does this even make any sense no i do not think so

so hey do you think that after the kids were kicked out of the infirmary, they were like “??? who was that guy with Izuku?? Why was he allowed to stay???”

“Maybe it was his dad???”

“That makes sense… he doesn’t look like any of the teachers, so…”

and so it just becomes a generally accepted idea that this weird skinny half-dead guy is Izuku’s dad. the kids occasionally see them both walking around with each other too, which just becomes further proof that yes, this weird guy is Izuku’s dad. no one asks Izuku about it tho, it’s his business.

eventually, most of the school catches onto the rumors and agrees that yes, this man has to be Izuku’s dad. (the teachers who overhear keep it to themselves, silently laughing at the way things have turned out. they all decide to not tell All Might, but their random giggling whenever he and Izuku are around does make All Might rather weary and confused)

but then


if things weren’t so dire, Shouto would probably be doing a dance b/c he totally called that shit

It’s important to pay attention to how you pay your attention. 

I have a tendency to overanalyze. A consequence of this is that if I find myself unhappy (and I can’t figure out why) I get stuck in a looping lack of action. Thus rendering my time and attention ineffective because I’m just sitting and stewing (Kitchen!) instead of admitting and doing (rhymes!). 

But answers aren’t always clear. Especially when you’re having a hard time pinning down the question. So I think that maybe there’s a way to answer questions of happiness by taking a step back from the questions themselves and looking at the pattern of thought itself. 

If you’re feeling generally unhappy and can’t put your finger on a tangible reason then try to keep track of where your mind wanders when you’re free of distraction. 

Does this make sense to you guys? It’s not a solution or even any advice really… just sharing that sometimes I think that our feelings and moods can be a bit foggy and we can’t always see where the bumps are coming from. So maybe there’s something to be done zooming out on the weather-map of your life to see which parts are overcast. At least that gives you a direction to start.


RvB PSA: Trigger Warnings

Here’s my two cents on the video.

In the video you have Doc talking for trigger warnings, and it’s nailed right on the head. Grif & Sarge just banter back & forth for a bit about why it makes no sense to TW their content as the show already has a rating anyway, plus their banter was very playful, it wasn’t malicious at all. And also Sarge makes a point that if they do TW their show then they will lose a majority of the audience/fans which would then result in their longest running show, loved by many to basically flop and I don’t think they want that. And they’re a production company so they don’t want that to happen meaning they’re gonna have to make decisions that upset someone because they can’t please everyone.

As for the rape joke, it wasn’t a joke about rape in the slightest so does it even need to be discussed? They turned the word into an acronym and didn’t joke about the topic of rape in the slightest at all, they barely touched it.

The “triggers” they use for each character are even some I’ve seen that are just beyond ridiculous, there’s nothing there that’s them making fun of PTSD (like some said) or depression or anxiety or anything that people have claimed they basically made fun of. I’m not saying all TW’s are ridiculous but I’ve literally see one for the colour blue & I think for so many people that makes absolutely no sense at all, they didn’t pick out these certain triggers and berate them individually either. 

Grif also makes a good point that if they do TW RvB then everything they say will have to be called a trigger which then decreases any entertainment value they have since that particular show is known for crude humour. Grif also mentions how some triggers aren’t even helping people, if it’s that bad for them then they need to go seek some help so they can live their lives & I don’t see anything wrong with that, he also didn’t say it in a malicious way. 

One of the “triggers” they made for the PSA was Gavin Free. None of this was in any way malicious, it was done with hilarity/satire, to also spread a message. Grif also makes a point that TW’s basically coddle people, which in a roundabout way doesn’t actually help people tackle the problem they have, because it will always be there when you enter the outside world. 

Donut sums it up as RvB is what it is, it’s crude humour, it’s been known for that since 2003, and the majority are fine with it & sadly those are the people they cater to since there’s more of them & people who use TW’s are an extremely small minority. He also says how TW’s are a nice thing to do, but everyone already knows the way RvB is, so the point is if it’s affecting your mental health then do steer clear of the show. 

And as for the comment section comment made, they’re pointing out how the comments are just gonna be a shitstorm as always. I get why people are gonna be upset as it seems like RT hate you, but I promise you they don’t hate you for having a TW, I think they’re getting to a point where they are tired of people telling them to censor/tag stuff as people should know this is what the show has always been about & it’s not easy to start doing that. It really wasn’t a personal attack on the fans.

Life would be so much easier if I could hate Furuya you know?



His intentions are so pure and straightforward and what the hell he’s come a long way from that kid from the start who couldn’t even fathom that there are actual people he can trust when he’s on the mound

What the fuck this made me emotional :( Polar bear just wants to be the best for this team. 


Okay but I think here lies Furuya’s mistakes lately? He’s trying to shoulder everything? Am I right? Am I wrong? WHO KNOWS, ALL I KNOW IS T-SENSEI WANTS TO RIP ME APART _(」∠ 、ン、)_

Ok, I don’t give a F about OUAT anymore, but this makes me so mad!

Regina: “He doesn’t like you, does he?”
Emma: “He thinks I’m not good enough for Hook.”

The hell is with this dialogue? Not only it doesn’t make any sense that Hook’s brother doesn’t like Emma without even knowing her (like the woman went to the underworld to rescue your brother’s stinky ass and you are complaining?), but Emma sounds like she actually agrees with that thought.

WHO THE FUCK IS H00K? He is no one! He is a Pirate that wasted hundreds of years in a stupid revenge. He is a man without honor, or skills or brains. In fact he is so brainless that literally every villain so far has manipulated him somehow, and he can’t do anything to stop them. He doesn’t even have a ship, a job or anything that could be considered valuable. He is just a pretty face that’s all.

Emma, SHE IS THE FUCKING SAVIOR! That should be enough to describe her really. She is honest, caring, smart, strong, and good at her job, a good mother, a good daughter and friend. Why in the hell the show even shows this sentiment? The worst part is that clearly is H00k who has the upper hand in this relationship. In the preview, he says that maybe he should move forward. I might not be a C$ shipper and wish that boat to sink into the Mariana Trench, but Emma went to the underworld to save this fucker and now the ungrateful bastard wants to stay to what? Spite her? How come a man without any redeeming qualities is the one once again deprecating women, when this show is suppose to be about strong female characters!?


This moment pretty much sums up one of the main reasons I’m in love Bonenzo right now:

Bonnie is free, she’s having fun. She’s flirting with a very attractive guy because it feels good, maybe she’s even got a little crush. She’s doing what many women her age would be doing. And why not?

In the present timeline she’s not in love with the guy nor does she have any expectations of what this will become - I mean the guy is pathetically hung up on another woman. Does Bonnie, in this moment, want a relationship? I imagine it would be nice but I think after a crappy few years (or is it year?) which included months trapped alone in a prison world loosing hope, some fun/flirty/sexy times with a guy she doesn’t see herself getting attached to might just be what she needs (remember her conversation with Caroline?).

Clearly as we see in the future timeline, however, somewhere over the course of three years flirting and fun turn into something more.

That hint of a smile right before she runs to him, the way he’s concerned for her and calls her “love”, it’s kind of beautiful to me and is the reason why I ship it and the possibility of what it could become.

Because this is what I see (or rather the potential that I see):

Two broken people who have had a shit ton to deal with over their lives (I mean dude was held prisoner and experimented on for decades, has constantly been abandoned by people be cared about/thought cared about him, lost the woman he loved while Bonnie has lost her whole family, her mother abandoned her, her friends are basically always putting her in situations where she must sacrifice herself, she was trapped in a prison world - you get the picture) finding each other and truly seeing the other person, finding some common ground, no abandoning, no second place, no sacrifices. Being that person for each other that they haven’t had. (Although the story could totally unfold in a different way).

I mean Enzo has to know Bonnie and her amazingness - he saw first hand what kind of person she was while she was the anchor, trying to get everyone back from the other side, including him (and yeah he was kind of pestering her to bring him back but whatever). How deeply she cares for the people she loves.

Take this moment here where Bonnie tells him deserves better:

How many people in his life do you think have said something to him in a genuine way? And this coming from someone, who at this moment in time could care less about the guy.

I have no doubt that when he falls for her he will fall hard. The guy is clearly wanting to belong, to care and be cared for. Can you imagine him finding that? Do you think he’s going to treat that person like crap? (I mean I don’t know what stupid writing choices they’ll make but it makes no sense for him to!!!)

And Bonnie, she deserves to be someone’s number one (her friends - with the exception of Damon - and love interests - I use that term loosely - have never done that). Bonnie is putting herself first and doing what she wants for herself now, which is great, and while something happens to completely break her over the next three years, she’s got someone that’s there for her, she’s not alone! She’s being support by someone, no strings attached (at least it’s what I’m hoping).

Basically this is my long winded way of saying that with so little time spent on them and I’m like 110% in. I tried to deny it, I tried to keep it low key, but I just can’t. The potential of this pairing is just too beautiful for words.

And I know, it’s not going to end well knowing that I went from having one OTP on this show to having two and both of those pairings have a person in common. But then again, I’m still skeptical about the writing here, so hopefully there will be enough fanfic on both sides to keep me happy.

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Peter Frampton 💘

imagine the smithsonian finding letters to bucky from steve:

they’re one sided and steves copies from bucky were lost so they contain fragmented replies that news sites speculate upon and fics are written about:

*no I didn’t lick the stamps so you can calm down but if it’s any consolation I did carry them in my pocket for half a day
*if you keep using socks for that they’ll stay stiff
*why would I wear your jacket? it’s not the right size & I won’t melt in the rain, bucky
*in response to the question about sleeping problems, yes & thinking about that only makes them worse
*I do remember that day, mainly because of a black eye and what happened after we went to your place. your ma still hasn’t forgotten by the way. I can tell by the looks she gives me.
*that was the night we spent on couch cushions on the floor, woke up all stiff
*I can’t breathe very well since you’ve been gone, you know how much it kills me to admit that so don’t rub it in 
*I didn’t mean to say that your handwriting is messy, your letters are just late is all. blame the postman
*heard someone humming that song you used to sing in the bath, it’s stuck in my head now so thanks for that
*can’t believe you messed the lyric up. it’s “I’d work and toil all day just to come home to you” or something along those lines, not foil

after steve comes out of the ice he tries to get them back because dear god they’re embarrassing and he can remember exactly what each one was about. some were innocent, most were not and he knew back then that bucky could fill in the blanks on his own. 

years later the winter soldier visits the smithsonian and tries his damnest to read between the lines, maybe he’s imagining things. maybe they were actually innocent. he takes six brochures with steve’s face on the front, one of which has a photocopy of a skinnier shorter steve. that one is his favorite.

So gems only recognize each other by their stones, not their appearance. That makes sense, with them being a race of shapeshifters.

Does Jasper think that Rose is hiding herself in a costume?

Lapis is terrified of something happening to Steven, and it’s that same fear that’s preventing her from attacking Jasper and Peridot.

I fully believe that she’s invincible here in the beach, but fear can do a lot of things, even to powerful people.







libfems calling themselves radfem as a way to reclaim radical feminism doesn’t even make sense. like if you’re a libfem, you don’t believe in radical feminist ideas in the first place - what is there to even reclaim?

like one of the core beliefs of radical feminism (aka root feminism) is that women’s entire lives are affected by misogyny - how does that line up with liberal feminism beliefs in any way? libfems think that a woman can just identify out of misogyny, so why would you even associate yourself with radical feminist ideas?

i don’t know if by “reclaiming” radical feminism they think actual radical feminism will just go away or what but it won’t lmao

Tweaker thoughts

Things I think to myself while im high:

“Hell yeah that hit got my high”
“Fuck I wish I could not feel the need to hit the pipe every 10 minutes bc my tolerance level is so damn high”

“What the Fuck is this bitch even saying to me right now, totally stopped listing after the first word and a half”

“Where the did I put the pipe”

“Why do i loose my lighter 137 times a day”

“What the Fuck does she keep looking at? Wonder if she can tell im high? Are my eyes dilated? Am I even making any sense when Im talking to her? What the fuck did I do with my phone?”

“Ok gotta clean the living room up. This brush goes over here in this drawer, so does this pen, HMM haven’t looked through this drawer in forever , oh there’s my notebook better take that to my room, hmm better clean this room up to, wait why is my computer making that sound? Better take it apart to see what’s up., can’t find the problem ill put it back together later I need some music on, wait where is my phone?”

“Damnit did I forget to eat today?”

“Hmmm what can I tweak on now?”

“What was I about go do I totally forget”

“Damnit Where is my phone?”

He doesn’t know how long he stands there, staring at the gaping hole where the elevator once was. He can’t will himself to move - not if it means he’ll only stagger backwards to fall back on weak knees and a broken heart. 

(If he had a heart but- that’s just the problem, isn’t it?)

His hand curls into a fist, hard enough that his rings bite into his skin but it’s a tad better than the alternative of leaving his fingers to hover mid air while he feels the burn of the absence of Emma’s hand in his. He keeps his lips squeezed together for good measure, too, lest he part them and forget the way she tasted (the salt of tears, and all). 

He isn’t sure what to do. Not with his body, not with himself. Perhaps, he thinks, he’s destined to spend eternity here, with his back against the rocks and his being so achingly numb. He wants to be angry, to blame Hades and curse up a storm. He wants to be angry, but he can barely move.

(The I love you, too rings in his head far too loudly to make sense of anything else but the echo of her voice.)

He pulls at the end of his jacket in a vain attempt to stop his hand from fidgeting, and he imagines Emma reaching her home safely. He imagines her boy and her parents - his friends - and for a split second, he feels his lips upturn at the thought of the love that surrounds her. The love that seems to follow her wherever she goes; the exact one that she had spread into his poor, bitter heart, reteaching him the happiness of living without vengeance.

Killian doesn’t regret it, any of it. He might not feel anything substantial, but he also feels no remorse, resolutely sure he would do everything the same way a thousand times over if given the chance. The deep, shaking breath he exhales leaves his body wracking with another sob, but then he finally, finally, manages a stumbling step forward. He may have not be alive, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to bind himself to this bloody rockface. 

He grants himself that small moment of weakness as he presses his fingers to his lips and screws his eyes shut. He will not see Emma again - and he doesn’t have a heart but he’s certain he feels a pang with the sense of loss. Perhaps, in another life. But now, he has a promise to keep to his true love, and he’s always been a man of his word, after all.

even if that’s not really how any of us imagined things to go, i am incredibly happy and satisfied with the new 19 days chapter, and since my mind is not as much of a mess as it was after the last chapter came out, it’s time for some thoughts and considerations

  • of all the things i had imagined to happen, i would have never expected for jian yi to appear and tell she li off, but thinking about it, it actually makes sense, because the first glimpse we got of she li was of him saying jian yi’s name and showing some kind of interest in him, so a meeting between the two was bound to happen sooner or later. it surprised me that they met under this particular circumstance, because i didn’t expect jian yi to be interested in helping guan shan, but again, it does make a lot of sense: assuming that the fight between guan shan and jian yi was really staged, and that guan shan started it because she li ordered him to do it in exchange of money, it only seems natural that guan shan would somehow be the cause of their meeting, since he is the only link that connects them. it will be interesting to see how this is going to set their interactions from now on, because i don’t think she li is very happy about jian yi interfering with his business, which will probably bring a lot of trouble to all four of our main characters, so now im thinking that even if a confrontation between he tian and she li is going to happen, maybe the ultimate showdown is going to be between she li and jian yi

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Your name is Luna and you are more
like the moon than the moon is
like the moon.
Does that make sense? I don’t know.
I never understood how a name could
be someone so entirely until
I met you.
Juliet was wrong, I think;
that which we call a rose by any
other word would not
smell as sweet.
But no, you’re right, you’re right.
What do I know of love, of passion?
I would not do for you what
Juliet did for Romeo.
So here - either she’s the one
with the clanking and nervous
heart, or I am.
What do you say, Luna?
But yes, maybe both are different
kinds of strength, different kinds
of weakness. You’re right.
But you see - I would not die for you.
However, I would live for you.

And sometimes -
sometimes that’s even harder.
—  – Darshana S“Luna”

Everyone was making one of these and I’m always a fan of spreading the lobe so I thought I’d join in and make one too. I’ve only been a 1D blog for like seven months? And not to be dramatic but it’s been one of my favorite experiences of my life and definitely of my time here on I’ve made so many good friends because of these 5 boys and this dumb site and I wouldn’t have it any other way tbh. Anyways, obligatory ~i probably forgot someone pls yell at me if I forgot you~(but actually please do). I’m praying to every God that this won’t make your notifications blow up and if it does I’m so sorry maybe one day we will all spend our time on an actually functioning website. 

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Sasuke trying to kill Naruto = not abusive

Sasuke trying to kill Kakashi = not abusive

Sasuke trying to kill Karin = not abusive

Sasuke trying to kill Sakura = abusive.

I mean really? Are we even fucking serious right now? How do you even use the argument of ‘abusive’ to only honestly apply to SasuSaku? In what world does this even make any sense? So Sasuke attempting to kill everyone is a-okay! But as soon as it’s Sakura, it’s 'he’s abusive! he tried to kill her’.

You fucking hypocrites.


The Love Triangle (no one asked for because it confuses people af) 

There are no words to describe how much I’d been looking forward to ITVs Victoria. And even less words to describe how much I loved last Sunday’s episode, when the ‘clockwork prince’ was finally delivered. 

But as thrilled as I was by Albert - because I happen to fall instantly for the morally upright, nerdy, principled, progressively thinking,“stiff and awkward”, porridge-hating, truth telling, dork with cut-glass cheekbones and tousled hair who can’t flirt to save a life but then does something so stupidly romantic that you feel almost embarrassed - I do feel sorry for those people who fell right into the trap set by the writers. 

A rudimentary knowledge of British history should make it clear that there is not much sense in shipping Victoria with anyone else but Albert, but ‘sense’ and ‘ship’ rarely go hand in hand, so any ‘Vicbourne’ shippers who have fallen have just as much right to imagine what is not to be, even if it’s only in fanfic - because I think they’ve been the victims of ‘ship baiting’ of the worst sort. 

See, I can relate, even if I’m an A-class V&A shipper until my dying day. I know what it’s like to see writers do stuff with two characters that would by any other measure amount to a ‘possible’ romance arc, only to have it ridiculed and yourself made to feel as if you were delusional. Go to my old Downton posts and you’ll see a pit of wrath and hellfire about this topic. 

So while I massively enjoyed seeing Albert make more and more of an impression on Victoria and I squealed approvingly at all their moments together, it was almost painful to see what is being served to those who have started to root for Lord M (and please let’s all just be cool about ALL the historical inaccuracies of this FICTIONAL depiction of historical figures, because it is only entertainment and once you start to nitpick, all the fun goes out) who is not supposed to be the romantic hero of this play. 

The funny thing is, if Victoria was not historical but rather original fiction, and none of us would have seen Albert coming and knew that this was the ‘real’ romance of the series — I probably would have jumped on the Vicbourne ship as well after three episodes of making it ALL about Victoria and her Lord M, who acted like jealous Mr. Knightley from Emma in the fourth episode, giving his ‘rival’ young Frank Churchill the evil eye, voicing unflattering things about him and clearly choking on his jealousy in every second close-up shot. 

ITV - I know love triangles sell - but I still believe it is unnecessary to construct them if there is absolutely no foundation and it confuses the heck out of viewers. ‘Crack’ shipping is only safe and fun as long as you never get your hopes up so high that you become convinced that ‘it could happen’ and have that delusion crushed for good. I think this might have happened to some viewers last on Sunday, even though they must have seen it coming. 

Ah well, I guess I just wanted to say that I can understand those who had no choice but to go for the ‘bait’ because the we all know you don’t choose the ship, it chooses you. V&A have already been my favourite while I compared them to M&M on Downton Abbey and having an entire series about them is pretty much the dream. 

Also - I just discovered that moustaches are not that unattractive after all. Who would have known? 

I don’t need to be guilt tripped for being upset with Rick and his shitty behavior tonight. I don’t need to be guilt tripped for feeling heartbroken by my favorite character and show. That I’ve invested 3 years of my life in. I don’t need to feel guilt about critiquing Rick. About thinking he’s not the same, not the Rick I have grown to love and adore. I have a right to be pissed. I have a right to be upset. Not everyone can just think of this as nbd because Jessie will be dead soon or he’s projecting Lori onto Jessie or whatever else people are saying. It’s not that simple for all of us. I am allowed to think the kiss and the rest of Rick’s behavior was bullshit and character assassination. This does not make me any less of a fan for not blindly accepting and excusing my favorite character’s behavior. If I can even call him that anymore. The reason I am so upset is because of how much I love Rick Grimes in the first place. It’s not easy seeing your fave become something far from what you thought they were. Call me dramatic, whatever you will. When you grow attached to a character/show and feel strongly about them/it and use this fictional world you love so much as an escape and a happy place away from real life stress, it’s not easy to just get over it and move on and accept it when a character/world has been completely shit on, because oh it’ll get better eventually, whatever… Maybe I’m naive for investing so much in this. Maybe I’m pathetic, whatever, atm I don’t care. I’m gonna be upset and I’m gonna be angry and I’m gonna voice it. My feelings are real and valid. This is painful and this is not easy. Don’t you dare invalidate that.

INTJ Superpower

If this INTJ could have any superpower, it would be the ability to feel content with what I’ve accomplished without somehow losing my ridiculous expectations.

My Ni and Te are my pride and joy, but they are demanding. Ni is idealistic and impossible, but Te is relentless.

Everyday, I make a To Do list. And everyday, I don’t finish everything on the To Do list…resulting in some degree of disappointment or even guilt. I lay in bed thinking, “Ahhhh I didn’t get that sone. I wasted so much time.”

Which makes sense because I list five or six tasks for a single evening. An evening lasts from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM, must contain dinner and is preceded by a full 9-hour day at work. I would probably get them done if I did not need rest.

Te does not accept the concept of rest.

I don’t want to feel disappointed in myself everyday when I inevitably rest. But I also don’t want to lose that crazy drive. Because it gets me places. It makes me a powerhouse. It’s my engine. Te doesn’t let my dreams be dreams. #JustDoIt   

Here’s to landing somewhere in the middle of rest, accomplishment, contentment, and reaching for the impossible.