does this even make sense

  • Camila: *phone starts ringing*
  • Cole: *looks at who is calling*
  • Cole: *laughs* You still call your dad 'Daddy'?
  • Camila: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Cole*
  • Camila: Hey, Lili
  • Cole: *chokes on holy water*

I want to encourage you all to be mindful of the presence of Jesus in your day-to-day life. It’s easy to go through days, weeks and even months, without recognizing what He is doing and how He is moving in the lives of His people. See Jesus in that customer who is driving you crazy. See Jesus in the homeless man on the street corner. See people. See Jesus where you don’t expect Him. You’ll learn so much. You’ll become so patient and so loving. 

madi’s narration of the 100 leaned on the category side of fairytales, such as embellishing the grounders and mt weather as “monsters” and calling the ark a “castle” even titling clarke as the “bravest and fairest” … as if madi was describing clarke as a PRINCESS

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She told me she was an artist.
I never realized that that sentence may have a deeper meaning behind it.
She told me she was an artist.
I imagined paintings of trees and people and midnight skies with stars shining like fireflies let loose in a dark room.
She told me she was an artist.
I didn’t understand what that meant until I walked into the bathroom and noticed her crimson red paint overflowing the bathtub and her lifeless body as a canvas and a razorblade as her paintbrush
She told me she was an artist
And I didn’t think twice about it.
—  She Was An Artist (aborderlinesuicide)

My part of an art trade with @bippwirter who wanted beast wirt & bipper, sorry it took so long

one thing i love about green day is the fact that you can go to a concert and see people of all ages. there’s always people over 50, young adults, teenagers, and kids, every time. the diversity at their shows is amazing. so many bands have fanbases that are one demographic: 80′s glam rock concerts are full of middle aged moms, boy band concerts are full of preteens, but green day concerts are so different. their music is so universal and timeless that everyday it reaches new people from all sorts of backgrounds. it really makes me think that their music will live on far beyond when the band is over because of this. green day will always be relatable to someone no matter what age they are. their music will never stop being important


What the actual fuck

I think its funny how this anime is called Kill la Kill, but our protagonists never actually kill anybody. Ryuko and Satsuki don’t have any blood on their hands, but not from a lack of trying.
Ryuko and Satsuki both want to kill someone more than anything in the world. Ryuko wants to kill Nui for murdering her father, and Satsuki wants to kill Ragyo for killing her father and baby sister (and I’m pretty sure for molesting her for all those years). However, both Ryuko and Satsuki fail at killing their nemesis.

Ryuko goes of the deep end in episode 20, and goes straight for Ragyo and Nui. Ryuko has a fight with Nui and stabs her through the chest. Nui pretends to dramatically die, and Ryuko has a devilish smile on her face. She takes satisfaction in watching her “die”. But then Nui’s all like,“Just kidding”, and Ryuko gets pissed, then gets brainwashed by Junketsu.

Satsuki has a simular situation. She stabs Ragyo in the back and gives a speech she had been preparing her whole life. She chops her head off and has a serious, but satisfied face and only says,“It is done”. But of course, Ragyo can’t be killed so easily. Then Satsuki loses in a fist fight with her, loses Junketsu, and blows up the stadium, and then gets captured.

Then in episode 24, both Ryuko and Satuki slice up Ragyo with the scissor blades. And we all know why that failed. That little armless psychopath decapitates herself.

Despite their burning hate for their enemies, they cannot kill them. At one point, Ryuko even has the chance to kill both Nui and Ragyo. Instead of chopping Nui’s arms off, she could’ve chopped her head off. And when Ragyo fails and is just floating in space, she could’ve charged at her and taken her out, but she actually asks Ragyo to come back to Earth with her. She says,“Yeah Mom. The Earth ain’t gonna turn into a cocoon sphere, and you’re coming back with me”. She forgives her and calls her Mom, which she had refused to do so earlier.
Ryuko rises above that hate and becomes a better person than both Nui and Ragyo.

Those two are so rotten that they wind up taking their own lives. Nui sacrifices herself without question and Ragyo can’t handle her own failure and she rips her heart out then crushes it. Her humanity so so far gone that she couldn’t even bother to stick around to be a good mom to Satsuki and Ryuko. And Nui was never human to begin with. Just a bundle of pure evil.
In the end, they were the only ones with blood on their hands. 

On Disguises

i totally realized something today

in the snicket universe, disguises always work, no matter how ridiculous. this is central to the plot, and it’s how nobody recognizes madame lulu, how the baudelaires can pretend to be a two-headed person and a wolf baby, or how klaus and sunny convince esme, all the henchmen and an entire operating theatre that they are nurses. the baudelaires, in turn, are tricked by the bald man, fernald and esme with basically no effort - the bald man just puts on a bad fake wig, fernald wears some fake hands (or, in one case, just really long sleeves) and esme literally just wears a motorcycle helmet. in tua, someone even successfully disguises themselves as a cow. but the children are never fooled by olaf’s disguises - even though they are usually more elaborate than everyone else’s.

in a way, it is partly down to lemony’s explanation in the vile village - the way you’d know that a stranger wasn’t your uncle - because they’re so familiar with him and so scared of him, they are simply more atuned to him. but also, i think there’s another layer to it.

in TPP, they put themselves in front of the harpoon gun he’s pointing at dewey denouement. this is undoubtedly brave, but really - they know he isn’t going to fire. because they know him. and they have realized, as the reader does during that scene in TPP, that olaf is always wearing a disguise, even when he is isn’t dressed up. he is 95% bravado and 5% bitterness, and ironically they know that better than everyone around them. they can see right through him, no matter what disguise he wears, or even if he doesn’t wear one at all.