does this even count as shipping


UNIVERSEBOUND - [available on redbubble + centi]

Paulis, Stess, Jarid(ot) and Coo! also Centikraken

hello i love the earthbound kids with my entire whole heart and heres me inevitably rubbing my horrible hands all over them

this is also roughly my headcanon heights for the eb kids. i love tall paula..

this disregards any ships from both source materials - DO NOT REPOST

Monsta X Descriptions

insp by/credit to @igot7ofarmysandmonbebe // original post: x


  • .jpg
  • dresses like a college student 
  • rarely talks but whenever he does it’s like very heart touching
  • incredibly awkward
  • is a very precious bunny/pooh bear/ teddy bear like i live for shownu scenes in variety shows
  • LEGIT FATHER not just daddy material but- SERIOUSLY THEY CALL HIM DAD 
  • aBS// NICE BACK yessss


  • breathes ramen
  • abs on abs on abs why do you wear a shirt at all
  • has a tremendous fear of heights 
  • grease af
  • has A LOT A LOT of fluffy hair 
  • shooting aegyo ?? he does this cute pew pew aegyo wow i suck at explaining
  • hyungwon’s biggest fan  no i don’t ship them


  • will not hesitate to fight you 
  • hyperactive puppy
  • loves shownu oops my ship came out again
  • talks talks talks talks t a l k s
  • optimistic af
  • he’s that one guy who still believes in santa even tho he’s an adult


  • is nicknamed ‘tiny’ for a reason
  • loves to babied and praised
  • but is the mom & dances like one too (??)
  • always count on him to make fun of another member 
  • covers his face when he’s embarrassed usually when another member does something embarrassing
  • kihyuni aka gwiyomi replaced with his name
  • don’t be fooled, he’s not all that cute just watch him on stage and he’s a whole different story
  • slight dimples on his cheekbones when he smiles i d k how to explain this one too but it’s rlly adorable


  • “yes i will be a fucking model”
  • “5′11 it’s real” 
  • droopy eyes and a literal panda
  • inhales sleep like he will sleep through a natural disaster 
  • he’s a walking meme 
  • his giggle is contagious 
  • thick luscious lips 
  • fake maknae he’s the golden fountain of youth


  • “joohoney”
  • can lowkey english 
  • aegyo king i recommend the classic kuku kaka one
  • don’t get intimidated by him, he’s a huge squish ball
  • definition of a scaredy cat 
  • thighs fo’ dayzz
  • spits fire i’d buy his mixtape 
  • is the son of shownu


  • real maknae like he’s the actual youngest
  • can english pretty well
  • he’s the manliest guy within this group monsta x is the screamiest group ever
  • pls don’t make this guy do aegyo it’s rlly sad
  • spits fire too
  • is very quiet but once you get him going, he will not stop WILL NOT STOP
  • is married to jooheon gdi my ships keep spilling
  • “i.m winner foolish boys”
  • “i am what i am man”

Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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So, rewatching Land of the Lost, I realized something amusing.

Legion Rip activates the self destruct and heads to the jump ship.  Reasonable enough.

But then his escape route is cut off.  And then, knowing that the self destruct is counting down, and he’s trapped, does he turn it off?  Nope.

Instead, he tosses the medallion and shoots it into smithereens (left handed no less!).

It just goes to show that even stripped of his love, compassion and humanity, Rip Hunter still lives by the code of “because, fuck you.”

Friends, Lovers, or Maybe Something in Between (Part 2)

Prompt: best things about the childhood best friends/friends to lovers trope by @adribug

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: You were both orphans, but in each other you found home.

Tags: fluff, comfort, nice things

Notes: Definitely gonna be 3 parts. 

Word Count: 1,502

Part 1

Part 3

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Interviewer: What are your nicknames for each other?

Tony: [flashes grin] My nicknames for Bruce? Let’s see [counts on fingers]: Big Guy, Lima Bean, Green Giant, Buddy - that’s always a favorite - Tough Guy (more relationship-time ones?) Smoochems, Brucie-babe, Sexy, Sexy Hair, Sweetcheeks, Mr. Clever Fingers, Beautiful Man With an Even More Beautiful Dick, Doctor Fucking Machin-

Bruce: [clears throat] Baby.

Interviewer: Baby? Just baby?

Bruce: Yeah. Watch. [turns to Tony, voice soft] I love you, baby.

Tony: [mouth slams shut] [face flushes] [gets up and hurries stiffly from the room]

Interview: What?

Bruce: [holds up a finger]

Tony: [from the other room] Fuck you, Banner, I love you too, you fucking prick.

Interviewer: Oh.

Bruce: [smiles a little] Yeah.

Love it or hate it, no matter what you do Karamel is becoming one of the most discussed ships which will help not only boost their popularity but also the show as well and will make it less likely that the producers will get rid of Mon-El or Karamel as a couple.

James and Kara were ended (even as lazily as they were) because they were not a couple that caused heated discussions (besides from the gay side of tumblr which does not count), nor did they have the sparks and chemistry that Chris and Melissa have.

So even if a lot of people don’t like it, if they are talking about it then it still helps our ship.


au where jeff and annie are married and have amazing sex life also i should delete photoshop





tagged  by  : @pastismyown
relationship  status  : single and hella unavailable 
favorite  color  : turquoise 
lipstick  or  chapstick  : rosebud lip salve >>>>>>
last  song  i  listened  to  :  I’ve been listening to my autoplay all evening t b h
last  movie  i  watched  : does the cutscene compilation of ffxv count as an actual movie? if not The Force Awakens. 
top  three  tv  shows  :  I’m rly in to Legion rn, attack on titan, twin peaks, and TWD.
top  three characters  : rey, marya morevna, the chocobros (bc I love all my sons and can’t choose between them)
top  three ships  :  reylo, me/xananx, me/@valeskaj
books  i’m  currently  reading  :  I’m reading like ten things at once because I have no chill. a russian text book, way station by clifford simak, american gods by neil gaiman, and the bible.

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Relationship status: Single
Lipstick or chapstick: Both but I’m more inclined to tinted balms and very very picky when it comes to lipsticks since my lips are dry. Balms are just…a must if I don’t want my lips cracking and bleed yes even in here
Last movie I watched: A short movie, does it count? It’s really amazing, y’all should watch it. It’s called The Piano Tuner.
Last song you listened to: Psylla by Glass Animals. Great song, blood and open wound TW in the official MV.
Top 3 shows: ITV Victoria, Versailles, recently been watching Hibana and it’s nice.
Top 3 characters: taps chin…Jinpachi from SND, Achilles from Song of Achilles (a book), Tyki Mikk from DGM 
Top 3 ships: OH GOD HMMMM I really like Hideyoshi and Chacha. I’m sorry Nene, honestly!!! Mitsuo and Mitsuo from Double Mints manga. Toxic, toxic pair but you really can’t help loving them and the spiral staircase they take you in. A lot of ships from KHR so I’m not gonna even try and put them here BUT THEY’RE HERE JUST SO Y’ALL KNOW. Kurose and Shirotani from tencount.

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[Ina/InaGO Tag Game] So I just thought this would be fun


This is their tag game and I CAN DEW IT.

-Heya, what’s your name: I’m Rhondol, I’m also Admin Cactus on Bycicle-Sword

- Favorite character: Shindou/Kirino

- Favorite arc: Chrono Stone

- OTP: RanTaku

- BroTP: TakuTen

- Any ships that everyone ships but you surprisingly don’t (please remember the little // in the ship names so it won’t show up in the tags): Masa//Ran which I think should actually be called Kiriya but no I don’t even ship it and I made a better ship name for it what are you people doing?

- Favorite hissatsu: Mach Wind, or Aggressive Beat… Tenma has good Hissatsus.

- What about combination hissatsu: Dead Future, does that count? There’s two people. Idc.

- Favorite Keishin: Senkishi Brynhildr or Akatsuki no Miko Amaterasu

- Favorite Mixi-max (I bet you were expecting this): How dare you make me choose between Shindou/Nobunaga and Kirino/Jeannu this is literally impossible.

- Favorite Soul (you’re right I don’t have any excuses for this): Fat Peacock.

- Favorite forward (LOL THERE’S MORE): Fei

- Favorite mid-fielder (I know this is getting old okay): Shindou

- Favorite defender (Almost done…): Kirino

- Favorite goalkeeper (Not my fault there are so many positions): Ibuki

- Favorite manager/girl player (actually, all girls in general): Akane is favorite manager. Kinako is favorite girl player.

- Favorite team: El Dorado 02

- Favorite team uniform: Inazuma Japan Uniform

- Which movie is the best: InaGO Movie

- Prettiest character: Kirino

- Most handsome: Shindou

- Best hairstyle: Miximax!Kirino

- Do you think it takes more hairgel to style Tenma’s, Alpha’s, or Tobitaka’s hair: Tobitaka. Tenma doesn’t use hairgel his hair naturally does that cinnamon roll thing.

- Whose hair takes the most time to manage: Evidently Tobitaka.

- Who would you most want to see with their hair down (sorry for all the hair-relatedness): Probably Kirino.

- That OP/ED that keeps replaying over and over again in your mind: Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane

- That character song that is way too catchy for its own good: Fashion Uuchu Senshi

- Raimon or Teikoku: Raimon

- Ultimate Shining or Ancient Dark: Ancient Dark

- IE or IE GO: GO

- Taiyou or Taiyou (hint: The answer is Taiyou): I’m not sure…

- Fubuki post-personality-disorder or merged: Merged Fubu

- Hang out with Rika or Touko: Rika

- Yank Tsurugi’s ponytail or Fei’s: This rude why be rude.

- Kageyama Tobio Reiji or Kuroiwa Ryuusei: Kuroiwa because it’s the most transparent “disguise” ever, we all know he’s a zombie. Also did Kageyama build an android of himself that stopped a space laser? I don’t think so.

- Quick! Kiss Cliff Marry. Shindou, Kariya, Kinako: What, like it’s hard? Kiss Kina, Cliff Kari, Marry Taku

- Which is more amazing, the fact that the ball doesn’t pop or the goal doesn’t get torn through: Why does the goal never break considering the fact that the one time it did was in a Zeus match and yet despite facing stronger and stronger opponents it never even budged again?

- Why don’t they ever get yellow/red cards?????: Shhhh….

- Eat a soda popsicle with Suzuno or plant a tulip with Nagumo: Let’s hang out with Suzuno.

- Be a forward with a defense technique or a defender with a shooting technique: forward with a defense technique is more useful.

- Who do you think Endou should really end up with: Not Natsumi, for she should be with Rococo.

- Yes or No, Afuro Terumi: Yes, he was my first fav.

- Sacca yarouze?: You mean Sakka.

- Anything you wanna praise the series for: Chrono Stone was the best thing that ever happened to Inazuma like listen to me. Miximax. Was. The. Best. Thing. Look. At. RANMARU AND TAKUTO!

- Anything you wanna complain about the series (don’t worry we all know it’s not real hate here): Why was the dream match my worst nightmare? No wait, First of all, why Level 5 decide they wanted to go all “new year, new me” on the style after killing all the GO charas, cuz the style was one of my main complaints and they wanna improve it now when the fav charas I wanted it on are dead, this why I can’t stand Level 5 they can’t do one thing right without doing eight things wrong these people are ruining me. Second! Why can’t the GO charas get more than 2 seasons before they’re murdered like first Hino starts this destruction in Galaxy and then finishes it with Ares, what is he on? Where the fuck are the Nendoroids? WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE NENDOROIDS? I ALSO WANT NESOBERI PLUSHES! I NEED MORE MAGAZINE ART OF THE DAMN SHOW! WHY THE HELL ISNT THERE PROPERLY LOCALIZED US RELEASES OF THE FUCKING GAMES!? NOR A PROPER DUB!? CAN YOU SHUT UP ABOUT YOUKAI WATCH FOR 2 SECOND–

(I complain because I care)

- Got any IE merch (yes I’m offering you bragging rights): I have the IJ uniform, It’s now my pjs.

- What do you think about Ares no Tenbin: Eeeeehhh??? Uuuuuhhh?? Eeeeegggggh? Whaaaa??? *points to Hino* What is he doing?

- 3 things you love about the IE fandom: Thank you for all this great RanTaku art this is my life fuel so it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you for these fanfics too they’re soul cleansing. Honestly, idk much about the fandom cuz it’s so smol and I’m so isolated I guess. But with this blog that can probably change a little. I hear people say it’s calm with no discourse and that’s good, but like where y’all at so I can join in on the peace?

- 1 thing you would like to say to the IE community (fandom,producers,etc.): WAKE. Y'ALL. ASSES. UP.

- What do you think about the creator of this whole post (I know. I’m lame. I’m sorry.): You’re probably not lame. And your blog title resonates with my soul.

Now to tag random people I follow. @letsplaysakka@tatsuya-kiyama@shizuka-na-haru@suzunofuusuke @inazuma-posts

old(does feb of this year count) art print that i didnt get to sell at a con cause i messed up and forgot it at home, which was across the sea from the con

i like this trio