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Oh my gosh friends, I have hit a truly outstanding milestone!! Honestly, I really never expected to ever get here, and I have been so grateful for every new follower and every new “milestone” that I hit and really, I should have been doing this all along. Because I was truly awed and thankful when I had reached the point of having 25 followers, and I have often wished there was something I could do to thank people for being with me here on this blog.

But here is an amazing thing and I would very much like to thank you for being here! Giveaways seem to be the standard approach, so I will try a writing giveaway first, and if that doesn’t work (as in, if absolutely no one wants this), then I’ll come up with some other giveaway =D

I am calling this the “Will You Ever Write” Giveaway, because this giveaway is designed to give people (well, one person) the chance to dictate the next story I write. I often get questions along the lines of “will you ever write a longer version of [blank] AU” or “this pairing in this AU” or “this anime” and this giveaway is specifically designed to say, “yes! I will! And you can choose what that is!”

I am promising one *at least* 5k long story to the grand prize winner of this giveaway. This person can choose to request that I write a full-length (at least 5K) story for one of the AUs that I have written in short format on tumblr but have yet to continue as a longer thing.

That means, you could choose a full length version of:

(Designation: Miracle and Fairy Tale AU are off this list because I have too many plans for what’s in D:M and the Fairy Tale AUs are being written regardless)

OR you have the option of designing a brand new AU for ANY of the fandoms I have written for:

  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Haikyuu
  • Eyeshield 21
  • Ookiku Fuributte
  • Free!

(provided it is a ship I have written before). Just pick an AU trope you would like to see me write for a fandom (Coffeshop AU, Superhero AU, etc) and I will do it!

OR if there is a fandom I haven’t written for that you’d really like me to, we can negotiate that too! 

Boku no Hero Academia and Yuri on Ice are two that I would certainly love to write for. Any *anime* that has appeared on this blog is also fair game, although I have varying degrees of familiarity with the stuff on this blog so thus why negotiations might have to be made.

The only rules/restrictions I put on fic are:

  1. All fic will be SFW,  although I am comfortable with writing darker themes if you want darker themes. (Think along the lines of what has appeared in D:M).
  2. It really does have to be for a ship I ship, sorry, but I am open to writing friendship fic between any pairing
  3. for length’s sake, it has to be limited to one ship, but if you would like to see cameo appearances of another ship, that’s something that can happen too.
  4. I do reserve the right to ask you to pick something else, if you happen to pick an AU or a fandom that I am very uncomfortable writing for. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, I’m just reserving the right to say that.

Rules of the giveaway! Likes and reblogs each count! This is for my followers, but I have to be honest with you, I’m probably not going to know if you don’t follow me. You can reblog however many times you’d like, it each counts as an entry. Grand prize will be picked by random generator. Deadline for entry is September 4, 2017 at midnight. I will notify the winner through message and give them a week to respond; if they do not respond the random generator gods will pick a new person. The winner and what they chose will be announced publicly after confirmation and negotiations have been finalized.

I think I’d probably even do a 2nd and 3rd place winners for a 1K fic or 500 word drabble, if they want.

And, you know, if no one wants this, I will come up with some other way to thank people! I promise =D

I’m going to reblog this a couple of times before the deadline to give people the chance to see it, since I suspect people missed out on the last offer I made. So if you are tired of seeing this on your dash, please avoid the tag #willyoueverwritegiveaway, because that’s what I will be using.

Thank you again, friends!! I cannot express how happy this makes me :)

Royal Pains: The Confession

Chapter two

Read chapter 1 and 3 and 4!

Emma has had some doubts clouding her mind and Killian does his best to help ease her worries.

Rated M

You can find more of my work on Ao3 and FF!

It was a peaceful spring day in Storybrooke, Maine. The birds singing, the flowers were blooming and Emma was showing. She was almost twenty weeks along and she was already feeling enormous. Realizing that the internet and her mother was right. Your second baby will start to show way sooner than your first. And even though it had been a while since she had Henry, Emma remembered every bit of her pregnancy. At five months with Henry she just had a cute little bump, but with this one she felt like a beached whale.

She stared into the bathroom mirror analyzing every aspect of her body. A part of her hated the way she looked. She couldn’t fit into any of her clothes anymore and she felt self conscious about being naked even if she was by herself. Killian on the other hand hasn’t seemed to mind one bit about her bodies recent changes. In fact he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Constantly telling her how beautiful and sexy she was, always wanting her at anytime of the day. And to be honest Emma hadn’t minded that part, ever since she got pregnant she had been horny as hell, never being able to get enough of her pirate. But since she’d gotten bigger, Emma hasn’t wanted to be intimate.

It had been a two week drought and Emma knew it had to been killing him, but he never pressured her about it. He had never even asked. And on the other hand Emma felt guilty for feeling so shitty about how she looked. She was growing a human life inside her and all she could worry about was her appearance, and worrying if she was no longer desirable. But deep down Emma knew that it wasn’t just about her image. She was out freaking inside. Would she be a good mother? Did she deserve to have another child? Will she fail this one too, like she failed Henry?

There were so many questions buzzing around in her pregnant mind. Emma knew part of the problem was the fact that she was pregnant and her hormones and emotions made thinking rationally next to impossible. The one thing she did know, was she needed to talk to Killian about this. He always knew what to say, and was so incredibly supportive. Emma didn’t know why but she felt tears beginning prickle in the corner of her eyes. Just before the full water works began she heard the front door open downstairs.

“Emma, are you home? I picked up your favorite soup on the way home if you’re hungry,” Killian shouted from the entry way. When he didn’t hear any response or noise upstairs he started to worry. He dropped the soup on the dining room table and booked it up the staircase.

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The Arcana Chapter V - Theories and reactions (Part 1)

AKA Dream analysis and more Muriel!

So… THE NEW UPDATE IS FINALLY OUT FOR iOS!! I GET TO SEE JULIAN AGAIN. *primal screaming* And let me tell you… Wow, some things I thought I was ready for, and I wasn’t ready for it. I just wasn’t ready. As a result, this is probably going to be one of my longest, continual theory things to date. I’m sorry for the length, but I’ve just got a lot of thoughts and feelings right now.

I know that normally I would post my chapter 5 playthrough, but this coin thing has really messed me up - I chose an option that spent coins, so now I don’t have enough coins to replay the options to write up my playthrough. 

Instead, this is going to be a breakdown of everything that happened, all the pieces that are now falling into place to help put this puzzle together. I’ll work through all the different sections, which means this will undoubtedly have to be broken into at least 2 parts. Most likely more.

What did we get? 

  • We got Portia temporarily joining our party, which was sweet. 
  • We got some more Muriel, which was awesome to see, because he’s barely existed this whole time (adding weight to my ghost idea, see previous short theories for more detail), and although he’s being cryptic I’m pretty sure that he’s actually giving us clues. 
  • We got coins, and I don’t know if I can handle the pressure of these coins. I’m serious, trying to decide what was worth it and what wasn’t was torture. Do I get the fancy clothes? What if something important comes up? Damn it, I need more coins now! 
  • We also got THAT GRIN, which I will be talking about a lot.
  • We finally got Asra to talk… UNTIL…
  • And finally, we got tears and heartbreak. The characters too, not just us.

So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road, because I feel some theories coming on!

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You’re Wrong

Requested by Anonymous

Pairing:  Naito/FC

Tags:  @lclb13 @lunaticfringe216 @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @lahey-trash @houndofjustice-imagines @swedish-strong-style @tvrnbvckle @keep-ydgn @phyreblue @devittsbalor @narwhalneglect @omegaliciousss @brezhonegselkea @irish-newzealand-inian-dutch @theworldiscolorful @artemisapalla316 @earl-01 @wrestlingismyfavourite @laziestgirlintheworld @wrestlingnoob

“You’re wrong and I’ll prove it.”


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Sherlock doesn’t have friends, but he’s too scary to be messed with. John gets bullied quite often so Sherlock decides to help (perhaps he likes the skull on John’s anatomy books?). John helps treats his wounds since he wants to be a doctor when he gets older. They make an odd pair.

Get Out

request: “I just found your page, so I don’t know if you wrote this one yet. Can you do a fluff/funny piece where you’re staying the night with Zico for the first time in the dorms and the other members keep interrupting your quiet time together?” ~madamleo

genre: fluff

pairing: jiho x you

word count: 1406

AFF link

A/N: I know the request said quiet time but I’m pretty sure this counts too. Also sorry for being a lil bit of a tease. ~Admin B

“Oh you do? Do you wanna go out then?” you asked Jiho as you put your milk back in the fridge. You used your free hand to stir the pot of noodles you were making for lunch.

“Actually I was thinking that since I don’t have to be anywhere tomorrow, that you could…come spend the night if you wanted to,” Jiho explained.

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My 8 Favorite Fusions.

I recently wrote a post about how I think that attitudes toward intergem fusions have changed on homeworld ( That got me thinking about fusions. Fusion is one of the more interesting concepts of the show as it could represent so much. Fusions also play a big role in some of my favorite episodes of the show (and some of my least favorites). Here’s my countdown of the fusions featured in Steven Universe featured from least favorite to favorite, not counting the cluster and same gem fusions. Let’s go!

8. Rainbow Quartz: 

Rainbow Quartz is at the bottom of my list for multiple reasons. One, she has no personality. Two, she has had only one appearance while all the other fusions on the list have at least two. Three, she was only fused so that Pearl can be a salty bitch. Four, her second set of eyes are so uncanny with them being completely different shapes and sizes. Maybe that’s the point, to inform the audience that’s there’s something a little off with this relationship, but it still creeps me out. Though one thing you can say about Rainbow Quartz is that she does embody the 80s. Also there’s the curiosity if Pearl and Steven could form her again and what would she look like.

7. Alexandrite:

Alexandrite is both weird looking and cool. Her design seems like a mish match of the crystal gems designs. Her second mouth is so weird, but I guess it’s creative. Though she does get the entire gem’s weapons, which is cool. She also kicked ass in Super Watermelon Island. I wish she debuted in that episode instead of the awful Fusion Cuisine. She probably would have been slightly higher on the list if it weren’t for her having the worst debut of all the fusions. Steven’s trying to convince Connie’s parents that he’s normal so his grand idea is to pretend that a 5 story tall, 6 armed, two-mouthed behemoth is his mom. My brain hurts, please just check out my take on how the episode should have gone (

6. Opal:

I imagine on other people lists she would rank higher since she was that introduced us to the concept of fusion. She’s got a neat design, an awesome arsenal and is considered beautiful despite making faces like this:

The problem I have with her is that she has no personality. Seriously, tell me one thing about her character that’s canon (not fanon where the fandom depicts her as forgetful and no comics). I would think that the fusion of Pearl and Amethyst would be more interesting, but she isn’t. Maybe she’ll get a personality eventually, but for now she’s pretty boring.  

5. Malachite: 

So far the only evil fusion (I’m not counting Sugilite as evil, way more on that later) Malachite is definitely an intimidating threat. She has Jasper’s anger and Lapis’ water powers. Malachite is meant to represent a toxic relationship symbolized by having her be a toxic gem. Her design is also great, being intimidating, monstrous, yet strangely beautiful (she does creep me out less than Rainbow Quartz). The only real disappointment is that she never became her own character. Fans theorized for a while that Jasper and Lapis would lose themselves in Malachite. Malachite’s new personality would be one of hatred and destruction, since she was formed through spite. Unfortunately, on Super Watermelon Island, she was still Jasper and Lapis fighting for control. Kind of disappointing, but she’s still awesome.

4. Sardonyx: 

She is probably the most divisive fusion on the list. Many love her; many hate her. Some hate her design and personality, but I personally disagree. I like Sardonyx’s design and the showman gimmick her character is given. She’s the only fusion where I feel like Pearl pointy nose doesn’t look awkward on, the second set of eyes actually work, and I actually don’t mind the gap in her teeth. I like her confident personality and the implications that this is what Pearl would be like if she was more confident. She’s also kind of a bitch which actually kind of works. I prefer confident bitch Pearl to a Pearl that does horrible things and plays the pity when called out for it (which is thankfully a change they seem to be going towards). It’s also interesting that she is dressed so fancily when two out of three of her components are lower class gems. The only problem I have with her is that she’s the namesake of my least favorite Steven Bomb, but I won’t hold that against her.

3. Sugilite: 

Sugilite is a cool gem. She’s confident, destructive and voiced by Nicki Minaj. Though she does have a sensitive sign, as she is willing to be nice to Steven and try to impress him. The only problem actually has nothing to do with the character herself, it’s with the writer’s framing of the character. In Coach Steven, we’re supposed to see her as a bad gem, but Pearl was actually way more unlikable. Sugilite was encouraging Steven to be strong; Pearl shamed him for working out (great message there guys!). Even at the end, Sugilite’s rampage wasn’t completely uncalled for as she was mad that Pearl left her and didn’t want to be split up. Yet the episode was saying that Pearl was in the right and that her actions are totally justified, to the point where she gets to scold everyone at the end of the episode and Garnet saying that they deserved it. God Coach Steven is such an overrated episode! I put Sugilite as high as I did because I felt bad for her more than writers wanted. We’re supposed to see her as an evil gem, but all she wanted to do was smash stuff, impress kids, and stay formed. Yes her rampage at the end of the episode was not the most ethical thing to do, but she wasn’t really more unlikable than Garnet was in Onion Trade or Too Far, or Amethyst in Maximum Capacity, or Pearl in too many episodes to count. It’s a horrible double standard that I really can’t stand. When Sugilite hits a smaller gem she’s mad at she’s evil, but when Pearl does it, it’s a cause for celebration.

I see Sugilite and Sardonyx being like a pair of sisters. Sardonyx is the “nice” sister who is well mannered (even though she is kind of a bitch) and Sugilite is the “bad” sister who doesn’t conform to normal society, is slightly scary looking, and is demonized for it. That’s probably why my dream battle would be Sugilite vs a Homeworld Sardonyx (preferably having smug Yellow Pearl as one of her components). I really want an episode or even story arch where Sugilite gets redeemed or Pearl and Sugilite come to an understanding. Maybe have it where Sugilite is trying to save Pearl from the Homeworld Sardonyx. There’s so much potential with this character, but she got screwed over by bad writing.  Let’s hope the writers give Sugilite her due.

2. Stevonnie: 

Sorry if that last entry was a little ranty. I really don’t like Coach Steven; fortunately Stevonnie’s episode Alone Together is one of my favorites so this will be way more positive. Stevonnie is the first and so far only fusion that has involved a human being and is Steven’s first fusion. I love their design and personality, both of which are a good mix of Steven and Connie’s. It also helps that the voice actress AJ Michalka does an amazing job; she effortless shifts her voice between making Stevonnie’s voice sound like Steven and Connie’s. There is also a lot of subtext in the character and the episode that is certainly open up to interpretation. Here’s Rebecca Sugar’s take on the character:

What cements Stevonnie at #2 is their potential. There’s a lot of foreshadowing that Stevonnie will play a big role in future events and that we will see them fight using Connie’s sword skills and Steven’s shield skills. There are questions on whether or not Stevonnie will become a perma- fusion like Garnet. There are the possibilities of their design altering as Steven and Connie grow up. Lastly, AJ Michalka is a singer, which means that we will probably get a Stevonnie song. Their potential puts them over the top of the other fusions on this list, but they had to lose to gem that’s Stronger than You.

1. Garnet: 

Yes this is a very obvious #1. She’s cool, funny, and sang one of my favorite songs ever. The episode where she was revealed to be a fusion is still my favorite episode of the show. The reveal of Ruby and Sapphire was also a very important one, not only in the show, but also in real life in terms of LGBT representation. Garnet’s not my favorite fusion, but might still be my favorite gem (though Peridot is coming closer and closer to beating her). A huge part of that might be because I love characters that don’t talk too much (or at all) yet still display a lot of personality. The sad truth is, that I almost didn’t put Garnet at #1. The reason is that I feel her being a fusion has taken over the rest of personality. Any Garnet episode (or most episodes that features Garnet prominently) in season 2 or 3 so far, she is constantly talking about fusion and what it means to be a fusion. It’s nice to learn some new stuff from her, but I want Garnet episodes that focused on other aspects of Garnet. It’s like a gay character that doesn’t talk about anything except being gay. It’s like “ that’s nice, but there has to be more to your personality than that”. Though I gave myself I mental slap for even considering doing that. Garnet is still the queen.

Preference #395: He finds your journal

Harry: He didn’t set out looking for your journal. In fact he didn’t even know that you had one. He was simply trying to find something he misplaced, and found it hidden behind a few of your t-shirts. Curiosity got the better of him right away, and though he knew he shouldn’t, he looked inside. The beginning wasn’t much. Just you talking about your days and life. It was interesting for him to see inside your mind a bit, but it wasn’t until he got to the date that he knew very well was the day he took you out for the first time, that your words really were the most amazing thing he’d ever read. “I know it’s been only a day. I’ve spent one night with Harry. But I think I’m in love. I won’t tell him that obviously. Not for a while at least. But I think he’s the one. Maybe I’m completely crazy. I don’t think so. I think I found the one who is meant for me.” He was wearing the biggest smile on his face, as he read those words a million times. He had many of the same thoughts that night, and it was amazing to know you both fell in love within minutes. It only showed him even more how much you two really were meant to be.

Liam: Watching you write in your journal every single night, Liam always asked what you were doing. He was so curious to know what words you’d jot down every day before laying down to sleep. You never told him a single thing though. Not even a hint as to what was going into it. You’d simply roll your eyes, and continue to write whatever it was. So one day, while you were out with a few friends, Liam decided he had wondered enough. He went right to where you placed it after every writing session, and carefully picked it up, almost as if it would shatter if he touched it too much. Flipping to a random page, he instantly knew why you kept this to yourself. Everything in this was about him. It was all about the relationship you shared. One page in particular made his heart break at first, only to bring him close to tears of happiness the more he read. “Sometimes I wonder how long I’ll be good enough for Liam. When will he decide he wants more than me? And then he looks at me with his eyes, and I can just see the love within them. I feel a bit foolish then. He does love me. I know he does. As much as I love him.”

Louis: Time and Time again you told Louis to leave your diary alone. You caught him more times than you could count trying to sneak a peek though. Finally you had enough. If he wanted to see it so badly, then fine. You left a journal right there on your bed, knowing very well he’d sit next to it while you were taking a shower. And when that exact thing happened, Louis wasted no time opening the book to some random page. It didn’t matter what page he went to though, they all would have said the exact same thing. “Enjoy reading nothing Louis. Love ya. <3” Every single page was just that. He rolled his eyes, and tossed it beside him. Going into the bathroom, he saw that you were stepping out of the shower. “Really [Y/N]? You don’t want me to read it so badly, you made a fake one?” Laughter left your lips. That really had gone too predictably. “I told you not to read it Louis. I knew you would though. So yes, I made a fake one. I really do love you though. I’ll let you know a little secret,” you wrapped a towel around yourself, before making your way to Louis, and placing your arms over his shoulders, “In my real journal, I say how much I love you so, so often.”

Niall: You weren’t exactly secretive about your journal. It wasn’t something you purposely kept Niall from reading either. He just never asked, and you never thought about it. It was your private thoughts after all. Niall didn’t really think about it much either, or if he wanted to read it, until one day when he found it while home alone. He didn’t really feel a need to read it, but found himself sitting down on your bed with it opened anyway. “I moved in with Niall today. I cannot believe I am able to write those words. It all still feels a bit unreal. I’ve never lived with a boyfriend before. I hope things go well. I don’t want to lose Niall because we rushed things. It’s almost been a year, so I don’t think we are. Maybe we are though? I guess we will see. I just love him so much, and I want things to go perfectly.” That entry would have caused Niall pain if he read it years ago. Now though, as he glanced down at his wedding band, he knew that you each understood now that moving in together when you had was 100% the right choice.

Zayn: For the first time in what felt like forever, Zayn was home alone. It felt like it was always the two of you, which he loved. He didn’t really like being there without you, but he was right now. You were visiting family, and he’d decided not to go along today. So he decided to surprise you and have everything cleaned when you got back. It felt like the right thing to do. It was while doing this that he stumbled across your journal. He didn’t even know you kept one. He’d never seen it before. He wasn’t even certain it was your diary. How was he supposed to know without opening it? Which is exactly what he did, and he missed you even more as he read the entry he’d opened to. “Today is just a Monday. Nothing important happened. Nothing exciting going on in my life. But it still felt like the most amazing day. I sound ridiculous, which is why I say it only in here. But when I’m with Zayn, every single day feels like the best ever. I know I am the luckiest girl out there, and I just can’t believe this life is mine. I love him more and more each day. He’s everything to me.”

If You Want to Romance Me...

Okay, I think I have had too much sugar and my love for my best friend has ruined me entirely (thank the friend for this prompt entry)! This is a solangelo comedy fic, but I have never purposely written a comedic fanfic, so enjoy! Sorry for any errors. 

Prompt: Character A wants something simple. Character B wants to go above and beyond. 

Nico tries not to think too much about it, but he does. He is truly worried. Not only because he had a death scare last week, or that Will almost fell off the lava course two days ago, or that Thalia decided to play a really mean prank consisting of lightening repeatedly striking his cabin (that triggered a panic attack that no one saw coming). Nico is worried because for the first time in his almost 16 years—actually 84 years, but who was counting — Will was late for their fourteenth scheduled “get together”.

In plain language, it was a date. But, Nico still has some anxiety about it and no one bothers to correct him if he decides to not label their relationship (one year and counting—the longest relationship both had ever had). So, when the knock sounds on the door, Nico thinks it’s Jason with his comforting persona, Feel Better and I’m Sorry Thalia is a Bit of Dick chocolate, and a nice hug. Yeah, Jason is his best friend because remorse turns him into a puppy and happiness makes him a cuddle monster. Instead, it’s Will, who is fifty-four minutes and six seconds late. Not that Nico was counting.

“What is this?” Nico raises an eyebrow. Will looks sloppy, and this is coming from the gay guy who literally walked outside wearing nothing more than a My Little Pony tee-shirt, Pac-Man boxers and SpongeBob Slippers after a thirty-six hour anime binge on his fifteenth birthday and never bothered to change. The 21st century and Netflix are a strange combination.

There are twigs in Will’s hair, singe marks on the lilies in his hand, and he is drenched form head to toe.

“I voluntarily threw myself into a river, Neeks.” Will sasses, but thrusts the flowers in Nico’s direction and the demigod has no choice but to take them.

“What the hell did you do?” He brings the older demigod inside.

“I just went into the store to buy you some flowers and was attacked by a fire breathing monster, and then it rained because only the camp has regulated weather, and then some guy tried to mug me so I ran to the subway, mind you that place stinks, until finally I left only to be chased by a minotaur, which Percy dispatched for the umpteenth time, like really thank the guy, until I realized I crossed the wrong side of the camp border and end up running through the woods until I knocked on your cabin door.” Will wheezes. “And all in less than an hour.” He looks slightly accomplished.

“Thank you?” Nico cocks his head as if to say Am I supposed to be impressed by your buffoonery? Like why didn’t you have weapons?

“Oh my god,” Will groans and covers his face. “You really don’t remember.”

“Am I forgetting a birthday? Yours isn’t coming for another two months.” Will slaps his own cheek.

“Last week, you said, and I quote you on this, ‘if you want real romance, make your man bring you something worth real money, then take on monsters weaponless in your honor, and complete the task in less than an hour’. I completed all of the requirements: I brought the flowers, took on some monsters, although I did not kill them, and I ran here in perfect time.” Will smiles.

“Dude, I was giving Calypso advice for how to torment Leo, not lead you on a suicide run.” He really needs to have a new conversation setting with his girls now. Nico and Piper can’t admire Channing Tatum’s body in Magic Mike together if Will going to be listening in. Heck, he won’t even be able to admire Captain America with Hazel if Will’s watching if it’s going to make the guy think he needs to eat five chickens a day to get amazing pecks (and they are amazing, thank you Not Another Teen Movie). “We’ll need to have a discussion about boundaries if I can’t have spa day with the girls.”

“But,” Will pouts and Nico just has to, he can’t not, if Will put all this effort into impressing him. Nico reaches up, on his tiptoes because he hasn’t reached his growth spurt, damn you Will Solace, and kisses some very wet lips.

“Thank you,” Nico blushes as he pulls back. “I appreciate all the effort, Will, but do you really think I want my favorite guy out next to monsters without a weapon to fight with. I don’t want you in harm’s way at all and that’s when we’re out on quests.” Will hugs and rolls his eyes.

“Am I really your favorite guy?” Will looks smug now and Nico punches him in the arm.

“Let me tell you a secret Will: If you want to romance me, all you have to do is knock on my door, kiss my brains out and ask if I want to watch a movie. Because I have Netflix and I have neither finished Daredevil Season 2 nor have I started House of Cards.” And Nico tries hard not to melt when Will lights up and it makes the freckles on his face shine and stand out and gods, isn’t he adorable. And Nico has to put up with his wide eyes and his perfect mouth and his perfect tan and his cuteness and his attentiveness. Because he lov—likes him that’s why.

Will reels Nico in for a kiss and its wet, twigs are falling on his floor, and the lilies are sort of dying in his hands, but it’s perfect and Nico wouldn’t change of think if he could just get off of Cloud Nine and use his brain again. Solace has shut off all thinking functions and capacities, again.

“Neeks, will you do me the honor of watching a movie with me tonight?”

“Hell yes!” Nico squeaks, but later he will deny it and the fact that his cheeks are cherry pink. He will also deny how he breathes out and starts to giggle from the endorphin overload. Dopamine is a mortal goddess and demigods should start praising their bodily functions more.

“Good,” Will smiles at him and Nico snorts.

“What?” It’s Will’s turn to raise his eyebrow.

“Well, you are an hour late for our date.” Will’s jaw drops when Nico drops the ‘d’ word. “So, I’ll have to punish you somehow. C’mon, I ordered the newest Friday the 13th film and we are so gonna watch it.” Will grimaces and whines as Nico bounces (he will deny any frolicking movements) over to the couch and inserts the disk into his blue ray player.

“Really, Nico. No, not horror films.” Nico has the audacity to look innocent.

“It gives you an excuse to cuddle with me.”

“I’m all in.”

Nico never does see the film. He’s too busy cuddling and making out with Will Solace on his sister’s purple couch. The next day, Jason will come by and ask why his couch is soppy and covered in leaves. Nico will not blush as he stares the son of Zeus out of his cabin. And he definitely does not blush when Piper wiggles his eyes at the seating. Nope, because Nico is getting on the phone and is calling his daddy to buy him new furniture. For reasons…