does this even make any sense i'm not sure

Does anybody else ever stop to think about Klaine fanfics? On the show, Blaine says “As if every lifetime you and I have lived, we’ve chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, over and over for all eternity” and it got me thinking??? Klaine fics aren’t just “I liked the show and wanted to take a shot at writing a fanfic”, they’re “this is another lifetime that Kurt and Blaine have lived in together and have met and fallen in love with each other” and idk I just think that’s really beautiful. We create all of these different scenarios and make unusual pairings sometimes (skank!Kurt + librarian!Blaine, or pro-golfer!Kurt + constructionworker!Blaine)(I haven’t seen those exact pairings, just making up examples) but they always end up falling in love, no matter what the circumstances. We got to see one of the lifetimes they lived on screen, and now we get to read about and create the other lifetimes. No matter what we read or write, it all still ties in with the original Klaine storyline. Idk, that’s just something I think about a lot.

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Could you and your followers please help me figure out what the name of my belief would be based off what I believe in? I believe in God,spirits/souls and the paranormal..But I don't believe in any holy books or anything..Basically I just believe in God and souls but nothing that religion says..Does this even make sense??

Sounds like what a lot of people call “spiritual but not religious,” but I’m not sure beyond that! Followers?

Update: an anon answered – To the person who asked. I would think you’re a theist. You believe something is out there but you don’t hold to any religion. So I would guess theist. Hope that helped :)