does this count as dirkjake

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about short!Dirk and a taller Jake??? :0

hhh I can see Dirk as shorter just in that fox Dirk au-thing I was doing a while back ;v;

that headcanon just doesn’t feel right for me if I draw it (same for very buff Jake headcanons)

Anon:*whispers* Shirtless dirkjake

lmao does this count

Anon:what if…jake in super booty shorts

bahah more than usual??

Anon:do you think it would be cool to have some sort of Vampirestuck Dirkjake au? .o.

I’m the laziest when it comes to aus but if I’m ever in the mood I’ll consider it :^)

Anon:Thanks a lot. Now I have a headcanon that Dave makes it his personal mission to walk in on anything that Dirk and Jake start doing, leaving them increasingly exasperated with him. Not sure what happens next, yet, though

((revenge probably)) run Dave run

I keep getting this sort of message I’ve ruined you guys lmao pls recover