does this count as lyric art i

You told me not to be like anybody else
Head spin, happiness, death. 

 Bastille - Lethargy (Wild World, 2016)

lunaqveen  asked:

Once you get this, you have to say 10 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers! /(^3^)/

this is so sweet !! sorry i took so long to answer oops

  • my memory (my brain consists of song lyrics & the least-useful facts you can imagine—but i will remember these until my dying day i swear)
  • my sense of humour
  • my taste in music (does this count??)
  • i can read really fast
  • my passion
  • my open-mindedness
  • my eyes
  • i’m somewhat skilled at art
  • my sense of compassion 
  • I can laugh at myself

ty babe !


Music Trivia Contest!  This is one of my favorite cold worked dichroic jeweled necklaces,  pictured with one of my favorite ceramic pieces I’ve collected.  The pot is a music fan art piece with the entire lyrics of song written descending the vessel.  

The Prize:  One of my Cold worked dichroic jewels with stainless steel curb chain for FREE!  Sorry, it will not be the one pictured here,  (this one is mine).   

To enter and The rules:  Re-blog (a heart does not count) this post.  Send me a ask or note with the name of the song and artist.  Do not label the re-blog with the name of the song or artist in any way or you will be disqualified. I will cover the shipping up to $10. The winner will be picked randomly from the entries. The contest ends next Wednesday at 12 o'clock, midnight. (6/3/2015).          Check out my necklaces on  Etsy    Good luck!   Richard Elvis