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There’s More Than One Of You? (Requested)

I didn’t do the whole losing control/anchor thing on this one for one main reason: Derek already has an anchor. His anchor is his anger, which he has plenty in ply. I know Scott’s anchor changed after he lost Allison, but I don’t think Derek’s anchor would ever change. I don’t think that anger would ever truly go away since it was about his family and just his life in general. That’s just a part of who Derek is, even if he’s grown and that anger isn’t so omni-present anymore. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, here’s the imagine…


Upstairs in Derek’s loft, Scott is holding a pack meeting. There hadn’t been any trouble lately, but Scott liked to hold these little meetings just to keep the pack close to one another.

Just as Scott is wrapping things up, Stiles’ phone beeps. He looks down at the text from you before standing up. “Y/N is on her way up. We have to go meet up with my dad at the sheriff’s station.”

“Who the hell is Y/N?” Derek asks, wondering who Stiles had invited into his home now.

“I’m Y/N.” Everyone looks towards the open doorway to see you standing there, your hands placed firmly on your hips.

Derek stands up and crosses his very muscular arms over his chest. “And, who the hell are you?”

“She’s my older sister.” Stiles stands up and pushes his cell phone down into the pocket of his pants.

“Wait, there’s more than one of you?” Derek turns to look at Stiles, an amused grin on his face. Stiles makes a face, silently fake laughing at Derek’s best attempt at a joke.

“What is that supposed to mean?” You move your arms up and cross them across your chest while giving Derek a mean glare. It sounded like he was degrading your little brother, and that was not something you were okay with. You’d always been protective of Stiles, especially since your mother had passed away. And, right now, you were sensing that this personality trait was going to squarely pit you against Derek Hale, who you heard plenty about from Stiles.

Derek turns towards you and lets out a short, soft chuckle underneath his breath. “So, where have you been hiding? I can’t imagine it’s easy to outrun the stigma of being related to this one.” Derek points over his shoulder with his thumb towards Stiles.

“I was at this little place called college.” You reply in a sarcastic tone. “Some people actually move on and stop hanging out with teenagers and lurking around our old high school.”

“You are so related to Stiles.” Derek rolls his eyes while reaching up and rubbing at the permanent crease in his forehead.

“Do you have a problem with that?” You ask aloud, wondering what the hell this guy’s problem actually was.

Derek lets out another laugh under his breath. “Shouldn’t you?” He quickly retorts.

You take a deep breath, locking your jaw shut, as you turn on your heel to fully face your brother. “Ready to go?” You ask him, but Stiles knows by the tone of your voice that he doesn’t actually have a choice. You were both leaving.

As you turn back around and strut back out of Derek’s loft, Stiles following behind you, Derek watches you with careful eyes. “Well then, things just a little more interesting…” Derek mutters under his breath. The smallest hint of a smile seems to be pulling at the corner of his lips.


Being back home for the summer had been just what you needed. Your first few weeks back so far had been amazing. You had really missed your dad and Stiles so much while you’d been away and getting to hang out with them again felt just like the old days. The only bad thing about being home was running into Derek Hale at ever turn. You had been willing to put your first impression of him behind you and start over, but every time you saw Derek, he just seemed more surly and sour than the time before.

One afternoon when you come home from catching up with a few old friends, you find Scott and Stiles in the living room playing video games. “Don’t you two have anything better to do?” You ask while letting your body fall back onto the couch beside your brother.

Scott, who’s sitting on a nearby chair, glances back at you. “No one, or should I say nothing, is threatening Beacon Hills right now. We need to take our downtime when we can.” He smiles back at your cheekily.

You had been made aware of the very realness of the supernatural world after your brother had been possessed by a thousand year old trickster spirit. You still found the whole thing to be bizarre and weird, but you had also just grown to accept it. Stiles wasn’t possessed anymore, and you knew that Scott was one of the good guys. You weren’t worried about your brother or Scott, who was like another little brother to you.

“And, you’re not even being stalked by an overgrown sour wolf… It must really be a good day for you two.” You tease the two teenagers.

Stiles chuckles underneath his breath, loving that you felt the exact same way about Derek that he did. “Derek’s not that bad.” Scott tells you over his shoulder as he pushes down hard on one of the buttons on the controller in his hand.

“He’s an ass.” You tell Scott point blank, not pulling your punches.

Stiles nods his head in agreement with you while he goes for the kill, pushing down on the buttons. Once he’s succeeded in beating Scott in whatever game they’re playing, he throws his controller down before lifting his arms up in the air. “Victory!” He exclaims excitedly.

Scott ignores his best friend while he turns around to look at your fully now. “He’s like that because he likes you.”

“That’s crazy.” You shake your head at Scott. “He loves to drive me insane every time we’re in the same vicinity… which is kind of a lot surprisingly.” You add on, thinking about all the times you’ve run into Derek in the last couple weeks.

“I know what I’m talking about. I can smell it.” Scott taps his nose.

Stiles suddenly stops celebrating his win and looks at Scott. “Wait, he like… really likes her? I thought it was just a fleeting thing.” Stiles faces his best friend, registering the fact that Derek Hale, the wolf who loved to torment and tease him whenever he could, actually liked his big sister. Stiles then turns to suddenly look at you.

“And, you always run into Derek because he can smell you.” Scott purses his lips before adding in something else. “He’s tracking you and running into you on purpose.”

“Wow…” You whisper out under your breath while letting everything Scott had said sink in.


It had been a few days since you’d talked with Scott, and all you’d been able to think about was Derek and what Scott had told you. You didn’t want to admit it, but knowing that Derek liked you changed things. You went back and thought over every exchange the two of you had since you’d officially met him. Instead of Derek annoying you, you actually thought it was kind of cute. It was classic, like when grade school boys picked on the pig-tailed girls they liked.

So, after figuring out how you felt about it all, which was good, you decided to confront Derek about it all. But, unfortunately, Derek had chosen now to quit borderline stalking you, and you hadn’t seen him. You’d even gone to his loft, seeking him out, but he hadn’t been there.

After resigning yourself to spending your summer pining away after a guy who obviously got over you pretty quickly, you had decided to just hang out with your little brother for the day. You and Stiles were currently in front of a redbox, arguing over what movies to rent. “Stiles, I am not watching Spiderman again!” You tell him in an exasperated tone. “We’ve already rented in three times since I’ve been home.” You remind your little brother.

“Because it’s awesome!” Stiles rolls his neck while turning to face you.

“Not everyone is as lame as you, Stiles.” The voice, which sends shivers down your spine, surprises you.

You turn around to face Derek, who is standing directly behind you. “Hey.” You nervously smile up at him.

“Hi.” Derek turns his eyes away from Stiles to look at you.

Stiles, who is now standing behind you, looks up at Derek’s face, and he can see what’s happening between you two. “Oh no!” Stiles exclaims while jumping forward and then pulling you behind him. “Before any of this…” Stiles waves his arms around. “… happens, you and I need to have a talk.” Stiles waves a finger between himself and Derek.

“Are you going to threaten to beat me up if I hurt your sister?” Derek slowly lifts his arms, his giant, muscular arms, up and crosses them across his chest.

Stiles, whose eyes drift down to Derek’s arms, squints his eyes up at Derek while locking his jaw. “That’s my sister!” Stiles points back at you. “Be nice to her.”

You let out a soft chuckle underneath your breath, thinking Stiles’ protectiveness is adorable. “Stiles, I can handle myself.” You lift your hand and pull your brother back, away from Derek. Once the teenager is standing behind you, you take a step closer to Derek. “So, what are you going to do now that you’ve had a stern talking to?” You say, teasing Stiles just a little bit.

Derek lets out a soft laugh. “I was thinking we could not rent Spiderman, and maybe go back to my loft. Get to know each other a little more.” From behind you, Stiles clears his throat, not liking the sound of that. “I meant talking.” Derek lifts his eyes to look over your shoulder at Stiles.

“I think that sounds perfect.” You bite your lip, getting Derek’s attention again.

“Great.” Derek nods his head while turning and nodding towards his car. “Right this way.

You try not to let the smile on your face get too wide. Then, you look back at Stiles. “I’ll see you at home later.” You tell Stiles before letting Derek take your hand and lead you to his jeep.

“But…” Stiles just watches you leave before turning back to the machine in front of him. “I’m getting Spiderman then…” Stiles mumbles under his breath while tapping the screen with more force than necessary.

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So out of curiosity, have you heard of the theory that Classic and R take place over the course of the same year? The idea being that when Usagi reset everything at D point she sent them back to the start of that year. Any thoughts?

Yeah, I’m not fond of the theory personally. The timelines don’t make any kind of sense to me, and I think it falls apart under internal logic. The main problem I find with the idea is that nothing is actually reset, and without all the pieces being put back where they were, there are too many gaps without answers. Even if the audience ignores them, the characters shouldn’t.

How is it that Mako’s there and going to Juuban? Why do the cats remember everything? What does Luna make the girls remember, if those events technically never happened? Events that they’re still referring to years later.

And of course it spirals out beyond the Senshi. How did Yuuichiro wind up at the shrine? Why did Urawa leave? How did Naru and Umino get so close? Not to mention that we’re talking a reset for the entire WORLD, so literally every person on earth now has a year they’re repeating, but from the same place and under the same conditions as the year that never happened. (Sucks to have been a baby born in that year, damn. I sure hope their parents are as willing to accept and embrace a mystery child as Ikuko.)

Obviously whatever explanation works for them is what someone should go with. For me, I prefer the idea that the ginzuishou muddied people’s memories. It clouded the knowledge of the Senshi from the world (especially to the Senshi themselves), so all the events and experiences people had still remain, only fuzzy where necessary if the Senshi were involved.

So Naru, for example, would still feel the effects of her feelings and what she went through with Nephrite (including how she begins to feel towards Umino for looking out for her afterward), but she can’t really remember all the Dark Kingdom and Sailor Senshi stuff that comes with it. When she tries, those details just won’t solidify.

What Luna does is just brush the clouds away. It’s really possible, I think even likely, that the girls would’ve eventually remembered who they were on their own. And when the Senshi return, I think the spell slowly begins to break and fade for most of the rest of the world too.

It just makes more sense to me overall as an answer for what happened at the end of Classic/beginning of R. And of course has the added bonus of not erasing all that delicious first season character and relationship development, which is pretty important from my perspective.

Like, okay, I joke about the piss-drinking and the horse marriages but I honestly think it’s amazing that we have such diverse and bizarre and awesome options for Xaela presented in-canon. Sure, it’s only a little snippet of flavor for each of the major canon tribes, but they create a more cohesive picture with the general Xaela lore that we have and flesh out the whole clan more than we’ve ever gotten with more or less any of the other playable races. It simultaneously informs so much of how the Au Ra are meant to come across and gives concrete details while leaving plenty of room for creativity and filling in the rest with headcanon. Each custom that one clan does that others do not informs the rest, and so on and so forth, you know? And so much of the little specific detail stuff is simultaneously far-out enough that most players wouldn’t necessarily have come up with it on their own, but is entirely canon and even makes some sense for a fictional culture of nomads (or non-nomads, in the case of several Xaela clans!)

Like, could you honestly say that you could have seen someone outside of the dev team making the leap to horse marriage or covering boats in the scales of your own people or a tribe that carries their elders literally on their shoulders? Maybe, but it feels unlikely. (And I have to say, this may have to do with a certain climate of tone and content policing aimed at RPers, which as usual has no place here.) So I’m thankful to the writers for going to this step and making us some truly surprising Xaela clans. It’s a lot of fun stuff to work with.

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Do you know what infinity on high means by any chance? Like i've read that it's from a quote but still, what does "infinity on high" in itself even mean. I'm really curious about this and didn't know who to ask, and my first instinct was you.

it’s from a Van Gogh quote the full quote is “be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. then life seems almost enchanted after all” i mean I have ideas of what I’ve thought it meant.. I’ve always taken it quite literally because of starry night and so i just think of it as he finds stars/night sky so beautiful that life itself is beautiful because of that… does that make sense i’m bad with words and trying to get out what i mean ANYWAY JUST WHATEVER YOU THINK OF IT… IS WHAT IT MEANS

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Okay; I think I may be trans, but I already came out to my parents as genderqueer and they didn't take it that well. They even said it was just a phase and I don't want them to use that as an advantage over me when I come out as trans. What do I do?

well, that depends on how you identify (like if you identify as a binary gender or not). if you identify as a trans girl or a trans boy,you can start by telling your parents that being genderqueer and being trans are somewhat in the same category, but now you feel like you’re more of one than the other.  I hope that makes sense and i’m not crossing any sort of lines. I mean, I identified as a lesbian, and then later as genderqueer before I finally came out as a trans guy so it does take time to figure these things out. Good luck.

-blake (maliciouswolf)

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this is really uncomfortable to talk about but I mean where else do I go so bare with me sometimes I think about frickle frackle and my mind does its own thing, and that makes me feel that way and whatever (but I always feel really grossed out when I think or feel that way like ew bye). but when it comes to talking that way with people or actually doing anything there's nothing there. does that make sense? like if someone were to talk dirty or try to do something with me I'd feel nothing

It’s possible to have a significant libido without any actual sexual desire. Your body may be into it, and your imagination may indulge, even without conscious desire for sexual activity. Lots of people have confusing layouts of sexuality, but whatever’s natural for you is just fine.

Twitter is freaking out that we bought out Parenteau so that we could sign Belesky but that makes absolutely no sense considering Bergevin JUST said that he does not plan on going after any UFAs on July 1st. More likely, if we’re buying out a RW, it’s because he’s going hard for a trade (in this case, probably Sharp). Which, honestly, is the only reasonable explanation I can think of for getting rid of Parenteau, cause let’s face it, Sharp is definitely a better player, even if he’s not worth the money in his contract. And as much as I love PAP and think there is no good reason to get rid of him, doing this gives us the space to afford Sharp.

hello there everyone :)

so the last month or two I’ve been active and posting on here but I haven’t really talked to or messaged with anyone and I thought I should explain some things

I don’t even know if anyone knows this since I almost never talk about it on here but I have a chronic illness called POTS (which stands for Postural Orthostatic Tackycardia Syndrome) which basically impacts everything I do to a certain degree. one of the things it does is it makes it harder to think and I have less cognitive energy than a normal person. 

over the last month of two the weather where I live has been very all over the place in terms of temperature and stuff. one of the strange and irritating things about POTS is that it gets a lot worse when the temperature and barometric pressure change a lot like it has trouble regulating my body temperature and makes my brain feel like a pile of spaghetti noodles. so for this period of time I haven’t really been able to think straight and like, I could do stuff but anything involving a lot of words (like social interaction or reading or typing) was really hard and took a ton of energy so I couldn’t do much of it. I love going on here and it’s a relaxing and fun thing for me to do so I didn’t leave all together but due to my cognitive situation the only thing I’ve really been doing is reblogging stuff

anyhow, I went and saw someone about this and now I’m taking a new medication that is helping hugely with the problem and now I can think so much better and yeah so I know that people have tagged me in things and stuff and I’m going to try to get to those in the next couple of days

basically I haven’t been ignoring anyone and it’s not that I didn’t want to talk to anyone I just couldn’t and if you want to talk about anything or are confused about something I wrote here then my ask is open and I’m back to being able to answer so yeah :) hope you all are enjoying your summer and that it isn’t dangerously hot where you are :/

i think that my love for certain het ships is due in part to the weird feelings i have towards boys?

there’s a few guys i know how have, like, the perfect personalities and they’re funny and caring and sweet and i would absolutely date them if i wasn’t gay. like, if they were girls i would be head over heels for them but the fact that they’re guys completely turns me away from the idea of even touching them platonically?

so i guess cute het ships are a way for me to vicariously enjoy emotional connections with men that i can never connect to because of my lesbianism? because like, certain men are handsome and strong and interesting and different and i’m intrigued by that but not in a way that i want to date them. but i do want to read fanfic about another girl dating them. does that make any sense? i’m tired and totally out of it

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hi there im kinda new to the shinee fandom so is there any like inside jokes or something that everyone knows? i hope this makes sense tysm

well, what we’d normally find is…

- The Onew Condition, where Onew randomly do or say something that doesn’t seem to make sense but actually it does. Or his hilarious actions and reactions towards sth.

- Taemin’s magic hands, he always make things disappear and anything that he touch or play with may break down or disappear 

and we always joke around when Jonghyun turns into a cry baby in concerts, he’d always be the first person to cry.. we’d feel like it was heart breaking at first then as the years past we find it more cute and funny now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

but tbh i think SHINee World can literally turn anything in to a joke .. even the most scandalous news ever lol

There are moments when SHINee joke around amongs themselves, SHINee World teases/joke around with SHINee, SHINee teases/joke around with  SHINee World and the next thing you realize is that you’re stanning a bunch of dorks yet you still love them so much that you can’t unstan them hahahaha 

it may sound crazy but i’m pretty sure there is ppl out there agreeing to this >_<

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how do u deal when you write rpf? i've written some, but i always feel so guilty afterwards lol

omg I should ask rachel cause she has to listen to me when I enter this hell. I have to be in a mood to write RPF. Not even joking i have to lay in the dark and listen to music for a while before I can ever write. I have to try to get into a specific kind of headspace. Once I get to that point I try not to think about the fact that its RPF. With RPF I have nothing to fall back on, its literally just the characters emotions. I spend a lot of time watching interviews to try to learn their mannerisms. I don’t ever feel guilty though. I did in the beginning but I think i’m just such trash now that I shrug emoji my way through it but then want to cry after each chapter. Does any of this make sense???? Writing an RPF is the most emotionally draining thing I have ever done. 

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it's 2015 and still tagging hate I just….but to answer your question no I do not think Jennette is a horrible actress and it's every one else on the show that is one dimensional so maybe you're getting confused. I mean your still tagging hate so can't be that bright.

Tagging hate? Do you even hear yourself??? Your sentences make barely any sense, what are you talking about…I can share my thoughts and personal opinions about whatever and whoever I want on my blog. And if I want to comment on the acting skills of a bad actress, I will. And if you think you have to insult my intelligence to defend your fave, that says a lot about you! She knows that she is subjected to critics and opinions in the line of business she does, not everyone is always going to like her and you are just going to have to deal with that. The fact that you are trying to defend somebody with the stage presence of a breadstick by calling me unintelligent and insulting her castmates seems really flaky to me. If you can’t give a good argument, maybe you should not be speaking at all.

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What do think about crosshipping then? Dark Malik x Yuugi.

…That is a ship of the most innocent character with the most corrupted one. A cinnamon roll filled and soaked in blood. 

Why does it appeal to me then BWAHAHA

I guess the only ships I’d like with Yami Marik is with a non-canon Yami Marik (if that makes any sense lmao)–so, essentially, him not being a complete and utter psychopath incapable of feeling things other than violent hatred and cruelty. If he was capable of being gentle (which is already OOC bwahaha), then someone like Yuugi would be able to draw it out, and actually those are the kind of ships that I like lolol–because a character is able to heal the other, they are good for each other, and can therefore foster a healthy relationship (even if it takes them forever, but at least they’re taking steps in the right direction).

I love my angst to death, and Crossshipping is highly contrasting, a dynamic that has always appealed to me. So, yeah, if it’s played right (i.e. Yuugi isn’t being mauled/amputated/brutally murdered or eternally tortured with no hope of the situation ever changing), I can get on board with that B)

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what’s name day? :o

a name day is… well, every day of the year (I think it’s all of them… well, at least most of them anyway) is like a holiday for a different saint. there might be more than one on some days too. like, maybe one guy saint and one girl saint are on the same day or something, I dunno. anyway, here in Italy and in other countries, people are usually named after some saint; so on the day of the saint’s holiday that one shares their name with they celebrate it in a way that’s similar to a birthday (though that part might depend on where you are).

does that even make sense? here’s what google has to say about it: “the feast day of a saint after whom a person is named.” ^^;

here’s the name day calendar if you wanna find out if you have a name day and when it is :)

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Wish that I could too, but getting to London is difficult = =

I know right? it’s difficult for me too, it’ll cost over 200 euros just to get there from here :(

(this is going to be pointless and nostalgic) i feel like just now the media and “mainstream” culture are just now realizing how big of a thing youtube is even though its been around for ten years and people have been making a living off of it for at least five…and theres so many different people that are on youtube now that are like “we are the new media!!” And its like yeah great you kinda are but i remember being in middle school and staying up super super late and secretly watching like meekakitty and ijustine and italktosnakes and all the old school vloggers kind of?? and it was so important to me because they were so real and so blunt and it was so different from any tv show or anything and now i think im sad/ nostalgic because all these new hip people are coming and they are claiming what they are doing is new and fresh which is a) not really true and b) not really new or fresh because they are just making it way more mainstream and way less special - like youtube was so cool back in like 2008-2010 because it was so different! and if you’re just making it like a tv show then its not different or fun!

Huh, a cool bit of Rotom concept art I hadn’t seen before! I think this is a bigger version of one of the trading cards?
I didn’t realize it before but it actually resolves a thing that always bugged me!
Why on earth does the Old Chateau have a giant plasma screen TV when its supposedly been abandoned for so long that nobody even remembers who used to live there…?
An old-fashioned 1920s-50s tv would make a lot more sense, and evidentely they were planning that at the start if this is any indication. I guess they didn’t wanna make a unique TV sprite that’d only be used for this one location. *shrug*

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So, some people are speculating that Shay shot Delphine. Why do some people think that? What about you?

i don’t even know what to think, i’m in denial tbh. but i have read those theories about shay and it does make sense, but then shay has had military training and the shot wasn’t really in any place that would kill her fast, but yeah i really don’t know i guess we will just have to wait and see

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hi so I'm an asexual girl and my boyfriend is straight and very much wants to be sexual.. he knows that I'm asexual, but he keeps asking if I would compromise or if I could do things for him.. and honestly I almost want to because I love him and want him to be happy, but I really couldn't even imagine actually doing it.. I really don't know what to do, any advice?

Your needs are just as important as his - don’t forget that. And just because you lack a type of need, doesn’t mean that your need for not having it is invalid. Does that make sense? If he forces you to do anything that is not okay.

Some asexuals do help their partner with their sexual urges, because they do love them and want them to be happy. That’s fine. But it doesn’t work for every asexual. Personally, I’m sex repulsed, so I don’t think I’d be able to do that if I were in a relationship. That’s okay too. Others will talk about having an open relationship. That can work, but it doesn’t always. Some will have a relationship without sex, which is fine too. Others find they aren’t compatible and can’t find a way to make it work out, so they break up. Do whatever feels right for you. You don’t owe him anything.

Do you ever think about colours and like whoa. Like everyone sees colours differently, so even though we say something is a certain colour, we might be seeing 2 different ones. For example, grass is green, right? So I see green, but maybe you see what I’m told is blue, but I’d never even know, because we both say we see green since we are told that the colour of grass is green. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all, but I hope people understand sort of what I’m trying to say.