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hi Danielle, I swear I could listen to Jen talk about Emma all day long! She probably knows Emma better than herself at this stage so she knows exactly what kind of wedding dress Emma would wear. Also I know next to nothing about how tv shows are made but I do think it's unusual that Jen is given so much say in what Emma wears and I think it's pretty amazing that A&E value her input so much. From Jen's interviews she seems to really enjoy being part of the design process.

I. Could. Too.

I think it’s quite clear that she adores this character, fully understands this character, and wants all the happiness for her. I also think Jen takes in interest in expressing oneself through fashion and clothing choices, anyway, so I’m glad Eddy and Adam and Eduardo have given her the freedom of having a say in Emma’s wardrobe choices.

(I’m not that well-versed in how much choice and input the actor is typically given in wardrobe, either, but I’m betting that it, like other elements of translation from page to screen, probably varies from creator to creator. For example, some writers or showrunners are fine with the actors rewording some lines if they flow off the tongue better or ad-libbing here and there; others don’t allow that kind of adaptation and want the actors to deliver the lines as written with no changes or rewording. So it kind of all depends. I personally like that Adam and Eddy, with this and other things I’ve heard over the years, seem to want to allow the process to be at least somewhat collaborative; it shows that they value their actors’ opinions as to the story they’re spending their time acting out, you know?)

So yes, being as Adam and Eddy have developed Emma’s story over the past six years, Jen has played out that story over the last six years, and that Eduardo has been dressing Emma for the past six years, I enjoyed Jen explaining how they came to settle on the design for Emma’s wedding dress. No one is obligated to love it or even agree with them, but I do think that some respect for the work they’ve put in and the clear thought process that went into choosing the design elements they chose is warranted.

And while you’ve provided me the opportunity to step on my soapbox a little:

I can’t believe this is even a drama, you guys. I cannot believe Dressgate 2017 is even a thing. Instead of nitpicking the dress or the veil or the flowers in the bouquet, I prefer to focus on the fact that Emma Swan and Killian Jones are, y’know, actually getting married. I prefer to focus on the fact that Emma even has a dress to get married in because the marriage is happening in the first place.

I once reblogged something with semi-joking addition that Emma and Killian could have the most romantic, fairy-tale-iest wedding of all time and there would still be fans finding problems with the dress or the bouquet or the venue. And now that the dress has been revealed, what I am actually seeing with my own two eyes? Nitpicks about the dress and the veil and the bouquet.

Face, meet palm and head, meet desk.

I honestly think the show is at the point for some people where it just cannot do anything good enough. Nothing is going to make some fans happy. Here we have the marriage of two characters we’ve watched fall in love from the moment they first met (all four times!) and some fans are unhappy because the dress isn’t what they envisioned.

I fully understand that you can’t please all of the people all of the time but I also think sometimes other fans need to remember that, too. No single show can do everything right by everyone so maybe some things just need to be let go so they can enjoy what’s in front of them.

I just … don’t get it. I think Emma looks beautiful and I think the dress is gorgeous and I think Jen is excited and proud of how it came out.

And I think it’s important to remember that the people who designed the dress are professionals who have been living intimately with the character (well, as intimately as they can with a fictional character … you know what I mean ;)) for six whole years. Again, no one is obligated to like it and people are entitled to their own opinions. But just as I find it unnecessarily dismissive to pick apart the writing on the show and pick on the writers, I find it just as unnecessarily dismissive to pick apart the design of a wedding dress because someone may not personally find it suitable to their own tastes or because they would have done it differently.

Whew, that got long!! Sorry for the vent but thank you for providing me the opportunity to rant! I apparently have lots of feelings about this. ;)

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  • Camila: *phone starts ringing*
  • Cole: *looks at who is calling*
  • Cole: *laughs* You still call your dad 'Daddy'?
  • Camila: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Cole*
  • Camila: Hey, Lili
  • Cole: *chokes on holy water*

Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult

On Disguises

i totally realized something today

in the snicket universe, disguises always work, no matter how ridiculous. this is central to the plot, and it’s how nobody recognizes madame lulu, how the baudelaires can pretend to be a two-headed person and a wolf baby, or how klaus and sunny convince esme, all the henchmen and an entire operating theatre that they are nurses. the baudelaires, in turn, are tricked by the bald man, fernald and esme with basically no effort - the bald man just puts on a bad fake wig, fernald wears some fake hands (or, in one case, just really long sleeves) and esme literally just wears a motorcycle helmet. in tua, someone even successfully disguises themselves as a cow. but the children are never fooled by olaf’s disguises - even though they are usually more elaborate than everyone else’s.

in a way, it is partly down to lemony’s explanation in the vile village - the way you’d know that a stranger wasn’t your uncle - because they’re so familiar with him and so scared of him, they are simply more atuned to him. but also, i think there’s another layer to it.

in TPP, they put themselves in front of the harpoon gun he’s pointing at dewey denouement. this is undoubtedly brave, but really - they know he isn’t going to fire. because they know him. and they have realized, as the reader does during that scene in TPP, that olaf is always wearing a disguise, even when he is isn’t dressed up. he is 95% bravado and 5% bitterness, and ironically they know that better than everyone around them. they can see right through him, no matter what disguise he wears, or even if he doesn’t wear one at all.