does this count as graphics


Holy crap Kanji

                     does   this            count  as  a  graphic  ??   who  knows  ??    but  it’s  all  ive  got  rn  sh.   but  i  just  felt  like  i  should  thank  all  of  u  !!   bc  i  cant  Believe  i  already  have  two  hundred  ppl  following  needy  and  it’s   BARELY   been  three  days ,,,,,,   and  everyone  has  been  hella  lovely  and  im  just  pumped  to  write  with  everyone  so   thank  u   v  v  much  !!   whether  ur  a  new  mutual  here  or  u  followed  me  from  cissy  or  maggie  i  actually  Adore  u  ok.

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Stow Away PART 4 - Levi: No Regrets

So this is part 4, which means part 5, the last part, will be next week. I’ll already give it away tho because I can’t contain myself T.T If you are looking for the ‘aftermath’ of Stow Away, or the period wherein they go back to motherland and who knows what will happen :P, then the very last chapter is the one you are looking for. But in the meantime, lets sail the Levihan angst ship for now otay :)

Theme: Captain Levi and Stow Away

Rating: PG

Warning: Curse Words, Eye Water? Maybe, Graphic depictions of violence (does this count as nsfw?)

AO3 version overe here x

Send a request here >>> ASK

PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 5

He looked at her boastful smile as she waved to him, ignoring the crowd that started pooling around her, singing her the praises she deserved. She got what she wanted, from day one of her training to the last. She was assigned to the research fleet, being able to graduate with the highest ranking just a cherry on top of the icing.

“Levi!” she marched towards him, a few petals scattering off the ground, leaving a trail on the path she carved. A small medallion hung from her left chest, signifying that she indeed finished military training with flying colors. She could have instantly become a General if she decided to fight in war, but he knew she never wanted any of that.

His gaze returned to her smile again, one that matched the happiness in her eyes. It had been a while since he saw her genuine joy. He winced at the thought of her looks when rage over took her the moment they lost Farlan and Isabelle to the Titans. He thought he was most intimidating when he gave off an angry aura, but she beat him never the less.

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I don’t really want to meet a disappointing end, with someone burning my bones without even knowing who they belong to…

modern au SNK aesthetics –> Jean Kirschstein [model: Chase Bash]