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Hey! I don't really know how to go in the way of sending an ask, so excuse my awkwardness. I'm sixteen, and I've honestly only really questioned my sexuality for the past couple of years (probably only since I was around 14-15) and, I don't know. To some extent I think I might be bisexual (there are other factors and things here but those are questions for another time), but I can't help but think that the fact that I never considered it before the age of around 14 might mean that I'm not. ++++

++++ Does that make any sense? I was probably 12-13 when I actually started having crushes on guys (I’m a girl), but I never even thought about attraction to girls at that time. I guess I’m just asking - Do you think I’m bisexual, or do you think I only believe I am because I know a lot of LGBT people?

Hey don’t worry - it takes a lot of courage (at least for me) to send an ask.

Something that I was told once was really helpful - straight people don’t spend a lot of time questioning their sexuality. If you are questioning it, then it’s pretty likely that you may not be straight.

Attraction to different genders often doesn’t feel the same - what I mean by that is that attraction to guys feels one way, attraction to girls feels another, and attraction to non-binary folks can feel different too. That makes it really hard for us to figure out if we are attracted to more then one gender! Not to mention, the attractions may develop at different rates - puberty is really weird like that. It’s not at all strange that you would have been developing crushes on guys at 12-13 and then started questioning your sexuality at 14. In fact, there are many many people that don’t really start questioning things until much later - 18, 25, 35, 60, etc - it’s never too late to figure out something about yourself. Hell, I’m 30 and I’m coming to terms with my asexuality. Sexuality is confusing at the best of times, and it can take a long time to make heads or tails out of it. 

Don’t believe anyone that says you have to have everything perfectly figured out by a certain age. You’ve got plenty of time to explore your feelings and figure out where you are. And, nothing is set in stone. If you feel like you are bisexual now, then awesome. If later you feel like maybe you are straight after all, or are a lesbian, then that’s awesome too! Labels are there to help you. 

I know the worry that because you have LGBT friends - that you feel like maybe you are just co-opting them because you want to feel included or what not. I’ve been there - and I still have days like that. And unfortunately you will run in to people who will tell you that directly. But you are valid, and your experiences are valid. You matter. And the only one that can tell you what your sexuality is, is you.

Rock on, my anonymous friend. You are doing hard and amazing work trying to figure yourself out.

I think that this scene, right here, is a glimpse of who Sam will become in the future.

Because, see, he knows now. He knows that he has demon blood inside him, he knows that there is supposed to be a celebrity death match and only one of them will live. So he stands over Jake with the steel bar in his hand and he raises it up, gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder and in his heart and with the effort–

And he doesn’t do it.

Despite what he is supposed to be, it’s not who he is. Who he really is.He won’t allow himself to become that. He is not a killer. He is not evil. Demon blood or not he is innocent in the very sense of the word. He protects people from the very thing that is telling him to kill Jake. To be the last one standing. And he won’t do it, because it’s not who he is.

And so later, when Sam drinks the demon blood and goes so far off the rails that if Dean didn’t know him, he would want to hunt him, he remembers this. Everything that he does is for love or for the greater good. That’s who he is.

i thought i was dead inside but you’re even more dead than i could ever imagine. i don’t think i should talk to you anymore and i know i said i wouldn’t leave, but i can’t take it anymore. i haven’t felt anything in the longest time. you made me feel again and i don’t know if i want that. i’m afraid. i’m so afraid of people leaving me. it’s the most painful thing in the entire world. i don’t even want to think about it because for once in my life, i found a guy who understands me, but maybe you were just the guy who wanted to see me with my clothes off. you got rid of me one time. you can do it again. 


“Men are born to sin…What does matter most, is not that we err, it is that we do benefit from our mistakes, that we are capable of sincere repentance, of genuine contrition.” 

The Sunne in Splendour

don’t think about louis wearing an extra large sweater and running around his and harrys house trying to hit harry with the sweater arms don’t do it

give me a plot where muse a is an innocent lil thing and she ends up losing her virginity to muse b, who is a known promiscuous jock & it doesn’t mean anything to either of them –– but then muse a gets pregnant and she’s like “i told you we should’ve used a condom!!” but he’s like “i thought you couldn’t get knocked up the first time!!” and at first muse b is like “no wtf i can’t have a kid?? i have football to worry about!!!” and muse a is like “yeah well we’re having a kid so mAN THE FUCK UP” so muse b steps up to the plate and somewhere in the chaos they fall in love

relationships are scary commitment is terrifying the fact that you love someone so much that you devote most of your life to them and trust them wholeheartedly to do the same is really scary they could shut you down at any time or they could cheat on you or something and after being devoted to them and not sleeping with anyone else and focusing your whole love on them and then having to move on and maybe find someone else and be totally alone i just like man that is scary i don’t know if i could trust someone that much i would freak out 

Down By The River In The Park

A.N: I changed it up a bit I couldn’t help myself oops (it’s still cute tho dw)

There are these two kids, down by the river in the park.

It’s dangerous for them to be there, he knows that from his own experience, and he’s considered telling his parents every day that he’s seen them playing there. But then he’d have to explain why he was watching some two small kids playing in a park, and he thinks that he’d rather not.

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So, for the longest time I've been ok with gay relationships because love is love but lately I've become annoyed because I feel like the community wants to make everything homosexual; Even things that don't make sense. I just feel like they find any movie or tv show and pick two characters and start to ship them even if there's no chemistry. Idk I'm just wandering does this mean I don't support the gay community? FYI, I ship homosexual characters together who have actual chemistry .

To be honest, that stuff bugs me a little too sometimes, but here’s the deal;

First things first, most people who ship two straight male characters/men together, are straight women. Not members of the LGBT community. And they far outnumber the amount of LGBT people shipping two straight women together. You can pin that on our community when straight people do it worse than we do.

Secondly, straight people make everything straight. Straight people call their four year old sons a “ladies man” when he simply speaks to a girl. You all coo and aww when a small boy and girl play together and tell them to hug each other or give the other a kiss. A four year old girl comes home from school and talks about a boy in her class and you all ask if he’s her boyfriend. These are infants. They damn well don’t have chemistry and you’re forcing them together for no reason. And let’s not overlook the fact those little children may in fact be gay; I certainly had my parents act like that throughout my life and it’s toxic. We have our parents forcing heterosexuality on us so much that we grow up so damn confused because we feel like there’s something wrong with us because we don’t look at the opposite sex that way. At least a gay girl shipping members of fifth harmony isn’t causing people to grow up so confused and sometimes unwilling to accept themselves that it seriously messes with their mental health; that sometimes they turn to suicide.

And let’s not also overlook the fact that the vast majority of media is straight. Most films with a leading male and female will have a romantic story line between them. The majority of TV show couples are straight. Most music sung by women talks about “him” and most by men about “her.” Pretty much everything is straight. That also plays in to how we grow up thinking that there is something wrong with us. But even putting that aside, maybe we want to see us represented. Maybe we want to see some women together, maybe we want to see some men in relationships. But all we are given is straight characters. Why should we be denied the chance to actually see people like us in the media that we consume? So what else is there to do but ship the straight characters. Maybe if the significantly straight producers and creators would give us some more LGBT representation, we wouldn’t be forced to create it ourselves. Don’t go kidding yourself into thinking that we just enjoy shipping straight people. We don’t. We would much rather ship actual LGBT people but we just don’t really have that much chance to.

And do you know what happens when we do get given that chance? One of them is killed off. Clarke/Lexa, Willow/Tara, Frankie/Cat, Emily/Naomi, and that’s just to name a very very small few. Just Google “Bury your gays” for more information on it; that’s right, we have our own troupe.

At the end of the day, who cares? Who cares if there are people shipping straight same sex characters with no chemistry? Who’s it hurting? No one. A lot of straight couples in film and tv have no chemistry whatsoever, and we have to actually watch that in the shows/films themselves.

And finally, when it comes to real people being shipped, celebrities, sure, most of the time they aren’t really dating. But also, sometimes they really fucking could be, because to think that celebrities aren’t still being locked in the closet by their PR is incredibly naive. To think that Hollywood doesn’t still tell people they can’t play leading roles, or won’t get a strong enough following if they come out is incredibly naive. To think that beards aren’t still a very real and all too common thing is incredibly naive. So you have absolutely no way of knowing whether we maybe on to something with certain real people ships.

I don’t think that you being annoyed by it means you don’t support LGBT people, but I think you need to try and consider the reasons why more, and have a little more empathy and respect for a group of people who are really just doing the best out of a bad situation.

Me: *gets anxiety from arguments and confrontation*
Me: *avoids reblogging or posting anything controversial and blocks people who get angry over posts I reblog and avoids people who confront me on things I say*
Brain: yo just leave tumblr and you won’t have to deal with this during your free time
Me: *stays on this fucking shit website*
Me: ??????

Maybe the Shitty thing didn’t hit me quite so hard because I was never under the impression that Jack is out to anyone other than maybe his parents, Kent (though it was never something that was talked about, just acted upon) and now Bitty.

I never thought that he was one of those people who had come out to Shitty or anything and it kinda makes Shitty’s actions make more sense? I mean he is still in the wrong but I have a bigger issue with the “You don’t have other friends” than the “Your girfriend” stuff (at least in terms of Jack and Shitty’s friendship) because Shitty has no reason to believe Jack isn’t straight. I know that’s super heteronormative but hockey is a homophobic sport like many others and on top of that Jack is the poster boy for “hockey players gone wrong”. I don’t think its that far off to think that Shitty didn’t push the subject of sexuality too hard with Jack given his situation before Samwell.

i’ve come to realize that, throughout the years, i have been trained to think that school and my grades are my number one priority. not my health, not my family, not my religion, but school. i skip dinner because i have to finish my homework. i stay up until the wee hours of the morning to cram for a test or finish a project. instead of going out and spending time with my family, i stay at home to finish schoolwork. when i’m supposed to go to church but i don’t, it’s in the name of “my grades are more important.” i was taught that school was everything. i was taught that my emotions and mental health were subordinate to my education. i was taught that i had to get good grades in order to be worth something.

and that’s just fucked up.

ok so basically i just want a super cute yet also angsty newly married couple who are in their mid twenties and they know nothing about married life and having kids and ‘being adults’ other than the fact that they want to work it out together even if money’s tight and they didn’t realize that it’d be so hard but theY LOVE EACH OTHER