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Word Count: 950+
Genre/Warning(s): smut, mature, full of sin, okay? okay.
Special: an impromptu overdue kihyun birthday smut!

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Kihyun had never been a man keen on favoring risks, but you’re definitely altering this aspect of him on this particular morning.

Daybreak barely arises, and the quietude of the dorm couldn’t seem more perfect than it does now. Not even the thin threads of light peeking through their window is able to brighten the room enough to get a good view of anything.

Not that you’d want any of the guys to wake up and catch sight of the sin you’re committing, especially in such close quarters of their dormitory, to be exact…

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The best endgame for Bonnie Bennett at this point is to get the hell out of that godforsaken town, Mystic Falls, alone.  For good.  And I mean literally alone, none of those loves, friends, or random ass characters that only use her and that’s it.  She’s become one of those people that get/are in relationships (platonic or romantic) when really she should stay single and find herself.  Practice self-love.  It’s basically been a season/season and a half of her having no magic and Bonnie doesn’t even display an inkling that she cares it’s gone, WTF?  She’s been out of school (~3+ years), which I can see it being fine if not for the fact, she literally does nothing else: no job (town slave witch doesn’t count), no hobbies, no long-term goals/desires, again WTF?  I mean even superheroes have alter egos and lives outside of their super duties.  Again, what the actual fuck, Plague?

OK, we all know there’s infinite headcanons/scenarios for Bonnie-centric storylines, but many I come across normally involve her and a ship.  But how cool would it be if there were Bonnie-solo storylines, some examples include:

  • Bonnie finding a way to resurrect Grams (I’m surprised this was never brought up at all - not surprised since Plague called the shots).
  • Bonnie meeting up with Lucy (her cousin) again and finding more Bennetts (this could have been 15 minutes of an episode, goddammit, Plague LOL).
  • Dark!Bonnie (no ship has to be involved though).
  • Depressed!Bonnie where she actually distances herself from her loved ones not just her being sad amongst the same shitty people (half this show).
  • Bonnie finding her magic (didn’t think they will take this long for her to get it back again, like another post said (can’t remember which one), they’re testing to see how long they can go before having to rely on Bonnie again like they did with 98% of this show).
  • Bonnie declaring a major.  Bonnie in a fitted dress.  Bonnie fucking a HOT RELEVANT DUDE/CHICK.
  • Bonnie making new friends (<<<<<< THIS though).  Real ones.  Not the same users and abusers, which is like nearly all new characters end up being to her.

So much wasted potential.  This whole show is basically wasted potential, but what they do to Bonnie is especially maddening.  What’s worse is that she’s one of the few characters on this show that could carry a story arc and not have it be totally contrived and full of shit.

Honestly… Does Saber Alter even count as edge anymore. She is a parody of edge at this point… Remove her from the curriculum we start at Jalter and no less