘fully’ girls: you’re such an ugly transphobe?? why do you hate trans people so much????

Cooking lessons with the Saviour!! 

Lotor:(comes in with a lot of flowers) so I heard this is a traditionaly way to court humans so I brought a bundle for each of you will you join my harem now(begins handing out bundles)

Pidge: (the sheer force of her rejection makes the  plants wither in seconds)

Hunk: (allergic to the plants lotor picked, and to lotor himself)

Lance: (pretty chill with getting flowers until he finds out hunks allergic, then the flowers find a home in the garbage)

Allura: (does not even need to say anything coran has already gotten the death broom and rid Lotor and his flowers from her presence)

Keith:(doesnt even react, looking at some other shit trying to find shiro,eventually someone comes along and gently takes the flowers from his presence and throws them out, he never finds out about this incident)

Lotor: not my ideal results but not the worst results! the paladins shal be mine!

sans on a date
  • date: what's that in your jacket pocket?
  • sans: oh, that. well, uh... see, i wasn't sure where this night would end up leading and... heh. it's better to be prepared just in case, right?
  • date: oh my god sans did you--
  • sans: of course. i'm extremely responsible, so i always remember to bring a condom-ent.
  • sans: [pulls out fistfuls of ketchup packets, winking]
  • sans: never know when the food's gonna need a little something extra.
  • date:
  • sans:
  • date:
  • sans: i'm literally a skeleton, i'm not sure what else you were expecting.

Every time I think I’m over Daesung he freakin pulls me back in. Let!! me!! live!! my!! life!!

      okay but while I’m on the subject of physically aggressive jack though someone needs to gif that moment in cotbp when jack decks a redcoat in the face during his hanging escape because it’s glorious


(x), (x), (x), (rhett ver.)

AUs that need to be written about The Medici
  • Nozze di Figaro AU (Because that’d be Great™)
  • Promessi Sposi AU (Because Piero and Lucrezia as Renzo and Lucia)
  • Mafia AU (Because Marco Bello’s actor comes from Sicily)
  • THE DON MATTEO AU WE DON’T DESERVE (Because Marco Bello prete in bici)
  • Modern Day AU (Because Piero and Lucrezia as two awkward teens, AKA their true selves)
  • A random TV show from the nineties AU (cuz we all know that is some good shit)
  • UN POSTO AL SOLE AU (Manco lo seguo più, ma lo esigo anyway)
  • Any AU including gay Donatello (Does this even need explanation)
  • Dare I say… A Harry Potter AU? (Because let’s face it, no fandom is complete unless it has one.)
  • Romeo and Juliet AU (Bonus points if Mercutio and Benvolio are A Thing™)

Please add more!

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Real shame if Cal is going to be the one that is going to die! Even though I have never warmed to his personality, I am quite disappointed really. It seems to me it is just an easy and sad excuse to end this pathetic love triangle and move on to bigger things. I also think it is just another stupid thing to get in the way of Alicia and Ethan ever happening. I like them together but I would have preferred a different direction for these two, instead of the mess they have created for themselves.

YES! It is an easy and sad excuse and if he does die I really really hope it has nothing to do with this stupid love triangle… if it does then I will scream. I originally thought they could be good together… but the old Ethan and the old Alicia. These new ones do not deserve each other and are just odd together…