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What are your thoughts on Uma and Harry's relationship? I never read the books but in the movie, he looked so smitten with her. It was adorable! But yeah, I just wanted to know your thoughts whether its their relationship in the book, the movie, or both! :) Whatever you prefer! Thank you for taking time to answer!

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the book actually comes before D2 supposedly. 

smitten isn’t really the right word. harry has more of a distanced intimate obsession with her. like not - weird stalker style ?? more as though she’s a religion that he worships. in the book, we meet harry in chapter six. he enters the classroom and the first thing he does is slide into his seat - which is next to uma - and drawls well, helloooo.we’re told that uma is harry’s oldest friend on the isle. meaning already we understand he - undisclosed out loud - considers her a friend.

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