does this even make sense

i get really sad when taylor thinks she isn’t going to matter to us in a few years

taylor we will never forget the girl that wrote about her feelings and who wasn’t afraid to work for what she wanted in life even if people were against her

we will never forget the girl who was there for us when we might not have had anyone else

you are so much more than an artist to us

you’re our friend

can i just never ever see another straight feminist suggest that lesbians perpetuate the male gaze too? it’s literally so harmful to lesbians and bisexual women to suggest that we are capable of objectifying straight women just like men are. but then again, do het feminists ever really care about lesbians?? ofc not, otherwise they wouldn’t be so eager to distance themselves from us by saying things like “not all feminists are man hating lesbians!”

I wish my body could speak to me and tell me what is good and what is bad for it bc i just dnt know at all. I woke up so nauseous and i’ve been in so much pain. It’s 1:30 pm and i still haven’t eaten anything bc idk wtf my body wants and i’m fucking starving but im literally too scared to eat anything bc my body reacts badly to like 96% of any food i put into it. And it’s rly triggering too tbh like i want to eat IM HUNGRY but idk what i can eat !!! But it feels like i’m restricting which just makes me want to do it more but i dnt want to but a part of me misses it

I don’t want to be cheesy and say you complete me because, well, you don’t. I don’t think anyone needs to be ‘completed’ by another person. I’m perfectly fine on my own.” 

"But I’m not going to lie to you- you definitely fill in some empty spaces. And I’m really grateful for that.

—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #46

it is raining and you are watching the water race itself down your windowpane. in five or ten minutes, you’re gonna have to be a person again. right now you are somewhere else: only passing scenery, only internal, only distant. the car will eventually stop and everything will settle hard around your shoulders again, but for now, you have a small reprieve.

your friend asks why you’re obsessed with road trips, even if they don’t go anywhere. you don’t know how to explain that feeling of being apart from your own body, and it’s probably pretty weird anyway. you say, it’s the journey, not the destination, and she laughs. but it is, isn’t it? it’s about being somewhere apart, somewhere that you are suspended from yourself, somewhere you are always in motion. there isn’t a word for this, not that you know of. the closest you have found is peace. 

in five or ten minutes, you’ll get out and sling on your backpack and your coat and remember the homework you didn’t do. but right now, in this moment, you are free.