does this even make any sense

I think that this scene, right here, is a glimpse of who Sam will become in the future.

Because, see, he knows now. He knows that he has demon blood inside him, he knows that there is supposed to be a celebrity death match and only one of them will live. So he stands over Jake with the steel bar in his hand and he raises it up, gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder and in his heart and with the effort–

And he doesn’t do it.

Despite what he is supposed to be, it’s not who he is. Who he really is.He won’t allow himself to become that. He is not a killer. He is not evil. Demon blood or not he is innocent in the very sense of the word. He protects people from the very thing that is telling him to kill Jake. To be the last one standing. And he won’t do it, because it’s not who he is.

And so later, when Sam drinks the demon blood and goes so far off the rails that if Dean didn’t know him, he would want to hunt him, he remembers this. Everything that he does is for love or for the greater good. That’s who he is.


“Men are born to sin…What does matter most, is not that we err, it is that we do benefit from our mistakes, that we are capable of sincere repentance, of genuine contrition.” 

The Sunne in Splendour


 make me choose

jaimeswhitecloak asked: house lannister or house martell

Its been quite long since I even saw you,
Long enough to fade you away from me.
But I still remember everything,
Its stored inside my memory.
This poem isn’t even half of what I’m going through right now,
I thought I’d get you back somehow.
It doesn’t make sense to me,
How does it take place to see,
I was down for you on my knees.
I’m trying to stop you from leaving,
I kept on pleading.
And you didn’t even listen,
All you ever thought of was just ‘ditch him’.
I’ve started to live like a recluse,
And this game has no excuse,
There’s isn’t any amuse,
That’s why I’m confused.
I really wish I’d expressed myself in a better way,
So you won’t even leave like you did the other day.
I expressed it for my own sake,
I never thought I’d be put to bake.
I’ve loved you like no one else can,
There is no other man,
Who will love you like I can.
Its true you know what people say,
You don’t realize the value of something until its gone.
But I am still not gone,
You’re the one whose wrong.
You still haven’t realized it,
Its a pity yet harsh thing to accept,
I just need once chance,
To show myself at a glance.
You complete what’s perfect,
There’s no one to neglect.
And for that I give you all of my respect.
According to you I probably write the worse verse,
And therefore I consider this gift as a curse.
When I’m done writing I try to write even more,
And sometimes even my tears pour.
For you I can write the biggest verse of all time,
But what’s the use if I can’t even rhyme for what’s mine?
—  Writing submitted by: Shoaib Burney

So apparently all the fanfic writers seem to agree that Ahkmenrah has the fighting skills of a true professional and fights with the sleek, elegant grace of a cat which is cool. But. I offer you instead to imagine all them getting into some kind of scuffle and the whole museum is fighting and then Larry spots Ahk just. Hitting people with the tablet. Which he also uses as a shield. Bullets and stuff just bounce off the tablet. It is indestructible. Ahk is like: “Nice”

ok here’re my thoughts on the quote “there’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in slytherin”

first, this obviously isn’t 100% true. i think we’ve all established that peter pettigrew is a notable exception, so we can just skip over that.

second, think about who says this quote. it’s ron weasley, first year (i’m pretty sure), before they’re even at hogwarts. this is an eleven year old speaking, one who only knows about people in slytherin from a second hand perspective - what he’s heard on the news and read in the paper and heard from his parents and brothers. seeing as both molly and arthur and all his older brothers were gryffindors, they probably didn’t have any slytherin friends because of the rivalry. so, the only slytherins ron had probably heard of were the ones being locked up in azkaban for consorting with voldemort or the ones his brothers complained about (and he probably also heard his parents’ comments of “oh i went to school with mulciber!! he was nasty”).

and third, and something i’ve been thinking a lot about, is that actually this statement has a very logical explanation. think about the way wizarding society is set up and the way that voldemort recruits his followers. kids are placed into houses based on the traits that they value, not that they possess. this is really obviously seen in the fact that harry wanted to be in gryffindor, so he was put there. he didn’t want to be put in slytherin, so he wasn’t. while he wasn’t really informed enough about houses and house values to know if he “valued” cunning, ambition, etc, the sorting hat obviously sorted him based on what he wanted. and this couldn’t have been something that only happened to harry - i’m sure there were many kids who didn’t even know what they truly valued and were sorted somewhere that they thought had traits they didn’t embody only to find, as the years passed, that they fit right in.

another thing that we see from the books is that what house you’re in is very often the same as your parents/at least one (the black family in slytherin, james saying on the train that his dad and his dad’s dad etc had been in gryffindor, the weasleys, etc). obviously, there isn’t some weird, like, hufflepuff gene that gets passed onto a wizard/witch’s child. so then why does this happen?

if you couple the facts that houses are similar throughout a family and you’re placed based on what you value with the fact that before they turn eleven years old, wizards/witches (especially purebloods) are at home with their parents and possibly a governess/tutor their parents have hired, then this is easy to answer. whatever values the children’s parents had (aka what got them sorted into their house) were pushed upon the child. where else would they gather opinions on the wizarding world? young minds are very impressionable, and people look up to their parents their whole life. and, even if a governess was hired, pureblood families who had pureblood-supremacy leanings probably hired people who felt the same way. so, by the time these kids get to hogwarts, their values reflect their parents’, and they’re placed into the same house. and obviously this isn’t some kind of blanket statement because there’re exceptions to everything but generally this is probably how things worked.

so, it makes sense that all these people who believe in blood supremacy are in the same house. tom riddle was a slytherin, and he was the type to keep a close-knit circle. he liked feeling included, and loved excluding others. it goes without saying that he probably wouldn’t have interacted with people of other houses much. when he started pitching his ideas about blood supremacy to his close friends, they were all slytherins and purebloods (because, honestly, tom riddle wouldn’t have wanted to associate with anyone else). so, when these people had kids, they were sorted into slytherin because of the values they had learned of cunning and ambition, but they were also probably blood supremists because their parents had impressed that idea on them too. 

and that’s why “there’s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn’t in slytherin” is an almost fair statement. it’s not because they were slytherin that they went bad. it’s because over time, the slytherin house gained that value of blood supremacy through teaching and familial values, and so these were the people that voldemort recruited onto his side and who wanted to join. 

all taylor has ever said about other female artists showing a lot of skin is that if a woman feels empowered by it then she applauds that so i don’t know why miley or anybody else is trying to pretend that taylor’s attempting to be this beacon of virginity and purity lmao she does what she’s comfortable with and encourages other women to do the same, even though reporters constantly and very obviously try to get her to talk shit about other women who behave differently to her she refuses to take the bait and instead praises them for doing what makes sense to them so i don’t know why so many people are acting like taylor swift herself is running around hollywood physically covering up any exposed nipples that happen to be flying around 


 don’t get too close                                                                                                                    it’s dark inside                                                                                                                          it’s where my demons hide                                                                                                      it’s where my demons hide

relationships are scary commitment is terrifying the fact that you love someone so much that you devote most of your life to them and trust them wholeheartedly to do the same is really scary they could shut you down at any time or they could cheat on you or something and after being devoted to them and not sleeping with anyone else and focusing your whole love on them and then having to move on and maybe find someone else and be totally alone i just like man that is scary i don’t know if i could trust someone that much i would freak out