does this even make any sense i'm not sure

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Well, hi. I'm gonna start with how amazing and inspiring your art is, you have such amazing talent and sharing it with tumblr has inspired me to draw. I can draw, and it can be very pretty sometimes. But,the thing is,i can only copy other drawings. Does that even make sense? Like, i can only copy other people's drawings and i can't really draw by my imagination. And when i do, It's not nice. I would say i have a talent for copying drawings, and i'm only 12... What should i do?

how to avoid use references forever? I mean, I’m still learning anatomy, but do not want to be dependent on references to poses, have any tips? :(

I’m not sure if the second ask is also written by you, but they are still very similar in their sense, so I’ll reply to them both.

First of all, thank you!

Then. I can say from personal experience that I have started exactly the same baaaack back then. I used to “draw” by only copying pictures I have seen on the internet. Somehow back than it didn’t even occur to me that those pictures were someone’s drawings ( I don’t know why it never crossed my mind back then O_o) So. I used to draw like that and then stumbled upon Burdge’s drawings, and I realized just how much I wanted to draw like that. To be able to draw from my mind.

I get you’re on the same stage. Only I think I was around 15 or so. I would recommend looking for online tutorials, and trying learning from them, the way I did. For now at least. Though at first I looked at drawings and tried mimic them and only then I have found tutorials THAT WERE GREEAT GREAT HELP! Because tutorials allow to “build” your drawings in a way. Only I have to say that try not looking at tutorials of only one artist. If you like the way an artist draws eyes and they have tutorial- go for it! Try to combine things various artists draw specially. (or you like)

It is going to be hard at first, but the more time passes and the more you draw, the better you’re going to be! Imagine how great you’re going to be by the time you reach the age I started. And then when you reach mine current age! It’s a process and a long one, and a key is not to give up! Tutorials are the key, for now, I think. You may start with something small, like only portraits, then waist ups, then full body.

Now, REFERENCES. Guys, there is no shame in using them. They can be great help in learning anatomy as well, if they are used right. I used to use (haha) them a lot too. Like there’s a whole period in my drawings when I could pretty much only draw from them.

There is no shame, but I understand why it can become frustrating to an artist. There’s not a ref for a SINGLE pose you want, right? SO. Since you probably have experience with drawing from them, whether it’s a ref or someone’s drawing, you might remember some basics.  Maybe now you can draw people standing without using anything. Then, you might look at yourself instead of drawing from picture.

Analyze the way your body moves , always have a mirror nearby you! I nearly always look at my hands when I draw them, sometimes I look at my shoes when Im enthusiastic. The ref might be used simply when you want to draw your character in a certain brand of clothing too. And it’s okay! Probably everyone uses them at some extent.

If you can’t draw without references AT ALL, once again, look at tutorials. You can look at a reference, AND look at tutorial. And BUILD the picture you see. Like you won’t be drawing mindlessly from a reference, but you will do that with more understanding.

If the pose is hard, look at yourself in the mirror and try to…remember what goes where. If you don’t, look again and don’t be ashamed or upset by it.

Some artists can’t draw without refs, for some it’s harder to vision something if they don’t actually see it in front of them. Some use refs, but then change some details or the pose slightly. Some don’t use them. Either way, I think the more you draw from both them and tutorials, the easier it’s going to be in the future to draw from mind. (though it’s still not going perfect and in the way you want it.)

Don’t give up and get upset because you draw from pictures or references for now! As long as you want to break out from that, everything is possible! 

Disorganizedness from a Tired Knitter

So… am I literally the only otaku who knits?

It’s more of a rhetorical question than anything else, but I really wonder sometimes.

I’ve been knitting for about four years, I think. I’m not sure. It’s really one of the only things I consider myself good at. I’m not even that advanced of a knitter - I’ve never made a sweater. Or a bag. I intend to try taking a sweater/cardigan by the end of the year.

I knit while I watch anime all the time. I have trouble sitting still and watching things, so I knit in order to keep myself from getting distracted. It comes with me everywhere. It’s not even really a hobby anymore. It’s just something that I do because I can’t imagine NOT doing it.

I know that this age group/demographic really isn’t the type to learn to knit. But there’s got to be more than just me, right? I see a decent amount of otaku crochet stuff, but not nearly as much knit. Am I just not looking in the right places? I know Amigurumi’s a thing, so maybe that’s why?

I’m not saying they don’t exist - I’ve made myself a sweet pair of Totoro mittens and am working on and off on a big stuffed Totoro. I know they exist. (There’s a lot of stuffed Totoro stuff.)

I’m not even sure if this is making sense - I’m tired today, work took it out of me and I didn’t sleep that well to begin with…

But back on topic.

I would love to find more anime fans who knit. Not that I have anything against crochet, it’s just… I don’t know crochet. I know knitting. If anyone has sources for patterns, I’d love to see them. If anyone wants to chat about knitting or anime, message me or something. I don’t know.

When Rem and Lindo are done, I’ll probably do a break, then try making dolls from another series. With the anime coming out soon, does Code: Realize dolls sound good? I also thought I might make one or two Yandere Simulator characters. Midori doll anyone? But a break first. I need to come up with another pattern, and do some finishing up of my own stuff. The one I have takes too long for me to assemble one every two weeks indefinitely. I want something that can be completed in under ten hours, give or take a few. So thicker yarn and needles, shorter legs… I’m rambling now, don’t mind me. Basically, my plan is to make them a bit more chibi-ish.

I’ve made one of Rem’s legs today. ONE. AND IT TOOK LIKE TWO HOURS. THE SHOE WASN’T THAT HARD!!!!!

If I do the Code: Realize ones, though, I’ll probably use the same pattern I’m using now. I feel like the slightly more realistic build would work better. Not to mention I need something larger to accommodate the detailing better. 

Confused rambling over.


Whoa there Ghirafi stuff. kind of. This is supposed to be Ghirafi but like??? Idk man I’m too tired does this comic even make any sense???? Sure let’s pretend it does

anyway there wasn’t any drawing stuff for like the past 2 days or something cause I had VERY important stuff to do: video games.

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Hi! I'm italian and I can't really understand the "Harry's getting head", because in italian it doesn't make any sense, can you explain me a little what does it mean in english? Thank you so much xx

hello hello, well I don’t know how to say this without being terribly blunt, but…after the brits louis was definitely going to put harry’s dick in his mouth

I mean…he even licked his lips after 

he’s pretty pleased with himself too 

as I’m sure Harry was as well later that night 

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*nod* Makes sense. There's just one other thing: I'm sure this is probably something that's personal to every individual and there's no right answer, but do you have any pointers for someone just starting out? This is something I've been skirting around for years and I've decided I finally want to actually do something about it, however badly it may turn out.

Draw what makes you happy.

Of course practicing anatomy, drawing from reference and practice are all important but for me personally, even as someone who does art as a professions, art is about having fun. ESPECIALLY if you are doing it as a hobby, draw what makes you happy.

Keep drawing, don’t compare your own works to other people’s works. You are only competing against yourself. 

As a technical tip, draw stick figures and shapes. Everything is made out of shapes. Use them as guides. 

I can’t stress enough, draw what makes you happy.