does this even make any sense

why is the ace community so eager to slap an incoherent label on actual lgbt+ ppl for expressing their discomfort with cishets in their safe spaces that makes it seem like they hold any sort of power over &/or oppress All Aces on the basis of being “"allosexual”“

y'know the ”“aphobes”“ that you are so firmly against that you have to make "No Aphobes” aesthetics are all lgbt+ people (many of whom are ace/used to id as ace) and you run around equating their wish to exclude their oppressors (cishets) from their safe spaces to homophobia and transphobia bc apparently not wanting to kiss the asses of your oppressors in your own safe spaces is just as bad

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Lol "taking up screen time and doesn't mean anything" I wonder if the same people said the same thing about Spiderman showing up in CACW, or if it's only NOW a problem that it's Tony...

Lol, spider-man being in CACW had its own problems without even getting to the fact that he took screen-time away from characters who need it. But I don’t think Tony’s gonna be super important to this movie besides providing Peter with a goal of sorts, so any complaining just reads so short-sighted to me.

(Like antis latched on to Peter so hard as a way of proving how irresponsible and manipulative Tony was, so nah, they were all about Spider-Man. Now here they are, and Tony’s seemingly still looking out for Peter, so. Awkward for them I guess!)


THAT’S her sole reason for missing the girl??! What I get out of this line is the CONSTANT REMINDER AND VERIFICATION that Bonnie Bennett does NOT know her WORTH in Damon Salvatore’s life and heart! Which is okay I guess, because it makes sense… If Bonnie knew I believe she’d fight for him! But in her eyes, she can’t fight for him, because she doesn’t mean enough! Maybe she even thinks she doesn’t mean ANYTHING! :/ When he left to desiccate “for Elena,” he cemented that fear into her mind, making it a living breathing reality to her. But she knows what she means to Enzo. Bonnie KNOWS her worth with him, so she fights for HIM, because it’s the only thing she can do to stay sane, while she hopelessly longs for a person she feels helpless, powerless, and meaningless to. :/ 

It’s a tragedy. 

I sure hope and pray something happens to where Bonnie finally gains the knowledge of what she truly means to Damon Salvatore! I’m sick and tired of her being ignorant! I’m sick and tired of her being a shadow of herself, clinging to a love that is a mere distraction and flicker in comparison to the roaring flame that threatens to swallow her whole!

Bonnie Bennett is heartbroken. And if she takes one step away from Enzo. If she moves one inch out of the protective bubble she’s encased herself in with him. All of the hurt and pain will come crashing in, I believe. 

It’s much like Stefan in season 3, determinedly behaving like he didn’t feel, because when he let himself feel, all he felt was “pain.” Bonnie determinedly behaves indifferent to Damon, while investing herself into her love for Enzo. Because if she acknowledges Damon, and his true weight in her heart, all she feels is “pain.” Heartbreaking rejection, helplessness, longing, and PAIN. 

If having Damon back to normal is Bonnie’s reason for missing Elena. Maybe that statement would be more accurately spoken, “I miss Damon?” 

Just some food for though…

some facts about this bleach novel !

So friends if kubo does create ichiruki into a sad story due to yhwach ( which most of us predicted he would ) .

would you forgive him ?

Like Rukia is literally missing from the last arc , has been rather sidelined in the entire series .

Again wsj themselves admitted Rukia was never the heroine for kubo .

Kubo himself admitted he had it all planned from the start !

Also the ywach angle doesnt even make any sense. ( Plz read why it is stupid )





Lidon: “How long has it been, since I first walked out of those mountains through that genuine turnpike tollbooth and into this world? How long has it been since I first emerged on the mountains? Both feel like such a long time, and yet feel like barely any time at all… SimPort? Ignorance itself? The constraints of this form? …Probably the latter. It has to be, if hen’s anything to…

“No, not here.

“Distractions, questions. Senses would be proud, if he could see me now. I think. Does Senses even have a sense of pride? It’s hard to tell with that demon. But it’d make sense. We all have our vices, our things that we lack. 

“Who’d’ve thought mine would be self control… and how much more of that do I have to lose?”

Lidon: “I think I shall stay a while longer. Why, if I do, I might never have to think again.”

I think that this scene, right here, is a glimpse of who Sam will become in the future.

Because, see, he knows now. He knows that he has demon blood inside him, he knows that there is supposed to be a celebrity death match and only one of them will live. So he stands over Jake with the steel bar in his hand and he raises it up, gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder and in his heart and with the effort–

And he doesn’t do it.

Despite what he is supposed to be, it’s not who he is. Who he really is.He won’t allow himself to become that. He is not a killer. He is not evil. Demon blood or not he is innocent in the very sense of the word. He protects people from the very thing that is telling him to kill Jake. To be the last one standing. And he won’t do it, because it’s not who he is.

And so later, when Sam drinks the demon blood and goes so far off the rails that if Dean didn’t know him, he would want to hunt him, he remembers this. Everything that he does is for love or for the greater good. That’s who he is.

One of my favorite phrases my Creative Writing professor had for when you’re writing fantasy is ‘giving your story a Flux Capacitor’.

Because it’s not real, it doesn’t exist. But the way it’s thrown into Back to the Future, at no point does it throw the audience off or suspend any more disbelief than time travel would. You believe Doc when he says he created the Flux Capacitor - the thing that makes time travel possible, because the universe never questions him. 

So it essentially means like, there are going to be elements to your universe that are just not gonna make any sense, even if you set up a whole system based on it. And the only way to make it work is completely own it. You cannot second-guess your system or else the reader will too. You can give it the strangest explanation, but write it like you own it.  


Isak + the symbolism of his internal struggle of opening up to himself and accepting his sexuality. The progression as his locker is cluttered with mess, Even’s help of getting Isak to open the locker, and ultimately Isak being able to open it without any struggle. He looks at his locker, shocked that he doesn’t have to face the trouble of opening the locker or accepting himself anymore.


“Men are born to sin…What does matter most, is not that we err, it is that we do benefit from our mistakes, that we are capable of sincere repentance, of genuine contrition.” 

The Sunne in Splendour

all of the celebrities, the people in power, even the republicans who were for hillary and somehow he’s still winning? it does not make sense. it does not make any sense


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What I don’t get about the ‘resources’ argument is, how exactly do asexuals waste LGBT resources if we don’t need them? If being ace won’t get you kicked out of your home, you won’t need housing. If being ace won’t get you fired, you won’t need the financial backup. If being ace doesn’t put you at physical risk, you won’t need the protective services that the LGBT community can muster.

If, on the other hand, being ace does cause you to deal with any of the above, then the resources aren’t being ‘wasted’ – they’re going toward the safety and well-being of somebody who’s being punished for not being straight. Isn’t that the point of those resources to begin with?

I’m honestly confused how this argument even works. The only way it makes sense is if we’re walking up to a community that we have zero need of, and they’re just going ‘okey-dokey! 8D’ and handing us shit we clearly don’t need. Is that what y’all are trying to say? I’m honestly curious.

So apparently all the fanfic writers seem to agree that Ahkmenrah has the fighting skills of a true professional and fights with the sleek, elegant grace of a cat which is cool. But. I offer you instead to imagine all them getting into some kind of scuffle and the whole museum is fighting and then Larry spots Ahk just. Hitting people with the tablet. Which he also uses as a shield. Bullets and stuff just bounce off the tablet. It is indestructible. Ahk is like: “Nice”