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An Introduction to Viktuuri

The main fandom classics, and essential reading!

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (197k) Explicit
‘…Of all the rivalries in the world of sports over the years, perhaps none has become so legendary as that of Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov and his rival, Japanese Yuuri Katsuki…’
A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries.
Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be.
Comment: Absolutely legendary fic in the fandom, but be warned, its like wading through a sea of angst and feelings. So many feelings.

Masquerade by Ashida (54k) Explicit
“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.
“Ok.” Yuuri smiled as this game of masquerade came to an end, what would happen now, he didn’t know, he would probably die, his family would come after him and try to put a knife in his back or a bullet between his eyes, none of it mattered, because together they would fight, and the rest of the world would finally burn.

Excelsior by powerandpathos (77k (WIP)) Explicit
Yuuri wanted the reporters to leave knowing one thing: That he had found Viktor in a way that they had not; that Viktor was his in the same way that he was not theirs: utterly, entirely, completely.
Yuuri has won the Grand Prix, which was everything he thought he wanted. But for Yuuri, an end to skating could mean an end with Viktor, and when two female skaters approach them with an offer that could make them or break them, they are put to the test more than ever. Can they rise higher than they already have?

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Reggie Mantle x Reader PART THREE: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: I really hope you guys are liking this imagine. In the comics Ricky and Vicky are the names of Reggie’s parents, so that’s what I named them. Although the character of Riley I totally made up because in the comics he only has a brother. Also if you guys have requests please send them, so I can start working on them (on any Riverdale character)
Words: 885
Pairing: Reggie x Reader
Summary: Feels tho.
Spoilers: Nope :)

Part One Part Two        Part Four Part Five Part Six

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You were walking along a sidewalk in the chilly night, the wind was leading the leaves from south to west. You were trying to figure out why you’re parents agreed to such a thing. Thoughts started flooding your mind, Did your dad need the money? Were you guys becoming broke? When did everything change between you and your parents? Did Reggie agree to this? How could he? How DARE he? Your first boyfriend would be Reggie? Were you going to accept it? What happens if you don’t? How will your friends react? What about Veronica’s crush on Reggie? What about me? You thought.

“Ugh mind shut up!” you spoke to yourself with a sad look on your face, the wind blowing against your face.

The night got frostier every second you walked away from your house.

Back home Reggie was fidgeting in his chair.

“What happened to (Y/N)?” Riley spoke up

“Nothing Honey” You mom answered “she just needs to think some things through, how about you go to the living room” she continued, while taking Riley away from the dining room.

“I’m going to check on (Y/N)” Reggie declared about to get up from his chair, but Mr. Mantle interjected.

“Are you really that terrible, she stood up and left?” He stated with venom in his words.

“Now Ricky, how dare you speak to Reggie like that? I’m sure she just isn’t attracted to him” Mrs. Mantle added not helping Reggie out “Reggie I thought you said you would fix this?” she added on with a disappointed look shooted at Reggie.

“You guys agreed that I would plan this, my way, no contract.” Reggie stated with anger in his voice as he stood up and walked out the door to look for you.
The chill of the night worried Reggie, since you were wearing a dress. His pacing became faster because he didn’t want you to freeze.

Reggie’s POV
I could see her walking away, she was shivering, she lifted her hand up to her cheek like she was cleaning a tear of her face. I couldn’t help but take blame for this, if I would have warned her, told her why I had been ignoring Ronnie was only because I wanted her. I had my chance, but I was too scared and now our parents made it worse.
End of POV

Reggie sprinted towards you, took off his blazer and placed it on your shoulders.

“Thanks” you croaked, putting it on correctly. You couldn’t help but let out a chuckle because he was bigger than you, meaning it fit big and some of the sleeves went on even after your arms ended.

The silence that followed was deafening. You both just stood there staring at each other. Until you decided you needed answers.

“Why? Reg?” You questioned him with a sad look on your face.

“I’m… I’m sooo sorry (Y/N), I really am” he declared letting out a sigh.

“Well okay, forgiven, now are you going to answer my question” You questioned him again.

“I… I…” He stuttered, not knowing what to say.

You decided to ask him everything that was in your head

“Why me? Why the contract? What if I don’t agree to it?” He looked at you with a sad look on his face that you didn’t catch because you kept rambling questions at him “Does my dad need the money? Do you know something I don’t? What about Ronnie? If I agree to this for my parents, she’ll… she’ll hate me! What do your parents want from me? Did you agree to this contract? Did…” you stopped rambling as he put both of his hands on your shoulders.

“Please (Y/N)” Reggie pleaded leading you to a bench on the sidewalk.

Reggie just stared at the ground with sorrow in in his eyes, so you did what you’re used to doing when Reggie was sad. You shifted yourself and hugged him. He hugged back squeezing you tightly rubbing his hands on your back. You missed his tight hugs ever since you drifted apart. The hug lasted about a minute until you pulled away.

As you pulled yourself away you grabbed his chin your hands warm against his cold chin, and you both stared at each other and spoke “What’s going on Reg?”

He sighed and you both looked away from each other staring at the dim lighted street.

He later put his hand on your thigh which sent electricity all over your body and you turned your head to look at him.

You couldn’t help but let your mind start racing. The way the light was hitting his face, the wind in his luscious black hair. What does this mean? You thought to yourself. Do you like Reggie? More than a friend? Could this arrangement work? Does he even he even like you like that? Ronnie would hate you? This could cause a drift between you and your friends? Your neutral standing ground would be ruined? Would you just be a cover to his attitude? Is Reggie only acting like this because of the contract? Will he change if you accept?

“(Y/N) I like you” He told you with longing in his eyes disrupting your thoughts “I have since the day we went camping, I have hated myself for becoming who I am and ignoring you”

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Clichés: Chapter 1

A Reaper/Gabriel Reyes x Reader Office AU fic. Originally written for lilith-chii’s contest, but I couldnt finish it in time and instead sent in a soldier 76 smut piece lol. Still not finished, so it’ll be divided into chapters

Work was busier than usual. So many reporters have been trying to get interviews with the co-presidents of Overwatch since the big announcement of the joining of Overwatch and Talon. Two separate companies suddenly merging together was quite the big fuss. After Rico Reyes passed away last month, ownership of his weapons company was passed to his favorite son, Gabriel. Despite the fact that Gabe had left the family business ten years ago to join Overwatch. Now the billionaire ex vice president of Overwatch was the co-president of… Overwatch. They decided not to change the name. Though Talonwatch does have a ring to it. Or maybe Overtalon? Nah, not as catchy.

Overwatch was a much larger company than Talon, so it’s not entirely unusual for the two to combine. Though it’s less of a combination and more of Overwatch swallowing up the resources Talon provides. As the secretary of the president and vice president (now co-president), you had your hands full. Emails, phone calls, lawyers, and reporters that thought they could just prance in and get an instant meeting with Mister Reyes or Mister Morrison. Such was the case now. A reporter for some women’s magazine just pranced right in and stalked right up to your desk, standing haughtily in front of you.

“I’m here to get an interview with Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Now please.” The nameless reporter spoke, tapping a perfectly manicured nail against your desk.

“I’m sorry, but Mister Reyes and Mister Morrison are currently in a very important meeting. I’d be happy to try to add you into their schedule, though.” You informed with a polite (and absolutely fake) smile. She looked appalled, absolutely confused that she had just been told no.

“I’m sure their meeting could wait. I’m from a very important magazine, ‘Eyecandy,’ I’m sure you’ve heard of it, yes? This interview simply can’t wait. Why don’t you go get them and tell them who I am and we can have this interview right now?” The woman didn’t so much ask as she did command.

“Oh, and get me an ice water while you’re at it, will you? I need to use the little ladies’ room.” With the toss of her hair, she turned around and strutted down the hall, where the bathrooms were.

What a bitch. She was obviously raised wealthy, never having been turned down before. She likely used her good looks and demanding attitude to get what she wanted. It was incredibly unlikely that she would leave without speaking to the co-presidents, and you didn’t really want to deal with her any more than you already had. You had work to do. A lot of it. So you got up and went to the meeting room right in between their offices, knocking gently on steel door. No response, only faint mumblings from inside, but the room was rather soundproof.

Taking a chance, you cracked open the door and peeked inside, hoping it would be enough to catch their attention. However, it seems like you walked in on an argument, and it didn’t seem to be a productive one either.

“Su traje es mierda y no le queda, lápiz blanco!”

“Stop yelling at me in Spanish, you know I don’t understand what you’re saying!”


“Ok I understood that.”

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Captain's Vigilante (3/?)

Word Count: 5700ish

Warnings: So much words. A little angst if you squint. Probably some wrong grammar and spelling mistakes. The tags are added and the future chaps will get the added tags. Thank you for reading.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.


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(damn, that gif though)

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How the hell did this happen?

One moment I’m minding my business. The next moment I’m standing in front of the man I love telling him that I do in fact love him.

How the hell did this happen?

Well I have a pretty good guess.

I fell in love with Harry Styles one year ago. We had been friends for three years, just hanging out frequently. We started out just getting coffee, getting drinks at a bar, or watching movies at either one of our flats. I didn’t know I was in love with him until one night in April.

There was a really bad storm outside, tearing through London. Harry and I were supposed to have a movie night at my house, one usual activity we enjoyed doing together. I texted him, telling him not to come because it was to dangerous. He never replied. 20 minutes had passed and I was curled up on my couch eating ice cream watching reality TV, when there was a knock on the door. I was surprised seeing as I wasn’t expecting anyone, but got up and answered the door.

And there Harry was, soaked head to toe in rain, wearing his ever so famous smirk. 

“You came.”

“’Course I did.”

That was my moment. That was the moment I knew that I loved Harry Styles.

Nothing expanded from that point. I didn’t speak up or act on my feelings whatsoever. We remained close friends and nothing more.

And that killed me, so one night I had enough.

We were out at a bar, our usual scene. He was chatting up some girl and I was sitting not to far behind. Harry would periodically text me while he was talking to this girl. I say girl because there was no possible way that this girl was anywhere near 22. While Harry left the girl alone to run to the bathroom, she decided to approach me. Sadly.

“So, your the sad little sack Harry can’t stop talking about.”

Wait what?

“Excuse me?”

“Harry won’t stop talking about you. Saying how he’s worried about you, how your not putting yourself out there that much, how your isolating yourself. I told him it was depressing and he agreed. So, why Y/N? Why would you become so depressing your friend can’t leave you alone for 15 minutes to have a conversation?”

I couldn’t believe what I was even hearing. My first thought was that she was lying, but Harry had been checking up on me often throughout the night. I’d be mad too, if the guy I was flirting with was texting another woman. Then I remembered her tone, and the unnecessary words she added. So I did what any irrational person would do, and slapped her.

Not my finest moment Especially due to the fact that that was the moment that Harry chose to walk out of the bathroom.



“What the hell were you thinking Y/N?”

“Harry drop it.”

After I slapped whats-her-face, I got thrown out of the bar, so Harry and I went back to his place. We didn’t talk the whole ride there; the silence was deafening. When we got to his flat, that’s when the fight started.

“No we aren’t going to drop it. Why did you slap her?”

“I don’t know Harry, why did you say that I was depressing because I have been, well to quote that blonde bitch from the bar, ‘not putting myself out there’ and ‘isolating myself?’” I was enraged with him. How dare he get angry with me? Well I actually hadn’t gotten to telling him what she said to me, but he shouldn’t be this angry. That relationship obviously wasn’t going anywhere other than to his bedroom then out the door in the morning.

He stood silent with wide eyes, knowing he had been caught.

“Y/N… I didn’t mean that.”

“Didn’t mean it or didn’t mean for me to hear it?”

We were silent for a while, just standing there, staring at each other.

“Look. I’m sorry that you found out I said that but it doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t have slapped her.”

“It does matter Harry! Why would you say those things about me? And why do you care about that ridiculous girl! You and I both know that she was at best a one-night stand.” Why isn’t he understanding that he hurt me?

“I said I was sorry! What do you want me to say? That it’s not true? Y/N I’m sorry but it is! You haven’t had a date in god knows how long. You don’t go out unless your with me. You are isolating yourself and I’m sorry that I’m concerned.”

I was floored. Even if he did think those things, I thought he would’ve kept them to himself. Now I was really hurt. I looked up at him with tears brimming in my eyes and a whole look of hurt on my face.

“Are you freaking kidding me Harry?”

“No frankly I’m not.”

I had never seen Harry act so rude. I was shocked at how blunt and coy he was being. I couldn’t do this anymore.

“You know what Harry. You wanna know why I haven’t been out with anyone but you? You wanna know why I haven’t been on any dates recently? Wanna know why I’ve been so ‘depressing?’”


“Because I love you Harry!”

I clamped my hand over my mouth realizing what I just said. What the hell did I just do? Then he responded.


Keep on living (chapter 1) Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 

Summary: You work at the Richard Rogers theater as the assistant to the musical director as Hamilton hits Broadway, and it’s while working there you develop a friendship/crush on Lin who is your nerdy workaholic nerd in arms. Meanwhile you hide the other secret part of your life from Lin and your friends,  keeping secret your abusive partner until you can’t hide it anymore. Expect some angst. 

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.  I wrote this originally as a fluff piece for myself but I realise it doesn’t come across as fluff!

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings: I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count:  2715


You were late again to rehearsals, that’s when he first noticed that something was wrong.

You were known for your punctuality, often getting to the theatre hours ahead of everyone. You used your tiny office in the basement to write, to go over notes, and to listen to recordings from the sound desk from the previous night’s show. After years of working shitty jobs this was your first job as musical director’s assistant and you weren’t planning on wasting the opportunity. You’d been with Hamilton since they made its transition to Broadway, you lived and breathed this production, and the Richard Rogers was practically your home.

So when you showed up 2 hours late that afternoon hiding behind a pair of oversize dark glasses, you were greeted by Lin’s fake gasp of surprise.

“Aaaaand what time do you call this Y/N?” he called as she skipped over to you, a wide grin on his face while he playfully put his arm around your shoulder. “You bailed on Oak’s birthday drinks last night. I can’t believe you left me in a bar singing karaoke by myself after you promised me a Disney duet medley!.”

He pouted and gave you puppy eyes. Ordinarily you’d laugh along with him and tease him about his failed disney duets (last time the gang had gone out for karaoke he drunkenly sang A Whole New World with Chris but Lin had naturally taken over singing both Aladdin and Jasmine’s parts leaving Chris and everyone else in fits of laughter at the over-excited disney nerd now serenading himself  in front of them) but today you were caught off guard.

You pushed the glasses tight against your face.

“Um sorry, I had an emergency, h-had to leave a-and get back home. I uh should get downstairs, there’s um some charts I was supposed to amend for Alex this evening.”

You put your head down and pulled away from Lin’s arm, fumbling for the door to make a quick getaway. Lin, sensing something amiss instantly transitioned from Goofy Lin to Serious Lin in a heartbeat, and ran around placing himself in front of you.

“Hey, sorry Y/N, is everything ok? Are you ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Has something happened?” He placed his hand on your shoulder, giving you a squeeze as he lowered his head trying to meet your gaze while you stared at the floor.

You pushed his hand away, too scared to look him in the eye, knowing that if you did you might unravel at any moment.

“I’m fine, sorry, just in a rush.”

You quickly scuffled away, aware of Lin’s eyes following you. You felt like a dick.

You knew how weird you sounded and how rude you were being. You’d looked forward to Oak’s birthday drinks along with everyone else, and ordinarily you’d love to spend the afternoon joking around with Lin. There was even a time when Lin skipping over to give you puppy eyes would have made your heart flutter. You’d developed the most embarrassing crush on him during your first few weeks on the job which left you shy and unable to speak, but you’d pushed those feeling aside, choosing to be as professional as possible. Nobody would have taken you seriously with a silly crush on Lin.

Pippa had once called it the ‘Lin Effect’:

“ Everyone falls in love with Lin” she’d said during those first few weeks of rehearsals.

“He makes everyone in the room feel important and who can’t help but fall in love with that, it’s the Lin Effect!”

Lin had overheard Pippa saying this and for days afterwards he joked with anyone on stage who forget their lines or missed their mark that their lack of concentration was down to the Lin Effect. When you’d accidentally hit play on the sampler during a heart-wrenching rehearsal of Quiet Uptown, accidentally filling the studio with deafening hip hop beats, the cast had erupted into giggles and Lin punched the air and yelled ‘Lin Effect!’ and winked at you. Once you’d seen this goofy side you became less nervous around him and more like good friends. The crippling shyness was gone and in it’s place was an incredibly nerdy friendship born out of long days and nights, rehearsing, and thinking/talking/breathing music with him. And sure, he could still make you feel special just with a look, or by getting excited when you let him hear your own compositions for a half finished music project you’d been kicking around. They way his eyes lit up and got excited, the way he’d smile at you with a mixture of pride and and warmth could make your day. Even as just good friends, the Lin Effect was real.

But you couldn’t think about anyone just now. You just needed to stop and breathe and get to your office before anyone else saw you.

You practically fell into the office you shared with Alex, surprised to find Chris sitting there on the beaten up couch with Pippa, both in fits of giggles as each of them shared an earbud plugged into Chris’s phone. You’d hoped to find an empty room to be alone.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realise you guys were in here” you said with your hand quickly reaching behind you for the door handle ready to leave.

“Hey Y/N!’ Pippa called, ‘we were waiting for you, come and listen to this!’

You slowly edged your way over to the sofa on Pippa’s command. She scooted up and patted beside her gesturing for you to sit. ‘Here you gotta listen to this, it’s an old Freestyle Love Supreme recording, it’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard, check it out!” She pulled the ear bud out of her ear and thrust it towards you. You took it from her practically in slow motion, looking at the ear bud like you’d never seen an ear bud before.

“Ooh check out the glasses, does someone have a hangover?” laughs Chris. “Man you must be feeling ROUGH today huh!”. You nod along meekly without saying a word, leaving an awkward silence in the air. Pippa looks at you with concern then gently nudges Chris who puts his hands up “Ok ok, I’ll leave you two alone, sounds like someone is in desperate need of some coffee!”

As Chris slipped away you felt Pippa’s eyes narrowing on you

“Y/N what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sorry I’m just tired. Hungover.” You stammed.

Pippa’s eye’s lowered to meet yours, you were looking down in your lap, something was wrong. “Hungover? But you weren’t out with us last night though, we looked all over for you. Where were you?”

Hearing the concern in her voice was almost overwhelming and you could feel tears in your eyes. You slowed your breathing trying to steady yourself so you didn’t fall apart there and then.

“Y/N talk to me, what’s happened.”

You breathed, swallowed, and raised your head to meet hers. Slowly, you reached up and took off the oversize sunglasses that had shielded your face. As you took them off you still couldn’t bring yourself to make eye contact with her and you stared down at the sofa as you heard Pippa breathe in sharply.

Your face was bruised. Your left eye was swollen and bloodshot, your eyelid was purple, and there was a small cut on the top of your cheek, the skin was tinged yellow as the bruise faded out across your face.

“Oh my god Y/N are you ok? What happened? Oh my god who did this?”

You felt exposed.

You couldn’t tell anyone. He’d apologised, he hadn’t meant to. He wasn’t a monster. You didn’t want people to see that side of him. You weren’t making excuses for him, but he didn’t mean to hurt you, he just got upset and lost control, and it never meant to happen.

You’d been dating Mark for 3 months now. He was amazing, a talented musician, he was so smart, he was creative and enthusiastic and loved you. He really loved you. But he struggled too. His mental health wasn’t great and lately his dark moments had become dark days and dark weeks. He felt so scared of losing you and felt jealous that you were working in your dream job when he was still struggling. He hadn’t wanted you to go out last night, he was convinced you would cheat on him, that you’d drink too much and go home with someone else, scared that your ‘new dumbass theatre friends’ (as he called them) would convince you to leave him. You’d got annoyed, you’d snapped back at him, you hated someone so controlling, you just wanted one night out with your friends. And he’d hit you. He’d actually hit you. You couldn’t tell anyone.

“Y/N who did this?”

“Nobody. I mean.. someone tried to mug me, it’s fine, they didn’t take anything and I got away, it’s totally fine, I’m just tired.” You were bad at lying, your voice sounded strange and you were sure that she knew. You regretted saying it was a mugging instantly.

“Oh Fuck! Y/N that’s horrible, you poor poor thing. Did you call the police? I can come with you to the police station, what do you need?”

You made eye contact with Pippa for the first time since sitting down, her kindness felt so unbearable.

“It’s fine, honestly. I’ve already spoken to the police. I’m ok, I’m just tired.” You even cracked a smile to try and show just how ok you were pretending to be. You were the worst liar. She reached out and pulled you into a hug while she continued to say nice reassuring things. You couldn’t concentrate and you just closed your eyes hoping for some quiet calm soon.

Your eyes snapped wide as the door to your office swung open and Chris stood there.

“Hey I forgot my phone…” He trailed off as he saw your face and you quickly pulled your hair over your face feeling exposed.

“Y/N what happened?” He begun, but luckily, Pippa sensing your desire for the ground to swallow you up, instantly  jumped up pressing his phone into his hands and shooing him out of the office urging him to leave you alone for some quiet time and saying ‘yes she’s FINE’ over the top of his protests while shutting the door in his face.

“Oh god thank you.”

“That’s ok, although people are gonna be concerned. In fact I don’t want you going home alone tonight, I’ll take a cab with you. No ifs no buts.”

You wished you hadn’t blurted out a lie about being mugged. If anything that was just gonna bring more attention on yourself. And it wasn’t the same: people who got mugged were victims of something awful, you weren’t a victim, he said this was something you had done, that you’d made him this angry. Was this your fault? You slipped the glasses back up to your face, wishing for invisibility. You didn’t want any more attention, and you didn’t want anyone walking you home, you couldn’t run the risk of Mark finding out that you’d shown anyone your black eye. He’d wanted you to keep it hidden today, he was so sorry for what he’d done.

“It’s fine honestly Pippa. Mark’s coming to pick me up later so I won’t be on my own. And anyway I’m not sticking around for the show tonight, it’s my night off, i just came in to work on some charts for Alex for a couple of hours, so I’ll be home before dark anyway.”

“Well…ok. Sorry, I know you don’t need babysitting, I’m just so glad Mark will be with you, he’s a good guy, he must have been so worried about you.”

You zoned out as Pippa started praising Mark but hopefully that was enough to keep her from accompanying you home tonight. You made her promise not to tell anyone else what happened but you realised that was going to be impossible, but Pippa had at least promised to tell people not to ask you about it. You regretted lying so much, and what a shitty lie it was.

After much reassuring her that you were fine, she eventually left you to it. And in the quiet of the office you could finally breathe and concentrate on the charts Alex had asked you to work on. For the next couple of hours you worked on transposing music for new chorus members, tinkering with arrangements and for those two hours things were easy. You could get lost in your work, and notes and squiggles on a page were easier to deal with than real life. The two hours flew past in a whirlwind and you piled your folders together and grabbed your bag ready to head out before the evening crowds assembled for showtime.

As you made your way quietly down the corridor hoping to avoid speaking to anyone as you slipped out, at least until tomorrow, there was Lin. He was completely unaware of you as he sat on the floor near one of the prop rooms. His oversize hoodie was pulled over his head and he was staring intently at his laptop, bobbing his head in time to a beat through his headphones. Looking at him now with strands of hair hanging in his face as he absent-minded tucked them behind his ears he looked so lost in his music, so happy. On any other day you would have joined him and wasted time sharing songs and ideas, bouncing off each other until showtime.  On any other day you could have silently stolen a glance and noted how cute he looked while in full concentration mode. But today wasn’t any other day and you needed  a hot bath and some sleep and to figure out what to do.

You breathed in pushing the sunglasses tight against your face and left through the back door silently. The noise of the street hit you immediately and you realised you felt scared. You felt scared to go home, you felt scared to see Mark. You breathed in slowly, it felt like everything was in slow motion today.


You turned round and there was Lin. He’d followed you out, with his hood pulled down and his headphones hanging round his neck,. “I was waiting for you but you snuck out before saying goodbye”

“I’m sorry, it’s been a weird day, I just need to get home”

You eyes darted around, too scared to look him in the face. Did he know? Had Pippa told everyone?

“You’re not sticking around tonight?”

He looked disappointed.

“It’s my night off, I’m not feeling great. I’m just gonna go home.” You forced a smile but it came out a grimace.

“Has something happened?”

Did he know? You didn’t think he knew. But his eyes narrowed and his mouth tensed with concern.

“It’s nothing. I’m fine, it was nothing you don’t have to worry.”

You turned away, just wanting to escape but you felt his hand reach out to grab your arm. You winced as his hand slipped and he ended up grabbing your wrist. Your wrist was sore and tender from last night, where Mark had grabbed you, digging his fingers and thumb into your wrist to stop you from leaving. You gasped out in shock of being touched.

“Sorry I…” You looked back to see him glancing down at your wrist where faint red finger marks on your skin seemed to give you away. His eyebrows tensed and he looked up at you in shock. You quickly pulled your arm away, embarrassed.

“I need to go…” you began.

“Wait, Y/N..”

“Seriously, can we do this another day?”

Your turned to leave once again, only this time to find Mark walking towards you both, his mouth pursed and his eyes sullen. You hadn’t lied to Pippa, he really was coming to pick you up after work. It was something you’d been dreading.


“Hey.” He said, not looking you but staring intently at Lin. Lin broke his gaze away from you, and he turned to face Mark. You couldn’t tell what he was piecing together in his mind from your mood, the sunglasses, and now your wrist. His face was solemn and gave nothing away, gone was the cute smile and soft eyes from just a moment ago. He swallowed and smiled and put his hand out to Mark.

“Hey man, you must be Mark, I’ve heard a lot about you.”


Part 2 coming here

Beauty and the Beast AU (2)

A lot of people seemed interested in this becoming chaptered so here you go! The first chapter is available here: 1


The room was infuriatingly quiet. Baz resisted the urge to throw the table across the room just for the sake of disrupting the stillness. Funnily enough, there had once been a time when he would have killed to have some peace and quiet. But after years of isolation Baz found the silence to be deafening. 

The air swirled coolly through the broken windowpanes. Baz wished he could repair the palace, but the curse made sure that the castle would never look as it once had until it was broken. He wondered how much it would disappoint his mother to see her home so neglected and cringed at the thought. There was not much he could do; the enchantress had made sure of that. 

He stood up abruptly and stormed over to the rose that had altered his life forever. For a long time he had hated the flower, resented it for all that it represented. But over time he’d become almost fond of it, both of them were running out of time after all. With a sigh he stroked a finger down the glass that encased the dying rose. 


He turned to find Niall waiting in the doorway. It was still strange for Baz, even after all this time, that his best friend had become a candelabra. The guilt he always felt when he saw the consequences of his curse on the castle inhabitants flashed as he studied his friend.

Niall walked stiffly into the room, his tiny metallic feet clanking. 

“I think it might be a good idea to move the prisoner to a private room.”

The last thing that Baz wanted to think about was his prisoner. He had long given up on feeling sympathy for the people who lived beyond the castle, he only had enough left to give to the people he had cursed.  Yet he found himself feeling uncomfortable with the idea of keeping Simon a prisoner. It had been the father who Baz had wanted to punish, not the golden haired son. 

“I don’t see why.”

“He hasn’t really done anything wrong. I understand he took his father’s sentence. But shouldn’t he be free to carry it out a little more comfortably?” 

Baz growled.

“His stupidity is criminal enough to warrant a life sentence.”

Dev hoisted himself into the room, his breath heaving in his clock chest. 

“I just came to say that I do not support Niall’s suggestion to move the prisoner!”

Baz rolled his eyes.

“How very impressive of you.”

“Oh so I suppose you both want all of this, “ Niall swung his arms dramatically, making his flames dance, “To stay like this forever.”

Dev made a choked exclamation.

Baz narrowed his eyes.

“What are you getting at?”

“Niall I think you’ve said enough,” Dev sputtered.

“I’m saying what if this is the man to break the spell?” Niall said.

Baz stared at him in disbelief. It was true that the spell could only be broken if he fell in love and if that person learned to love him back. But he couldn’t believe Niall had the gall to suggest that the son of an attempted murderer was his soul mate.

“Why would I ever love such an insufferable idiot?”

Niall smirked.

“I saw the way you looked at him, he’s not that bad on the eyes is he?”

Baz grunted by way of response.  It was true, Simon was one of the handsomest people Baz had seen. It wasn’t that he was perfect, it was more that his features were interesting. His golden curls were almost brassy in lowlight, a blonde Baz had never seen before. Simon’s skin was dotted with freckles and moles, almost like a paint canvas come to life. It was the eyes though that had caught Baz’s attention. They were a flat blue, nothing very spectacular but there was a fire in them somehow, as if under the surface Simon was the kind of person who burned with life. 

“Being attractive doesn’t mean anything.”

“Right you are sir,” Dev said.

Niall clucked angrily.

“Fine. But it’s not as if you have a lot of options at the moment. And I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that we’re all running out of time.”

Baz looked away from them. 

“You know I haven’t forgotten.”

“Then why not give him a chance?” Niall pushed.

Baz smoothed his hair back in order to calm himself. He wanted to yell that it was none of Niall’s business, that he could handle his love life all by himself. But he couldn’t because it wasn’t just his business; he had made it everyone’s business when the enchantress had cast the curse on them all. 

“Let’s say I do give him a chance, that I even fall for him. How does it change anything? You should have seen his face when he first saw me.”

“You can be very attractive when you put a little effort into it.”

Baz laughed humorlessly. 

“I think the grey skin and fangs are just the tad bit unattractive. Besides, that’s not the big issue is it? I’m a monster, damned.”

Dev frowned but said nothing.

“Sir, you’re thinking of this the wrong way. If he falls for you then you won’t be a monster or damned anymore. All you have to do is show him the man underneath the beast. Show him you can be more.” Niall said.

Baz clenched his jaw.

“I didn’t…It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I didn’t want to rush into finding the one, or whatever it’s called.”

“I have candles on my body and metal legs,” Niall gestured to himself, “With all due respect sir, nothing is as it was supposed to be. We just need to figure out a way forward.”

Baz studied his two best friends carefully. He needed to try, if not for himself then for his friends.

“Fine, give him the private room. But have Penny keep an eye on him while you two prepare dinner. I don’t want him escaping.”

Niall clanked his arms together excitedly. 

“Wonderful! Thank you sir. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Baz watched Niall and Dev leave the room.

“I am not sure about that,” He mumbled, even though he knew Niall was too far away to hear.

A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Rating: M (language and adult themes)

Tags: Mystic Messenger, Jumin x MC, Zen x MC

Authors Note: I’ve been working on a 707 series while also working at this story as well. So that’s exciting! I hope my Jumin fanatics like myself reallllly enjoy this chapter. I’ve been listening to a Firefly music festival playlist for a lot of inspiration to get my butt in gear. 

I’d love to hear from you guys about what you like or what I can improve upon. Keep liking and sharing to spread the love <3 

Lazy weekends were the best weekends especially after Jumin got home from his business trip. Jumin was napping soundly on the couch Elizabeth the third purring on his chest with his hand on her body. I smiled to myself as I watched the two of them snoozing the afternoons away. I grabbed a blanket and gently laid it across his legs and on lower part of his chest. His top shirt buttons casually unbuttoned. Elizabeth moved in his arms at the startle of the blanket but settled back into her position once she realized I had helped her out.

I sat back down on the lounge chair and scrolled through my phone.

MC has logged into the Chatroom—

Jaehee: I’m relaxing at the beach getting some sun.

707: I burn to a crisp in the sun

Oh MC is here!

MC: Jaehee how is vacation going?

Jaehee: You can keep my job forever if you would like. 

Has Jumin ran you up a wall yet?

MC: hahaha hardly. 

Everything is good on our end, however business end is a different story.

Jaehee: What happened was it his father again?

MC: not quite Mr. Han per say more like Jumin’s fiance.

707: wait hes engaged that damn bastard

MC: no don’t misunderstand this is not his choosing.

Jaehee: and what happened?

MC: they may or may not believe that Jumin and I are-

Jaehee: He did what?

MC: Its just a misunderstanding, until Jumin can collect enough information to refuse this marriage proposal.

707: Oh thank God! 

I was worried that I would have to come save you from Jumins clutches. 

Defender of Justice to save the innocent MC from the gate keeper Jumin.

MC: all good on this end here! 

Seven don’t worry I’ll know who to call to save me next time.

707: All is well then.





-707 has logged out-

Jaehee: I have to go too I need another drink.

MC: Don’t have too much fun you have to come back soon!

Jaehee: No promises here.

–Jaehee has logged out—

 It was inevitable that I would run into Zen news on my Facebook page. South Korean Musical Actor Trending in the United States of America. I quickly scrolled past the news page my friends shared on Facebook. Hyun Ryu and Amelia Corina officially an item? I turned my phone over trying to ignore the burning feeling in my heart. 

I could not tear my eyes away at his calm and collected mannerism. Did he even lose any sleep over me? He looked as if he didn’t spend too much time letting a breakup hinder his acting and public appearance. Hyun was somebody now, and I was just holding him back. It took me a week and RFA taking turns keeping my mind occupied before I was finally composed enough to be alone.

Why was I craving to see him, was it because he was happy and doesn’t seem to be too worried about a cheating scandal? I still cared for Zen. I will always love him in some way or the other. I cant forget the man that he was before things started to go downhill. Still, I can admire him from afar. Maybe one day Jaehee and I can fangirl over him and we can bring the baby to watch Zen on the TV.

There were thousands of pictures mostly of Zen, and selfies on date nights. Late nights under the stars, his motorcycle, backstage at his musicals. Was he happy? Was he finally accomplishing his dreams? Did the woman in the new pictures know how he likes his DVD collection at home? How he snores lightly when he’s exhausted from a long night of drinking?

I looked at my camera roll on my phone hesitant to look at the beginning. If I wanted a clean slate I needed to delete photos off of my phone. It was going to be now or never. I selected every photo, video, selfie, and saved screen shots I had saved since I met him. I quickly hit the delete button before my heavy fingers would change their mind. Clearing out all the memories, and moments that I treasured the most with Zen. I took a deep breath as I emptied my trash bin on my phone.

I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could start looking forward to cute baby pictures. I finally opened my text messages and deleted any and every message with Zen involved in it. It would be better to rid myself of the temptation to look back and feel sorry about myself. I smiled to myself that I was finally released from a large amount of temptation to look at those photos that brought me so much happiness.

I was startled by Elizabeth crawling in my lap. I looked over at Jumin who was lazily stretching out on the couch with a loud groan. I pet her soft white fur as she sat down between my legs encouraging me to pet her.

“Have you decided to sit with the ladies?” I said to Elizabeth who was enjoying extra attention from another person.

She cozied herself up on my knee and sprawling out. “She just wants more attention” Jumin said groggily and I laughed at her cute little face and tail.

“Jumin, Elizabeth the Third needs a womanly figure in her life to keep her straight. Sometimes it’s good to take a short reprieve from her favorite and only man in her life.”

He laughed and sat up on the couch, blanket wrapped around his shoulders and hair disheveled in all directions. I smiled to myself at his rare and slightly appearance. Jumin would hate to look like a mess in front of anyone.

“What are you smiling at?” He asked looking at me seated on the edge of the couch arms resting on his legs.

“Nothing!” I told him scratching behind Elizabeth’s ears averting his stare and blush on my cheeks. I took out my phone and took a quick picture of Elly. I knew who to send this picture to, Seven. Seven immediately responded with heart emojis: “Elly my love! She is so adorable! Jumin however looks like he just woke up with the bad case of bed head.”

“Wait was I in that picture that you just took?” He asked sitting upright on the couch. “Maybe. A lady never divulges her secrets Jumin.” I teased and he smirked. “Can I see it?” He asked softly.
I got up and sat next to him on the couch and showed him the picture.

“God is that what my hair looks like?” He ran a hand through it in an attempt to fix it only making it stick further out. I laughed uncontrollably at his hair and his expression when he asked me if it looked any better. He got up and went to his room. “Can you help me since my efforts have been to no avail.”

“Yes Jumin.” I sat on the top of the couch and had him between my legs. “Let me know if I pull your hair.”

I carefully brushed his hair back towards my body. “Have you ever worn it any other way or has it always looked like this?”

“Its been the same for as long as I can remember.”

“Jumin have you ever been in relationships with other women before?”


“I didn’t mean for it to sound like that, I just never have seen you show interest in many women our age. Nothing is wrong with that I was just wondering.”

“Women are out for my fathers money and influence not so much myself. The way to my fathers heart seems to be through winning me over. None of them actually cared for me or was around long enough for one anyways. Most women only see me as money and future CEO.”

“I understand your difficulty then finding someone you can actually trust and talk too aside from V and Rika.”

“Yes it was only them for a while but now that V is absent and Rika passed I only have Elizabeth.”

“You have me too Jumin.”

“I know and I’m thankful for some sanity in the madness.” He sighed deeply. “How does it look?”

“It doesn’t look half bad pulled back.” I said and he got up to look at himself.

“If I didn’t look old before this makes me look much older now.”

“I think you look mature, well you already looked mature. More mature.” I said shuffling down to the couch.

“You think I would scare Jaehee if I wore it like this?” He asked smiling as he ruffled his hair out with a shake of his head and hair returned to its normal position on his head.

“I think she would think something was wrong.” He smiled shaking his head.

“What were you doing earlier on your phone? You looked upset?” He asked concerned tone in his voice.

“Hmm oh I was just deleting photos.”

“Of him?”

“Yes of him.” Silence deafened between the two of us before he spoke again.

“You still love him?”

“I don’t love him now but I think I always will hold a place for him. There is a baby that will probably remind me of Zen every day soon.”

“Is love a strange and powerful emotion?” He asked sitting back down on the couch his arms reclined back on the couch behind him. I looked at his face searching himself for some grasp on his tone and curiosity.

“Love?” How do I describe love?

“Well love is different for everyone,” I tried to explain. “Theres the love you have for your family or your father. The love you have for your friends V, Seven, Yoosung, and Jaehee. Finally there is romantic love that you feel towards another person.”

“I love Elizabeth the Third, is that more a familial love?”

“Yes exactly shes a part of your family.”

“Familial love is similar to when Yoosung and Seven talk about chocolate milk and cat jokes?” I nodded my head smiling. Jumin trying to make mental connections to the emotions he was feeling and putting a name to the emotion and it was written on a furrowed line on his forehead. The wrinkle he gets when he is deep in concentration and deep thought. He was silent again before he spoke up once more. 

“What about romantic love?” His asked softly in my direction. 

I took my time trying to find the right words in which to describe romantic love to him that would make the most sense. Your heart starts racing uncontrollably out of your chest around them. Your face gets red when they say anything remotely similar to flirting.” He nodded his head. “Do you find it hard to eat when you think about them?” he asked genuinely. “I think so depending on the situation.”

He met my eyes in an instant, “I think I know what it is.” His hand rested on top of my hand his eyes locked with mine. His fingers grasping onto the sides of my hand and making small circular motions with his pointer finger. I took a deep intake of air before speaking “Romantic or passionate love for another person I think is when you put the other person before yourself, and you worry not just for your needs but for theirs and in a more intimate way. Physically and mentally.” 

His dark eyes stared into my own and I was memorized at the deep color of them as our eyes locked onto one another. “I think I know what it is,” he said moving closer to me on the couch. My face felt warm under his intense stare. Jumin closed the space that was between his lips within inches of my own. I closed my eyes in anticipation of his warm lips to meet mine. His hand sliding to the back of my head. 

There was a loud knock on the door. I immediately sat back and lowered my eyes to avert his own. He cleared his throat and buttoned his shirt to check the door. 

“Jumi! I came to-“ a loud and shrilling high pitched voice pierced through the air and could only belong to the voice of a red-haired, overly perfumed woman in a purple dress.

“This is not a good time Sarah.” Jumin said and she barged into his home. Sarah threw open the door that Jumin was guarding. He palmed his head in frustration. .

“Oh shes here.” I shifted in my seat making sure my little baby bump was hidden from her watchful eye. Shit. The ultrasound was on his fridge. This could implicate Jumin already more than he already was.

“shes my lover of course she would be here.” Jumin said coming to sit by me leaning on the sofa arm casually.

“I brought something for Liz!”

“Elizabeth the third?” Jumin corrected

“yes the cat,” Sarah snared back at him.

I slowly got up to make my way over to the fridge. “Shall I let you two discuss?”

“No I want you to stay.” Jumin said grabbing my hand from my side. I turned to look at him and his expression pleading for help. His slim fingers intertwined into my own.

“So how did you two officially meet?”Sarah asked trying to latch herself onto Jumin. Her breasts spilling out of her top as she attempted to press herself to his arm. Jumin immediately shook her off in disgust and need for personal space. I gave him some space as he tried to push her off of him. 

“Well-“ I started when Jumin chimed in. 

“She is the coordinator for RFA parties for a while, and-“

“I have no interest in Jumin’s businesses, he’s a genuinely kind man with a huge heart.” I added as i looked at Sarah who looked like she bit into something sour and bitter. 

 “Romantic love will never last.”

Her comment struck a nerve deep within me. 

“I know that, more than anyone.” She started going through my papers i had laying on the dining room table. I stepped in front of her putting the papers back to their location.

“You have a limited amount of time with the people you love than you spend that time doing just that.”

“I have a right to see what those documents are since I am his fiance.”

“No you don’t. and No you are not. You can leave the gift for Elizabeth on the table and then escort yourself out.” I was fuming with annoyance. Jumin was smirking behind me at how little patience I had for this woman.

“Jumin are you going to let her speak to me in such ways? I know you are faking this relationship with your secretary. Wont you let me comfort you?”

“I find no issue with her tone.Is that so? We are faking it?” He said questionably at her comment. His arms folded against his chest in annoyance.

“MC.” Jumin said grabbing my arm and pulling myself towards him closely. He felt like he was on fire from the heat he was exuding.

“I want to be honest with my feelings for you. I had intentions on letting our relationship grow however I ant deny that there is a strong attraction to you. I cannot hold myself back any longer.”


I felt his hand on my chin and he pressed his lips firmly against mine. My mind went blank at his tender kiss. I wanted more. I needed more. But I also needed to breathe before I was consumed in his heat. I looked into Jumins eyes that were tenderly looking into my own. I don’t know how long we stood there just looking at each other. 

“You would kiss her in front of your own fiance!” Sarah screamed and loudly screaming at us both. Sarah must have let herself out on her own because I was too busy letting Jumin consume me with his tender kisses. Jumins hand placed behind my head. My hands holding tightly onto his shirt. I let my guard down and allowed myself to initiate the kiss again and pressed myself into his warm and soft lips. His tongue tracing around my lip as if asking for permission from my lips to enter.

He was the first to pull away his head resting on mine. “I have been wanting to kiss you for a long time now.” He smiled kissing my head as if I were a child. 

“Did you mean what you said earlier?”

“All of it.” He just held me tightly against his chest. 

“I have never felt this much before I met you.” He whispered into my ear and I smiled knowing that he was becoming more open with himself and allowing himself to feel. He pressed his lips against mine as if he was trying to consume the air in my lungs. My lips brushing against his over and over again.

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15 with omega Hux, please :)

15. Omega crying and shutting down once they are rejected, trying to climb onto the Alpha to get them to mate/bond them.

Despite Kylo’s grip around his wrists being soft, Hux feels like it’s crushing him.

The omega pouts, trying to wriggle his hands free from Kylo’s tight hold, but the alpha is persistent.

“We can’t,” Kylo says, shaking his head, pushing Hux further away from him. “I’ve sworn never to allow myself to bond to anyone. That includes you, Hux. I’m sorry.”

Hux whimpers, his chest paining harder with every breath that Kylo takes. The heat that’s rising throughout his body only worsens as Kylo verbally rejects him, growing more ferocious with each shove away.

“N-no,” Hux stutters, eyes wide. “I need–want–you, Ren. I’m dying, please, just hold me–”

“I said no, omega,” Kylo growls, pushing Hux a little to hard. He stumbles back on weak legs with a cry and collapses onto his backside, legs splayed out. “I’m sorry, Hux. This is out of my control. Snoke has my word that I will remain unbonded to keep focus on my training.”

Hux grits his teeth, unable to comprehend what this means for him. Kylo is the only alpha he’s ever wanted, the only knot he’s ever fantasised about filling him, and the only one Hux wants to become bonded to.

But the alpha has rejected him. Surely, Hux thinks, death is next.

“No, please,” Hux whispers, moving to his knees, eyes wide and unblinking as tears begin to form. “Alpha. Please. Don’t. Please. Need.”

But Kylo says nothing, or even if he does, the deafening silence in Hux’s mind prevents him from hearing anything but his own wild heartbeat. It can’t end like this, Hux thinks, he can’t let this strong and worthy alpha slip free because of his own weakness. Hux is sure it’s not because of Kylo’s promise to his master; it’s because he thinks Hux is undesirable, a pitiful runt of an omega who needs a knot to keep him quiet.

With the least amount of dignity he’s ever shown but with his cares lost, Hux crawls forward, head bowed, coming to a halt at Kylo’s feet to look up at him with pleasing eyes. He dares to bring his palm up to lay it upon Kylo’s thigh, courageous enough to rub his tear-stained cheek against the alpha’s crotch, nuzzling his rising cock.

“Hux, stop,” Kylo says, placing his hand on top of Hux’s head.

But despite the gesture meant to mean something defensive, Hux can’t help his surprise when Kylo’s fingers thread through his tousled hair like a mother would to a distressed pup, or a lover to a lover.

“Don’t leave me,” Hux whispers, fingers clinching at the material of Kylo’s pants. “Please, Ren. I need you. Kylo. Take me.”

The silence that follows is thick, heavy on Hux’s shoulders as he closes his eyes, imagining himself lying upon Kylo’s chest in their bed rather than rubbing his cheek against the front of the alpha’s pants.

Just before Hux brings his other hand up to caress Kylo’s leg, he hears Kylo make a distressed sound, a growl somewhere between a moan and a sob, and he looks up to see Kylo’s eyes glazed with tears.

“I need you too, Tidge,” Kylo says, sliding his hand down from Hux’s hair to under his chin, rubbing his thumb across the omega’s dry lips. “It’s like you’re forbidden, but stars, I’ve got to have you.”

Hux lets out a long sigh, opening his mouth for the alpha to slip his thumb inside, sucking eagerly like it’s the water his dying body has been gasping for.

And now, he’s going to make sure he drowns in it.

Breathe ~ An Avengers Story (13/15)

Originally posted by thefandomlifenerd

AU Summary: Y/N  turns to an old ally after a trying conversation with the Avengers.

Notes: surprise surprise :) he’s not what he seems. but at least the story makes sense now. at least to me it does. what do you guys think?

Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14


“Steve, I have full functioning arms and legs. I can handle it.”

The super soldier looked down at his feet shyly as he held the door open. He couldn’t help himself. Steve was raised in a time when gentlemen values weren’t a rarity.

“I know. I’m sorry, Y/N.” he said.

Y/N smirked and looped her arm around Steve’s as they walked in the tower. “You’re a big sap, Rogers. It’s only an abdominal wound.”

“You’re hurt.”

“I’ll live.” she said. “I gotta go through records first then I’ll meet you up there with the team, okay.”

Steve turned around to face her and bent down to kiss her cheek. “Alright. Be careful.”

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Killing doesn’t necessarily means dying

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

this is the continuation of When you stop wanting us, but it can be read on its own anyway. angstyyyyy bits

You had always found the allure of a pool of water- a tub- the waves- an open beach— an open sea.

Everyone used to say that you were the water in the relationship and Jaebum was the fire. He was the burning passion and you were the refreshing morning dew, after a long night. It had seemed like a compliment. It had always felt like that. You were the serenity that washes over panic and the cure of stress or an argument. Now— well now it felt like you were the fire. Or was fire not the problem but it was the water? It was the water in the relationship that seemed to extinguish any essence of passion. Was it you?

You leaned back, throwing yourself down onto the sand.

You deserved everything that had happened. That you know of, but that wasn’t your problem. Your problem was not you being sad and regretful. You deserved this. You deserved this dreadful guilt puncturing your heart every single time your eyes closed. You deserved the gut-wrenching pain every time his name was mentioned. But Park Jaebum didn’t.

The dark sky seemed to reflect your mind- lingering way past it need.


“What the fuck is this?” Jay barged inside your living room after you hearing the ruckus at your front door of him taking off his shoes and slamming the front door. You turned your head from the television, the teasing smile from the noises he had made quickly shifted into one, that you were very well familiar with now; guilt. He haven’t even shown you anything, nor did he explained it but deep down you knew. It was almost as if you were waiting for it because for how long would this be your little secret. It was like waiting for death; impending doom.

You frowned, trying to feign innocence because you hoped that wasn’t what he was talking about.

But as he shoved his phone right in front of your face; it was that.

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How could I forget?

Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: Smut, nsfw, Dom!Bellamy, Sub!Reader, outdoor sex, fingering, oral, minor torture, injuries, cussing, Bellamy fluff

blu3tid3s- Hello lovely! I was wondering if I could get a romantic!smut Bellamy x reader imagine? One where (Y/N) thought she and Bell would get another chance down on earth. Where they wouldn’t have to worry about the chancellor or the rules, but on earth it became the Bellamy show. (Y/n) was suddenly forgotten to him, it seemed. They get into a fight and (Y/N) tells Bell how it seems like she isn’t important anymore, that she doesn’t matter and Bell makes it his mission to prove to her that she’s wrong. Things get heated from there.

Well, here you go I guess. Sorry it took me so long, but it is quite a long fic. I am still trash and this gets hella smutty in the end, so enjoy! 😄


“Prisoner 2-1-8, face the wall.” You do as Shumway says. “What’s going on?” You ask, clenching your fists. “Quiet! Hold out your right arm.” This command coming from the guard with the riot helmet. You turn around to see a box lined with heavy, metallic wristbands.

“No, Mr. Shumway, I-I don’t turn eighteen for another week!” You try to explain as the other man grabs your arm. Placing the wristband on you. It hurts like a son of a-.

They start dragging you down the halls. You see only a few other prisoners being dragged off. The rest of the cells are empty.

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Shumway and the guard with the riot helmet pulled you forward, moving even faster to the dropship.

“Where are you taking me?” The urgency in your voice only gets you an eye roll and another jank forward. You start to lean against them once you feel a prick in your side. The masked guard’s tranquilizer gun has gone off against your ribs. The last thing you hear before blacking out is a familiar voice, saying: “It’s gonna be ok, Y/n. I’m right here with you…”

A single thought echoes through your mind- He’s here…Bellamy.


You wake up to the sound of loud buzzing and metal clanking. You’re strapped into place. There’s people all around you, prisoners.

Soon enough the whole dropship shakes violently. A few girls scream beside you. “That was the atmosphere.” You hear a guy explain. The tv screens turn wavy and gray before a familiar face appears. Chancellor Thelonius Jaha.

“Prisoners of the Ark, hear me now. You’ve been given a second chance.” His voice seems awfully calm, enough that it kinda makes you want to rip off his head. You wrap your fingers around the seat straps. “And as your Chancellor, it is my hope that you see this as not just a chance for you, but a chance for all of us. Indeed for mankind itself.” Is he really talking about…the ground?

“We have no idea what is waiting for you down there. If the odds of survival were better, we would’ve sent others. Frankly, we’re sending you because your crimes have made you expendable.”

Expendable! Expendable? He kept talking but listening to this crap would’ve made you even angrier and more confused than you already were. You were grinding your teeth and clenching your fists. Barely even noticing anything that Jaha was saying. Something about Mount Weather, supplies, other things about getting your records wiped clean. All most definitely bullshit.

You see one of the boys float past you. Yes, float. He’s mid air. Doing flips and grinning. “Whoo! Yeah! Spacewalker strikes again!” Nearly everyone around you is cheering for the idiot that unstrapped himself from his seat. He’s conversing with two of the more ‘elite’ prisoners. A blond girl, you presume that’s Clarke, a council member’s daughter. And a black guy, Wells Jaha. He himself had never done anything to you. You’d barely even talked. But everything his father had done made you despise him. That may be unfair, but it is true.

More idiots start leaving their seats. Doing everything in their power to well…resist the power. To resist Clarke, whose voice sounds pathetic now, trying to get everyone back in line.

Suddenly, metal clanks, people fly against the floor and walls of the dropship, everyone screams and shrieks, sparks fly and smoke arises from the broken pipes. Everyone is freaking out. It must’ve been the parachutes, you presume. Atleast they deployed. You feel another kick. The rockets. It takes only a minute for the machines to dial down.

“Listen. No machine hum.” A kid states close by. That’s a first. It’s all…quiet. For a moment there is just, deafening silence. That is until everyone starts unbuckling their seatbelts. Clarke rushes to the idiot pancakes, who no longer seem to be breathing. Everyone else heads to the lower level. To the door.

“Back it up guys!” -Bellamy. He is here. You’d almost forgotten hearing his raspy voice. He argues with Clarke about opening the door. At some point Octavia shows up, hugging Bellamy. She’s really grown since you last saw her. You never even knew she existed until the day they’d dragged her off to the Sky Box. Bellamy was a mess after that, but no matter what, you’d always stood by his side.

The people start pointing at her, calling her the girl under the floor. Bellamy has to hold her back so she doesn’t attack anyone. He suggests that she should be the first one on the ground in a hundred years. Bellamy pulls the lever and the dropship door lowers.

An almost blinding light hits your eyes. You’re standing behind a lot of people, hoping not to be noticed.

“We’re back, bitches!” Octavia yells as she steps on the ground. Everyone runs out of the dropship, cheering. You follow the masses.

Your mind is wiped clean as the fresh air brushes against your face. It smells, sweet. For the first time, your surroundings have a life of their own. Everything’s colorful. Filled with the most beautiful shades of green. There’s bushes and trees all over. The sun has never seemed more beautiful, never been warmer. The sky is a bright blue, instead of the harsh black you’d only ever seen before. It’s breathtaking. The ground has give, it seems soft under your boots, unlike the cold floors back on the Ark.

“Y/n!?” You turn around to see him. Bellamy slowly comes closer to you. “Oh god, it’s so good to see you, Y/n!” He picks you up, wrapping you in his warm embrace. You hug him back, barely believing that this isn’t all just an illusion. You’re on the ground, you’re free, you’re with him. This only ever happened in your best dreams.

“I missed you so much…” Your voice sounds as a weak whimper against his shoulder. You won’t let yourself cry in front of all these people, though you wanted to. “I missed you too, Babe. So much.” He whispers in your hair. “I need to get a few things sorted, I’ll be right back.” He pecks you on the lips and turns around, jogging towards a group of guys. As much as it confuses you, as much as you want him to stay right there and drag this moment out forever, you understand. He knows what he’s doing, this is for the best.


It’s been a week. Bellamy has taken complete control over the camp. They’re building a wall to keep out the grounders. They had Jasper, one of the kids who had gone out to try and bring food back from Mount Weather. You had mostly been on food duty, though Bellamy rarely let you leave his sight.

He was always around, but never completely there. You two shared a tent, but rarely ever spent time there together. You understood that Bellamy felt like he was the only one who could handle things around camp. That he felt like he needed to be available for assistance 24 hours a day.

That hadn’t made him very available for you. Even his kisses seemed distant, urgent. As if he would rather be somewhere else.

You were half way to downing another cup of Monty’s moonshine. It tasted like crap, but it got the job done. You’re glaring at the back of Bellamy’s neck from a distance. Hoping not to be seen but not really caring.

“Hey, Y/n, right?” Octavia walks up from behind you having also finished her chores for the day. “Uh, yeah. Would you like to sit down?” You scoot over as she accepts your offer. “So I heard that you’re still dating my brother. Is that correct?” She gives you an innocent look, yet you can’t help but have to think longer about your answer. “Actually, um. I’m not so sure anymore.” You glance back at Bellamy. It might be the alcohol but you almost feel like bursting out in tears.

“What does that mean?” You look back at her confused stare. “Well, you know how he is. How he has to be in charge. I mean…he barely has time to look at me.” She grins a bit. “Is that why you’re staring?” You look back at the ground, blushing a little, slightly ashamed.

“Ok, Y/n. Trust me when I say this.” You look up at her calm features again. “You have nothing to worry about. I know he’s been busy but that’s just how he is. I mean, the way he used to talk about you back on the Ark. How much he missed you when you got locked up. Have you seen the way he looks at you? Like you’re an ocean and he is just so desperate to drown. I wish I had something like that.”

She looks back at the rest of the workers, taking a sip of your stolen moonshine. You can’t help but remain doubtful, yet another drop of hope, has been poured into your mind.


“No! Let-let go of me! Help! Please don’t do this!” Murphy and Atom were keeping your face above a lit fire. The smoke stinging your eyes, tears streaming down your face. The stink in your lungs making breathing difficult even without Murphy’s hold on your throat. Your squirming and kicking seemingly useless.

“Hold her still! Keep her quiet!” They yell other such commands to each-other. “Even Bellamy’s little princess shouldn’t be above our rules here now should she?” You can feel Murphy and Atom both grinning behind you. They must feel so powerful, so proud. You on the other hand have never felt weaker. You can’t even scream now, the ash is coating your throat with a thick, sore layer.


“You don’t even care do you?” You keep limping away from him. Leaning against every tree that comes your way. “What are you even talking about, Y/n?” “You! Ever since we got here it’s like everyone is starring in your own fucking Bellamy show, and the star of the night is always you! They all do what you want!” You yell, only facing him for a second before continuing your rather pathetic attempt of getting away.

“Have you lost your damn mind? Just come back inside the gate, Y/n. We’ll talk about this when you’ve calmed down.” You keep walking and he grabs your elbow. You turn around furiously, too weak to rip your arm out of his grip, so you just stare at him angrily.

“Look, what Murphy and Atom did to you…they had no right, and they are going to pay as soon as we get back. But we do have to go back.” You shake your head in disbelief. “You can go. There’s nothing for me back there.” He grabs your shoulders before you can turn back around. He looks at you, confused. His eyebrows drawn together. “You have me. You know that.”

“Do I? Cause, you’re never around. We barely talk. You never ask me about anything, you keep secrets. And after all that…maybe it was even you that told them to rip off my wristband like that. And even better- to make it believable.” You feel a tear escaping your eye. You lower your head in defeat. Eyes drifting away from his to once again hide the pain you’d hidden from him so far.

He wipes the tear off your flushed cheek with his thumb, gently tugging your jaw upwards. Forcing you to face him. “I don’t know what to say.” You can see the hurt in his eyes. “Can we please just…not say anything?” There’s no more tears. You feel empty. You’d finally gotten everything off your chest. Though that had probably only made him feel worse. Now you just wanted to make things better.

He seemed to be analyzing your every feature. Every slightest bit of movement. After a while of following his eyes you break the silence. “Can we just, pretend this…never happened. Just- go back to camp or something.” He doesn’t seem to notice how uncomfortable you’re feeling under his peering eyes.

After another moment of silence, he places a hand behind your head, lightly pulling you closer. Your lips seal and a warmth washes over you. All your worries seem to fade. He often had that affect on you.

With a slight lick over your lips you part your mouth, allowing him to deepen the kiss. His hand starts sliding up your side, giving you a gentle squeeze on the ribs below your breast. You start to loosen up. Your body seems to be melting toward his. He pulls away from the kiss to look into your eyes. “What?” You ask him, feeling as if there is something wrong. “I love you, Y/n. And I’m gonna make sure you remember that.” He says, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“What are you talking ab- oh!” You quickly grab onto the back of his head as he starts kissing your neck. Even more passionately than the kisses before. He sucks and tugs at the sensitive skin leaving marks on your complexion, meanwhile tightening his grip on your hips. You throw back your head and close your eyes. The sensations almost overwhelming. It had been months since the last time you’d had sex. You had been praying for this moment for what seems like eternity.

He grabs ur ass and the back of your thighs, lifting you up against a nearby tree. The bark scrapes through your thin shirt, but that somehow turns you on even more. His kisses trail higher now across your chin. He lifts your arms and only lifts his lips to remove your shirt and his. He tosses them to the side and lands his kisses back on your lips.

He’s pulling you unbelievably close, both of you trying to tear off the other’s clothes as fast as possible. His lips trace down your neck, grabbing your breasts and kneading them. He lets you back onto your feet, leading his kisses between your breasts. He reaches his hand around you to swiftly remove your bra, letting it drop to the forest floor. He laps around your nipples, your hands digging into the bark of the tree, trying hard to find some steady ground.

His kisses trail lower. He hastily rips off your pants, leaving you in just your panties. He slips his fingers to your core, simply lifting the light fabric aside. “So wet for me already. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m gonna make it up to you.” You open your eyes to see him staring at yours intently, kneeling down in front of you. He’s not gonna tease you, not this time. This time he’s gonna give it to you just like you need him to.

He rubs his thumb in tiny circles around your clit. Sending vibrations and waves of pleasure cursing through you. He then licks over his lips as he slides two fingers into you. “Oh, God!” You yelp, grabbing the firm muscles on his arm. He smirks at you. “That’s ok but, most people call me Bellamy.” In normal circumstances you would laugh at that, but this wasn’t by far normal circumstances. He started moving his fingers as soon as you loosened your grip on his arm, moving expertly against your g-spot. He starts kissing your abdomen slowly, letting his breath send shivers across your skin.

You can’t help but let the moans escape your throat and let your hand run through and grab onto his soft hair. “You gonna come for me, baby? It’s ok, just let go.” His words are the last thing you need to push you over the edge, squirming and shaking, him holding your hips still with his free hand. “Oh fuck! Bell-oh my-god.” He slows down his actions, letting you come down from your high. He closes his eyes and licks his fingers, letting out a low moan of satisfaction. “Mmh.. Still taste so good. Still so tight.”

You pull him up to his feet kissing him passionately, tasting yourself on his tongue. He wasn’t lying, you did taste good. You both start wrapping around each other, kissing like two long lost lovers, as you were. You sneak your hand down his bare chest, working slowly at the buckle and zipper. He lifts himself away from you, letting you pull off his pants and underwear, his erection springing free. Precum dripping from his slit.

You trail down your hisses as he settles in. One hand leaning against the thick tree behind you and the other holding a handful of your hair. Closely eyeing every single movement. You start rubbing your hand up and down his shaft, earning a moan and a little squeeze of your hair. You circle your tongue around his tip ever so lightly as he lets out a shaky breath. He has been missing this just as much as you have.

You lap up all the precum in your way before sucking at his tip, going deeper with each thrust of your hand. He’s now edging you to quicken the pace, letting his head fall back a couple times, body still slightly slouched over you. You cradle his balls with your other hand, gently massaging at the sensitive skin between your fingers.

Soon enough you’re pulled to a halt, as he pulls you up on your feet and rips off your underwear. “Hey! I liked those!” You whine playfully. “You’re gonna like this even more.” He practically growls out his words, grabbing one of your feet to wrap it around his waist, holding it still and trusting himself into you. You gasp, pulling tightly at his skin. He lifts your arms up with his other hand. “I’m gonna keep these there ok?” You swallow and nod. Begging for friction where you need it most. Luckily Bellamy is one to oblige.

He starts thrusting in to you. Both of you glaring at the sweat dripping down your skins. It’s a hot day outside, but this is way hotter. You’re both grunting and moaning. Swearing and calling out to god. Each other’s names constantly filling the thick air between you. You can feel your abdomen starting to knot up, your back arching to meet Bellamy’s tightened abs. “Come on, baby. Let go for me. I’m right behind you.” Not long after that you can feel your body pulsating with pleasure, pushing your body in all directions, your pussy tightening around his cock. Soon after you can feel Bellamy’s rhythm starting to fade as his hot fluids run down your thighs. Both panting and smiling like idiots. If there were any animals around, they’d all been scared off by your loud moans and shouts.

He slides out from between your folds and lets go of your leg, also releasing your slightly reddened hands and giving them a loving kiss. “Sorry about that, I got a bit carried away.” He says looking in your eyes with furrowed brows. “Don’t apologize. You did what you said you were gonna do. You made it up to me, big time.” “But you have to promise me you’ll remember that I’ll always loved you like this.” You lift up his chin to face you. “How could I forget?” He gives you that adorable puppy looking smile and kisses you again, this time not with an animalistic passion, but with true and unfaded love. There’s no doubt in your mind. You are his, as he is yours.

Blood and Letting: A Feysand Pregnancy: part Nine


A knock sounded against his door and Cyrian lowered his pencil. Slowly getting up from his desk, he opened the door. Bay and Nate were standing there. Nate in his usual clothes and Bay in a hooded sweatshirt a few sizes too large, his hands in the pocket in front of it. Probably Nate’s. “What the fuck do you two want?”

“Need your help,” said Nate.

“Not interested. Go the fuck away.” He didn’t bother shutting the door before going back to his desk. He was busy and these two idiots were wasting his time.

“Cyrian. You’re going to want to help us.”

Cyrian picked up his pencil and began writing. “And why is that?”

“It involves your favorite past-time,” Bay said flatly. “Torture.”

Cyrian paused before turning around. “Who?”


He didn’t like the prick. Granted, he didn’t like anyone to begin with. But Keir was vile. He had seen some of the things the male had done to both males and females. It made even him disgusted. He lowered his pencil. “I’m in.”


Azriel tucked a hair behind Mor’s ear. His wife rested on the couch, her legs awkwardly crossed beneath her and a book rested on her stomach. She looked up at him, her warm eyes questioning. “What are you doing back here? Are you done?”

“I wanted to check on you and the baby before I began.” Get some warmth before he slid into his icy rage and got answers for his son. “What are you reading?”

“It’s about a girl who discovers she has power over sunlight.” She smiled.  “It’s pretty good. It’s a trilogy. I’m on book two.”

“Is she your favorite character?”

“No,” She smiled. “My favorite is the pirate prince.” His lips tugged into a smile. Her eyes assessed him. “What did you learn?”

He told her.


Rhys leaned against the doorway; his mate was feeding Biela in the chair, her hair draped over their daughter’s body. He closed the door, giving way to privacy. He picked Bat up from the crib and sat on the floor beside his mate.

Rhys winced. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

Feyre looked down at him in mild amusement. “You bite me all the time. So no. Not really.”

Rhys flashed her a grin before turning to look down at his son. “We’ll help him. Teach him to sign using his hands. We’ll all learn too.”

 Feyre nodded, her fingers brushing Biela’s cheek. “We all will.”

“He can still hear your voice, Feyre. We can still talk to him.” There was more than one way to speak to a person, especially if one was Deamaeti.

Her eyes lit up. “You’re right.”


Ice filled his veins. He wanted Keir dead and gone and forgotten. But first he needed his answers. Baylor needed his answers. They were going to get them, no matter how much pain and blood had to be inflicted and spilled.

Keir looked up at him, he gave him a bloody smile. “Well, well. If it isn’t Nathaniel and Bay.” His eyes slid to Cyrian. “And you.”

Cyrian unrolled his cloth with professional ease. The different blades gleamed in the light. He picked one up, inspecting the blade. He turned to Nate, his eyes cool. “Let’s begin.”


Bay knew that Nate hated Keir with a passion. But whereas he, himself, it was hot temper, with Nate, it was ice. He was kind like his mother, but raged like his father.

Nate crossed his arms, his eyes cold and unyielding. “You said to ask where Baylor’s father got the claw marks on his faces. That suggests you know who he is. How?”

“I would have thought you had more questions regarding why I hurt you. Instead you ask for him. How touching.”

“Wrong answer,” Nate said.

Cyrian slid his blade into the skin above Keir’s collarbone, imbedding it into the bone. Keir groaned at the pain.Cyrian picked up a second blade, positioning it beneath Kier’s knee cap. His voice was cold. “Let’s try that again.”

“I know because I did some digging into the Bastard fawning over you. I wanted to know where he came from.”

Bay knew where he came from. A cold and brutal camp where females were treated horribly. His mother was one of them. Her wings clipped, left there to fend for herself.

“Who is he,” Bay asked.

“I don’t know his name.”

“Wrong answer,” Nate said.

Cyrian slid the blade beneath the kneecap. His fingers perfectly still. “You still want to be able to stand? Answer him.”

“I don’t know,” Keir gritted out. “I just met him once.” Keir smiled coldly at him. “He looks just like you, you know.”

A chill went down his spine. “What are the claw marks from?”

Keir’s smile widened. “Your mother.”

His world stopped and turned on it’s side. He remembered her mania fueled lessons. “No means no, Baby. Never forget that.” She had beaten it into his head, nearly everyday before she died. And the times he had thrown a fit, he would never forget the look she gave him; it bordered on fear. Was he…

His heart pounded though every part of him. His stomach hurt. He took a breath. He needed to stay calm. Nate needed him.

Nate looked at him, his eyes were wide. “Do you need to step out?”

“No.” Bay turned to Keir and punched him in the face. The male’s nose broke beneath his fingers. “What else do you know?”


“Where is he?”

“I don’t know.”

Tell me,” Bay snarled.

“I don’t know,” Keir said. “How does it feel to know that every time your mother looked at you she saw her rapist looking back at her?”

His nails dug into his palms. This was too much. His head was filled with a deafening silence but at the same time his thoughts were bombarding him and choking him. Cyrian dug the blade up further. With a twist, a sickening pop filled Bay’s ears. Keir howled as Cyrian removed the blade and turned to him. “Keep it together, or get out. This is the reaction he wants.”

He could have a breakdown later. Not right now. Keir needed dealt with, Nate still needed him. He took a breath. “You’re right. Continue.” Cyrain studied him before picking up another of his baldes.

“What else do you know about Baylor’s father?”

“Nothing,” Keir panted. “I swear it.”


“Now then.” Nate said. “I want you to acknowledge what you did to me.”

He could feel Baylor’s eyes on him. Cyrian slid out another blade, positioning it between two ribs. “Start talking.”

“Are we talking about the females or the broken bones.” Keir panted. “There have been so many things, I can’t keep them all straight.”

“Are we talking about me sending female after female to you,” Keir asked. “You should be thanking me instead of condemning me to die.” The females he sent, their lips on his skin, in his hair, trying to get him to bed them. All make him attracted to females and to make his bloodline better. “I picked out each one. All beautiful, all from pure bloodlines. They were eager to get to know you.” They were and Nate hated each and every female that tried to put their hands on him.

Baylor’s face froze over, his hazel-green eyes lit with his bottomless anger. Nate knew he had a thing about people being touched. It was one of the reasons he kept it from him. Baylor would have snapped and killed Keir before he got the chance to.

“What are their names,” Baylor said.

Keir slid an amused, albeit painful, look to Baylor. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Nate stopped Baylor before he could rip out his throat. “Tell me,” Baylor snarled.

Cyrian slid the blade into Keir’s chest, blood spilled down his fingers. Kier groaned, listing the names. There were five. Nate had killed one of them, a while back. She was the last one to get near him. She had gone too far.


They were dead. Every single one of them. Bay would make sure of it. This damned place and the people living here. Monsters, every single one of them. He didn’t care if they were females, it was probably why Nate didn’t kill them. For putting their hands on Nate, he would become a monster, just like them, and butcher them all.

Sudden realization sunk in. Nate’s fascination with tattoos and piercings. Nate had several tattoos. On his forearms, a few on his back, his chest; he had his ear and lip pierced. He…he got them as a way to make his body his. Bay’s heart collapsed on itself and he was…murderous.

Nate’s face was ice, his hands clamped on him, holding him back, to keep him from killing Keir too soon. Bay wasn’t mad Nate kept this from him, he kept his own abuse from Nate. He had a suspicion Cassian knew though. Had a feeling Rhys had gotten in his head before he learned how to use shields.

Keir coughed, “And then there’s the broken bones, I suppose? I don’t see why you are complaining you can still waste your time by drawing.”

“I had to relearn how to draw over and over again because of you,” Nate said quietly.

Bay closed his eyes and took a breath. He had seen Nate struggle with pencils and charcoal. He had said it was from training exercises, from punching wrong. He sighed, and Ash had healed him. Which means Ash knew about this. He wouldn’t heal anyone without knowing why they were hurt.


Cyrian twisted the blade. He knew Nate valued art above all, well, besides Bay, his family, and wings. Keir’s scream was choked and broken. He took a limited amount of satisfaction from it.

He glanced behind him. He hadn’t seen Bay’s face like that before, or the sound coming from him. It was purely savage, Nate’s muscles were strained holding him back. If he didn’t know better, it was taking all his strength keeping Bay from attacking.

“Stop,” Nate said quietly. “He’s done. I got what I wanted.”

He turned to face Keir and smiled. “Looks like we’re done.”


Nate let Baylor go and turned to Kier. Keir looked up at him. His face bloody and unrecognisable. He was ready to let this go. His nails dug into Keir’s throat, and he pulled back, taking the skin with him; Letting Keir choke on his blood. Seconds later, he was dead.

He looked back, Baylor was gone.


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Tonight, You Belong to Me : Iwaizumi Hajime

Anon: Oooh how about a royalty au! Where reader is going to have to marry oikawa in an arranged marriage but she’s in love with her body guard Iwaizumi!!! And the night before the marriage she cries to iwaizumi to make her his just for the night


I want to start writing AU’s more frequently, so I might put up a poll for which AU I should write about first; what do you think? Let me know!

Female pronouns used!

Y/N smoothed down the front of her dress, frowning as she waited outside the banquet hall. She paused before she lifted her gloved hands to twist the seam from her wrist and fiddle with the rings on her fingers, only one left bare.

“I don’t like this,” She said quietly and Iwaizumi looked to her.

“Why not?” He asked, shuffling from his formal stance. “You should be happy, becoming queen.”

She scowled at the mahogany door in front of her and clenched her hands into fists. “I won’t become queen,” she hissed darkly, glaring furiously at the ornate gold door handle. “I will become a wife. I just don’t understand why I have to marry.”

Iwaizumi frowned and stepped forward to place his hand on the small of her back. She barely flinched but turned to look at him.

“You haven’t even met the Prince yet,” Iwaizumi pointed out with a small smile. “You may just like him.”

“What if he’s insufferable?” She asked matter-of-factly. 

“He won’t be,” he assured.

She sniffed and straightened up as the door in front of them groaned and began to open. She smoothed her dress down.

“He better not be.” Y/N muttered before she put on a brilliant smile and began to walk up to her place at the table. Three people had immediately stood up to greet her, her father and he mother and one whom was foreign. He had waves of luscious brown hair and had a smug smirk on his face as he took Y/N’s hand to kiss.

“Crown Prince of Seijou, Oikawa Tooru,” he announced as he leant back, flipping his hair. “And, my, my, you look positively radiant.” She opened her mouth to thank him before he turned away to interact with a lord. “Ah, yes, where was I? Ah! The Stag! Well…”

Y/N shot Iwaizumi a sour look.

Yes, the crown prince certainly was insufferable.

“Ugh, I hate this ring! It’s so flashy,” Y/N hisses as she tried to pry the brilliant ruby ring from her finger, to which she struggled with until Iwaizumi offered his help. She scowled further as she unclipped the matching necklace from around her neck. “What an insufferable Prince.”

She flopped onto her bed, face-first, a Iwaizumi watched in amusement.

“Now, now,” he said softly as he sat down beside her. “I don’t suppose he can be that bad…”

“Haijime, he was flirting with the maids, he was flirting with you!” She pointed out with a sigh. “He rides his horse so flashily, and he wears turquoise all the time, not to mention the awful jewellery he insists on wearing.”

Iwaizumi scowled at the memory before he blanched. “Yes, Well…” he trailed off. “Have you tried speaking to His Royal Highness?”

She nodded. “Of course. Right after the banquet where I met him, father only said that it would be good for the kingdom. And now, he’s going to propose tomorrow.”

“Really?” Iwaizumi asked, his eyebrow raised curiously. “You can tell?”

Y/N sat up with a knowing grin and clutched a plush pillow close to her chest, shuffling until she was facing him.

“Of course,” she told him as if it were obvious. “He’s been flirting with me and buttering me up all week. He’ll take me out to the gardens in the summer dress that mother chose for me - no gloves - and he’ll tell me how much he loves me and ask me to marry him.”

“You’ve certainly thought about this.” Iwaizumi joked dryly as Y/N leant back to look up at the ceiling.

“Then I’ll say yes. We’ll marry the next week, and it will be extravagant and we will receive congratulations from all four corners of the country, then we’ll move to his palace, of course.” She continued as she flopped back on the bed, still clutching the pillow. “His family will expect a heir, and I, as his wife, will have to comply, and of course he needs a Princess as well, so I suppose we’ll have another.

“We’ll grow old together and die in time for our son to marry and take the throne in our stead, and see our daughter bear grandchildren and get married herself.”

Iwaizumi felt as if his mouth was a desert as Y/N sighed and sat up again, shuffling back until she was leaning against her pillows.

“I don’t want that, Hajime.”

His voice felt as rough as sandpaper as he spoke next. “What do you want?” he asked and she blinked at him.

He felt his face heat up and immediately felt as if he had said something wrong, but she only blinked twice more before a small smile stretched across her face.

“No one has ever asked me that before,” Y/N told him, sighing as she closed her eyes. “It feels nice. To have a choice.”

“So, what do you want?”

“To marry whomever I love,” she replied simply. “We’d live in a cottage, and I’d work in the farm. I’d have as many children as I’d want and they’d get a choice too. I’d love them so, so much.”

Iwaizumi chuckled and shuffled closer to ruffle her hair. “You haven’t worked a day of your life, whats this about farms?”

She pouted and batted his hands away.

“Down, Hajime! Down! I can dream!” She protested but Iwaizumi only laughed and ruffled her hair further.

“Alright then,” he leant down to press a kiss to her forehead. “Sleep well Princess.”

Iwaizumi exited the room to her flushed cheeks and dazed eyes, collapsing outside her door as soon as it was shut, a hand covering his mouth as his cheeks flushed a brilliant red.

He shouldn’t have done that. He really shouldn’t have done that.

“Iwaizumi-sa—? Oh God,” Soon, Hanamaki was leaning in front of him and wiping away tears that he hadn’t noticed were falling, pushing his dark hair back from his face. “Oh… Iwaizumi…”

Iwaizumi pulled his hand from his face to press to his chest, pressing his fist firmly against where is heart should be. Using the other to wipe away the falling tears.

“It hurts,” he whispered, finally feeling the sobs that wracked his body. “It hurts, Maki, it hurts, so, so much…”

Hanamaki smiled sadly and pushed back Iwaizumi’s hair again, resting a hand over Iwaizumi’s fist.

“That’s love, Iwaizumi,” Hanamaki told him as Iwaizumi felt the ache and clutched the fist closer to his chest, trying to dull it out. Hanamaki just rubbed soothing circles on his cheeks. “Horrible — isn’t it?”

Iwaizumi looked up at the knock at his door.

He expected a lot of things when he opened it, he realised as he pulled it open, but he didn’t expect the Princess to collapse into his arms and to begin gripping at his clothes, sobbing and crying and begging him to stay with her.

“Princess, Princess,” he soothed as he checked the hallway, pulling her in to shut and lock the door tight in a hurry. “Calm down, please. What’s wrong? As your bodyguard—”

“Run away with me Hajime!” She cried, and he stopped in place, staring down at her puffy, red eyes and the tears streaming down her blotchy cheeks. “Run away with me, and marry me…” she repeated quietly.

“Princess, I—”

“We’ll change our names and marry and-and, I have some money saved… we can get our cottage and-and w-we can l-live there t-togeth-ther.” She continued, huffing out breaths of air and sobs as she cried. “We’ll g-grow o-old, and-and-and—”

“We can’t run away,” Iwaizumi told her firmly, although eh desperately wanted to agree. “We can’t.”

She looked up at him with wide eyes.

“I can’t marry him, Iwaizumi, I can’t but I have to… I have to…” She trailed off and lent fully on him, sobbing into his shirt. “I don’t want him… I don’t… I… I love you!”

In that moment, Iwaizumi felt as if his world had fallen apart and he was plummeting into a bottomless pit. What he was feeling was forbidden, something that could get him executed or relieved from service, and now she loved him as well, and it got so, so much worse.

“Y/N, you can’t- you can’t love me.” He protested firmly. “You’re desperate… you can’t.”

She drew back from him, staring at him with hurt eyes and new, fresh tears streaming own her cheeks. Pushing back from his chest to stumble closer to the door, yet not leaving.

“I can, and I do,” she said angrily, and Iwaizumi felt his heart clench. “I love you. I love you so much it hurts!”

“You can’t choose me!”

She glared at him furiously, stepping forward as her hands clenched at her sides. 

“You think I chose you? I didn’t choose you. I took one look at your amazing hair and adorable laugh and beautiful smile and I knew I was going to fall in love with you.” Y/N pressed a hand to her chest, right above her hear and formed a claw, gripping at herself. “Every time you smile or laugh, I feel the ache and know I can never have you, because even though you are always by my side, you are so far away.

“I love you.”

Iwaizumi felt the ache in his chest and they stood opposite from each other, looking at each other and saying nothing — yet the silence was deafening, and the nothing meant everything.

In two strides Iwaizumi crossed the room to caress her face in his hands, pressing kisses to her forehead and nose and cheeks, brushing away her tears with his thumbs as she smiled so softly and closed her eyes; only opening them to look at him again before he dipped forward to catch her lips in a kiss she had waited years for.

His lips were warm against hers, and his skin was a map of a place she hadn’t discovered yet as she trailed her fingers up to rest on his arms, gripping him tightly. The other hand was lifted to press against his hand on her cheek as they kisses, keeping it there.

“Make me yours, Hajime,” she told him softly when he drew back, the words a promise on his lips. “Make me yours.”

Just for the night, hung in air around them, unspoken but heavy.

Iwaizumi only leant forward again to capture her lips. And he would, he promised himself. He would.

“ But, just because love is beautiful — does not mean that it is always happy. ”

{PART 18} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & the rest of GOT7)

Genre: Angst, slight fluff

Summary; As you, Jackson and Jaebum come to terms with what’s happening, you get let out of the hospital and taste freedom for the first time since your accident. However, you take one step closer to come face to face with Jaebum once again - to hopefully, once and for all, figure out how you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

This scenario contains text message imagines ^_^

{Part 1} // {Part 17} {Part 18} {Part 19: Next Week}

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 13


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

It took you a full minute to process what the words said and meant.

Then you panicked.

You were out the bedroom door in seconds, running down the hall to the nearest door. You pounded on the wood, hoping against hope that there was actually someone behind it. In such a large place, you knew it was entirely possible that you were the only one on this side of the house.

After a few seconds, a sleepy and confused Taehyung opened the door. “Park Jimin, if you do not have a very good reason—Oh.” He finally opened his eyes and looked at you. “What’s wrong?”

You opened your mouth to answer, but when no sound came out, you just shoved the note at him. He reacted much faster than you had, looking up at you with wide eyes.

“Where was this?” He asked carefully. “Do you know who wrote it?”

You shook your head. “It… It was under my pillow?”

Taehyung didn’t wait to hear anything else, taking off down the hall. There was a rushing in your ears, and even though you were vaguely aware that Taehyung was yelling, you weren’t sure what he was actually saying.

Seokjin was the first to respond, walking out of a room in a bathrobe looking thoroughly irritated. The annoyance vanished from his face however when he registered what Taehyung was saying. You followed the two deftly as they made their way to the giant staircase. Namjoon must have heard the commotion, as he made his way quickly up the stairs towards the three of you, followed closely by Jimin and Jungkook.

They formed somewhat of a circle, their voices becoming more hushed. You hung back, not sure that you wanted to know what they were discussing. You wished they would suddenly turn around and tell you that it was all a joke, that they were just messing with you. But when you saw the grim expressions on their faces, you knew that wasn’t the case.

“What on earth are you doing?” You heard Yoongi’s voice from behind you, and turned to see him stepping out from a door not far down the hall. His hair was damp, and he had a towel slung over his shoulder. “Don’t you people sleep?” He frowned as he walked closer, assessing the situation. Everyone had stopped talking once he made his presence known, and the silence was deafening. “What?” He asked suspiciously as he approached.

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Summary: You and Dean take on the hunt back in California while Jess recovers with Sam in hospital

Words: 4,133

Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess

Warnings: late miscarriage, angst, slight dub-con; this isn’t a fluffy chapter at all

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ series rewrite, you can find the masterpost here

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She is Lost

The girl with the wild hair and lost eyes had been at Wool’s for four months before Tom had met her, having been finishing his sixth year at Hogwarts when she was taken in. He had thought it curious when he heard that Mrs. Cole had taken on another charge, considering the fact that she was- to their estimations- anywhere from fifteen to seventeen years in age; far too old to have had any chance of being adopted, far too old to really be deserving of any pity. Space in the cramped and run down orphanage was scarce, and food was even scarcer, the effects of the muggle war tolling heavy on the supplies available to the public. Nearly everything was rationed, kindness included.

The girl with the strange sounding name had earned the concern of Mrs. Cole, had been pathetic enough for the old caretaker to want to take her in, protect her. She was covered in grime and blood when the police officer discovered her, the orphans had whispered behind their hands. Was found huddled on the streets of London, bewildered and frightened, with nothing in her possession aside from the tattered clothes, and a curious necklace that had been shattered. She had no memory of who she was, or where she was from, whatever accident she had gotten into having robbed that of her, the same force that embedded the glass of her brass pendant into her chest, scarring the skin. She was brought to the gates of the orphanage after having seen a physician, the head injury she had sustained partially healed among the many other injuries.

‘No one has claimed her.’ 'Victim of the war.’ 'Consistent with a great fall, and an assault.’ 'Has nowhere to go.’ 'Has no memory, terrible amnesia.’

Those were the words that she was marked with, and Mrs. Cole with a sigh had taken her in. Had cleared a room for her in a linen closet, set up a cot. She did not need a wardrobe anyway, as she had nothing to put in it.

Tom had been back within the walls of the building for only a day when he had learned that she was regarded as a  pariah of sorts among the orphans, that she was spoken of only under their breath. 'Strange,’ they called her. 'Crazy.’ They eyed her in a way that was familiar to Tom, as they had looked to him with the same gaze. Wide eyes filled with fear of the unknown, with confusion to what this being before them was, what they were capable of. 'She does things like Tom used to do. I don’t trust her,’ one of them had said when they did not see him around the corner, their tone repulsed and filled with hatred, dripping like acid.

It took only three days into his return for him to see why, when he was startled from his sleep once more by screams, the walls undulating with her yells of pain. Grabbing hold of his wand, he followed the sound of her cries, thrusting open the door to the linen closet with every intention of silencing her. Three nights had gone by without sleep, three nights he had sat in his bed with the pillow over his ears as she wailed and thrashed from whatever nightmare or possession she was under. He was going to keep her quiet, the same way he had kept Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop silent.

The door flung open, and suddenly the screaming stopped, the girl sitting up straight in her bed with a gasp as she awoke, her honey brown eyes wide and searching for him in the darkness of the room. He had closed the door behind him, the click of the door as it settled in the frame and was locked wandlessly like a harbinger, and she stood at the noise.

“I’m growing very tired of your screams,” he said, his tone dangerously low, like a growl in his throat. His hand rose before him, the wand clutched tight in his grasp, only to feel a sharp pull from it, watching in awe as it was suddenly flung from his fingers. The wand collided with the wall behind her, bouncing off it and falling to the floor unceremoniously, rolling down the slightly uneven wooden planks. His nostrils flared, his brow twitched. Anger filled his chest like a well, a reservoir of it, and he took a step forward, his eyes narrowed at her. Before he could draw from it, could tap into the magic he had used so often as a child until he began channeling it through his wand, a great force hit him in the gut, the breath expelled from him as it did so.

He was shoved back by invisible hands, his body roughly crashing into the shelves behind him. All at once they broke, though not through any physical means, and he stumbled to the floor, splintered wood and spare linens tumbling at his feet. The sound was deafening, and quickly followed by harried footsteps as various children and matrons ran to check on what had been the source. They banged on the door, voices calling for them to open it as it shook from the reverberations of their fists.

But he did not, instead leveling his eyes so that they met Hermione’s, his anger replaced with interest. She was a witch then, whether or not she knew it, and the air sizzled and cracked with her magic, he could feel it pulsing through the air. It was suffocating, billowing around him like smoke from a fire.

The door finally ripped open as he unlocked it, turning to look at the sea of faces in the threshold, Mrs. Cole rushing through them so as to look between him and Hermione, worriedly. “I heard her screaming so I came in here to see if everything was alright, but I tripped,” he lied, motioning to the mess surrounding him.

He was told to return to his room, and he had done so, his wand carefully concealed in his sleeve, thinking back to the girl who wasn’t just a girl. She was a witch, with untapped potential, with magic overfilling her and begging to be released and realized. Begging to be controlled. Perhaps this summer wouldn’t be as drab or as dull as the others.

She is a Witch

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