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Stirring In Love

Title: Stirring In Love
Author: andthenshesaid-write
Artist: phanmily (art TBA)
Beta: ineverhadmyinternetphase
Word count: 72k (yes, really)
Rating: PG
Warnings: a couple of swear words, some lack of confidence, inaccurate portrayals of baking and the TV filming process
Summary: When Phil applied to be a contestant on the Great British Bake Off he didn’t even expect to make the long-list, let along make it into the actual tent. But make it he does and there he meets Dan, a baker unlike Phil in every possible way. After a rocky start, Phil realises that maybe he can learn some things from Dan after all, and the biggest things have nothing to do with baking.
Author’s Notes: I’ve been writing this fic since July and I can’t believe it’s finally done. It was a beast and I’m so relieved that it’s out in the world for other people to experience. I recommend you get comfy and stock up on snacks before settling in to read. If nothing else, this fic will make you hungry.

Thanks to all the PBB mods, in particular Kirsty, who tirelessly answered all my questions and reassured me when I convinced myself that I would be disqualified on some non-existant technicality.

Extra special thanks to Julia, my beta, who is awesome and the best person I could have been paired with for this wild baking ride. She was a cheerleader and a reassurance to me when I thought the whole thing was awful. Her enthusiasm and comments throughout the writing of this really kept me going. The fact that I finished the fic at all is a testament to her.

Finally, a note about the recipes featured in this fic: many were lifted directly from various seasons of the Great British and Australian Bake Off series’. These are all credited, with links to the recipes, at the end of each chapter. Enjoy.

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