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i just saw and so here, have some winner hp!au stuff


  • gryffindor prefect who wishes he was the head boy but is fine with his job because it’s still important,,,,,,,if only the first years weren’t the only ones who listened to him,,,, 
  • plays on the quidditch team, is a beater 
  • is really good at muggle music because he taught himself to play guitar the manual way (didn’t drink a potion or put a spell on the instrument to play itself 
  • even though seunghoon teased him about for a whole semester)
  • does ok in all his other classes but has a knack for divination even though he hides it from his classmates who make fun of the subject
  • you’re pretty sure he isn’t lying when he reads one of the tea leaves and tells someone they’re going to fail their OWLs because the person who he said it to literally sleeps in every class you have with them 
  • so you go over and ask seungyoon to read yours and he’s like “sure,,,,is there something you’re interest in knowing specifically?”
  • and you put your hands up on the desk and shrug like “how about my love life?" 
  • seungyoon kind of flusters for a second but agrees and as he’s looking at the leaf he frowns and is like "there’s not much, which means something is going to happen really really soon-" 
  • and just as he’s about to finish seunghoon walks by and is like "i heard you were watching seungyoon games over the weekend, was it fun?” To you 
  • and you’re like hOON SHUT UP but he’s just chuckling like a madman before skipping away and seungyoon is like “you came to watch me play?” and you’re like m,,,maybe,,,,yes 
  • and he suddenly gets a bit pink in the face and he’s well,,,,if you have time after this i can teach you some tricks on the broom????? and you’re like OMG id love that 
  • and long story short he didn’t see anything in the tea leaves because,,,,,after he teaches you some stuff you guys decide you’ll have a proper date at diagon alley,,,,,next week hehe 


  • hufflepuff whose part of herbology club and likes plants,,,,,,,,and being nice to people,,,,,,,,,,
  • and is fiercely loyal to his friends because people like to downplay hufflepuff’s as serious, studios wizards but,,,,,,if one of his friends gets hurt jinwoo is the first person to perform healing spells and to put himself on the line to protect those close to him
  • but he’s all like,,,,,,,,,,the most handsome wizard ever,,,,,,,,,like he’s famous among the entire school and other schools overseas because like Have you Seen his Perfect Face
  • when his photo got printed in the newspaper for a discovery by the club he was in on a new kind of magical plant, the newspaper literally was sold out. that has never happened????? but everyone wanted his moving image for themselves?????? jinwoo’s impact
  • you’re his underclassman but you really like herbology just like him and you’ve got a first press copy of “one thousand magical herbs and fungi” and phyllida spore is literally your Idol
  • and no one has ever really shown interest as passionately as you do, especially with how outspoken you are during club meetings and how you even insist that you guys shouldn’t be scared to go into the dark forest to find more samples of plants
  • and sometimes your overexcited voice and overflowing knowledge gets on other students nerves, but jinwoo,,,,,,,,really sees you only have good intentions to learn and so if he hears anyone start whispering something mean he mutters a spell under his breath that makes it impossible for them to speak above a certain volume for a bit
  • and he thinks you don’t notice, he thinks he’s doing a great job at being subtle but you do know
  • and you,,,,,,,,are really thankful but you’re way too shy to ever approach him and thank him,,,,,,,,,until one day it’s just you two left in the club room
  • and jinwoo is humming softly, using his wand to put away all the chairs and books and you’re watching the way he’s so gentle when handling a wand and performing magic and it makes you just like him more
  • and you’re like “,,,,upperclassman if i can say something,,,,,” and jinwoo is like “go ahead!” and you’re like swallowing your fear and you’re like tHANK YOU !!!!!!! FOR PROTECting,,,,,mE,,,,,,,,,i know i can get annoying and talk too much but you always try to hide peoples negative thoughts from me,,,,,,,,,and i-it’s very sweet and im very happy for you,,,,,,,,i really like having you,,,,,,,,,,on my side!!!!!!!
  • and jinwoo is so shocked that he almost drops his wand and the chair floating mid air almost breaks but he manages to regain his wand and you rush to catch the chair before it comes crashing down
  • and jinwoo is blushing, bringing up his sleeve to shield his face and he’s like “so,,,,,,you’ve known all along what ive been up to?” and you’re like “Yes,,,,,,,,,,,it’s very nice,,,,,,of you” and he’s like “then if it’s ok, ill keep doing it?” and you’re like !!!!!! please do and then you see him smile as he lowers his sleeve and he’s like “ill always be on your side, does this mean i can count you to be on mine?”


  • ravenclaw who looks like he shouldn’t be in ravenclaw,,,,,,,because everyone is prime and proper and mino doesn’t even bother tying his tie correctly or wearing his robe to class
  • and his broom? it breaks every month. the poor thing is falling apart its been bandaged so many times that seungyoon thinks mino is a flying hazard when he gets on it
  • surprisingly though,,,,,,he takes studying serious. especially transfiguration.
  • is actually a metamorphmagus, meaning he was born with the skill to alter his appearance to look like a completely different person. his hair and eye color change along with his emotions,,,,,,,he’s kinda learned how to control but it’s still something that happens
  • “im not mad seunghoon. i promise.” “mino, your hair turned red and your eyes are swirling into a dark black abyss, i can tell that you’re mad.”
  • doesn’t talk about it much, but he wants to be an auror,,,,,,,,,because like it’s such a cool job and no matter how messy he might present himself to be or laidback,,,,,he can be really serious and determined
  • is in a punk band called ‘gremlins and goblins” along with seunghoon. neither of them play instruments they really just scream into mics and fool around LOL
  • you’ve always been super jealous of mino’s abilities as a metamorphmagus because you have to be born as one to be able to transform like that
  • and for a while you tried to teach yourself spells that would at least let you change hair color or your nose or something but it’s super hard
  • and mino’s just,,,,,,,,so good at it because it’s natural and when everyone in class is like “turn into the professor before they get here!!!” and mino does it in like the blink of an eye and everyone is like wOW
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,,,,,why can’t i make my magic strong enough to do that
  • and mino’s sweet so he’s always nice to you and you kinda act cold out of your own jealousy and accord
  • until one day he’s got to sit next to you in class and transfiguration of all,,,,and you’re like grumbling to yourself and the teacher is like “alright, we’re gonna turn a dinner plate into a mushroom!” and you’re like omg this is such an easy spell,,,,,
  • and you do it in a flash and mino,,,,,,,you see is struggling even though he has the highest scores for this class???? and you’re like “um,,,,,are you ok? are you sick?” and mino chuckles and he’s like “nope, ive just always been bad at this one.” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,let me help
  • and you help him repeat the spell and you’re like leaning over to help re position his wand
  • and like,,,,,,,wow you’re the one helping mino,,,,,,the top student and he’s smiling at you and thanking you and ok,,,,,,what,,,,,,he’s so cute,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,allowed?? him??
  • and after class mino catch up with you and ok seriously he looks so cute with his shirt untucked and his tie loose around his neck and his ravenclaw scarf thrown over his shoulder and he’s like “OWLS are coming up and you’re super smart, we should study together?”
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,like a study group?” and mino laughs embarrassingly and he’s like “is it bad that im kinda hoping it’s a study DATE instead?”
  • you: drops your wand lfkjdgsmgg


  • slytherin troublemaker and captain/seeker of the houses quidditch team
  • likes to play pranks on everyone. even the house ghost, the bloody baron
  • is only passing his classes because he has to to be able to stay captain,,,,,,,,,,pretty sure he has some method of cheating but like,,,,,,who knows,,,,,,,tbh seunghoon is probably the most cunning in that whole house and that’s what the house is known for so can you imagine,,,,,,
  • tried to smuggle in a dog onto the platform when taking the train to school, but it was confiscated and seunghoon was forced to make due with only his frog,,,,,,,
  • like mino, he’s part of ‘gremlins and goblins’, and his lyrics are all incoherent noises and sometimes lowkey disses at some of the teachers at school and mino is like bro,,,,,,,,,,,we can’t and seunghoon is like bro,,,,,,,,,no one listens to this “music” but us let me talk shit about the charms professor-”
  • seunghoon is actually an animagus. and most people are shocked because to become one you need a lot of patience, the process is super long
  • but he did it, and his form is the same as his patronus,,,,,,a cheetah 
  • and he shows it off like all the god damn time like WE GET IT you’re an animagus seunghoon sit down before you knock something over with your long limbs or your cheetah tail
  • and ,,,,,,,, there’s a certain person seunghoon likes to show off the most to,,,,,,,that person is you
  • and most of the time you just roll your eyes and play off his corny pick up lines and that time he drank a potion to be able to imitate your favorite actor at the time
  • and like,,,,,,you’ve been friends with him for a while so you really just think it’s all teasing so you don’t take it seriously
  • not until one day he’s trying to show you a cool trick on his broom, but end ups falling back first onto the hard floor of the hallway and you hear something crack and you’re like seunghoon,,,,,,,SEUNGHOON
  • and you drop down and move his head into your lap and you’re like turning his head this way and that and you’re like “can you lift your hand???? leg???? listen if you can’t ill levitate you and get you to the-”
  • and seunghoon suddenly starts chuckling and you’re like ???????
  • and he’s like “i knew it,,,,,,,,you do actually care about me. so are you free after the match this afternoon, i know we’re gonna win and as a victory gift how about you let me take you on a da-”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you fall down on PURPOSE and you take out your wand like “im going to seriously poof off your eyebrows for that”
  • and seunghoon is like nOOO spare my handsome face, which you totally like, pleaaaaaaaase
  • and you really wanna do it because he messed with you but at the same time you just sigh and you’re like getting up
  • and seunghoon is like “wait - where are you goi-”
  • and you’re walking down the hall and with your wand you pick up his broom without looking and use it to thunk him on the head and you’re like
  • “pick me up after the game. you better win.”  

bonus their patronus’: seungyoon = brown bear, jinwoo = deer, mino = coyote, seunghoon =cheetah 

master-sass-blast  asked:

I found a map that shows the distribution of phrases/words that mean the same thing (like pop vs soda) based on use in the US. As I looked through it, I realized that I used a bunch of the words interchangeably. I thought the map was a bunch of baloney until I realized: My dad and most of my dad's family is from SC. Except the ones that live on the West Coast. My mom's family is from Northern Indiana, which is where I grew up/live. Does that make me linguistically mixed (lol)?

Linguistics is one of the more terrifying sciences, imho, becuase your subject moves on you SO FAST.  it’s like dealing with academic vipers that don’t want to be prodded and will race out of the building via the AC before you can count them.

But I feel you- My dad’s family was from SoCal for a while, my mom’s from one zip code in Ohio, and both histories have left an imprint on how I use language.  and hell, even trying to map language by location is dubious becuase class, race and even medical history will radically alter how you speak.

And now with the internet, people pick up launguage from all over and in bizzare ways.  I didn’t start using y’all until tumblr (it was “yuns” prior to that, thank you cleveland) and god knows the cadance of how I speak has changed due to reading Too Fucking Many academic papers, to the point where myu fiance says I have “professor Voice” the way soem people have “customer service” voice.

Over here in the UK tabloids there’s recently been another (ANOTHER) kerfuffle about trans and questioning children getting “sex changes”, i.e. transitioning/seeking gender-related care. This kind of misinformation is rife and even sympathetic cis people often misunderstand what, exactly, the standards of care for children recommend. So just to clear up:

  • Pre-pubescent children do not recieve “sex change drugs”/hormone replacement therapy. If a child is on a prescription, it will be for puberty blockers, which do exactly as the name suggests: they delay puberty. These are also used for some cis children who have extremely early onset puberty. They are reversible, and at present no known long-term effects have been observed. They essentially just maintain the pre-pubescent status quo so that hormonal puberty doesn’t kick in.
  • When adolescents start HRT, it is typically during the late teens- mid teens at the very earliest. After consistent assertion of their gender identity and, typically, social transition beforehand, HRT may be prescribed. In other words, when a teen with often years of gender-related care under their belt has repeatedly affirmed their trans identity, they may be able to start HRT during the years one typically undergoes hormonal puberty. Even so, it is often difficult to get HRT before one reaches legal adulthood.
  • When we talk of young children transitioning, what we are typically referring to is social transition. Change of name, pronouns and gender presentation are typically what this entails. Children who have not undergone puberty do not have secondary sexual characteristics to alter, since that’s what puberty does, and HRT is essentially an approximation of hormonal puberty. If a kid wouldn’t have undergone puberty yet anyway, it’d make NO SENSE to put them on HRT from any perspective.
  • Nobody under the age of eighteen can even have gender affirming surgeries in the UK, and claims otherwise are nonsense. Children do not get those surgeries. You have to be the age of majority to access those. And claiming “eighteen year olds are teenagers, so it still counts!” is nonsense; that’s the legal age of adulthood.

In conclusion, even if you’re arguing in favour of “our side”, please know what actually goes on in gender related care for children. Also note that even children who are gender non-conforming but ultimately cis can benefit from such care if it is carried out well, and the fact that some children involved in “gender therapy” ultimately identify as cis does not mean trans children don’t really exist. Rather, it means that GNC children often face distinct challenges whether they’re trans or not, and being able to get a grasp on those challenges can theoretically be valuable.



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Christmas Raffle Winner: @topinmyheart
Tags: nsfw / +18 / slight angst / but mostly fluff and smut / I mention the topic of his enlisting, so if you’re sensitive because of it still, don’t read / slightest dom / begging / reader’s pov (woman)
Featuring: Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P), BIGBANG.
Writer: CL
Word count: 1,8k words.

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. This story contains mature themes. By reading this story you agree that you are 18 years or older. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially.

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(ENDED) 1K Witchy Giveaway!!

I just passed 1,000 followers, so I’ve decided to do a little witchy giveaway! (I may do a Spoonie giveaway soon, when I figure out what to include in it.)

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I think that’s it?? If you have any questions, please let me know!

The best endgame for Bonnie Bennett at this point is to get the hell out of that godforsaken town, Mystic Falls, alone.  For good.  And I mean literally alone, none of those loves, friends, or random ass characters that only use her and that’s it.  She’s become one of those people that get/are in relationships (platonic or romantic) when really she should stay single and find herself.  Practice self-love.  It’s basically been a season/season and a half of her having no magic and Bonnie doesn’t even display an inkling that she cares it’s gone, WTF?  She’s been out of school (~3+ years), which I can see it being fine if not for the fact, she literally does nothing else: no job (town slave witch doesn’t count), no hobbies, no long-term goals/desires, again WTF?  I mean even superheroes have alter egos and lives outside of their super duties.  Again, what the actual fuck, Plague?

OK, we all know there’s infinite headcanons/scenarios for Bonnie-centric storylines, but many I come across normally involve her and a ship.  But how cool would it be if there were Bonnie-solo storylines, some examples include:

  • Bonnie finding a way to resurrect Grams (I’m surprised this was never brought up at all - not surprised since Plague called the shots).
  • Bonnie meeting up with Lucy (her cousin) again and finding more Bennetts (this could have been 15 minutes of an episode, goddammit, Plague LOL).
  • Dark!Bonnie (no ship has to be involved though).
  • Depressed!Bonnie where she actually distances herself from her loved ones not just her being sad amongst the same shitty people (half this show).
  • Bonnie finding her magic (didn’t think they will take this long for her to get it back again, like another post said (can’t remember which one), they’re testing to see how long they can go before having to rely on Bonnie again like they did with 98% of this show).
  • Bonnie declaring a major.  Bonnie in a fitted dress.  Bonnie fucking a HOT RELEVANT DUDE/CHICK.
  • Bonnie making new friends (<<<<<< THIS though).  Real ones.  Not the same users and abusers, which is like nearly all new characters end up being to her.

So much wasted potential.  This whole show is basically wasted potential, but what they do to Bonnie is especially maddening.  What’s worse is that she’s one of the few characters on this show that could carry a story arc and not have it be totally contrived and full of shit.

anonymous asked:

ok so supposing all the seven had fights, who d'you think would come out on top, and who would be the bottom? like i know it wouldn't happen, but supposing, can you rank them in order of who beats who?? thanksssssssssssssssss

hahaha oKAY let’s see

oh man this is going to be totally random and definitely wrong but uhm okay

Percy would kick everyone’s arses. Let’s be real. He’s literally feared by the gods. He defeated Ares when he was twelve. At this point he knows more about his own powers, has more fighting experience and more technical training. He knows all of Annabeth’s weaknesses; He’s as physically strong as Jason, and (I would say) more magically powerful than him; He’s better trained than all of the rest, and his water powers would make Leo’s fire powers null and void. The boy would win.

I tossed up with putting either Annabeth or Jason next, and I think it comes down to this: Does Annabeth have her invisibility cap? If so, I think that, plus her years of training, her quick thinking and her physical agility would give her the advantage. Sure, Jason’s had a few more years of training, but I feel like Annabeth is more of a natural fighter than he is, and her ability to quickly deduce weaknesses and assess her options and predict the outcomes of her actions would put her in second spot.

Followed by Jason. Years and years and years of training, physical strength, fine form. He’s experienced and a good fighter.

And then.. uh.. okay from here I really don’t know. 

Because Frank could turn into something huge and squash his opponent, or something venomous and bite them? Does that count? Does that even work? I don’t know because his shape shifting powers were so badly explained haha!

And then Hazel and Piper can completely just alter reality. I mean Hazel pre-mist powers I would have put her dead last, but post-mist powers she can literally make her opponent see whatever she wants, which means she could essentially trick or trap them into fighting themselves, or nothing, or walking off the edge of somewhere, or pretty much anything. 

And Piper could do the exact same thing with her charmspeak? She could just be like, “Hey drop your weapons and surrender.” and bam, fight won. So… Unless her opponent put in earplugs or something, anticipating her use of charmspeak?? Then she’d be buggered, because she has very little experience with physical confrontation. 

And Leo. Well. He’s pretty scrawny, by all accounts, and has practically no training at all in the art of swordplay or physical combat. So he’s pretty screwed in that respect. But really he could just set his opponent or their arena on fire. And unless you’re Percy, you’re pretty buggered if you come up against that. 

So. I really don’t know, sorry! Way too many variables for me to be happy at all ranking them. 


So the only question that leaves us is,

OF COURSE YOU ARE! Who’s not ready for more reasons to create things about this guy?!

Yeah, that’s what we thought. So, without further ado, here are your October prompts!

Your statement prompt will be:

Whatever kind of Halloween party he might have thought he was attending, it was about a million miles away from what he actually saw when he opened the door. 

Now, we understand that some of you might not want to write about Halloween just because it’s October. Keep in mind that the statement prompt doesn’t have to be used verbatim. It can be used as a feeling or setting for your art or fic, and the words don’t have to be used at all. If it helps to envision it like this feel free:

Whatever kind of costume party he might have thought he was attending, it was about a million miles away from what he actually saw when he opened the door.

Now, on to the dialog prompt! This one is so good. Drum roll please!

(Can’t you just hear that dramatic drum roll?? Us too.)

Ahem! Okay, the dialog prompt for the month of October will be:

“But I don’t usually have my wings on display, except when I want to appear “angelic,” so I really feel like they should count as a costume.”

Remember, this one does have to be used verbatim. That doesn’t mean Gabriel has to say it, and if you want to alter it slightly to make it fit a different character we’re okay with that. You can even split it up between characters, that’s fine, but it needs to be as close to verbatim as possible while still fitting into your fic or as a caption for your art.

Now, go forth and create all the things with this guy in mind!

And DON’T FORGET TO TAG US! (And feel free to also tag @ashiewesker @waterkiss37 and myself, @lacqueluster if you want to get our attention a little quicker. You can always shoot questions to us directly as well, since we only check the challenge blog about once a day!) Happy Gabriel creating everyone!

Alright so I just watched the leak for Too Short to Ride, which wasn’t too much new material we haven’t already had outside of official clips

It definitely caught my attention that Peridot keeps mentioning how much she loves her new screen and technology, and specifically having it attached to her body

The last words of the clip are “Ah, to have tech again!”

I know a lot of people are counting on a fusion in the episode, but I’m very intrigued by the possibility of learning about limb enhancers or perhaps seeing a return from them? We haven’t seen a single pic of Peridot after Too Short to Ride, and I suspect they may be hiding an alteration to her form, whether it be a star or maybe even the return of her limb enhancers? 

I don’t know if she’ll be getting them back this episode (I tend to doubt it), but it does open the door to that possibility as well as an opportunity to learn more about homeworld tech in general, which is all very interesting