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10 ugly bionicles go

These are in no particular order. 

To begin, we have the promotional sets. Bad Guy is just that- bad. His clashing colors, maskless piraka head, poorly-designed legs- there’s nothing to like other than his meme potential.

Speaking of memes, here’s Good Guy. An improvement from Bad Guy albeit not by much. His colors don’t clash nearly as much as his evil counterpart, and he has more than one point of articulation in his legs. In the case of promotional sets, good triumphs.

Of course, there isn’t only one Bad Guy. Introducing QUICK Bad Guy, perhaps the ugliest set I’ve ever seen. I understand these are promotional sets, but this… thing… is proof little effort was put into their design.

Just no…

Perhaps this is cheating, for this is a combiner build. Nevertheless, this was released as an individual set, so I believe it should count. Ultimate Dume, from your inconsistent design to your wonky proportions and chompers which give Mileena something to gnash her teeth at, you miss nearly every mark. At least you provide a plethora of good parts and a fantastic mask.  

Umbra is, in my opinion, one of the less offensive sets on this list. While his color scheme is all over the place, and his general construction is nothing to write home about, this set does possess some interesting aspects- that being his dualblade with the built-in rhotuka spinner and his wheeled feet.

Tarduk, plain and silly-looking.

Does this set need an explanation?

They really missed the mark with scorpions in G2.

Perhaps my most controversial choice. Mata Nui is a set I both love and hate. I love the torso design and how it implements pistons in a manner similar to that of the Great Spirit Robot and the toa mata; however, everything else about the set rubs me the wrong way. His arms are rather spindly given how bulky his torso and legs are. In addition, this set is dreadfully gappy. My greatest gripe is his color scheme; keetorange, yellow, pearl gold, and pearl light grey do not mix well. Nevertheless, despite this set’s faults, it’s a far-better sendoff to Bionicle G1 than Stars.

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I mean, before Magnus realized Alec wasn't out, he hit on him pretty hard and obvious for everyone around. But (speaking from personal experience) being closeted, doesn't necessarily equal having no experience at all, so I'm not surprised Magnus didn't assume, Alec never had a relationship. I think a lot of us dated or were intimate with ppl in secret before coming out, it's not uncommon at all. Like Magnus said, Shadowhunters are a don't ask/don't tell culture, and even offered to date secretly

Yeah, many of us date on the down-low, etc., so I don’t see it as an odd assumption for Magnus to have made. Though the more I look at the scene, the more I do think the writers went a little out of their way to make it really clear. And I don’t know if it’s because of the amount of people up to even last week who kept looking for reasons as to why Alec should’ve had more experience in the past, and by reasons I mean they all basically amounted to “Alec doesn’t look/act like a virgin” which was frankly terrible. Like, what does one look or act like first of all, and that’s not even getting into the fact that it’s a social construct, anyway. We all have different levels of intimacy that ultimately counts as a sexual experience for us; this isn’t something other people should decide for you.

But regardless, the underlining of Alec as a man with little relationship experience combined with his being treated without the shy blushing trope or whatever was really, really needed, especially because it’s exactly this trope that caused people to accuse Magnus of being “predatory” in turn, as if Alec isn’t a perfectly grown ass adult who can take some sexual innuendo or blatant flirting. Or to write Magnus as a passive submissive boyfriend because, you know, Alec is delicate apparently or whatever. The trope is harmful all around and it really needed to be stopped and after what this episode established I hope I never encounter it again.

Inch by Inch

Anon Requested:  Omg 30 and 86 with jungkook please?? I just love jealousy scenarios thank you so much~

Honestly jealousy scenarios with Kookie are MY FAVE. Well jealousy scenarios with anybody are my favorite lmao. I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1805

Warnings: Jealous / Angry Jungkook, Slight Cursing

“I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.”

“Stop being so jealous.”

Silence is a form of communicative power, which can be used beneficially or as a way to hurt someone else. When you choose not to respond to someone, you show that person that he or she does not have full control, and your actions are not dictated by anyone but yourself. While silence can be used to de-escalate a situation, it can also be used to manipulate others or make them feel powerless. It’s important to use silence in a constructive way that encourages later communication.

You threw yet another pillow at your boyfriend who still hasn’t spoken to you. It’s been a full three days and he has barely even given you a glance. The pillow hit him dead in the face while he was watching a new drama that was on tv, you had wondered why he would come to your apartment if all he was going to do was ignore you but you figured if he wasn’t speaking to you now then he more than likely wouldn’t even answer your question let alone listen to you.

You let your eyes roll again once seeing him simply pick up the pillow that had landed on his lap and drop it beside him on your bed. You let out a loud groan while falling back onto the floor where you had been sitting. “Honestly Jungkook I don’t even know why you’re acting like this, you’re being very immature.” You say and soon receive a scoff from Jungkook.

“Oh I’m immature.”

“Wow it speaks.” You slow clap, sitting up and for the quickest second you could’ve sworn that you saw Jungkook quickly flick his eyes over to you but it was soon covered up with a roll of his eyes. “And it shuts up once again.” You sigh, “Jungkook, what’s wrong? Three days of not speaking to me is a little excessive.”


You groan once again and stand up from your spot on the floor and make way for the tv, you start off by standing in front of it blocking any kind of vision Jungkook had. You would lock your eyes on him but he’d simply just stare back at you, no emotion on his face, he was cold right now and you were growing very tired of it. “Jungkook.” You cross your arms over your chest but still Jungkook just stared at you, eyes now narrowing as if he was shooting daggers at you with just his eyes. “Jungkook!” You raised your voice louder yet he still didn’t budge, he just sat up straighter on your bed but never losing eye contact with you. You heaved a sigh and turned around and clicking the power button on the side of the tv. Jungkook’s eyes now shot a glare at you and you rolled your eyes again. “You’re honestly being so childish, why can’t you just tell me what’s wrong instead of giving me the silent treatment for three whole days! You’re obviously just going to still be pissed at whatever you’re pissed at if you don’t talk about it,” You sigh again crossing your arms over your chest again. “So why don’t you just tell me what’s wrong and we can-“

“Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend what’s wrong?” His voice cut you off, it was harsh and cold and it took you by surprise to say the least.

“What?” Your eyebrows scrunched up in confusion but eyes stayed wide in shock at the harshness of his tone towards you.

“Go. Ask. Your. Boyfriend.” Jungkook enunciated each word as if what he was saying was obvious yet you couldn’t have been more confused.

“Well I am asking my boyfriend so if he could just fucking answer me that’d be great.” Your attitude left you without a second thought and Jungkook now stood up, he was angry now from your choice of words but you couldn’t care of how he was feeling as of right now just because he was being so rude to you. You both hated being talked to in any disrespectful way so you two were just riling each other up at this point, trying to push the other over the edge inch by inch and you were both close.

“No! Obviously I’m not because you wouldn’t be hanging onto other guys when I’m not around!” Jungkook yelled. “You wouldn’t be hugging other guys, you wouldn’t be talking to other guys, and you wouldn’t be laughing at what any other guy said because I’m your boyfriend (Y/N), not these other guys that you feel the need to hang over.” Jungkook’s words came straight at you, each word he said he took a step forward trying to make you feel threatened by his demeanor and tone of voice. You stayed still, feet planted firmly on the ground not moving away. Your eyes stayed locked on his angry ones and now your eyes narrowed up at him, glaring hard.

“Stop being so jealous.” You stated.

If there was a sentence that could piss your boyfriend off it was the one that just slipped out of your mouth. It wasn’t that it slipped out because you were thinking it, but it was more for you to say to yourself rather than him just because you know how Jungkook gets. When he gets angry, oh boy is he angry. It’s not that he has anger issues because he knows how to control his anger, he just has little outbursts which you’ve seen plenty of times in your almost one in a half year relationship. He’d throw things, some breakable but mostly soft items that couldn’t leave a dent in the wall, he’d also say words he didn’t mean and you would do the same. You both knew it was just anger and in the moment and once the fight would be over you both would apologize and say you didn’t mean it. You both also have been trying to work on it and not say things that would purposefully hurt the other and so far Jungkook was doing a far better job than you have in the past.

Jungkook’s hand slammed down onto the dresser your tv had been placed on, the slap of his hand on the hard word shot through your ears but you didn’t flinch, you knew he’d never hit you or lay a hand on you that would harm you in any way, he got angry when you two fought that part was true and very clear but he would never lay a hand on you, you knew that enough to never feel the need to flinch. You just blinked at him and raised an eyebrow. “You done?”

“No I’m not done!” Jungkook now screamed, his voice lowered in the raise of his voice. “You don’t even see what you did wrong!”

“Because I didn’t do anything wrong! He’s my friend Jungkook! He was my friend before he was yours and you always seem to forget that!”

“I don’t care if he’s your friend, my friend, any of the boys’ friend! You guys shouldn’t act the way you two do!” Jungkook threw his arms up letting them fall down and hit his legs, the frustration was evident in his actions as they were in yours too but this was really bugging him.

It wasn’t a secret that you were friends with a lot of Jungkook’s, but there was one friend that you had actually introduced to Jungkook and the two had actually hit it off pretty well which you were happy about but if you knew that introducing them would lead to a fight between you and your boyfriend you might have never introduced them in the first place. You wanted to desperately give in and just apologize for you being maybe a little too close to your friend but you had known him for so long that your actions came natural to you, and it’s not even like you were attracted to your friend, he was just a friend nothing more and you just needed Jungkook to realize that.

You closed your eyes momentarily and sighed, you opened them again and looked up at him. You were ready to just give it to him straight, tell him that he needed to stop being so jealous and learn to trust you, you two have been together long enough to trust each other when with other guys or girls so you were actually really irritated with his behavior, but once your eyes hit his face you immediately had all of your prior thoughts slip out of you, Jungkook’s eyes were tinted red, he looked as if he had been holding his breath because his face was now red too, his fists were clenched onto his pant leg and what your eyes went to first, the tears. They were welled up in his eyes and you noticed he wasn’t blinking either because one blink and all the tears would soon fall out. “I’m sorry.” You simply said, the words coming out before you could even think about what to say.

Your hands found themselves grabbing onto Jungkook’s arms, your grip trying to reassure him that you really were sorry but he still didn’t budge, you were almost certain that he went back to the silent treatment and you couldn’t help but sigh for what felt like the hundredth time that day. “Please don’t give me the cold shoulder anymore, I really am sorry. I’ll try to be more careful when around him okay? He’s just a friend Jungkook I swear, just please,” You sighed again now slipping your hands in his, he instantly interlocked your fingers with his as he was just as desperate as you were for this fight to be over. “Please forgive me.” You dropped your head forward having it land on his chest and you could now feel him sigh.

“On one condition.” You raised your head and gave him a confused look. “I’ll forgive you on one condition.”

“And what’s that?”

“I’ll forgive you if you kiss me.” Jungkook said with a wide smile spread across his lips. “Only then will I-” Your lips immediately went to his, hands still interlocked and you had to go on your tiptoes to reach him but no matter what your lips found his and kissed him. He kissed you back straightaway and it had felt as if the world fell away around him. It was quick in the beginning but ended up being soft and slow, it was comforting from the blow up that had happened only minutes before. His hands resting in yours, thumb caressing the tops of your hands. You could feel his heartbeat beat against your chest and you couldn’t have felt more at ease by anything else than the closeness that you were with Jungkook.


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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader


Upon the highest ledge of a bookshelf, tucked within the far corner of the apartment that you had once shared with Seokjin, pages and pages of memories lie bound between the worn covers of a scrapbook years in the making.

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In your rape culture video, you mentioned that virginity ignores sexuality for queer transgender folks. Could you explain that just a little deeper please? I don't seem to understand entirely what you meant.

Sure! So I talked about how virginity was a social construct, and originally virginity was used as a marker of a woman’s value as a wife. Fathers were “gatekeepers” for their daughters’ virginities so they would be more valuable to potential husbands. This is where the concept of virginity came from–a time when women’s bodies were property. Men would actually do “hymen checks” on girls to make sure they were virgins (which is a super flawed system because there are several different types of hymens, hymens can be broken or stretched doing non-sexual activity, and some people are born without hymens at all). 

Anyway, the idea was that any cis woman (although not that they would even recognize the existence of trans people back in the day) who had intercourse (penis in vagina–this system did not recognize any other type of sex) would have a “broken” hymen and thus would not be considered a virgin. 

This system is very flawed, however, because it invalidates any other type of sex (anal, oral, manual, etc.). And since this is still widely the way we determine whether or not someone is a virgin today, many queer people and other sexual minorities find themselves unsure if the type of sex they have “counts”. 

For example, a gay man might wonder if he is still a virgin if he has anal intercourse with another man because a vagina isn’t involved. Or a lesbian woman might wonder if sex that doesn’t involve being penetrated by a penis “counts”. 

It also can be considered transphobic because it heavily centers around genitalia. It limits people and sex to body parts. What if a trans man who opts not to have gender affirming surgery (such as sex reassignment surgery) has sex with a cis woman in a relationship they define as heterosexual? Does that mean he is a virgin because the genitalia he was born with doesn’t fit the societal expectation of “maleness”? 

Basically, the concept of virginity is an archaic social construct that confines sex to p-in-v intercourse and equates people with their genitalia based on hetero-and-cissexist (as well as misogynistic) assumptions about sexuality.

Is the U.S. criminal justice system racist? Does it target and arrest black men at higher rates than white men? Does it incarcerate black men at higher rates than white men? Does it kill black men at higher rates than white men? These are empirical questions. They have answers, and the answer is “yes” on all counts. The only thing more predictable than the racism of the criminal justice system are the shaming voices of white people responding to criticism of that system. They tell protestors they’re not being constructive, and they broadcast their disappointment in you for expressing suspicion about the not-guilty verdict or the failure to indict.
—  The Sociological Cinema

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What advice can you give for dealing with Internet trolls. I'm an aspiring artist and have occasionally received comments which were rather mean than constructive. I know I still have a lot to learn, but words can cut deep. Thank you, Asela :)

 it’s complicated.

I’m sorry you have to deal with out while you’re trying to find your voice.  I couldn’t even imagine what that must be like

here’s the thing, there’s no rule in the world that says that the Internet is for everybody. you don’t HAVE to post work in progress and you don’t have to subject yourself to the cowardly whims of total strangers.

 the only good it does and it toughens you up for being on the big stage.

 what you need to do is find people in your life, your real human life, who you can count on for constructive criticism and honest opinion. and take it to heart.

 or you can post your material and just choose to sift through the noise.