does this even count as doctor who


- “The Time War Doctor? Oh, you mean Paul McGann!”

- “Yes, the Sixth Doctor DOES undeniably have the highest quality serials in general.”

- “You say you liked the episode ‘Dalek’?” *WIDE EYES, LEAN IN, WHISPER: “You should listen to Jubilee. Here, I have it on a thumb drive that I keep in my pocket for just such an occasion.”

- “What’s your favourite Doctor Who episode?” “A Death in the Family. No, wait! Doctor Who and the Pirates. No, no, uh, Natural History of Fear!”

- *nerdy professor voice* “Well, in the books the Eight Doctor made the decision to start counting his age over again fresh beginning with his current regeneration, and even though the books are not technically canon with the audio dramas, he DID spend at east three centuries on Orbis In the EDAs and we can assume there was a fair amount of time between Charley/C'rizz and Lucie based on his behaviour in 'Blood of the Daleks’. I don’t think that Seven was lying when he said he was nine hundred and fifty three. Nine probably wasn’t lying when he said he was nine hundred either, so it’s fair to assume based on the evidence that the Eight Doctor lived for over eight hundred years!”

- “Peri and Mel are such great characters…”


- “Lady President of Gallifrey, Romanadvoratrelundar…”

- “Rory is your favorite character? Can I perhaps interest you in THOMAS HECTOR SCHOFIELD?” “You like River? Let me tell you about BENNY SUMMERFIELD…”

- “Apropos of nothing, let’s talk about Fitz Kreiner, Evelyn Smythe and Erimemushinteperem.”

- Clara: So I may have accidentally invented a boyfriend.
The Doctor: Yeah, I did that once and there’s no easy way to get rid of an android.
“SHALKA DOCTOR IS CANON!??!?!?!???!!?? AHHHH!!!!”

- “My favourite new!Who Companion? Definitely Lucie Miller.”

- The Doctor’s brother, Irving Braxiatel, whom he grew up alongside in House Lungbarrow…“


lol about jaemin

Jaemin’s probably not smiling. 
 He missed his group’s first triple crown.
 He missed his unit’s first ever comeback.
 He missed his group performing and winning ‘Best New Male Award’ at MAMAs.
 He missed so many interviews.
 He missed his units own NCT Life.
 He missed his units first fansign.

 Jaemin’s probably not smiling. ):

He probably hasn’t seen his friends for a while other than school, maybe they aren’t even talking as much anD wants to fite ren bc Jeno is hIS. He probably wants to feel that nice rush of adrenaline and excitement of being on stage in front of hundreds and thousands(?) of people who appreciate him a lot. He probably just wants to walk freely without feeling pain - but he’s probably sitting at home or at the doctors, trying to heal because he has no other choice other than to sit and stay still. He’s having back problems, and surely, he’s not okay. He wasn’t taken proper care of since trainee days.

blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Are these actual sex change surgeries or simply government recognition? Christine Jorgensen (sp) is usually considered the first one so if there were more before that, why does she get the claim?

I think these surgeries in the 1936 article were performed on intersex people, who had both male and female genitalia so I’m not sure if it “counts” the same way Christine Jorgensen’s case did? They were extremely vague in their wording, even though it was a more scientific article they still shied away from really describing anything but all the examples have the person having “both male and female glands” and the doctors would remove the glands that weren’t to the person’s preference.

It does go on to say:

Okay but guys, we joke about Clara being The Stylishest™ all the time (well, I do) bc how did she afford all her clothes in s8? Why would she spend so much money on them when she’s going to spend her day trying not to be vaporized by Daleks? Etc, etc.

And I seem to remember a post awhile ago about Clara skipping ahead to get currently trendy stuff super cheap (sorry, I can’t find it—if any of my lovely followers knows what I’m talking about and could send me the link, that would be amazing), which makes sense from a practical standpoint.

But at the same time, I think all those insanely put-together outfits demonstrate Clara’s need for control over her own image very effectively. I can definitely see her taking the time and care to make room in her budget for cool Adventure™ clothes and Stylish Yet Professional™ clothes. Because it’s really important to her to be able to command the perceptions of others, and clothes are a major way of affecting that. So those clothes, and the money she spends on them, are very much an important part of her character.

With this mind, it’s interesting to look at Amy’s character arc (expressed in costume) vs Clara’s, since they’re nearly polar opposites. Both start out with cute flirty ensembles (Clara’s dresses, Amy’s skirts). But Amy goes from her skintight red and leather outfits to a softer look as time goes on, with more pastel colors near the end of series 6 (a major exception being TWORS, which doesn’t really count as far as costuming goes), flowier dresses and pants, and even jeans by her last episode. This is an Amy growing into her own skin—an Amy who does not feel the need to be spiky and defensive, always waiting for people to leave. She has let down her guard around Rory and the Doctor.

Clara, by contrast, starts out in flowy dresses and flowers. She knows exactly where she is going and who she wants to be—until she meets the Doctor. She slowly changes until her s8 look shows up, which is always on trend, always “grown-up,” and always very put-together. Some of this is for Danny and/or the Doctor, but most of it is for herself and how she wants to be perceived.

The sudden reverting to nontraditional clothes in s9 is another sign of her unmooring from the Earth and growing recklessness: she no longer cares so much about being the perfect teacher, perfect girlfriend, etc. She cares about being the Doctor. Which isn’t a bad thing, except she focuses on it to the exclusion of all else. Thus the sudden wild variance in style: a s7-esque cute flaring skirt in the classroom, the perfect professional look on a casual motorbike trip, and more and more outfits that are very not contemporary for her, from Viking gear to a spacesuit. The “Face the Raven” outfit is a particularly good example of her style change: it’s loose and doesn’t restrict movement, very unlike Clara’s carefully-tailored clothing in s8—obviously chosen with adventure in mind. Clara just doesn’t care about being on top of things at home as much as she used to, and it’s a bit sad to see how her life on Earth is falling apart for her, even as her Doctor-life becomes richer and deeper.

This does, however, culminate in a nearly-happy ending, as Clara exits the show in one last “fairytale” dress, free to live out her original dreams of traveling as a storybook heroine. She has created a final persona for herself, one that launches from the solid surface of the Doctor and his familiarity into entirely new adventures.

Tl;dr Clara’s sudden expensive fashion choices in s8 make perfect sense for her character and showcase an important aspect of her arc. If @silvermarmoset, as the resident costume expert, would like to weigh in on this at all, I’d appreciate another opinion! (And anybody else should feel free to weigh in on this as well, of course. It’s a fun bit of her character to pick apart.)

I honestly can’t believe some of the things I see on this site being hailed as progressive lately. How is it in any way radical to say that menstruation is a privilege/gross/can’t be talked about?

I was 11 years old when I first had my period and I cried all night. I felt disgusting and abnormal. I didn’t know how to use a pad or what a tampon was supposed to do. I don’t even remember my mum explaining what a period was to me. It was not discussed in sex ed. My period would leak through my skirt and onto the chair, i was far too humiliated to ask for help. I heard boys and other girls teasing girls for getting their periods, calling them disgusting. I had never spoken to anyone about my period without feeling shame until I was about 16 years old.

I experienced extremely heavy bleeds and severe pain (I still do) ever since day 1. I demanded to see a gynaecologist when I was 22 because I had enough. I had the worst stage of endometriosis and I was in hospital for 2 days and out of work for 3 weeks recovering from surgery. My symptoms have not improved and I’ve been through so many specialists and doctors I’ve lost count. So many women suffer and there is little research on endometriosis. Can you even imagine what this is doing to young girls who can’t talk about their periods without being shamed for it now? Do we want them to suffer in silence?

Women celebrating something they’ve been shamed and silenced for is not an act of hate. It is an attempt to heal and combat stigma. Your lack of something someone else has is not hateful and does not make it a privilege.


Happy 10th Anniversary New Who (26.03.2005)

Thank you for coming back and for changing the lives of a whole new generation for the better.

Some Things Are Meant to Be

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader

Word count: 1351

Summary: You try and convince Charles to stop using the serum. He does, but first, he has one request to make of you.

Warnings: Fluffy angst (is that even a thing??????), song lyrics, love confessions, Charles is bitter and I feel that in my soul but he also needs to stop being bitter so love saves the day

A/N: This was fun! I like the pain! Also, there’s an obvious Doctor Who reference, so yay! I wrote in present-tense instead of my usual past-tense because I can

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Ten Favorite Characters Tag

Omg I’ve never been tagged before, thank you so so much, @i-imagine-my-doctor!

So the rules are to put your favorite character from ten fandoms, yes? Honestly I don’t think I’m even in ten fandoms but we’ll see how this goes!

Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who)

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)

Jim Moriarty (Sherlock)

Stitch (Disney [Lilo and Stitch])

Leo Valdez (Percy Jackson)

Scarlet Witch / Wanda Maximoff (Marvel)

Harley Quinn (DC)

Taylor Swift (Music? Does that even count? Whatever)

Rey (Star Wars)

I’ll add to this soon when I come up with two more, I’m sorry I can only think of these right now 😂

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Sorry if you guys have already done this, but I thought you all would enjoy!

So I just imagined the 12th Doctor disrupting an Autism Speaks rally...

I spent 20 minutes laughing my ass off because I pictured the 12th Doctor landing his TARDIS in the middle of a huge Autism Speaks rally, hacking the PA system with his sonic screwdriver and being his Doctor-y self.

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A Little Time.

A late entry for River & the Doctor Appreciation Day:
River and… Ten, Eleven or and Twelve

The beautiful thing about River Song is that it doesn’t matter.

While Clara’s world shatters into pieces when her Doctor swaps the bow tie for the cardigan, River does barely notice what face he happens to be wearing.

She doesn’t have ‘a’ Doctor.

They are all hers.

You can’t see me, can you? You look at me, and you can’t see me.
- Deep Breath

River is a Time Lady, through and through, and once she learns her odd companion she is having dinner with on a soon-to-be-crashing starship is really her Doctor stuck in an unlicensed regeneration cycle, she does what Twelve needed Clara to do in Deep Breath: she sees him as if the new face - the new everything wasn’t there.

It’s with River Song that we truly get the feeling that yes - that man with those many faces and silly clothes is always the same. He is the one thing in her life that doesn’t change. He is her touchstone that’s been there from the very beginning, and will be there till the very end.

The moment she spots him in the abandoned Library, she expects him to pick matters up just where they left off, like they always do. It’s a statement to their relationship that she knows him well enough to make them click - to make him say his lines without knowing the rules. Without knowing there are rules. She’s become so good at it, that it takes her far too long to realise that this time she’s gone too far back in time, that really he has no idea who she is.

In the end she does what she was forbidden to do during their last big adventure: she saves his life, and all their adventures along with it. Time can be rewritten - she has done it more often than history books and the Doctor care to count. But she won’t allow him to change that one moment, no matter how much she knows it must hurt him.

He doesn’t want that sacrifice. He cannot take it. She dies but he still finds a way to save her, to cheat death one last time, even if everything about his solution feels all too much like a defeat.

That’s why he waits long enough for them to become the stuff of legends, why he just cannot face living up to his promise. Not taking her to Darillium is his way of making sure he’d see her again, that they would have one last adventure. But if Clara has taught him one lesson then it’s that people are entitled to a past, a death, a happy end. And River’s death in the library is something he just cannot change. He has seen it happen. He outlived his regeneration cycle biding for a bit more time; he witnessed his wife, who knows all his faces, not recognise him as he had escaped death too often. So, he does what his past faces weren’t able to and shows his River the Singing Towers. It breaks his hearts but what else can he do?

Because everybody knows that everybody dies and nobody knows it like the Doctor.

Some of the reasons I’m pro-vaccination
  1. Doctors can offer clear and systematised evidence of vaccines’ effectiveness and benefits. Anti-vaxxers can generally only offer anecdotes, speculation and unverifiable claims. Some of these claims, like the supposed link to autism, have been thoroughly debunked. 
  2. Children’s vaccines are not actually profitable for pharmaceutical companies or doctors. Many of them aren’t even patented. So the idea that there is a corrupt, commercial motive for promoting vaccines does not stand up to scrutiny. The profitable side of medicine is stuff like Viagra and nose jobs.
  3. Community immunity is necessary for the protection of children and adults who, for whatever reason, can’t be vaccinated, yet or ever. Babies who are too young to have had all their shots, and people whose immune systems are compromised in various ways, are counting on the rest of us to be vaccinated and not bring those dangerous germs near them. In fact, anti-vaxxers are also counting on the rest of us to do this, but they don’t have any such justification for doing so.
  4. Being sick sucks. It especially sucks when you are a young child who can’t imagine realistically very far into the future; they feel as if THIS IS JUST HOW LIFE IS NOW, with symptoms that range from uncomfortable to painful to terrifying. Seriously, have you ever had a cough so bad that your chest is in agony and it feels worse every time you cough because all your coughing muscles are strained and exhausted, and you can’t catch your breath in between coughs and sometimes it makes you throw up and you are struggling to get some AIR into your lungs and you really feel like you might die? Hi, I have - with asthma, which unfortunately can’t be prevented with a vaccine. It gives me a lot of empathy for how people with whooping cough must feel, though. I had chicken pox, before the vaccine was available, and I was miserable. Ditto rubella. Ghastly! And so, I don’t want any kid to have to go through that when it is so simply preventable. I don’t care if “it doesn’t kill them.” My childhood illnesses didn’t kill me (UNLESS I AM TYPING THIS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE) but they didn’t do me any good. The immunity I’ve retained can be had from a vaccine nowadays, and that’s vastly preferable to spending several days feeling sick and so itchy you could scream. And the thing is, these illnesses do kill some children. And you can’t tell which ones are going to be so unlucky. It’s not a risk I want to take.

anonymous asked:

So I caught your Doctor Who reference in one of your tags, so now I have to ask (just for fun); how would each type react to watching Doctor Who for the first time? :)

Haha, sounds fun. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll do it in two parts though.

How the types would react to good ol’ Doctor Who

INTP - Whoa, this is genius! (Person ask who their favorite Doctor is) *sweats nervously* O.O
ENTP - Why pick one, lmao *marathons show*
INFP - Haha, I like her… wait no, I like her too… wAIT

ISTP - That line deserves a standing ovation.
ESTP - *actually gives it a standing ovation*
ISFP - This show seems pretty cool… *ten hours later*… oh no.
ESFP - *stays at least 20 miles away from it because they know it’s not safe*

INTJ - Can we just talk about those themes for a second?
ENTJ - Huh, all these references to history… I like it.
INFJ - Wow, that was pretty deep… and entertaining!
ENFJ - *Netflix counts down until next episode* Have I been brainwashed? Is this my life now? 

ISTJ - I don’t even know what’s going on… but why can’t I stop watching?
ESTJ - *probably won’t admit that they enjoy it, but they do*
ISFJ - Okay, but why does everyone I love have to die or get torn apart…?
ESFJ - *somehow convinced friends to watch it* 

How the types would react to Doctor Who now

INTP - *angrily types about how Moffat has ruined Doctor Who*
ENTP - How loudly can I shout “Fuck Moffat” from my window? 
INFP - I miss the old Doctor Who
ENFP - *rewatches old Doctor Who again and sighs*

ISTP - I, myself, am going to kill Steven Moffat  *sharpens blades*
ESTP - *loads gun* This’ll be quicker…
ISFP - Just gonna pretend that this doesn’t bother me.
ESFP - Just gonna pretend I never even liked this show.

INTJ - Don’t you think he looks tired? 
ENTJ - Was this even worth my time…?
INFJ - *horrified and speechless*
ENFJ - *shakes head furiously and hits the forums*

ISTJ - Okay, no. 
ESTJ - That was a waste.
ISFJ - *dramatically falls to the ground with their hand on their heart* I can’t
ESFJ - I have 99 problems with this; they all start and end with Steven Moffat.


River Song Appreciation Week - Favourite Theme

Girls can do anything - River is the embodiment of ‘Girls can do anything’ because she really can do anything. She can be badass, or she can be vulnerable. She is a well rounded character who does not shirk from her emotions, be they to fight, or to cry. 

River Song is a strong female character because she is real.

Fic: Time After Time (Kurt/Blaine)

Summary: Before Kurt and Blaine can get married, they need to travel back in time to take care of a few technicalities. Brittany is their guide. Reaction fic to Glee 6.08 “A Wedding.”
Words: ~2,800
Rating: PG/Teen & Up
Notes: Thanks to nachochang​ for betaing! I saw time travel all over 6.08 “A Wedding,” so I decided to make it explicit. This story is for judearaya and nadiacreek, who saw time travel, too. Also thanks to catyuy and januarium (details at end of fic).

Also on AO3.

* * *

Time After Time

It’s all clapping and hugs in the bridal suite when Kurt and Blaine decide to go for it, until Blaine says, “Wait. We have the tuxes and the rings. But what about the marriage license? We still need a marriage license.”

Santana gets a sly look on her face.

“Oh God,” says Kurt. “You two impersonated us to get the license, didn’t you?”

“Pffft.” Santana rolls her eyes. As if I’d ever be caught dead with raspberry hair gel in my ‘do.”

“Then how did you get it?” Kurt says.

“We don’t have one, Brittany says cheerily.

“Wait,” says Blaine, his eyebrows furrowing into angry straight lines. “You want us to get married today, but you don’t want it to be legal? That is not what we’ve been fighting for all these years.”

Brittany steps toward Blaine and pats him on the head. “Of course not, silly. We’re going to go get your certificate right now.”

“How?” Kurt says. “It’s the weekend. The county clerk’s office wouldn’t be open. And anyway, you’ve got a barn full of guests out there who expect a wedding in half an hour.”

“Time is relative, Brittany says. She grabs Kurt and Blaine’s hands. “Come on, we’re going on a little trip”

It’s not until they’re zooming through the time-space continuum that Kurt and Blaine realize Brittany was talking about time travel.

“This doesn’t look at all like it does on Doctor Who,” Blaine says as light moves past them at an inverse proportion to their speed.

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heroscafe asked stfu-moffat:

Someone on youtube just “schooled” me about how the Doctor doesn’t commit genocide or forcibly snog genocide, how strangers don’t follow women home and get portrayed romantically for it, and how this is a hate blog, simply because it’s called “stfu-moffat”. Oh, and how I only like RTD era better because I think David Tennant is totally bangable. *smh*

David Tennant is pretty attractive, but what’s even more attractive is the whole “writing women as people” thing (and the “writing men as people” thing doesn’t hurt either, as does the “writing aliens as people” thing, which brings tears of joy to my eyes). 

What was their argument that the Doctor doesn’t commit genocide? Is it just “it doesn’t count when the Doctor does it” because that seems to be the new theme for the show. I feel like this person either doesn’t watch Doctor Who very closely or is actually Steven Moffat in disguise…

- C

Pertaining to the episode that just premiered…somebody save the TARDIS!! D:   

The TARDIS is by far one of my favorite characters of the show (and yes, she *does* count as a character!).  I’ve even made my cosplay based on it.  In honor of series 9 premiering today, allow me to show you the mural I painted in my bedroom! This is 6ft wide and 6ft tall, so it’s pretty big.  :)  What do you guys think? 


S1E2 - The End of the World
» character development

Just tell me where you’re from!
What does it matter?! (…) This is who I am.  Right here, right now.  Alright? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!

I know where you’re from.  Forgive me for intruding but.. it’s remarkable that you even exist.  I just want to say.. how sorry I am.

Everything has its time and everything dies.

I’m a Time Lord.  I’m the last of the Time Lords.  They’re all gone.  I’m the only survivor.  I’m left travelling on my own ‘cause there’s no one else.
There’s me.

But while, within the context of the episode, this turning-already-established-defeat-into-victory didn’t bother me, it does fit into a pattern of storytelling cowardice on Moffat’s part. There are just never any consequences for any main characters in Moffat’s Doctor Who. Every apparent sacrifice, tragic loss, or moral compromise is invalidated by some kind of reset button, with no physical or psychological cost. The “loss” of the Ponds was so nonsensical that it doesn’t even count. They got to live full lives together in the past, but the Doctor could never go back and see them again? It’s insulting. Why not have the two of them make a meaningful sacrifice and actually, you know, die? Whose feelings is Moffat trying to spare here?

the doctor spent 900 years in trenzalore
900 years in one place
and 900 in constant battle
thinking he’s going to die

then clara returns and above all odds he’s gifted another regeneration cycle

but now he’s old
and grumpy
and he hasn’t done the normal doctor thing for a hella long time
he doesn’t know who he is
even clara isn’t sure

they clash
she tells him off
he tries to make amends
tries to be the good man
he thinks he’s failed
but clara thinks it’s the trying that counts

and so it does
he accepts he’s an idiot

but he thinks clara’s moved on
he’s not he handsome hero
his cover came down for her
and she chose someone else
so he lies
he continues to be an idiot
he lets her go

but then he gets a second chance
he never gets that
the universe never grants him that
yet there she is

no more time for lying
they hit the jackpot

but it doesn’t take a time lord to know how this will end
his second chance will be taken away again
his teach
his guiding light
his carer
she can’t last forever
and he can’t take it

so he crosses the line he drew to save her
because screw the universe he can do anything
he deserves this one small thing
he will get what he wants
no matter the cost

he stops being the doctor

but then clara

always clara

no more lies

tell the person how you feel

be a good man

be the doctor

he may not remember her smile
but he remembers that
it is part of him now
and everything he does

the impossible girl from under his childhood bed

so when he meets river
he loves
he accepts the end
he embraces the moment
he wears the hell out of the red velvet jacket

he is the doctor